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Learning to love

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Rotary’s best ambassador in PR

LIFE’S INSPIRATIONS: “…But as for me and my household, we will serve the Lord…” (Joshua 24:15, the Holy Bible). -oooFILIPINO, PRIDE OF ALL ROTARIANS WORLDWIDE: Lyne Abanilla, the vice president for classified advertising of the oldest Philippine newspaper Manila Bulletin and a past district governor of Rotary, is fast becoming to be the pride not only of Filipino Rotarians but of all Rotarians in the world as well, in her role as one of Rotary International’s public imaging coordinators tasked with spreading Rotary’s “service above self ” and exhorting Rotarians to tell their story of service. Shortly before All Saints Day 2012, she was invited to speak about Rotary’s public imaging efforts (or public relations, if you will) before the Rotary Club of Norfolk, Virginia, USA, and did she wow the US club members about what Rotary is doing now to spread the good news of Rotary’s worldwide

caring for the poor and the marginalized. The club bulletin of the Norfolk Rotarians gave a very glowing account of Lyne’s speech. Here are some parts of it: “Lyne discussed the `Power of Image’ and the importance of making sure that Rotary International’s image is appropriately cultivated so that the whole world understands and appreciates the work that Rotary does both in the local community and around the world. -oooROTARY’S POSITIVE IMAGE, RESPONSIBILITY OF ALL ROTARIANS: “The theme, `Rotary Shares’, is designed to make people aware of what Rotary is and what it does. She pointed out that creating a `positive image’ of Rotary was the responsibility of every Rotarian! Every Rotary Public Image Coordinator (RPIC) has, like Lyne, a background or professional expertise in public relations, journalism or communications. “Lyne’s work and


THINK a minute. About love. It makes the world go around, right? The problem is that there doesn’t seem to be much going around! Most of us know that to love and be loved is what life is all about. So why is there so little real love in the world? Why have so many of us not learned how? How do I learn to love? It’s simple: until I have been truly loved by someone else, I don’t know how to truly love others. I know what you’re thinking: “No one has ever loved me like that! I mean really loved me all the


to another distinguishing between spirits, to another speaking in different kinds of tongues, and to still another the interpretation of tongues. All these are the work of one and the same Spirit, and he distributes them to each one, just as he determines.” A common problem for Christians is the temptation to get so caught up in our spiritual gift that we only seek to serve God in the area in which we feel we

have been gifted. That is not how the spiritual gifts work. God calls us to obediently serve Him in all things. He will equip us with whatever gift or gifts we need to accomplish the task He has called us to. God calls some to be teachers and gives them the gift of teaching. God calls some to be servants and blesses them with the gift of helps. However, specifically knowing our spiritual gift does not excuse us from serving God in areas outside our gifting. Is it beneficial to know what spiritual gift(s) God has given us? Of course it is. Is it wrong to focus so much on spiritual gifts that we miss other opportunities to serve God? Yes. If we are dedicated to being used by God, He will equip us with the spiritual gifts we need.

Think A Minute Jhan Tiafau Hurst time without conditions, just as I am.” Even our parents and spouse many times fail to love us that way. So how can I ever learn to love? I’ve got some very good news for you. Someone already has loved you like that! You just didn’t know it.

Identifying our spiritual gifts

IDENTIFYING our spiritual giftedness can be known in many ways. One way is to test ourselves. Spiritual gift tests can definitely help us understand where our gifting might be. Another is a confirmation from others. It gives light to our spiritual giftedness. Other people who see us serving the Lord can often identify a spiritual gift in use that we might take for granted or not recognize. Prayer is also important. The one person who knows exactly how we are spiritually gifted is the gift-giver Himself—the Holy Spirit. We can ask God to show us how we are gifted BEST | page 11 in order to better use our spiritual gifts for His glory. There is no magic formula or definitive test that can tell us exactly what our spiritual gifts are. The Holy

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We learn to love by seeing God’s love for us in Jesus Christ. Jesus loves you without conditions. No person in history has lived with such a perfect kind of love for others has Jesus Christ did. Real love cannot be done by slogans or songs. They cannot change our self-

centered heart and nature. We all want real love, but none of us is able to give it. That’s why Jesus came: to show us what real love looks like. Jesus has given us the greatest picture and proof of His love for us—by giving His perfectly innocent life for all of our wrongs. So how do you learn to love? Just let Jesus love you. Ask Him to take charge of your heart and life everyday. And as you receive His love and power every day, you’ll start learning how to love others like that; since you’ll always be getting the love you need from Him. Just Think a Minute.

The New Generation Alex A. Podador Spirit distributes the gifts as He determines. 1 Corinthians 12:7-11 states, “ Now to each one the manifestation of the Spirit is given for the common good. To one there is given through the Spirit a message of wisdom, to another a message of knowledge by means of the same Spirit, to another faith by the same Spirit, to another gifts of healing by that one Spirit, to another miraculous powers, to another prophecy,

In case of cyber scams

QUESTION: What is the worst kind of fishing? Answer: Cyber phishing. I recently became a recipient of this bad joke when a very suspicious-looking e-mail popped in my inbox. The sender and the s ender’s address were dubious enough: “From: Alert: #RCBC029 rcbc@” The subject: “RCBC: [AttenMINDANAO DAILY NEWS tion Required] ACCOUNT Publisher SUSPENSION NOTICE.” MER M. SUDARIA But the biggest red flag Manager of all was the content of ROSE MARY D. SUDARIA Finance Manager the e-mail: “Dear RCBC RUEL V. PELONE ALLAN M. MEDIANTE Customer, we have activated Editor-in-Chief Executive Editor the NEW ( RCBC (11010) JOE DEL PEURTO FELICILDA MELANIE RIVERA Security ). Due to increased Managing Editor Advertising security problem, we have CRIS DIAZ Associate Editor increased the level of our onALBERT MOLIT SHAUN ALEJANDRAE UY line security. Your Account Circulation Sports & Lifestyle Editor was disabled for verification. BEN ARCHE JUN ESCUADRO You are required to re-acRegional Editor-DAVAO RIZA O. ARES tivate your RCBC Account PAT SAMONTE LIEZL A. DELOSO now to avoid suspension. Regional Editor-Caraga JOE PALABAO AL JACINTO Activate now http:www. RENE MICHAEL BAÑOS Regional Editor-Zamboanga rcbc-) Marketing Consultants GERRY LEE GORIT RCBC))/rcbc.htm. Thank Photo Journalists ATTY. MARIO T. JUNI you, RCBC.” URIEL C. QUILINGUING atty. roberto a. cantago jr. The e-mail’s poor gramEditorial Consultant Legal Counsels

Speaking Out IGNACIO BUNYE mar is enough to raise eyebrows, but how do we guard ourselves (and our bank accounts) from cyber phishers? The Information Technology Sub-Sector (ITSS) of the Bangko Sentral ng Pilipinas defines e-mail spam as “unsolicited commercial e-mail (UCE) or unsolicited bulk e-mail (UBE).” E-mail spam is sometimes referred to as “junk mail,” normally containing advertisements for services and products. According to the ITSS, the most common types of spam e-mails include the following: Scams/Hoaxes • Phishing scam/per-

sonal information scam—a very popular and dangerous form of e-mail fraud that scammers use to commit identity theft • Nigerian bank scams or advance fee fraud schemes • Pyramid schemes, including multi-level marketing • Sweepstakes, lottery, and prize scams • Other “Get Rich Quick” or “Make Money Fast” schemes Ads • Quack health products and remedies • Software collecting e-mail addresses • Illegally pirated software Chain Letters

• Software collecting e-mail addresses and sending unsolicited commercial e-mail • Offers of bulk e-mailing services for sending unsolicited commercial e-mail So what are the signs that an e-mail is possibly “spam”? The ITSS answers: • You do not know the sender; • It involves something that is confidential or personal in nature (such as your PIN and password); • It involves money; and • It requires you to click on some form of link, hyperlink, URL, or button. Should you receive an e-mail spam, these are the things that you should do, according to the ITSS: • Be cautious. If you suspect that you have received a spam message, do not reply. • Just ignore and delete the message. • Do not follow any instructions such as replying SCAMS | page 11