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October 14-20, 2019

Beng maintains victory over Celso

Mayor Beng Climaco and Celso Lobregat FB pages

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UK alarmed over abduction of British man, wife in Philippine town PAGADIAN CITY – The British Embassy in Manila has expressed concern over the safety of a British citizen who was abducted along with his Filipina wife in the southern town of Tukuran, about 19 kilometers from here. Police said Allan Arthur Hyrons, 70, and Welma Paglinawan Hyrons were seized by 6 armed men on the night of October 4 shortly af-

ter the couple arrived at their resort in Alindahaw village. The embassy appealed to the Philippine media to “possibly refrain from posting or take down any news coverage related to this as it could possibly jeopardise the welfare of those involved.” Police have released several pictures of men tagged as “persons of interest” in the abduction

A photo of Allan Arthur Hyrons and wife Welma Paglinawan Hyrons shared by Lomo Shy, who works for the couple’s Hyrons College.

of the couple. “A facial composite of one of the persons of interest in the Hyrons abduction has been released along with the CCTV footage of another person of interest,” said Major Helen Galvez, a regional police spokeswoman. The abductors dragged away the victims to the sea where a motorized boat was waiting and then escaped under cover of darkness, ac-

cording to Galvez. She said two of the suspects even rented a cottage and waited for the victims. “We are exhausting all resources, mobilizing all forces and coordinating with the military counterpart to include the Moro Islamic Liberation Front to help in rescue operation,” she said. A caretaker at the resort has confirmed Continue on page 5

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The Zamboanga Post

October 14-20, 2019

October 14-20, 2019

The Zamboanga Post

Beng maintains victory over Celso


AYOR BENG CLIMACO has maintained her “victory” over defeated mayoralty bet and former lawmaker Celso Lobregat whom she filed a libel suit, but had been dismissed by the Office of the City Prosecutor. The libel case quoted as saying at the questioned utterances (of Lobregat) were fair comstemmed from a video news conference. According to Clima- ments and observations that Lobregat showed to journalists during a news co, the former lawmaker based on established facts conference on May 8 assumed “facts and cir- related to official function where a truck loaded with cumstances” which were of the complainant (Clirice was spotted getting untrue and baseless; and maco), thus not libelous.” Enero dismissed the inside the Climaco Com- without first confirming pound in Barangay Santa and verifying the truth Climaco’s complaint for from which Lobregat’s as- insufficiency of evidence. Maria. Climaco said: “AlLobregat alleged that sertions were based and Climaco was using gov- that he allegedly fabricat- though the decision was ernment resources to ed and concocted stories made (by Enero), I will further boost her politi- thereby tainting her im- stand by my charge. It is public knowledge how cal campaign and consti- age and reputation. tutes an election offense “The imputation of I was politically demoland therefore punishable such wrongdoing by Con- ished by my opponent, under the law (Omnibus gressman Lobregat to the and that (libel) case was Election Code of the Phil- undersigned is libelous the boiling point,” She added: “For the ippines). and malicious and intend“You decide for your- ed to discredit and ma- record, the dismissal of self, you can see for your- ligned the undersigned’s the case did not touch on self, these are government reputation,” Climaco’s the truth of the allegations therein and instead resources that are being complaint said. focused on my being a Climaco stands by delivered to the house of public figure in a heated her charge. the Mayor. You are not But City Prosecu- election campaign. While supposed to use government resources to your tor Herminia Enero, in I respect the decision, I advantage,” Lobregat was her decision, said: “The maintain the truth of my

allegations and stand by every word of that complaint.” “Even during political season, candidates should stand by the truth whatever they say. The courts, and even the public, must hold all of us accountable for every allegation we make. Making false allegations against another in the name of politics reflect a person’s character and inability to stand by his own merits to persuade the public to sup-

port him.” Climaco said the dismissal of her complaint against Lobregat is actually a victory. “My opponent could have proved his allegations point blank, something he could never have done because his allegations against me were all lies,” she said. The mayor has also thanked all those who supported and voted for her. “I thank the people of Zamboanga for standing by me during this try-


ing time. Our vindication comes from the truth that none of his allegations against me were true, and that the dismissal (of the complaint) was due to my being a public figure. May we continue to move forward free from the bitter lies of those who fail to keep the welfare of our people at heart; as in the last elections, we have seen that good will always prevail and the truth will set us free,” Climaco said. (Zamboanga Post)

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The Zamboanga Post

October 14-20, 2019

Zamboanga Hermosa Pictures in î…»e News Photos by Kathy Wee Sit and Christian Olasiman

The Zamboanga Post

October 14-20, 2019


UK alarmed over abduction of British man, wife in Philippine town Continued from page 1 that two of the suspects rented a cottage. Aside from the resort, the couple also owns the Hyrons College in the town. Provincial Governor Victor Yu pledged to give P1 million reward to anyone who could point the exact location of the abductors. The military said it has formed a joint task force led by Major General Roberto Ancan, commander of the 1st Infantry Division, to track down and rescue the

couple. No individual or group claimed responsibility for the abduction of the Hyrons, but this occurred during an extended martial law in the region where security forces are battling Muslim extremist groups and communist rebels. (Zamboanga Post)

Police released to The Zamboanga Post several pictures of ‘persons of interest’ in the Hyrons abduction.


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The Zamboanga Post

October 14-20, 2019

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October 14-20, 2019


Timbo karon, timbo ugma, timbo kada adlaw ug timbo kada semana!


Ni Dr. Willie T. Ong

Hoarseness o Pamamaos: Masama ba ito? Namamaos ka ba? Natural lang ba ito? O baka senyales na ito ng isang malubhang sakit Alamin kung ano ang pinagmumulan ng pamamaos. Sagot: Ang hoarseness o pamamaos ay pangkaraniwan sa mga guro, mang-aawit at tagapagbalita. Kung masyadong

malakas ang iyong pakikipag-usap, maaari mong mai-stress ang iyong tinig at vocal cords. Magpahinga ng isang araw o dalawa ng boses at gagaling na ito. Ngunit kung ang pamamaos mo ay higit sa 2 linggo, kailangan mong mag-patingin sa espesyalista na Ear, Nose, at Throat doctor


Crispy Dinakdakan

INGREDIENTS : • 3/4 lb pork belly • 3/4 lb pig ears • 6 ounces pork liver sliced • 2 pieces onions sliced • ½ cup green onions chopped • 6 pieces Thai chili pepper chopped INSTRUCTIONS : 1. Tenderize the pork belly and pig ears. Do this by boiling water in a cooking pot. Add whole peppercorn, dried bay leaves, and garlic. Pig ears and pork belly into the pot. Cover and boil between low to medium heat for 45 to 60 minutes. Drain the liquid, set aside. 2. Prepare the liver by rubbing with salt. Heat 2 tablespoons oil in a pan. Cook the liver by pan-frying until brown. Set aside. 3. Heat 3 cups cooking oil in a deep fryer or deep cooking pot. Rub salt all over the boiled pig ears and belly. 4. Deep-fry the ears for 10 minutes. Remove from the fryer and let it rest for 5 minutes. Fry again for another 10 min- • • • • • •


6. 7.

8. 9.

2 teaspoons whole peppercorn 6 pieces dried bay leaves 4 cloves garlic crushed Salt to taste 3 cups cooking oil 6 cups water

utes. Set aside. Deep-fry pork belly for 8 minutes. Remove from the fryer and let it rest for 5 minutes. Deep-fry again for 5 minutes or until crispy. Set aside. Prepare the dressing by combining all dressing ingredients in a bowl. Stir until smooth. Chop the ears and belly into bite-size pieces. Place in a large bowl and then add the fried liver. Toss. Add onion, green onion, and chili pepper. Mix until well blended. Pour half of the dressing into the bowl. Toss. Transfer to a serving plate. Serve. Share and enjoy!

(ENT). Sa mga bihirang kaso, ang hoarseness ay maaaring sanhi ng cancer ng larynx, na una sa isip ng mga doktor ng ENT. Sa katunayan, ang hoarseness ay maaari ring sanhi ng seryosong sakit tulad ng aortic aneurysm, paglaki ng puso, at tumor sa baga. Ito ay dahil ang kali-

wang laryngeal nerve (na kumokontrol sa vocal cord) ay nagmumula sa dibdib at umiikot sa ilalim ng aorta (pinaka-malaking ugat). Pag naipit itong laryngeal nerve sa paglaki ng puso o kung may tumor ay namamaos ang tao. Samakatuwid, ang mga problema sa bahagi ng dibdib at puso

ay maaaring maipit ng kaliwang laryngeal nerve na nagdudulot ng pamamaos. Walang masama kung babantayan ang iyong mga nararamdaman upang makaiwas at maagapan ang anumang simpleng sakit upang hindi na mauwi sa malalang sakit.

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October 14-20, 2019

Zamboanga reaps praises, award


HE DEPARTMENT of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) has commended Mayor Beng Climaco and the local government of Zamboanga for its efforts in implementing President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to clear public roads of all obstructions that may impede the flow of traffic and people. Paizal Abutazil, the ment 13 out of 15 points; have in our efforts to keep DILG regional director and Grievance Mechanism our roads cleared of any for Western Mindanao, with a perfect score of 5 for obstructions. This will be a nonstop campaign,” she said Zamboanga City a total points of 90. Climaco thanked the said. obtained 90 points – the Climaco again aphighest points beyond validating team and Zamthe passing mark set by boanga passed with flying pealed to residents to the national government, colors, saying, the acco- cooperate with the local and praising the local lades should go to all the government, and for the government efforts and barangay officials, the barangay officials and citizens and those who other stakeholders in the Climaco. Abutazil led the val- contributed to the “unit- community to help clean idating team of the na- ed” efforts of the Zambo- and clear all roads in the city of illegal structures. tional government in angueños. Zamboanga and the fol2 Barangay Fails Best Practices lowing criteria were the But Climaco said 2 Commissioner Aileen basis of the rating: Ordi- barangays which she did Lourdes Lizada, of the Civil nance, wherein the City not identify had failed to Service Commission, also scored 14 out of 15 points; fully comply with Duterte’s praised Climaco during Inventory- the City got a marching order to clear a surprise inspection to perfect score of 5; Road public roads of obstruc- check on compliance of Clearing - the local gov- tions. civil service rules in government got 45 out of Nonetheless, Climaco ernment offices. 50 points; Displacement said the local government Lizada, who also visProgram earned for Zam- will remain consistent and ited other regions in the boanga 8 out of 10 points; compliant to Duterte’s di- country, noted a number Rehabilitation Efforts rective. “We will sustain of “best practices” at City gave the City Govern- the momentum that we Hall during her group’s in-

Mayor Beng Climaco with the national government validating team headed by Paizal Abutazil, the DILG regional director for Western Mindanao, who said Zamboanga City obtained 90 points – the highest points beyond the passing mark set by the national government, and praising the local government efforts and Climaco for the implementation of President Rodrigo Duterte’s order to clear all public roads of all obstructions and illegal structures. (Kathy Wee Sit)

Zamboanga City Administrator Apple Go poses with officials of the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry who awarded Zamboanga City with a special recognition for being a finalist in the 2019 Business Friendly LGU Award. spection. One of them is the wearing of identification cards by civil workers with Climaco as the best example. She also said the Public Assistance Desk at the main entrance of City Hall is very responsive to the public and the presence of an institutionalized human resource department at City Hall, among others.

Special Recognition Zamboanga City was also given a special recognition by the Philippine Chamber of Commerce and Industry for being a finalist in the 2019 Business Friendly LGU Award. City Administrator Apple Go said the special recognition exemplifies the commendable initiatives of the Climaco ad-

ministration towards good governance reforms that promote trade and investments and significantly contribute to local economic development. She said the special award was presented during the 45th Philippine Business Conference and Expo in Manila recently. (Zamboanga Post)

Special Forces Hunt For Sayyafs SPECIAL FORCES CONTINUE its hunt for Abu Sayyaf militants in the southern Filipino province of Sulu following a recent clash that killed a pro-ISIS fighter and wounded his wife. Troops were searching for militants in Talipao town where members of the 2nd Special Forces Battalion killed one militant in the village of Upper Sinuman where soldiers clashed with about 30 gunmen. The militant’s wife,

Nursaina Jarad Sahi, had been rushed by soldiers to a military hospital in the capital town of Jolo. The woman fought side by side with the Abu Sayyaf, according to the military. Soldiers retrieved the body of the slain Abu Sayyaf fighter, including two automatic rifles with grenade launchers. The fighting, which lasted for over 20 minutes, stopped after terrorists broke into smaller groups and escaped the military

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assault and leaving the body of the slain Abu Sayyaf gunman and his wounded wife. “Troops also recovered one M16 rifle with an M203 grenade launcher and one Galil rifle with an M203 grenade launcher. Nursaina Jarad Sahi, who is also a militant’s wife, was nabbed in the engagement area with a firearm,” the military said. There was no report of military casualties. (Zamboanga Post)

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