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Volume 18 No. 2

April - June 2020

2nd Quarter

DAR IX Under New Leadership T

HE DEPARTMENT of Agrarian Reform (DAR) in Region IX has a new Regional Director in the person of Atty. Ramon E. Madronal Jr. He was designated as the new Regional Director of DAR IX by virtue of a Department Special Order Number 173, Series of 2020 effective May 11, 2020. Director Madronal was velopment Regional Office IX before born in Tudela, Misamis Occiden- joining DAR in 1993. He rose from tal, but is a longtime resident of the ranks before his appointment as Zamboanga City. He is a graduate of Director III then his recent designaBachelor of Science in Accountancy tion as OIC Regional Director. at La Salle University, Ozamiz City. Director Madronal has He finished his Bachelor of Laws pledged his fullest commitment as at Universidad de Zamboanga in he assumes the responsibility to implement the Comprehensive AgrariZamboanga City. He started his career in the De- an Reform Program in Region IX as partment of Social Services and De- the new Regional Director.

Atty. Ramon E. Madronal Jr., the new Regional Director of DAR IX.

Rising above COVID-19!

BARCO distributed vegetables, rice, grocery items and relief goods to their members and other residents of the community.

THE BACLAY Agrarian Reform Cooperative (BARCO), a DAR - assisted cooperative in Tukuran, Zamboanga del Sur is showing resiliency on the effects of the COVID-19 pandemic within and outside the organization. It has successfully marketed 264 cavans of milled rice within two weeks period, from March 23 – April 3, 2020, amidst the imposed Enhanced Community Quarantine (ECQ) in the entire province. This is based on the provincial monitoring of Marketing Assistance to the DAR-assisted Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Oganizations (ARBOs) and agrarian reform beneficiaries, under the Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Development and Sustainability Pro-

gram, which aims to help boost the endeavors of the ARBOs and their efforts to continue with the various services they offer to their members and clients alike, in order to counter the effects of COVID19. BARCO’s Rice Trading and Retail and Agrivet supply stores in the municipality of Tukuran and Barangay Kawit, Pagadian, established under the DAR -CAP-PBD Window 3 Project, are now open to serve their respective members and customers, complementing the ECQ schedules imposed by the LGUs. “Despite the lockdown, our families’ need for basic commodities should not be compromised. Continue on page 6

Agrarian Reform Chronicles


April - June 2020

RIMMPCO distributed packed lunch to the front liners in Molave, Zamboanga del Sur.

A reminder to the hero frontliners - their sacrifices matter! WHEN THE people are busy surviving from the chaos of global pandemic, there is however some organizations who started touching lives of the real heroes by reminding them that their efforts matter and they matter most. The Rizal Molave MultiPurpose Cooperative (RIMMPCO), a DAR assisted organization in Rizal, Molave, Zamboanga del Sur responded by showing solidarity and compassion. RIMMPCO served 110 packed lunch to the frontliners in Molave Checkpoints which was placed under enhanced community quarantine. RIMMPCO continues to serve their community and promotes their organic rice product. They also offer milling services of organically grown rice using the availed rice mill project under DAR ARCP2. The cooperative also assures their continuous assistance to the farmers in need of Production loan for their farms and Emergency loan and Microlending to members for their urgent needs. They

also cater to the needs of clients in the community for basic commodities through their consumer store and the needs of the farmers at the field by making available the services of

their two combine harvester. Amidst these challenges, RIMMPCO choosed to bring on stories of generosity and kindness. While the services of RIM-

MPCO are still accessible and available for their patrons, they are also strictly complying to the precautionary measures, social distancing and ECQ schedules imposed by the LGU.

Undeterred DAR Zambo Sur ARBOs sold over P1.4 million agricultural products UNPERTURBED BY the COVID-19 crisis, 16 DAR assisted Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Organizations (ARBOs) in Zamboanga del Sur aced in earning P1.4 million within two weeks in their economic activities. Issued with Quarantine Accreditation passes by the DAR, the ARBOs through their cooperatives managed to deliver vegetables, poultry products, milled rice and other products in the market centers from May 7 to 19 this year. PARPO II Judith P. Mantos said that of the 16 ARBOs, at least 302 agrarian reform beneficiaries were involved in the harvesting and preparation of agricultural products and in the processing, packaging and

marketing of other products. Within the same period, MLBCARBCO (Josefina), GUFFIMCO (Aurora) and GUFARBECO (Pagadian City) under the PAHP Marketing Assistance earned

over P43,785. Other marketing assistance under the projects VLFED, FBS, CRFPS, Project ConVERGE, ARCCESS, LinkSFarm and CLAAP earned P1.3

April - June 2020

Agrarian Reform Chronicles


Flipping the Page: A Youth’s Insight on Agriculture WITH AN increasing lack of interest in agriculture, young people somehow still have the stereotype when it comes to “working in the land”: they don’t see a future in the agriculture. Studies have shown that the average age of farmers in the Philippines is 57 years old. As a solution, various agricultural and rural development departments, push through with providing agricultural programs to pique the interest of the youth and further their exploration in agriculture. Among them in providing various forums and training to its supported Agrarian Reform Beneficiary Organizations (ARBOs) and farmers about Youth empowerment and inclusion in Agri-farming is the Project Convergence on Value Chain Enhancement for Rural Growth and Empowerment (Project ConVERGE). Dexter Balansag, now 30 years old and residing in Brgy. Tubod, Tampilisan, in the province of Zamboanga del Norte, fulfills his passion in agriculture by pursuing rubber farming. A young beneficiary Dexter has been a beneficiary of Project ConVERGE for the past three years. He was initially an enumerator for beneficiary profiling of their cooperative, the Cabong Tampilisan Multi-Purpose Cooperative (CATAMCO). Being an enumerator and a farmer at the same time, Dexter was trained on how to gather profiles of beneficiaries and farming techniques by the project itself. “When I was initially an enumerator, a lot of trainings were conducted by the project,” he said. “Once I became a member, I was trained both in being an enumerator and a farmer. All of them were so useful, I adapted it in my farming routine,” he added. Having started at the age of 11, he took rubber farming as one of his main sources of in-

Dexter Balansag, an empowered youth of Tampilisan, Zamboanga del Norte is one of the benefiary of Project ConVERGE. come and was encouraged to do it more because of the Project’s support at present. “Not only were we provided training, but we were also provided with the necessary equipment to go with it. It encouraged me to follow what they taught us and apply it in my rubber farming,” he further stated . “In this place where rubber is one of the easy-to-access sources, I started farming because I knew that this could help me in the long run. This could be one of my sources of income,” he added. In his current rubber farm, he is able to produce 200 kilos of rubber cup lumps monthly to be consolidated by their cooperative and sold to the market, amounting to a total of 2,000 pesos earned every month. He also planted new rubber trees that would be ready for harvest in the years to come. Even with this, Dexter perseveres in farming rubber cup lumps for it has always been a trusted source of income for him and his family. He also wants the other young rubber farmers in their community to pursue it too. “As I grew up, I was always encouraged by my parents that rubber farming could help me with my needs. That is why, I endured

planting rubber trees so that I can reap its harvest when the time comes,” he answered when asked about the reason why he pursues rubber farming. “Rubber has always been a very big commodity, and Mindanao is well known for its best rubber production. It has always interested me how we could earn farming rubber cup lumps for a living,” he stressed further. A young farmer’s insight He also addressed the current problem of dwindling cases of youth interested in agriculture in their area and chosen to not be one of them, as he is currently proud of managing his farm, and has settled to stay and enjoy the farming life with his family. “I know people may think that it’s better to experience city life and find jobs there, but I figured that I could have my own job here and be proud of the resources that we have as well.” He addresses the stigma of the youth unappreciative of the work of farmers and agriculture itself. “A lot of young people in this area are so adamant in pursuing the city life and what it has to offer, and that’s fine. But I hope that they wouldn’t just turn a blind eye on what is currently in front of them,”

he said. “It seems like the youth think that you get nothing in agriculture, but you do get something. You get knowledge, and when you do get it, that is when you get to appreciate everything else.” That is why he appreciates every training he got to have with Project ConVERGE, and the initiative of all other agencies to promote youth participation in agriculture. “And they don’t just initiate age-old tactics, but they introduce innovative ideas for farming that not only help the farmers but piques their interest as well. In this tech-generation, agriculture is also making its innovative ways known through the use of different schemes to expand its roots and market”, he shared. Dexter encourages his fellow youth in agriculture to have their horizons expanded, as he believes one must take on the challenge of what is currently laid down for them where they are. “I believe the youth, whether they are in the farms or the city, should widen their mindset about farming or agriculture in general. And to my fellow rubber farmers in this area, I hope they could encourage the young to have knowledge in farming as this could really help them.” “Learning the essence of agriculture has become easier now due to the support of various agencies and projects like Project ConVERGE provide. All of these just to preserve its essence, and I am proud and thankful for all the training I have received.” Agriculture may still have its fair share of stigmas surrounding it, but it cannot be denied that in these past years, it has started to take off to new heights, more innovative than ever before. It wouldn’t take too long for others to have their interests piqued, because at the end of the day, no matter what all of us do, everything is connected to its roots.


Agrarian Reform Chronicles

This Project intends to complement the services of other agencies for the inclusion of the agrarian reform beneficiaries (ARBs) in the stream of production and marketing assistance and social amelioration programs. In observance of the policy of ‘No Duplication’ of beneficiaries, DAR will coordinate with DSWD, DA, DOLE and LGUs with the further intention of indorsing the rest of the ARBs which cannot be covered under this Project for assistance by the said agencies.


MARPO Flordie Bagundol head, of DAR Municipal Office of Naga and Kabasalan in Zamboanga Sibugay, with PCAO Reynaldo Mantos, PARCCOM members, GARBEMCO officials and DAR personnel distributed Food and Non-Food packs to 150 ARBs in Naga and Kabasalan.

The DAR Zambo No Manukan to start the ueva, all the Divisio reform beneficiaries total of 91 packs wer

Risen Christ Multi-Purpose Cooperative is one of the DAR assisted coo Norte. The cooperative is continuing their services to their customers a the people of the municipality do not need to travel or go to t

DAR Zamboanga del Sur delivered packs of supplemental food and non-food items to the 220 agrarian reform beneficiaries of Tigbao, Kumalarang, Lakewood and Bayog towns. They received packs consisting of five kilos quality rice, facemasks, multivitamins, noodles, coffee and canned goods The distribution of packages is one of the four projects under The PaSSOver: ARBold Move to Heal as one deliverance our ARBs from COVID-19 pandemic, created by DAR in support to the ARBs whose livelihood are badly affected by the outbreak.

Packages of supplemental food and non-food items delivered to the Zamboanga del Sur o


orte headed by PARPO II Arturo N. Soria went to the municipality of e Project ARBold. He was accompanied by PARPO 1 Rizzel B. Villann Chiefs and other staff who helped the said activity. The agrarian s of the areas were the first recipient the food and non-food packs. A re distributed to the two barangays of Disakan and Don Jose Aguirre.

April - June 2020


In Zamboanga City, a total of 366 Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries from the districts of Curuan, Vitali, Manicahan and Ayala received food and non-food items. The DAR Municipal office of Curuan and Vitali is headed by MARPO Susan Benasing and the DAR Municipal Office of Manicahan and Ayala is headed by MARPO Concepcion Tampipi. The team of PBDD Anthony Teves and other DAR Provincial Office personnel attended the activity to help facilitate the distribution.

operative which is located at Poblacion, La Libertad, Zamboanga del amidst the COVID-19 pandemic. They open the store everyday so that the next town to buy groceries and other basic necessities.

639 ARBs in Cluster I - Josefina, Mahayag and Dumingag towns in on May 27-28, 2020.

3,225 lives were already moved by the DAR-ZDS through the distribution of essential food and non-food packs with the anticipation that three more interventions are underway. These projects (Four Components) are under the The PaSSOver: ARBold Move to Heal as One Deliverance our ARBs from COVID-19 Pandemic.

Agrarian Reform Chronicles


April - June 2020

The ARBold Project: A Lifeline for the ARBs in Challenging Times AS WE face a global health crisis brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic, our economy also faces the risk of recession. With the onset of the community quarantine, several establishments and local businesses ceased operating thus earning a daily living for many has been almost non-existent. For Nelfa Catipay, Charlyn Orquillas and Miguella Sarangaya- agrarian reform beneficiaries of Lower Disakan, Manukan, Zamboanga del Norte, each day is considered a challenge to make ends meet. The construction project of Nelfa Catipay’s husband in the municipal town-site was put on hold; Charlyn Orquillas saw the regular financial support she received from her daughter working in Manila dwindle; and Miguella Sarangaya saw her mobility being hampered by lack of public transport, preventing her from selling the assorted root crops she harvested from her farm. Providing Alternatives In response to the on-going crisis, the Department of Agrarian Reform (DAR) initiated the PASSover: ARBold Move for Deliverance of ARBs from the COVID-19 Pandemic Project which aims to provide assistance and support to the agrarian reform beneficiaries and ARBOs. One component of the said project is the Livelihood Support for Women in Crisis Situation. In the

province of Zamboanga del Norte, DAR awarded the Egg Production Project for the 15 women ARB members of Patunan Farmers Association in Patunan, Manukan; Labakid ARB Multi-purpose Cooperative in Labakid, Sindangan; and, the San Jose RIC Women’s Association in San Jose, Kalawit. As part of its platform, participants of the project are single mothers, senior citizens, indigenous people and persons with disability. The Egg Production Project consists of a ready-made commercially-designed egg machine, construction materials for the facility, and 48-ready to lay (RTL) pullets. The projected production rate is at around 38 eggs per day which is estimated to provide each of the ARBs a daily income of 266 pesos. Project Implementation With the enactment of RA 11469 or the Bayanihan to Heal as One Act, DAR expedited the procurement process for the material requirements of the project. Thus, on June 9, 2020, DAR started the launching and distribution of project materials to the 15 women ARB members of the three ARBOs. Planning Ahead With the project’s immediate planning and implementation, the women ARBs like Catipay, Orquillas and Sarangaya took it upon themselves to come up with strategies to maintain and sustain the project. This includes the possibility of engaging

Charlyn Orquillas, one of the beneficiaries of the Egg Production Project for Women ARB in Manukan, Zamboanga del Norte. in a collaborative marketing scheme among themselves. Considering the uncertainty of their situation, the assistance provided by DAR through its ARBold Project came as a relief as it gave them an alternative livelihood during the period of pandemic and thereafter. In the words, of Nelfa Catipay, “This project

is a big help to us, it came at the most opportune time.” Provincial Agrarian Reform Program Officer II Arturo N. Soria led the awarding of the Egg Production Project to the 15 women ARB members along with some staff from DAR Zamboanga del Norte provincial and municipal offices.

Rising above COVID-19! Continued from page 1 To produce food, our farming activities have not stopped and also the customers’ need for fertilizers and other farm inputs. We also cater to the needs of our farmers at the field by making available the services of our combine harvester and thresher. Our hauling truck availed under DAR-CRFPSP can also be hired to provide hauling and transporting ser-

vices whenever necessary,” said BARCO Manager Richard S. Hidalgo. “We support the fight against COVID19 and we also abide by the safety measures imposed by our LGUs,” added Manager Hidalgo. Recently, to show solidarity with the local residents and ARBO members in Tukuran, who belong to the poorest of the poor, BARCO distributed for free a total of 725 kilos of squash to more

than 800 households. Accordingly, they bought the squash from local farmers who have difficulties marketing their produce following the implementation of the ECQ. They also distributed food packs of three kilos rice and grocery items and some relief goods to more than 88 members-families, amounting to more than P 17,000. Another set of food packs consisting of three kilos

rice and grocery items, amounting to more than P 17,000 were likewise shared to those considered indigent families in the community. Manager Hidalgo said: “We just cannot turn our backs on them during this crisis because these people are the backbone of our cooperative. For our members, we would like them to see and understand that we are in this together. We will altogether rise above it.”

April - June 2020

Agrarian Reform Chronicles


“The NANAN Bakery Enterprise: Bread and Pastries amidst the COVID-19 Pandemic” AS THE Enhanced Community Quarantine extends in Region 9 to ensure public safety, so does the challenge of our farmers to make it through this pandemic. One of the crucial challenges is the limited supply of food and necessary commodities. In the Municipality of Payao, Zamboanga Sibugay, the Nanan Multi-Purpose Cooperative in barangay Nanan was established in February 1993. To this date, a number of projects have been provided to assist the Cooperative. One of those is from the Convergence on Livelihood Assistance for Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries’ Project (CLAAP). The project provided the cooperative with baking equipment and supplies amounting to Php 446, 783.00. The project started its operation last March 8, 2020 with its own trained members operating the bakery themselves. With the implementation of the ECQ, four to five members operate the bakery with

strict compliance to health protocols. As reported, since the enterprise has started, they were able to generate an average daily income of Php 1, 500.00. According to Cluster Leader Agustina Lagahit who heads the enterprise, with the ECQ, the Bakery Enterprise is very much timely and helpful. They used to travel to buy their bread in Imelda, a neighboring municipality. But now, they are able to bake their own bread and pastries and people from neighboring barangays also come and purchase from them which gives them a much wider scope in terms of marketing their products. Since Filipinos are bread–lovers, the bakery is very adequate. The Nanan Bakery Enterprise is also under the supervision of The Nanan Multi-Purpose Cooperative Manager Rex Taatas and Chairperson Manuel Caminos. The DAR Municipal Office of Payao, Zamboanga Sibugay aims to assist and provide the needs of its farmer-beneficiaries’ in the mu-

The bakery of Nanan Multi-PurposeCooperative funded by CLAAP. nicipality. The Convergence on Livelihood Assistance for Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries’ Project (CLAAP) is a partnership project between DAR and DSWD that aims to aid in increasing the income of target agrarian re-

form beneficiaries and farm workers. Other on-going projects of the Nanan Multi-Purpose Cooperative under CLAAP are Native Chicken Production and Marketing, and the Establishment of Warehouse Rental Business.

“In a gentle way, you can shake the world.”– Mahatma Gandhi

MLBC-ARBCO distributed groceries to members and non-members of the cooperative.

THE MAG-UUMA sa Lower Bogo Calabat Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries Cooperative (MLBC-ARBCO) in Josefina, Zamboanga del Sur, a DAR assisted cooperative, did their share of gently shaking lives and promoting bayanihan by reaching out and giving out rice and groceries to over 200 members and non members. MLBC-ARBCO has also helped their members by extending the grace period for their production loans and microlending dues falling on ECQ without penalties or additional interests. The cooperative has a consumer store and offers salary , providential and production loans to its 219 members, 88 of whom are agrarian reform beneficiaries. Being a recipient of greenhouse from Partnership Against Hunger and Poverty (PAHP), the cooperative continued their organic vegetable produc-

tion. Ninety vegetable growers from both PAHP and High Value Vegetable Production (HVVP-ARCP2) projects deliver 620 kgs of their weekly produce to linked buyers in Molave. MLBC-ARBCO is also a recipient of livestock dispersal, vegetable cultivator and three units water pump under PAHP. DAR Zamboanga del Sur is strengthening the implementation of the Memorandum of Understanding inked between the DAR Zamboanga del Sur and the BJMP nationwide under the Enhanced Partnership Against Hunger and Poverty (EPAHP) program. Under the MOU, BJMP commits to directly purchase and prioritize the agricultural products of the ARBOs in the agrarian reform communities who will now cater the food requirement of the Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL).


April - June 2020

ARBUMAFCO Contunues vegetable growing, secures new marketing tie up


ULOY ANG LABAN ( Continue the Fight) for ARBUMAFCO or Agrarian Reform Beneficiaries United Manguiles Farmers’ Cooperative, a DAR assisted cooperative in Manguiles, Mahayag, Zamboanga del Sur, amidst the fight against COVID-19 pandemic. ARBUMAFCO regularly supplies organic vegetables in the markets of Molave and Mahayag. It also supplies the food needs of the two medical centers in Ozamis City, the Emergency Hospital and the Misamis University Medical Center. With the recent threat brought about by the pandemic, vegetable growers in the province have been adversely affected. The prices of the vegetables have dropped due to lack of demand and reduced orders at the vegetable trading posts. Its vegetable transport to nearby municipalities was also limited especially with the enhanced community quarantine (ECQ) being implemented and observed in the entire province. This restriction on human mobility has somehow opened the door of opportunity for ARBUMAFCO, especially after a Memorandum of Understanding was inked between the DAR and the Bureau of Jail Management and Penology (BJMP) nationwide under the Enhanced Partnership Against Hunger and Poverty (EPAHP) program. BJMP commits to directly purchase and prioritize the agricultural products of the ARBOs in the agrarian communities. This is to ensure healthy and nutritious food supply for the Persons Deprived of Liberty (PDL) to be able to combat COVID-19. ARBUMAFCO

2nd Quarter

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Members of ARBUMAFCO doing their day to day activities in their cooperative store. will now cater to the food requirement of the BJMP of Mahayag. “Over the past month of grappling with the market for our products which are highly perishable, we were hoping for an intervention. We call on our local government officials and the Department of Social Welfare and Development (DSWD) to prioritize the purchase of our farm products to be distributed along with other relief goods to the quarantine affected families. With the recent tie up, the market of our vegetables is secured. We have been hit hard with selling our produce because access to nearby municipalities is being restricted. We are now privileged to have a market

with the BJMP in Mahayag. Thanks to DAR and BJMP, “ said Nanay Violeta Magsayo, member of ARBUMAFCO. ARBUMAFCO continues to thrive, producing roughly 700 kgs of ampalaya (bittergourd), eggplant, pepper, alugbati (spinach), okra (ladies finger), pipino (cucumber) and monggo on a weekly basis. ARBUMAFCO was also recognized for successfully marketing over 2,065 kilos of organic vegetables within two weeks despite the imposed ECQ in the province. This is based on the weekly monitoring report conducted by the office to the assisted ARBOs for the period March 23 to April 3 ,2020. For these local farmers and veg-

ENGR. AGNES Y. MAATA, CESO IV ARD for LTS/TASS For inquiries, please write or call the DAR Regional Office IX, Veterans Avenue Extension, Zamboanga Telephone No. (062) 955-2155 Email add: dar_reg9@yahoo.com

etable growers who continue their calling - tilling their lands and producing food for the people, giving up is never an option. They promised to continue, to maximize the support of the government, to plant and felt privileged to be the food providers. Afterall, they too are the brave frontliners for all seasons based in their own farms.

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2nd Quarter Newsletter | Tels. (062) 955-5360, (0995) 5202358 | 3F, JLC Bldg., Don Alfaro Street, Tetuan, Zamboanga City, Philippines | min...

DAR-IX Chronicles (April-June 2020)  

2nd Quarter Newsletter | Tels. (062) 955-5360, (0995) 5202358 | 3F, JLC Bldg., Don Alfaro Street, Tetuan, Zamboanga City, Philippines | min...