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Sulu Government, Ulama Council hold forum PCOO, ‘Task Force Bangon Marawi’ hold Marawi forum

ARMM to participate in BIMPEAGA Festival of Culture, Arts

MANILA – The Presidential Communications and Operations Office or PCOO with Task Force Bangon Marawi have recently organized a forum to raise public awareness for the government’s commitment on rebuilding the besieged city of Marawi City. The forum, held in Manila also gave updates and discussed the comprehensive inter-agency effort to re-build Marawi and nearby localities. Secretary Martin Andanar of the Presidential Continue on page 5 Communications and Operations Office.

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COTABATO CITY – The Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) will participate in various activities in the international Budayaw Festival in General Santos City from September 20 to 24. Dubbed ‘Budayaw: 2017 Brunei Indonesia Malaysia PhilippinesEast ASEAN Growth Area

(BIMP-EAGA) Festival of Culture and the Arts’, the event will showcase the diversity of creative expressions of cultural masters and artists from the BIMP-EAGA. Engr. Maritess Maguindra, Director of the Bureau on Cultural Heritage-ARMM, said the region will take part in different activities that

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include a presentation on culture during the Colloquium, presentation of masterpieces of cultural artists, and an exhibit that will feature Muslim Filipino’s rich history and culture. “Budayaw is a platform and mechanism to bring about cultural appreciation,” Engr. Maguindra said. Continue on page 2

P10 Aug. 14-20, 2017

MILF firm on demand, wants wider Muslim autonomy!

OTABA TO CIT Y – The M or o IIslamic slamic Liber ation F ABAT CITY Mor oro Liberation Frront or MILF said it will not back do wn fr om its or iginal demand to hav e a wider autonomy for down from original have minor ity M uslims in souther nP hilippines as it rrejected ejected anew any go vminority Muslims southern Philippines gover nment offer other than an expanded terr itor y, not ev en the ernment territor itory even Autonomous R egion in M uslim M indanao or ARMM. Region Muslim Mindanao The MILF signed an interim peace autonomous region. deal with Manila in 2014 and has been The BBL was rejected by Conpushing for the approval and ratifica- gress dur ing President Benigno tion of the Bangsamoro Basic Law or Aquino’s administration after some BBL and other provisions stipulated in of its proposed laws violated the the accord -Comprehensive Agree- Constitution. The MILF said it will ment on the Bangsamoro and the not revisit the BBL and insisted on Framework Agreement on the or iginal draft submitted to Bangsamoro, including the establish- Aquino. Continue on page 2 ment of the new Bangsamoro

Military casualties mounting in Marawi City MARAWI CITY – The number of military casualties continue to mount as security forces battle local ISIS militants nearly 3 months after jihadists occupied Marawi City in southern Philippines. Captain Jo-ann Petinglay, a spokeswoman for the Western Mindanao Command, said some 122 soldiers had died since fighting

broke out on May 23 that also killed 45 civilians. It said 539 militants were allegedly slain, but most of the reports came from unverified intelligence sources and not based from bodies recovered in the battlefield. Petinglay did not disclose the total number of soldiers wounded in the fighting despite efforts to get the information from

her, but security sources said more than 1,000 soldiers had been injured in fierce clashes with ISIS. Troops had rescued over 1,700 civilians – including four men, three of them from Zamboanga City and other a native of Iligan City, who recently escaped from ISIS – in the besieged city since fighting began, according to military reports. Continue on page 3

Former Sulu Governor Dr. Abdusakur M. Tan (Datu Shahbandar) speaks to Health Secretary Dr. Paulyn Jean B. Rosell-Ubial - taking the opportunity to relay Sulu's concerns regarding the delivery of health services for the province - on the sideline of President Rodrigo Duterte's State of the Nation Address recently. (Photo courtesy of Bangun LupahSug)



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The Mindanao Examiner

Aug. 14-20, 2017

MILF firm on demand, wants wider Muslim autonomy! Continued fr om page 1 from Many politicians and residents in the proposed Bangsamoro areas also rejected the BBL and wanted out of the deal, citing various reasons and the failure of the Aquino government and peace negotiators from both sides to include recommendations submitted by the provinces in the autonomous region. The BBL was drafted by the 15-member Bangsamoro Transition Commission appointed by the MILF and the Aquino government. If ratified, it will pave the way for the establishment of the Bangsamoro region that would replace the ARMM which is composed of Basilan, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Lanao del Sur and Maguindanao, including the cities of Lamitan and Marawi. The creation of Bangsamoro autonomous region would have to be decided on a referendum in the ARMM and in areas where there are large Muslim communities. Let SC D ecides on U nconDecides Unconstitutional P Prrovisions “The position of MILF is very clear. First, MILF will never accept an autonomy that is lower than the ARMM; secondly, the MILF will not accept an autonomy that is equal to the ARMM. The MILF only accepts an autonomy law that is better than the ARMM,” said MILF Vice Chairman Mohagher

Iqbal. Iqbal also suggested the BBL should be passed as it is and let the Supreme Court decides on its unconstitutional infirmities. “Yung BBL ngayon kung ako lang ang masusunod ang maganda diyan ipasa na nila ng walang bawas at walang dagdag. Hayaan nalang natin ang Supreme Court maghusga kung alin dyan ang unconstitutional,” he said. “And then kung maghusga ang Supreme Court, ipunin na lang natin yun dahil meron pang function ang BTC mag-propose to amend the constitution.” He said the government offered the ARMM thrice to the MILF and three times it was rejected by the rebel group. He said: “Congress may opt to pass all the constitutional provisions and for Congress to amend the Constitution to accommodate unconstitutional substances on the proposed Moro law, and then later it will incorporate to the working of committee which will draft the federal system of the country.” BBL According to the BBL, the purpose of the law is to establish a political entity, provide for its basic structure of government in recognition of the justness and legitimacy of the cause of the Muslim people and their aspiration to chart their political future through a democratic process that will

secure their identity and posterity and allow for meaningful self-governance. In the draft law, the following areas shall be included in new political entity – the towns of Baloi, Munai, Nunungan, Pantar, Tagoloan and Tangkal in Lanao del Norte and all villages in the towns of Kabacan, Carmen, Aleosan, Pigkawayan, Pikit, and Midsayap which voted in the 2001 plebiscite. And also included are the cities of Cotabato and Isabela, and contiguous areas where 10% of residents may petition for its inclusion into the new Bangsamoro territory. And under its General Principles and Policies, it stipulates“in the exercise of its right to self-determination and self-governance, the Bangsamoro is free to pursue its political, economic, social, and cultural development; the Bangsamoro Government shall be parliamentary. Its political system is democratic, allowing its people to freely participate in the political processes within its territory; the Bangsamoro Government, consistent and suitable to its parliamentary form of government, shall adopt an electoral system which shall allow democratic participation, encourage formation of genuinely principled political parties, and ensure accountability.” It further said that: “Governance in the Bangsamoro is the responsibility of the duly

elected civilian government. Civilian authority is, at all times, supreme over the military. The Bangsamoro Government shall promote unity, peace, justice, and goodwill among all peoples, as well as encourages a just and peaceful settlement of disputes. The Bangsamoro abides by the principle that the country renounces war as an instrument of national policy, adopts the generally accepted principles of inter-

national law as part of the law of the land, and adheres to the policy of peace, equality, justice, freedom, cooperation, and amity with all nations.” “The Bangsamoro shall adhere to the principle of enjoining what is right and forbidding what is wrong. The Bangsamoro shall establish a government that ensures that every citizen in the Bangsamoro is provided the basic necessities and equal opportunities in life.

Social Justice shall be promoted in all phases of development and facets of life within the Bangsamoro. The Bangsamoro Government shall respect and adhere to all international treaties and agreements which benefited the Bangsamoro Government.” President Rodrigo Duterte is also pushing for the approval of the BBL which he signed last month. (Mindanao Examiner)

ARMM to participate in BIMPEAGA Festival of Culture, Arts Continued fr om page 1 from Budayaw came from two words ‘Budaya,’ a Malay term that means culture, and ‘Dayaw,’ a Filipino word that expresses bounty, beauty, and grace. “Twenty years of economic cooperation in the BIMP-EAGA led to the realization that culture is an element in the sustainable development of the four countries,” Nestor Horfilla, head of the festival organizing committee, said. The festival bears the theme ‘Taking Pride in the Creative Diversity of the BIMP-EAGA Region.’ The events in the festival include Photo Exhibit and Colloquium, Visual Arts Exhibit and Workshops, Choral Special Concerts, Country Performance Showcase, Ikat

Pavilion and Traditional Virtuosos, BIMP EAGA Tourism Pavilion, Mindanao History and Culture, Community Outreach Showcase, and Special Events and Outdoors Concert. Engr. Manguindra added that the festival is not only aimed at fostering strong partnership, but also integration among its member countries. The activity also commemorates the 50th founding anniversary of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations, or ASEAN. It will be attended by more than 300 contemporary artists and indigenous cultural masters in a celebration of ‘harmony in diversity.’ The creative works from the four countries will be showcased in different venues in General

Santos City. Other agency partners in the holding of the Budayaw Festival include the National Commission for Culture and the Arts, Department of Tourism, Mindanao Development Authority, Mindanao State University-General Santos, City Government of General Santos, Provincial Government of Sarangani, and the Philippine Information Agency. The Budayaw is conducted every two years, with hosting rotated among the member countries of the sub-regional grouping. The Budayaw is conducted under the Socio-Cultural and Education Pillar, the newest pillar of the BIMP-EAGA. (Bureau of Public Information)


The Mindanao Examiner

Aug. 14-20, 2017


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ARMM to survey lands in besieged city of Marawi MARAWI CITY – As part of Task Force Bangon Marawi’s (TFBM) recovery, reconstruction and rehabilitation program, the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao, through its Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-ARMM), will survey the lands in Marawi City in line with the establishment of additional temporary and permanent shelters.

During TFBM’s recent meeting with regional, provincial and national government officials in Marawi, ARMM Governor Mujiv Hataman committed to help the task force in conducting a comprehensive survey of lands in Marawi City to determine the political boundaries of local government units and the properties of private owners. “We assure help in the land

surveys in Marawi for the fast set up of the shelters,” Gov. Hataman said. “This is also the ARMM’s counterpart for the rehabilitation program in the sub-cluster on housing,” he said. Following the creation of Task Force Bangon Marawi by President Rodrigo Duterte, Governor Hataman established an internal task force to ensure proper coordination and imple-

mentation of programs and projects in Marawi City when the current crisis is over. Official data from the DENR-ARMM showed Marawi has a total land area of 8,407 hectares. TFBM executive director and concurrent National Defense Undersecretary CesarYano said the local government of Marawi City must submit immediately the list of families who want to stay in permanent homes and those who prefer to stay in temporary shelters while the recovery and rehabilitation of the city are ongoing. “As soon as possible, we need to have a location for temporary and permanent shelters for displaced residents in Marawi City,”

Undersectary Yano said. Eduardo del Rosario, Chairman of the Housing and Urban Development Coordinating Council, said the government will provide shelter units that are culturally and socially acceptable. “Para po sa temporary at permanent shelters, uunahin po natin yung mga residenteng walang bahay, walang lupa, yung wala talagang mauuwian,” Chairman Del Rosario said. “We will develop a township with social services, schools, health centers, and mosques,” he said. After the TFBM meeting, the national, regional and local officials visited the 11hectare temporary transitional shelters in Barangay Sagonsongan that

will serve as a temporary resettlement for displaced residents of Marawi. The shelter units, to be completed within a month, would accommodate at least 1,200 families. “The main purpose of building transition shelters is to de-congest evacuation centers and to provide them with more conducive areas,” Gov. Hataman said, adding, the township will have a madrasah, kitchen area and wash room in houses, market, mosque, water supply, and a multi-purpose hall. The construction of the temporary shelters is part of the task force’s recovery, reconstruction, and rehabilitation program for the city. (Bureau of Public Information)

Military casualties mounting in Marawi City

Military photos released to the regional newspaper Mindanao Examiner show an abandoned armoured vehicle used by local ISIS militants in one of the building previously held by jihadists in Marawi City. And the 4 men – three from Zamboanga City and a native of Iligan City – who escaped recently from ISIS in the besieged city.

Continued fr om page 1 from Security officials have repeatedly said about 5 dozens militants are still fighting troops in Marawi despite heavy aerial bombings and army artillery fire on their hideouts. Petinglay said troops were getting closer to the ISIS group which is holding dozens of civilian hostages, including a Catholic priest. “Fighting continue in about a square kilometer general area where the terrorists are currently held up. It is also believed that there are still hostages with the group

numbering to an estimated 50 to 70 people,” she said. Soldiers also occupied a fortified building previously under ISIS control and recovered an abandoned armoured car used by militants. “The building where it was found was believed used by the terrorists as a storage area and temporary base that houses most of their wounded. Found also in the building is a tunnel where the Maute remnants store their food, bullets, and weapons,” Petinglay said. “The recent capture of

one of the terrorist’s strongholds connotes that the troops are advancing towards the battle positions of Maute remnants, signifying that the terrorists are already contained in a narrower engagement area,” she added. The United States said armed drones are ready to strike ISIS positions in Marawi. In June, President Rodrigo Duterte said he would order the military to carpet bomb the besieged city to finish off the ISIS militants once and for all. (Mindanao Examiner)


The Mindanao Examiner

Aug. 14-20, 2017

Sulu Government, Ulama Council hold forum SULU – Some 2,000 people attended the “Sulu Forum 2017” organized by the Sulu provincial government and the Sulu Ulama Council for Peace and Development or SUCPD in Patikul town. The forum, held on August 9, was participated by various sectors and civil society and non-governmental organizations, including government agencies, student organizations and municipal officials. With the theme “Islam in Sulu: The call for Peace, Unity and Solidarity amidst Diversity”, is aimed at strengthening support to government peace and development efforts in the province. Among the organizers and guests during the forum were Governor Toto Tan, former Governor Dr. Sakur (Datu ShahBandar) Tan, Ustadz Abdulmuhaimin Abubakar, Chairman of the SUCPD; Ustadz Yahiya Abdulla, President of the Famers Association in Sulu; Brigadier General Cirilito Sobejana, Commander of the Joint Task Force Sulu; Senior Superintendent Mario Buyuccan, the provincial police chief; Imam Saukani Kimpa, of Sabiel AlMuhtadin; Tuan Abdugafar Mangkabong, who represented the Jamaa Tabligh; Abusaif Roger, President of Central Student Government - Sulu State College; Dr. Adjarail Hapas, Chan-

cellor of Mindanao State University; and the Catholic church under Bishop Angelito Lampon. Governor Tan, in his speech, encouraged everyone to unite for peace and development and to safeguard the public from extremism and radicalism. “Trials and tribulations are part of Allah’s Laws in this universe. If I may add, it’s part of creation itself. Allah puts us into situations which will test our Iman, that we may be worthy of His Mercy and Compassion. Hardships are not evil nor should they be considered as punishments. On the contrary, they are part of learning experience, reminders, and serve to purify us from our sins and mistakes, and will test our patience and perseverance,” he said. “These are indeed tough times; challenging times which permeate to the very core of our beliefs and existence. As a way of life, Islam has been completed to us as a sign of Mercy and Compassion from Allah. Admittedly by what we read or see in the media, both social and mainstream, Islam and the Muslims are in constant defense against the onslaught of unkind reporting and the impressions they create in the minds of the Muslims and non-Muslims alike. The Marawi situation and the lessons we can learn from it is a wake-up call to everyone and a bitter lesson

of how harmonious relationships and mutual tolerance for the diversity of cultures and faiths can, in an instant, be destroyed and crumbled by extreme ideologies in the guise of religion,” he added. He said everyone has a responsibility in nation-

building and safeguarding democracy and freedom. “Governance is the convergence of all stakeholders in common aspirations in nation-building, sharing the tasks and the responsibilities. No single individual can do it alone. The spark which ignited the many

manifestations of upheavals and social unrests are the compounded frustrations of centuries of perceived neglect and injustices from the powers that be. We believe that sincere and honest intentions to correct this perception should not emanate only

from the barrels of guns or by military might alone,” he said. “This reminds us of the statement by the Emir Qatar when he was asked about the rise of extremism in his region. He said it has nothing to do with religion, but with hopelessness.” (Ahl-franzie Salinas)

Organizers and participants to the recently concluded Sulu Forum 2017. Also in the pictures are Governor Totoh Tan and former Governor Dr. Sakur (Datu ShahBandar) Tan. (Photos by Ahlfranzie Salinas)


The Mindanao Examiner

Aug. 14-20, 2017

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Malaysia arrests 19 Filipinos who sneak into Sabah TAWI-TAWI – Malaysian authorities have arrested 19 Filipinos who sneaked by boat to the oil-rich state of Sabah without any legal or travel documents, reports said. It said members of the Malaysian armed forces intercepted the boat in Sabah recently. The Filipinos, whose identities were not immediately known, travelled to Sabah from the island of Taganak in Tawi-Tawi, one of 5 provinces under the Muslim autonomous region in Mindanao, according to the New Straits Times. The report said the illegal entrants were mostly natives of Sulu, also in the autonomous region, and currently being investigated by the Eastern Sabah Security Command. It was unknown if any of those arrested have links with the Abu Sayyaf

or local ISIS group or whether all of them were job seekers. Taganak Island has been a traditional “jumpoff point” by human traffickers in Tawi-Tawi, however, it was not immediately known why Filipino authorities have failed to detect or stop the Filipinos from illegally sneaking into Sabah despite the presence of Coast Guard and Marines in the area. Malaysia has tightened its security since May for fear that ISIS militants fighting security forces in Marawi City in southern Philippines may escape the government offensive and slip into Sabah. It also included Abu Sayyaf chieftain and local ISIS leader Isnilon Hapilon, and jihadist militant Abdullah Maute on its wanted list along with other commanders

Idang Susukan, Hatib Hajan Sawadjaan, Majan Sahidjuan and Salvador Muktadil – all implicated in cross-border kidnappings over the years. The tight security was ordered by the Eastern Sabah Security Command under Datuk Wan Abdul Bari Abdul Khalid, who also appealed to Malaysian citizens to stay vigilant and report suspicious persons to authorities. Hapilon and Maute were among a group of jihadist leader who occupied Marawi on May 23 in an effort to put up an Islamic State province in the restive Muslim region of Mindanao. Some of the jihadist leaders fighting in the besieged city include Malaysian Mahmud bin Ahmad and other foreign militants. (Mindanao Examiner)

China proposes three-step vision for COC consultation MANILA – China has proposed a three-step vision to step up consultations on the Code of Conduct (COC) in the South China Sea, Chinese Foreign Minister Wang Yi said here after he and his counterparts from ASEAN nations approved the framework of the COC. All sides fully acknowledged the positive momentum that the improving situation in the South China Sea is demonstrating and expressed their approval of the framework of the COC which they believe laid a sound foundation for the substantive consultations, Wang told reporters after the ChinaASEAN Foreign Ministers’ Meeting. The ministers spoke highly of the achieved early harvests, including the establishment of hotline communications among senior officials of the ministries of foreign affairs of China and the Association of Southeast Asian Nations (ASEAN) member states in re-

sponse to maritime emergencies, he said. All the afore-mentioned achievements testify to the fact that China and ASEAN have the wisdom and capability to properly manage the disputes, formulate a set of regional rules that we all recognize, and preserve peace and stability in the South China Sea, according to the Chinese foreign minister. “We also hope that the two wheels of the COC consultations and maritime practical cooperation could run in parallel and reinforce each other,” he said. China has proposed a three-step vision to step up consultations on the COC, Wang said. First, foreign ministers of China and ASEAN recognize the COC framework and with all necessary preparatory work done, announce the initiation of the substantive consultations at a proper time within this year. Second, how the COC consultations will be ap-

proached and sustained while upholding what principles shall be discussed at the Joint Working Group Meeting on the Implementation of the Declaration of Code of Conduct (DOC) at the end of August. Third, with preparations basically ready and on the condition that there is no major outside interference and the South China Sea situation is generally stable, leaders of China and ASEAN member states will officially announce the start of the next step to negotiate on the text of the COC at the ChinaASEAN Leaders’ Summit in November. The three-step vision has got warm response and support from ASEAN, which once again showcase the shared aspiration and firm conviction of China and ASEAN member states to properly resolve disputes through dialogue and consultation and maintain peace and stability in the South China Sea, Wang said. (Xinhua)

PCOO, ‘Task Force Bangon Marawi’ hold Marawi forum

Continued fr om page 1 from In his welcome remarks, PCOO Secretary Martin Andanar, said: “We are gathered here to present the reality of a place where its people immediately and rapidly fled from their homes because of the actual, unexpected occurrence of a violent terrorist invasion. We intend through this forum to make the public more seriously aware of the government’s work on the recovery, rehabilitation, and reconstruction of Marawi City.” Secretary Andanar was referring to the local ISIS militants who occupied Marawi and fighting security forces since May 23. The city sustained significant damage to its public infrastructure as well as private properties, and thousands of residents were displaced following weeks of armed conflict between government forces and the terrorist group, whose members included the notorious Abu Sayyaf and other extremist organizations. Due to the widespread destruction of properties and loss of lives, President Rodrigo Duterte created last June the inter-agency Task Force Bangon Marawi (TFBM) through Administrative Order (AO) No. 3. Among the functions of Task Force Bangon Marawi is to develop and implement a comprehensive rehabilitation and recovery program based on a post-

conflict needs assessment. Composed of 23 various government agencies and offices, the AO directed Task Force members to form themselves into five sub-committees, namely, Reconstruction, Housing, Health and Social Welfare, Business and Livelihood, and Peace and Order for the effective implementation of President Duterte’s order. Additional sub-committees were also formed to serve as support groups and these are the Finance and Resource Mobilization sub-committee co-chaired by the Department of Budget and Management and the National Economic and Development Authority, the Legal Support team led by the Department of National Defense, and the Strategic Communications and Information Management group headed by the PCOO. A series of video presentations were played to introduce Task Force Bangon Marawi and its sub-committee members. Also explained in the presentation were TFBM’s four priorities: reduction/ elimination of hardships of internally displaced persons, improvement of systems that includes setting up of convenient checkpoints, working with the doables, and the conduct of sectoral dialogues. Attended by government officials, private sector and other sectoral representatives, and members of the local and

international media, the forum laid down the government’s plans and courses of actions designed to ensure the restoration of peace and order and business and livelihood activities in Marawi. An open discussion was held and participated in by Task Force Bangon Marawi and local government officials led by Undersecretary Gloria Jumamil-Mercado of the Office of the Cabinet Secretary; Department of Public Works and Highways Undersecretary Rafael Yabut; Department of Social Welfare and Development Undersecretary Hope Hervilla; Department of the Interior and Local Government Undersecretary Austere Panadero; Defense Undersecretary Cesar Yano; Defense Assistant Secretary Kristoffer James Purisima of the Office of Civil Defense; Marawi City Mayor Majul Usman Gandamra; and Mary Ann Adiong, a representative of Lanao del Sur Vice Governor Mamintal Alonto Adiong Jr., as panelists. Among the topics tackled during the panel discussion were the cash for work program, conditional cash transfer, and other relief operations. Joining Secretary Andanar who spoke in the forum were Cabinet Secretary Leoncio Evasco Jr. and Social Welfare Secretary Judy Taguiwalo. (PCOO)

ARMM calls for more investments in Basilan and Sulu COTABATO CITY – The government of the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (ARMM) and the business sector in the region are calling for more investments in the island provinces of Basilan and Sulu. The call was agreed upon by ARMM officials and business sector leaders in the recent 2017 Investment Priorities Plan (IPP) Roadshow for Basilan and Sulu held in Zamboanga City. The roadshow was organized by the region’s Regional Board of Investments (RBOI). Sulu and Basilan are surrounded by rich fishery grounds such as Basilan Strait, Moro Gulf, Sulu Sea and the Celebes Sea producing quality aqua marine products and fishes. Both provinces have good soil attributes and sound climatic conditions suitable for high-value agricultural and industrial crops such as corn, coconut, rubber and many others. These positive characteristics attract investors to come and invest in the island provinces. Dr. Rima Hassan, chairperson of the ARMM Business Council and a Basilan-based businesswoman, urged the ARMM government to find investors that can match the resources and skills of the

local folks. “We hope that there will be power plants, milling plants, manufacturing plants and factories that can generate a large number of jobs. We want to maximize the sustainable use of our natural resources and take advantage of our serene nature and promote eco-halal tourism,” Hassan further said. Ellen Lourdes Kionisala of BOI-Cagayan de Oro City Extension Office, said, “the reason why some investors hesitate to invest in the ARMM is because of the high-risk environment due to the issues of conflict and terrorism that have stricken the region for decades.” The latest is the Marawi siege, an urban war waged by the Maute terrorist group now in its 10th week, triggering the Duterte administration to declare Martial law in Mindanao. “But this has not affected Mindanao’s economic activities since it is business as usual,” Kionisala said. Lawyer Ishak Mastura, chairman and managing head of RBOI-ARMM, revealed there are investors ready to invest in region. “As of July 2017, we have registered P3.65 billion worth of investments despite the ongoing Marawi crisis and we are expecting additional P1.5 billion in investments

from companies engaged in cacao plantations and other agri-based projects before the year ends,” Chairman Mastura added. ARMM Governor Mujiv Hataman also calls for more investments in Basilan and Sulu. “We want more investments in the region to prevent the formation of lawless elements in these areas, because what brings them to this situation is the lack of job opportunities which can be addressed if there are more businesses that will create productive activities and provide them with livelihoods to support their families,” Gov. Hataman said. One of the highlights of the roadshow is the awarding of RBOI Certificate of Registration to J. Sayang Shipping Lines, Inc., which was received by the company’s president Mohammad Faisal Jamalul. J. Sayang Shipping Lines, Inc. invested P33.5 million for a cargo-shipping project based in Bongao, Tawi-Tawi that deals on inter-island trade, as well as cross-border shipping with Sabah, Malaysia. Registered firms with RBOI enjoy fiscal and nonfiscal incentives from the government. (Bureau of Public Information)


The Mindanao Examiner

Aug. 14-20, 2017

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Aug. 14-20, 2017

TECH TIPS: How To Get An ‘Always On’ Display On Any Android Device

In case you've never checked it out, just go to Settings > More > Tethering and Portable Hotspot. / © AndroidPIT HOW MANY times have you been caught with the need to do something on your laptop when you're out and about, but you don't want to drop five bucks for a coffee to suck up some ''free'' Wi-Fi? The solution is simple: just use your phone as a wireless router and share your phone's data plan with your laptop, tablet, friend's phone or even a desktop computer. Many phones are capable of operating as a portable Wi-Fi hotspot – the layout and options may just be a little different for allowing you to share Wi-Fi. As unlimited data plans and LTE become more common and we lead increasingly mobile lives, it's good to know a solid internet connection for your laptop is never further away than your pocket. It's surprisingly simple to set up the ability to share data, and once you've used it a couple of times you'll wonder why you ever thought an actual Wi-Fi hotspot was ever necessary. Just go to Settings > More > Tethering and Portable Hotspot. Here you'll find a bunch of options you've probably never looked at before, and you'll also find out

that sharing Wi-Fi connection on Android is easy. How to shar e data with share USB Tether ing ethering The first entry, USB Tethering allows you to use your phone's data connection with a USB cable. This means you can charge your phone at the same time as sharing a stable data connection with, say, your laptop. It will most likely be grayed out but when you connect your phone to another device or computer via USB, it'll become available. How to shar e mobile share data with B luetooth Bluetooth Tether ing ethering At the bottom, there's Bluetooth Tether ing, which is basically the same thing as above, but using Bluetooth to share internet instead. Of course, these kinds of tethering also allow you to transfer data and other files over the USB or Bluetooth connection. Naturally, in the second instance you'll need Bluetooth switched on and paired to another device to share your internet via this connection type. This will allow you to share data between phones, or any other Bluetooth devices.

How to setup a P or Por or-table Wi-F otspot i-Fii H Hotspot In the middle are the main events: Portable WiFi Hotspot and Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspot. If you don't want to use the default setup (or have no idea what the portable hotspot will even be called), then you'll want to go into Set Up Wi-Fi Hotspot first. The default values are AndroidAP with a password you can write down to share with another device. You can rename the connection or change the password however you like. Once you've got your Wi-Fi Hotspot set up, just tap that other check box next to Portable Wi-Fi Hotspot and share away. Simply look for that network name in your other device's Wi-Fi connections list and log on. Keep in mind that not everyone has an unlimited data plan and using a laptop on a mobile data plan can chew through it very quickly, as your laptop will not be using the mobile versions of the websites you visit, so be very wary and only use your phone as a portable hotspot when it's really necessary. Five bucks for a coffee isn't that bad after all when you compare it to excess data charges from your carrier.

HEALTH: Alagaan Ang Prostate Payo ni Dr. Willie T. Ong ANG prostate ay organ na kasinglaki ng castañas. Nakabalot ito sa labasan ng ihi ng lalaki (urethra). Karamihan ng lalaking edad 45 pataas ay nagkakaroon ng bahagyang paglaki ng prostate. Ito’y dala ng pagbabago sa hormones ng lalaki kapag umeedad. Ang sintomas ng lumalaking prostate ay ang madalas na pag-ihi, at pakonti-konti ang labas. Humihina rin ang daloy ng ihi at parang hindi kumpleto ang iyong pagihi. Sa mga may edad, madalas silang gumising sa gabi para umihi. Ito ang mga paraan para alagaan ang prostate: 1. Huwag pigilin ang ihi. Mahihirapan ang iyong pantog at bato. 2. Uminom ng 8 basong tubig sa isang araw para manatiling malinaw ang iyong ihi. 3. Ugaliing kumain ng kamatis, ketchup, tomato sauce at spaghetti sauce. Mataas ito sa lycopene. Kailangan kumain ng 10 kutsarang spaghetti sauce bawat linggo. 4. Uminom ng green tea (decaffeinated) sa halip na kape. Panlaban sa kanser ang green tea at nagtatanggal ng toxin sa

Dr. Willie T. Ong katawan. 5. Kumain ng pagkaing mataas sa fiber tulad ng gulay at prutas. 6. Kumain ng isda kaysa karne. 7. Umiwas sa matataba at matatamis. Iwas sa soft drinks, iced tea at cakes. 8. Umiwas sa alak at kape. Nakakairita ito ng prostate. Natural na lunas sa prostate: 1. Saw Palmetto – Ayon sa Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), ang pag-inom ng saw palmetto ay nakababawas sa sintomas ng lumalaking prostate. Ang saw palmetto ay napatunayang kasingepektibo ng gamot na finasteride (brand name Proscar) na nirereseta ng doktor. 2. May tulong din ang

mga natural remedies tulad ng Pygeum, Nettle root at Pumpkin seed oil para sa prostate. Uminom din ng multivitamin na may zinc. Medikal na gamutan sa prostate: Kumunsulta muna sa isang Urologist bago uminom ng mga gamot na ito. 1. Terazosin (brand name Hytrin) – Mabilis ang epekto ng Hytrin na pagandahin ang daloy ng iyong ihi. Halos 1 o 2 araw lang ay may pagbabago na. 2. Finasteride (Proscar) o Dutasteride (Avodart) - Binibigay ito sa mga pasyenteng malaki na talaga ang prostate. Kailangan ito inumin ng ilang buwan bago mapaliit ang iyong prostate. May kamahalan ang mga gamot sa prostate (halos P100 bawat tableta). Sana ay mapababa ang presyo ng gamot para mas marami ang matulungan nito. Kapag hindi nakuha sa gamot ay may ginagawang laser treatment ang mga Urologist (iniinit ang prostate). Huwag matakot at kumunsulta sa iyong Urologist. Good luck po!

RECIPE: Sizzling Tofu


– 14 oz. extra firm tofu, cubed – 2 tablespoons chopped red bell pepper – 2 tablespoons chopped green bell pepper – 1 medium yellow onion, chopped – 1 tablespoon butter – 2 cups cooking oil

Sauce – ¼ cup Lady's Choice Mayonnaise – 1 tablespoon Knorr Liquid Seasoning – ½ teaspoon onion powder – 2 tablespoons water

INSTR UCTIONS: INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Prepare the sauce by combining all the sauce ingredients. Mix well. Set aside. 2) Heat oil in a pot. 3) Once the oil gets hot (around 350F), deep fry the cubed tofu until it turns light brown. Remove from the pot and place in a plate with paper towel. Set aside 4) Scoop 3 tablespoons cooking oil from the pot where the tofu was fried. Heat it in a separate clean pot. 5) Saute onion and bell peppers. 6) Add the fried tofu. Cook for 2 minutes. 7) Pour half of the sauce mixture into the pot. Stir and continue to cook for 2 minutes. 8) Heat a sizzling plate on the stovetop. Melt butter into the plate. Transfer cooked tofu on the metal plate and pour the remaining sauce. Toss and cook for 1 minute. 9) Serve. Share and enjoy!



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Aug. 14-20, 2017

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