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Covid cases up in Zamboanga Founded July 2019

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September 13-19, 2021


HE NUMBER of active Covid-19 cases in Zamboanga City continues to climb as health authorities and the local government warned residents to strictly follow the public health protocols due to the grave threats posed by the highly transmissible Delta variant of the new coronavirus. The Department of ed more than 300 active anga City and over 600 Health (DOH) report- Covid-19 cases in ZamboContinue on page 2

Isabela officials enter Zambo with no RT-PCR tests AT LEAST a dozen barangay officials from Basilan’s Isabela City who arrived here without health and travel

requirements were intercepted by local authorities at the Port of Zamboanga, officials said. Zamboanga City

Tourism Officer Sarita Sebastian said the officials face sanctions based on the guidelines set by local Continue on page 3

Volunteers of Al-Markazul Islami carry a Covid-19 infected dead body for final rituals. (M Hossain OPU/ICRC)

Mayor Beng, sinopresa Home quarantine sa mga sa kanyang kaarawan! pasyente sa Covid, apil na sa PhilHealth package MAAPIL NA sa Philippine Health Insurance o PhilHealth Covid-19 package ang mga pasyenteng

kwalipikadong adto magpaayo sa ilang balay o mag-home quarantine. Matud pa sa Phil-

Health nga aron mabayran ang ilang mga gastos sa pagpaayo sa Continue on page 7

DepEd praises Climaco anew for ‘overwhelming’ support Binaha ng pagbati si Mayor Beng Climaco sa sorpresang natanggap mula sa mga guro ng Tugbungan Elementary School sa pangunguna ng kanilang principal na si Dr. Ronald Abaa. NAGULANTANG SI Mayor Beng Climaco sa sopresang natanggap nito

mula sa mga guro at residente ng Barangay Tugbungan sa kalagitnaan ng

pamimigay nito ng ayuda sa maraming mga Continue on page 2

Polyeto kontra Covid, bakuna NIHATAG OG katin-awan ang Department of Health (DOH) kalabot

sa nikatap nga polyeto sa social media nga nag-ingon nga dili tinuod ang

Zamboanga Peninsula

Covid-19 ug dili luwas ang mga bakuna. Continue on page 3


THE DEPARTMENT of Education lauded Mayor Beng Climaco and thanked her for the 32 printing and digital hubs intended for different schools in Zamboanga City to help teachers cope with the demands of mass production of printed materials and modules needed for “blended learning” which combines both traditional classroom and online classes or courses. Education officials led by Dr. Victoria Continue on page 3

Mayor Beng Climaco with Rep. Jawo Jimenez and City Council members El King Omaga and Kim Elago pose with education officials led by Dr. Victoria Mangaser during the turnover of 32 printing and digital hubs to the Department of Education.




The Zamboanga Post

September 13-19, 2021

Covid cases up in Zambo

Continued from page 1 deaths so far since the pandemic began in March last year. But the local government’s figure is much higher with more than 400 active Covid-19 cases and death toll at over 600 as of September 6. It also reported a total of seven cases of the Delta variant based on the late genomic sequencing report of the DOH. One local doctor said the increase in Covid-19 cases may be due to the Delta variant. “The X-ray is not good and the number of active Covid cases is increasing,” he said, referring to the imaging tests of patients’ lungs who suffer from the deadly respiratory disease. “This is no joke. People should follow the health protocols and hospitals should stock up on oxygen cylinders in case the situation worsens,” he added. Chief Covid-19 frontliner, Mayor Beng Climaco has repeatedly appealed to residents to wear face masks and face shields when in public areas, and to frequently wash their hands with soap and water, or disinfect them with alcohol or sanitizer. But many residents

are hard-headed and complacent as authorities continue to apprehend hundreds of violators of health protocols. “Como siempre tiene cuidao, maskin donde, maskin cuando. Compli maga reglamento de Covid protocols - usa el face mask y face shield, firmi lava mano y mantene distancia fisika y esta protegido contra el coronavirus. The fight against the Covid-19 is not of the government alone. This is a personal battle between staying safe from getting infected with the virus. It is up to each and every one of us to ensure the safety of everybody, the safety of our family members and that is why it is important to follow the strict health protocols by always wearing our face mask and face shield and observing physical distance at public places,” Climaco said. She said the emergence of the Delta variant is scaring health experts around the world because it is more virulent than all known Covid-19 variants at this time. “It has become the dominant variant in many countries, including the neighboring Indonesia and Malay-

sia and we don’t want it to spread here and that’s why we are doubling our efforts to vaccinate the people to prevent serious illness that needs hospitalization,” Climaco said. “As we are thankful that we are now under GCQ, we really need to maintain our Covid protocols to continue lowering the cases. We need to exert more effort,” she said, referring to personal health responsibilities of each resident to help fight or control the spread of the virus. “Our death toll and the daily positive cases are not a sign for us to relax. It is a sign for us to continue to cooperate, to strengthen our safety measures, self-regulate and self-discipline. All our frontliners have dedicated and poured out their efforts to keep you safe. It’s about time that we cooperate,” Climaco further said. Security forces manning Covid-19 checkpoints and barangay leaders and tanods continue to apprehend health protocol violators by the hundreds every day. Many of those apprehended were not wearing face masks or face shields while in public places and people who

attended mass gatherings which are prohibited by the local government. Border guards also intercepted or stopped dozens of travellers trying to enter Zamboanga City without health requirements such as RT-PCR test

and S-PASS which are required under Climaco’s executive order. The Covid-19, first identified amid an outbreak of respiratory illness cases in Wuhan City in the Chinese province of Hubei, was initially reported to the

World Health Organization (WHO) on December 31, 2019. And on March 11, 2020, the WHO declared Covid-19 a global pandemic, its first such designation since declaring H1N1 influenza a pandemic in 2009. (Zamboanga Post)

Mayor Beng, sinopresa sa kanyang kaarawan! Continued from page 1 benepisyaryo ng Social Amelioration Program ng pamahalaang lokal matapos. Mistulang bumaha ng bulaklak na rosas at mga naggagandahang lobo ang Tugbungan Elementary School at mainit na pagbati mula sa mga guro sa pangunguna ng Principal na si Dr. Ronald Abaa sa kanilang pagbati sa kaarawan ni Climaco. Hindi alam ni Climaco na isang malaking sorpresa ang inihanda ng grupo ni Abaa bilang pasasalamat sa magandang serbisyo nito at pagbati sa ika-55 kaarawan ng alkalde na isa rin dating guro at guidance counsellor. Taos-puso rin ang pasasalamat ni Climaco sa mga guro at ayon sa mga nakasaksi ay maluha-luha ito sa sa kasiyahang natanggap.

Maging si Davao City Mayor Sara Duterte ay nagpaabot rin ng espesyal na pagbati at nagbigay pa ng video greetings para kay Climaco at nanalangin pa ito ng kasiglahan at kalagayan para sa alkalde ng Zamboanga na kanyang itinuturing na kapatid. “Happy birthday Mayor Beng, I wish you good health and happiness,” ani Duterte. Naglabas rin si Climaco na kanyang “birthday reflection” at pinasalamatan ang kanyang ina at ama na si dating Zamboanga City Vice Mayor Jose Climaco, at mga mahal sa buhay. Ito ang buod ng kanyang isinulat bilang balik-tanaw sa nakaraan: “As a little girl, I was shy, afraid to speak out and was fearful of school and the future. In fact I go home straight after class unless we

had to be the monitor or do gardening. I chose this photo to celebrate my ‘HerStory’ to thank God for the unexpected road my life has taken me. I was a late bloomer. My Dad would take me out in his visits to barangays and he had deep respect for the Muslim and the indigenous people. He was the only aspirant for Mayor who spoke about the need for Madrasa. And my Abuelita had a dear friend, Ñora Asa, from Rio Hondo. Part of the IP community. In posture, I was my Mother’s opposite. She was elegant, beautiful and was confident and had a straight posture. I, on the other hand, slouch even today because I lack self-confidence. I prefer to dress down and be comfortable in jeans. At 55, I am beyond grateful to God for taking me into an unimagined road of public service. All I can say is God has called me and my life is in His hands. As I wind-up 8 years and three months with 9 months more as Mayor, I continue to live each day counting my blessings and aspiring to do good every day. Being in government service since 1998, I am thankful to everyone who became part of my journey. To God be the highest glory. To my Ninang Caling, who asked me if I could help Zamboan-

ga City and my Dad, whose inspiration in public service taught me to be honest and a fiscalizer. My family for the values of community service. My students and friends and the BC Team, you are God’s blessings with the people of Zamboanga. I cherish the flowers given by the Teachers of Tugbungan Elementary School under Dr. Abaa. They represent my vocation as a Teacher. I am one with all the Teachers in our mission to impart learning. The outpouring opportunity to speak of faith, hope and love for God and family are treasured opportunities to share our blessings in this Pandemic. I wish to speak to all the girls: We may have a little voice, and little strength but that’s okay. To Tatiana, Kristen, Nikki and Nike, our granddaughters, you live in a digital age, make your voices heard because you matter as much as Tonito, Tres, Quatro, and Niko. Just embrace the future despite of the unknown path and God will make you bloom where you are planted! Today’s Gospel Luke 6:12-19 we are called and chosen by Jesus! Let our life be an offering to Mary our Mother whose Birthday is September 8. Together we say FIAT! YES to God’s will! #Gr8ful2GOD4ever.”


The Zamboanga Post

September 13-19, 2021

DepEd praises Climaco anew for ‘overwhelming’ support

Education officials and teachers pose with Mayor Beng Climaco during the turnover of printing and digital hubs. And below, inside the hub.

Isabela officials enter Zambo with no RT-PCR tests

A police photo shows cops guarding travellers from Isabela City as they check in at a hotel in Zamboanga City while waiting for their RT-PCR test results. Continued from page 1 Covid-19 task force after they failed to present negative RT-PCR test results and S-PASS, among other documents. S-PASS is short for Safe, Swift, and Smart Passage Digital Travel Management System developed by the Department of Science and Technology which is being used across the country upon order of the Department of the Interior and Local Government during this pandemic period. It was institutionalized this year as a one-stop-shop application or communication for travellers. The local government also started random rapid antigen test among travellers, including those under essential services, at all entry points here to help curb the spread of Covid-19, especially the Delta variant. Sebastian said the travellers, who arrived here on board a private boat, were also quarantined in a hotel while awaiting their Covid-19 test results. Sebastian did not identify the barangay officials and the Isabela City government has not issued any statement, but Mayor Djalia Turabin previously said that the strict health protocols and quarantine guidelines imposed by Climaco are for

the safety of everybody. She even thanked Climaco for her strict implementation of the public health protocols. “Thank you to our sister city Zamboanga, for your strict implementation of protocols, resulting in the prevention of possible transmission from the Delta index case. It is these protocols, unpopular they may be, that are proven effective,” Turabin said. “With Covid-19, the impact of protocols are realized and felt weeks after. Like in this case, when we are all able to sigh with relief and gratitude that despite this Delta news (sic), we are assured it has been taken care of by Zamboanga City. Yung pag iistrikto nila, buong rehiyon ang nakinabang. Kaya maraming salamat. Muchas Gracias especialmente na maga frontliners de ciudad de Zamboanga!” she added. Isabela is a sister city of Zamboanga. Climaco has issued an executive order making it mandatory for all travellers - whether they are fully vaccinated or not - entering Zamboanga to present their negative RTPCR test result, especially now that there have been hundreds of cases of the highly transmissible Delta variant. She ordered

a strict border control and implementation of the health protocols in Zamboanga, saying travellers must have negative Covid-19 test results, whether by Saliva RT-PCR tests or nasopharyngeal RT-PCR test, before they enter Zamboanga. She previously issued Executive Order 651-2021 that mandates all inbound passengers, whether APOR (Authorized Persons Outside Residence) or private individuals, regardless of reason or purpose of entry, including transit travellers to present negative RT-PCR test result within 5 days from date of specimen collection and their valid identification cards before they can enter Zamboanga City. The mayor said these are temporary measures designed to curb the sudden spike in Covid-19 cases in order to promote the health and safety of the general welfare of the citizens. Zamboanga, which has a long coastline, is dotted by over two dozen islands and islets which make it extremely difficult for security forces to guard. The city is near the provinces of Basilan, Zamboanga Sibugay, Zamboanga del Sur and Zamboanga del Norte. (Zamboanga Post)

Continued from page 1 Mangaser praised the mayor for the continuing and overwhelming support the local government has provided them since becoming mayor. Climaco is now on her third and last term. The mayor led the turnover of the fully air-conditioned printing and digital hubs to Mangaser. The mayor was assisted by Rep. Jawo Jimenez and City Council members El King Omaga and Kim Elago. The printing and digital hubs are complete with Acer Veriton S desktops which provide high reliability and a long lifespan due to its 100% solid capacitor and Acer V7 Series computer monitors that provide professional performance with a 4K resolution screen. All the hubs also come with Risograph, a brand of digital duplicators manufactured by the Riso Kagaku Corporation that are designed mainly for high-volume photocopying and printing. Climaco’s aide said that “more than a politician, Mayor Beng is a teacher and guidance counselor whose heart is really for the children of

Zamboanga whom she considers as the VIPs of her administration.” Last year, Climaco assured the local government’s support to the DepEd in preparing for the new normal in education in the middle of the Covid-19 pandemic. She reaffirmed her strong commitment to education, saying it remains one of her top priority programs. She also met with education officials and committed funds from the Special Education Fund for the preparation of learning materials under the blended learning modules. “As always we want to assist the DepEd and we want to provide the

necessary measures for our teachers and facilitate the learning of our pupils which is the core of educational process,” said Climaco, who also chairs the Local School Board. In 2019, Climaco donated over a dozen brand new, 43-inch Samsung full high definition television sets to the Santa Maria Central School Special Education Center after one of its students, Jellyn Castillan, wished that someone would donate a television for her class. And Jellyn had her wish come true. It was an emotional moment not only for Jellyn and her classmates, but also the teachers at the school when Climaco handed over the televisions in a simple ceremony in September. Climaco said the use of television as a tool for learning will make classroom activities more interesting, colorful and meaningful, and vowed to continue other educational programs to help improve the quality of local education. The digital televisions were all equipped with a pair of High-Definition Multimedia Interface ports and one Universal Serial Bus port. (Zamboanga Post)

Polyeto kontra Covid, bakuna Continued from page 1 Matud pa sa DOH nga ang Covid-19 makatakod ug makaingon sa grabeng sakit nga nahimong hinungdan sa pagkamatay sa daghang mga tawo sa tibuok kalibotan sulod lamang sa usa ka tuig ug unom ka buwan. Dugang pa sa ahensya nga ang Covid-19 gideklarar sa World Health Organization (WHO) isip usa ka global pandemic. Kusganong gipahi-

numdom sa DOH nga ang mga bakuna niagi sa makuting pagtuon sa Vaccine Expert Panel ug nahatagan og Emergency Use Authorization sa Food and Drugs Administration nga luwas ug epektibo. Giklaro usab sa ahensya nga walay kamatuoran nga ang pagpabakuna makamatay o makaapekto sa kinatibuk-ang panglawas sa tawo. Ang mga bakuna wala usab sulod nga

mga sangkap sa Genetically Modified Organisms o aborted cells. Subling gipahinumdom sa DOH nga ang paggamit og face mask ug shield makatabang aron dili matakdan sa virus. Gipahinumdoman sa departamento ang publiko nga kanunay e-beripika ang mga impormasyon nga makita online sa mga lehitimong tinubdan lamang. (Elvira Bongosia)



The Zamboanga Post

September 13-19, 2021

Zamboanga Pictures in the News Local government of Zamboanga City at work. This is where your taxes go.

September 13-19, 2021

The Zamboanga Post


Zamboanga Pictures in the News Photos by : Bong Serondo, Christine Lim, and Giana Andrion.


The Zamboanga Post

September 13-19, 2021

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September 13-19, 2021


The Zamboanga Post


Pencing By Mario O. Feliciano Jr. ‘Delta variant on the rise’


WITH ALL probabilities, the deadlier Delta variant triggers the widespread increase of the Covid-19 cases, worldwide, and counting even more by the millions. As of late, total Covid-19 cases around the globe climbed rapidly to 219 million with a staggering 4.5 million deaths so far. The United States still clings to No. 1 spot with 40 million cases and 648,000 deaths; (2nd) India with 33 million and 441,000 deaths; (3rd) Brazil with 20.9 million and 583,000 deaths; (4th) United Kingdom with 6.94 million and 133,000 deaths; and (5th) Russia with 6.89 million and 183,000 deaths. Other countries that followed are the following: (6th) France; 7th Turkey; 8th) Argentina; 9th) Iran, and 10th) Colombia, all breaking the millions mark, as well. The Philippines keeps its 20th spot with 2.06 million cases and 34,062 deaths just behind Indonesia which climbs to 13th spot in the world standings, as it accounts for over 4 million cases with at least 135,000 deaths. Other ASEAN countries coming next behind Indonesia and the Philippines, are Malaysia (23rd) with 1.82 m and 17,883 deaths; Thailand (29th) with 1.27 m and 12,631 deaths; Vietnam (51st) with 511,000 and 12, 793 deaths; Cambodia (109th) with 94,839 and 1,950 deaths. In the Philippines with 2.06 million cases, Metro Manila has it biggest bulk of Covid-19 with 681,000 and 9,059 deaths; (2nd) Calabarzon with 355,000 and 4,078 deaths; (3rd) Central Luzon with 197,000 and 4,445 deaths; Central Visayas with 123,000 and 3,388 deaths; and Western Visayas with 94,163 and 1,971 deaths. In our La Bella Zamboanga, the total confirmed Covid-19 cases have reached nearly 13,000 now or more

with almost 12,000 recoveries, and over 6,000 deaths The Department of Health revealed that the fully-vaccinated people across the country are more than 14 million and those who already received their 1st dose numbered to over 19 million. Still too far from its target goal of vaccinating at least 70 percent of its whole population of over 100 million Filipinos to achieve herd immunity against the surging Covid-19 disease. DOH could only manage up to 17 percent, by now-hence, a lot more needed to do for its sparkling performance vs. these different variants rearing their ugly heads one by one, nay giving any hint when it’ll stop coming. Many health scientists themselves are at a loss, or are clueless, as to how, and up to where their great know-how in the medical field, can handle the immense health crisis that the world is facing right now. Again, I tell you for the nth time, this is no joke anymore on insisting on our still man-made solution or formula in addressing a gravely potent contagion like this unseen Covid-19 coronavirus. This is absolutely, a spiritual woe that besets the whole mankind in real time. There’s a need for us all to look up high to heaven much longer than we ever did before, or have been doing at present. God is so merciful if only we sincerely return back to Him as His real children again. Without anyone knowing, upon our birth in the flesh, we’re all sinners—the reason we need to be born again, no longer in the flesh, but in the Spirit of the Holy One, our God Almighty Father. Let’s all start doing His Will by the Words as written in the Holy Scriptures, and all these maladies and our malaises on earth, will just disappear. To man it’s impossible, but to God nothing is impossible! God bless us all! (

Home quarantine sa mga pasyente sa Covid, apil na sa PhilHealth package Continued from page 1 Covid-19, angay moduso ang usa ka pasyente og “social and clinical criteria” nga gitakda alang sa home quarantine. Siguradong maapil dinhi ang mga pasyenteng adunay mild ug asymptomatic sa Covid-19, base sa PhilHealth circular 2021-0014 o ang Covid-19 Home Isolation Package (CHIBP) nga gi-post sa social media sa buhatan. “This PhilHealth circular shall apply to all

claims for home isolation services filled by accredited PhilHealth isolation facilities, infirmaries, hospitals and Konsulta providers who have accomplished the necessary documentary requirements to provide the CHIBP,” nakalatid sa PhilHealth circular. Giklaro sa PhilHealth nga ang nahisgotang package mahatag lang sa mga accredited nga pasilidad sa mga lugar nga may surge o pagsaka sa

mga kaso sa Covid-19 nga gitumbok sa Inter-agency Task Force on the Management of Infectious Diseases. Samtang mahimong moduso og aplikasyon ang mga pasilidad hangtod sa Disyembre 2021. Ang mga pasyenteng mopaubos sa CHIBP angay nagpuyo usab sa high-risk area. “Patients shall shoulder payment for services not included in the package,” pagklaro sa PhilHealth. (Elvira Bongosia)


The Zamboanga Post

September 13-19, 2021

September 13-19, 2021

The Zamboanga Post


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September 13-19, 2021

Hundreds benefit from govt. aid H

Health workers and members of the urban poor receive financial aid from Mayor Beng Climaco. (Bong Serondo)

UNDREDS OF local health workers thanked Mayor Beng Climaco after receiving their Special Risk Allowance (SRA) following government orders to aid those who are in the frontline of the Covid-19 response. Climaco led the distri- ceived a maximum of bers of the urban poor secbution of the SRA to health P25,000 and a minimum tor also received financial workers, including child of P15,000 each, depend- aid through the Commudevelopment workers, ing on the number of days nity Assistance Program barangay nutrition schol- worked. initiated by Jimenez and ars, barangay population Climaco said the rag- in partnership with the volunteers, tanods and ing battle against Covid-19 local government and the members of the Barangay has prompted the national Department of Social WelIntelligence Network and government to release the fare and Development. vaccinators, among others. SRA in recognition of the Climaco previously The mayor was also as- heroic and invaluable con- released financial assissisted by Rep. Jawo Jimenez tributions of health workers tance for the older people and Councilors Pinpin throughout the country as and those with disabilities Pareja and El King Omaga they risk their lives to con- in different barangays as in some of the events in dif- front the deadly pandemic. part of the administraferent venues. Aside from the health tion’s pro-poor program. The beneficiaries re- workers, hundreds of mem- (Zamboanga Post)

Tolosa gets new barangay hall THE LOCAL government has turned over the newly-constructed barangay hall to the officials of Tolosa who thanked Mayor Beng Climaco for the two-storey building.

Climaco, accompanied by Rep. Jawo Jimenez, led the inauguration of the building which is similar to the new barangay hall of Ayala. The building has a brick façade and stain-

less hand rails and ramp for people with disabilities. It also has a covered terrace in the front. The mayor said the new barangay hall is the commitment of her ad-

Sunday Reflection by Mayor Beng Climaco

Thus says the Lord: “Say to those whose hearts are frightened: Be strong, fear not! Here is your God, he comes with vindication; with divine recompense he comes to save you.” Na tiempo de Pandemia, when the situation is very unpredictable, we are filled with constant fear of contracting Covid-19. We keep vigil nightly as we await the tally of result submitted by the City Health Office. From an average of 15-20 positive daily cases, we had 61 active cases. Señor Dios proteje con todo. Recently, we assisted Zamboanga del Sur

for their medical needs. We must be responsible to practice wearing face mask, face shield, sanitation, distancing and vaccine. It was a jubilant homecoming for our Olympic Gold Medalists Hidilyn Diaz - a daughter of Mampang - taught us NOT TO GIVE UP, urging us all that WITH GOD, KAYA SE! And Olympic Bronze Medalist in Boxing, Eumir Felix Marcial, from Lunzuran, spoke about gratitude to God and all who helped him, emphasizing “discipline and determination” that led to his victory. I am sure they experienced fear as they competed but God’s courage and all the difficulties they experienced served as motivation to give it their all and FIGHT! In the Gospel, Jesus heals the deaf man with speech impediment by setting him aside. The man was brought in by people who care for him and sought Jesus’ healing. As he proclaimed: “Ephphatha!” — that is, “Be opened!” May we open our hearts to enter the battle in life’s challenges to TRUST GOD and Open our lives to let God heal and lead us. May we Proclaim God’s greatness with Courage. El Dios todo poderoso dale coraje canaton y defende canaton con su Victoria! Let our FAITH in GOD triumph over the Pandemic! (MBC)

Zamboanga Peninsula


ministration to Tolosa and its residents. Barangay Tolosa officials led by Chairman Joseph Lazareno praised Climaco for always looking after the welfare of the residents. Lazareno said the facility will help enhance delivery of services to the public. The mayor said she will continue to appropriate resources for the barangays which are an important partner of the local government in public service. (Zamboanga Post)

Mayor Beng Climaco inaugurates the new Barangay hall of Tolosa. (Bong Serondo)

Canning workers vaccinated

Employees of the Century Pacific Food, Inc. receive their first dose of Moderna vaccine at the Zamboanga Chong Hua High School ground. (Christine Lim) SOME 350 local employees of Century Pacific Food, Inc. were among the latest who had been inoculated with Moderna vaccine against the deadly Covid-19 respiratory disease as part of the collaboration between the local government and the private sector.


The company purchased the vaccine for its employees who were inoculated at the Zamboanga Chong Hua High School, according to the City Health Office (CHO) Canning executives thanked Mayor Beng Climaco and the CHO, including the Zamboanga

Chong Hua High School, for the vaccination partnership. Just last month, the Lucio C. Tan Group of Companies also partnered with the City Government for the vaccination of its employees against Covid-19. The industrial conglomerate, through its subsidiaries, operates in the liquor, tobacco, aviation, banking, real estate sectors. It purchased its own vaccine - AstraZeneca - to inoculate some 150 employees at the Zamboanga Chong Hua High School. The mass vaccination was also witnessed by Richard Hart Paragas, a representative of the Lucio C. Tan Group of Companies. Paragas coordinated with the City Health Office for the mass vaccination. (Zamboanga Post)


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The Zamboanga Post (September 13-19, 2021)  

Tels. (062) 955-5360, (0915) 3976197 | 3F, JLC Bldg., Don Alfaro Street, Tetuan, Zamboanga City, Philippines | |...


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