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Web Banner Size does Matter If you are considering doing some advertising using web banners, then the size of the banner does matter. Web banner size has to be noticeable without being too much ‘in their faces’ yet big enough to get their attention. A fine line perhaps but many web publishers who will sell you their advertising space on their blog or website, will dictate and advise you on the various sizes of the web banners they are selling space for. Most web publishers will offer you a choice of sizes available on their sites for web banners and these often will be in accord with the design of the site. Some of these available media spaces will vary in size and position on the layout. The most expensive web banner positions will always be above the fold. That is, people will see them as a website opens up in a searcher’s browser and they won’t need to scroll down the page to see your banner. The banner will appear in a prominent position on a site. This is where web banner size really does matter. It matters because the cost to show your banner in that location will be more expensive and more noticeable and because of the banners prominent location, you may be able to get the same amount of attention to your banner with a smaller sized ad. You will also need to know whether you are paying for the ad to be shown in the same location with the opening of every new page or whether your banner ad will only be shown on a certain page. You need to know whether you are buying page ads or whole-of-site ads. Obviously the whole of site ads will be more expensive but they will also give you broader coverage. Media buying is a science of testing, testing and more testing and then replicating success. Once you have found the most successful banner size and location, it will vary with different niches. It is unlikely to be a ‘one-size-fits-all’ approach to web banner size or advertising placement. Below is an example of a Google Leader board banner size that is commonly used today on many websites. This banner could be either all text or an image banner. For the purposes of this post, and to make my post look ‘prettier’, I have decided on an image banner. // // // ]]>


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Web Banner Size does Matter  
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