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Obama’s pro-abortion stance, a concern for PH WITH the re-election of pro-abortion president Barack Obama, freedom of choice is being thrown out the window for numerous Americans, who can expect more coercion when it comes to supporting a government mandate that violates their moral values, said a young Filipino. “While I am not an American voter, I am concerned about Obama’s being vehemently pro-choice. Not only does he support abortion rights, but he also wants to implement an allencompassing healthcare policy that covers contraception, sterilization, and abortion-causing drugs,” said writer and life advocate Nicole Bautista. “I mean, sure, if you don’t want to avail of it, don’t take it, right? But this government-funded policy forces the hand of people regardless of their beliefs, to pay for something they don’t believe in with their hardearned money—through their taxes.” Bautista, who appeared in a video produced by Human Life International (HLI) about the harm that contraception causes on women, pointed out that though US affairs are that country’s own, the rest of the world is not immune to the effects of developments in American politics. The outcome of the recent presidential elections exerts tremendous influence on the

rights amid decades-long foreign pressure to carry out government-mandated programs for “reproductive health” care services — the latest of which is the P13.7-billion measure that proposes, among other heavily opposed provisions, taxpayer-funded procure-

ment and distribution of birth control drugs and devices. A substitute RH bill was recently formulated, which pro-lifers reject just the same since it essentially contains the same objectionable principles but presented differently. (CBCP for Life)

Happy Eid’l Adha and Welcome home to all pilgrims from holy land of MECA, KSA President Barack Obama meets with Aung San Suu Kyi in the Oval Office of the White House, Sept. 19, 2012.

direction which legislation takes in the Philippines, the writer noted. “He may be the president of the US—not my president—but as head of such a powerful nation, Obama can be a big influence on our own nation’s policies. Do you think it’s coincidental that after Pnoy came home from a meeting with Obama, the noise on RH bill started getting louder again?” she asked. “It’s not two separate events; it’s cause and effect.” President Benigno Aquino III is getting a lot of pressure from the US as it is to sign the reproductive health (RH) bill into law, and with Obama still on top, the fight to overcome that and stay true to our culture just gets harder,” Bautista added. Bautista, who blogs on

life and chastity issues, took part in a video by HLI, the world’s largest pro-life organization, which was produced this year as part of a campaign to defend the rights of women, in response to yet another massive effort by the British government and the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation (BMGF) to carry out its depopulation agenda in developing nations. The video titled “No Controversy?” exposed the serious and documented dangers that contraceptives pose on the health of women. Featured in it are young women from Asia and Africa – the focus of the BMGF’s project to flood the developing world with birth control supplies, including what it has called “lifesaving contraceptives.”

Bautista was one of two Filipino women who appeared in the HLI-produced project, which debuted in July. It’s not only in America that proposed laws’ trampling on the people’s Constitution-guaranteed freedoms is becoming apparent. The much-debated RH bill was hailed for a time by its proponents as one step to advance freedom of choice. It is becoming increasingly obvious to more and more Filipinos, however, that the bill deprives a remarkable portion of the population of the right to exercise freedom in different forms which are enshrined in the Philippine Constitution. Life and family advocates have been continuously working to uphold women and children’s

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