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Portfolio for Working with Technology Entrepreneurship Program J410: New Venture Champion

Jasmine Anita DuVall Katelyn Thompson Mariyam Al Elsa Trevis Thirdgill Minchan Bae

Technology Entrepreneurship Program Re-branding Project January, 2009 Problem: Our Technology Entrepreneurship Program (TEP) has been around for 8 years but the acronym is confused with Teaching Effectiveness Program, and another in the Department of Education, Teacher Education Program, both of which have been around a lot longer than our Program. Now that TEP is expanding to be more cross-campus, we are generating yet more confusion. Graduate students from Business, Law and Science are all TEP students. So far the scientists have come from Biology and Chemistry. It could expand to more graduate departments in the future. Imagine if it expands to include the Education Department, we will be truly confusing! Given the prodigious output of the Education Department in recent years in terms of technology for new company formation, it is just a matter of time. TEP is a sub-set of the Innovation and Entrepreneurship Program. I can explain for you the purposes of I&EP. It is very important to note that using the name I&EP in place of TEP is not an option. Project Goals: This is a re-branding project. •

A non-confusing name (with respect to the rest of the UO) for the TEP, that still conveys the essence of the program

Marketing catch-phrases, tag lines

Attractive and distinctive logo

Color schemes, fonts, and graphic design for an attractive look and feel

Review of existing marketing materials, with suggestions for what the next generation should look like (we will use what we have until exhausted)

All other suggestions that the team may make to in the drive to excellence in the rebranding of the TEP are solicited and most welcome.

Contacts and Regular Meetings • • •

Don Upson, 6-3349, Al Cochrane, 206-915-1897, Randy Swangard, 6-3312,

Don will be your primary contact except during 1/18-2/11 while he is away. Al and Randy should be contacted during this time, and one or the other will meet with you once every week to follow your progress. Don will meet with you again as often as you’d like, but at least once/week after he returns.

Brand Vision The Technology Entrepreneurship Program will grow from a business-dominated fellowship to an interdisciplinary program that includes cross campus participation. TEP will branch past our current partners to incorporate more businesses and technologies. We will build new networks with other academic programs in Oregon and in will also strengthen our standing among the nationwide entrepreneurship programs. We will build successful business and let our technologies meet their market potential.

Creative brief for: Technology Entrepreneurship Program ______________________________________________________________________ Objective


Creating interest for the Lundquist college’s Technology Entrepreneurship Program among target audience by connecting with our target audiences and appealing to their needs and expanding reach and accessibility to our target.


Recreating a progressive, forward-looking, and attractive look for TEP by renaming it and giving it a logo. Defining a competitive advantage that distinguishes TEP from other competing programs


Brochure - Highlights competitive advantage - Stresses program’s benefits rather than attributes - Displays serious/exciting pictures Website - User friendly - Informs audience about the program and it’s history - Displays a mission statement and a vision statement - Shows how the program compares to other programs in the region - Explains what students benefit from participating in the program - Exhibits an attractive photo gallery - Mentions the latest news and updates in the field - Features the importance of the program within the community - Indicates approachable faculty and alumni - Implies the importance of active research within the program


25-35 yr. old grad students interested in entrepreneurship. Mainly MBA students but target also includes other students from different departments like biology, chemistry, and law. Innovators, partners, and sponsors

Current response

I might have heard about it but I don’t really understand what TEP is.

Desired response

TEP is a very attractive program that I’m applying for.


The Technology Entrepreneurship program is a valuable career tool centered on a real-world experience of differentiation and Innovation.

TECHLAUNCH After Much trial and error the group finnally chose TechLaunch. There were two main reasons for this. The first was that the name had to stand alone. This is the reason why our runnerup name PROTO was cut; it was not self explanitory and the client felt it would need to much of an explanation. Secondly the name needed to be catchy and energetic. TechLaunch was easy to say it only had two syllables and it illustrated a certain energy and movement that brought the program to life.

NVC Color Palette + Style Guide black C=0 Y=0 M=0 K=100 white C=0 Y=0 M=0 K=0

dark gray C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=80 med gray C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=65 light gray C=0 M=0 Y=0 K=45

beige C=20 M=20 Y=30 K=5 yellow C=0 M=0 Y=100 K=2 green C=42 M=7 Y=100 K=0

bright blue C=57 M=0 Y=0 K=0 dark green C=100 M=2 Y=99 K=40 darkblue C=100 M=100 Y=25 K=25

Color Use: Black, white + gray: copy or background Beige: neutral background or letters Yellow: timeline graph and “University of Oregon� Green: UO logo and accent color Blues: the least as accents and Logo Typeface: Helvetica Neue Myriad Pro Use logos for: Oregon Tech Launch LCB *these all have specific kerning/leading, etc.

Logo for TechLaunch




Brochure (outside)

Accelerating Technology

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To fill out an app 1208 University of Oregon Phone 541-346-3420 http://lcb.uoregon.ed

through Business Planning


of Oregon

plication, visit: n, Eugene, OR 97403-1208 0 | Fax 541-346-3341 du/lce/fellows3.html


Brochure (inside) THE TEAM Supported by advisers with experience in technology commercialization, each four-member student team screens patented technologies invented by top research scientists from UO and Battelle. They select the one they think has the greatest promise. The teams explore these issues: -market opportunity -competitor analysis -marketing and sales strategies -business models -intellectual property evaluation and protection -value proposition -financial models -exit strategies At the end of the summer, each team gives an oral and written assessment of their technology’s potential to an audience of venture capitalists, corporate leaders, academics, and economic development agencies.


Tech Launch is a major comp Oregon MBA and for law and entrepreneurship. Working in world experience not availab university.

Tech Launch is designed for stude researching and planning a busine of resources are available to the Te business leaders, scientists, acade

Tech Launch is a nationally-recogn was created through a unique con education and technology commer Labs, University of Oregon Office o for Entrepreneurship, the UO Law professional schools, private inves programs.


Fellow Select and Summer Fellowship Program

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nized recurring year-long process. The program nsortium Co-Sponsors for entrepreneurship rcialization linking the Pacific Northwest National of Technology Transfer, the UO Lundquist Center and Entrepreneurship Center, faculty inventors, stors, and state and local economic development


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New Venture Planning (MGMT 625)

Venture Quest Business Competition

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Venture Launch (MGMT 610) and External Business Plan Competitions Ugait alisl Oddquat, core veros nonullan.

The TechLaunch website from a student’s perspective After analyzing the content and layout of several other competing schools’ websites, we have determined the aesthetics, features and organization of the website must be updated to attract prospective students. Listed below are our suggestions on how to make the website more accessible and exciting. Aesthetics: More motivational pictures that look professional, not just snap shots. The Business School is a distinguished and reputable facility, which its website should reflect. Colors should be consistent with the brochure to create a comprehensive brand identity. Make sure to feature the program’s logo and name boldly at the top. Features: Keep the related links to other entrepreneurial programs. This allows prospective students the opportunity to explore their options. Include a unique selling proposition (USP) on the main page. This will help differentiate the TechLaunch program from other competing programs while highlighting its benefits. Create a link to a blog that keeps things updated and allows prospective students can see the process unfold. The blog shouldn’t be too heavy. We found qualification/enrollment information listed on the site to be helpful when seriously considering the program. Since finding a job is an issue for any graduate, creating a list of marketable job skills provided by this program will be a strong selling point. Organization: Make the site less dense by spreading out the information on different tabs. This will help organize and distribute information that is essential to understanding the program. Using a site map is a useful and easily accessible way to guide students through the website to see all its features. A calendar or timeline is important when describing the TechLaunch program. There are a series of steps right now but not a comprehensive timeline that can be tracked. Think about connecting the Business School website with the one located on the Law School website. The information is the same just laid out different. This will help create a unified interdisciplinary program and show its flexibility between departments.

Our Client’s Perspective I think this brochure is a very good effort, and something we can build on. I appreciate your responsiveness to our feedback. I also appreciate that your team presented us with several design options....each had their merits and helped us to think about which features of each struck the right chord. So you know, there is already some movement on names for the program and its component parts, but those can be swapped out for what is here when those names are solidified. We are now proposing to call the entire 15-month program Venture Launch Pathway, with the first 3 months being the technologies selection and Fellow application and selection processes, the summer being Technology Entrepreneurship Fellows Program, the fall remaining as New Venture Planning, and the Winter and Spring being Venture Start-Up 1 and Venture Start-Up 2. This brochure, along with your previously submitted ideas on the website complete this project's deliverables, and it was great to work with your team on this. Thank you! ...Don

Team Report Forming: We started the development of our team by choosing a name that represented our position within the journalism school. We chose Jadenterprise because it combined the J410 class, advertising, and the enterprise we were forming and JADE as an easy to remember acronym. The next step was to define roles for each group member based on their strengths in a professional environment. Originally, Jasmine and Trevis were account managers, Katelyn was the account planner, Minchan was the media planner and Maryam was the art director. Over the last nine weeks, those roles shifted as we learned more about each other. Our positions within the group ended up changing to Minchan and Trevis contributing to the creative process, Katelyn and Jasmine managing the group and handling all aspects of communication, and Maryam helped with written copy when dictated. We all participated in the brainstorming process and provided our creative ideas to achieve the client’s production goals. Storming: We tried to set a goal of meeting once a week to brainstorm, develop, and produce work. We found reserving practice rooms in the business school to be beneficial because they provided whiteboards, a quiet atmosphere, and conference tables. We also tried the technique of dividing tasks of work, coming together, and then collaborating those works together to produce the best deliverables. We found that approach to be beneficial in that it allowed us time to think, but we had issues with accountability and quality of work being presented. Norming: We had problems getting the team running smoothly because of communication and accountability issues. We learned that email is not always the most effective form of communication for all group members so exchanged phone numbers. Punctuality was also something we struggled with because meetings cannot run smoothly and efficiently if members do not show up on time. We were frustrated with the client, which lead to team members feeling discouraged and wanting to give up. We

moved through this by trying to encourage positive attitudes and considering goals other than pleasing the client. Client relations were difficult from the beginning. Our first client meeting provided us with a list of goals that gave us creative freedom and seemed obtainable. Our main client contact who we had originally met with then left the country leaving us with several other contacts who were supposed to work with while he was gone. Upon meeting with the new contacts, Al and Randy, we learned that they had very different goals and ideas about the deliverables than we had originally decided on with Don. This presented a challenge because it added confusion and additional deliverables than we had originally anticipated. It ended up slowing down the process of deciding on a name, which postponed the development of other goals. Once Don returned, we found ourselves back on the original track, which was both relieving and frustrating at the same time. Performing: Because of the confusion and indecisiveness of the clients, the quality and quantity of our deliverables was compromised. After presenting several names that covered every possible aspect of the clients ever changing expectations, we ended up making an executive decision on a name, which the client has decided will work as a “place holder.� Our goal of designing a logo was unsuccessful because we learned that this program might not be able to have its own logo due to the rebranding of the business school. We then moved on to creating the brochure. We did this by having each team member create their own brochure and bring it to the next team meeting; we then narrowed the five options down to three. We presented those three brochure options to the client and he made the decision on the final brochure. Another step in our deliverables was to write up a quick report on the current program website and how it can be improved, taking into consideration other schools’ websites for their similar programs and also a students perspective on the effectiveness of the current website. We will be presenting all of our deliverables in a report to the client as the final step in this process.

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