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Zambo’s poor, elderly among Covid vaccine priorities WITH AN initial funding of P200 million for the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines, the local govern-

An old woman shakes hands with Mayor Beng Climaco. The mayor says she will prioritize the elderly and poor families in the Covid vaccine rollout.

Founded July 2019

ment said it will prioritize healthcare workers, essential and other frontline service providers, and vulnerable populations such as the elderly and poor. Mayor Beng Climaco has signed a $2 million (or roughly P100 million) deal with British-Swedish multinational pharmaceutical

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company AstraZeneca for the purchase of some 410,000 doses of Covid vaccines. She said the vaccines are good for some 205,000 residents, but there is at least P100 million more for the acquisition of additional vaccines from Continue on page 3

January 25-31, 2021

Senior citizens, lifeliners blame opposition councilors ‘Lobregat, Dalipe allies rejected Vida programs’


ENEFICIARIES OF the local government’s Vida programs continue to blame opposition councilors for thrashing the pro-assistance intended for senior citizens and the disadvantage sector of the community. Mayor Beng Clima- lies of former Congress- Mannix Dalipe, killed the co said the opposition man Celso Lobregat and Vida programs after they Continue on page 2 councilors, who are al- incumbent Congressman

Fire victims get housing units

Mayor Beng Climaco leads the ground breaking ceremony of a housing project for fire victims in Labuan. (Giana Andrion)

MAYOR BENG Climaco led government officials in breaking ground for a housing project intended for the 2018 fire victims in Labuan. Climaco said Phase 1 of the P74.7-million project, funded by the National Housing Authority (NHA) under the Calamity Housing Assistance Program, will be located in the 11,287-square meter Continue on page 7

Zambo’s security surveillance center helps solve crimes ZAMBOANGA CITY’s Security and Surveillance Coordinating Office (SSCO) has demonstrated anew it capabilities in the police investigation and resolution of various crimes here. SSCO said its command center proved steadfast in its commitment to provide investigators with material information that ultimately led to resolution of numerous incidents, apprehension of suspects, and recovery of stolen property. For 2020, it reported a

The Security and Surveillance Coordinating Office of the local government of Zamboanga is a brainchild of Mayor Beng Climaco. (SSCO) total of 278 incidents - 38 were emergency and 210

were non-emergency Continue on page 7


The Zamboanga Post

January 25-31, 2021

Senior citizens, lifeliners blame opposition councilors ‘Lobregat, Dalipe allies rejected Vida programs’ Continued from page 1 removed vital funding in the 2021 Executive Budget. One such program is the Largo Vida, an initiative that Climaco started in 2018 and which she intends to expand to over 60,000 beneficiaries this year. Climaco identified the opposition councilors as Monsi dela Cruz, John Dalipe, BG Guingona, Mike Alavar, Litlit Macrohon, Khymer Olaso, Lilibeth Nuño, Cary John Pioc, VP Elago, Gerky Valesco and Jerry Perez. Dela Cruz and the younger Dalipe ran under Climaco’s political party, but eventually broke off ties after winning the 2019 polls and aligned themselves with Lobregat’s Team Colorao. Climaco defeated Lobregat in the election after winning a landslide victory over the veteran politician. There were reports that Lobregat will again run for mayor and also the elder Dalipe with his brother possibly gunning for a congressional seat. Or Dalipe to seek re-election in the congressional race with his younger brother to run as vice mayor of Lobregat. Climaco vowed to provide more assistance to tens of thousands of beneficiaries of her various pro-poor Vida programs, especially the elderly and the poor, and the disadvantage sector, including people with disabilities, among others. The mayor said the Vida programs aim to create a more lasting and meaningful impact on the lives of all its beneficiaries. “We need to empower our people and create a more lasting and meaningful impact on their lives, their families and communities. Deseo de atun todo dale mas largo y buen vida na de atun maga abuelo y abuela na Ciudad de Zamboanga,” she said. “It is with deep regret that (opposition) majority of the members of the City Council resolutely removed vital appropriations in the FY (Fiscal Year) 2021 Executive Budget of the City Government of Zamboanga. Very important social services programs such as the Largo Vida, Salva Vida and Cuida Vida, which could have benefited senior citizens, low income families, disadvantaged communities, marginalized sectors, most affected families of the Covid-19 pandemic and other vulnerable members of society, were unfoundedly scrapped,” she added. Climaco said the actions of the Lobregat-Dalipe allies in the City Council will have a direct effect to some 17,000 senior citizens and all 400 “Vida lifeliners,” including women and those who are out-of-school and mostly breadwinners of their families, who were tapped to tirelessly deliver health assistance doorto-door to every elderly beneficiaries of the Largo Vida. “These (Vida) programs were carefully planned by the Executive Department to be sustainable and to introduce a trailblazing brand of service to our constituents that is project-

ed to have a significant impact in the lives of the target beneficiaries. These programs cannot be replaced by mere dole-outs and cash donations that were not studied and haphazardly thought-out. Those (opposition council) members who voted to remove funding for such vital programs must face the people of Zamboanga City and must be held responsible and accountable for such irrepressible action,” she said. “It is not just cash that is needed, we need a more comprehensive program that will genuinely and sustainably empower our people through medicines, access to critical social services and livelihood to make our people resilient and survive the day to day challenges while we are under a pandemic. Necesita kita dale servicio de calidad because our people deserve only the best,” the mayor added. It is only during the time of Climaco that such programs and social services benefitted thousands of senior citizens and the vulnerable sector. “It is only during our administration that we were able to introduce a wide-range of social services to our senior citizens – birthday cash incentives, free maintenance medicines, free movie screening and other key forms of assistance. We intend to expand these to a more comprehensive package, not only for our senior citizens, but also social packages for other vulnerable sectors especially for our society’s patriarchs and matriarchs, PWDs (persons with disabilities) and other vulnerable sectors, the marginalized, low-income families in disadvantaged rural and urban communities and most affected families of the Covid-19 pandemic, who are in need of these social protection programs, now more than ever,” Climaco said. Climaco previously accused opposition councilors of delaying the approval of the 2021 Executive Budget even as thousands of residents also signed manifestoes supporting the local government’s pro-poor programs, among others, included in the P4.38 billion annual financial plan. “Let us not mix politics into the discussion of our budget because we are all accountable to the people we serve. Leave politics to the elections in 2022. We must not deprive the people, the senior citizens, the farmers, the fisherfolks, the sick, and the hungry the needed support from the local government,” the mayor said in her previous statement. Help Us Vida lifeliners said they were affected by the actions of the opposition councilors. “Ta pide yo con el 11 consejales que hace bira canamon el Largo Vida cay ya perde gat el mi trabajo por causa con uste. Yo lang el ta puede trabaja y dale suporta na de mi familia aqui na casa. O jala ta pide yo con ustedes maga consejales que hace bira otravez el de amun pro-

grama. o jala ta oi ustedes canamon maga lifeliners y los demas staff, ta pide kami con ustedes hace bira canamon alle na trabajo,” said a weeping Jennifer Francisco, a resident of Barangay Mercedes who was among the 400 Vida lifeliners who lost their job. Another lifeliner, Rosalina Galvez of the same barangay, said: “Aqui yo ahora ta habla el de mi sentido por causa con el Largo Vida que ya quita el 11 consejales ese de amon trabajo. Grande ayuda se canamom cay ta omenta cosa necesita para na de amon familia. Kame ta hace buenamente el de amon trabajo para puede ayuda na maga senior citizens na de ila daily maintenance. Porque sila no quierre apruba el programa ta dele si Mam Beng para ayuda na maga senior citizens? Con el 11 consejales que no quierre con el Largo Vida, era pensa ustedes buenamente con el maga senior citizens y lifeliners, cosa pasa si queda nohay mas el programa de Largo Vida? Nurhaida Indanan, a lifeliner from Campo Islam, also appealed to the opposition councilors to continue the Vida programs. “Sa 11 na councilors, sana po ituloy ninyo yun Largo Vida program ni Mam Beng kasi kailangan talaga ng mga senior citizens namin ang medicina at kami kailangan (rin) namin yun trabaho, pang bigas at isda namin.” Editha Francisco, a senior citizen from Barangay Mercedes, said the free medicines she gets from the Largo Vida is a big help to her poor family and also appealed to the opposition councilors to bring back the vital health program of the local government. “Ta apela yo con el 11 consejales yan contra con el Largo Vida, era man pabor ya ustedes con el de atun Mayor que continua con el Largo Vida cay necesita kami el de amun medicina,” she said. This was also echoed by another elderly from Barangay Mercedes. “Ta pide yo na maga consejales, con Dalipe que continua el dalida del medicina que ta dale bajo na Largo Vida program de Mam Beng,” said 67year old Maribel Lorenz. But for the 83-year old Romana Duterte, a resident of Barangay Tugbungan, the Largo Vida program is the her only lifeline being a widow. “Gusto nako ibalik ang Largo Vida kay kailangan jud nako ako ang maintenance (medicines) ug vitamins. Kailangan jud ko an medicina dili kuwarta, unya wala, na unsa man pud ako lang man solo kay patay na akong bana, igsuon, akoang anak isa naa na man pamilya. Kinsa magtabang sa akoa?” she asked. Vida Programs The local chapter of the Federation of Senior Citizens Association of the Philippines headed by its president, Elsa Natividad, said the local government’s various humanitarian programs for the elderly, particularly the Lar-

go Vida through its hardworking lifeliners, provide not only social services, but medicines and vitamins to thousands of senior citizens and vulnerable members of the community. The Largo Vida program is supposed to originally get P187 million from the 2021 Executive Budget and also part of the local government’s social services is the “Ayuda La Vida program,” which will supposedly have P65 million budget to provide various sectors with livelihood programs, including those in the night market and “ukay-ukay” stall owners. On the other hand, the “Cuida Vida program” or Soup Kitchen Program was originally to get P50 million allocation to cover mobile feeding initiative in a bid to sustain the daily meals of the marginalized and most affected families of the Covid-19 pandemic. An allocation of P50 million was also included in the budget for the “Salva Vida” program which is intended to provide food packs and hygiene kits to low-income families in disadvantaged rural and urban communities in the different barangays. The original budget likewise allocated P15 million for outreach programs to the 98 barangays, and P100 million for socialized housing programs. And another P50 million for “Siembra Vida program” intended to provide training, livelihood and caravan projects, including activities of the agri-fishery sector; and a total of P906 million for investments in infrastructure and developmental projects. But all these were flatly rejected by the opposition councilors. Climaco said the 2021 Executive Budget was a unique configuration of fiscal plans which assimilate all the previously identified needs of the City and the new challenges brought about by the pandemic. “This budget encompasses all of our social and health-related needs during this crisis. It aims to feed the hungry and heal the sick, hence let us listen to the needs of our people and find it in our hearts to see that this is more than a fiscal plan – it is our roadmap to health and recovery from the global challenge, that is Covid-19,” she said. She said the Largo Vida Program includes some P26 million appropriated for the “birthday” benefits of senior citizens and P1 million for octogenarians or person who is from 80 to 89 years old; nonagenarians or those who are 90 to 99 years old; and centenarians or those who are 100 years old and above; and another P5 million for people with disabilities. “Since our society’s patriarchs and matriarchs are in need of these social protection programs, now more than ever, as well as our PWDs and other vulnerable sectors, we have included P26 million appropriation for the birthday benefits of our elderly people, and P1 million

for the Octogenarian, Nonagenarian and Centenarian; and P5 million (or PWDs,” the mayor stressed. “As evident in our plans and programs, the beneficiaries of this budget are not limited to a privileged few. This budget, by all intents and purposes, is for all the compueblanos of Zamboanga because as the Mother of this City, I will always be driven by my instinct to protect and nurture my children from the economic turmoil and ill effects of this pandemic,” Climaco said. And because of the pandemic, Climaco said her administration also provided the needed funding to ensure surge capacity management of health personnel and health facilities. She added that P112 million are provided in the budget for Covid-10 contact tracing programs, and P14.7 million as additional aid to all barangays for Covid-19 related activities of their Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams; and P358 million for drugs and medicines, which includes P 200 million for the procurement of coronavirus vaccines. Climaco said there is also P42 million for the “Medicare Para Sa Masa Program” to increase PhilHealth (Philippine Health Insurance Corporation) coverage and number of sponsored members from 8,900 beneficiaries to 11,823; and P100 million for construction and rehabilitation of hospitals and health centers plus P110 million for the construction of multi-purpose buildings and P11 million more for the construction of emergency quarantine facilities. She said the budget included P12 million utility subsidy for 6,000 registered micro, small and medium enterprises. Testimonials “Ta pide lang gayot yo o jala aquel Largo Vida continua el ayuda para tiene buen salud el de atun mga senior citizens por causa hindi todo maga senior citizens tiene sen que compra cosa el maintenance (medicine) de ila. Poreso ta pide yo si puede continua gat el ayuda del Largo Vida por causa parte aqui canamon ariba na Latuan cay el maga jente aqui bien pobre gayot si puede lang continua el Largo Vida cay cosa-cosa ta senti el de atun maga de edad ya.” - Jimmy Acosta, Barangay chairman of Latuan. “Masakit sa amin na alisin ang Largo Vida, bakit si (Councilor) Monsi (dela Cruz) ang mag-alis-alis ng Largo Vida. Ang Largo Vida ang nakakatulong sa amin, yan ang bigas at isda namin. Ang mga senior citizens parang pinatay na rin nila dahil maraming seniors ang walang maintenance nila.” “Maraming (senior citizens) dito sa Campo Islam ang hindi miyembro ng (SSS/GSIS) pension, so ang mga senior dito ay puro pobre, kahit sumama pa si Monsi dito sa Campo Islam ang seniors dito ay puro pobre hindi katulad niya na mayaman. Sana mamulat siya,

bakit ganyan ang ugali niya? So nagpapasalamt kami kay Mam Beng dahil binigyan niya kami ng hanap-buhay. Ipaglaban mo kami Mam Beng at sa iyo kami.” - Adarla Jammang, Largo Vida life-liner in Campo Islam. “Ahora que modo ya lang kami, el de mio marido nohay ya man trabajo, tiene pa ele diabetes, tiene pa ele hypertension. Amo ya lang aquel (maga medicina estaba na Largo Vida) el de amon esperanza. Bien duele ya gat se canamon si quita sila (opposition councilors) ese Largo Vida.” - Olivia Galarpe, Largo Vida beneficiary in Tugbungan. “No puede se quita (Largo Vida), paquimodo man kami, grande gat se ayuda de Mam Beng na medicina ta dale kanamon…comigo tiene yo (enfermedad) de Corazon y aquel medicina ta dale comigo buenamente era. Ese lang gane yo ya pide con Mam Beng.” - Melinda Alabat, Largo Vida beneficiary in Camino Nuevo. “Quire gat kami continua el (dalida) del medicina cay sabe ustedes el fuerza ta dale kanamon, especialmente yo 72 años ya, ta pide lang gayot yo con el Senior (Dios) cay si Mayor ya puede gat ele ayuda kanamon. Ta pide gat yo continua gat si Mayor (con el Largo Vida), ta dale fuerza kanamon, ta dale dormida buen buenamente gat el maga medicina.” Erlinda Alam, Largo Vida beneficiary in Vitali. “Quere gat yo extende ese Largo Vida cay necesita gat se kami kay nohay gat kami budget para conese. Necesita gat se kami, oportunidad ya gat se de amon para puede toma (medicina estaba na Largo Vida).”- Pilar Ilaga, Largo Vida beneficiary in Mercedes. Supports The mayor said the local government continues to provide monthly allowances to about 7,812 public school heads and teachers, and also 1,878 members of the Philippine National Police, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and the Bureau of Fire Protection. “This is a simple token and in recognition of the valuable support and contributions of our fellow public servants,” she said. “Moreover, we have increased the honoraria of 460 barangay health workers, 90 barangay nutrition scholars, 350 day-care workers and 980 barangay tanods from P2,000 to P3,000 per month since we acknowledge their courage and endless dedication in their field,” Climaco explained. Aside from those, Climaco said her administration also provides aid to non-government entities such as the Boy and Girl Scouts of the Philippines, Philippine Red Cross, Cooperatives, drug rehabilitation center, farmers and fisherfolks and even the Reception and Study Center for Children, among others; and also to national government agencies – litigation courts and national high schools and others. (Zamboanga Post)

January 25-31, 2021


The Zamboanga Post

Zambo’s poor, elderly among Covid vaccine priorities

Continued from page 1 other pharmaceutical companies, including Johnson & Johnson. Pfizer-BioNTech and Moderna have also their own Covid vaccines and so are Russia with its Sputnik and China’s Sinovac and Sinopharm. Climaco, head of the local task force on Covid-19, signed the agreement with AstraZeneca based on the approved authorization of the City Council. The local government’s vaccination program will cover 694,696 residents or 70% of the projected 2021 population of 992,423 inhabitants. The initial P200 million for the purchase of the vaccines are included in the P4.38-billion 2021 Executive Budget of the local government, according to Climaco, who is also a member of the Committee on Vaccine Availment of the League of Cities of the Philippines.

She said the local government has been closely coordinating with the national government and the Department of Health, the Food and Drug Administration, and the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases, including vaccine czar Carlito Galvez, for the purchase of the Covid-19 vaccines. City Health Officer Dr. Dulce Amor Miravite said the vaccines will be available by the 3rd quarter of this year, adding, the local government is now working on plans for the mass inoculation following the guidelines from the Department of Health (DOH). “Tene kita guidelines from the DOH, el deaton maga priority groups, con quien kita una man vaccinate and ta mira kita el strategy deaton de que manera hace,” she said, adding, that the local government is targeting at least 70% of the popula-

tions in order to reach herd immunity. Herd immunity is a form of indirect protection from infectious disease that occurs when a sufficient percentage of a population has become immune to an infection, whether through vaccination or previous infections, thereby reducing the likelihood of infection for individuals who lack immunity. “Ta habla gane for Covid, at least 70% del population should be protected to have herd immunity para puede man protect con aquellos maga vulnerable populations deaton. Si tene kita budget and available deaton supplies for the vaccine, actually puede kita man vaccinate more than 70%. Pero ta habla gane kita, at least 70% to be protected for us to have herd immunity,” Miravite explained. (Jasmine Mohammadsali, Zamboanga Post)

WestMinCom creates new consultative board

Mayor Beng Climaco presides over the meeting of the newly-created Western Mindanao Command Transformation Roadmap Multisectoral Governance Consultative Board.(Bong Serondo)

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THE PHILIPPINE military has formed the so-called Western Mindanao Command Transformation Roadmap Multisectoral Governance Consultative Board (WMCTR-MSGCB) with Zamboanga City Mayor Beng Climaco as its chairperson. Lt. Gen. Corleto Vinluan, Jr., chief of the Western Mindanao Command, said they initiated

the creation of the WMCTR-MSGCB to champion the military roadmap by encouraging support and participation, providing expert advice in the implementation, and helping improve transparency and accountability. He said this is in line with the Western Mindanao Command’s commitment to achieve its vision to be a “World-class

Armed Forces, Source of National Pride.” Climaco already presided over a meeting with the WMCTR-MSGCB, whose members are composed of individuals external to the Western Mindanao Command who will perform as accountability partners to ensure continuity of its programs and initiatives. (Zamboanga Post)


The Zamboanga Post

January 25-31, 2021

Zamboanga Pictures in the News Local government of Zamboanga City at work. This is where your taxes go.

January 25-31, 2021

The Zamboanga Post


Zamboanga Pictures in the News Photos by Bong Serondo, OCVET/ Dr. Mario Arriola, ZCPO, Giana Andrion, TFZ /MBLT11, and HLMD.


The Zamboanga Post

January 25-31, 2021

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Fire victims get housing units

President Rodrigo Duterte distributed cash assistance to the victims of fire in Labuan in Zamboanga City during his visit on July 26, 2018. Also in the photo are Zamboanga City Mayor Beng Climaco and Bong Go. (Toto Lozano) Continued from page 1 property owned by the City Government. She said the project will benefit 138 families. “The project costs P74.734 million or P13.949 million as cost for land development and P60.785 million for house construction. A total of 138 units will be constructed under Phase 1 benefiting 138 out of the 411 fire-victim families. The project is expected to be completed within 360 calendar days,” the mayor said. Climaco said the housing project was promised by President Rodrigo Duterte when he visited fire victims on July 26,

2018. She thanked Duterte for the project. “Muchas gracias President Duterte for the housing project,” she said. Present during the ground-breaking ceremony were Councilors Josephine Pareja and El King Omaga, NHA District Manager Engr. Al Indanan, Atty. Alper John Alcaraz, who represented NHA Acting Regional Manager Clemente Dayot; Barangay Labuan chairman Ronaldo Maravilla, and representatives from the Nurben Engineering and Building Construction, and Rodrigo Pagotaisidro, head of the local government’s Housing Land Management Di-

vision, including the housing beneficiaries. During Duterte’s visit in Labuan, he distributed P15,000 to each of the fire victims. The The Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) also gave out P5,000 to each victims of the fire, and another P1,500 each from the Philippine Amusement and Gaming Corporation, and P1,500 more from the Philippine Charity Sweepstakes Office. All those cash assistance were on top of the food aid and community kitchen provided by Climaco and DSWD. (Zamboanga Post)

Business application, renewals extended until February 28 THE CITY government has extended the renewal period for business permits until February 28 due to the large volume of applications. The City Council approved the extension to accommodate the influx of new business applications and renewal of licenses now being conducted online and through drop boxes due to the Covid-19 pandemic. New business applications will have to use the drop boxes where all documentary requirements will be enclosed in a one long-sized brown envelope. The drop boxes are located at the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) at the City Hall ground floor.


The Zamboanga Post

January 25-31, 2021

The applicant will be notified regarding the status of the application via text message, call or email. The local government added that documentary requirements for new business applications include the following or depending on the type of business such as registration from the Department of Trade and Industry, Securities and Exchange Commission, Cooperative Development Authority. And also barangay clearance, occupancy permit and for home-based business, in lieu of occupancy permit, applicant may submit a land title or any document showing proof of ownership or an authorization letter if the

occupant is not the owner; and fully accomplished business permit application form with attached photo of establishment. On the other hand, applicants for business permits renewal should visit the Business OneStop-Shop website http://www.zc-boss.com - to process applications. The applicants should create an account and upload 2 valid identification cards and previous business permit. The local government said those who have inquiries can call the BPLO Hotline at telephone number 991-2565 and Globe cellular number 0926-6303210. (Jasmine Mohammadsali, Zamboanga Post)

Zambo’s security surveillance center helps solve crimes Continued from page 1 incidents, and 30 violations of quarantine protocols. SSCO said it assisted in the quick resolution of 135 vehicular episodes and 17 hit-and-run cases. Plate numbers of the vehicles involved were recorded and forwarded to the authorities. Moreover, it forged a collaborative link with private establishments which provided closed-circuit television footages to aid in tracing and tracking suspected vehicles. It was also instrumental in maintaining peace and order here, having monitored and reported to the police11 unattended items, three suspicious persons, and three abandoned vehicles. As to crimes against property, the SSCO said it provided investigators all material information to identify the suspects in several cases of theft and robbery within the business district and assisted in tracing and tracking suspects involved in a carnapping incident and in the recovery of valuable items left inside a public utility vehicle. Early last year, the SSCO said it dispatched policemen along R.T. Boulevard after an operator noticed an argument between a man and woman quickly escalating into an attempted stabbing incident. Similarly, it provided investigators with data assistance in a shooting incident in April. The SSCO recorded a total of 30 traffic violations and aided the Office of the City Administrator in handling complaints from traffic violators

against traffic enforcers through the provision of video footages captured by the various CCTV cameras installed in strategic areas around the city. Impressive The SSCO is the brain child of Mayor Beng Climaco with security as one of her top priority programs. Former Regional Police Director, Brigadier General Jesus Cambay, Jr. who visited the SSCO last year, said he was impressed by its operation. Cambay was briefed on the SSCO’s accomplishments since its establishment in May 2019 and maintained 24/7 operations amid the coronavirus pandemic to keep Zamboanga safe and secured. A simulation exercise was also held during Cambay’s visit to show to the official the SSCO’s capabilities to monitor, coordinate and response during emergencies or incidents. Cambay commended the SSCO for its contributions to the local police force which was awarded as “Best City Police Office” in the country last year. Good Job The peace and order situation in Zamboanga has tremendously improved, especially the past 8 years of the Climaco administration and with the local government’s all-out support to police and military authorities and other law enforcement agencies. Climaco said the installation of high-quality, high-definition security cameras in different areas here was a big factor in maintaining peace and

order, and also the logistical support the local government provided the police and military. She said the SSCO – the first in Western Mindanao and second in the southern Philippines after Davao City - has a huge impact on the peace and order situation. Because of the state-of-theart command center, the SSCO continues to monitor different strategic locations here - day and night – where security cameras are installed. The modern SSCO, under the supervision of Christopher Mandi, contributed in solving and preventing crimes and coordination with the police and military. Climaco said the local government installed over 100 security cameras as part of the Security and Surveillance Equipment and System Project to ensure public safety. The system, she added, uses Huawei’s intelligent video and data analytics solution. The SSCO - operated by over a dozen personnel - complements the local emergency telephone hotline 911. It was only during Climaco’s time that all these security programs have been implemented for the benefit of the residents. Zamboanga has been a consistent awardee of the DILG campaign which gives an award, incentive, honor and recognition for local government in an effort to further strengthen accountability, particularly in good financial keeping, disaster preparedness, and social protection. (Claudine Uniana, Zamboanga Post)

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The Zamboanga Post

January 25-31, 2021

January 25-31, 2021

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January 25-31, 2021

No Covid cases in 51 Zambo barangays


VER HALF of Zamboanga City’s 98 barangays are now free from Covid-19 as the local government continue to battle the spread of the deadly respiratory disease. City Health Officer Dr. (Upper Bunguiao), Dulian 10 barangays with the most Dulce Amor Miravite said at (Upper Pasonanca), Guisao, number of active Covid-19 least 51 barangays have no Labuan, Lamisahan, Landang cases are Tetuan, Baliwasan, reported Covid-19 cases since Gua, Landang Laum, Lanzones, Lunzuran, Tumaga, Calarian, Pasonanca, Sinunuc, Canelar, early this year. She attributed Lapakan, Latuan (Curuan). this to the strict implemenAnd Licomo, Limaong, Talon-Talon and San Roque. tation of the health protocols Limpapa, Lubigan, Lumayang, The rest have small number of and community quarantine Lumbangan, Manalipa, Man- Covid-19 cases. “The City Health Office guidelines by the local task gusu, Muti, Pangapuyan, force on Covid-19 headed by Panubigan, Pasilmanta (Sacol will further strengthen its efMayor Beng Climaco. Island), Patalon, Quiniput, Sa- forts against Covid-19, particShe identified the baran- laan, Santo Niño, Sibulao, Sinu- ularly the profiling and congays with no reported cases of bong, Tagasilay, Taguiti, Tala- tainment of possible cases due Covid-19 as Baluno, Bolong, baan, Taluksangay, Tictapul, to the resumption of inter-proBunguiao, Busay (Sacol Is- Tigbalabag, Tigtabon, Tolosa, vincial bus trips,” she said. Zamboanga now has over land), Cabaluay, Cacao, Cala- Tumalutab, Tumitus, including 140 active Covid-19 cases. basa, Campo Islam, Capisan, Vitali. But Miravite said at least (Zamboanga Post) Cawit, Curuan, Dita, Dulian

National ID registration begins

THE PHILIPPINE Statistics Authority has begun the registration of local residents for the national identification system. Mayor Beng Climaco was the first registrant of the Phil-

ippine Identification System (Philsys) Project, also known as Republic Act No. 11055. Climaco urged residents to register with the PSA so they can be issued a national identifica-

tion card which they can use in transacting with different government agencies. “This (national identification card) is very important for each and every one as this eliminate the need to present other forms of identification during transactions with both the government and private sector,” she said. The PhilSys was signed into law in August 2018 as a foundational identification system for all citizens and resident aliens of the country. It also aims to contribute in enhancing administrative governance, reducing corruption, and promoting ease of doing business. (Zamboanga Post)

Sunday Reflection by Mayor Beng Climaco

VIVA PIT Señor Santo Niño! Today, we celebrate the 500th Birth of Christianity in the Philippines! Fr. Ben Sim, S.J., wrote about the history of Ferdinand Magellan’s baptismal gift of the Baby Jesus to Queen Juana in April 1521! Mark 10:13-16 “Let the Children come to me and don’t stop them, for the Kingdom of God belongs to such as these!” There was a special reading of the Church in the Philippines for past Sunday’s Liturgy. Our devotion has grown and is much alive today amidst the Pandemic. I know of Christian, Juris, Gabriel whose parents prayed and were blessed with baby boys. My nephew, Christian, would always go to Cebu on January when they were still in the Phil-

ippines. We were in tears while virtually praying and saying our goodbyes to his Papa Lianing at 99. Then his wife shows an ultrasound picture of their baby boy. What a meaningful transition from his father who died, and now a new life through his baby boy - an answered prayer and blessing from God! We should always be thankful and dependent on God who eternally love us. I consider children as my VIPs in Zamboanga City. For years, together with UNICEF (United Nations Children’s Fund), we worked to uplift their status. We recently worked on a safe project with HDES (Human Development and Empowerment Services) an NGO, that I was blessed to work with ever since I

was a Councilor. The State of the Children’s report was a highlight that we made sure to deliver annually for our children. We were blessed to have 3 UNICEF Country Heads visit Zamboanga City. Last year, we were part of the Child Friendly Cities Summit – Zamboanga was the only City to represent the Philippines with our project recognized to help fight against exploitation and abuse of children. With our Barangay Council for the Protection of Children very active in Zamboanga City, let us make it safe for our children to give them a better future Today! VIVA STO NINO! KEEP OUR CHILDREN SAFE and HAPPY! Amen. (MBC)

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The Zamboanga Post (January 25-31, 2021)  

Tels. (062) 955-5360, (0915) 3976197 | 3F, JLC Bldg., Don Alfaro Street, Tetuan, Zamboanga City, Philippines | mindanaoexaminer@gmail.com |...