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Apr. 1-7, 2013



key F ilipino negotiator behind the successFilipino ful rrelease elease of kidnapped an A ustr alian Austr ustralian adv entur er Warr en R odw ell said he was a adventur enturer arren Rodw odwell victim of arr ogance and abuse b y airpor arrogance by airportt immigr ation officials in S ydney immigration Sy dney..

“They were all brute. It was really degrading. My person and my dignity were totally trampled upon by those immigration people

Filipino Army Lieutenant Colonel Randolph Cabangbang puts up a photo of Abu Sayyaf terrorist commander Puruji Indama, who is linked to the kidnapping of Australian adventurer Warren Rodwell, who was freed last week in Pagadian City after his Filipino wife Mirafor Gutang paid P4 million ransom. (Mindanao Examiner Photo) Al Rasheed Sakkalahul, the deputy governor of Basilan, who played a vital role in saving the life of the 54-year old Warren Rodwell, remembers well the bitter memories when in 2006, he was sent to Australia along with other government officials, to attend an important event hosted by the League of Vice Governors of the Philippines. There, at the Sydney Airport, he was whisked away by immigration offi-

cials after a search of his luggage yielded a pack of cigarettes. And worse, when they examined his passport, his Muslim name and the province where he came from had become an issue. Even the prayer beads that he was bringing in his pocket were nearly seized. He says his bags were slashed with a knife, and locks of his luggage destroyed in front of him by an immigration official as they searched over his things.

at the Sydney Airport. It is really difficult to forget those things and up to now I can still feel the pain in my heart, but there is nothing I can do now, but to move on and put those all embarrassments behind me,” Sakkalahul tells the regional newspaper Mindanao Examiner. Sakkalahul, who belongs to a prominent family in the Muslim province of Basilan, says despite his sad experience at the hands

of the Australian immigration people, never did he thought of ignoring the pleas of Rodwell’s Filipino wife, Miraflor Gutang, 28, to save the life of the Sydney man. “I really never thought of that. The first thing that came to my mind is to save the life of that Australian man being held by the Abu Sayyaf. Rodwell’s wife sought my help and it is my duty and responsibility as a government official to help (Mira)Flor, and to save Warren’s life, and all these because of my great humanitarian concern,” he says. Sakkalahul says he expected nothing in return for saving the life of Rodwell. “I am just happy that all these problems are now over and Warren is finally reunited with his family and loved ones,” he says. Rodwell was kidnapped in December 2011 from his seaside home in the town of Ipil in Zamboanga Sibugay Sur province. And before dawn on Saturday, Abu Sayyaf militants have freed Rodwell in Pagadian City in the neighboring province of Zamboanga del Sur. “I have done my part, my duty and responsibility as an elected official of the province. When the Filipino family of Rodwell sought my help three weeks ago, I told them that I will try all

Basilan Vice Governor Al Rasheed Sakkalahul shows his prayer beads as he narrates his sad experience from the hands of Australian immigration officials at Sydney Airport. (Mindanao Examiner Photo) my best to help them and thank God that we succeeded in bringing out Rodwell safe and alive. God has rewarded us and heard our prayers,” Sakkalahul says. In January, the Abu Sayyaf released a video of Rodwell surrounded by masked gunmen as he pleaded for his life. In that clip, one of Rodwell’s captors read a statement: “To

JV Ejercito Estrada grateful for big jump in latest SWS survey

KAKAMPI NG MASA, JV EJERCITO ESTRADA: San Juan Rep. JV Ejercito Estrada enjoys the interaction with supporters at the UNA campaign rally in Koronadal City in South Cotabato province in Mindanao. The southern Philippine region is a known bailiwick of the Estradas.


Northern Mindanao


MANILA - United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) candidate San Ju a n C i t y Re p. J V Ej e rc i t o E s t r a d a e x pressed his gratitude to the public after he ra n k e d 3 r d i n t h e Ma rc h Pre - E l e c t i o n Su r v e y o f t h e So c i a l We a t h e r St a t i o n s (SWS). The survey fielded o n Ma rc h 1 5 t o 1 7 showed that JV Ejercito Estrada was one of the biggest gainers among senatorial candidates a s h e i m p r ov e d h i s ranking by six notches. He was favored by 48% of the respondents.


"Muli, salamat po sa sambayanang Pil i p i n o s a p a t u l oy ninyong pagpapakita ng suporta at tiwala s a a k i n . Sa k a l i n g m a p a b i l a n g s a Se nado, gagawin ko ang aking makakaya upang mapaginhawa ang buhay ng mga P i l i p i n o, " s a i d J V Ejercito Estrada. The San Juan solon is consistently included in the top 10 senatorial candidates preferred by respondents in recent surveys conducted by the SWS, Pulse Asia, and StratPOLLS.

the Australian government, in behalf of the majlisus Shura of Alharakatul Islamiyya in southern Philippines, we officially inform you that your citizen Warren Rodwell is in our custody and control since he was abducted at Ipil, Sibugay Province, Mindanao Philippines last December 5, 2011 and now facing Islamic sharee’ah, if you have concerned with your men, we will give you a chance to save his life before it’s too late, as soon as possible time, otherwise he will suffer unusual way of death.” In the last video, Rodwell was holding a newspaper dated January 25 and his captors – one holding a machine gun and the two others brandishing automatic rifles – stood by his sides. “To our brothers in Islam we would like to make it clear that our activities like this are not for personal interests or just to gain money for personal use, let it be known to everyone we are on war against the forces of shaytan in the Philippines, its allies and supporters, and whatever we gain from this war is to be used for our future operations and other necessities,” the Abu Sayyaf said. (Mindanao Examiner)

Zamboanga Peninsula


The Mindanao Examiner

Apr. 1-7, 2013

Members of a task force handling Sabah refugees assists Filipinos who arrive Sulu province from the eastern Malaysian state. (Photos courtesy of Sulu Area Command Council)

160 Filipinos who escaped Sabah rescued at sea SULU – A Philippine Navy patrol boat rescued more than 160 Filipinos after spending four days drifting at sea on a wooden boat that escaped the violence in Sabah where Malaysian security forces are fighting armed members of the Sultanate of Sulu, officials said. Officials said the boat’s engine broke down in rough seas between the southern Philippine provinces of Tawi-Tawi and Sulu.

The passengers, mostly Muslims from the Philippines, had escaped from the eastern Malaysian state fearing a massive crackdown on Filipinos is underway, said Fazlur-Rahman Abdulla, head of the Sulu Area Coordinating Council and member of a special government task force on Sabah refugees. “We only learned about their plight after receiving information from another vessel which also

DSWD mopalapad sa ilang tabang sa Sabah returnees PAGADIAN CITY - Ang Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) inabagan sa Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA), Bureau of Immigration (BI) ug Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) mo-establisar ug sa ka onestop-shop processing center sa Taganak, Tawi-Tawi aron pagpasayon sa paghatag ug legal nga dokumento sa mga undocumented nga mga Pilipino, pamahayag ni DSWD Secretary Corazon Juliano-Soliman. “Kini makahatag kasegurohan nga sila dili mga illegal entrants ug makadawat usab sila sa legal nga pag-empleyo kon ugaling mobalik sila sa Sabah,” gipasabot ni Soliman.. Sukad niadtong Marso 17, suma total sa 1,026 ka mga pamilya gilangkoban sa 2,818 ka mga tawo gikan sa Sabah ang nahidangat sa Tawi-Tawi ug Sulu. Sa total nga returnees, 450 ka mga pamilya uban sa 1,162 ka mga tawo ang niabot sa TawiTawi samtang 576 ka mga pamilya uban sa 1,656 ka mga tawo ang nahidangat sa Sulu. Silang tanan gihatagan ug mga pagkaon ug transportasyon aron ihatod sila sa ilang tagsatagsa nga panimalay. Si Soliman mitaho nga lima ka mga evacuation centers ang gibutang sa Sulu ug TawiTawi sukad nagsugod ang kagubot ug nagpabilin kining

bukas aron sa pagdawat ug mohatag counseling ug debriefing sa ubang mga Pilipino nga mobalik dinhi. Kapin sa P7.6 milyon nga bili sa mga relief goods ang gipadala sa DSWD aron dugangan ang kinahanglanon sa kagamhanang lokal sa Sulu ug Tawi-Tawi. Sa Tawi-Tawi, ang mga gipadala nga relief goods mikabat sa 1,500 sakong NFA nga bugas, 575 karton sa sardinas, 80 ka mga karton sa mineral water, 285 karton sa corned beef, 232 karton sa gatas, ug 1,500 family food packs. Sa Sulu, 1,150 sako sa NFA nga bugas, 575 karton sa sardinas, 81 nga karton sa mineral water, 300 nga karton sa corned beef, 232 karton sa gatas, ug 1,500family food packs. Alang sa mga Pilipino kinsa dili na gusto mobalik sa Sabah, ang DSWD uban sa tabang sa kagamhanang probinsyal sa Tawi-Tawi ug Sulu, mohatag ug core shelter kanila. Ang DSWD maoy mohatag sa pondo sa pagtukod sa mga yuta nga mahimong gamiton. Sa susamang higayon, ang cash for work program ang igaimplementar aron motabang sa mga mibakwit nga Pilipino. Alang sa medium term, panginabuhian ang ihatag usab niadtong dili na mobalik sa Sabah. (Claro A. Lanipa)

escaped the violence in Sabah. As soon as we got the information and relayed this to the Philippine Navy and the Philippine Air Force, a search and rescue operation was mounted and we have recovered all of them,” he told the regional newspaper Mindanao Examiner. He said a military helicopter first spotted the vessel and dropped food and water for the passengers until the patrol boat arrived late on Thursday

and rescued all aboard the stricken boat. Fazlur said the refugees, 104 adults and 57 children, were taken to a processing center on orders from Sulu Governor Sakur Tan, head of the crisis management committee, and provided them food and shelter; and that a medical team also examined the children and the elderly. He said the Philippine Red Cross and other government agencies helped in the pro-

cessing of the refugees. He said dozens of refugees also arrived bo boat in the town of Parang also in Sulu province after fleeing Sabah. Most of the refuges are natives of Basilan province. Fazlur said the refugees at first would not get off the boat after seeing uniformed policemen guarding the pier for fear they would be arrested, but all eventually agreed to disembark after offi-

cials explained to them that the policemen were part of security in the area. Malaysia is battling a rag-tag army of loyal followers of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram who landed in Februar y in Lahad Datu town in Sabah to exert their determination and historical rights over the island, which is also being claimed by Kuala Lumpur. (Mindanao Examiner)


The Mindanao Examiner

Apr. 1-7, 2013

Sayyafs free Malaysian fish merchant after 17 months in captivity ZAMBOANGA CITY – Suspected Abu Sayyaf militants have freed a Malaysian fish merchant they seized 17 months ago in Tawi-Tawi province in the southern Philippines, reports said. The 48-year old Pang Choon Pong, a native of Sandakan in Sabah Island, has returned to his family, the Malaysia’s online newspaper The Star said. Malaysian officials negotiated for Pang’s safe release in Sulu province where he was taken following his kidnapping in October 5, 2011 in Tawi-Tawi province. Sabah Chief Minister Datuk Seri Musa Aman said the release was secured through careful and tireless negotiations with the kidnappers. “We empathise with the family and the trauma they must have gone through. As such we decided to intervene and assist in securing Pang's release,” he said. The report quoted the Chief Minister as saying that the family should thank Malaysian Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak for his concern over the plight of Pang and his family. “As you can see the leaders of the day are those who listen and reach out to the people regardless of race and religious back-

ground,” he said. Following his release, Pang was flown to Kuala Lumpur before heading to Kota Kinabalu on Thursday, where he reunited with his family members at the Chief Minister's official Seri Gaya residence. “I am very thankful to Prime Minister Datuk Seri Najib Tun Razak, our Chief Minister and all the leaders who helped reunite me with my family,” Pang said, adding “I have been away for so long and am just happy to see my family.” The report said among those who welcomed Pang at Seri Gaya were Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Yee Moh Chai, Industrial Development Minister Datuk Raymond Tan and Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister's Department, Datuk Edward Khoo, as well as Kota Kinabalu Chinese Chamber of Commerce President, Datuk Michael Lui. Pang was seized by five gunmen in the village of Larap on Sitangkai Island. The Philippine military also linked Pang’s Filipino trading partner to the kidnapping. Senior Superintendent Antonio Freyra, the Sulu police chief, said the Abu Sayyaf is still holding a Japanese treasure hunter, Toshio Ito, 66, since 2010 and was last reported to

have been helping the rebel group in cooking food for them and freely moves around. He said aside from the Japanese, the Abu Sayyaf is also holding Jordanian journalist Baker Atyani, 43, who went to Sulu province along with two Filipino assistants in June 2012 to secretly film the Abu Sayyaf for a documentary on Al Arabiya News Channel. The Filipinos were both freed this year. Prior to his detention, Atyani has had previously travelled to the province in secrecy to interview terrorist leaders, the Philippine military said. The military has previously said it would arrest Atyani for espionage should he be released by the Abu Sayyaf. Atyani had also clandestinely interviewed Al-Qaeda leader Osama bin Laden before the 9/11 attacks in the United States. Freyra said two European wildlife photographers Ewold Horn, 52, from Holland; and Lorenzo Vinciguerre, 47, from Switzerland, kidnapped in February 2012 in Tawi-Tawi province had been brought to Sulu. Police in Tawi-Tawi said the duo was allegedly seized by members of the Moro National Liberation Front. (Mindanao Examiner)

Twister kills 10 in Southern Philippines COTABATO CITY – Ten people were killed – six of them children - and two other minors are missing, after their pump boat was hit by a twister in the middle of the Lingusan Marsh in the southern Philippine province of Maguindanao, police said. Police said the victims just came from a prayer for a departed relative in the village

of Tugal and heading home when the powerful tornado swooped down on them. “They are in the middle of the marsh when the powerful tornado struck,” said Maguindanao police chief Rodelio Jocson. He said six other people, inclduing the boat operator, survived the tragedy. The town’s mayor, Alan Angas, led



villagers in rescuing the victims and retrieving the dead. Those killed were Kudtog Panonggo, 63; Seno Blah, 40; Baikung Kudtog, 30; Farida Kudtog, 28; Paano Kudtog, 7; Montoki Kudtog, 9; Benzar Makakwa, 8; Amilod Kudtog, 8; Datu Manaot Makakwa, 6; and Mary Jane Makakwa, 4. Still missing are Amer Kudtog, 5, and Samer Kudtog, 3. Police said those who survived the tragedy are Ernie Motin, 30; Brando Nando, 20; Alaisa Saptola,42; Saudi Kudtog, 7; Alaisa Kudtog, 5; and Normina Kudtog, 9. (Mindanao Examiner. Ferdinandh Cabrera)

A passenger plane descends in Zamboanga City in the southern Philippines. (Mindanao Examiner Photo)

Therma Marine ordered to refund excess payment to Zambo The Aboitiz-owned Therma Marine Inc. has to refund to the local power cooperative the amount of P14, 252,557 following a decision by the Energy Regulatory Commission, according to the Zamboanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation Inc. The decision was based on the difference between the final and the provisionally approved rate starting from the implementation of provisional authority until the effective implementation

of the final electricity rate for Zamboanga City. The Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative purchased electricity in 2012 from TMI, but it paid more and the now has to be refunded based on the final electric rate decided and approved by ERC. TMI may apply the refund or a portion of it to any outstanding obligation Zamboanga City Electric Cooperative and the remaining amount over a period of 12 months. The interveners in this case were the local

government, the Industrial Group of Zamboanga, the Employers’ Confederation of the Philippines (Zamboanga, Basilan, Sulu Tawi-Tawi chapter) and the Zamboanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc. The organizations were represented by lawyers Bernardino Ferrer, Carl Andrew Rubio, Edgar Lim, and Pedro Rufo Soliven, of the Zamboanga Chamber of Commerce and Industry Foundation, Inc. (Mindanao Examiner)

MANILA - The Philippines is now preparing for the deployment of professional Filipino nurses in Germany, the Department of Foreign Affairs told the Mindanao Examiner. It said Filipino Ambassador to Germany Maria Cleofe Natividad reported on the preparations undertaken for the implementation of the March 19 agreement between the Philippines and Germany that will facilitate the placement of health care professionals.

The accord was signed by Philippine Overseas Employment Administration Administrator Hans Leo Cacdac and Monika Varnhagen, of the German Federal Employment Agency. With the signing of the agreement, active recruitment of Filipino nurses will commence. The deployment process would involve the following steps - the selection of qualified nurses; the successful completion of basic German language

course in Manila; the attendance of a seminar on professional practices and on German culture; the matching of potential nursing employers in Germany. And furthermore, language training and adaptation process will take place in German hospitals. The Philippine Embassy, POEA , and the Federal Employment Agency will work closely to ensure the successful deployment of the first batch of Filipino nurses this year.

RP pr epar es ffor or n ur ses pre pares nur urses de plo yment in Ger man y ployment German many deplo

The Mindanao Examiner 4 Journalist awarded P6M in damages MANILA - The Court of Appeals has ordered Japan’s largest commercial television network to reinstate a Filipino news producer and pay her millions of pesos in back wages and damages for illegally terminating her after she was diagnosed with cancer four years ago. The CA’s Eighth Dvision ruled that Tokyobased Fuji Television Network Inc. (Fuji TV) should reinstate veteran journalist Arlene Samson-Espiritu and pay her P6.5 million in backwages, moral and exemplary damages, after a three-year legal battle. The appeals court has also junked the motion for reconsideration filed by Fuji TV. Fuji TV Manila bureau chief Yoshiko Aoki allegedly forced Espiritu to resign immediately after finding out that the news producer had lung cancer. The CA, however, found that the act of forcing Espiritu to resign was tantamount to illegal dismissal. “Since Fuji did not observe due process in sever-

ing the employment of Espiritu, We hold that she was illegally dismissed,” it stated in its decision. In a 16-page decision penned by Associate Justice Edwin Sorongon, the appellate court rebuked Fuji TV and the National Labor Relations Commission (NLRC). The decision stated, “Under Philippine disability laws, cancer patients are considered disabled persons who have the right to equal opportunity for employment and their dismissal or termination from work due to their illness alone is discrimination of employment.” Reversing the earlier decision of the NLRC, the court said that Espiritu has become a regular employee of Fuji with respect to the activities for which she was employed and having continuously rendered services which are deemed necessary and desirable to the usual business of the television network. The court also ordered Fuji to pay complainantappellant backwages com-

puted from the date of her illegal dismissal until the court issued its final decision. The CA also ruled that Espiritu is entitled to the award of moral and exemplary damages. “Award of moral and exemplary damages for an illegally dismissed employee is proper where the employee had been harassed and arbitrarily terminated by the employer,” the decision stated. Espiritu, for her part, said, “What was important was hope and knowing that I still mattered, that I can still do things,” she said. “I was expecting Fuji to be my hope. But Fuji did not give me that hope,” Espiritu added. Espiritu works a freelance reporter and producer. She had worked with international news organizations such as CNN, Al Jazeera English, Asahi Shimbun, Yomiuri Shimbun and TV Asahi. She also does media and public relations consultancies. (Jomar Canlas The Manila Times)

Fishing boat sinks, 33 rescued off Sulu province MORE THAN TWO dozen fishermen were rescued after their boat capsized and sank off the southern Filipino province of Sulu, the Coast Guard said Lt. Jomark Angue, the local Coast Guard commander, said 33 fishermen were rescued over the weekend, but 2 others remain missing. “Chief Engineer Renato V illalobos and oiler

Ireneo Buhayan are still missing,” he told the regional newspaper Mindanao Examiner. He said the boat, FB Uni-18, tilted on its side due to uneven distribution of its weight while hauling off its catch and capsized and eventually sank. “The survivors were rescued by their sister ships and efforts have been made to find their

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two missing colleagues yielded negative results,” Angue said, adding those rescued were taken to Zamboanga City. He said one of the boat’s Master Fisherman Renato Castaneda was wounded in his right leg and rushed to hospital. Angue said the 18year old boat, owned by YL Fishing Corporation, left Zamboanga on February 21 for a fishing expedition off Sulu. He said the boat had 5 crew members and 29 fishermen. (Mindanao Examiner)

Apr. 1-7, 2013

An apartment which doubles as a shop selling Chinese decors occupies this sidewalk in the village of Tumaga in Zamboanga City. (Mindanao Examiner Photo)

Chinese shop occupies Zambo sidewalk ZAMBOANGA CITY - An apartment, converted into a shop selling Chinese decors, has occupied this sidewalk in the village of Tumaga in Zamboanga City in the southern Philippines.

But despite this vulgar and illegal use of the sidewalk being a public domain, government authorities fail to act on this glaring violation of the law. It was not immediately known whether the shop

has a government permit, but it also doubles as a "feng shui" center where customers pay a certain amount of money to a purported seer or fortune teller to know about their future. (Mindanao Examiner)

ZNCP annual induction, oath taking nagmalamposon DIPOLOG CITY - Malipayong napahigayon sa Zamboanga del Norte Press Club (ZNPC) ang ika- 48TH Annual Induction ug Oath-Taking Ceremonies didto sa Top Plaza Hotel ning dakbayan. Ang nasangpit nga kalihokan ang gitambongan sa mga miyembro ug opisyales sa ZNPC sa pagpangulo ni Rosemarie Miranda, diin lakip usab nga misalmot sa maong kalihokan ang mga pamilya sa mga miyembro sa ZNPC, ug uban pang mga bisita sama nila Bureau of Jail Management and Penelogy Gen. Diogracias Tapayan, retired ambassador McArthur Carsino, Presiding Judge MCTC-Piñan Pio Velasco, mga opisyales sa Kapisanan ng mga Broadkaster ng Pilipinas gikan pa sa kaulohan Manila, KBP Chairman Jet Opilac ( dxAA Manager ) ug ang pinasidunggan

dinapit ug mamumulong mao si Education Superintendent City Schools Division ning dakbayan mao si Dr. Victorina Perez. Nasayran nga ang mga napiling bag-ong opisyales sa ZNPC alang na sa tuig 2013 nga nanumpa atubangan sa mga nanambong ug ni Inducting Officer Pio Velasco mao sila President, Rosemarie Miranda; Vice-President, Eduardo Dela Cerna; Secretary, Vicente Carreon; Treasurer, Crispin Garcia; Auditor, Roberto Pinsoy. Ang mga Board of Directors - Atty. Peter Co, Rhey Davie Magdayao, Atty. James Cyril Ruiz, Maynard Baes, Samuel Amatong, Edwin Bation, Franklin Gumapon, Elmer Razo, Czarito Zamora, ug Ruben Enoy Dugang nasayran nga mipabati sa iyang pagpasalamat si Miranda sa

mga miyembro ug sa mga opisyales sa pagpili usab pagbalik kaniya sa ikaupat nga higayon isip Presidente sa nasangpit nga kahugpungan sa Prensa pinaagi sa ilang gihatag nga suporta aron mamahimong pang magmalambuon ang ZNPC. Lakip usab nga gipasalamatan niini ang mga sponsors sama sa TVI Resource Development (Phils.) Inc., U.S. Embassy, Department of Agriculture, National Grid Corp. of the Philippines, Zamboanga del Norte Electric Cooperative, Vice Mayor Senen Angeles ug sa kagamhanang lokal ilawom sa pagdumala ni Mayor Evelyn Uy ug mga namunuan sa Department of Education sa gigahin nilang tabang ug suporta atol sa pagpahigayon sa ZNPC sa Campus Journalism Workshop miaging tuig dinhi sa lalawigan.

Apr. 1-7, 2013

The Mindanao Examiner



The Mindanao Examiner

Apr. 1-7, 2013


The Mindanao Examiner

Apr. 1-7, 2013

Japan, Philippines sign 2 yen loan projects MANILA - Japanese Ambassador Toshinao Urabe and Philippines Foreign Affairs Secretary Albert del Rosario have signed and exchanged notes on two yen loan projects. The projects are the Capacity Enhancement of Mass Transit Systems in Metro Manila worth about P18.56 billion, and the New Bohol Airport Construction and Sustainable Environment Protection Project which cost some P4.63 billion - and two grant aid projects, namely, the Mini-Hydropower Development Project in Ifugao province amounting to P380.67 million; and Mini-Hydropower Development Project in Isabela province worth P62.66 million. The Capacity Enhancement of Mass Transit Systems in Metro Manila includes the development of the Light Rail Transit (LRT) Line 1 South Extension and LRT Line 2 East Extension projects while the New Bohol Airport Project involves the construction of a new airport in Panglao Island,

which is compliant with international standards. Japanese Foreign Minister Fumio Kishida earlier conveyed Tokyo's decision to extend yen loans to these projects during his visit to Manila on January 10 this year. The projects will be implemented by the Department of Transportation and Communications. The mini-hydropower development projects in the provinces of Ifugao and Isabela are part of the Department of Energy’s program to develop renewable energy resources for energy sustainability, stability and security. Hydropower is an attractive alternative source of electricity because of its minimal impact on the environment. These official development assistance projects on infrastructure development form part of the economic pillar of the Philippines-Japan Strategic Partnership. Japan continues to be the country’s top source of official development loans.

Nagkalat ang mga street children sa Zamboanga City tulad ng mga ito na nakatambay lamang sa labas ng Mindpro Mall na kung saan ay doon sila namamalimos upang may ipambili ng pagkain sa kanilang pamilya. Maging ang mga pulubi ay dumarami na rin dahil sa matinding kahirapan at kawalan ng tulong mula sa pamahalaan. (Mindanao Examiner Photo)

Gobyerno magpatuman ug “stop gap measure” aron masulbad ang problema sa enerhiya sa Mindanao DIPOLOG CITY - Ang Department of Energy n a k a t a k d a n g mopresentar ug hinanaling solusyon sa problema sa krisis sa enerhiya sa Mindanao aron matabangan ang mga patigayon batok sa kanunayng pagkawala sa kuryente, matod pa ni Presidente Benigno Aquino III. Una niini, gikataho nga nanawagan ang mga negosyante sa Mindanao kang Presidente Aquino

nga mogamit sa iyang emergency power aron masulbad ang krisis sa enerhiya sa rehiyon nga posibling maka-apektar sa dagan sa patigayon ug sa umaabot nga eleksyon sa Mayo. Sumala pa sa Hepe Ehikutibo, mipasalig ang DOE nga dunay supisyenteng supply sa tubig ang mga dagkong dam nga magsiguro nga dunay kuryente ilabi na panahon sa eleksyon. Ang nag-unang problema sa hydroelectric system mao ang siltation tungod kay ang mga basura sa suba, pun-an pa sa illegal logging nga nakadaot sa mga watershed areas maka-apektar ug dako sa kapasidad pagsupply ug elektrisidad, Sumala pa sa Presidente, ang posibling hinanaling solusyon mao

ang diesel-powered generators, tungod kay sayon raman himoon ang dieselpowered plants sa mga barges. “ D u n a y nagkinahanglan ug aksyon sa kongreso- ang hiniusang resolusyon, akong nasabtan nga maghatag kanamo ug gahum sa pagpalit niini. Ilalom sa EPIRA LAW,(Electric Power Industry Reform Act) dili na mahimong mopalit ug usab ang gobyerno ug generating capacity,” patin-aw pa sa Presidente. Duha ka paagi ang gitumbok sa PresidenteUna mao ang pagpalit. Ikaduha mao ang pagabang gikan niadtong dunay generating capacity aron masolusyonan ang kakulangan sa kuryente sa Mindanao, matod pa niya.

Ang gobyerno puwede usab nga mohunong na ug gamit ug elektrisidad gikan sa diesel-powered plants tungod sa kamahal niini. Ang mga pribadong kompaniya magsugod na ug prodyus ug baratong kuryente sa 2014 ngadto sa 2015 ug ang mga dieselpowered generators guyuron na ngadto sa mga misyonaryong lugar o kadtong gitawag nga Small Power Utilities Group areas, matod pa sa Presidente. Matod pa sa Presidente nga ang gobyerno magpahamtang ug penalidad ug multa ang gobyerno niadtong mokuha ug sobra kay sa gitugot alang kanila, matod pa sa Presidente. Pananglitan, ang dakbayan sa Zamboanga nga tua sa tumoy sa tapanan makakuha lang ug gamayng kuryente tungod kay ang mga lugar nga duol sa tap-anan dako man kaayog nakuha nga enerhiya. Luoy kaayo ang dakbayan sa Zamboanga, tungok halos mahurot na sa dili pa makaabot kanila ang kuryente, matod pa ni Presidente Aquino. (Alfonso T. Ruda)

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Identity: Mistaken A Proposal by Christianne Mae C. Balili, Jose Gabriel A. Cabaron, Bensaud O. Degusman, Khalil B. Lajarato and Varellie C. Vargas - Xavier University College of Law - Zamboanga. THE IDEA OF mistaken identity is commonly found in the plot of various movies - the leading actor is mistakenly identified by the police as that elusive criminal, he gets arrested and tortured, he makes his escape in the most action-packed way possible, and in the end he captures the real criminal who is then made to suffer the sanctions provided by law. This, however, is a farfetched happy ending for mistaken identity cases. More than ten years ago, on 20 August 2002, members of the religious group Jehovah’s Witnesses were kidnapped in Patikul, Sulu. Subsequently, a group of twenty individuals were arrested from different areas in Mindanao for allegedly participating in the commission of the said kidnapping. These twenty individuals were alleged to be members of the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG), a notorious terrorist group operating in the Philippines known for their kidnapping and extortion activities. The arrestees vehemently denied any involvement in the kidnapping and being members of the ASG, maintaining that they were innocent and mere victims of mistaken identity. They also claimed to be victims of maltreatment by the police officers while under custodial investigation. Eventually, only three out of the twenty arrestees were positively identified by the witnesses as having participated in the kidnapping. As for the rest of the seventeen, there was not enough evidence to prove their participation, much more their membership in the ASG. It was later found out that they were all arrested by mistake. To make matters worse, it was proven that they suffered physical and psychological abuse in the hands of the police while under custody. The aforementioned is a clear case of miscarriage of justice. It forms part of the myriad of both solved and unsolved cases of arbitrary arrests and mistaken identity, proof of the bitter truth of the prevalence of injustice in the Philippine “justice system”. This case should clearly expose the existence of gaps and holes in the administration of justice in the Philippines, which gaps and holes are prevalent in the area of servicing of warrants of arrest and conducting custodial investigation. This paper proposes specific procedures aimed at the reduction, if not total elimination, of cases of mistaken identity leading to miscarriage of justice in the servicing of warrants and conducting of custodial investigations. These recommend procedures are: (1) improvements in the arrest procedures; and (2) creation of a real-time centralized database. IMPR OVEMENT S IN THE ARREST PR OCEIMPRO VEMENTS PROCEDURES Major improvements in the present procedures of arrest being employed by the police force are also recommended. The current procedures employed in making an arrest start with the filing of a complaint before a judge who decides whether or not to issue a warrant of arrest. The warrant of arrest contains the name and description of the persons to be arrested. Members of the police force then serve the warrant/make the arrest. Most of the time, the person arrested is presented to the public through press releases and press conferences. The current procedures as outlined above involve areas which are susceptible to abuse constituting violation of due process and other infringement of the basic human rights of the arrestee, and result to miscarriage of justice. The first area of flaw is the filing of the complaint which serves as basis for the issuance of the warrant of arrest by the judge. In cases involving kidnapping and other heinous crimes, for obvious reasons, the complaints are not filed by the victims themselves. A complainant other than the victim gives a verbal testimony to the police officer, and the latter prepared a written complaint based on the verbal testimony. The complainant then affixes his signature on the complaint. Such a method may soil the integrity of the complaint because the police officer can fabricate the contents of the written complaint for his convenience and personal interest. He can even force the complainant to sign the fabricated complaint against the latter’s will and hide the fabrication from the judge. This flaw in the process can be cured by requiring oral statements rather than written complaints to be presented to the judge. This will greatly improve the credibility and accuracy of information received by the judge, which will be the basis for deciding whether to issue the warrant of arrest or not. The increase in the time and effort required in making the oral statements will certainly be immaterial when compared to the improved credibility and accuracy of the information/complaint. The second flaw is the person of the arresting officer. More often than not, police officers conduct their arrests alone or in a group without being accompanied by an independent witness. This gives the police officers the opportunity to make arrests according to their own dis-

cretion and identify the arrestee based solely on their own understanding of the information in the warrant. This unbridled discretion is even more pronounced when the warrants of arrest ambiguous, vague or too general. Some illminded police officers may use such flaw to further their own interests and ulterior motives. Arbitrary arrests of innocent citizens may also be done for mere publicity’s sake. To cure such defect, it is highly recommended that the arresting officer be accompanied by representatives of the Department of Justice, the Commission on Human Rights, and if possible, the witness or complainant. The representatives of the Department of Justice and the Commission on Human Rights shall ensure that the procedures employed for the arrest are in accordance with that set forth in law and that the rights of the accused during the whole process are protected. The witness or complainant should ensure the proper identification of the arrestee. Another notable flaw is the publicizing of arrests through the media. This publicity naturally tends to give a sense of credit and glory to the arresting officers. While recognition of the efforts of police officers is not in itself bad, it may tend to unduly move them to make shortcuts in the process to be able to make as many arrests as they can; hence, violating due process and the basic human rights of the arrestee. Such public exposure to the media should be controlled, if not at all avoided. Every accused is presumed innocent until proven guilty. Arrestees should not be subjected to public ridicule. CREA TION OF DA TABASE CREATION DAT Two centralized, real-time databases should be created and maintained: one for the accused and suspects, and the other for informants and agents of the peace force. The importance of this is emphasized in the cases of alleged terrorists who are at large. The first database for accused and suspects shall contain a list of all known terrorists groups and their affiliates. It shall include information such as the name, family background, educational background, associations, etc., and identification pictures of known terrorists – both arrested and at large in the national and international front. Every arrest made on account of alleged terrorism will be entered into the database, such update being real-time. The database will be maintained by the Chief of Police of every precinct and be regularly checked by representatives from the Department of National Defense and the Department of Justice. Such database will also be made available and accessible for regular inspection by representatives of the Commission on Human Rights. Maintenance and operation of such a database is for the purpose of ensuring that information regarding terrorists is updated and wellmaintained. This will ensure that only those who are identified as the proper subject of warrants are arrested, and the innocent shall remain free from any arbitrary arrest. For example, information is received regarding an individual, X, who has a name identical to that of an identified terrorist. The arresting officer will check the database to confirm the identification of the individual. If it matches the identification of the individual as provided in the database, then the latter shall be arrest. Otherwise, the arrest procedures will be held in abeyance and the identity of the individual will have to be rechecked. Eventually, the warrant of arrest will be cancelled when it is proven that such is a case of mistaken identity. Another purpose of the database is to provide information to the arresting officer on the identities of the terrorists in the locality and nearby places. This is helpful as terrorists are known to be transferring from one place to another. the police force to ensure an efficient and effective administration of justice. USION ONCLUSION CONCL No justice system is perfect. At the time being, the Philippine justice system may be in an imperfect state. However, neither is it in a terminal state. The Philippine justice system is evolving and progressing towards becoming a better and improved system of protection, not only of the public and the victims, but equally of the arrestees and the accused. As the English jurist William Blackstone in his seminal work, Commentaries on the Laws of England, say, "It is better that ten guilty persons escape than that one innocent suffer"1. With this principle in mind, we strongly believe that the improvements in the arrest proceedings and the creation of real-time centralized databases, as discussed in the foregoing, will greatly help pave the way towards that envisioned society of justice. Through the continuous support and teamwork of the officials and members of the police force, the Executive Branch, the Legislative Branch, the Judicial Branch of the Government and the public at large, such a major transformation in the justice system is not impossible and far-fetched.

Apr. 1-7, 2013

Malaysia captures 2 key leaders of Sulu sultan in Sabah ZAMBOANGA CITY – Malaysian authorities have captured two important members of the Sultanate of Sulu in separate operations in Lahad Datu town in Sabah where security forces are pursuing the group. Police said local villagers have tipped off authorities about the two men – one a logistic officer and the other a military strategist – who were part of a 200 loyal followers of Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram. Authorities said only 50 of the original members of the rag-tag army are being pursued by troops because many of them had been either killed or captured in fierce clashes in Sabah, an island being claimed both by Malaysia and the Sultanate of Sulu.

Malaysia said it killed more than 60 of the sultan’s men and captured over 300 people who were

either supporting or aiding the group of Sultan Jamalul, who sent his brother Raja Muda Agbimuddin to Sabah in February to lead the group. Police said many of those killed in the Malaysian offensive were found carrying amulets or talisman; others had mystic words tattooed on their body believing it would

save them from death or give them invincibility and supernatural powers. But police said many of the sultan’s fighters were not saved by their belief in the supernatural and died from mortar explosions and gunshot wounds. Mysticism is considered taboo in Malaysia, but in the Muslim provinces in the southern Philippines, many believed in talisman and amulets that supposedly give them supernatural power or ability to be invisible to enemies, among other folktales. Authorities said Raja Muda Agbimuddin managed to escape the assault in Sabah and has fled to the southern Philippine province of Tawi-Tawi. (Mindanao Examiner)

Malaysia humirit ng DNA samples sa Pinas! Hindi umano ibibigay ng Malaysia ang mga bangkay ng napaslang na miyembro ng Sultanate of Sulu kung walang maibibigay ng DNA samples ang kanilang mga kaanak. Napatay ng Malaysian security forces anf 62 followers ni Sulu Sultan Jamalul Kiram na kabilang sa 200 ipinadala nito sa bayan ng Lahad Datu nuong nakaraang buwan sa pangunguna ng kapatid nitong si Raja Muda Agbimuddin upang panindigan na pagaari hg

Sultanate of Sulu ang Sabah. Ang Sabah ay kabilang ngayon sa 15 estado at teritoryo ng Malaysia, ngunit ibinigay ito ng Brunei sa Sultan ng Sulu nuong 17th century bilang pabuya sa pagtulong nito sa magapi ang rebelyon doon. Nais ngayon ni Deputy Inspector-General of Police Tan Sri Khalid Abu Bakar na mailibing ang mga bangkay dahil sa hindi na rin ito magkasya sa mga mortuaries ng pagamutan sa Sabah at sa nakaambang peligro ng sakit na posibleng makuha sa mga

naagnas na bangkay. Tinatayang nasa 50 na lamang umano ang tagasunod ni Raja Muda dahil marami na sa mga ito ang nadakip sa mga nakalipas na araw at sa huling pahayag ng Malaysia ay mahigit na sa 300 ang biha nito at karamihan ay hinuli dahil sa hinalang tumutulong ang mga ito sa Sultanate of Sulu. Sampuang parak at sundalo rin ang nasawi sa panig ng Malaysia dahil sa sagupaan. (Mindanao Examiner)

DPT immunization gikatakdang pahimoon karong bulan sa Abril DIPOLOG CITY - Gikatakdang ipahigayon ang DiphtheriaPertusis-Tetanus immunization karong umaabot bulan sa Abril ning tuiga alang niadtong mga kabataan nga nagpangidaron ug upat katuig ug onse ka bulan. Nasayran ning buhatan sa impormasyon gikan ni Donabelle Velasco ang Coordinator of Expanded Program on Immunization and Animal Bite Treatment Center sa City Health Office ning dakbayan sa Dipolog . Ang nasangpit nga kalihukan ang magahatag ug prayoridad niadtong mga bata nga wala nakahuman sa ilang DPT immunization sa dihang usa pa sila ka puya. Usa kini ka follow-up booster dose diin door-to-door ang pagsebisyo niini alang sa pagsiguro sa kalamposan ning maong bakuna. Nasayran usab nga sa matag pagbakuna, duna’y gibana-banang vaccine failure nga mokabat sa 15 %, busa aron sa pagpahugot niini, gikinahanglan gayud nga ang tanang bata nga duna’y pangidaron sa nasangpit sa unahan ang mahatagan sa maong serbisyo. Busa subay niini, gi-awhag karon ni Velasco ang tanang ginikanan nga andamon ang ilang mga anak aron mahatagan sa nasangpit nga pagpabakuna. Subay sa maong kalihukan, gi-awhag usab sa inahan ning dakbayan Mayor Evelyn Uy ang tanang mga ginikanan nga duna’y mga gagmay’ng anak sa pagsanong sa kalagdaan sa buhatan sa panglawas, aron kaproteheran sa mga inahan ang ilang mga anak gikan sa mga nagkalain-laing sakit nga posibleng motumaw gumikan sa kapakyas unya sa pagpahimulos ning nasangpit nga bakuna.

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The Mindanao Examiner

Apr. 1-7, 2013

Prague Film Festival exhibits Pinoy films, honors director Brillante Mendoza

UNA senatorial bet JV Ejercito Estrada is welcomed by a huge crowd in one of his campaign sorties. Ejercito Estrada is a son of former President Joseph Estrada.

MANILA - Five films from the Philippines have been shown at the Prague International Film Festival or FebioFest from March 14 to 22. The five films included Director Jun Lana’s Bwakaw, and four films by Cannes Awardwinning director Brillante Mendoza - Lola, Tirador, Captive, and Thy Womb which were given a marathon showing at the Cinestar Andel cinema. Philippine Ambassador to the Czech Republic Evelyn Garcia said: “The selection of the five films

exhibited in FebioFest was record-breaking as it marked the most number of Filipino films exhibited in the 20-year stint of the Prague film fest.” “The film showing was timely as we celebrate this year the 40th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the Philippines and the Czech Republic,” she added. Garcia said the FebioFest gave tribute to Mendoza for his works. Other honorees included Polish actor-director Jerzy Stuhr, British pro-

ducer Jeremy Thomas, Finnish director Aku Louhimies, Italian actor Giancarlo Giannini, British director Richard Lester, Austrian director Ulrich Seidl, and Czech actress Zdena Studenková. FebioFest is the largest film festival in the Czech Republic. The festival presents a wide range of contemporary and retrospective sampling of high-quality films including alternative, film-school and amateur works to a diverse viewing public.

DAVAO CITY – Palalayain na umano ng New People's Army ang bihag nitong parak sa Compostela Valley province matapos na umapela ang pamilya nito at iba pang mga grupo sa Mindanao. Bihag ng mga rebelde si Police Officer 3 Ruben Magno Nojapa, Jr., matapos itong masakote nuong Marso 18 sa isang NPA checkpoint sa bayan ng Nabunturan. Nakatakas naman ang kasamang parak nitong si Senior Police Officer 2 Randy Masambo. Mismong ang National Democratic Front, ang tumatayong political wing

ng Communist Party of the Philippines, ang naglabas ng kautusan sa NPA na palayain na ang bihag. “The release decision was based on purely humanitarian grounds in the wake of the appeal made by Nojapa's family and peace advocates that have expressed support for a negotiated settlement within the bounds of international humanitarian law,” pahayag pa ni Rubi del Mundo, ang tagapagsalita ng NPA sa Southern Mindanao. Inamin rin ni Del Mundo na inimbestigahan ng NPA ang parak upang malaman kung

maypagkakasala ito sa publiko, ngunit wala naman nakita ang rebeldeng grupo upang pahabain pa ang pagkakabihag nito. “After Nojapa's capture, he was investigated by the responsible organ of the NPA custodial force and no sufficient evidence was established to warrant his prosecution for serious crimes committed against the Filipino people and the revolutionary movement,” wika ni Del Mundo. “The prisoner’s order of release is an exercise of the political power and authority of the People’s Democratic Government. It is in compliance with the NDFP’s long-standing policy of lenient treatment of prisoners of war and its Declaration of Undertaking to Apply the Provisions of the 1949 Geneva Conventions and Protocol I and the Comprehensive Agreement on Respect for Human Rights and International Humanitarian Law.” Nanawagan rin si Del Mundo sa militar na itigil ang opensiba nito sa Compostela Valley upang matiyak ang kaligtasan ng bihag sa kanyang paglaya, ngunit tikom naman ang bibig ng mga opisyal sa pahayag ng NPA. (Mindanao Examiner)

Da vao Oriental solid behind Dav JV Ejer cito Estr ada Ejercito Estrada Bihag na parak ng NPA palalayain na MATI CITY - United Nationalist Alliance (UNA) senatorial candidate JV Ejercito Estrada visited Mati City in Mindanao’s Davao Oriental province where he was greeted and cheered by a huge crowd. Supporters and residents chanted Ejercito Estrada’s name as he motored around here in one of his recent visit to the southern Philippines, a known stronghold of the Estradas. Ejercito Estrada, a lawmaker from San Juan City and son of former President Joseph Estrada, converged in downtown Mati along with other UNA senatorial candidates where they gave their speeches. Local leaders led residents in wel-

coming Ejercito Estrada’s group. The young solon is not a stranger to Davao Oriental province, particularly in Mati, because his father extended concrete economic and financial support to the city during the incumbency of the late Mayor Francisco Rabat. And in past Presidential elections, Estrada always garnered overwhelming votes from the electorate of Davao Oriental. Political analysts here strongly believed that Ejercito Estrada will surely make it to the Senate, or even win the top spot in the mid-term polls. Ejercito Estrada is widely popular in Davao region and was one of few politi-

cians who donated to the victims of Typhoon Bopha which devastated Mindanao last year. Both father and son even went to the province to hand over some P1.7 million in cash and 200 bundles of assorted clothes for the typhoon victims though Governor Corazon Malanyaon. While in Mati City, Ejercito Estrada urged the people of Davao Oriental to work hard and help the provincial and local government efforts to bring back the glorious past of the province. The province is where the Mount Hamiguitan Range - a probable World Heritage Site - is situated. (Dol Oñez)

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Apr. 1-7, 2013



inumpir ma na ni B asilan Vice G over nor inumpirma Basilan Go ernor Al R asheed S akkalahul na nagbayad ng Rasheed Sakkalahul P4 mily on rransom ansom ang pamilyang Pino y milyon Pinoy ni A ustr alian adv entur er Warr en R odw ell Austr ustralian adventur enturer arren Rodw odwell kapalit ang kalayaan nito nito..

Sinabi ni Sakkalahul, na siyang naging negosyador sa paguusap sa pagitan ng pamilya at Abu Sayyaf, ay galing umano ang salapi kay Miraflor Gutang, 28, na siyang ibinigay ng babae at kapatid nitong si Roger bilang kabayaran sa paglaya ni Rodwell, 54, nito nuong nakaraang linggo sa Pagadian City. “It w a s Ro d we l l ’s wife who really worked hard for this negotiation to succeed and they paid four million pesos to the kidnappers,” ani

Sak-kalahul sa panayam ng Mindanao Examiner. Hi n d i n a m a n m a b a t i d n i Sa k k a l a h u l kung saan galing ang salapi at katunayan ay P 7 m i l yo n a n g u n a n g hiling ng Abu Sayyaf at ibinaba ito sa P6.5 m i l yo n h a n g g a n g s a magkasundo sa P4 milyon. “Mahirap talaga ang negosasyon pero sa awa ng Diyos ay nalagpasan rin natin ito at tayo ay n a g t a g u m p a y,” ani Sakkalahul. Sinabi pa ni Sakka-

Basilan Vice Governor Al Rasheed Sakkalahul, left, and Australian Warren Rodwell during his captivity in this screen grab from the last video released by the Abu Sayyaf. (Mindanao Examiner Photo) lahul na inamin niya ang pagbabayad ng ransom ni Gutang upang pawiin ang mga balitang nakinabang ito sa ransom. “I don’t want to be accused by anyone that I benefitted from this negotiation that’s why I came with this admis-

sion. My only mission is to save the life of Rodwell by getting him o u t f r o m t h e Ab u Sa y y a f ,” w i k a p a n i Sakkalahul. Handa rin naman si Sakkalahul na lumabas sa anumang imbestigasyon kung magpatawag ang pama-

halaang Aquino o ang bansang Australia dahil may mahigit na no-ransom policy ang dalawang bansa. “I am clean. My conscience is clean and I s we a r t o G o d t h a t I n e ve r b e n e f i t e d a n y single centavo from this negotiation, and even in

the past where I also negotiated for the safe release of other kidnapped victims, I never got any money for my own. I cannot stomach dirty money and use this to feed my family and God is my witness,” sabi pa ni Sa k k a l a h u l . (Mindanao Examiner)

Chiz, tigilan mo na si Pangulong Erap: JV Ejercito Estrada MANILA – Ipinagtanggol ni UNA senatorial candidate JV Ejercito Estrada ang kanyang amang si dating Pangulong Joseph “Erap” Estrada sa mga patutsada ni Senator Chiz Escudero ukol sa kanyang kontrobersyal at eskandalosong relasyon sa mas batang si Heart Evangelista. Ibinabato ni Escudero kay Erap ang mga bintang kung bakit dismayado ang mga magulang ni Heart sa kanyang relasyon sa dalaga. Matatandaang nagpatawag ng press conference ang mga magulang ni Heart at tahasang tinuligsa ng mga ito ang naturang pakikipagrelasyon ng kanilang anak sa mas matandang si Escudero. Sinabi pa ng ama at ina ni Heart na sa tuwing


haharap sa kanila si Escudero ay palagi itong lasing o naka-inom at hindi marunong magbigay ng respeto sa sarili nilang tahanan. Binansagan pang arogante ng mga magulang ni Heart ang pulitiko na umano'y na-brainwash na ang dalaga. Paulit-ulit naman na nakikiusap ang mga magulang ng batang aktres sa matandang si Escudero na layuan ang kanilang anak dahil wala umano itong kinabukasan sa kanya na hiwalay sa asawa. Mariin naman itinanggi ni JV Ejercito Estrada na may kinalaman ang kanyang ama sa mga batikos na tinatanggap ni Escudero mula sa pamilyang Evangelista at sa mga fans ng aktres at kaibigan.

“President Erap is busy with his own campaign in Manila. Wala sa character niya ang pagiging bengador at namemersonal. Alam naman ng lahat yan, kahit mga taong-Simbahan at mga naging kabahagi ng EDSA 2 ay nakakapagpatunay diyan,” wika pa ni JV Ejercito Estrada. Dapat umanong tigilan na ni Escudero ang pagbibintang kay Erap, na tumatakbo sa mayoralty race sa Maynila. “Sana tigilan na ang katuturo ni Chiz sa aking ama bilang nasa likod ng paglalantad ng tunay niyang pagkatao. Siya nga ang nang-iwan sa Ninong niya nuong 2010, kaya baka minumulto siya ng ginawa niya sa aking ama. Baka naman may nagawa siyang kasalanan sa ibang tao. Bakit ba lagi

Northern Mindanao


na lang si Pangulong Erap ang nakikita niya,” himutok pa ni JV Ejercito Estrada. Inaanak ni Erap sa kasal si Escudero at naging guest candidadate rin ng United Nationalist Alliance, ngunit ang Team PNoy naman ang sinamahan nito sa kabila pa ng pagiging malapit nito kay Erap at Bise Presidente Jejomar Binay. May balitang ginagamit lamang diumano ni Chiz ang kasikatan ng batang aktres para sa sariling political gains. “Sa ganang akin, kung anuman ang problemang dumarating sa atin, baka


Rep. JV Ejercito Estrada. mas magandang sa halip na maghanap sa ibang kapawa ng matuturong may sala eh mas mabuting tignan ang sarili at tanungin kung saan nagkamali. Holy Week ngayon, napa-kainam ng pagkakataon na ito para mag-reflect sa sarili at

humingi ng kapatawaran sa Maykapal at sa ating kapwa,” sabi pa ni JV Ejercito Estrada na patama naman kay Escudero. Bagsak naman si Escudero sa bagong survey na lumabas dahil sa naturang eskandalo. (Mindanao Examiner)

Zamboanga Peninsula

Mindanao Examiner Newspaper  

April 1-7, 2013

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