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Delay in return ‘boosts ISIL recruitment’ Indonesia on alert as ISIS fighters escape Syria to awaken sleeper in Marawi City: Al Jazeera News terror cells back home: SCMP

ON OCTOBER 23, 2017, the Philippine Army declared the end of the bloody five-month-long siege in the southern city of Marawi, punctuating the battle with the killing of 42 suspected armed fighters affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant (ISIL, or ISIS). Continue on page 2

Founded 2006

SOME 50 Indonesian Islamic State fighters and their family members imprisoned in northern Syria are believed to have escaped during Turkey’s invasion of the region to oust Kurdish forces, according to a counterterrorism source. Continue on page 3

President Rodrigo Duterte poses for a selfie with guests at the unveiling of the Marawi Heroes Memorial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani in Taguig City. (PCOO)

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Oct. 28-Nov. 3, 2019

Duterte is okay now! ‘Sulu offers prayers for President’s health’


RESIDENTIAL SPOKESMAN Salvador Panelo has assured the public that President Rodrigo Duterte is now feeling much better after cutting short his three-day stay in Japan and returned to Manila due to health reason. Duterte flew to Ja- year old Emperor Naruhi- need not worry about the pan with daughter Sara to, who officially began President’s health. The Carpio, the mayor of his reign in May after the President is presently feelDavao City, and oth- abdication of his father, ing much better,” Panelo er Filipino officials last the then-Emperor Akihito. said after Duterte comweek to attend the en“The Palace assures plained of “excruciating thronement of the 59- our countrymen that they Continue on page 3

Psychosocial First Aid and Debriefing sa mga kawani ng Deped, pinuri! KIDAPAWAN CITY – Umani ng papuri ang isinagawang Psychosocial First Aid (PFA) and Debriefing sa lahat ng mga pampublikong guro at division personnel ng Department of Education dito. Ayon sa mga guro, lubhang mahalaga ang PFA and Debriefing para sa kanila, at lalo na sa mga naapektuhan ng kalilipas na lindol. Sinabi naman ni Schools Division Continue on page 5

President Rodrigo Duterte and his daughter, Davao City Mayor Sara Carpio, following their arrival at the Imperial Palace in Tokyo, Japan to witness the enthronement of His Majesty Emperor Naruhito. (PCOO)

Australian policing skills can help build peace in southern Philippines

Ang mga partisipante sa Psychosocial First Aid (PFA) and Debriefing na isinagawa kamakailan lamang para sa lahat ng mga pampublikong guro at division personnel ng Department of Education sa Kidapawan City. (Rhoderick Beñez)

WHEN YOU CONSIDER the complexity of the Moro Islamic insurgency in the southern Philippines and the diverse motivations of the groups involved, it’s all too easy to be pessimistic about the prospects for a peaceful resolution

to the 50-year conflict. The Islamic State–affiliated Abu Sayyaf Group, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF), the Maute Group and the New People’s Army all appear more interested in mayhem than in peace. Despite the best ef-

forts of these spoilers, peace and indeed cooperation between the Philippine national government and the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) are flourishing. In July last year, President Rodrigo Duterte Continue on page 5

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The Mindanao Examiner

Oct. 28-Nov. 3, 2019

Delay in return ‘boosts ISIL recruitment’ in Marawi City: Al Jazeera News Continued from page 1 The country’s most sustained active combat since World War II killed at least 925 fighters from the ISILlinked Maute and Abu Sayyaf groups, 165 government troops and a conservative estimate of 45 civilians. It also flattened a bustling city, forced hundreds of thousands to evacuate and left the entire island of Mindanao under martial law. But two years after President Rodrigo Duterte declared the city “liberated from the terrorist influence”, opposition politicians and Marawi residents say the promised rehabilitation has failed, and Mindanao experts are warning that these delays are providing “fertile ground” for on-going recruitment by “extremists”, as they try to show that the ISIL ideology is well and alive in the Philippines. Vice President Leni Robredo, the opposition leader, said “very little has been achieved” since the day the government promised to restore the city to its former glory. “Two years on and the displaced locals are still lamenting the pace of the rehabilitation, as well as the government’s failure to involve them in the planning,” Robredo said in a statement to Al Jazeera. She also pointed out that the delays in the rebuilding and resettlement of residents had been further stalled

by the involvement of Chinese-led firms “blacklisted by the World Bank for questionable dealings”. As of October 2019, more than 100,000 people, or half of Marawi’s population, were still in temporary government-built shelters unable to return to their homes in “ground zero”, where most of the fighting took place. Most of the evacuees are from the Muslim Maranao tribe. “Two years is already long enough for the administration to polish its rehabilitation plan for the city,” Robredo said. “Should we wait for another three years before the Maranaos go back to their normal lives?” ‘Winging it’ Housing Secretary Eduardo del Rosario told reporters in Marawi that the rehabilitation was “on track with our timetable”. Del Rosario, who is in charge of the rehabilitation, said debris clearing operation in the areas, where the fighting and government bombardments took place, will be completed by the end of November. But he did not set a date when the residents would be allowed to reconstruct their homes, only saying “the reconstruction of all vertical projects, government infrastructures will commence in November or December this year and onward.” According to estimates, the government needs more than a billion dollars to re-

habilitate Marawi. As of June 2019, the government has distributed $1,400 (about P71,000) cash assistance to 15,000 households, according to rehabilitation field manager, Felix Castro. Former Senator Antonio Trillanes, a retired military officer and critic of Duterte, said the “human tragedy and disaster” Marawi residents are currently facing continues because the government is “winging it” when it comes to rehabilitation. “They have totally underestimated the extent of the rehabilitation operation needed to rebuild Marawi,” he said. ‘Pain and suffering’ Marawi community leader Drieza Abato Lininding told Al Jazeera that the government had already missed several of its promised deadlines, and that not a single family had been allowed back. Two years after the end of the siege “there is nothing to commemorate, only pain and our suffering continue until today. We do not feel liberated at all.” He said displaced residents were also angry about Marawi City Mayor Majul Gandamra’s decision to allow the national government to demolish homes without the consent of their owners. “This was kept secret until last week when the private contractor was forced to show [the document] after the residents complained,”

he told Al Jazeera, adding, that many of those who were affected could not do anything, because the demolition had already taken place. “They are not even following the due process and the law, but then they all want us to follow the law by the letter, no more, no less.” Al Jazeera contacted the office of Mayor Gandamra but had not received a response at the time of publication. Previously, residents have also expressed anger that Duterte ordered the construction of a new military base at the heart of the city, before the rehabilitation. There were 12,000 troops deployed to the city at the height of the fighting. Salma Pir Rasul, law professor and director of the Islamic Law Studies at the University of the Philippines in Manila, told Al Jazeera that the government cannot justify keeping the Maranaos from their homes for two years. “Maranaos are essentially traders. If you remove them from the place, where they sell goods, there is a negative impact on their ability to support their families,” Rasul told Al Jazeera. “If you have been to Marawi before the siege, and you go now, you will be really heartbroken.” Financial enticement Rasul warned that “anti-government sentiment is high” among the displaced

Maranao, and “all of those” interviewed by her organisation confirmed that there was on-going recruitment by “extremist groups” even inside the refugee camps. The “narrative” employed by the recruiters to convince young people to fight is as simple as pointing out their current condition, according to Rasul. “They will just say, ‘Look what is happening to you. The government is not helping. In fact, they destroyed your homes; they are destroying your livelihood. The longer that this is not resolved and they are not allowed to go back, the higher the probability that they will believe in this narrative, false as it may be,” Rasul said. Rasul said that some of the young people she interviewed “see no option”, and that the financial offer to fight is appealing. A signup bonus could be between 20,000 to 50,000 pesos ($390 to $1,000) plus a monthly allowance - a significant monetary enticement for an impoverished family in Mindanao, she said. Many of the young Maranaos also said that they had been promised that whatever happens to them, their family would continue to receive compensation. “For them, that’s showing that they are being a good son, proving their self-worth that they are doing something to help the family,” Rasul said. She said some young

people at local universities are also being recruited, using the more “sophisticated” political persuasion about the plight and injustice against Maranaos. Rebekah M. Alawi, a professor on cultural studies and literature at Mindanao State University’s main campus in Marawi, has also conducted interviews among the Maranaos after the siege. She told Al Jazeera that recruitment is on-going, not only in Marawi but also in nearby towns surrounding Lake Lanao. She appealed to the government to provide help in rehabilitating ISIL-linked child fighters before they could be enticed anew to go into another armed struggle. “They are among us. They were really child warriors, recruits, whether they fought during the Marawi siege, or just recruited. We still have to save them,” she said. Alawi said that “she has faith” in the administration of President Duterte to deliver on his promise. As for former Trillanes, he said that while he has not received information about recruitment, he “would not be surprised” if it is happening given the lack of post-conflict planning. “There is fertile ground for recruitment,” he said, while adding that “there is no excuse for the delay” in the government’s plan to rebuild Marawi. (By Ted Regencia - Al Jazeera News.)


The Mindanao Examiner

Oct. 28-Nov. 3, 2019

Duterte is okay now! ‘Sulu offers prayers for President’s health’

Continued from page 1 pain in his lower spine and pelvis that forced him to undergo a medical check-up with his neurologist. Panelo noted that Duterte’s medical results

showed that he is having “muscle spasms,” which could be aggravated by his motorcycle accident several years ago and from another minor mishap after falling off his motorcycle inside the Presidential Se-

curity Group Compound in Manila on October 16. He said there was no need for the 74-year old Duterte to undergo any surgical procedure, as he was only prescribed medicines to relieve the pain.

Indonesia on alert as ISIS fighters escape Syria to awaken sleeper terror cells back home: SCMP Continued from page 1 Turkey began a military assault on Syria after the United States abruptly withdrew its troops from the country last week. Of the 12,000 Isis militants held in Syrian jails, about 2,000 come from foreign countries, including Indonesia and Malaysia. The rest are mostly from Syria and Iraq. “According to our intelligence, around 50 Indonesian fighters and their families held in prison in Syria have escaped. That is our latest information,” an Indonesian counterterrorism source, who declined to be named, told the Post. Smoke billows from targets in Ras al-Ayn, Syria, caused by bombardment by Turkish forces. Photo: APSmoke billows from targets in Ras al-Ayn, Syria, caused by bombardment by Turkish forces. Photo: AP Smoke billows from targets in Ras al-Ayn, Syria, caused by bombardment by Turkish forces. Photo: AP Some 50 Indonesian Islamic State fighters and their family members imprisoned in northern Syria are believed to have escaped during Turkey’s invasion of the region to oust Kurdish forces, according to a counterterrorism source. Turkey began a military assault on Syria after the United States abruptly withdrew its troops from the country last week. Of the 12,000 Isis militants held in Syrian jails, about 2,000 come from foreign countries, including Indonesia and Malaysia. The rest are mostly from Syria and Iraq. “According to our intelligence, around 50 Indonesian fighters and their families held in prison in Syria have escaped. That is our latest information,” an Indonesian counterterrorism source, who declined to be named, told the Post. Indonesia has an estimated 34 jihadist fighters and about 700 Isis family members in Syria, he said. “We have tightened up our surveillance at the airports, ports, land borders,”

he said. The 12,000 jailed Isis militants in Syria are guarded by only 400 Kurdish soldiers, who also oversee a sprawling camp holding over 70,000 Isis family members. As Turkey escalates its assaults in Syria, the Kurdish guards are buckling under severe strain. Kurdish authorities said nearly 800 relatives of foreign Isis members escaped a displacement camp near where Kurdish forces were holding off a Turkish offensive. Ahmet Yayla, assistant professor of criminal justice from DeSales University in the US, said if the 12,000 Isis prisoners staged an uprising, they would easily be able to overpower the Kurdish guards and escape. There have already been several prison-break attempts, according to Yayla. Noor Huda Ismail, a counterterrorism expert and visiting fellow at Nanyang Technological University, said Indonesian Isis fighters were battle-hardened and their loyalty to Isis remained strong. Many of them had been filmed burning their Indonesian passports in Syria to proclaim their residence in the Caliphate. “Without proper documents, it would be hard for them to go back to the region. Almost certainly, they will disperse, especially to neighbouring countries such as the borders of Turkey, Iraq and also Iran,” Huda said. Huda said Isis returnees were likely to contact Indonesia’s largest pro-Isis network, the Jamaah Ansharut Daulah (JAD), if they made it home. “If they return home now, they will energise the existing cells of Isis who are currently lying very low,” she said. Yayla said Isis was looking for fake passports for its foreign fighters. “If they can find fake passports, they will want to send their experienced fighters back … so they can lead the organisations over there,” Yayla said.

As the battle rages on, Turkey has vowed to maintain control of all detention centres in its operational area and work with other nations to rehabilitate Isis fighters. “We are prepared to cooperate with source countries and international organisations on the rehabilitation of foreign terrorist fighters’ spouses and children,” President Recep Tayyip Erdogan wrote recently in a Wall Street Journal editorial. But according to Yayla, who was formerly a senior official of the counterterrorism and operations department in the Turkish National Police, Turkey has a “soft” stance on Isis. “In Turkey, there are around 1,000 Isis prisoners and most of them have been released very quickly,” Yayla said. “When I was the counterterrorism chief at Sanliurfa [a Turkish city that borders Syria], I received instructions from Ankara not to interrupt the flow of foreign fighters entering into Syria to join Al-Nusra Front,” he said. Al-Nusra Front has been described as the al-Qaeda of Syria and is thought to be the second strongest militant group after Isis. News of the jailbreak by Indonesian Isis militants comes as the Southeast Asian country grapples with a rising wave of extremist attacks. Chief security minister Wiranto was stabbed by suspects belonging to an Isis-linked radical group – an incident which prompted Indonesia to boost security for all government officials. Police spokesman Dedi Prasetryo told reporters that at least 26 terror suspects had been arrested since the attempt on Wiranto’s life. Dedi said they had a terror plot involving four suicide bombers: “One suicide bomber in Cirebon, two in Yogya and one in Solo.” It was unclear if the four suicide bombers were among the 26 arrested. (By Amy Chew - South China Morning Post)

“His doctor ruled out any surgical procedure for the President,” Panelo said. Panelo said Duterte is in good health and was only advised by his neurologist to take a rest and limit his activities. “The President underwent magnetic resonance imaging and medical evaluation. He was diagnosed to be having muscle spasms causing what he described to be an unbearable pain at the pelvic and spinal area of his body,” he said. “The Chief Executive has been advised by his doctor to rest for a couple of days and limit his physical activity, particularly avoiding standing or walking for a long duration,” he added. Sulu Governor Sakur Tan, a strong political ally of Duterte, has offered prayers for the President’s good health. “Live long for the people Mr. President Sir, we are praying for

Sulu Governor Sakur Tan. you,” he said. The Palace also released photos of Duterte

showing him walking with a cane. (Mindanao Examiner)


The Mindanao Examiner

Oct. 28-Nov. 3, 2019

Sulu Pictures in the News

Photos from the Office of the Provincial Governor

Sulu Governor Abdusakur M. Tan gives a warm welcome to officials, consultants and planning committee members of the Bangsamoro Planning and Development Authority led by Acting Executive Director, Engr. Mohajirin T. Ali who were in the province for consultation on the 1st Bangsamoro Regional Development Plan 2020-2022.

Moctar S. Ulama, Welfare Officer of the Overseas Workers Welfare Administration (OWWA) BARMM and Jemimah A. Ilaji, OWWA Provincial Director, Ministry of Labor and Employment (MOLE) BARMM, informed Sulu Governor Abdusakur M, Tan of its plans to set up office in Sulu, during their courtesy call last week.

Sulu Governor Abdusakur M. Tan meets with newly-elected Miindanao State University - Sulu Chancellor Nagder J. Abdurahman along with the respective department heads during their courtesy call last week.

Vice Gov Abdusakur Toto Tan II together with other distinguished personalities, graced the joint 39th Founding Anniversary celebration of the Municipality of Lugus and ground breaking ceremony of the liquefied natural gas refinery plant in the island-town.

BARMM Ministry of Transportation and Communication Deputy Minister Dickson Hermoso called on Vice Governor Abdusakur Tan II. Hermoso Lt. Gen. Cirilito E. Sobejana, Maj. Gen. Corleto Vinluan, Jr and other high-ranking military officers based in Sulu.

Vice Governor Abdusakur Toto Tan II received Brig. Gen. Marni Marcos, PNP-BARMM Director, who called on his office for a short meeting. Marcos was accompanied by Col. Pablo Labra II, police provincial commander, other ranking officers .


The Mindanao Examiner

Oct. 28-Nov. 3, 2019

Australian policing skills can help build peace in southern Philippines

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Psychosocial First Aid and Debriefing sa mga kawani ng Deped, pinuri Continued from page 1 Superintendent Romelito Flores na layunin nito na mabigyan ng angkop at napapanahong kaalaman ang mga guro at non-teaching staff kung ano ang dapat gawin sa panahon ng kalamidad, tulad ng nakaraang lindol. Ang hakbang ay ginawa ng opisyal kasunod ng magnitude 6.3 na lindol kung saan ay umabot sa intensity 7 ang yumanig sa lungsod. Ang aktibidad ay isinagawa kamakailan lamang at katuwang dito ang pamahalaang lokal ng Kidapawan at ibang ahensiya ng gobyerno upang

muling paalalahanan ang mga partisipante sa “duck, cover and hold” practice na dapat gawin ng lahat sa tuwing may lindol o aftershock. Mahigit sa 1,000 mga kawani ng Department of Education mula sa nasabing ag dumalo sa nasabing aktibidad. Maging ang National Child Traumatic Stress Network (NCTSN) ng Amerika ay nagsabi na lubhang mahalaga ang PFA sa lahat. Ipinaliwanag nito ang kahalagahan ng PFA, partikular sa mga tao na apektado ng kalamidad. “PFA is designed to reduce the initial dis-

tress caused by traumatic events and to foster shortand long-term adaptive functioning and coping. It is based on an understanding that disaster survivors and others affected by such events will experience a broad range of early reactions (e.g., physical, psychological, behavioral, spiritual).” “Some of these reactions will cause enough distress to interfere with adaptive coping, and recovery may be helped by support from compassionate and caring disaster responders,” ayon pa sa NCTSN. (Rhoderick Beñez)

Continued from page 1 signed the Bangsamoro Organic Law, which allowed for the establishment of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (BARMM). The BARMM is composed of municipalities on Mindanao’s west coast and also encompasses the islands of Basilan, Sulu and Tawi-Tawi in the Sulu and Celebes Seas. Its creation represents a major step towards a political solution to the long-running conflict in Mindanao. Since the establishment of the BARMM, peace has broken out between the Philippine government and the MILF. Everywhere you look in the regional capital, Cotabato City, someone is building something. In the field, the MILF, aided by close air support from the Armed Forces of the Philippines (AFP), is pursuing terrorist groups. The success to date is causally linked to the multi-track approach being used to manage the security situation in the BARMM. At the political level, the national government has established the BARMM Transition Authority, which is made up of members nominated by the government and the MILF. This has fostered greater cooperation and coordination between the MILF, the AFP and the Philippine National Police (PNP). At the same time, Duterte has pushed his ministers and the civil service to assist in normalising peace arrangements in the BARMM, including by making progressive changes in the way the security agencies function. The AFP, while still maintaining a very visible presence, has removed itself from policing the community, despite the existence of martial law. It has shifted its efforts to maintaining continuous pressure on Abu Sayyaf, the New People’s Army and BIFF by ‘finding, fixing and finishing’ them. By relentlessly pursuing these groups, the AFP has denied them the oppor-

tunity to reorganise and plan attacks. In response to the AFP’s change in strategy, the PNP has taken on a more security-focused role. Through physical presence the PNP has sought to discourage conflict and restrict the terrorist groups’ freedom of movement. Under the umbrella of the BARMM regional government, the MILF, AFP and PNP have established 30-strong joint peace and security teams comprising seven AFP, eight PNP and 15 MILF officers. These arrangements have been critical for facilitating the peace process and in dealing with the parallel conflicts present in the BARMM. But after decades of conflict, policing in the BARMM remains militarised to a degree, which has left a gap in law enforcement in the community at large. While the threat environment still demands that a large portion of the BARMM security sector focus on fighting terrorism, success in meeting that challenge is generating new community policing requirements. For the normalisation process to continue, communities need to have faith that the BARMM and the Philippine government can deliver peace and security. For that to occur, the PNP needs to deal with the regular conflicts between Moro family clans, the presence of private armed groups, and an alarming gun culture present across the BARMM. But they also need to build the Moro people’s confidence in their ability to enforce the law and resolve disputes. In the wake of the Marawi siege, the international community focused on providing assistance to the Philippine government to enhance the counterterrorism capabilities of the PNP and AFP. These actions should be commended as they were critical to both organisations’ ongoing and successful campaigns against Abu Sayyaf, the New People’s Army and BIFF. But at this critical juncture in the peace and normalisa-

tion process, new police capacity development requirements are emerging. To full appreciate these requirements, the BARMM, the PNP and the national government will need to work with Mindanao communities to identify and resolve issues of law and order. The primary focus of this work needs to be enhancing public confidence in those institutions. The development and implementation of community-based policing methodologies that concentrate on conflict resolution and problem solving will be the key to building trust. This community-policing approach will generate a requirement to enhance the negotiation and conflict-resolution skills of PNP officers in the BARMM. These skills will be critical to resolving the on-going clan disputes that plague the region. There’s an opportunity here for Australia to play an active role in reforming the security sector in the BARMM and in doing so to make a lasting contribution to the normalisation process. Australia’s law enforcement agencies, especially its state and territory police forces, have hard-earned experience in community policing, and their current models are underpinned by an extensive evidence base. Similarly, the Australian Federal Police International Deployment Group’s experience in Solomon Islands, Timor-Leste and Cyprus could be used to develop negotiation and conflict-resolution training for the PNP. As this new chapter of the peace process in the southern Philippines continues to evolve, Australia needs to reconsider the nature of its assistance to the BARMM and move beyond its existing role of counterterrorism support. (By John Coyne – Australian Strategic Policy Institute. The author is the head of the North and Australia’s Security program and the Strategic Policing and Law Enforcement program at ASPI.

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The Mindanao Examiner

Oct. 28-Nov. 3, 2019

Across : 1. Hurt 5. Make a selection 8. Frank 12. Legal hold 13. Bad grade 14. Gambling city 15. School groups(abbr.) 16. Became more profound 18. That woman 19. River mouths 20. House locations 22. Large antelope 25. Washington, DC time zone 26. Food allotment 28. Knife feature 31. Australian dog 32. Witty reply 34. Chaps 35. Poetic work 36. Big, hairy spider 41. India’s Mother ___ 42. Pen point 43. Abnormally sensitive 46. Linger 47. Little piggies 48. Self 49. Broadcasts 50. Egg on 51. High explosive (abbr.) 52. Scottish loch

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27. Hue 28. Sis’s sibling 29. Directed 30. Ingested 33. Archer’s goal 34. Team’s symbol 37. Royal rule 38. Loosen laces 39. Those who fib 40. Chasm 41. Try out 43. One ___ time (2 wds.) 44. Toss 45. Rebel general 46. ___ Juan

Weekly Sudoku:


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Oct. 28-Nov. 3, 2019


Timbo karon, timbo ugma, timbo kada adlaw ug timbo kada semana!


Kung Ayaw Maging Bingi, Sundin Ito

Ni Dr. Willie T. Ong

Ayon sa pagsusuri, halos 3 sa bawat 5 Pilipino ay magkakaroon ng diprensiya sa pandinig pagdating nila ng edad 65. At 2 sa kanila ang mangangailangan pa ng hearing aid. Paano ba natin mapro-protektahan ang ating pandinig? Alamin natin: 1. Hinaan ang volume ng iPod at radyo. Ang sobrang ingay ay nagdudulot ng pagkabingi. Kapag naririnig mo ang tunog mula sa

iPod ng iyong kasama, ang ibig sabihin ay sobrang lakas na ang volume niyan. 2. Takpan ang tainga kung maingay ang lugar. May pagsusuri na nagsasabi na ang mga taong laging nakaririnig ng malakas na ingay (tulad ng nakatira sa tabi ng tren or airport) ay mas nagkakasakit sa puso. Na-i-stress ang katawan nila kahit hindi nila namamalayan. 3. Huwag umupo ng


Chicken Adobo

INGREDIENTS : • 2 lbs chicken sliced into serving pieces • 1 piece Knorr Chicken Cube • 1 head garlic crushed • 3/4 cup white vinegar • 6 tablespoons soy sauce

• • • • •

1 1/2 teaspoons whole peppercorn 5 pieces dried bay leaves 1/2 cup water 1 teaspoon sugar 4 tablespoons cooking oil

INSTRUCTIONS : 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6.

Combine chicken, 1/4 of the total amount of garlic, whole peppercorn, dried bay leaves, soy sauce, vinegar, and water in a cooking pot. Cover and let boil. Stir and make sure that all ingredients are well blended. Add Knorr Chicken Cube and sugar. Stir. Cover the pot and cook for 10 minutes. Turn the chicken over and cook the opposite side for another 10 minutes. Set aside. Heat oil in a clean pan. Saute remaining garlic until it turns light brown. Pan fry the chicken for 1 minute per side. Pour the adobo sauce into the pan. Boil until it reduces to half. Transfer to a serving plate. Serve with warm rice.

malapit sa speaker ng concert. Napakalakas ang tinig sa mga concert. Ayon sa pagsusuri, kapag matagal kang makinig ng tinig na lampas sa 85 decibels, puwedeng masira ang iyong pandinig. Ang tinig naman na 140 decibels, tulad ng tunog ng baril sa malapitan, ay agad na makasisira ng pandinig. Umiwas sa mga tinig na lampas 85 decibels. Klase ng Tinig Lebel ng Tinig (decibels)

Tunog ng dahon ng puno 10 Pabulong na salita 20 Normal na usapan 60 Ingay ng sasakyan sa malaking kalsada 70 Vacuum cleaner 85 (danger levels) Malaking orchestra 90 Malakas na Walkman o Ipod 100 Harapan ng Rock concert, o eroplano 120 Tunog ng baril sa malapitan 140 Biglang pagkabutas ng eardrum 160 4. Huwag maglagay ng

kahit anong bagay sa loob ng iyong tainga. Huwag gumamit ng cotton buds o toothpick para linisin ang tainga. 5. Ngumuya ng chewing gum kapag nasa eroplano. Kung paakyat kayo ng Baguio o pababa sa Maynila, mag-chewing gum din para mabawasan ang hangin sa tainga. 6. Mag-ingat sa paggamit ng headphones at earphones. May mga impeksyon dito na puwedeng pumasok sa iyong tainga.

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Oct. 28-Nov. 3, 2019

It’s more fun at the farm in Cebu

EBU IS SYNONYMOUS to Sinulog Festival, colonial-era houses and churches, succulent lechon and seafood, and powdery beaches, and luxury hotels. But unknown to many, the Queen City of the South is also home to a host of garden and farm-themed resorts in the upland villages where tourists can enjoy crisp mountain air, fresh and organic food, and recreational amenities, away from the madding crowd and traffic. And among the farm re- gather the country’s leading Set at the Marco Polo Plaza sorts which have been drawing practitioners and stakeholders Hotel, the event is hosted by the visitors are Sirao Flower Farm, in the sunshine industry. City Government of Cebu, and Themed “Farm Tourism: the confab is organized by the InJaime Chua’s Orchid Farm, Adlawon Vacation Farm, MSDEA Building Community Relation- ternational School of Sustainable Ornamental Garden, Terrazas ship for Sustainable Develop- Tourism (ISST) and the Cebu Allide Flores, Serenity Farm and ment,” the event is hosted by ance of Tour Operations SpecialResort, and Lava Mountain Riv- the City Government of Cebu, ist, Inc. (CATOS), with the support the confab is co-organized by of the Department of Tourism er Farm. North of Cebu City are the the International School of Sus- (DOT), Department of AgriculValentin Farm and Resort in tainable Tourism (ISST) and the ture (DA), and Department of Consolacion, and Alhibe Farm Cebu Alliance of Tour Opera- Trade and Industry (DTI). According to ISST president in Carmen, which strengthens tions Specialist, Inc. (CATOS), Cebu’s status as an emerging with the support of the Depart- Mina Gabor, the conference will farm tourism haven in the ment of Agriculture (DA), De- focus on the unique fusion of partment of Trade and Industry farming and tourism which helps south. On November 6-8, Cebu (DTI), Bureau of Fisheries and empower local communities, prowill unveil this growing sector Aquatic Resources (BFAR), Tour- vide diversified income for farmas it hosts the 6th Farm Tour- ism Promotions Board (TPB), ers, and encourage sustainable practices for food security. ism Conference which will and SM Seaside City Cebu. “Farm Tourism attracts visitors and travellers to farm areas, generally for educational and recreational purposes that encourage economic activity to provide farm and community income. It is one of the country’s sunshine industries which can be developed because of the agricultural nature of the economy,” she said. The former tourism secretary pointed out that the conference will emphasize the vital role of strengthening communities in initiating and sustaining farm tourism efforts in the countryside. Former President and House Speaker Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo, DA Secretary William Dar, and Senator Cynthia Villar, author of the Farm Tourism Development Act of 2016, will deliver keynote messages. Resource persons include ASEAN Centre for Biodiversity executive director Theresa Lim;

Board of Landscape Architecture chairman Paolo Alcazaren; Arslan SRS Philippines chief executive officer Augustus Caesar Esmeralda; Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture director Glenn Gregorio; and Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources director Eduardo Gongona. Parañaque City Agriculture, Fisheries, and Aquatic Services chief Nilo Germedia and Grassroots Travel Consulting founder Boboi Costas will showcase their community-based initiatives. Bolo Aloguinsan Ecotourism Association vice president Jomelyn Delos Reyes, and Cebu Pacific corporate communica-

tions director Charo Lagamon will also talk on the importance of public-private partnership in sustainable farm tourism. Success stories in Asia will be shared by India’s Agri Tourism Development Company managing director Pandurang Taware, and Charinee Chaiyochlarb of Murrah Dairy Farm in Thailand. Gabor said the event will also accord the Lakbay Bukid Award or Farm Tourism Award to the country’s foremost farm tourism pioneers, practitioners, institutions and groups who have contributed significantly to the development of the industry. Now on its third year, the award has been opened to Asian farm tour-

ism establishments, the first of its kind in the continent. The three-day event will also have an exhibition area for fresh and organically-grown agricultural produce, and a host of healthy food items from local entrepreneurs. There will be site visits on leading farm tourism spots in Cebu’s upland villages. Organizers said Cebu City was chosen as the confab’s venue because of its strategic location and its farm tourism sites. The event will also serve as a build up to the 500th anniversary of Christianity in 2021 where the city will play a central role. (IIST. With additional reporting from Cebu Examiner.)

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Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper (October 28-November 3, 2019)  

Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper 356 Mindanao Examiner Productions (062) 992-5480, (0995) 5202358 Unit 15 Fairland Bldg., Nuñez Ext., Z...

Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper (October 28-November 3, 2019)  

Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper 356 Mindanao Examiner Productions (062) 992-5480, (0995) 5202358 Unit 15 Fairland Bldg., Nuñez Ext., Z...