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Malaysia disputes Cayetano statement on Myanmar crisis MALAYSIA has disassociated itself from the statement issued by the Association of South East Asian Nations (ASEAN) current chair Philippine Foreign Minister Alan Peter Cayetano. They expressed “concern over the recent developments in Northern Rakhine State of Myanmar” saying it does

Founded 2006

not depict the reality and did not mention the persecuted Rohingya Muslims. The statement issued by Cayetano at the sidelines of the ongoing United Nations General Assembly in New York did not reflect Kuala Lumpur’s concerns, said Malaysian Foreign Minister Anifah Aman. “Malaysia would like

to disassociate itself with the Chairman Statement as we are of the view that it is a misrepresentation of the reality of the situation,” Aman said as quoted by GMA News. “Malaysia has made known its concerns but they were not reflected in the Chairman Statement,” he added. Continue on page 4

Half of Filipinos don't believe police accounts of drugs war deaths: poll MANILA - Around half of Filipinos believe many people killed in the country’s war on drugs were neither drug dealers nor violently resisted arrest as police maintain, according to an opinion poll released last week. The survey of 1,200 Filipinos by Social Weather Stations (SWS) conducted in late June

also showed that 50 percent of respondents felt many victims were falsely identified by their enemies as drug users and pushers, and were then killed by police or shadowy vigilantes. Thousands of mostly urban poor Filipinos have been killed during President Rodrigo Duterte’s 15-month-old war on drugs, either during police

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operations or by mysterious gunmen. The crackdown has come under unprecedented scrutiny in recent weeks, due largely to the highprofile Aug. 16 killing of a 17-year-old student, among the 90 people killed in less than a week of intensified police raids. Continue on page 3


Oct. 2-8, 2017

President Rodrigo Duterte (Photo by Michael Rey Baniquet)



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The Mindanao Examiner

Oct. 2-8, 2017

Duterte, iniimbestigahan ng Ombudsman!

INAIIMBESTIGAHAN NG OMB UDSMAN ang OMBUDSMAN mga financial tr ansaction sa ibat-ibang banko transaction ni P angulong R odr igo D uter te at ng kanyang Pangulong Rodr odrigo Duter uterte pamilya dahil na rrin in sa alegasy on ni S enator alegasyon Senator Antonio Trillanes IV na mayr oong tagong-yaman ang mayroong mga ito ito.. Hawak na rin ng Om- ngunit nag-inhibit umano budsman ang mga talaan sa imbestigasyon ng ng mga transaksyon ni tanggapan sa Duterte sa mga banko mula kadahilanang pamangkin ng ito ay mayor pa at nito ang abogadong si ngayon Pangulo ng bansa. Manases Carpio na asawa Galing umano ito sa Anti- naman ng anak ni Duterte Money Laundering Council na si Sara, ang (AMLC) ang mga record ni kasalukuyang mayor ng Duterte sa banko, ayon kay Davao City. Overall Deputy OmbudsNabatid naman kay man Arthur Carandang. Carandang na base sa mga Si dating Associate Jus- record mula sa AMLC, tice ng Supreme Court, umabot diumano sa daanConchita Carpio-Morales, daang milyong piso ang ang siyang pinuno ng Of- mga transaksyon sa mga fice of the Ombudsman, banko ng pamilyang

Duterte sa loob ng isang dekada – mula 2006 hanggang 2016. Ngunit nilinaw naman nito na ang salapi ay labas-masok sa mga banko kung kaya’t mahirap sabihin ang kabuuang halaga nito. Ito rin ang pahayag ni Carandang sa ABS-CBN. “'Yung billions kasi, baka in-add nila yung lahat ng transactions, may P20 million, P20 million, P20 million, P60 million, pag in-add mo, aabot talaga ng billions, may P50 million, ang dami,” ani Carandang. Dahil sa plunder complaint ni Trillanes laban kay Duterte, pormal na hiniling ng Ombudsman sa AMLC na busisiin ang

mga record sa banko ng pamilyang Duterte. Matatandaang naghain ng plunder complaint si Trillanes noon 2016 sa Ombudsman dahil sa alegasyon nitong may “ghost employees” ang Davao City Hall at ito ay base diumano sa Commission on Audit report na walang pruweba na mayroong 11,000 contractual employees na kinuha ang lokal na pamahalaan noon 2014. Ayon pa kay

Trillanes ay umabot sa P700 milyon ang ginasyos ng Davao City government sa mga diumano’y contractual employees. Inakusahan pa ni Trillanes si Duterte ng hindi pagdedeklara sa kanyang Statement of Assets and Liability and Net Worth ng P11 milyon sa banko. Nauna ng itinanggi ni Duterte ang mga paratang ni Trillanes at kamakailan lamang ay sinabi nito na ang kanyang yaman ay

mula sa mga minana sa kanyang magulang. Sinabi naman ni Presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella na walang itinatago ang Pangulo. Ilan beses na rin sinabi ni Duterte sa mga nagaakusa sa kanya na maglabas ng mga ebidensya at kung mayroong silang Makita na kahit isa ay agad rin itong magbibitiw sa puwesto. (Mindanao Examiner. May karagdagang ulat mula sa ABS-CBN)

Maguindanao’s security tightened COTABATO CITY – Soldiers and policemen tightened its security in Maguindanao province in the restive Muslim autonomous region in southern Philippines where security forces are battling insurgents. The heightened security came following a twin bomb explosions recently that injured four security personnel and village officials. The improvised explosives went off successively in Datu Odin Sinsuat town near an army training camp and wounded a policeman, a soldier and two village leaders. The bombs were planted along the road and exploded hitting the soldier who was near the area. The second explosion injured the trio investigating the blast. No individual or group claimed responsibility for the attacks, but the

troubled province is a known stronghold of the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters (BIFF) and local ISIS militants now battling security forces in Maguindanao and in the besieged city of Marawi. The 6th Infantry Division and the Western Mindanao Command did not release any statement on the twin blasts, but police have tightened security in the town, putting up checkpoints and deployed more patrols to prevent similar attacks in the future. It was unclear how the bomber managed to sneak near the army camp and planted the explosives without being detected despite the current military rule in Mindanao. The blasts came days after an alleged BIFF bomber was captured by the army in Midsayap town in the neighboring province of

North Cotabato. Several weapons and materials in the manufacture of improvised explosives were also seized from the jihadist, whose identity was not released by the military, saying, the man is currently being interrogated. Security forces and militants have been fighting sporadically since August in Maguindanao and troops, aided by BIFF rival group Moro Islamic Liberation Front, had recovered over two dozen improvised explosives from the clashes in the towns of Shariff Saydona Mustapha, Talayan and Datu Salibo. At least 7 soldiers were injured in the clashes since August with the military insisting it killed more than five dozen BIFF fighters, although it did not provide evidence of its claims. (With a report from Rhoderick Beñez)


The Mindanao Examiner

Oct. 2-8, 2017


Half of Filipinos don't believe police accounts of drugs war deaths: poll

President Rodrigo Duterte (PCOO Photo)

Duterte branded ‘tyrannical’ ruler

DAVAO CITY – Tyrannical ruler! That’s what communist rebels branded President Rodrigo Duterte as the New People’s Army – which is fighting for a separate rule in the Philippines – urged the public to unite with the billowing wave of resistance against tyranny. Rubi del Mundo, a rebel spokesman, said extra-judicial killings by state forces continue in the country with more than 8,000 people dead in Duterte’s anti-drug war. He said more than a dozen mostly natives or indigenous people were also murdered in the southern region of Mindanao and the killings still continue relentlessly. “Four months into its implementation, the evils of martial law declared by the President Rodrigo Duterte, are pushing the masses in the region to fight in the face of escalating toll of human rights violations perpetrated by the Armed Forces and the

police, and paramilitary forces,” he said, adding, in Southern Mindanao alone since May, security forces had committed at least 68 cases of human rights violations against peasants, Lumad, Moro and other sectors. Sixteen civilians were victims of extra-judicial killings for either being a Lumad, a peasant or actively opposing the anti-people policies of the reactionary government. Del Mundo said Duterte’s atrocious war on drugs has claimed lives of poor Filipinos while the rich and powerful drug syndicates continue to escape his selective justice, save for a few of his political opponents. “He continues to mock the millions of victims of this dark past—thousands of whom were from Davao City and around Southern Mindanao—by frequently declaring that Marcos’ mar-

tial law was very good and conspiring to reestablish the Marcos clan in position and strengthen their hold in national politics,” Del Mundo said. He said the NPA has steadily recruited members in the South and vowed to continue offensive operations against security and government targets. “Democratic struggle and armed revolution flourished during the 14 years of Marcosian martial rule. Duterte’s copycat dictatorial rule will trigger the massive recruitment of young idealistic peasants, workers and petty-bourgeois into the NPA and the underground revolutionary movement and fight the hated regime,” he said. There was no immediate statement either from the military or police or Duterte on Del Mundo’s claims. (Mindanao Examiner)

Continued fr om page 1 from The latest SWS poll predates those events. Forty-nine percent of respondents believed many of those killed by police were not drug dealers, and 54 percent felt many victims had not resisted arrest. The survey suggests doubts among Filipinos about the official stance of the Philippine National Police, which states those killed in anti-drugs operations were dealers, and had refused to go quietly. Police say that has been the case in more than 3,800 incidents in which deaths occurred. The poll also indicates some scepticism about the methods and effectiveness of intelligence-gathering and community campaigns to identify drug users in need of rehabilitation, some of whom, activists say, have been killed after their names appeared on “watch lists”. Duterte’s crackdown has caused international alarm, though domestic polls have shown Filipinos are largely supportive and believe it has made the streets safer. Duterte’s office frequently cites polls, including SWS, as a sign of his public support. But presidential spokesman Ernesto Abella cast doubts about the accuracy of the latest survey, saying it contained “leading and pointed questions that may have unduly influenced the answers”. “We expect pollsters to exercise prudence and objectivity to

arrive at a closer approximation of public sentiment,” he said in a statement. Activists accuse the PNP of executing drug suspects under the guise of sting operations, or of colluding with hit men to kill drug users, allegations the PNP vehemently denies. Duterte’s political opponents say he has made bellicose statements that incite police to commit murder, which he rejects, arguing that his instruction to security forces has always been to kill only when their lives were in danger. Only a fifth of those polled by SWS disagreed with the statement that police had killed many people who had posed no threat to them. A quarter were undecided. Twenty-three percent of respondents believed those killed were drug pushers, as police report, and 27 percent were undecided. Half of those surveyed believed false accusations of drug involvement were behind many killings by police, while 21 percent disagreed with that and 28 percent were undecided. The survey showed higher percentages of those polled in Manila, which has borne the brunt of the drugs killings, felt many victims had neither sold drugs nor fought police, and were being falsely linked to the trade. Phelim Kine, Human Rights Watch Deputy Asia Director, said the findings by the Social Weather Stations

are not surprising given the critical mass of compelling evidence compiled by Human Rights Watch and investigative journalists that clearly demonstrates that Philippine National Police personnel and their agents have for the past 15 months conducted an unlawful killing campaign under the cynical veneer of "antidrug" operations. He said Human Rights Watch research documented cases based on eyewitness accounts that contradicted the claims by the police and the government that the thousands of victims of the drug war men, women and children were all shot dead because they fought back. HRW's research into many of these anti-drug operations clearly shows the intent of police and their agents to summarily execute the victims. Police claims that the victims fought back - hence forcing the police to shoot them down - were thoroughly debunked in most of the cases Human Rights Watch documented, he further said. “What's needed now is for concerned Filipinos to add their voices in support of Human Rights Watch's call for a United Nation-led investigation into the drug war as a means to end the slaughter and provide accountability for the victims,” Kine said. (Reuters. With reports from Carlos Conde and the Mindanao Examiner)


The Mindanao Examiner

Oct. 2-8, 2017


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Malaysia disputes Cayetano statement on Myanmar crisis Continued fr om page 1 from Aman disputes that the Chairman’s statement, having disregarded its inputs, “was not based on consensus.” It has also omitted the Rohingyas in the affected communities in the Myanmar crisis. “Malaysia expressed grave concerns over such atrocities which have unleashed a full-scale humanitarian crisis that the world simply cannot ignore but must be compelled to act on,” said Aman. “Malaysia strongly urges the government of Myanmar to end the violence, stop the destruction to lives and properties, allow immediate unimpeded access for the delivery of humanitarian aid to the Rohingyas and all affected communities,

and to resolve the Rohingya refugee problem,” he added. “Viable and long-term solutions to the root causes to the conflict must be found in order for the Rohingyas and the affected communities to be able to rebuild their lives.” Being the current chair of the ten membernation regional bloc which is composed of countries such as Brunei, Cambodia, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam, Manila has the option to set the language in the issuance of Chairman’s statements unlike the joint communique wherein contents are argued and negotiated by the members. Malaysia’s

opposition came as a surprise as the ASEAN has relied greatly on the principle of consensus. Cayetano, on behalf of the ASEAN, ”expressed concern over the recent developments in Northern Rakhine State of Myanmar” and “condemned the attacks against Myanmar security forces” and “all acts of violence which resulted in loss of civilian lives, destruction of homes and displacement of large numbers of people.” “Foreign Ministers acknowledged that the situation in Rakhine State is a complex inter-communal issue with deep historical roots,” said the Chairman’s statement. (With a report from AP and GMA News)

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More a ton of Mangosteen from Sulu province is being shipped to different market places in Manila.Sulu is known for its huge plantations of Mangosteen and native Durian. (Mindanao Examiner Photo)


The Mindanao Examiner

Oct. 2-8, 2017

ISIS in Mindanao: A Threat to the U.S.? by David S. Maxwell

WE SHOULD be clear: Mindanao is not Syria, Iraq, or Afghanistan. We cannot approach a province of our longest standing treaty ally the same way we do in Syria or any of the other 18 or so countries to which the ISIS virus as spread. As ISIS nears defeat in Syria and Iraq it is trying to keep its ideology alive by spreading to other countries where it is taking advantage of conditions of political resistance that weaken governments and provide safe havens for training, recruiting, and eventual resurrection of its quest for the Caliphate. This is what appears to have attracted ISIS to Mindanao. The attraction is mutual, as threat groups such as the Abu Sayyaf Group (ASG) and the Maute Group have embraced the ISIS ideology to enhance their legitimacy and gain recruits, resources, and respect. Does this phenomenon in the Philippines and its neighboring countries pose a significant security threat to the U.S. that requires a U.S. military response? Appr eciate the C ontext ppreciate Context While the ISIS presence makes the headlines, it is important to remember that the Philippines and its neighbors are sovereign nations that are established, relatively stable, and advanced compared to Syria and other ISIS locales. However, the Philippines face myriad threats that complicate the security situation. These range from the external threat of China and the territorial dispute to the existential threat posed by the Communist Party of the Philippines (CCP) and the New Peoples Army (NPA) which seek to overthrow the government. President Duterte’s drug war also garners much of the headlines. In Mindanao, in addition to the NPA, there is the continued friction with rogue elements of the Moro National Liberation Front (MNLF) despite the 1996 peace agreement that established the Autonomous Region of

Members of the Philippine jihadist group pose for propaganda photo in this screen shot taken from the website of the Islamic State. Muslim Mindanao. There are the terrorist groups of the ASG and the Indonesian based Jemaah Islamiyah (JI). There are also clan conflicts (ridos) and sometimes-violent competition among local political groups. Lastly, among the major threats, there is the Moro Islamic Liberation Front (MILF) that seeks return of its ancestral domain and has nearly reached a peace agreement with the government though it has not been fully implemented. These conflicts together pose a serious challenge to the central government and regional structures, and this leads to sanctuary within Mindanao that allows various groups to survive and thrive. Although there is no unified resistance to the central government, the widespread but disparate political resistance creates a cauldron that breeds political violence that ISIS has begun to exploit. Understand the P Prroblem The nature of the problem is not solely a security threat. Although the Marawi siege with the Maute Group is a lightning rod that brings focus on ISIS, it is only a symptom of the underlying problem. It is a Philippine problem and a problem that can only be solved in the long term by the Philippine government at the national, provincial, and local levels.

To illustrate this, I will share one anecdote. In 2007, I participated in a meeting with US diplomats and MILF leadership in their headquarters in Cotobato. The purpose of the meeting was to express US support of the ongoing peace process and inform the MILF that a peace agreement will bring US support to the MILF just as USAID did in 1996 for the MNLF when it signed the peace agreement. The MILF leadership was quite clear that while they appreciated all the development support the U.S. and the international community would provide, if their political problems were not addressed and solved by the Philippine government, their insurgency would continue. This can be applied to most of the threats in Mindanao. The political problems that exist, from the national to the province to the barangay or village level are exploited by groups who seek to use political resistance and political violence to develop their own political power. The U.S. executed Operation Enduring Freedom-Philippines (OEF-P) under the authority of the 2001 AUMF which limited U.S. support to the security forces only conducting operations against Al Qaeda-linked organizations which at the time were the ASG and the JI. As described, the problems in the Philippines go

beyond AQ, just as they go beyond ISIS. It is a problem when the U.S. myopically focuses on a narrow threat that is only in its interests and does not take a holistic approach to the broader challenges faced by its ally. While ISIS does not pose a direct threat to the U.S. from Mindanao, the political and security problems of the Philippines can serve as an incubator to allow the ISIS threat and others to metastasize and spread throughout the region. If left unchecked it could use Mindanao as a sanctuary to rest, refit, and train new recruits. It could exploit the maritime routes to move extremists to new targets of opportunity when it is ready to strike again. At the very least, ISIS can use Mindanao to keep its ideology alive so that it one day can regain strength to attempt to reestablish its Caliphate somewhere. Dev elop an A pevelop Appr oach proach How should the U.S. respond to the emergence of the ISIS threat in Mindanao? First, the Philippine government must request additional support. Despite the end of OEF-P in 2015 the U.S. has continued to provide security assistance in the Philippines to include advice and assistance with the ongoing siege in Marawi. Second, just as in OEF-P in 2001 it must conduct a thorough assessment of the situa-

tion in complete coordination with the Philippine military that will lead to a combined campaign plan that will integrate US support to the security forces. The assessment will assist the Philippine government in determining the acceptable durable political arrangement necessary to stabilize the region. This will also ensure that Philippine and U.S. interests are sufficiently aligned. Third, the American Embassy in 2006 coined the phrase ”Diplomacy, Development, and Defense” (3D) and as in 2006 the effort needs to be holistic and led by the Chief of Mission to ensure full U.S. interagency support to the Philippines. A military only or military led mission is insufficient. The approach must focus on assisting the Philippines more broadly than simply combatting ISIS. It must support Philippine development and political solutions as well as security. Fourth, the U.S. should act as part of a coalition of friends, partners, and allies. Recent reports indicate that Australia has made the largest financial commitment to the situation in Marawi, along with the U.S. Japan, Thailand, and the EU. China has provided the fifth largest contribution with the bulk for medical support of soldiers wounded in Marawi. Although there are complexities that come with this approach, working as part of a coalition will minimize the focus on the

U.S. and allow for greater and more effective support to the Philippines rather than the U.S. being the sole focal point for political opponents. Fifth, the U.S. must use the right tools and forces for the mission from the capabilities of USAID to the appropriate military advisory forces from across the spectrum to include civil affairs and psychological operations as well as special forces who have developed decades long relationships with members of the Armed Forces of the Philippines. These forces are well suited for operating “without being in charge” as they recognize that this is a Philippine problem and a Philippine fight. This is not “leading from behind.” This is the appropriate understanding of the relationship between U.S. Special Operations Forces (SOF) and host nation forces in a sovereign nation. A consideration for any support provided cannot be narrowly focused on ISIS and most certainly cannot use a similar approach as the U.S. has used in Syria and Iraq. On the one hand, the challenges are bigger than ISIS, so the support to the Philippines must be broader. On the other, a myopic focus on ISIS will enhance its legitimacy and provide fuel for growth. It should be treated as a symptom and not the disease in the Philippines. This must be an important theme in a supporting information and influence activities campaign. In conclusion, ISIS is a growing global threat that is seeking to sustain itself for the long term even as it appears on the verge of defeat in Syria and Iraq. It will exploit local political conditions in countries where it can find sanctuary so that it can live to fight another day. However, in the Philippines, ISIS is only one security challenge. The U.S., if requested, can provide advice and assistance to support a 3D approach diplomacy, development, and defense - that can reduce the ISIS threat by supporting Philippine political solutions. (First published on

Traffic control inutil sa Zambo

Ganito kawalan ng disiplina ang mga motorcycle riders sa Zamboanga City at harap-harapan ang bastusan kahit sa mga nagmamandong pulis-trapiko na wala naman magawa sa mga paglabag sa kalye. Bukod pa rito ang mga overloaded jeep na kahit sa bubungan ay puno ng pasahero. (Mindanao Examiner Photo)

ZAMBOANGA CITY – Tila inutile na ang pamahalaan ng Zamboanga at Land Transportation Office sa pagpapatupad sa batastrapiko dito sa kabila ng maraming mga paglabag sa kalye ng mga motorcycle riders at tsuper ng mga pampasaherong jeepney. Maging ang Traffic Section ng lokal na pulisya ay wala rin magawa kontra motorista na lumalabag sa batas-trapiko. Talamak rin ang mga kolorum na jeepneys at tricycle dito. Minsanan lamang rin ang kampanya ng LTO at ng pulisya sa mga lumalabag sa batas, partikular dito ang mga nagka-counter flow ng mga motorsiklo at tricylce

at mga overloaded na jeepneys na maging ang bubungan ay puno ng pasahero. Sa kabila ng pasulputsulpot na operasyon nito ay tila bulag naman ang mga awtoridad sa mga paglabag sa batas-trapiko. Hindi lamang peligro ang dulot nito sa mga pasahero kundi ang tahasang kawalan ng respeto ng mga tsuper sa naturang batas. Naunang idinahilan ni LTO regional director Aminola Abaton na kulang sila ng tauhan kung kaya’t hindi maaksyunan ang mga paglabag na ito. Maging ang City Hall at ang Traffic Section ng pulisya at Highway Patrol

Group ay wala rin aksyon sa matagal ng problema sa mga abusadong tsuper at ang walang-katapusang paglabag sa batas ng mga jeepney drivers. Idinadahilan naman ng ibang mga opisyal na kakaunti lamang ang jeep na bumibiyahe or kaya ay madalang na ito sa gabi, partikular sa east coast ng Zamboanga, ngunit hindi naman nakasaad sa batas o maaaring gamitin dahilang ng overloaded jeeps. Hanggang walang malagim na aksidente ng mga overloaded jeeps at patuloy ang paglabag ng batas sa trapiko sa Zamboanga. (Mindanao Examiner)


The Mindanao Examiner

Oct. 2-8, 2017

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Oct. 2-8, 2017

music control presents itself as the best feature of the Google Assistant. The same applies to many other third-party services: Google always gives me the choice to change the default values. The open philosophy of the ecosystem, which is already familiar from the Play Store, is continued with the digital assistant. Apart from that, the similarities of Siri and Assistant are obvious: You start apps, make calls, dictate messages and send them with the messenger of your choice. You can ask localized search queries and find the nearest ATM. You can set timers or dim the lights in the bedroom. Or you can change the radio station in the living room. Hi there smart home. AirP lay 2 with multiAirPlay r oom audio You can now play your music stream on multiple AirPlay speakers simultaneously. This is how Apple is catching up with Chromecast, which was already multi-roomcapable. However, I consider the implementation via the control center on iOS to be more successful. Android has so far relied on a mixture of quick-setting tiles and attached notifications. In addition, the Pool Cast/ Google Home compatible speaker is slightly smaller than the AirPlay counterpart. Conv enient for the car onvenient Devices with iOS 11 recognize when you are in the car. Calls are then rejected with a friendly SMS message informing the caller that you are currently at the wheel. The mode can be activated either automatically through the Bluetooth connection, or by analyzing your current movement profile on the iPhone. A similar feature in Android can only be simulated with the Google app Android Auto. Automatic setup "Just keep your new iPhone or iPad close to an iOS device to automatically log in with your Apple ID" sounds like a smart Apple innovation: If you already have an Apple logo on your device, you can save yourself a lot of work when setting up your new iPhone. At Android, this feature has been part of the setup wizard for several years. This will also help you if you come from an iOS device. The A pp S tor e gets a App Stor tore makeo v er makeov App discovery is the basic principle for purchasing from the App Store: if Apple wants to encourage iOS users to buy products, it must provide developers with the ability to give exposure to their apps. Thus, not only is the catalog and exploration of apps much more attractive,

but each app’s description page has been modified to be more descriptive. This includes videos that play automatically and more space for reviews, among other improvements. Video games have their own tab at the bottom of the App Store and can be accessed more quickly than before. The Today section replaces Featured and highlights new selections and special offers. In the App Store settings, an advanced option proposes to uninstall apps that are rarely used in order to free up space. This ensures that the data is saved so that the user can access it again and continue to use the app as before it was removed. Notifications look vver er y ery similar to Andr oid Android With the Lollipop update, Android notifications allowed the lock screen to be useful. iOS needs to get up to date with Android because since the Nougat update, these type of notifications can be managed directly on Android devices. iOS 11 already displays notifications in chronological order (and not in app order), given that it shows the most recent notifications, and in theory, the most urgent ones first on the lock screen. The other notifications must be deleted from the bottom up. On iOS 10, you could see the full list - a feature that quickly became troublesome for users. The notifications setup is done independently, in a rather expansive section of the settings. On iOS 11, you can decide whether an app's notifications appear permanently in the history, if they appear from time to time, or if they shouldn’t appear at all. A mor e open contr ol more control center With iOS 11, the control center is no longer a hindrance. You can now customize its features; the unique and rigid design has become more flexible thanks to the different panels, which can be controlled via Force Touch. In the settings, you can choose the icons that you want to appear on the screen. It’s been rumored that one day, Apple will finally allow app developers to have a panel that appears in the control center. This would allow them to create mini-apps to use when the phone is locked, which would be handy for Smart Home apps or assistants developed by third parties. A file explor er ... is explorer er... av ailable! available! Apple has also opened its OS for file browsing, and wants to offer an exter nal file browsing system with Files App. We aren’t talking about navigating in the iPhone’s local file system. It's more about

HEALTH: Beauty Tips para sa nagtitipid Payo ni Dr. Willie T. Ong HETO ANG ibang epektibong beauty tips. Uminom nang maraming tubig – Uminom ng 8 basong tubig araw-araw para manatiling malambot ang ating balat. Nakakita ka na ba ng batang nakulangan sa tubig? Biglang lumulubog ang kanilang mukha. Magbawas ng stress – Sabi nga, “Huwag kang magalit, at tatanda ka agad.” Ang madaling magalit ay mabilis pumangit di ba? Nagsasalubong ang kilay at nakangiwi ang mga labi. Tumawa ka at ika’y gaganda. Matulog ng 7 o 8 oras – Kailangan mo ang beauty sleep para hindi magka-eye bags. Sa mga problemado, subukang mag-relax bago matulog. Magbasa muna. Maglibang. At kung hindi ka makatulog ay humiga

Dr. Willie T. Ong na lang kahit gising. Sa ganitong paraan, makakapahinga pa rin ang katawan natin. Huwag matulog nang nakadapa – May nagsasabi na pagnaipit n’yo ang inyong mukha habang natutulog, madali itong magkakalinya. Matulog ng nakatihaya. Mag-lotion sa gabi – May tulong sa pagpapakinis ng mukha ang mga lotion. Maghugas muna ng mukha, tapos maglagay ng lotion.

Hindi naman kailangang bumili ng mamahaling brands. Healthy eating – Kumain ng tama at masustansya tulad ng prutas at gulay na sagana sa vitamins at minerals. Umiwas sa pagkaing matataba, mamantika at sitsirya. Healthy living – Magexercise. Magkaroon ng libangan. Maging abala sa magandang gawain. Ang importante ay masaya kayo para sumigla ang katawan. Magdasal at tumu-long sa kapwa – Hindi ba ang tunay na kagandahan ay wala sa labas kundi nasa loob ng isang tao? Ang “inner beauty” ay mas tu-matagal at nangingibabaw kaysa sa “outer beauty.” Basta magan-da ang sa-loobin mo, parang beautiful ka na rin.


– 2 lbs. chicken thigh, cut into serving pieces – 1 (20g) pack Knorr Ginataang Gulay mix – 1 cup hot pepper leaves (dahon ng sili) –½ cup sliced turmeric (luyang dilaw) – 5 pieces Thai chili (optional)

– 1 medium yellow onion, diced – 5 cloves garlic, crushed – 2 ½ cups water – 1/8 teaspoon crushed peppercorn – 3 tablespoons fish sauce – 3 tablespoons cooking oil

INSTR UCTIONS: INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Heat oil in a pan. 2) Once the oil becomes hot, sauté garlic, onion, and turmeric (luyang dilaw) until the onion softens. 3) Add chicken. Cook until all the sides turns light to medium brown. 4) Pour 1 ½ cups water. Let boil. Cover and continue to boil in medium heat for 30 minutes. 5) Combine Knorr Ginataang Gulay mix with 1 cup water. Stir until well blended. 6) Pour the mixture into the pan. Let boil. 7) Add crushed peppercorn and Thai chili. Stir. Cover and continue to cook until the sauce reduces to half. 8) Add hot pepper leaves. Stir. Note: you can also use malunggay leaves or spinach 9) Pour the fish sauce into the mixture. Stir and continue to cook uncovered for 5 minutes. 10) Transfer to a serving plate. Serve as a pulutan or a main dish with a cup of rice. 11) Share and enjoy. ( moving your files from the iPhone to the cloud and vice versa. A comprehensive search and categorization make it much easier to locate your documents on all your devices, using iCloud or other cloud service providers. Could it even be possible to integrate Google Drive? Mor e efficient comore pr essed photos pressed Photos and videos will be compressed in new formats. To replace JPEG, Apple will use HEIF for images and HEVC for videos. Both will halve the file size without compromising on quality. If you copy your files from your iPhone, during the transfer, they’ll automatically convert to a format that can be recognized by the destination device. However, you still have the option of disabling this compression mode and real-time conversion. Unfor tunately, the photos saved in this way are no longer compatible with Android devices. If you send one of these photos with a messenger

( WhatsApp, etc.), the chat client will do a (lossy) conversion behind the scenes, making sure your friends and family will be able to see them. What about ARK it and ARKit Animojis? App developers are still working diligently with the brand new Augmented Reality framework ARKit, which was introduced shortly before Google's counterpart ARCore. A number of AR applications that were previously reserved for the more academically interesting project Tango will soon become available to consumers. New, immersive smartphone applications are just on the horizon, especially with the borderless iPhone X. Thanks to its FaceID sensor technology, one of the exclusive selling points of the iPhone X comes in the form of Animojis. Those Emojis mimic your facial features in near real time. The recording will then be received by your opponent in iMessage; the

videos will also play on older Apple devices. F irst vver er dict erdict Having done these first quick tests of iOS 11, we begin to see what Apple is aiming to do: optimize ease of use, and obviously to position itself above the rest. However, the notifications system remains inferior to Android Nougat’s, even despite the clear improvements from iOS 10. And the control center is also inferior to Nougat’s fast settings. For a while now, these settings could be configured to the user’s preferences, not to mention the fact that they are open to other suppliers. I do however like the change to HEIF and HEVC. Apple's market power could ensure that Android and Windows also quickly adopt the format.. If they consolidate worldwide, this could reduce data consumption on mobile, and if that doesn’t have any effect, at least these formats will improve image quality. (Er ic FerrariHerrmann, AndroidPIT)


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Oct. 2-8, 2017

On FOI Bill: Where do Filipinos stand?


T HAS BEEN mor e than a yyear ear since the E xmore Executiv e Or der (EO) N o . 2 or the Right to ecutive Order No Infor mation was signed. The F nnformation Frreedom of IInfor mation (FOI) B ill, on the other hand, is yyet et formation Bill, to ow do F ilipinos ver nment agenHo Filipinos ilipinos,, go gov ernment t o be passed. H cies see the FOI and the Right to IInfor nfor mation? nformation? It may be recalled request/see a governthat on July 2016, Presi- ment official's SALN dent Rodrigo Duterte (Statement of Assets, Lisigned EO No. 2, abilities and Networth). "Operationalizing in But up to what extent the Executive Branch of must be revealed to the the People's Constitu- public? How can we tional Right to know if we're not violatInformation and the ing the Right to Privacy or State Policies to Full the Data Privacy Act? According to PCOO Public Disclosure and Secretar y Transparency in the Assistant Public Service and Pro- Kristian Ablan, this is the viding Guidelines major concern among officers when issuing Therefor". The Presidential SALNs and Personal Data Communications Op- Sheets. There is a need to erations Office (PCOO) and the "Right to Know. convene all the seven Right Now! Coalition" SALN repository agencies (R2KRN) organized a in the country, he said. Majority of these workshop on Wednesday to shed some light agencies, he said, do reon FOI, and also to air dact the names of some concerns with re- unmarried minor chilgard to its status and dren and the address of application. It was at- the official. How about tended by the others? This is why, he said, representatives from var ious gover nment the PCO has asked National Privacy agencies. The public, for in- Commissioner Raymond stance, has the right to Liboro to set guidelines

on this. Ablan said that for now, the interpretation on what should be done was left to the discretion of each of the agency's legal department. "Their interpretation varies," he cited during the workshop. Another instance he cited is when the SALN declarant voluntarily reveals his/her bank account number. "It would violate another law - the bank secrecy law," he added. The National Privacy Commission (NPC) said that ideally, the Right to Information and the Data Privacy Act should complement each other. Liboro said that Data Privacy Act was not designed to prevent access to personal information under any circumstances, but to promote responsible and lawful use of personal information. The workshop also served as an avenue for R2KRN to air its concerns. While Eirene Aguila, R2KRN co-convener, ac-

knowledged that the coalition has seen many developments with regard to the FOI push, she said there is a need for the FOI to be refocused. "How should the gover nment deal with (document) requests? There are still a lot of room for improvement," she noted. Aguila also acknowledged the need to know when certain rights are "under attack". Meanwhile, the coalition narrated that based on its FOI Practice Project that covered 20

regulatory, financial and high-interest agencies, only three out of five documents requested were granted. One of four was incomplete or was not released, the coalition added. "There were instances when requests were not accepted, and certain request formats being favored over the others," narrated the R2KRN. It continued, "most agencies breached the 15-working day response period, while only one agency has officially

asked for an extension. Many agencies did not acknowledge requests." The R2KRN also mentioned the withholding of access to the Philippine National Police spot reports, and the redaction of details in the SALN of members of the Cabinet. Finally, the coalition wonders when the FOI Bill will be passed. The coalition thinks that the FOI is not among the government's priority agenda. (Maria Cristina Arayata)

Post Office unfazed by rise of technology CEBU CITY - The Cebu Central Post Office postmaster Marilyn Omar said they are not threatened by the advent of new technology because postal mail or snail mail will always be there. People nowadays communicate online through e-mail and social media, but despite these communication platforms which are readily accessible and more convenient, Omar said, adding, the Philippine Postal Corporation will remain in business. "Even though the number of personal mails has decreased, the volume of business mails is still on a high rate. Ever since before, postal mails


have grown because of business mails," he said. "In the Cebu Central Post Office alone, the average mail posted per month ranges from 150,000 to 200,000, and most of those are business mails. The rise of technology doesn’t matter to us, as letters will always be there," Omar added. He said the Philippine Postal Corporation has launched its "Salamat Po” Letter Writing Project which is in coordination with the Department of Education (DepEd). This project is aimed to encourage students from the elementary level up to senior high school to write and send letters through the post office.

"What we are doing right now, in coordination with DepEd, is conducting an information caravan in every school. Our caravan includes an audio-visual presentation on how to write a letter in a business format. We also have workshops on how to properly address the envelope, since it’s important especially when they will be applying for a job in the future," Philippine Postal Corporation Information Officer Rachel Betos said. The main objective in this project is to develop the writing skills of the students and inflame their passion to write despite the existence of modern communication. (Levirose Caballero)

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Oct. 2-8, 2017