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Duterte pushes for land reform

PRESIDENT RODRIGO Duterte has vowed to implement a genuine land reform in the country and would make credit and loan facilities accessible to farmers. Land reform was one of the demands of the communist rebel group New People’s Army prior to the collapse of peace talks last year with the Duterte government. “With or without the talks between govern-

Founded 2006

ment and the communist, land reform will continue to be implemented. It will not end this way,” Duterte said, who recently distributed land ownership certificates to some 1,680 agrarian reform beneficiaries in Sultan Kudarat province. Duterte said he is privileged to implement genuine land reform through “strong and decisive governance" and at the same time told the state-run Land Bank of the

Sayyaf commander captured in Sulu province

Philippines to make credit and loans more accessible to farmers. “I am urging the Land Bank to look for ways and means na makarating kayo doon sa farmers at anuhin mo man ‘yang pera na ‘yan, marami na yan,” he said, describing Land Bank of the Philippines as “almost like a commercial bank” and urged them to release the funds for farmers. Continue on page 2

SULU – Filipino soldiers captured an Abu Sayyaf commander who was injured in previous clashes following an assault on his hideout last week in the southern province of Sulu where the militant group is still holding at least 10 hostages, mostly foreigners, officials said. Major Ronald

Suscano, a spokesman for the 1st Infantry Division, said members of the 32nd Infantry Battalion led by First Lieutenant Primo Passion captured Walton Juljirin, but 5 of his followers managed to escape during the Saturday fighting. No soldiers were injured or killed in the brief

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gunbattle in Taung village in Patikul town where Juljurin was tracked down in a house. Juljurin, whose group was also linked to assassinations of soldiers in the Muslim province, was left behind by his men, according to Suscano. Continue on page 2


Apr. 2-8, 2018

Duterte turf not safe from NPA

DAVAO CITY – Communist rebels staged a daring attack on President Rodrigo Duterte’s hometown of Davao in southern Philippines where they simultaneously torched heavy equipment used in government infrastructure projects in different areas there. New People’s Army (NPA) gunmen burned 10 construction heavy equipment in the villages of Callawa in Buhangin; Fatima in Paquibato, and

Dalagdag in Calinan districts. The recent attacks have stalled road construction projects in those areas. There was no report of civilian casualties in the attack and it was unknown why the military and police authorities failed to prevent the raid considering the whole of southern Philippines is under an extended period of martial law. Presidential daughter and incumbent mayor of Davao City, Sarah Carpio, has strongly condemned

the rebel attack and branded the raid as “cowardly” and the NPA as a “terrorist group”. “ We condemn the burning of 10 construction heavy equipment by the New People’s Army in three different villages of Davao City... The attacks were downright cowardly and indicate that the NPA is nothing but a terrorist group that deserves our collective rejection and condemnation,” she said in a statement released last week. Continue on page 4



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The Mindanao Examiner

Apr. 9-15, 2018

'MNLF, MILF and BBL' ‘Will Duterte be able to pull this one?’

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte discusses matters with Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) Chairman Murad Ebrahim, Bangsamoro Transition Commission (BTC) Chairman Ghazali Jaafar and MILF peace negotiator Mohagher Iqbal during a recent meeting in Davao City.


PRESIDENT R ODRIGO D uter te said he inRODRIGO Duter uterte tends to talk again with M or o N ational Mor oro National Liber ation F man N ur Liberation Frr ont (MNLF) chair chairman Nur Misuar isuarii to discuss peace talks in an effor effortt to unify iv al gr oup M or o IIslamic slamic Liber aival group Mor oro Liberaunify him with the rriv tion F oposed Frr ont (MILF) for the passage of the pr proposed Bangsamor oB asic Law (BBL). angsamoro Basic “I would be in confer- tor Mohagher Iqbal in ence with everybody and Davao City and discussed after that I will go back to the BBL which is still maybe Jolo (Sulu prov- pending in Congress. The ince) to talk to Misuari MILF is a breakaway facagain if we can come up tion of the MNLF and it is with an arrangement to unlikely Misuari will arrive at a lasting peace,” unite with Ebrahim’s he said. group. Race against time Duterte has recently met with MILF Chairman “I am racing against Murad Ebrahim as well as time. The MILF is in a with Bangsamoro Transi- hurry and has placed on tion Commission (BTC) us the burden of a Chairman Ghazali Jaafar timeline and I have and MILF peace negotia- agreed to that period. I

gave my solemn promise and I assure you I am working hard to meet the deadline,” Duterte said. Duterte has been campaigning for BBL even before winning the presidency in 2016, but he is also strongly advocating federalism and in many of his public appearances and speeches the President said if BBL fails, federalism is the next best thing for the country. He vowed to step down - even before his term ends on 2022 - as soon as the new federal government is fully functional. “Do not be afraid of a dictatorship because

NPA rebels ambush comrades who surrendered to military in Mindanao DAVAO CITY – Two communist rebels who surrendered to the militar y were killed in an ambush staged by their for mer comrades in southern Philippines, officials said. Officials said the duo surrendered recently in Compostela Valley’s Montevista town and was being escorted by soldiers and two village officials when New People’s Army (NPA) rebels attacked them and killing them. “The attacks resulted to the death of two newly surrendered NPA who are members of the Militia ng Bayan in Montevista, Compostela Valley. The NPA terrorists ambushed the surrenderees and the soldiers accompanying them,” Brigadier General Bienvenido Datuin Jr., a military spokesman, said. “The attack also endangered the lives of a barangay captain and a councillor who assisted the two former rebels. We believe that their former members are in possession of some knowledge that will expose the CPP-

NPA-NDF,” he added. Datuin said rebel forces also attacked posts in Nor th Cotabato’s Pigcawayan town and in T’boli in South Cotabato province last week, but there were no reports of casualties on both sides, although soldiers recovered an automatic rifle left behind by the NPA. He urged rebels to abandon their armed struggles and return to the fold of the law and live peacefully with their families. “We call on the remaining NPA members to wake up and instead join the mainstream society and work for peace and progress,” Datuin said, but at the same time called on the public to stay vigilant. “We call on the public to be more vigilant and report to our units on the ground any presence of terrorists and criminals in their communities. The CPPNPA-NDF respects no occasion, religious or not, in their conduct of armed atrocities,” he said, referring to the Communist Party of the

Philippines and its political arm, the National Democratic Front of the Philippines. Just last Saturday, rebel forces raided Davao City – President Rodrigo Duterte’s hometown – in southern Philippines and simultaneously torched heavy equipment used in government infrastructure projects in the villages of Callawa in Buhangin; Fatima in Paquibato, and Dalagdag in Calinan districts. The daring attacks stalled road construction projects in those areas. There was no report of civilian casualties in the attack and it was unknown why the military and police authorities failed to prevent the raid considering the whole of southern Philippines is under an extended period of martial law. Presidential daughter and incumbent mayor of Davao City, Sarah Carpio, has strongly condemned the rebel attack and branded the raid as “cowardly” and the NPA as a “terror ist group”. (Mindanao Examiner)

I will not be the one,” he said. The President said he will talk with House Speaker Pantaleon Alvarez and Senate President Aquilino Pimentel to get Congress leaders to pass BBL this year. “I will tell him Senator Pimentel (to) remember that we have a commitment to the Moro people. But at the same time, we’ll have an arrangement where everybody will be happy,” Duterte said. “I don’t think that with the MNLF, MILF and government or in joint venture with government can go wrong. We will see to it that justice is applied every day, that fairness is observed,” he said. No way! While he is pushing for BBL, Duterte reiterated his opposition to the creation of regional armed forces or police which the MILF is demanding. “I will not agree to that. If we are all Filipinos (then) why (do) you have to create an army? My army is your army. My police are your

police,” Duterte said, adding, members of the MILF and MNLF can be integrated into the Armed Forces of the Philippines. The MILF has rejected proposals for them to surrender their weapons not until BBL is passed and a new Muslim homeland is in place. Its leaders, according to political analysts, wanted to rule over the new or expanded Muslim region in Mindanao, but many Christian politicians who have landholdings and businesses in the troubled region are opposing the BBL saying many of its provisions are unconstitutional. Tr oubled past The MNLF, on the other hand, is opposed to the government peace talks with the MILF because Manila has not fully complied with the peace deal it signed with Misuari in 1996 that resulted in two deadly attacks in Zamboanga City and Sulu since 2001. The Aquino administration already signed an interim peace deal with the MILF in 2014. And Misuari inked a peace accord with Manila in September 1996 ending decades of bloody war. After the peace agreement was signed, Misuari became the governor of the Muslim autonomous region. But despite the peace accord, there was a widespread disillusionment with the weak autonomy they were granted. Under the peace agreement, Manila would have to provide a mini-Marshal Plan to spur economic development in Muslim areas in the south and livelihood and housing assistance to tens of thousands of former rebels to uplift their poor living standards. In 2001, Misuari’s loyal forces and former MNLF rebels who joined

the Philippine Army following the peace deal attacked a key military base in Sulu’s Jolo town and civilian targets in Zamboanga City in an effort to stop the government from calling an election in the Muslim autonomous region in Mindanao where Misuari was then the governor. Misuari then escaped by boat to Malaysia, where he had been arrested and deported to the Philippines and was eventually pardoned and released by then President Gloria Arroyo in exchange for MNLF support to her election bid as well as her allies in the Senate and Congress in 2004. But Misuari was also ousted by his Foreign Affairs chief Parouk Hussin, who along with Muslimen Sema, a senior leader; and other senior leaders, made up the socalled Council of 15. Sema’s group previously appointed Misuari as chairman emeritus, but he rejected the position. Sema had criticized Misuari for dragging the MNLF into disarray. The Council of 15 also accused Misuari of being incompetent as governor of the Muslim autonomous region in Mindanao. Misuari’s fall had severely affected the MNLF which is now heavily divided and rift among its leaders is becoming more apparent. Misuari also ran thrice for governor in Sulu province even while under detention, but lost miserably. And despite the previous attack, Misuari’s followers again attacked Zamboanga City in 2013. Despite the failed rebellions, Misuari remains untouchable and free due to his huge number of ar med followers in Mindanao and political dealings with Arroyo and Duterte. (Mindanao Examiner. With a report from Jelly Musico.)

Duterte pushes for land reform Continued fr om page 1 from ”Yang pera na ‘yan, bitawan na ninyo, give it to the farmers,” he said. Duterte started formal peace talks with the Na-

tional Democratic Front of the Philippines in 2016 but canceled them last year because of continued attacks of the New People’s Army on government

forces. He issued a proclamation classifying the communist group as a terrorist organization in December. (Azer Parrocha)

Sayyaf commander captured in Sulu province

Continued fr om page 1 from This was confirmed by Lieutenant Ronaldo Mateo, the battalion commander, who said the fighting lasted about 5 minutes. “Four Abu Sayyaf members were able to escape from the firefight while Walton was left behind due to his ill health condition brought about by infected wound incurred during the previous

encounter with the government forces which he participated,” Mateo said. He said troops recovered Juljurin’s hideout his automatic FN-G1 rifle, a magazine loaded with ammunition, a hand grenade and two improvised explosives. Mateo said villagers tipped off the location of Juljurin’s hideout. “The cooperation of the civilians

who reported the armed group’s presence in their area is a strong manifestation that civilians have long been tired of these Abu Sayyaf terroristc activities and now actively helping the military locate them to contribute for the total elimination of all terrorists in Sulu,” he said. There was no report about the hostages. (Mindanao Examiner)


The Mindanao Examiner

Apr. 9-15, 2018

Tour guides, boat operators promote sustainable tourism in Siargao SIARGAO ISLAND – Siargao boasts spectacular seascape and landscape, a haven for nature-lovers who are tired of chaotic urban life and want to experience a laid-back island vibe. Branded as the country’s surfing capital, it offers unparalleled waves making it a go-to destination for surfers from across the globe. The island’s tourism industry has unprecedentedly skyrocketed in popularity in recent years. But while it’s taking off, tourism stakeholders on cloud nine need to take part in nature conservation, so they won’t be drowned by a wave of insurmountable environmental problems being experienced by Boracay and other tourism destinations. Hoping to drive their place away from the unsustainable tourism path, tour guides and boat operators in the island have responded to this call. Just recently, they temporarily left their jobs for two days and attended “Be Frontliners Improving Tourism” (Be FIT), a youthled training on sustainable tourism principles and practices in the surfing town of General Luna in Siargao Island. Be FIT is one of the projects supported by the US Department of State’s Young Southeast Asian Leaders Initiative program in the Philippines. With topics on local tourism and environment situationer, community empowerment, ecofriendly guidelines on

diving and snorkelling, and tour guiding basics, the training empowered these tourism frontliners to educate the tourists about the need to preserve Siargao Island’s exceptional marine environment. “Our frontliners play an important role in sustainable tourism. They are the tourists’ source of information. When guided accordingly, tourists can enjoy nature while snorkeling, and minimize their impact to the coral reefs,” said Be FIT’s coimplementer Bryan Madera. Among the participants was tour operator and guide Adrian Camingue and being on the front lines, he said, gives them the power to make or break the future of their community and their very own tourist destination upon which they depend for a living. “As a tour guide, it’s important for us to be knowledgeable in protecting the marine environment and conserving the marine wildlife, because it’s all of us who will eventually benefit from their services,” he said. Camingue believes that “by protecting our marine environment, we will be able to sustain not just our tourism but also our fisheries production.” Of the 278,914-hectare coverage of the Siargao Island Protected Landscape and Seascape (SIPLAS), some 216,156 hectares of which comprise of marine ecosystems teeming with

vibrant coral reefs, a vital fish breeding ground providing people with food. Amazingly, SIPLAS is home to 106 species of fish and three species of marine turtles, among other threatened marine fauna. “If we want a steady stream of tourists, we have to maintain our natural resources,” said Franklyn Arcadio, development management officer for SIPLAS Protected Area Supervising Unit. “Sure, white beaches and surfing-perfect waves attract tourists,” added Arcadio, “but they also want to see a healthy coral reef ecosystem that all the more draws them.” To keep the coral reefs undisturbed by unabated tourism activities, marine conservationist Madera said proactive actions have to be done. “We need to promote proactive actions in protecting our coral reefs from harmful tourism impacts, such as coral breakage from standing and kicking, as it takes time for the coral reefs to recover,” he said. Madera went on to say that “tourists and guides should avoid any contact with the corals, and boat operators should avoid dropping anchors on the reef and use mooring buoys instead.” “We should also check the ingredients of our sunblock to make sure that it doesn’t contain oxybenzone, butylparaben, octinoxate, and 4methylbenzylidene-camphor, which can cause coral bleaching as they are toxic

to symbiotic algae that live within the coral,” he added. There is no surefire way to avoid the potentially harmful impacts of visitation to a natural area than to tell visitors to respect the place by observing tour guidelines. It should be a norm now and in the coming years as mass tourism continues to boom in the entire Siargao island, particularly in General Luna town which enjoys being the island’s center of tourism hubbub. Arcely Gallentes, General Luna’s tourism officer-designate, said the town dubbed as Asia’s surfing mecca has started to see an upsurge in tourism arrivals in 2011. “For 2016, we’ve had over 40,000 tourists, and the number incredibly doubled last year,” she said. Gallentes, however, said the influx of tourists driving economic development in the island comes with a price. Recent coastal cleanup activities in General Luna showed it grapples with its growing plastic trash problem. Left unsolved, it would specifically pose a threat to the town’s over 5,500-hectare marine sanctuary. The International Coral Reef Initiative (ICRI), which has declared 2018 the International Year of the Reef, said litter generated by tourist and leisure industries inland “can damage coral reefs when transported by rivers into coastal waters.” In fact, coral reefs around the world are under

siege from plastic debris. They starve corals of vital oxygen and light, and releases toxins enabling bacteria and viruses to invade, according to the United Nations Environmental Program (UNEP). “In a survey of 159 coral reefs in the Asia–Pacific region, published in Science this year, researchers estimate there to be a staggering 11.1 billion plastic items entangled in the corals. This number is projected to increase by a further 40 percent in just the next 7 years,” the UNEP noted. Just this month, the provincial government of Surigao del Norte, which has jurisdiction over Siargao’s 9 towns, said it is now taking steps to improve the island’s waste management system. In a GMA News Online article, Surigao del Norte First District Representative Bingo Matugas said they will be setting up a P290-million centralized solid waste management system which will be completed within the year. “Under the said project, all towns will be given dump trucks for garbage collection. Garbage collected will be dumped in a waste-toenergy facility to be built by a Korean environmental company,” Matugas was quoted as saying. As the waste facility is underway, non-profit Siargao Environmental Awareness (SEA) Movement said it will continue its advocacy of promoting a trash-free island, most especially to the traveling

community. “The persistent plastic problem in Siargao Island pushes us to keep moving, keep empowering the community. Our goal is to educate both locals and non-locals about the environmental impacts of improper waste disposal. Eventually, we encourage them to join us in doing regular cleanup activities during weekends,” said SEA Movement vice president Jolan Saavedra. Corazon Lim, also a tour operator and guide, said sustainability in the tourism industry won’t happen without the tourism frontliners themselves taking concrete, practical actions to address tourism’s inherent problem as pressing as poor waste management. “Personally, I always bring my own trash back to the boat and ask my guests to do the same. Although it’s common sense, you still need to remind them not to throw their trash into the sea,” Lim said. “If you talk like that then prove it to them, stick to what you’ve said and they will eventually follow.” True enough that tourism brings myriad of opportunities to host communities, but it also presents numerous challenges that if left unresolved may cause in the long run an irreversible damage to the natural environment. As for Siargao’s tour guides and boat operators, they are now ready to take on these challenges head-on. (Keith Anthony Fabro)


The Mindanao Examiner

Apr. 9-15, 2018

Duterte turf not safe from NPA

Continued fr om page 1 from Carpio said the NPA’s revolution is one designed to undermine democracy and development through its brand of egregious violence and extremism. The construction of roads in Buhangin, Paquibato and Calinan are now temporarily stalled because of the attacks, she said. “These road projects are being done by the City Government of Davao and the administration of President Rodrigo Duterte to end the condition of chronic poverty in the said areas. The road projects could make the deliver y of other basic services to the people faster — including health, education, agricultural development, and liveli-

hood. The said projects could change the lives of the people for the better,” Carpio said. She said the latest atrocities reveal the NPA only intends for people to continue living in a condition of poverty, which they could use as a capital in their propaganda against the government and to justify their presence in the communities where their influence and significance are waning. The attacks were carried out by rebels after private construction companies rejected extortion demands by the NPA. “And while at it, it is worth noting how this group’s recent attacks were also carried out as a retaliatory action to the refusal of the construction companies involved

in the projects to give in to the pressure of extortion by the NPAs. The military and the police have already been tasked to conduct appropriate actions regarding this,” Carpio said as she appealed anew to the public to support the police and military and condemn the rebels. “Let me reiterate my previous appeal to the people of Davao and to our partners in the peace and development movement— let us support our soldiers and police and let us openly condemn NPA as a terrorist group,” she said. There was no immediate statement from the NPA which has been fighting for a separate government in the coun(Mindanao tr y. Examiner)

Hunt for BIFF continues in North Cotabato province

Sulu Governor Totoh Tan joins Muslim scholars Ustadz Mudjahid Abdurauf, Ustadz Algamir Pandi, Ustadz Abdulajeem Taribul and Ustadz Fahmie Alih during a religious lecture which was well-attended at the Capitol Building in Patikul town. Such lectures are regularly organized to enlighten the Ummah on the true teachings and to lessen the divisive discourses on matters if faith.(Photos by Jaques Tutong)

KIDAPAWAN CITY – The hunt for Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters continues in North Cotabato province following the recent killing of its bomber in Aleosan town. Policemen foiled a possible terror attack after killing Buds Basilan. The suspect, who was travelling on a motorcycle, had opened fire on policemen manning the

roadblock in Dualing village in an attempt to evade arrest. The man was later identified as a sub-leader of the militant group tied ti ISIS. Policemen recovered an automatic pistol and an improvised explosive from Basilan’s bag and safely disarmed the device. The militant was said to have come from Midsayap village on his way to Aleosan.

Basilan, officials said, was also on its most wanted list and is facing a string of criminal charges in connection to the violent and deadly campaign of his group that police and military claimed is tied to the Islamic State. Police said it has tightened secur ity in North Cotabato following the clash. (Rhoderick Beñez. Mindanao Examiner)


The Mindanao Examiner

Apr. 9-15, 2018

Duterte signs order to take care of ex-NPA rebels PRESIDENT RODRIGO Duterte has created a task force to centralize all efforts for the reintegration to society of former communist rebels who surrendered to the government. Duterte has signed Administrative Order No. 10 creating the so-called “Task Force Balik-Loob” as the central coordinating body that will supervise the government’s reintegration efforts. The task force will be chaired by a representative from the Department of National Defense while other members include representatives from the Department Interior and Local Government, Office of the Presidential Adviser on Peace Process, Office of the President and National Housing Authority. Task Force Balik-Loob will be in charge of centralizing two existing government programs for former rebels, namely the Comprehensive Local In-

Sulu Governor Totoh Tan receives a token of appreciation from Mayor Hadar Hajiri, of Lugus town, for speaking at the graduation ceremony at Lugus National High School last week. Tan urges the graduates to be law-abiding citizens and to work hard so they can achieve their dreams and help and become a partner of the government in nation-building. (Photos by Jaques Tutong)

Army, cops search for abducted woman

PAGADIAN CITY – Secur ity forces we re searching for a woman who was abducted last week in the coastal town of Malangas in the souther n Philippine province of Zamboanga Sibugay, police said. Police said at least 7 armed men barged into a boarding house owned by Adelaida Bayno in downtown Malangas and abducted the 38year old Laarni Bandi, who works as a secretary for Celebes Marine Product. The woman was dragged out of the boarding house to a waiting motorized boat that sped off towards Muyong Island, according to Chief Inspector Helen Galvez, a regional police spokeswoman. “Abductors together with the victim allegedly fled towards Muyong Island

Police photo released to the regional newspaper Mindanao Examiner shows abducted woman Laarni Bandi. using a yellow motorized pump boat,” she said. It was not immediately known how the gunmen managed to enter the town without being detected by the police and military. Galvez said a massive secur ity force composed of soldiers and policemen were de-

ployed to track down and rescue Bandi. “Elements of the Zamboanga Sibugay Mobile Force Company, 44th Infantry Battalion, the Maritime Police, Coast Guard, Navy and Regional Mobile Force Company are now conducting hot pursuit operation while inland policemen are patrolling and conducting checkpoint operation for the possible apprehension of the abductors and recover y of the victim,” she said. No individual or group claimed responsibility for the abduction, but rebel and ransom kidnapping groups are actively operating in the province, about 210 kilometers from Zamboanga City. Bandi’s employer did not release any statement. (Mindanao Examiner)

tegration Program administered by the DILG, and the Payapa at Masaganang Pamayanan which is administered by OPAPP. “There is a need to centralize all government efforts for the reintegration of former rebels in order to maximize their socio-economic and political impact by ensuring effective and efficient implementation,” the AO reads. Other functions of the task force include the development of the Strategic Communication (StratCom) Plan and the implementing guidelines governing the reintegration efforts; address implementation issues at the national and local levels; coordinate with concerned local government units to ensure the effective and timely implementation of the reintegration efforts; provide capability assistance to concerned LGUs; pre-

pare a coordination, monitoring, evaluating and reporting mechanism that shall be used by all concerned agencies in checking the status of the reintegration efforts. And to prepare regular consolidated reports on the implementation of the reintegration efforts to be submitted to the Office of the President; regularly review and update the StratCom Plan and implementing guidelines and other mechanisms to ensure the responsiveness and effectiveness of the reintegration efforts and to call upon the assistance and cooperation of all concerned government agencies for the effective implementation of this order. Duterte previously held meetings with former rebels and vowed to give them financial assistance, education, training, and as well as integration into the Armed Forces of the Philippines. (Azer Parrocha)


The Mindanao Examiner

Apr. 9-15, 2018

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Letters from Davao: A Lenten season that marred the Philippines by Jun Ledesma A CERTAIN Victoria T. Corpuz, referred to as special rapporteur of the United Nations Commission on Human Rights and described as expert on human rights of indigenous peoples got herself busy denouncing in European forums the Duterte administration for tagging her, so she claimed, a terrorist. Not until she herself revealed that she is involved with leftist organizations identified with the CPP/NPA that she became famous or ….infamous. But never mind her. Lest we all forget, it was not Pres. Rodrigo Duterte who tagged CPP/NPA a terrorist organization. European Union and the United States of America had long identified the communist insurgents and those that support the communist rebels in the Philippines as terrorists. Duterte promised peace and fulfilled this. He allowed all sectors from varied political persuasions to participate in his government. He was derided for this but he delivered on his promises anyway. Among the first items in his agenda when he sat as President was to allocate sensitive cabinet positions to the CPP/NPA and resumed peace negotiations with the insurgents. I do not know whether Ms. Victoria told her UNCHR bosses and forum audience about this. I do not know too whether, as rapporteur, she bared before the UNCHR body that many rebel leaders cannot actually live in peace. Never mind that at one time the NPAs staged an ambush on the Presidential Security Guards maybe thinking that President Duterte was with PSG. (Duterte had a scheduled event in Bukidnon). Just about the same time the NPAs staged another ambush in Bukidnon against a police patrol succeeding in killing a police officer and an infant and critically wounding those civilians who was with the baby in a separate vehicle that was on the same route as the police patrol. Victoria forgot all these. Duterte cancelled the peace talks after that but I knew and am sure Victoria was aware that the President still sent Peace Adviser Jess Dureza in countless attempts to win a peace accord. All failed. It became apparent that Joma Sison wants to have more of the Republic of the Philippines a demand which Duterte refused to grant. Even before the decibels of her fiery speech ebbs denouncing the Duterte regime as authoritarian and out to hunt and slaughter critics including children, the New Peoples Army waged another broad daylight attack on construction firm that was building a


The Mindanao Examiner

Apr. 9-15, 2018

bypass highway in Davao City – the President’s turf. If this is not touting the government this must simply be extortion. The NPAs exacted these dastardly acts and ignominies as punishment for what they claimed was the failure of their victims to pay revolutionary tax. These are simply criminal and should be addressed the way crime and criminals should be treated. It is of strange coincidence that while Victoria was spewing lies in faraway Milan, back home the Catholic churches during the Lenten season had a common theme for their homilies: “atmosphere of violence in the homeland and soldiers driven to kill children in the governments campaign against drugs”. And yet, isn’t it a sublime irony that all the catholic churches were secured by police and military men to keep the faithful safe and secured. Victoria T. Corpuz delivered her pugnacious speech in a human rights forum. I do not know whether UNCHR sent her there for the singular purpose of denouncing Duterte or she went on her own. Either way, she must have all the euros she needed to cast aspersions against their pet peeve Duterte whom they cannot find a single piece of evidence to pin him on their contrive issues of extra-judicial killings and the Davao Death Squads. Victoria and UNCHR may have succeeded in defaming Duterte but the damaged they did to the Philippines, the land of our birth, cannot escape condemnation. I am not sure whether indeed she is in the NPA terrorist list but it will not be surprising if she made it in roll. Too many insensitive characters used innocent indigenous peoples to prop their dubious agenda and state intelligence knew this. In Davao City for example, those advancing human rights would busin IPs from distant provinces and then prod them to rally and demonstrate. They cry discordant slogans that have not been changed since the first quarter storm. What for? To raise funds. Why in Davao City? Because nobody is required to secure permit from the local government to air one’s grievances. This freedom was and still is guaranteed by the Duterte administration. Why Davao City? Because the city is the center not only of trade and commerce in Mindanao but also the communications center of the region. Here, demos and incendiary speeches are covered by the media. HRW NGOs love it. They can have droves of materials to attach to their project studies for donor foundations in Europe

and Canada to consider for funding. Ms. Corpuz must have left the Cordilleras long time ago and enjoyed the comforts of Europe just like CPP/NPA Chieftain Jose Ma. Sison, she has lost touch with the pulsating realities in the Philippines. While the NPAs stage ambuscades on soldiers and civilians, thousands have actually surrendered. While scores of drug lords and drug pushers were killed fighting to keep their syndicates and trade, over a million drug pushers and users have surrendered and under went rehabilitation and thousands had been rehabilitated. The economy grew under a healthy climate of investment and the administration has started contracting big ticket projects that include railways, roads and bridges, irrigation projects, airports upgrades, salary increases among teachers, soldiers and policemen and for farmers free irrigation water. The Philippines is no longer a subservient country and had been redeemed from being treated as vassals of overbearing powers. Victoria T. Corpuz is in the incurable state of denial. But she has to speak in the human rights forum in Europe because it is there where huge grants are derived by HRW non-government organizations are coming from. It is there where donor foundations, which are conduits of aid and grants from the EU countries, fork out money to beneficiary foundations like the HRW NGOs in the Philippines. It is so depressing and annoying that Archbishop Luis Antonio Tagle, who cannot even name his penchant in his Lenten message to the Catholic Christians, just like Victor ia, conveniently forgot that the country they described as akin to a killing field where violence is the order of the day, has in fact been rated by international rating firms as a countr y with “stable economy and investment grade”. My Tagle, my Tagle how can you be so myopic as to deny these developments and then, like Victoria, brazenly call our country in a state of violence and under a dictatorship. You freely march in the streets even without permits right? You rave and you rant and nobody gagged you. Correct? Now if you say that the voice of the people is the voice of God, think of the unprecedented approval and support that the man you are so angry at, Rodrigo Roa Duterte, and then tell us whether we are a scared nation. No we are not. Only the criminal and the terrorists are.

HEALTH: Mga Sakit ng Lalaki Payo ni Dr. Willie T. Ong 1. HEADACHE – Ang karamihan ng sakit ng ulo ay dahil sa stress o iyung tinatawag na tension headache. Su¬bukan ang acupressure massage. Dahan-dahan lang ang pagmamasahe. (1) Masahihin ang magkabilang sentido (sa harap at taas ng tainga). (2) Pisilin ang balat sa taas ng ilong at masahihin paitaas. Gawin ito nang maraming beses. (3) Masahihin ang noo sa ibabaw ng kilay mula sa gitna at papalabas. (4) Masahihin din ang mabilog na buto sa likod ng tainga. (5) Pisilin ang malaman na parte sa pagitan ng una at pangalawang daliri. Paalala lang: Huwag na huwag ipapamasahe ang iyong batok, sa likod ng leeg at sa harap ng leeg. Marami na ang naparalisa (paralyze) dahil diyan. Mag-ingat. 2. Insomnia – Uminom ng mainit na chamomile tea with honey sa gabi.

Dr. Willie T. Ong Langhapin ang usok nito. Ang chamomile ay nagpapa-relax ng katawan. Kumain din ng isang saging sa gabi. Ang saging ay may tr yptophan na nagtatanggal ng stress. Nabibili ang chamomile tea sa mga supermarket. 3. Diabetes – Ang solusyon sa diabetes ay ang pagmo-monitor ng iyong blood sugar. Matutong gumamit ng blood sugar test. Nagkakahalaga ito ng mga P3,000. Kapag nagpapa-check ng blood sugar, tusukin ang pinakamaliit na daliri, sa may tagiliran nito. Mas kaunti ang nerve fibers dito at hindi gaano masakit. Ang normal na fasting blood sugar ay

100 mg/dl o 5.5 mmol/ L o mas mababa pa. Umiwas lang sa dalawang bagay : Matataba at matatamis. Iyan lang ang bawal sa may diabetes. 4. Cancer – May mga pagkain na panlaban sa kanser. Para makaiwas sa prostate cancer, kumain ng 10 kutsarang spaghetti sauce bawat linggo. Para umiwas sa lung cancer¬, kumain nang maraming kamote. Kapag ang isang tao ay wala pang kanser, ang pinakamagandang kainin ay ang tatlong K: kamatis, karrots at kalabasa. Puwede din ang mga ito: green tea, curry powder, bawang, sibuyas, sibuyas dahon (leeks), repolyo, cauliflower, tofu o tokwa, at talong. Damihan ang pagkain ng anti-cancer foods at bawasan ang mga karne at taba. Paalala: Sa mga sakit na nabanggit, kailangan pa ring magpa-check-up sa doktor para masur i kayo ng mabuti. Mga dagdag kaalaman lang ang aking naibigay. Good luck po.

RECIPE: Salted Egg Prawns


Salted Egg Yolk Sauce Ingredients:

– 12 to 15 pieces prawn, deveined – ½ piece Knorr Shrimp Cube – ¾ cups cooking wine – ¾ cup cornstarch – 2 cups cooking oil

– 4 pieces salted egg yolk – ½ cup heavy whipping cream – 2 tablespoon butter – 2 cloves minced garlic – 2 pieces Thai chili pepper, sliced into small pieces

– 15 to 20 pieces curry leaves or hot pepper leaves

INSTR UCTIONS: INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Prepare the prawn by diluting Knorr Shrimp Cube in a cooking wine. Pour the mixture onto the prawn. Marinate for 10 minutes. 2) Heat oil in a cooking pot. 3) Discard the marinade. Dredge the marinated prawn in cornstarch. 4) Deep fry in medium heat until the prawn turns light to golden brown. Remove from the pot and set aside. 5) Prepare the salted egg yolk sauce by mashing the egg yolks in a bowl. Pour heavy whipping cream. Stir until all ingredients are well blended. 6) Melt butter in a pan. Put-in garlic, curry leaves, and chili pepper. Cook for 1 minute. 7) Add the salted egg yolk mixture. Stir and continue to cook for 2 minutes. 8) Add the deep fried prawn in the pan. Toss to coat with sauce. 9) Transfer to a serving plate. Serve. 10) Share and enjoy. (


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Apr. 9-15, 2018

Boracay finally closed!

PRESIDENT RODRIGO Duterte has ordered the closure of Boracay Island resort from tourists for six months to make way for its rehabilitation, said Presidential Spokesman Harry Roque Jr. He said Duterte approved the recommendation of the Department of Environment and Natural Resources, the Interior and Local Government, and the Department of Tourism to close Boracay starting

April 26. “Bora closed for 6 months effective 26 April,” Roque said. Senior Deputy Executive Secretary Menardo Guevarra also confirmed this and said that Duterte approved the closure of the island resort after an “exhaustive” discussion. He said calamity funds would be used to help displaced resort workers affected by the closure. Duterte had earlier threatened to close Boracay in February after lamenting that the top tourist destina-

tion has turned into a “cesspool” due to its poor sewage system. He warned that if the environmental problems are not addressed, there will be a time that no foreigners will want to visit the island. Over the years, tourism and development have taken a toll on the world-famous island resort known for its fine white sand and turquoise waters. Over two million tourists visited Boracay last year. (Azer Parrocha)

Bring 'Passport on Wheels' to Cebu, Mayor asks DFA CEBU CITY - Mayor Tomas Osmeña has asked the Department of Foreign Affairs (DFA) to send its “Passport On Wheels” to Cebu and help decongest the surmounting volume of pending passport applications here. Osmeña said he is hopeful of getting a posi-

tive response from the DFA, whose program he believes would help solve the pending passport applications as well as online appointments in the agency. He said a letter he wrote was already forwarded to DFA Assistant Secretary Frank Cimafranca just recently.

He said it is disheartening to learn that Cebuanos have to go to either Tacloban City or Dumaguete City to get their passports because it takes about five to six months to get an appointment schedule in Cebu, prompting him to make the request. (Luel Galarpe)

DOT conducts visitor surveys in Palawan THE DEPARTMENT of Tourism (DOT) said it is set to conduct visitor surveys in tourist destinations in Palawan and this includes Puerto Princesa Cuty, Coron and El Nido to update their profile details in Occidental and Oriental Mindoro, Marinduque, Romblon, and Palawan. Rutchel Alcantara of the Provincial Tourism Promotions and Development Office (PTPDO) said they would focus on doing Accommodation Establishment Visitor Survey, Tourist Attraction Visitor Survey and Departure Points Visitor Survey. “These surveys will help in the planning of tourism activities, projects, and programs to further develop the tour-


ism industry in the province and the region,” she said, adding, the surveys will specifically determine the profiles of visitors, their travel characteristics, and the effects of tourism to the economies of both towns. “They will help in making plans and programs for tourism. Through these surveys, we will be able to see how they are contributing to local economies. We will get the lengths of stay of the tourists, what their expenses are, and what we call revenue of tourism receipts,” she added. She said when the surveys have been collated, the DOT and the province would be able to plan appropriate activity programs for the tourists. “Through the surveys, we will be able to upgrade the services we

provide and we will be able to bridge any gap we would see,” Alcantara said. In Puerto Princesa, surveys will be carried out in the Underground River in the villages of Cabayugan; Honda Bay in Santa Lourdes, and Crocodile Farm in Irawan. In El Nido, in Bacuit Bay and Nacpan Beach; and in Kayangan Lake, Coron Island, and Maquinit Hotspring in Coron. And also Departure Points Visitor Survey will be done at the Puerto Princesa International Airport, Lio Airport in El Nido, and Francisco B. Reyes Airport and Coron Seaport in Coron town. Students of the Palawan State University (PSU) will participate as enumerators. (Celeste Anna Formoso)

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Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper Apr. 9-15, 2018  

Apr. 9-15, 2018

Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper Apr. 9-15, 2018  

Apr. 9-15, 2018