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‘Leni can dream’ China being eyed in Marawi


By Jun Ledesma

THE ONLY WAY to stop Presuident Rodrgo Duterte from giving up his post next year is scare the wits of him by warning that Leni Robredo had declared she is ready to take the helms of the government and re-impose Noynoy Aquino’s Daang Matuwid. That should reboot the patriotic fervor of the President. Imagine where

Founded 2006

she will lead us if Duterte will give up on the people’s mandate. Shortly after she made that unabashed declaration, she bravely made a statement that she will now rally the opposition against the Duterte administration. True enough Duterte made a complete u-turn saying that he will not step down if Leni will take his place in Malacañang. It’s not for

‘ground zero’ rebuilding

anything except that he thinks that Ms. Robredo is patently incompetent to run the government. Can’t blame the President for saying so. The VP is displaying and articulating her incompetence in every turn. Take it from where President Duterte is coming from. On the issue of drugs, their stand Continue on page 7

MANILA IS likely to tap Chinese firms in rebuilding war-torn Marawi City in southern Philippines after the ground breaking of the most affected areas there failed to push through after negotiations with Bangon Marawi Consortium hit a snag. Eduardo Del Rosario, chairman of the Task

Force Bangon Marawi (TFBM), said the groundbreaking would instead be held most likely towards the end of August. “Unfortunately, we could not meet the indicative timeline because we had an unsuccessful negotiation with the Bangon Marawi Consortium,” he said. He said the BMC, the

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first proponent, failed to comply with some requirements particularly on technical, financial and legal capacity. “We would like the first developer, the Bangon Marawi Consortium. Unfortunately, it did not materialize,” he said. Del Rosario said the Selection Board Continue on page 3

P10 July 16 - 22, 2018

Popularidad ni Duterte bumagsak!


UMA GSAK ang popular idad ni P angulong R odr igo D uter te at sa nakalipas UMAGSAK popularidad Pangulong Rodr odrigo Duter uterte na dalawang taon ay patulo y rrin in ang pagsadsad nito patuloy nito,, bagamat mataas pa rin ang tiwala sa kanya ng publiko publiko.. ang mga Sa Second Quarter Pangulo at 20% naman ang naman sa undecided ngunit ang 2018 Social Weather Survey dissatisfied o SWS na isinagawa nitong performance nito bilang gross dissatisfaction ay tumaas naman ng 6 Hunyo 27-30 ay nabatid na pinuno ng bansa. Kung ihahambing sa puntos, ayon pa sa 65% ng mga mamamayan ay nasisiyahan o satisfied survey nitong nakaraang paliwanag ng SWS. ang gross “Net satisfaction pa rin kay Duterte, ngunit Marso, 15% naman ang hindi satisfaction kay Duterte ay rating down in all areas,” makipag-desisyon o bumagsak ng 5 puntos pahayag pa ng SWS. undecided sa ginagawa ng mula 70%; at 2 puntos Continue on page 3

President Rodrigo Duterte (Presidential Photo)

Killings grip Zamboanga City ZAMBOANGA CITY – The series of killings and gun attacks have sent fears to many residents of this southern Philippine port city. Just last week, a deputy mayor from the remote southern town of SapaSapa in Tawi-Tawi was

assassinated here in a daring attack by a lone gunman. The attacker shot AlRashid Mohammad Ali who was in a car with his companions, including a policeman, during a traffic stop in downtown Zamboanga. The gunman apprently tailed Ali’s car and

then shot him several times through the window. The attacker escaped on a motorcycle driven by an accomplice after the shooting. It was unknown why no policemen were in sight at the time of the shooting. Continue on page 2

Sri Lanka to reinstate death penalty in antidrug war ‘inspired’ by Philippines’ Duterte

Provincial government photos show the inauguration July 9, 2018 of the Sulu Provincial Day-Care Center, said to be the first of its kind in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao.

Sulu inaugurates modern day-care center, first of its kind in ARMM

SRI LANKA is going to reinstate capital punishment for drug dealers who coordinate criminal activities from behind bars, as it draws inspiration from the brutal anti-drug campaign led by Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte. “From now on, we will hang drug offenders without commuting their death sentences,” Rajitha Senaratne, government spokesman, announced on Wednesday. Sri Lankan president Maithripala Sirisena has told the government, which

earlier had unanimously backed the reinstatement of capital punishment, that he “was ready to sign the death warrants,” the spokesman said. The last execution in Sri Lanka took place back in 1976 and since then all death sentences in the country have been commuted to life in prison as successive presidents refused to sign death warrants. “Although there are certain opinions regarding capital punishment in a Buddhist society, if a large number of Continue on page 2




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SULU – Provincial Governor Toto Tan led local officials in the inauguration recently of a day-care center in the capital town of Jolo. The center is only one of many infrastructure

projects of the Provincial Government. Tan said he hopes to expand the project to other municipalities that will largely benefit children and give them quality education they rightfully

deserve. Tan also provided desk top computers, including books and visual aids for the daycare center which is the first of its kind in the Continue on page 2



Eastern Mindanao

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The Mindanao Examiner

July 16 - 22, 2018

Killings grip Zamboanga City Continued fr om page 1 from Ali’s escort tried to pursue the shooter, but failed to catch up on him. The politician was rushed to the Zamboanga Doctor’s Hospital nearby, but he did not survive the attack. No individual or group claimed responsibility for the murder and police cannot say the motive of the killing, not until the investigation is complete. Ali’s family did not give any statement to journalists who were outside the hospital. The assassination came a day after two motorcycle gunmen killed a 34-year old Arabic teacher, Ibrahim Baguinda, in the village of Talon-Talon. Baguinda was driving his motorcycle with his daughter when one the assailants, who tailed him, shot him many

times. When Baguinda fell off the motorcycle, one of the gunmen, walked towards him and fired more shots, according to the police. Policemen, who responded to the shooting, failed to arrest the killers, but they recovered about two dozen fired cartridges from a 9mm automatic pistol. Police, quoting witnesses to the killings, said the gunmen were both wearing masks and helmets, and black jackets. Prior to Baguinda’s murder, a group of gunmen swooped down on a Muslim neighborhood in Kasanyangan village near Talon-Talon and barged inside several houses and held its occupants at gunpoint and then fired indiscriminately in the air before escaping.

Villagers recovered fired cartridges from 9mm and .45-caliber automatic pistols. Gun attacks are rampant in Zamboanga where killings, believed perpetrated by hired killers, occur almost every day despite the imposition of an extended martial law in the volatile region. Just recently, a village councilman, Michael Magallanes was killed by a lone gunman outside his house in Santa Catalina village. Magallanes, 38, who was elected council member in the recently concluded polls, had been shot at least 5 times. Magallanes’ family did not issue any statement and it was not immediately known whether the victim had been receiving death threats or if the killing was political or not. (Mindanao Examiner)

Sulu inaugurates modern day-care center, first of its kind in ARMM



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Sri Lanka to reinstate death penalty in antidrug war ‘inspired’ by Philippines’ Duterte Continued fr om page 1 from criminal acts spread in such a society despite religious sermons, it will be necessary to take some timely actions to control crime,” the President's Media Division cited Sirisena as saying. There are currently 19 drug offenders in Sri Lanka, whose death sentences had been commuted to life, Senaratne said, adding that some of them continue coordinating trafficking from detention. Earlier this week, one of those drug dealers organized the smuggling of over 100 kilograms of heroin into the country. The government spokesman has called the uncompromising war on drugs led by Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines an example for Sri Lanka, saying that Colombo will also be using the military to curb trafficking. “We were told that the Philippines has been successful in deploying the army and dealing with this problem. We will try to

Provincial government photos show Sulu Governor Toto Tan and Vice Governor Nurunisah Tan with day- care staffs. Continued fr om page 1 from Muslim autonomous region to which Sulu belongs. The 3-classroom daycare center also has an individual comfort room and a playroom complete

with educational tools and toys which are all safe for children. It has e-books and the facility is connected to the Internet or Wi-Fi. The center, which provides free supervision and care of young children

during the daytime particularly so that their parents can hold jobs, was the initiative of Tan, who first proposed this in 2016, along with another project – a public library. (Mindanao Examiner)

replicate their success,” Senaratne promised, as cited by AFP. The Philippine authorities have acknowledged that 4,200 drug suspects, who were resisting law enforcement, were eliminated in the country since July 2016. But critics call the killings unlawful and claim that the death toll was far greater. Amnesty International has, meanwhile, said that Sri Lanka is heading in the “wrong direction” and urged the country to abandon its plans. “Sri Lanka has been a leader in the region, with an enviable record of shunning this cruel and irreversible punishment at a time when many other countries persisted with it,” Dinushika Dissanayake, the watchdog's Deputy Director for South Asia, said in a statement. “By resuming executions after more than 40 years, Sri Lanka will do immense damage to its reputation.” (


The Mindanao Examiner

July 16 - 22, 2018

Popularidad ni Duterte bumagsak!

Continued fr om page 1 from “This brings the President’s net satisfaction rating to a new personal low of +45 (% satisfied minus % dissatisfied), classified by SWS as good. This 11-point decline is down by one grade from the very good +56 (70% satisfied, 14% dissatisfied) in March 2018. It surpassed the previous personal low of good +48 in September 2017,” batay sa inilabas na ulat ng survey firm. Sinabi pa ng SWS na ang 11-puntos na pagbaba ng net satisfaction rating ni Duterte mula Marso hanggang Hunyo nitong taon ay dahil sa 20 puntos na pagbagsak ng popularidad nito sa Metro Manila; 18 puntos sa Visayas, 6 puntos sa Luzon, at 6 puntos rin sa Mindanao na teritoryo naman ng Pangulo. Lalo rin umanong bumagsak ang rating ni Duterte sa mga urban areas. “Urban net satisfaction with the President fell by one grade from very good to good, at +38 (61% satisfied, 23% dissatisfied) in June 2018, down by 18 points from +56 (70% satisfied, 14% dissatisfied) in March 2018. However, rural net satisfaction stayed very good, at +52 (69% satisfied, 17% dissatisfied) in June 2018, although down by 4 points from +56 (69% satisfied, 13% dissatisfied) in March 2018,” ani ng SWS. Bagsak rin ang kasikatan ng Pangulo sa masa o Class

D, ngunit mataas naman sa Class ABC at E “The President's net satisfaction rating fell by one grade from very good to good in class D or the masa, at +43 (63% satisfied, 21% dissatisfied, correctly rounded) in June 2018, down by 14 points from +57 (70% satisfied, 13% dissatisfied) in March 2018. However, it rose by one grade from good to very good in class E, at +52 (69% satisfied, 17% dissatisfied) in June 2018, up by 4 points from +48 (65% satisfied, 17% dissatisfied) in March 2018. It stayed very good in class ABC, at +66 (79% satisfied, 13% dissatisfied) in June 2018, up by 3 points from +63 (72% satisfied, 9% dissatisfied) in March 2018,” dagdag pa ng ulat mula sa SWS. Bumalandra rin ang kasikatan ni Duterte sa mga kalalakihan at kababaihan at gayun rin sa lahat ng age groups maliban sa 18-24. At gayun rin sa hanay ng mga mag-aaral sa elementarya at high school. Sinabi ng SWS na isinagawa nila ang face-toface survey sa 1,200 katao na 18 anyos pataas sa buong bansa at tig-300 katao sa Metro Manila, Balance Luzon,Visayas, at Mindanao. Agad rin sinabi ng SWS na ang naturang survey ay sarili nito. “The quarterly Social Weather Survey item on public satisfaction with the President is noncommissioned. It is included

on SWS's own initiative and released as a public service.” Inilabas rin ng SWS ang mga katanungan nito sa nasabing survey at ito ang mga sumusunod: “Maaari po bang pakisabi ninyo kung gaano kayo nasisiyahan o hindi nasisiyahan sa pagganap ng tungkulin ni RODRIGO DUTERTE bilang Presidente ng Pilipinas.” “Kayo ba ay lubos na nasisiyahan, medyo nasisiyahan, hindi tiyak kung nasisiyahan o hindi, medyo hindi nasisiyahan, lubos na hindi nasisiyahan, o wala pa kayong narinig o nabasa kahit na kailan tungkol kay RODRIGO DUTERTE?” Ang survey ay inilabas matapos na pagmumurahin ni Duterte ang Diyos at ang pagtuligsa nito sa Simbahang Katolika, at ang pagdakip ng pulisya sa mga tambay sa utos na rin ng Pangulo. Dedma naman kay Duterte ang pagbulusok ng popularidad nito. “I do not care. Make it 15 (points). Wala na ako diyan. It does not interest me at all. I just coast along. Just travelling and with the new suggestion since I'm not popular anymore, Congress might decide to find a popular one. You want a popular president? Fine. Good,” ani Duterte ng tanungin ito ng mga mamamahayag ukol sa kanyang reaksyon sa SWS survey na inilabas noong nakaraang lingo lamang. (Mindanao Examiner)

President Rodrigo Duterte

China being eyed in Marawi ‘ground zero’ rebuilding

Continued fr om page 1 from Committee is now talking with the second proponent Power Construction Corporation of China or Power China as possible developer of the 250-hectare most affected area comprising 24 barangays of Marawi City. He said the rebuilding will not be solely undertaken by Power China, a wholly stateowned company established in 2011. “We do not know the local companies that will be tapped by Power China to meet that 75%-25% qualification. So definitely, it will not be solely undertaken by Power China,” Del Rosario said. Despite the delay, Del Rosario expressed optimism that the target

date of completion of the Marawi’s ground zero rebuilding will be finished by last quarter of 2021. “It will not affect our target date of completion which is the last quarter of 2021. So we are on time,” he said. He said selection of the best developer in line with the government’s goal to provide better and livable community for Marawi residents whose properties were heavily damaged by a five-month war between government troops and ISIS-inspired Maute terrorist group in 2017. “As far as the task force is concerned and all the agencies and departments under it, we are all one in saying that we are doing what is best for the Marawi City and the people or the Maranaos,” he said.

Falconi Millar, TFBM Secretary-General, said Power China has requested for more time to come up with an “intelligent proposal” with regard to technical submissions. “We are still negotiating with Power China with regards to the modality of our joint venture agreement,” Millar said. Millar said Swiss challenge remains a parameter that the task force will use to ensure transparency in the selection of best developer. “If and when, there will be a successful negotiation with Power China, this will be subjected to Swiss challenge and all interested proponents may participate in this Swiss challenge,” he said.(Jelly Musico)


The Mindanao Examiner

July 16 - 22, 2018

ARMM students improve scores in National Achievement Test DAVAO CITY – Despite having a mean score lower than the national average, the National Achievement Test (NAT) performance of students in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) has been on a steady uptrend during the last 5 years, according to lawyer Rasol Mitmug, DepEdARMM Secretary. Mitmug said issues affecting learners’ performance include the quality of teachers, the contact time between teachers and students, and managing the effects of either natural or man-made calamities. He said the department has been working closely with the national government and nongovernmental institutions in providing high quality education in the region. As part of the regional government’s response to the aforementioned issues, DepEd-ARMM has remained strict in hiring new teachers. Just recently, a total of 765 new teachers in Maguindanao province and had signed their appointment and deployment orders during an acceptance and mass oath-taking ceremony held in Cotabato City. The teachers were hired after they passed a strict hiring process that includes Assessment and Competency Examination for Teachers in ARMM, an interview and a teaching demonstration. New

teachers in other provinces will sign similar orders in the coming months. “Dati po ang problema ng DepEd-ARMM ay kakulangan ng eligible teachers, ngayon naman ay magandang balita po, marami na ang mga eligible teachers na naga-apply sa rehiyon,” said Assistant Secretary Sittie Mariam Balahim. ARMM Governor Mujiv Hataman has urged newlyhired teachers to fulfill their vital role as part of the workforce of the region’s Education department. “Ang kinabukasan, kabutihan, at kaunlaran ng edukasyon sa rehiyon ay nakasalalay sa inyong lahat. Nakikiusap kami na magturo kayo ng maayos at gagawin rin namin ang mga bagay na nararapat sa inyo,” he told the new teachers. Mitmug said one of DepEd-ARMM’s strategies in providing quality education is by using orthography. “Kung mapapansin ninyo po sa ARMM hindi lang isang lenguahe ang ginagamit natin, mayroong Yakan, Tausug, Maguindanaon, Maranao, at iba pa,” he said, adding, language plays a vital role in the literacy of the children. “Nagpo-produce rin po kami ng mga big books na nakasulat sa localized language. Nagbibigay rin kami ng worksheets and additional learning materials, nang sa ganoon ay may mai-uuwi sa bahay ang mga bata at mapagpraktisan nila ang mga

natutunan nila sa paaralan,” he said. He added that DepEdARMM also beefed up its data collection and management systems to eliminate ghost schools and students and develop plans that are evidencebased that aid in decision-making. In 2015, ARMM’s literacy rate bounced to 88.7% from 80.3% in 2010. As of school year 20172018, ARMM has 861,628 students and 2,670 schools in both elementary and secondary levels. (Bureau of Public Information)

Military shells BIFF lairs Military photo shows troops battling BIFF militants in Mindanao. COTABATO CITY – Military forces continue to pursue proISIS militants in Central Mindanao were sporadic clashes continue, officials said. Officials said the military bombarded lairs of the militant group called Bangsamoro

Islamic Freedom Fighters, blamed by the military for the spate of bombings in the provinces of North Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat and Maguindanao. The military campaign began early this month and

Zamboanga canning factory told to stop development of rice field ZAMBOANGA CITY – The Department of Agrarian Reform in Western Mindanao has ordered a canning factory in Zamboanga City to cease its on-going development of a rice field on a village after it started filling it with earth. DAR Regional Director Julita Ragandang has also written Rowell Can Corporation ordering it to stop all development in Talisayan village after farmers complained that it has allegedly affected their farms. The City Council has passed a resolution reclassifying agricultural lands in the village into industrial lands, but Ragandang said re-classification of agricultural lands does not

automatically convert it into industrial lands. “I would like to emphasize with you that re-classification is not conversion,” she said. Ragandang explained that “re-classification” is the act of apportioning lands how it should be use while “conversion” is the actual change of the physical use of the land. “Even if the local government has already reclassified it, but still the process of conversion should be done,” Ragandang said. She said DAR has exclusive authority to approve or disapprove the conversion of agricultural plans for residential, commercial, industrial and other land use as maybe

provided by law. Land owners, she said, still required by law to go to the process of land use conversion and complied with the requirements before he can use his land for that purposes. “Even if they were already classified, they should still get permission from us,” Ragandang said. The National Irrigation Administration also has an on-going project in the area that will benefit farm owners and any industrial activity there could affect the government irrigation in the village. There was no immediate statement from Rowell Can Corporation on Ragandang’s order. (Charlene Ruelan)

sporadic, but deadly clashes continue in those areas with security officials claiming to have killed dozens of militants. One army officer was also killed in the battle that left several soldiers wounded. “All-out offensives launched by operating elements of Joint Task Force Central (Mindanao) are ongoing to contain the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters in Central Mindanao. All available assets – air, land, and sea – are currently being deployed to pound the BIFF (militants), who are responsible for the conduct of atrocities, such as bombings in the provinces of Cotabato, Maguindanao, and Sultan Kudarat. Pursuit (operations) against the evading BIFF is continuously being conducted by operating troops,” the Western Mindanao Command said. The military said it killed dozens of BIFF members, whose leaders have pledged allegiance with the Islamic State and vowed to put up a caliphate in the restive, but mineral-rich region. Many of the militants were former members of the larger Moro Islamic Liberation Front, which signed an interim peace deal with Manila in 2014. (Mindanao Examiner)


The Mindanao Examiner

July 16 - 22, 2018

Duo donates Tabebuia ornamental trees to General Santos City

GENERAL SANTOS CITY Mayor Ronnel Rivera hands over the Certificate of Appreciation to Edwin Doyo and Irenea Doyo for donating 10 seedlings of

Tabebuia ornamental trees which will be planted at Plaza Heneral Santos. Mayor Rivera also thanked Edwin and Irenea for actively

participating in treegrowing activities conducted by the City Environmental and Natural Resources Office (CENRO). (Russell Delvo)

General Santos City Mayor Ronnel Rivera poses with Edwin Doyo and Irenea Doyo.

DepEd, NGOs give ARMM education a boost

DAVAO CITY – The central office of the Department of Education (DepEd) and its partner nongovernmental organizations vowed to work together to further improve the quality of education in the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM). Education Assistant Secretary G.H Ambat said the DepEd national office will work together with the people of ARMM to achieve its goal in terms of education. “I am happy that we’re here to discuss not any crisis in the region, but the development of education in the ARMM. Pareho tayong mga Pilipino na ang pangarap ay magkaroon ng maayos na pamumuhay at makakamit natin ito sa pamamagitan ng maayos na edukasyon,” Ambat said. Crisanto Cayon, United Nations Children’s Fund emergency specialist, said that for years they have seen how the ARMM has been coping in meeting the national standards for education. “The ARMM really improved in the education sector. Its attempt in hiring qualified teachers, empowering teachers and supporting them in their quest to provide quality learning opportunities for learners are highly commendable,” he said. To date, ARMM has 25,000 teaching and nonteaching personnel catering the region’s 861,628 students in 2,670 elementary and secondary schools. The UNICEF, Cayon said, is satisfied to see ARMM create a healthy, safe and protective environment for learners, as well as in encouraging children to get into the school through its feeding program. Lawyer Rasol Mitmug Jr., DepEd-ARMM Secretary, said their partner NGOs have a big role in improving the quality of education and in strengthening the delivery of education services in the region. “Bringing all the stakeholders makes the improvement in education

sustainable,” he said. “We are happy that many organizations show willingness to support and help the ARMM in terms of improving the education for the future of the Bangsamoro children.” Ambat said: “The DepEd central office will surely focus on the needs of the people of ARMM. And I’m confident that the ARMM will definitely prosper and will catch up. I am glad that the ARMM and its partner organizations and agencies were working and contributing a lot for the betterment of education in the region.” She also assured DepEd will continue its drive to bring out-ofschool youth back to learning. Mitmug also said that a total of 125,004 children and youth affected by last year’s conflict in Marawi City and Lanao del Sur province will benefit the ARMM’s “Back to School and Stay in School Program” launched here July 9. He said this is to ensure learners are able to go back to school or access learning through the provision of basic education services, skills training, and peacebuilding. “This is part of the ARMM government’s response for conflictaffected individuals in Marawi and Lanao del Sur,” Mitmug said. DepEd-ARMM intensifies inter ventions interv in ar eas affected b y areas by Mar awi conflict arawi Mitmug also said they have intensified interventions for affected school children to ensure they would go back to school. Mitmug said a program dubbed “Back-toSchool and Stay-in-School” (BTS/SIS) they launched on July 9 is part of the ARMM government’s response for the conflict-affected population in Marawi City and Lanao del Sur. The program is an inter-organization initiative for conflictaffected learners to ensure that they will go back to school, or access learning through the provision of

basic education services, skills training and peacebuilding, according to the official. He said BTS/SIS which started in June will run up to March 2019 in 18 towns in Lanao del Sur and Lanao del Norte, including Marawi City. DepEdARMM will partner with government agencies and 18 nongovernmental organizations to implement the program. Cayon said UNICEF is one of the partner agencies in BTS/SIS and added the initiative needs support for other concerns to complement that of the education sector. Among these are peace- building in communities, peace education in schools, psycho-social support services for displaced children, livelihood support, skills training and others, he said. Alfhadar Pajiji, DepEdARMM Assistant Secretary for Special Programs and Projects, also underscored the agency’s interventions in response to the Marawi conflict. He said they have constructed 47 temporary learning shelters in Marawi City. And that DepEdARMM has also implemented catch-up education program for some 2,363 kindergarten pupils in Marawi and neighboring towns. “From April to May 2018, we have implemented Kinder Catch-up Education Program among school children who failed to enroll in kindergarten classes because of last year’s siege of Marawi (by Maute Group). It is an 8week catch-up education program for those who are unable to attend or finish any kindergarten education during the school year,” Pajiji said. Pajiji said to address health and nutrition issues among affected school children, DepEd-ARMM partnered with Gawad Kalinga for its regular feeding program and provision of Central Kitchen. Two feeding centers are located in Marawi City and one in the town of Saguiran in Lanao del Sur. (Bureau of Public Information)

Troops battle Sayyafs in Sulu SULU – Government forces continue its hunt for Abu Sayyaf militants following a series of clashes recently in the southern Muslim province of Sulu, officials said. Three Abu Sayyaf militants and a soldier were killed in fierce fighting last Thursday that also left 10 other infantrymen wounded, according to Lt. Col. Gerry Besana, a spokesman for the Western Mindanao Command. He said members of the 32nd Infantry Battalion under Lt. Col. Ronaldo Mateo battled some 60 militants led by Hajan Sawadjaan in Patikul town and that the fighting lasted for 2 hours that left a still undetermined number of

enemy casualties. Besana said the fighting continued the next day in the town of Indanan where 3 militants were slain, but soldiers only recovered one body that had been identified as that of Pakam Sappari. He said Sappari was a skilled sea navigator identified with various Abu Sayyaf sub-leaders, including Alden Bagade, involved in several kidnapping activities. Security forces continue to hunt down Abu Sayyaf militants. It was unknown whether soldiers clashed with militants holding nearly a dozen, mostly foreign hostages, held captive in Sulu, one of 5 provinces under the Muslim autonomous

region. Just recently, troops and police commandos raided an Abu Sayyaf hideout in the village called Pang in Sulu’s Kalingalang Caluang town after receiving reports the militants and their hostage, a seven-year old Muslim girl, were spotted in the area. But the Abu Sayyaf fighters managed to escape with their victim. Seven Abu Sayyaf militants seized the girl, whose surname is Astah, in the village of Himba in Tandubas Island in TawiTawi province, also in the autonomous region, on June 25 and shot and wounded her mother before escaping. (Mindanao Examiner)


The Mindanao Examiner

July 16 - 22, 2018

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By Jun Ledesma Continued fr om page 1 from is a funny and an absurd contradiction. Duterte wages an all-out war against drug syndicates while Robredo surfaced from somewhere and proposed to decriminalize drug use. Robredo’s incorrigible fan in the US of A, Loida Nicolas Lewis, failed to inform her that President Donald Trump had just dubbed the menace of drugs the led to thousands of deaths in America as a “national emergency”. So devastating are the effects of drugs on the lives of the American people (which affected even infants) that the US President declared his own war on drugs and even went to the extent of planning to build a “Berlin wall” in the border of the US mainland and Mexico. But that is not solely the reason why Duterte is worried of in a Robredo Presidency. The Vice President casually said that she will restore the “daang matuwid” program of Aquino. Imagine the scenario of free drug distribution network which Mar Roxas even confidently said he can buy shabu anywhere in the country. He too dreads the abatement of syndicated crime and terrorism and the institutionalization of


The Mindanao Examiner

July 16 - 22, 2018

graft and corruption in the government bureaucracy which all took place and were nurtured under the guise and facade of “daang matuwid”. Why? We almost become a failed state! I am certain that the cacophony of the battle cries of the dubious rainbow coalition of political opposition, the religious hypocrites and the CPP-NPA-NDF will shift to higher gear inspired by the 11 points drop in the satisfaction rating of President Duterte. If they think that they can go for the jugular they better think twice for it is not a cause of celebration. He told journalists seeking headline story that he will just coast along doing what he must do and that if congress wants a President who is popular it’s fine with him. Indeed the Presidency is not a popularity contest. But despite the slump in his satisfaction rating Duterte is still “good” to Metro Manila; “balance” Luzon and Visayas and “very good” to his homeland Mindanao. The SWS survey obviously was to cap the second year of Duterte’s presidency. Nevertheless, compared to previous presidents, Duterte’s satisfaction

rating in the 2nd year of the presidential term is still unprecedentedly high. The decline, I personally surmise, stemmed from his “god is stupid” remarks. But Duterte believes in God whom he believes is just, forgiving and One who guides his and man’s destiny and of nations . Sooner or later those who cannot comprehend him will realize he has a meaningful personal relationship with God. Well, CBCP President Romulo Valles and President Duterte had met in Malacañang and agreed to a ceasefire. I hope sneak attacks like one coming from running priest Roberto Reyes, who cannot help casting aspersion on the bishop by hinting the President will offer the former P100million for his silence, will stop grandstanding. If there is anything noteworthy in the reunion of Archbishop Valles and President Duterte, I believe, it is the understanding of the separation of the Church and the government. What of Leni Robredo? Oh well she can always dream. And what of CPPNPA-NDF? The combatants have returned to the folds of the law in droves.

Pay o ni D ng ayo Drr. Willie T. O Ong Isa sa laganap na problema ay ang pagkasira ng ngipin. Pumunta sa anumang barangay o eskwelahan, karamihan ng mga bata ay sira ang ngipin. Napatunayan na kapag laging sira ang iyong ngipin, mababawasan ng tatlong taon ang iyong buhay. Ito ay dahil puwedeng magdulot ito ng sakit sa puso. Paano ang tamang pagsisipilyo? Ang tamang paggamit ng toothbrush ay iyung nakatagilid sa ngipin ng 45 degrees ang angulo. Hinay-hinay lang ang pag-brush. Ang tamang pag-brush ay pataas-pababa, mula sa pagitan ng gilagid at ngipin. Taas-baba lang ang dapat gawin. Ang bawat ngipin ay dapat mabrush ng 10 beses bawat pagsipilyo. Sa ganitong paraan, matatanggal ang mga dumi na sumiksik sa ngipin. Unahin muna ang

Dr. Willie T. Ong mga ngipin sa ibaba, bago sa itaas. Mag-brush sa kaliwa, sa gitna at sa kanan. Abutin din hanggang likod ng mga ngipin. I-brush din ang dila. Huwag magmadali. Mag-brush ng higit kumulang sa 3 minuto. Mga dagdag na payo para sa ngipin: 1. Kung hindi kayang mag-brush pagkatapos kumain, magmumog na lang maigi. 2. Gumamit din ng dental floss (yung sinulid na pinapasok sa pagitan ng ngipin) araw-araw. Magfloss kahit isang beses sa isang araw. 3. May panlinis ng dila

o Tongue Cleaner. Napatunayan nang makababawas ito ng mabahong hininga at bacteria sa bibig. 4. Huwag kumain ng matitigas na bagay at baka mabali ang inyong ngipin. Dahan-dahan sa pagkagat ng baboy, baka, butong pakwan at iba pa. 5. Umiwas sa pagkain ng matatamis na pagkain tulad ng candy at chocolates. Nakasisira kasi ito ng ngipin. Magmumog o umi-nom ng tubig pagkaka- in nito. 6. Huwag hayaan si beybi na makatulog na may bote ng gatas sa bibig. Painumin siya ng tubig pagka-dede para hindi masira ang ngipin. 7. Huwag uminom ng makulay na inumin tulad ng softdrinks, iced tea at hot teas. Umiwas din sa sigarilyo. Nakadidilaw kasi ang mga ito ng ating ngipin. 8. Magpakonsulta sa inyong dentista kada anim na buwan. Iwas impeksyon at iwas bad breath. Good luck.

RECIPE: Bopis na Manok

Sayyafs continue to yield

( Abu Sayyaf militants surrender in Basilan province. BASILAN – There is a steady stream of Abu Sayyaf fighters surrendering to the government in Mindanao as the military and local governments continue to work together to bring peace to the restive region. Just last week, three Abu Sayyaf militants surrendered to the military in the restive province of Basilan and 13 others yielded in the neighboring province of Sulu, officials said. Lt. Col. Gerry Besana, a spokesman for the Western Mindanao Command, said the militants – Samir Laarin, 33; Ramil Mobarak, 33; and Naim Majid, 31, – also handed over three rifles to the 3rd Scout Ranger Battalion under Lt. Col. Montano Almodovar in the town of Akbar. He said the surrender was facilitated by army intelligence operatives in coordination with local town officials headed by Vice Mayor Ali Sali. The three men were then presented to Col. Fernando Reyeg, commander of the

104th Infantry Brigade. “This is a result of our continuing close collaboration with local government officials to convince these Abu Sayyaf members to lay down their arms and return to the fold of the law,” Reyeg said. Lt. Gen. Arnel dela Vega, chief of the Western Mindanao Command, said some 123 militants have surrendered to the military in Basilan, Sulu and in TawiTawi and Zamboanga Peninsula since early this year. He said relentless military campaign against the Abu Sayyaf have forced many militants, including their leaders, to surrender peacefully and take advantage of the government amnesty program under the socalled “Oplan: Balik-Loob.” Under the program, the government provides financial aid to the Abu Sayyaf surrenderees and livelihood skills for them to be able to live a normal life with their family. Some former militants

are now helping the military in its campaign in an effort to convince the others to abandon their struggle and surrender peacefully. Last week, the military said 13 Abu Sayyaf fighters surrendered to the 2nd Special Force Battalion under Lt. Col. Jessie Montoya in Sulu’s Talipao town. The military did not say who negotiated the surrender of the militants, of if they were involved in the spate of ransom kidnappings and terrorism in the restive region. The Abu Sayyaf is still holding nearly a dozen, mostly foreign sailors, they kidnapped at sea of the volatile region. The Abu Sayyaf, whose leaders have pledged allegiance to the Islamic State, has been on a deadly campaign for over 2 decades now. It is one of several militant groups fighting for a separate homeland in Mindanao, which was previously under the Muslim rule. (Mindanao Examiner)

INGREDIENT S: INGREDIENTS: ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

1 lb. chicken gizzard, cleaned 1 lb. chicken heart, cleaned 2 medium carrots, minced 1 large daikon radish, shredded 3 medium red onion, minced 1 small red bell pepper, chopped ¼ cup annatto seeds 1 medium ripe tomato, chopped 5 pieces Thai chili, chopped ½ cup white vinegar

♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦ ♦

2 thumbs ginger, minced 3 tablespoons soy sauce 3 tablespoons patis 5 cloves garlic, chopped 5 pieces did bay leaves 1 to 1½ cups water 3 tablespoons cooking oil Additional water for boiling

INSTR UCTIONS: INSTRUCTIONS: 1. Heat 6 cup water on a pressure cooker. Add chicken gizzard. cover and pressure cook for 15 minutes. Note: Start the timer once the pressure regulator moves. You can also boil in a regular pot for 45 minutes. 2. Remove the gizzard from the pressure cooker. Drain the water. Chop into small pieces and set aside. 3. Meanwhile, boil 6 cups water on a regular pot. Add chicken heart. Boil for 15 minutes. Remove from the pot and chop into small pieces. 4. Make annatto oil by heating oil in a saucepan. Add annatto seeds. Cook in low heat until the oil turns red. 5. Heat a cooking pot and pour annatto oil. Note: use a kitchen strainer to filter the seeds. 6. Saute onion, garlic, ginger, and tomato. 7. Add the chopped chicken gizzard. Cook for 1 to 2 minutes. 8. Add chicken heart. Cook for 2 minutes. 9. Add chili pepper and bay leaves. 10. Pour soy sauce into the pot. Stir. 11. Pour water. Let boil. Cover and cook for 15 minutes. 12. Add vinegar. Let the mixture re-boil. Stir and continue to cook for 5 minutes. 13. Add carrots, daikon radish, and red bell pepper. Stir. Cook for 3 minutes. 14. Season with fish sauce and ground black pepper. 15. Transfer to a serving bowl. Serve.


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July 16 - 22, 2018

Cebu naval base ideal for frigates, large ships ‘Biyaya ng Pagbabago’ brings Duterte

ONCE OPERATIONAL and with all the proposed improvements done, Naval Base Rafael Ramos in LapuLapu City in Cebu would be an ideal and strategic location for the Philippine Navy (PN) as it could quickly deploy south or north easily. “Maganda kasi strategic ang location since ang Cebu nasa gitna siya ng Pilipinas. Within one day pag galing ng Cebu makakapunta siya sa Norte, makapunta sa South tapos medyo tago pa siya. It's a very strategic location,” PN spokesperson Cmdr. Jonathan Zata said.

The naval base is the projected home of the PN's present and future frigates once upgrades consisting of dredging, primary and secondary roads, drainage systems, proposed slope protections, a 152-meter by 12-meter wharf, a 105-meter by 165-meter beaching ramp, and 225-meter by 20-meter berthing area among others, are completed. Zata admitted that the improvements are intended to address the basing needs of the Navy's two 2,500 gross-ton missile-firing frigates, now undergoing construction in South Korea's Hyundai Heavy

Poll body prepares for 2019 mid-term elections THE COMMISSION ON ELECTIONS said it is now focusing on the preparations for the May 2019 mid-term polls amid calls for its postponement. C O M E L E C spokesman James Jimenez said they are preparing for the holding of the fourth automated elections. “The institution remains focused on the task at hand: preparing for the 2019 National and Local Elections, scheduled for May 2019,” he said. “I believe the (House) Speaker has not actually or formally initiated any action to postpone the 2019 polls.” House of Representatives Speaker

Pantaleon Alvarez said it would be more practical to postpone the 2019 midterm elections to pave the way for the transition to a federal form of government. Some lawmakers have proposed to postpone elections and instead hold it in 2022 to coincide with the shift to federalism and presidential polls. The National Movement for Free Elections also opposed the postponement of the polls. “We should adhere to periodic and genuine elections,” NAMFREL Secretary General Eric Alvia said, noting that regular elections should be held in the country. (Ferdinand Patinio)

Industries, and expected to be delivered in 2020 and 2021. These ships are expected to augment the three 3,200 gross-ton Del Pilar-class frigates, formerly the US Hamilton-class cutters now in PN service. Other large ships in the PN inventory are the two strategic sealift vessels, the 7,000-gross ton BRP Tarlac and BRP Davao Del Sur. Dredging is needed as the waters in the facility are quite shallow for vessels with large drafts. The improvements have a budget of P1 billion. Zata said there is a pressing need for the PN to upgrade the Cebu naval base as its frigates and other large ships in the fleet have no home port to speak of. At present, these large Navy ships are anchoring off Subic Bay and Pier 13, Manila South Harbor. And once these upgrades are completed, the base will be the first-ever facility capable of handling large vessels. (Priam Nepomuceno)

admin closer to grassroots

CEBU CITY - The “Biyaya ng Pagbabago” rollouts have been keeping the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte closer to the grassroots in the Visayas, said Doris Mongaya, its Visayas convenor. She said several millions of pesos have already been shelled out for the benefit of the grassroots in the region. It began in Cebu City on April 21 and was followed inTalibon in Bohol and Iloilo City, and recently in Tacloban. “The Tacloban rollout included the distribution of housing awards. It was the fourth in the Visayas under the Biyaya ng Pagbabago. The rollouts at the Eastern Visayas State University in Tacloban also included the awarding of a P200,000 peanut butter processing facility to a farmers group, and a P200,000 ecoseptic technology to the Rural Health Unit of Hilongos by the

National Housing Authority gave out 50 certificates. The Biyaya ng Pagbabago is an anti-poverty program under the auspices of the Office of the Cabinet Secretary headed by Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr. and the Office for Participatory Governance headed by Undersecretary Joselito Libres, who also led the Tacloban rollout.“Crucial to this grassroots program is the participation of pro-Duterte movement Kilusang Pagbabago that empowers grassroots groups to claim projects and programs of government agencies for their own benefit,” Mongaya said. “You will notice that we are not just pushing for job creation.We are for spawning entrepreneurship down to the poorest sectors.” (Luel Galarpe)

Police ready to beef up security in churches POLICE SAID it is ready to deploy more uniformed personnel and intensify security patrol in areas near churches or places of worships after a man armed with a gun and a knife was shot dead while trying to enter the Archbishop’s Palace in Cebu last week. Police Director General Oscar Albayalde although church leaders have not asked for security, it is better

to be ready to deploy policemen in those areas to ensure safety at all times. But police said many priest and pastors, and even lay leaders have applied for gun permits following the recent killings of two Catholic priests. “Una wala naman silang request sa atin, but then again, kung kinakailangan bigyan and if we see na mayroong threat doon sa mga kaparian doon sa loob

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Department of Science and Technology. Mongaya said 48 checks of P3,000 each were also awarded to the Special Program for the Employment of Students beneficiaries and 61 checks of P2,500 each had been given to the beneficiaries of the Government Internment Program of the Department of Labor and Employment. In addition, 20 pedicabs were also distributed to deserving members of the grassroots communities in Eastern Visayas. The Department of Agrarian Reform likewise awarded 100 certificates of land ownership under the government’s agrarian reform program and the Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources gave out 10 fiberglass boats. The Tacloban City Hall distributed 399 certificates of housing awards while the

Eastern Mindanao

Western Mindanao

then we will provide additional security or intensify patrols in the vicinity ng mga churches or kung saan sila nakatira,” Albayalde said. Police said Jeffrey Cañedo, 41, was killed after he allegedly opened fire at the lawmen who responded to his presence at the Archbishop’s Palace. Archbishop Jose Palma was not in Cebu at that time

and went to Manila for the 117th Plenary Assembly of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of the Philippines. Church security personnel called police to apprehend the man who had run away as they tried to stop him from entering the gate. Cañedo reportedly wanted to talk to Palma about his problem with his wife. (Benjamin Pulta)

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Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper (July 16 - 22, 2018)  

July 16 - 22, 2018

Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper (July 16 - 22, 2018)  

July 16 - 22, 2018