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Dynamics of  lobbying technologies in Russia  Paris‐2010        


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In a global world only  comprehensive solutions  ensure competitive  advantages. What we offer to our  partners are efficient ways to  communicate with a whole  range of audience: politics,  officials, business‐ communities, experts,  journalists, various social  groups.


At MINCHENKO  CONSULTING we take great  pride to implement our  experience in comprehensive  campaigns, strong contacts at  PR and GR markets, scientific  approach, and original tools  to deliver professional  services.

CEO, General partner Evgeny Minchenko Education Graduate of Chelyabinsk State University, Faculty of History (1993), Russian Academy of State Service in Political Psychology (1997) Career 1993 – 2007 - New Image PR agency, CEO In 2002 was appointed Deputy Public and Government Relations Director at Domodedovo Airlines Since 2003 – director of International Institute for Political expertise

Evgeny Minchenko Author of the book "How to become and remain a governor" (the  best Russian theoretical PR‐work of the PR‐contests "White wing"  and "Silver Archer" 2001) 

Evgeny Minchenko Other 2006 – 2008 – founder and  first Chairman of PRPA GR  Committee Since 2008 – RPRA Image of  Russia Committee Chairman Editor at Has published 3 monographs,  author of over 100 articles on  PR, political consulting and  lobbism.

Evgeny Minchenko Other Moscow State University,  Faculty of World Politics,  Lecturer Ministry of Industry and Trade  of the Russian Federation,  Member of Expert Board; Ministry for Economic  Development of the Russian  Federation, Member of  Investment Board

Evgeny Minchenko

Other State Duma of the Federal  Assembly of the Russian  Federation, Expert of Security  and CIS Countries Committees 2003 ‐ 2007 ‐ Advisor to the  Chairman of State Duma Anti‐ Corruption Commission Vice‐President of the Russian PR  Association (RPRA)

Dynamics of lobbying  technologies in Russia 1990 years. Feudal lobbying. Staffing lobbying. Pushing loyal  people into the power. Oligarchs are  inside the state power.  Investments in politicians with  special attention to governors  elections and parliament elections   Bargaining zone of power‐business  interaction. Powerful tool ‐ media  controlled by oligarchs. Bargaining zone of federal power  and regional powers interaction. Political consultant as a figure is  more effective than a lobbyist.

Successful lobbying of  European companies in Russia  in case of attraction russian partners, that are included in  Feudal bargaining.

Dynamics of lobbying  technologies in Russia 2000 years. Enforcement lobbying Redistribution of resources in favor of "siloviki" elite group (law  enforcement officials corporation) Dismantlement of media empires controlled by oligarchs Elimination of regional regimes free will. End of governors ‐ political heavyweights power.  Main actors ‐ state corporations and elite clans. Center of  decision making — variant of Soviet structure Politbureau.  Procedure — making a cross‐clan balance. Main stake is made on  creation of economic sector leaders and corporation as "national  champions".

New trends. Medvedev‘s era The raise of public companies which  are working using another principles.  Activization of industry associations.  Launching of new strategies for  different economic sectors, technical  regulation enforcement.  Innovation programs. Renaissance of effective media  campaigns. New level of mass action influence. The raise of "bottom‐up"  technologies importance. Social councils and groups of experts

Dynamics of lobbying  technologies in Russia

Lobbying in Russia GR activity specific nowadays: Lack of legislative  regulations of lobbyism Overrated corruption  component Possibility of proactive  influence on executive  power decisions through  participation in creating  economic sectors strategies,  federal target programs etc.

Lobbying in Russia

Styles of lobbying: Kremlin relations «Glossy booklets» Grand strategy  making

Lobbying in Russia The main subject  of lobbying struggle: Not for government support  but for keeping outlets and  government order Defense against pressure of  authorities  For changing game rules in  concrete markets For promoting protectionist  policy (come into conflict  with WTO entry)

Lobbying in Russia

The most efficiency economic  sectors lobbyists:  Oil industry Metallurgy Banks Insurance Car industry

Lobbying in Russia Typical mistakes of foreign companies going into lobbying in the Russian market: Lack of GR sense of direction (analysis of aims that are on the agenda of the concrete agency or official, analysis of decision making criteria,  potential allies and conflicts). Placing monitoring in the centre of attention. One meeting‐lobbying

Lobbying in Russia Typical mistakes of foreign companies going into lobbying in the  Russian market: Scarcity of attention to  reputation risks and risks  from law enforcement  structures. In case of working with  Russian partner ‐ giving  him total control over GR  functions (the TNK‐BP  situation).

Lobbying in Russia New technologies: Participation in advisory  bodies under the auspices of  ministries and agencies Industry associations Work with the expert society Forming broad coalitions of  support Grass roots – power attends to  the Russian people position  more and more Media campaigns efficiency is  rising Broader context (Custom  union ets) I research I analytics I PR I GR I geopolitical lobbying I

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Lobbying in Russia 2010  

Dynamics of lobbying technologies in Russia. Paris-2010

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