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Covid-19 vaccines for Zamboanga FOLLOWING LAST year’s passage of the 2021 Executive Budget, Zamboanga Mayor Beng Climaco, who heads the local Covid-19 task force, has already allocated an initial P200 million for the purchase of coronavirus vaccines for her constituents. Now, more and more local governments are allocating funds for their

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own Covid-19 vaccines. At the latest count, over a dozen local governments have joined Zamboanga City in providing for its own vaccines to inoculate residents. Among the local governments that provided own funds for the vaccines are Makati City with P1 billion; Quezon City P1 billion; Puerto Princ-

esa City P500 million; Pasig City P300 million; Manila City P250 million; Parañaque City P250 million; Iloilo City P200 million; Mandaluyong City P200 million; Cainta in Rizal province P150 million; Valenzuela City P150 million; Caloocan City P125 million; Marikina City P82.7 million; San Juan City P50 million and

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Navotas City with P20 million. Climaco, also a member of the Committee on Vaccine Availment of the League of Cities of the Philippines, said the local government is closely coordinating with the national government and the Department of Health, the Continue on page 7

January 11-17, 2021

Opposition councilors kill Vida programs

‘Mayor vows more support for the poor, elderly’


AYOR BENG Climaco vowed to provide more assistance to tens of thousands of beneficiaries of various pro-poor Vida programs, especially the elderly and the disadvantage sector in the community after opposition councilors removed vital funding in the 2021 Executive Budget. Climaco said the op- the Largo Vida Program, an 2018 and which she intends position councilors “killed” initiative that she started in Continue on page 2

Zamboanga tightens control in entry of hogs, fowls THE CITY government of Zamboanga has expanded its tight control on the

entry of animals and processed meats here in an effort to prevent local con-

tamination or exposure to viruses and diseases. Continue on page 7

New Covid strain worries mayor

Mayor Beng Climaco joins a police patrol lead by City Police Director Col. Rexmel Reyes in Zamboanga. (Bong Serondo)

MAYOR BENG Climaco again appealed to the public to strictly follow the health protocols and community quarantine guidelines following the global spread of a new strain of Covid-19 which is more infectious. “With the threat of the new strain, we urge Continue on page 3

Military guards Malaysia border to prevent entry of new Covid strain ZAMBOANGA CITY – The Philippine military deployed additional security forces to patrol the porous southern border with Malaysia to thwart the entry

An unidentified fisherman looks at a passing military vessel off Zamboanga City. (Al Jacinto)

of people following the emergence of a new strain of the deadly Covid-19 in Sabah. Army Lt. Gen. Corleto Vinluan Jr., chief of the Western Mindanao Command, said Sulu Governor Sakur Tan has temporarily closed the province to Continue on page 7

ZAMCELCO imposes back-billing ZAMBOANGA CITY – The local electric cooperative has imposed back-billing to many residential accounts following a massive installation of new electric meters here. Back-bill is a catchup bill sent when a power consumer is incorrectly charged for energy usage. It covers a longer period than the usual billing cycle and will likely be for a Continue on page 3

ZAMCELCO General Manager Gannymede Tiu.


The Zamboanga Post

January 11-17, 2021

Opposition councilors kill Vida programs ‘Mayor vows more support for the poor, elderly’ Continued from page 1 to expand to over 60,000 beneficiaries this year. Climaco said the actions of the opposition councilors have a direct effect to more than 17,000 senior citizens, who are beneficiaries of the Vida programs, as well as over 400 Vida life-liners most of whom are out-of-school youth, and women in communities, who are bread winners in the family who were tapped to tirelessly deliver health assistance door-todoor to every senior citizen. She said killing the Vida programs will also mean the local government can no longer reach out to over 60,000 senior citizens who are target beneficiaries for its expansion this year. Livelihood programs are intended for the marginalized and the poor under the Cuida Vida (for poor communities through the mobile kitchen) and Ayuda Vida which is more on livelihood support, to include assistance for the night market and ukayukay vendors, and utility subsidy for small and mediuam scale enterprises. Climaco identified the opposition councilors as Monsi dela Cruz, John Dalipe, BG Guingona, Mike Alavar, Litlit Macrohon, Khymer Olaso, Lilibeth Nuño, Cary John Pioc, VP Elago, Gerky Valesco and Jerry Perez – all political allies (except Dela Cruz and Dalipe) of former Congressman Celso Lobregat whom she defeated in 2019 election. The mayor said she already signed the budget ordinance with certain line items which she vetoed for either being ultra vires or are prejudicial to the public welfare in accordance with Sections 54 and 55 of the Local Government Code or Republic Act 7160. She said these line items include “donations and assistance in crisis situation” which covers the opposition councilors proposed distribution of only P5,000 cash to around 40,000 senior citizens. “Hasta dalida lang de P5,000 cash el na de ila (opposition councilors) pensamiento. We vetoed this haphazardly thought-out proposal which is very limiting and short-lived. We can do and give much better than that,” the mayor said, adding, the funds of the vetoed line item will be utilized for a bigger and more comprehensive social service package that is more sustainable for senior citizens because they only deserve the best. “More than just the P5,000 cash that will be given, we will continue to give and deliver door-to-door, free maintenance medicines and vitamins. Other forms of key social assistance such as birthday incentives, and incentives for octogenarians, nanogenarians and centenarians, and also free cinema

and other free social services to our senior citizens will also be part of the comprehensive package. But this time, not just to 40,000 members, but to over 60,000 senior citizens,” Climaco explained. The mayor said the Vida programs aim to create a more lasting and meaningful impact on the lives of all its beneficiaries. “We need to empower our people and create a more lasting and meaningful impact on their lives, their families and communities. Deseo de atun todo dale mas largo y buen vida na de atun maga abuelo y abuela na Ciudad de Zamboanga,” she said. “It is with deep regret that (opposition) majority of the members of the City Council resolutely removed vital appropriations in the FY (Fiscal Year) 2021 Executive Budget of the City Government of Zamboanga. Very important social services programs such as the Largo Vida, Salva Vida and Cuida Vida, which could have benefited senior citizens, low income families, disadvantaged communities, marginalized sectors, most affected families of the Covid-19 pandemic and other vulnerable members of society, were unfoundedly scrapped,” she added. “These (Vida) programs were carefully planned by the Executive Department to be sustainable and to introduce a trailblazing brand of service to our constituents that is projected to have a significant impact in the lives of the target beneficiaries. These programs cannot be replaced by mere dole-outs and cash donations that were not studied and haphazardly thought-out. Those (opposition council) members who voted to remove funding for such vital programs must face the people of Zamboanga City and must be held responsible and accountable for such irrepressible action,” she said. “It is not just cash that is needed, we need a more comprehensive program that will genuinely and sustainably empower our people through medicines, access to critical social services and livelihood to make our people resilient and survive the day to day challenges while we are under a pandemic. Necesita kita dale servicio de calidad because our people deserve only the best,” the mayor added. It is only during the time of Climaco that such programs and social services benefitted thousands of senior citizens and the vulnerable sector. “It is only during our administration that we were able to introduce a wide-range of social services to our senior citizens – birthday cash incentives, free maintenance medicines, free movie screen-

ing and other key forms of assistance. This 2021, we intend to expand these to a more comprehensive package. Not only for our senior citizens, but also social packages for other vulnerable sectors especially for our society’s patriarchs and matriarchs, PWDs (persons with disabilities) and other vulnerable sectors, the marginalized, low-income families in disadvantaged rural and urban communities and most affected families of the Covid-19 pandemic, who are in need of these social protection programs, now more than ever,” Climaco said. Climaco previously accused opposition councilors of delaying the approval of the 2021 Executive Budget even as thousands of residents also signed manifestoes supporting the local government’s pro-poor programs, among others, included in the P4.38 billion annual financial plan. “Let us not mix politics into the discussion of our budget because we are all accountable to the people we serve. Leave politics to the elections in 2022. We must not deprive the people, the senior citizens, the farmers, the fisherfolks, the sick, and the hungry the needed support from the local government,” the mayor said. She said the local government submitted the budget to the City Council as early as September to give legislators ample time to evaluate and pass it at the soonest time possible. She said the “altered” budget was only approved in December. Climaco has repeatedly appealed to the City Council to consider the approval of the budget as a priority measure not only because it was “certified urgent”, but it addresses the people’s plight during these extraordinary times brought about by the Covid-19 pandemic. Vida Programs The local chapter of the Federation of Senior Citizens Association of the Philippines headed by its president, Elsa Natividad, also urged members of the City Council to approve the budget, saying, the local government’s various humanitarian programs for the elderly, particularly the Largo Vida through its 400 hardworking lifeliners, provides not only social services, but medicines and vitamins to thousands of senior citizens and vulnerable members of the community. The Largo Vida Program will originally get P187 million from the budget and also part of the local government’s social services is the “Ayuda La Vida Program,” which will supposedly have P65 million budget to provide various sectors with livelihood programs, including those in the night market and “ukayukay” stall owners.

On the other hand, the “Cuida Vida Program” or Soup Kitchen Program was originally to get P50 million allocation to cover mobile feeding initiative in a bid to sustain the daily meals of the marginalized and most affected families of the Covid-19 pandemic. An allocation of P50 million was also included in the budget for the “Salva Vida” Program which is intended to provide food packs and hygiene kits to low-income families in disadvantaged rural and urban communities in the different barangays. The budget likewise allocated P15 million for outreach programs to the 98 barangays, and P100 million for socialized housing programs. And another P50 million for “Siembra Vida Program” intended to provide training, livelihood and caravan projects, including activities of the agri-fishery sector; and a total of P906 million for investments in infrastructure and developmental projects. Climaco said the 2021 Executive Budget is a unique configuration of fiscal plans which assimilate all the previously identified needs of the City and the new challenges brought about by the pandemic. “This budget encompasses all of our social and health-related needs during this crisis. It aims to feed the hungry and heal the sick, hence let us listen to the needs of our people and find it in our hearts to see that this is more than a fiscal plan – it is our roadmap to health and recovery from the global challenge, that is Covid-19,” she said. She said the Largo Vida Program includes some P26 million appropriated for the “birthday” benefits of senior citizens and P1 million for octogenarians or person who is from 80 to 89 years old; nonagenarians or those who are 90 to 99 years old; and centenarians or those who are 100 years old and above; and another P5 million for PWDs. “Since our society’s patriarchs and matriarchs are in need of these social protection programs, now more than ever, as well as our PWDs and other vulnerable sectors, we have included P26 million appropriation for the birthday benefits of our elderly people, and one million pesos for the Octogenarian, Nonagenarian and Centenarian; and five million (pesos) for PWDs,” the mayor stressed. “As evident in our plans and programs, the beneficiaries of this budget are not limited to a privileged few. This budget, by all intents and purposes, is for all the compueblanos of Zamboanga because as the Mother of this City, I will always be driven by my instinct to protect and nurture my children from the

economic turmoil and ill effects of this pandemic,” Climaco said. And because of that, Climaco said her administration provided the needed funding to ensure surge capacity management of health personnel and health facilities. She added that P112 million are provided in the budget for Covid-10 contact tracing programs, and P14.7 million as additional aid to all barangays for Covid-19 related activities of their Barangay Health Emergency Response Teams; and P358 million for drugs and medicines, which includes P 200 million for the procurement of coronavirus vaccines. Climaco said there is also P42 million for the “Medicare Para Sa Masa Program” to increase PhilHealth (Philippine Health Insurance Corporation) coverage and number of sponsored members from 8,900 beneficiaries to 11,823; and P100 million for construction and rehabilitation of hospitals and health centers plus P110 million for the construction of multi-purpose buildings and P11 million more for the construction of emergency quarantine facilities. She said the budget included P12 million utility subsidy for 6,000 registered micro, small and medium enterprises. Testimonials “Ta pide lang gayot yo o jala aquel Largo Vida continua el ayuda para tiene buen salud el de atun mga senior citizens por causa hindi todo maga senior citizens tiene sen que compra cosa el maintenance (medicine) de ila. Por eso ta pide yo si puede continua gat el ayuda del Largo Vida por causa parte aqui canamon ariba na Latuan cay el maga jente aqui bien pobre gayot si puede lang continua el Largo Vida cay cosa-cosa ta sienti el de atun maga de edad ya.” - Jimmy Acosta, Barangay chairman of Latuan. “Masakit sa amin na alisin ang Largo Vida, bakit si (Councilor) Monsi (dela Cruz) ang mag-alis-alis ng Largo Vida. Ang Largo Vida ang nakakatulong sa amin, yan ang bigas at isda namin. Ang mga senior citizens parang pinatay na rin nila dahil maraming seniors ang walang maintenance nila.” “Maraming (senior citizens) dito sa Campo Islam ang hindi miyembro ng (SSS/ GSIS) pension, so ang mga senior dito ay puro pobre, kahit sumama pa si Monsi dito sa Campo Islam ang seniors dito ay puro pobre hindi katulad niya na mayaman. Sana mamulat siya, bakit ganyan ang ugali niya? So nagpapasalamt kami kay Mam Beng dahil binigyan niya kami ng hanap-buhay. Ipaglaban mo kami Mam Beng at sa iyo kami.” - Adarla Jammang, Largo Vida life-liner in Campo

Islam. “Ahora que modo ya lang kami, el de mio marido nohay ya man trabajo, tiene pa ele diabetes, tiene pa ele hypertension. Amo ya lang aquel (maga medicina estaba na Largo Vida) el de amon esperanza. Bien duele ya gat se kanamon si quita sila (opposition councilors) ese Largo Vida.” - Olivia Galarpe, Largo Vida beneficiary in Tugbungan. “No puede se quita (Largo Vida), paquimodo man kami, grande gat se ayuda de Mam Beng na medicina ta dale kanamon…comigo tiene yo (enfermedad) de Corazon y aquel medicina ta dale comigo buenamente era. Ese lang gane yo ya pide con Mam Beng.” - Melinda Alabat, Largo Vida beneficiary in Camino Nuevo. “Quire gat kami continua el (dalida) del medicina cay sabe ustedes el fuerza ta dale kanamon, especialmente yo 72 años ya, ta pide lang gayot yo con el Senior (Dios) cay si Mayor ya puede gat ele ayuda kanamon. Ta pide gat yo continua gat si Mayor (con el Largo Vida), ta dale fuerza kanamon, ta dale dormida buen buenamente gat el maga medicina.” - Erlinda Alam, Largo Vida beneficiary in Vitali. “Quiere gat yo extende ese Largo Vida cay nececita gat se kami kay nohay gat kami budget para conese. Necesita gat se kami, tianza ya gat se de amon para puede toma (medicina estaba na Largo Vida).”- Pilar Ilaga, Largo Vida beneficiary in Mercedez. Supports The mayor said the local government continues to provide monthly allowances to about 7,812 public school heads and teachers, and also 1,878 members of the Philippine National Police, the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology and the Bureau of Fire Protection. “This is a simple token and in recognition of the valuable support and contributions of our fellow public servants,” she said. “Moreover, we have increased the honoraria of 460 barangay health workers, 90 barangay nutrition scholars, 350 day-care workers and 980 barangay tanods from two thousand pesos to three thousand pesos per month, since we acknowledge their courage and endless dedication in their field,” Climaco explained. Aside from those, the Climaco administration also provides aid to non-government entities such as the Boy and Girl Scouts of the Philippines, Philippine Red Cross, Cooperatives, drug rehabilitation center, farmers and fisherfolks and even the Reception and Study Center for Children, among others; and also to national government agencies – litigation courts and national high schools and others. (Zamboanga Post)

January 11-17, 2021


The Zamboanga Post

New Covid strain worries mayor Continued from page 1 people to fully support and cooperate with the local government in the implementation of all safety and health protocols. We need everyone’s cooperation to win the battle against coronavirus which remains ever-present in 2021,” Climaco said. “The lesson that we need to learn (from 2020) is that in order for us to survive the Covid-19 pandemic, we must cooperate and follow the health protocols. Life is so precious, we have lost loved ones,

and we have lost residents of the city while others are getting sick because of Covid,” she added. The mayor, who is the head of the local task force on Covid-19, said the local government is enforcing stringent measures to curb the spread of the deadly respiratory disease for the safety and well-being of all and in compliance with the order of President Rodrigo Duterte and policies of the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases.

Climaco has been frequently joining police patrol at night and even before daybreak to ensure residents follow the community quarantine guidelines and do not violate the curfew hours. She also regularly visits police and military checkpoints in different barangays to boost the morale of security forces. Zamboanga has only 100 active Covid-10 cases and over 160 recorded deaths since the pandemic began in March. (Zamboanga Post)

ZAMCELCO imposes back-billing Continued from page 1 larger than usual amount. This was confirmed to the Zamboanga Post newspaper by ZAMCELCO General Manager Gannymede Tiu who said that “in the past several months until December 19, we conducted massive installation of kilowatt-hour meters (kWh) to more than 10,000 consumers that has no installed meters for so many years back.” Kilowatt-hour meter is the electric meter that measures the amount of electrical energy in kWh that was consumed in the house. The kWh me-

ter has a counter display that counts units of kilowatt-hour. The energy consumption is calculated by the difference of the counter’s reading in the specified period. Tiu said many residential accounts here have no electric meters and ZAMCELCO only billed them through “averaging” or minimum amount compared to their actual electricity usage. He said back billing of customers is to ensure all power consumers pay for the utilities they use. “That is the reason for the ZAMCELCO back-billing,” he said. Illegal electricity con-

nections are rampant in Zamboanga due to the failure of previous administration to implement the anti-pilferage law. Tiu has helped stir ZAMCELCO from its poor services during the past administration and introduced many reforms that largely benefited the consumers. ZAMCELCO is now being managed by Crown Investment Holdings, Inc. and Desco Inc. The two firms took over ZAMCELCO in January 2019 after bailing out the heavily-indebted and poorly-managed electric cooperative for P2.5 billion. (Zamboanga Post)

Zambo cockpit arenas closed CHIEF COVID frontliner Mayor Beng Climaco has ordered the closure of two cockpit arenas here for violating health protocols and community quarantine guidelines. Police immediately served Climaco’s order and closed the cockpit arenas in Barangay Mercedes and in Barangay Talon-Talon for violating the provision in the mayor’s Executive

Order 614 that prohibits audience and bettors inside the cockpit arena. Climaco warned cockpit operators to strictly follow the health protocols and not to challenge authorities by breaking the rules. “We shall not tolerate these kind of violations and we will shut down cockpit arenas violating the Covid-19 health protocols and quarantine

guidelines,” she said. The mayor has banned social and mass gatherings in Zamboanga to prevent the spread of Covid-19. Last year, at least 12 cockpit aficionados in Davao City had died from Covid-19 after contracting the deadly respiratory disease during a derby that also affected over 400 people. (Zamboanga Post)

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The Zamboanga Post

January 11-17, 2021

Zamboanga Pictures in the News Local government of Zamboanga City at work. This is where your taxes go.

January 11-17, 2021

The Zamboanga Post


Zamboanga Pictures in the News Photos by Eugene Elnar, ZCPO, Bong Serondo, Kenneth Pia and MBLT11.


The Zamboanga Post

January 11-17, 2021

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The Zamboanga Post

January 11-17, 2021

Covid-19 vaccines for Zamboanga Continued from page 1 Food and Drug Administration, and the Inter-Agency Task Force on Emerging Infectious Diseases, including vaccine czar Carlito Galvez for the purchase of the Covid-19 vaccines.

Local resident, Farsha Live, also wrote a message on Climaco’s Facebook account and said: “Maraming-maraming salamat po Madam Beng sa pag malasakit mo po sa taong-bayan ng Zamboanga City. Iyong hindi maniwala

sa bakuna huwag na lang po kayong magpabakuna. Ang mahalaga mahal na mahal ni Madam Beng ang taong-bayan ng Zamboanga City.” With nearly 1 million population, Zamboanga City, the gateway to the

Zamboanga tightens control in entry of hogs, fowls Continued from page 1 Mayor Beng Climaco said the Office of the City Veterinarian (OCV) is now requiring all shippers of poultry to obtain a permit prior to the entry of fowls in Zamboanga City. “We are stepping up measures to prevent fowl diseases or viruses from entering Zamboanga,” she said, adding, the strict measure is in response to the recent confirmation by the Department of Agriculture (DA) of the avian influenza and Newcastle diseases (ND) among fowls. This was also confirmed by OCV head Dr. Mario Arriola, who said his office is coordinating with the Bureau of Animal Industry to prevent the entry and spread of such diseases in Zamboanga City. Arriola said shippers of poultry are required to subject their animals for inspection and present their Certificate of ND Vaccination issued by a licensed

veterinarian to obtain a veterinary shipping permit from the Veterinary Quarantine Services. The World Organization for Animal Health said ND is highly contagious respiratory disease that affects birds including domestic poultry. ND is transmitted most often by direct contact with diseased or carrier birds. It can also be a public health risk as it can infect humans, causing conjunctivitis although the condition is generally very mild and self-limiting. In October, Climaco established the African Swine Fever (ASF) Prevention and Control Committee in response to the viral outbreaks in Luzon and some parts of Mindanao. Climaco issued Executive Order No. BC 5962020 which underscores the need for the immediate adoption of the National African Swine Fever prevention program to protect Zamboanga from the

dreaded animal disease and protect the swine industry and stakeholders. Smuggling of pork, pork by-products, and processed meat products shall also be promptly reported to the Philippine Coast Guard or the Zamboanga City Police Office. The ASF virus is transmitted by direct contact, ingestion of garbage or swill feeds containing unprocessed infected pig meat or pig meat products, ticks and biting flies, and contaminated premises, vehicles, equipment and clothing. While not a human health threat, the ASF is capable of annihilating the entire swine industry. As of yet, no vaccine or treatment exists to combat the virus. But stringent importation policies, early detection and strict biosecurity measures are being carried out to ensure Zamboanga City remains ASF-free. (Claudine Uniana and Zamboanga Post)

Military guards Malaysia border to prevent entry of new Covid strain Continued from page 1 civilians coming from Sabah to pre-empt the possible spread of the new Covid-19 strain. Vinluan said the lockdown began January 4 until January 17. “We are maximizing our capabilities to keep the contagion offshore. With the newstrain of Covid-19 detected in Sabah, the provincial government of Sulu implemented a temporary lockdown of the province from January 4 to 17 to prevent the entry of civilians coming from Sabah and pre-empt the possible spread of the virus,” he said. He said naval boats will regularly patrol the border between the Philippines and Malaysia, and also the seas in the provinces of Tawi-Tawi, Sulu and Basilan. “The Western Mindanao Command supports the decision of the provincial government of Sulu and we already deployed additional troops to secure the border and to disallow entry of passenger vessels from Sabah,” Vinluan said. “The navy vessels will conduct patrol in the mar-

itime borders of Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, and the Zamboanga Peninsula to prevent the entry of inflicted individuals to our area of operation,” he added. Zamboanga wants travel moratorium In Zamboanga City, Mayor Beng Climaco is also coordinating with the Western Mindanao Command and the Department of Health in putting up measures to prevent the entry of the new Covid-19 strain. She asked local law makers to call for an emergency meeting to come up with a resolution for the temporary suspension of sea travels from Sabah to Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi. City Health Officer Dr. Dulce Miravite also appealed to residents to strictly comply with safety and health protocols, and avoid social gatherings due to the threat of the newCovid-19 variant. “With the detection of the new strain which appears to be more transmissible, we appeal to everyone to practice protocols and avoid social gatherings and be socially ac-

countable and responsible for the safety of everyone,” Miravite said. Miravite said the local government is putting in place more stringent measures, including the travel of authorized persons outside residences, locally stranded individuals, and returning residents to prevent and contain the infection. She said Climaco has already allocated P200 million for the purchase of Covid-19 vaccines which is expected to arrive early next year. “The preparations for the storage area for the expected arrival of the anti-Covid vaccines early part of 2021 are underway. We are just awaiting guidelines from the national government with regards to the vaccines, but the local government has allocated P200 million for the procurement of the vaccines,” she said. The Philippines may already have the new Covid-19 after a Chinese tourist who came from Manila retuned to Hong Kong carrying the new strain. (Zamboanga Post)

provinces of Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi is one of the national government’s priorities in the vaccination program. Climaco passed the proposed P4.38-billion budget in September after months of careful studies to ensure the welfare of the people amid the deadly pandemic. But it was only approved in December after opposition councilors “altered” the budget. She said the opposition councilors “killed” the Largo Vida Program, an initiative that she started in 2018 and which she

intends to expand to over 60,000 beneficiaries this year. “It is with deep regret that (opposition) majority of the members of the City Council resolutely removed vital appropriations in the FY (Fiscal Year) 2021 Executive Budget of the City Government of Zamboanga. Very important social services programs such as the Largo Vida, Salva Vida and Cuida Vida, which could have benefited senior citizens, low income families, disadvantaged communities, marginalized sectors, most

affected families of the COVID-19 pandemic and other vulnerable members of society, were unfoundedly scrapped,” she said. She identified the opposition councilors as Monsi dela Cruz, John Dalipe, BG Guingona, Mike Alavar, Litlit Macrohon, Khymer Olaso, Lilibeth Nuño, Cary John Pioc, VP Elago, Gerky Valesco and Jerry Perez – all political allies (except Dela Cruz and Dalipe) of former Congressman Celso Lobregat whom she defeated in 2019 election. (Zamboanga Post)

Zambo mayor joins Committee on Vaccine Availment THE LEAGUE of Cities of the Philippines or LCP has included Zamboanga City Mayor Beng Climaco to sit as member of the Committee on Vaccine Availment along with General Santos City Mayor Ronnel Rivera. Climaco and Rivera are the only Mindanaoan members to sit in the committee which is tasked to coordinate with the government’s Inter-Agency Task Force on

Emerging Infectious Diseases, the Department of Health, the Department of Budget and Management, the Food and Drug Administratio0n and other concerned agencies in facilitating the availment of Covid-19 vaccines for all the 145 cities in the country. Climaco’s appointment to the committee was confirmed by Bacolod City Mayor Evelio Leonardia, the LCP national president. The com-

Tutuli: May Nakabara Sa Tainga

mittee is headed by Iloilo City Mayor Jerry Treñas. Other members of the committee are Balanga City Mayor Francis Garcia and Candon City Mayor Ericson Singson. The LCP said it would hold a meeting with Carlito Galvez, the government’s vaccine czar; and representatives from pharmaceutical companies in January to discuss the availability of the vaccines. (Zamboanga Post)


Ni Dr. Willie T. Ong “Huwag maglagay ng kahit anong bagay sa iyong tainga.” Ito ang pangunahing payo ng mga doktor. Huwag maglagay ng cotton buds o toothpick sa loob ng iyong tainga. Kung gustong maglinis ng tainga, hanggang bimpo lang ang puwedeng gamitin. Anong gagawin sa tutuli? May 2 klase ng tutuli ang tao. Ang una ay iyung tuyo at maputing tutuli. Ang pangalawa ay iyung basa at madilaw na tutuli. Ang trabaho ng tutuli ay para protektahan ang ating eardrum sa dumi. Hinaharang ng tutuli ang mga duming pumasok sa ating tainga, at unti-unti itong lalabas ng kusa sa tainga. Dahil dito, hindi naman talaga kailangan nang maglinis ng tainga.

Kung mangyari na bumara ang iyong tutuli, medyo mabibingi ka. Huwag gumamit ng cotton buds at baka lalong pumasok ang tutuli sa loob ng tainga. Ang delikado pa dito ay baka mabutas mo ang iyong ear drum. Tandaan: Ang butas na ear drum ay maaaring hindi na maghilom. Mabibingi at magkakaluga pa ang iyong tainga. Paano ginagamot ang baradong tutuli? Una sa lahat, kumonsulta sa isang ENT (Ear, Nose and Throat) specialist. 1. Puwedeng magpatak ng mineral oil o baby oil sa apektadong tainga. Kung may pera, puwedeng bumili ng Docusate sodium ear drops na pinapatak sa tainga. (Tandaan: Huwag gawin ito kung may tsansa na butas ang

iyong eardrum.) 2. Humiga sa iyong tagiliran ng 20 minutos para manuot ang likido sa tumigas na tutuli. 3. Gawin ito 2 beses sa maghapon hanggang 3 araw. Hantayin na matanggal ang tutuli ng kusa. Dagdag payo para maprotektahan ang tainga: 1. Hinaan ang volume ng iPod, radyo o stereo. 2. Huwag lumapit sa speaker sa concert. 3. Takpan ang tainga kung maingay ang lugar. 4. Huwag maligo sa dagat at maduming swimming pool. 5. Bimpo lang ang puwedeng panlinis ng tainga.


The Zamboanga Post

January 11-17, 2021

January 11-17, 2021

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January 11-17, 2021

Extend services of Covid19 contact tracers


AMBOANGA MAYOR Beng Climaco said there is a need to extend the services of local Covid-19 contact tracers as the local government continues to battle the spread of the deadly respiratory disease, especially now that there emerges a new strain of coronavirus in at least 20 countries. Climaco said she wrote with concomitant increased cies in the daily time record and asked the Department of people mobility, the virus and accomplishment reof Health (DOH) and the is still here and its threat to ports by the contact tracers. The mayor said she Department of the Interi- our health and safety is ever spoke with Paisal Abutazil, or and Local Government present. (DILG) to extend the serThus, the need to extend the DILG regional director, vices of contact tracers and the services of Covid-related and told him the concerns of other Covid-related person- personnel until December contact tracers. Climaco said 2021,” the mayor empha- she was told that the DILG is nel until December 2021. now processing the salaries In her letter dated De- sized in her letter. cember 22 to DOH SecreBut despite the hardship of contact tracers, not only tary Francisco Duque and of the contact tracers, the those assigned here, but in DILG Secretary Eduardo DILG has failed to release the entire Zamboanga PenAño, Climaco said the in- their salaries. The contact insula. “Director Abutazil valuable services of the tracers even sought the help nurses and contact tracers of Climaco in appealing to sought for understanding are crucial to Zamboanga’s the DILG for the release of because they have to process sustained effort in battling their meager salaries despite over 3,000 documents (for the spreads of the Covid-19 the grave risk they undergo the salaries),” Climaco said, adding, in Zamboanga City pandemic. in doing their jobs. Zamboanga City has over Climaco personally re- alone, the DILG hired only 100 active Covid cases. quested the DILG to expe- 656 contact tracers to help Climaco, who heads dite the release of salaries the local government track the local Covid-19 task of contact tracers deployed down people who have contacts with Covid-19 patients force, said one of their here. challenges has always been Ginagene Uy, the DILG or those positive for the the shortage of healthcare City Director, explained that deadly respiratory virus. workers, as well as effective the delay in the submission Climaco has repeatedcontact tracing. of administrative require- ly expressed her gratitude “Our country is still suf- ments such as the tax iden- to the contact tracers and fering from Covid-19 pan- tification number and the commended them for their demic and while it is true ATM account numbers from dedication in helping the that our country is slowly the Land Bank of the Philip- City Health Office. (Zamboopening up the economy pines and some discrepan- anga Post)

Zambo Business One-StopShop now online, drop boxes BECAUSE OF the Covid-19 pandemic and health protocols, the local government said all business registration, licensing applications and renewals are now conducted online and through drop boxes. It said new applications will utilize the drop box system where all documentary requirements will be enclosed in a one long-sized brown envelope. The drop box is located at the Business Permits and Licensing Office (BPLO) at the City Hall ground floor. The applicant will be notified regarding the status of the application via

text message, call or email. The local government added that documentary requirements for new business applications include the following or depending on the type of business such as registration from the Department of Trade and Industry, Securities and Exchange Commission, Cooperative Development Authority and barangay clearance, occupancy permit and for home-based business, in lieu of occupancy permit, applicant may submit a land title or any document showing proof of ownership or an authorization letter if the occupant is not the owner; and

Zamboanga Peninsula

fully accomplished business permit application form with attached photo of establishment. On the other hand, applicants for business permits renewal should visit the Business One-Stop-Shop website - http://www.zc-boss.com to process applications. The applicants should create an account and upload 2 valid identification cards and previous business permit. The local government said those who have inquiries can call the BPLO Hotline at telephone number 991-2565 and Globe cellular number 0926-6303210. (Zamboanga Post)


Mayor Beng Climaco with Covid-19 contact tracers.

Sunday Reflection by Mayor Beng Climaco Epiphany Sunday What gift do I offer the Baby Jesus? Matthew 2:1-12 BEFORE THE Christmas lights brighten up City Hall, I have been blessed to receive a handmade Parol by a mother from Santa Maria. She is the mother of Jose and she would make me gigantic stars as Christmas gift yearly. This year, I got the star and upon careful discovery, Garnette told me that there was the Blessed Mother’s image in the middle of the Parol. Pandemic Christmas struck and we had to totally cancel parties, carolling and even the visits to families! Christmas was solemn and New Year was spent at home except for those who still made noise, but resellao! Today, we reflect on the Star the Magi followed that led them to the Holy Family in the manger


where they offered their gifts to the Baby Jesus. Just like the Star made by Jose’s Mamang, it sparkled beautifully to show us the hope that awaits us in a new world of the pandemic. Jose lost his dad this Christmas. The family made their journey to Fort Pilar when I saw them one evening after work. Even if it was his last visit since he was fighting cancer, the family sought Mary’s comfort. I recall May 11, 2019 as the motorcade for the last day of campaign abruptly stopped entering the side of Our Lady of Purification Church in Santa Maria, and Jose and his Mamang welcomed me in our Barangay with beautiful bouquet of pink flowers! This filled me with affirmation of God’s presence even in the midst of an uncertain battle. Today, their beautiful

Parol would light brightly for the last time (in 2020) to give us hope amidst a death in the family, and an uncertain future because of the pandemic. In May 2020 this year, the Zamboanga City Reformatory Center was the source of Covid-19 outbreak that infected more than 100 patients. Utilizing all resources, the overcrowded City Jail recovered miraculously with God’s grace! I was gifted by Warden Chief Inspector Nathanel Aljas with a beautiful Star made by the PDLs. This star symbolizes God in control and victorious over the pandemic. A star of hope! We incorporated this in our Christmas mural and thanks to General Services Office team, it takes a prominent place to welcome everyone to the Holy Family the reason for Children Jesus! (MBC)


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