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Jan. 16-22, 2017

‘Pork barrel’ still in Duterte budget PORK BARREL funds remain in the 2017 General Appropriations Act and the Department of Public Works and Highways not only regained its “slashed P8.5 billion pork,” it also got an additional P497 million taken from the

Calamity Fund, according to Senator Panfilo Lacson. And not only that, he said even lawmakers from the Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao wanted more share of the pork barrel and claiming others were getting hefty funds for their

own projects and why do not they. “During the budget plenary debates, the ARMM congressmen came to see me to plead their case. Inabot nga kami ng 10 p.m. sa office ko explaining in so many words,” Lacson said.

“Buti nga daw sila, tig P1.5billion lang na projects, yung iba raw mga congressmen abot ng tig P5-billion.” “Change is coming? Maybe, pero it's pork allocations changing hands from Liberal Party congressmen to those from Mindanao,” he

added. Lacson said at least two other senators commented in the lounge during session suspensions, “sobra naman sila... tayo ngang mga senador, tig P300-million lang.” He did not identify who these ARMM lawmak-

ers were, but the region is composed of the provinces of Basilan, Sulu, T a w i - T a w i , Maguindanao and Lanao del Sur, including the cities of Lamitan and Marawi. Continue on page 2

‘Oust Duterte’ Plot, Denied! A FILIPINO-AMERICAN billionaire Loida Nicolas Lewis, who called on President Rodrigo Duterte to resign, has strongly denied that she was plotting to oust the Philippine leader. Lewis, chairperson of the US Pinoys for Good Governance, has been linked by proDuterte groups to a supposed plot to remove

the President from office after he failed on his promise to eradicate the drug menace within 6 months from assuming office. Duterte publicly said he would resign if his deadly “war on drugs” failed. Lewis’ name was dragged into the alleged plot after leaks from the public space Global Fili-

pino Diaspora Council talked about unseating Duterte for many reasons and among them the extrajudicial killings of suspected drug users in the Philippines and the controversial Marcos’ burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani which was being opposed by victims of his tyrannical rule and martial law. Continue on page 2

Crush Abu Sayyaf, other ‘terror’ groups - Duterte

President Rodrigo Duterte (Photo by Michael Rey Baniquet)

Sulu Guv Praises Young Muslim Leaders

Read stor y on page 3 story

Members of the Khilafah Islamiyah Movement and its shadowy group Ghuraba train recruits in Lanao del Sur, one of 5 provinces under the Muslim autonomous region, in this screen shot from a propaganda video of Islamic State in the Philippines. MANILA – After failing to bring the Abu Sayyaf and other jihadist groups to the negotiating table, President Rodrigo Duterte has – for the second time – ordered military forces to finish off the notorious rebel groups tied to the Islamic


State. Thousands of army troops were deployed in Mindanao to fight the Abu Sayyaf and other allied groups. The Armed Forces of the Philippines has set a deadline to destroy the rebels – 6 months. Military chief Eduardo

Año, a member of the Philippine Military Academy Class of 1983, said at least 4 dozen army battalions, have been tapped to carry out Duterte’s order, who was perceived by some as soft on rebels, but hard on drug users. Continue on page 2

Eastern Mindanao

Sulu Governor Totoh Tan meets with members of the Young Leaders of Sulu who arrived recently from a leadership seminar and workshop in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. (Photo by Ahl-franzie Salinas)

Western Mindanao




The Mindanao Examiner

Jan. 16-22, 2017

‘Pork barrel’ still in Duterte budget Continued fr om page 1 from But Lacson, a former national police chief, said he and two other senators – Tito Sotto and Francis Pangilinan - did not submit their list of projects. “By the way, I did not submit my P300million list of projects. Senators Tito Sotto and Kiko Pangilinan approached me on separate occasions to inform me that they too did not submit. I don't know who else among my Senate colleagues likewise did not submit their list,” he said. Lacson said the DPWH budget is now P9.054 billion and the additional funds came from the huge cuts suffered by National Disaster Risk Reduction and Management Fund or Calamity Fund under the Special Purpose Fund, which was reduced from an original budget of P37.255 billion to a mere P15.755 billion or a reduction of P21.5 billion. “What is unfortunate is that with massive devastations brought by

recent calamities starting with typhoons Pablo, Yolanda, Karen, Lawin, Nina, to name some, most of the victims might be left to fend for themselves instead of getting sufficient assistance from the government,” he said, adding, Yolanda victims for example - still needs at least P100 billion to fully recover. “What is sad here is the thought of sacrificing the victims of calamities for political favors and alliances. The details of the DPWH budget and other agencies are not yet out. Once we get hold of the budget books, we will diligently scrutinize. I and my team will continue to be the watchdog to guard against abuses in the use of public funds. I tell you - it is tiring and frustrating and not a few times, I have paused and felt resigned, simply step aside or abandon this advocacy. It is a lonely crusade, to say the least,” Lacson said. He said there is no saying that those who identified their projects

in the 2017 national budget, both from the Senate and the House, would get commissions from contractors. “What I'm trying to say is, Filipinos are made to believe that Priority Development Assistance Fund is dead after the Supreme Court ruling in 2013. I am not stupid. Filipinos are not stupid. They are just resigned, I think. After all these years that I and my staff scrutinize the budget books year in and year out, I know pork when I see it. I believe our people, especially our taxpayers, should know the real score behind all these pretences and denials about the existence of pork,” Lacson said. Pork barrel refers to a lump-sum discretionary fund granted to each member of Congress for spending on priority development projects in their area. But many of the funds had been diverted and misused and allegedly ended up in the pockets of politicians and their middlemen. (Mindanao Examiner)

Mindanao Examiner Editorial Cartoon by Carl Deala.

‘Oust Duterte’ Plot, Denied! Continued fr om page 1 from In an earlier statement released in November, Lewis said: “The allegations that I am supporting a plot to unseat President Duterte are a complete fabrication and totally false. They are simply not true and I deny them in the strongest possible terms. I am concerned that the President is being given misinformation designed to divide the country and advance the interests of a certain political group while casting Filipino Americans in an unfavorable light.” Lewis said she even wrote a letter to incoming U.S. ambassador (Sung Kim) asking the U.S. government to provide help for the President’s antidrug campaign through programs for the rehabilitation of drug addicts. Let me quote from that letter: “As a president dealing with 4 million Filipinos under the grips of drugs and poverty, President Duterte wants to rid the country of that plague that curse. With all due respect, may I suggest that you offer him assistance in the rehabilitation of the 800,000 drug addicts and drug dealers who have surrendered and are now in prison all over the country?”

She said she met Duterte for the first time in June when the U.S. Philippines Society - of which Lewis is a member - and had a meeting with him in Davao. “We all came away with a feeling that this President has a genuine intention to lead the Filipino people out of poverty, criminality and corruption. Along with others, I do have concerns about extra judicial killings but these are questions that have been raised and debated publicly, and have no connection at all to any plots or conspiracies being imagined by those who are spreading lies and hatred between fellow Filipinos,” Lewis said. And on her latest statement dated January 9, Lewis – a native of Sorsogon – said: “First, no plot to oust Duterte. The Duterte Resign Movement is based on President Duterte’s own words that he would resign if drugs are still rampant six months after his inauguration.” “2nd. Global Filipino Diaspora Council (GFDC) is a public space. Our group is fighting for overseas Filipinos’ rights Philippine sovereignty in the West Philippine Sea since its founding. Thanks to Atty. Rodel Rodis and many others, we were able

to convince former President PNoy’s (President Benigno Aquino) admin to allow 200,000 plus overseas Filipinos to exercise their right to vote, because it is a basic human right. Definitely, VP (Vice President) Leni (Robredo) has never been a member of the GFDC, as she is not living or working overseas.” “3RD. Dissent is not equivalent to a plot or conspiracy. In a democracy, opinions of varying shades, either praise or criticism, are a staple ingredient or a vibrant democracy. Since when has criticism become an element of sedition? My principle and views, based on my love for our people and our country, are well known since my student days at the University of the Philippines.” She added: “It is unfortunate that some members of President Duterte’s cabinet have a low threshold of tolerance for dissent and criticism. It is (Senator Ferdinand) Bongbong Marcos who is creating a political instability, and causing destabilization with his refusal to accept defeat from Vice President Leni Robredo.” Duterte, for his part, said he will not give up the presidency. (Mindanao Examiner)

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The Mindanao Examiner

Jan. 16-22, 2017


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0995-5202358 Crush Abu Sayyaf, other ‘terror’ groups - Duterte Continued fr om page 1 from “Not in our history there has been that massive deployment of our troops,” Año said in a television interview, adding, the goal of the new government offensive is to wipe out these Abu Sayyaf and other terrorist groups. Año said 51 battalions

were deployed in the restive region. “We are going to make sure that our campaign against the Abu Sayyaf will be quick,” he said. Aside from the Abu Sayyaf, the Bangsamoro Islamic Freedom Fighters, Ansarul Khilafah, Khilafah Islamiyah Movement, Al-Khobar Group,

including so-called rogue Moro Islamic Liberation Front rebels, among others, also pledged allegiance to the Islamic State in an effort to establish a caliphate in Mindanao. These groups operate in the troubled Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao. (Mindanao Examiner)

Sulu Governor Totoh Tan meets with members of the Young Leaders of Sulu who arrived recently from a leadership seminar and workshop in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. (Photo by Ahl-franzie Salinas)

Sulu Guv Praises Young Muslim Leaders SULU – Governor Totoh Tan continues to reap praises and accolades for his strong program and support for the youth in Sulu province in southern Philippines. Just on Tuesday, members of the Young Leaders of Sulu or YLS, paid a courtesy call to Tan and thanked the governor for his unwaver ing suppor t and various programs for the youth. Tan also praised the

YLS, composed of senior and junior high school students from different schools here, for inspiring the youth to be responsible and be partner of the government for peace and progress. Those who visited Tan just came back from a weeklong leadership seminar and workshop in Kuala Lumpur in Malaysia. Some 30 youth leaders participated in the seminar. They also briefed Tan of their up-

coming activities and the governor assured them of his full support. “Basta mga kabataan ang nangangailangan ay agad natin itong binibigyan ng prayoridad dahil sila ang pag-asa ng ating bayan. Kaagapay natin ang Kabataan sa pag-unlad hindi lamang ng Sulu, kundi ng ating bansa, ng ating pamahalaan sa ilalim ng liderato ni Pangulong Duterte,” Tan said. (Ahlfranzie Salinas)


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The Mindanao Examiner

Jan. 16-22, 2017


The Mindanao Examiner

Jan. 16-22, 2017

Neri-Chaves Clan: A Tale of Southern Nobility CAGAYAN DE ORO CITY, the crown jewel of Mindanao, is the country’s newest boom town, experiencing an accelerated level of modernization and real estate investments. Infrastructures such as hotels, malls and condominium towers are vigorously constructed one after the other to accommodate the influx of new residents and visitors to the city. Proof that, Cagayan de Oro as it is fondly called, had long since shed its small-town roots, to become the mega melting pot of pioneering entrepreneurs and upwardly mobile young professionals that it is today. Apart from the perks and comforts of living in a highly urbanized city, people who call Cagayan de Oro home also bask in its rich and colorful history that dates back to pre-colonial times. One clan in particular has been a prominent figure in the city’s enduring saga and cultural evolution. The Neri-Chaves family are descendants of a strong-willed Rajah whose resoluteness drove him to seek out dominions beyond his stronghold’s fertile terrains in Lanao province. The Malay prince, whose name was Samporna, or Sanskrit for ‘perfect’, decided to invade Cagayan or Kalambagohan as it was then known. Excerpts from the writings of the Neri-Chaves family historian, Filomeno M. Bautista, recounted how a potential bloody struggle was averted, when the then chief of Kalambagohan, Datu Bagani, sent his beautiful daughter guarded by his bravest warriors to meet Rajah Samporna. She

Neri-Chaves 3rd Grand Reunion held on August 13-14, 2016 in Cagayan de Oro City in northern Mindanao. was to initiate the conditional surrender, so that their people would not be enslaved by the invaders. It was told that the Rajah, captivated by Datu Bagani’s daughter, ended up marrying her. The prince also built a fortress around their village in Kalambagohan to protect them from other conquistadores. Rajah Samporna later succeeded the Datu as ruler of Cagayan. He also converted from Islam to Christianity to solidify his devotion to his wife’s religion, and in 1779 was baptized by a Spanish priest with a peculiarly Italian name, Neri. It ushered an era of peace in Mindanao, when Muslims lived harmoniously with Christians. The Neris intermarrying with the Chaveses of Cagayan was perhaps providential as it produced one of the most enduring clans in the country. Today, the Neri-Chaves

clan is many thousand strong. Well-known lawyer and congressman Rufus Bautista Rodriguez attributes the successes enjoyed by many family members throughout many generations to the tireless pursuit of life’s true purpose. “ We are hardworking people. We are also fortunate to have had many individuals in the family who continue to inspire us, like Vice President Emmanuel Neri Pelaez and Ambassador Felino Neri”, Rodriguez said, adding in jest, “At mga gwapo, gwapa pa!” Most if not all of Cagayan de Oro’s earliest leaders, from Governors to Mayors, were members of the Neri-Chaves family. Some became pioneers in other fields like business, education and the arts, from Chief Justice Marcelo Fernan to musicologist and concert pianist Vilma May Chaves Cataylo. The clan has had three

grand reunions, first in 1985, then in 1993, and the most recent one took place in August 2016 where hundreds of family members came together from all over the world to rekindle family ties. Jessica Dingcong, who spearheaded the recent reunion held at the Chaves family-owned Chali Beach and Mallberry Suites in Cagayan de Oro City, wants to inspire the next generation to carry on the legacy of benevolence and integrity of their forebears. “We should be proud that we are ver y family oriented,’ Dingcong said. In attendance at the grand reunion were the Neri-Cheves clan’s many young professionals and millennials. Sixth generation Neri-Chaves and journalist Alessandra Marie Chaves Jalandoni, who carries her nickname Apples professionally, admits feeling the pressure of belonging to a fam-

ily of achievers. “We have some pretty big shoes to fill, so we soldier on, and never give up,,” Jalandoni said, adding that, “We have always been taught to do the right thing, and not just what looks good on paper.” Jalandoni’s maternal grandfather Engineer Camilo Vamenta Chaves was a World War II veteran and subsequently Dean at the family-owned Liceo de Cagayan University. Her mother Alma Marie Chaves Jalandoni is a pioneer in garments manufacturing and export in the Philippines. Current Social Security Ser vices Commissioner Pompee La Viña will head the next Neri-Chaves grand reunion in 2018. La Viña is the son of Lourdes Chaves Maestrado La Viña who was the first woman elected to the City Council in Cagayan de Oro. His younger brother is former Ateneo School of Government dean and climate change lead negotiator Tony La Viña. Commissioner La Viña hopes to welcome many more family members to their tightknit Mindanaon clan. “It roots us in Mindanao, the blood of Mindanao is running through us,” he said. La Viña also ponders on how leadership is ingrained in the members of the clan. After all they are descendants of a warrior prince. But the word is also taking on a new meaning as the Neris and Chaveses usher Mindanao to its most vibrant era. “We will always be leaders, we are simply inclined to lead,” La Viña maintained, “but to lead as serving the people rather than ruling them.” (By J.C. Bautista)

Rebels kill tribal leader, 2 others in Davao DAVAO CITY – Communist insurgents killed 3 people, including a tribal leader they accused of murdering civilians, following a clash in the town of Caraga in the southern Filipino province of Davao Oriental, a rebel spokesman said, adding, four of their fighters were also slain in the recent battle. Roel Agustin II, who spoke for the New People’s Army, said they sent a team to the town to disarm the group of Cupertino Banugan, leader of the socalled paramilitary group Mandaya Ancestral Defense Unit, but fighting erupted and killed the tribal chieftain, including his brother Ramon Banugan and a relative Dodo Banugan.

He said rebel forces also seized weapons from the group of the slain militia leader, who was being protected by the 67th Infantry Battalion tagged as behind the spate of human rights violations and string of murders of innocent civilians accused either as supporters or sympathizers of the NPA in the town. “The suffering masses of Caraga rejoice the killing of the Banugans who, with the aid of the fascist AFP (Armed Forces of the Philippines), have wielded absolute fascist control over the peasant and Lumad communities in Caraga since the US-Arroyo regime under the Oplan Bantay Laya counter-revolutionar y campaign,” Agustin said,

adding, the clash occurred just recently. Agustin said the slain tribal leader allegedly used his power to usurp 14,000 hectares of land owned by the Iligan, Bayon, Silat, Tibay and Panin clans of Caraga. And he accused Banugan of systematically extorted land rent from the poor Mandaya peasants. “Cupertino collected 10% from the gross sale of abaca and other products of the farmers, including marijuana. He deducted 10% from any economic project established in his turf. He collected thousands from each of the 300 families who were victims of Typhoon Pablo. He amassed at least two million pesos yearly from his extortion activities.

Security forces hunt down jihadists in Philippines GENERAL SANTOS CITY – Philippine security forces continue to hunt down jihadists in the restive southern region of Mindanao following the killing of a foreign fighter and his female companion in Sarangani province, officials said. Officials said the slain foreigner initially identified only by his alias Abu Naila and the woman Kadija were members of the local jihadist group Ansar-al Khilafah, whose leader Mohd Jaafar Maguid was

also killed on January 5 at a resort beach in Kiamba town in the province. It was not immediately known whether Naila was an Indonesian or Malaysian citizen and authorities were still investigating his background. The woman was believed to be a Filipina jihadist. Officials said security forces were trying to arrest Naila and had been shot after he tried to toss a hand grenade to a group of army soldiers and police com-

mandos in the town call Maasim over the weekend. Soldiers also recovered the grenade and other explosives from Naila’s hideout. Several jihadist groups allied with Ansar-al Khalifah may strike in populated areas to avenge the death of Maguid and Naila, officials said. Security has been tightened in many areas in the South, including the country’s capital. (With reports from Mark Navales and Rhoderick Beñez)

Cupertino grew to become more brutal and exploitative, aiding the abetting the fascist 67th Infantry Battalion in its counterrevolutionary operations in Caraga, Davao Oriental,” Agustin said. The rebel spokesman said it is also common knowledge among the Mandaya communities of Caraga that Cupertino and his brother were responsible for the murder of

Romeo Mapando, Modesto Lagungan and Male Lagungan. He said they also tried to kill Julieto Bayon and Bitoy Usto. “Most of the victims were Caragan residents who were unjustly dispossessed of their lands and tried to oppose the Banugans’ despotic rule,” Agustin said, adding, “the killing of the Banugans should serve as a warning to other warlords and fas-

cist fanatic groups who abuse and terrorize the masses and rule with impunity in peasant communities.” There was no immediate statement from the security officials and government leaders on the killings. Manila is currently negotiating peace with the rebels who are fighting for a separate homeland in the country. (Mindanao Examiner)

Victims of Zambo City massacre cry for justice

ZAMBOANGA CITY – The grieving families of 8 fishermen brutally murdered by pirates have asked the government to hunt down those behind last week’s massacre off the coast of Zamboanga City. Pirates attacked a group of fishermen and officials said 7 others were unharmed from the raid. Sangali village chieftain Daud Bakil said the attack occurred near Siromon Island. The attack was only reported after two of the survivors managed to return to Sangali to report the incident. Bakil said the pirates were collecting monies from fishermen in the area. No group has claimed responsibility for the at-

tack, although 2 men were being investigated by the police. The deadly attack shows serious the security problem in the region. Just recently, Abu Sayyaf rebels tried, but failed to hijack a Filipino cargo ship while sailing off Basilan near Zamboanga City. The gunmen, on board two speedboats, attacked the vessel Ocean Kingdom – manned by over 2 dozen sailors – off Sibago Island. The ship was heading to Davao City to deliver its cargo when it came under fire. It managed to escape from the attack. It was the second cargo ship attacked by rebels off Basilan since November last year. Abu Sayyaf fighters also hi-

jacked a Vietnamese cargo ship and seized 6 crewmen, including its captain in a daring attack November 11 that left one sailor wounded. The ship, MV Royal 16, was sailing off the province when 10 gunmen on a speedboat intercepted it off Sibago Island and boarded the vessel and abducted the crewmen. Another Filipino cargo ship, MV Lorcon Iloilo, passing near Basilan rescued the wounded sailor and provided him first aid and evacuated to a hospital in Zamboanga City. The Abu Sayyaf is also holding over a dozen Malaysian and Indonesian sailors in the restive region. (Mindanao Examiner)


The Mindanao Examiner

Jan. 16-22, 2017

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The Mindanao Examiner

Jan. 16-22, 2017

any other home screen widget. On Sony Xperia handsets, however, this process won't work. Below are a couple of examples of how to do it. All devices should follow fairly similar steps, so try the first example, and if it doesn't work, move on to the next. Samsung handsets - Tap and hold on the Google Search bar. - Drag it to the trash/remove icon at the top of the screen. To retrieve the Search bar: - Tap and hold an empty space on the home screen. - Tap Widgets in the menu that appears. - Navigate to Google App folder and tap it. - Drag and drop the search bar from inside the folder to suitable space on one of your home screens. Sony handsets - Tap and hold the Google Search bar. A new menu will appear. - At the top of the screen will be the Google Search bar, and on the right side it will say Hide. Tap Hide. - Tap your home button or return key. - The Google Search bar should now be hidden. - If you want to get the Google Search bar back once you’ve removed it, simply reverse the above steps and hey presto! How to rremo emo v e the emov G oogle S ear ch bar with Sear earch a custom launcher Another simple way

to get rid of the Google Search bar is to simply find yourself a custom launcher such as Nova Launcher or Apex Launcher. These can completely customize your Android device to look and work the way you want it to, and you can even get some launchers for free. Third party custom launchers are brilliant things, and Nova and Apex aren’t the only ones out there. We’ve put together a comprehensive guide to the best Android launchers available, and we’re pretty sure at least one of them will excite and delight you. How to rremo emo ve the emov G oogle S ear ch bar b y Sear earch by r ooting yyour our Andr oid Android device This won’t come as a surprise to those of you who have heard of this process. If you root your phone, you can remove the Google Search bar. If you don’t already know about rooting, it’s when you grant yourself complete control over your phone – at the "root" level. A rooted Android is almost infinitely customizable, and once you’ve rooted your device, almost any custom ROM will let you uninstall the Google Search app. We've written a complete guide to rooting, which will tell you not just how to do it, but how to do it as safely as possible. (Br ittany McGhee, AndroidPIT)

HEALTH: Mag-ingat Sa Sex Kung May High Blood Pressure: Sundin Ang Aking Tips Payo ni Dr. Willie T. Ong AYON SA isang espesyalista sa stroke o neurologist, kailangan mag-ingat ang mga taong may high blood pressure dahil posible silang ma-stroke. Kapag mataas ang blood pressure mo sa 140 over 90, kailangan ay mapababa muna ito bago kayo magpagod, tulad ng pag-ehersisyo o sex. May mga pagkakataon na na-istroke ang tao dahil sa pagtaas ng blood pressure. Bilang espesyalista sa puso (cardiologist), may mga pagkakataon na inaatake sa puso ang isang taong habang nagtatalik, lalo na kung ang kasama niya ay hindi niya regular na partner. Kapag bago o mas bata ang iyong partner, posibleng mas tumaas ang blood pressure dahil sa nerbyos, pagiging excited at pagkapagod sa pagtatalik. Dahil dito, puwedeng atakihin sa puso o ma-stroke. Para maging ligtas, siguraduhing normal ang iyong blood pressure bago magpagod.

Dr. Willie T. Ong Sino Ang May High Blood Pressure? Kapag ang blood pressure niyo ay palaging lampas sa 140 over 90, ang ibig sabihin ay may high blood ka na. Ang normal na blood pressure ay mas mababa sa 140 over 90. Ang pinakamainam na blood pressure ay mga 120 over 80. Natural Na Gamutan: 1. Magbawas ng timbang. Kapag kayo ay lampas sa timbang, mas tataas ang iyong blood pressure. 2. Magbawas sa pagkain ng maaalat. Umiwas o magbawas sa paggamit ng asin, toyo, patis at bagoong. Bawasan din ang pagkain ng noodles, daing, tuyo

at sitsirya. 3. Matulog ng 7 hanggang 8 oras bawat araw. 4. Magbawas ng trabaho. Ang sobrang daming ginagawa ay puwedeng magdulot ng high blood. 5. Huwag palaging magagalit. Posibleng tumaas ng 50 points ang iyong blood pressure kapag ika’y galit na galit. 6. Labanan ang init ng panahon. Ang mainit na klima ay may epekto din sa may high blood. Uminon ng sapat na tubig sa isang araw. Umiwas sa araw at magpalamig. 7. Hindi gamot sa high blood ang pagkain ng bawang o pineapple juice. Masustansya ang mga ito pero hindi ito sapat para bumaba ang iyong presyon. 8. Tandaan: Kapag lampas sa 160 over 100 ang iyong presyon o may sintomas na k a y o n g nararamdaman, kailangan niyo nang uminom ng gamot para sa high blood. Magpatingin sa iyong doktor. Take care po !

RECIPE: Poached Tilapia in Sour Broth


– 4 tilapia fillet – 2 ripe plum tomato, wedged – 1 bunch scallions, chopped – 4 cups water

– 4 pieces unripe tamarind (or kamias) – 3 pieces log green pepper – Salt to taste

INSTR UCTIONS: INSTRUCTIONS: 1) Pour water in a cooking pot. Bring to a simmer. 2) Add the tomato, tamarind, and scallions. Cover and continue to simmer for 35 minutes. 3) Squeeze the tamarind and discard the pulp. 4) Remove the tomato and scallions. Set aside. 5) Add the tilapia fillet. Poach the fish for 6 to 8 minutes. 6) Add the green pepper and some salt to taste.Simmer for 3 minutes. 7) Arrange the fish in a serving bowl. Add the tomato and scallions. 8) Serve. Share and enjoy!



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Jan. 16-22, 2017

SSS hikes pension, but also raises members contribution CEBU - The Social Security System (SSS) has approved an across-theboard pension increase of P2,000 that would benefit over two million pensioners - with the initial P1,000 increase effective this month and another P1,000 in 2022 or earlier. And SSS has to implement an additional 1.5% contribution rate and lifting the maximum monthly salar y credit (MSC) to P20,000 from the current P16,000 by May 2017. President Rodrigo Duterte approved the pension hike and the increase in members' contribution. SSS Chairman Amado Valdez thanked Duterte in granting the pension hike. “This shows that the President truly cares for our elderly who have been waiting for the outcome of the proposed P2,000 increase. At the same time, his decision to implement the pension increase with a corresponding contribution hike and increasing the MSC limits supports the continuing reforms in SSS to consider the wel-

fare of the greater population of over 30 million members, who look forward to their own SSS pensions at the time of their retirement,” Valdez said. Once implemented, the combination of additional contributions and increasing the MSC ceiling would put the SSS lifespan at 2040 as of 2017. Valdez also defended the increase in members' contribution, saying, “he (Duterte) is being responsible when he said the government should not subsidize the pension hike because SSS is a private pension fund by nature and it is unfair for taxpayers to shoulder increases in SSS benefits.” To help fund the proposed pension hike, Valdez said SSS will also intensify its collection efforts and improve its collection efficiency by going after non-complying employers. Another strategy to improve revenues is for SSS to invest in businesses. Valdez reiterated SSS plans to diversify assets by directly investing in up to 25% ownership in a wide range of industries, including infrastructure

projects like toll roads, real estate and even lotto operations. On the issue of operating expenses, Valdez said that SSS has cut down its operating expenses in its 2017 budget by P1 billion as it seeks measures to improve its performance and address the existing structural imbalance in funding. He also defended the hefty salaries and bonuses of SSS officials which have been the subject of criticisms in debates around the pension hike issue. Valdez said the compensation and performance-based bonus of SSS have been capped not only for SSS but across all government-owned and controlled corporation with the enactment of the Governance Act and Executive Order 24 in 2011. “We will make sure that compensation is performance-based. If all the targets we have set have been accomplished, then I think it is just fair to give incentives for good performance. This is, after all, is a practice in all government offices and private corporations,” he said. (Cebu Examiner)

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Bag-ong polisiya sa ‘Endo’, gipagawas sa DOLE CEBU - Gilagdaan na ni Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) Sec. Silvestre Bello III ang bag-ong sistema sa “endo” o end-of-contract. Nakalatid sa maong Department Order nga dili na mahimo ang endo sa mga kooperatiba ug manpower agencies. Base sa bag-ong polisiya, dili na tugotan ang pagterminate sa serbisyo sa usa ka trabahante human sa iyang service agreement sa kumpanya. Tungod niini,

Western Mindanao

gipaabot ni Bello nga daghan nang trabahante ang ma-regular ug taposon na usab ang mga illegal contractual employment. Aron masiguro nga mga legitimate contractors lamang ang makahimo sa mga contracting arrangement, gisaka sa DOLE ngadto sa P5 milyon ang capital requirement gikan sa kanhi P3 ka milyon lang. Nakalatid usab sa maong kamandunan sa DOLE nga angay dili mawad-an ang contrac-


tor og working capital requirement nga kapareho sa 50 porsiyento sa kinatibuk-ang suholan sa mga trabahante aron maseguro nga may ipangbayad kini kun magka-problema sa koleksiyon. Gimanduan usab ang mga contractor sa paghatag og financial assistance sa mga empleyado nga maghulat og bag-ong assignment og hangtud tulo ka buwan. (Elvira C. Bongosia)


Mindanao Examiner Regional Newspaper Jan. 16-22, 2017