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Vol. 75 No. 7

October 3, 2008

Cars On the Wrong Track UT, Prep students refuse to yield By Charlie Hambos Asst. Editor-in-chief

Barack Obama shakes hands with supporters in Dunedin last Wednesday

Photo courtesy of Christopher Brown

UT Dems Travel to “Barack the Vote” By Liz Harrington Reporter

Last week a group of 24 UT student traveled to get up close with their idol, Barack Obama. The UT College Democrats traveled to Dunedin last Wed., Sept. 24 to get a closer look at the Democratic candidate. The group got closer than most, as they stood in the VIP section. For Christopher Brown, President of the UT Democrats, this was his third Obama event, and the excitement and enthusiasm shown by the first-timers kept the

group’s spirit high, even in the heat. “We were right there on the field, surrounded by enthusiasm on all sides. Even the heat of the midday sun failed to reduce the crowd’s spirit,” Brown remarked. “When it was Barack’s turn to speak, he vaulted up the stairs and jogged to the center of the stage. The crowd was roaring, and it took him about two minutes to get us to tone down the noise.” All of the UT students agreed the event was an amazing experience and certainly made the election an up-close reality. The Democrats have been hard at work this semester,

they say, “Baracking the vote” and encouraging registration and student involvement belonging to all parties. They are also always looking for more participation and have a more events planned during the election season. “We meet here at a time of great uncertainty for America,” Obama said at the beginning of his speech. “The era of greed and irresponsibility on Wall Street and in Washington has led us to a financial crisis as serious as any we have faced since the Great Depression.” Liz Harrington can be contacted at swim0688@gmail. com

UT’s lack of commuter parking and student’s claim of full garage leave them no choice but to park where they feel is most convenient for them. For students who have classes in Cass, parking along the grass near the railroad tracks seems to be the best option. “It’s terrible that people park there,” Kevin Howell, Assistant Director of Security said, calling the issue “dangerous.” Howell said that the Jacksonville-based transportation company, CSX Transportation Corporation, owns the tracks and some of the area around it, but the grass part is owned by the city. Howell also said that UT is not responsible for the land. If a student’s car gets broken into, UT is not responsible. Ownership Howell says if a car is in the way, CSX has to stop the train and tow the car which could result in up to a two hour delay. Not to mention that many of the substances running on the trains to and from the Port of Tampa carry liquid sulfur, ammonium and chlorine which are all hazardous.

According to Howell, the city does not consider parking on the grass near the tracks illegal, because it isn’t parking on the sidewalk, obstructing view of the right of way and are 30 ft. away from the stop sign. At any given time during the day cars line the tracks from N. Boulevard all the way to the river. Students go in and out, ignoring the “No Trespassing” signs and danger warnings of being near the railroad tracks. Student Reaction Students know that UT cannot give them tickets for parking in the area. “I park here because I know it is not school property,” said Amanda Waldron, a senior. “The school insists on taking away commuter parking.” Although, Waldron knew the potential risk of getting her vehicle towed. “I only knew of someone being towed because they parked close to the tracks,” she said. Since it is close to classrooms in Cass, students use the area out of convenience. “It’s the easiest way to get See

“Parking” [2]

Photo by Anna Burrell

Athletics Sparking New Spartan Spirit By Sam Gerb, Sara Belsole Sports Writers

Photo by Chelsea Michelson

Inside ...

Fall TV Lineup[11]

In the past three years, the University of Tampa has brought home four National Championships to a school that has shown them almost no support. Regardless of how well the teams performed, the stands were more than likely to be empty. The lack of crowd has a negative effect on the athletes’ game. Statistics show that playing in front of a home crowd influences athletes to play better. In years past, students at UT

Get to Know: Kuwait [8] Debate Recap [4]

UT’s iPod Addiction[9] $700 billion & UT [7] Diplomat Inductees [7]

have not been informed, motivated or interested in attending sports games. The reasons for this can be linked back to UT’s Student Government. “Whether we are going to have a good year or not depends on Student Government,” Gil Swalls, Associate Director of Athletics and Director of Sports Advertising, said. Advertising on campus is a big problem. The school does not want flyers up everywhere because it wants to be a “picture friendly school,” and not like an advertising

Going to the Movies: Wind Ensemble Preview [12]

“Any place worth its salt has a parking problem.” [James Castle]

billboard. This limits Swalls from posting flyers in places that students would normally be able to view frequently. Even if flyers are posted, they are ripped down, or other student organizations place their own flyers over them. “Basically there is no ad space on campus,” Swalls said. “I’ve tried to put up giant flyers in Plant Hall, but they always get torn down.” Swalls for years has been trying different methods to boost See

“Spirit” [19]

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2 From “Parking”: Front

Editor-in-Chief Peter Arrabal

Asst. Editor-in-Chief Charlie Hambos

News Editor Ellery McCardle

to class,” said UT junior Michael Cavett. “I have three classes within three or four minutes from here.” T.J. Midura feels the same way. “It’s the easiest access to my classes and usually all the lots and garages are full,” Midura said. “What’s more important, a church or convenience for students?” Some students have never received a ticket or any warning from parking near the tracks. “[I] never had any problems,” said UT student, Nizar Alamadr. Alamdr said he parks near the tracks because he doesn’t have a UT parking permit. Athletics One student claims she has permission to park in the area. “Someone from the athletics department told me that athletes could park here,” said UT junior,

Shannon Kelly. “Honestly, I didn’t think the tracks ran.” The athletics department denies giving anybody permission to park in the area saying that they have been, “fairly aggressive about telling people not to park there.” An e-mail response to The Minaret from Larry Marfise, UT’s Athletic Director stated, “We have told all of our athletes, as well as coaches and staff that they CAN NOT park along the CSX tracks. We have gone as far as making announcements at games last spring, and to rental groups this fall that they will get towed and ticketed if they park there.” If UT is not enforcing the “No Trespassing” signs and TPD isn’t either then who is? After three media contact requests made by The Minaret, CSX has not replied as of press time.

The Minaret | October 3, 2008

“What’s more important, a church or convenience for students?” T.J. Midura said.

Photos by Anna Burrell

Sept. 30 Meeting

UT is now recycling! Recycling bins will be located behind ResCom

New committees for student government have been formed and are going into affect next week. These new committees are: Graduation Committee, Special Events Committee, Athletic Committee, Judicial Committee, Public Relations Committee, Web Page Committee

A&E Editor Mel Steiner

See Andrew Learned to sign up for a committee

Cass Gym is open to students, Monday-Thursday from 4-8 p.m. & Friday from 6-10 p.m.

Final draft for Going Green resolution will be presented and voted for at next week’s SG meeting

The second SG sponsored event is coming up on Oct. 24 at the Volley ball game at 7 p.m. SG will be fund raising and promoting breast cancer awareness. For every number of “digs” made in the game a donation will be made; it will go to finding a cure for breast cancer.

Kids from local Boys & Girls clubs will be coming to UT to Trick-O-Treat. Organizations may participate in making events for the children

Do not park behind the Cass building near the railroad tracks!

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and 09/14/08 and the student identified a possible suspect. However, the student refused to identify the student/suspect in order to have officers interview them. (Case closed.)

Compiled by Reports Provided by UT Security By Josh Kratovil Features Editor

W h a t t h e f - - - w e re y o u thinking?! On Sept. 24 at 4:30 p.m., officers were called to the library in reference to a subject students believed was viewing pornography on the computers. A description of the subject was obtained and the officers located the subject using one of the computers on the second floor. As they were approaching the subject they observed that he was indeed viewing inappropriate images on the computer. They made contact and identified the male subject. He was found to not be a student or employee of the university. He was trespassed from the university properties and removed from the campus. Uscheduled “Dent”al Work On Sept. 25, a student reported to officers that their car was parked in a spot on the second floor of the garage when they went to class. Upon returning to their car they found a large dent in the rear bumper area of the car. This occurred sometime between 9:30 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

I really don’t want to get busted for Alcohol -- *gasp* -- the window! Of course! On Sept. 26 at 11:47 p.m., officers were called about a student who had fallen out of a second story McKay Hall room window. The officers responded to the residence hall and looked around the exterior of the hall but found no one. They then responded to the room that initiated the call where they met students and the student that had fallen from the window. The students were originally in another room down the hall and were drinking and were possibly intoxicated. One of the subjects lay on the bed near a window and then opened it. Due to intoxication or possibly just an error in judgment, the student fell out to the ground. The student returned to the 2nd floor room with friends after the fall when security arrived. Tampa Fire Dept responded as the student complained of injuries to their back, neck, and arm. They were transported to Tampa General Hospital for evaluation. iPod Shuffled On Sept. 27 at 2:10 p.m., a student reported that their iPod was missing from the common area in their Brevard Hall dorm room. The incident occurred between 09/13/08

Brevard Burgled On Sept. 27, at 2:55 a.m., officers were called to a Brevard Hall dorm room by students in reference to someone breaking into their dorm room. Upon arrival of the officers were met by the students and observed the damage to the door frame of the door. An unknown suspect had removed portions of the door frame to gain access to the interior of the room. Once inside the suspect stole a cell phone and possibly other items from the room. (Investigation is open into identifying the suspect.) Cheap bastards! On Sept. 28 at 3 a.m., officers were called to Walker Hall respond to a disturbance in the area between Sykes COB and Walker Hall. Upon arrival of the officers they encountered several subjects in a heated argument and were separated. The incident involved several students who had returned from a club via taxi and one of them ran from the cab without paying. The cab driver and the remaining students entered into a verbal and possible physical dispute. A separate call had been made by the cab driver to the Tampa Police Dept and two officers responded also to the call. These involved persons refused to pursue criminal charges at this time but the investigation is continuing and students will

be referred to conduct upon identification by the cab driver. McKay has some competition! On Sept. 28 at 10:15 p.m., officers responded to Austin Hall at the request of staff in reference to a couple of narcotics complaints. Staff identified two rooms and officers conducted room searches. In both rooms narcotics were located and seized. The students were referred to the conduct board. Narcotics were photographed and destroyed. Gotta pay for that stuff somehow … On Sept. 28 at 11:42 p.m., a student made a report of the theft of a ring from a dorm room. The student reported that the ring was left by the sink in the bathroom area when they left for class. When the student returned to get the ring later they found it missing. The student was referred to the Tampa Police Dept to file a felony theft report. Investigation is still ongoing. Bag it and tag it. On Sept. 29 at 12:20 a.m., officers received an anonymous complaint of narcotics being used in a Brevard Hall dorm room. Officers responded to the identified room where they were met by the resident students and conducted a room search. Narcotics paraphernalia was located, photographed, and destroyed. The students were referred to the conduct board.


The Minaret | October 3, 2008

“We have no intentions of being hostile. We are not here to protest,” Lisa Barton said. “The fact that they advertise antigay messages is discrimination. We don’t support discrimination.”

Eight Drug Busts Keep Security “Highly” Busy By Stephanie Roman Reporter

Students who demonstrated, wore t-shirts that said “Let’s get one thing straight...I’m not” and “If you were gay, that’d be okay.”

Students Silently Protest Christian Broadcasting Company They Accuse of Being Homophobic By Emily Williams Reporter

Salem Communications, a corporation that leads the U.S. in Christian radio broadcasting and publishing and targets conservative, family audiences, came to the UT Vaughn lobby on Thursday, Sept. 15 for a communication career event. This occurrence normally would have been commonplace, as Salem has planned and participated in many events with the university during past years this visit, however, was not accepted with open arms by all students, many of which claimed that Salem Communications’ broadcasting of homophobic messages should make the corporation unwelcome at the university. In anticipation of Salem’s arrival, a group of 10 to 15 students assembled, many sporting rainbowthemed attire and homemade shirts, to let the corporation know that they did not support the homophobia they observed in Salem’s policies. The students arrived shortly before 11:30 a.m., when Salem was scheduled to set up in the Vaughn Center lobby. UT administrators, aware of the students’ opposition to Salem’s presence, did not object to the peaceful protest, so long as students did not disrupt university flow. During the sit-in, there was little, if any, interaction between Salem workers and the group of UT demonstrators. The students simply congregated to the side of where Salem’s tables were set up so that other students coming to speak with Salem representatives would notice their presence. The group voiced unanimously at the event that their main goal was not to instigate any confrontation, but simply to demonstrate their disagreement with Salem’s policies. Though the protest was entirely facilitated by UT students, Dr. Gary Luter, Honor’s Director and Theatre Professor at UT, sent out a series of emails prior to Salem’s arrival citing homophobic comments by Salem Communications radio personality Janet Parshall and urging students to take appropriate action. Luter’s emails were sent to members of the campus organization GLTSBA (Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Bisexual Alliance), and referenced comments made by Parshall weeks after the 9/11 attacks which suggested that the “homosexual agenda” was more of a threat to America than terrorism. Other comments of Parshall’s that provoked students to take action Thursday include her referring to gay marriage as a “fake family” and same-sex adoptions as “statesanctioned child abuse” on Larry


Representatives of Salem meet with students

King Live. Students’ Thoughts When asked about her motivation to sit-in, student Lisa Barton said, “We have no intentions of being hostile. We are not here to protest, and we understand that they [Salem Communications] are here to benefit the communications majors, but the fact that they advertise antigay messages is discrimination. We don’t support discrimination.” Student Meagan Nagy, also present at the protest, explained that because of her sexual orientation, she had faced many problems with a homophobic roommate the previous year. In reference to Salem’s intolerance and given the context of her previous experiences, Nagy said, “To go through what I went through last year, I just don’t put up with it anymore!” Salem’s Reaction As a predecessor to Salem’s presence on campus, its General Manager, Christopher Gould, had to demonstrate that Salem was in agreement with the university’s non-discrimination policy. Gould was able to present adequate evidence of Salem’s agreement with the university’s policy, though he voiced surprise that an issue had arisen, as Salem and the university have maintained

Photos by Anna Burrell

a good relationship the past five years. He said, however, that his view of the university will not change as a result of the event. He said, “We love UT. We love the city of Tampa.” Gould also expressed nothing but goodwill toward Luter, who challenged Salem’s presence at UT in the first place. Moreover, Luter vocalized no animosity towards Gould, despite obvious differences in their viewpoints. Luter, who was also present at the protest, said, “I have no opposition to them [Salem Communications] being here, I just want the student body to be aware of how homophobic and regressive they are … I think it’s harmful in a very tangible way to gay and lesbian youth.” Luter also urged sexual minority students to continue to take a stand for their rights and to take advantage of resources on campus, especially the organization GLTSBA, a group for sexual minority students. Despite these problems, students can expect that Salem Communications will continue to work with the University of Tampa and recruit its students for job opportunities.

Corrections: In a photo printed by The Minaret last week, it was stated that Al Roker interviewed a scholarship recipient. The woman he interviewed was actually a part of the pep band. The Minaret regrets this error. In a Minaret article last week, it was stated that Anne Gormly worked in the College of Education and Mathematics. Gormly actually works in the College of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Education. The Minaret apologizes for this error. In the Sept. 19 issue, The Minaret published the hours of the Saunder’s Writing Center incorrectly. Please see the correct hours on the third floor of Plant Hall. In a photo illustration in last weeks issue about students transferring credits Max Roberts was credited with the illustration. Lucy Monette actually created the artwork.

Entering week six of school, The University of Tampa has already seen a number of drug busts on campus. Kevin Howell, Assistant Director of Security, said there have already been eight reports of narcotics. Some common examples of narcotics include: heroin, morphine, opium, and methadone. Five of the eight reports have been handled by Tampa Police, as well as the judicial board. The other three have only gone to the judicial board. Students have also been caught with marijuana and steroids. About two weeks ago, one woman was caught with the possession of alcohol and marijuana with an out-of-town friend. Apparently, she had locked herself out of her room and came down to the lobby to request assistance from security. Security officer Robert Benvenutti was on duty at the time. He asked the RA who was on duty that night to open the young woman’s door. The RA went up to her room, and when he opened the door he detected the smell of marijuana. Returning downstairs he informed the security guard of what he detected, and soon after they both went to the young woman’s room and did a search where they found alcohol and some marijuana. According to UT Campus Safety & Security Crime Statistics Report of 2007, there were 77 referrals made to Judicial Board for drugs in 2007 alone. UT security does not do regular drug screenings in the residence halls. If someone is caught, it is because they were detected by security or RAs doing routine rounds. Security is not proactive but reactive to anonymous tips. Just a normal day or night of rounds for an RA or a security member can turn into a day or night of busts. According to Howell, the residence hall with the most activity is Austin Hall. So far this school year, this dorm is infamous for the most complaints of drug or alcohol abuse. Howell also said that Austin Hall is where most of the narcotics issues come from. Certain offenses require the

University of Tampa, by law, to practice sanctioning for alcohol and drug violations. The DrugFree Schools and Communities Act of 1989 induces the possible sanctions for these violations. For the first alcohol violation students may be required to complete ten hours of campus service. He or she will be required to pay for and complete an online alcohol education program and a full alcohol/other drug assessment from a licensed alcohol and other drug counselor. They must comply with every recommendation given by this counselor. If the student is under 21, or is financially dependent, his or her parents are notified. Also, any student living on campus with a first violation is placed on “pending termination of residency status.” Under a second alcohol violation a student living on campus is terminated from campus housing and may receive restricted access from all residential areas. Off-campus students under a second violation will also have restricted access from all residential areas. The student will be placed on “pending suspension” status. The student is required, once again, to pay for and complete an online alcohol education program and a full alcohol/ other drug assessment from a licensed alcohol and other drug counselor. Again, the student must comply with the counselor’s recommendations. The student is again required to perform campus service and his or her parents are notified if they are financially dependent or less than 21. If the student has a third alcohol violation is suspended from the University. These violations are cumulative over a student’s collegiate career, which means these violations do not get erased per semester or per year. The amount of alcohol involved is also taken into consideration. This may determine whether a student is suspended or expelled from the University. Drug sanctioning is more or less the same as alcohol sanctioning, however, on the second violation he or she is suspended from the University.



The Hollywood Choice: Does it Affect our Opinions? By Nicole List Reporter

In the present months, it has been common for the media to interview celebrities from all ends of the entertainment spectrum about the 2008 election. With great focus on America’s downward spiraling economy and the war in the Middle East, the decision in November will be an interesting outcome and many celebrities are voicing their opinion about it. CNN and Fox News continue to be main political news outlets reporting on the McCain and Obama campaigns. But on the celebrity gossip side, did you know that Hollywood’s paparazzo— Perez Hilton—now likes to cover the campaigns as well? He has the inside scoop on what A-list celebrities have to say on the election from “Desperate Housewives’” Eva Longoria spoke to TV’s “Extra” about who she’s voting for, “Anybody in their right mind is for Obama [As for Sarah Palin], I like her. I think she’s smart and intelligent. I don’t think I would want her running the country…I’m not going to vote for her because she’s a woman. We disagree on a lot of issues and that’s why I support

Obama and Biden.” Some other forms of opinionated shows include ABC’s “The View,” “Extra,” “E!,” “Access Hollywood,” “The Insider,” TMZ. com and online celebrity blogs. Late night television shows like “Saturday Night Live” and “The Tonight Show with Jay Leno” satire the 2008 candidates on a constant basis such as the Sarah Palin-Tina Fey paraody on SNL. The Minaret asked UT students and faculty if celebrity opinions can influence the public’s thinking process while choosing their ideal president. Alex Miles, a junior, said, “It has a lot to do with the celebrity and if they’re knowledgeable, I would rather listen to George Clooney over Paris Hilton when it comes to the election….” With celebrities like Oprah and Donald Trump publicly backing up the candidates, it may be beneficial for the presidential hopefuls or detrimental. “It’s a good campaign strategy because there’s a lot of people that will listen to what the celebrities have to say for better or for worse…I think Obama seems to be getting more publicity from most celebrities…because celebrities by in large are liberal hippies,” said

senior, Chrissy Reynolds. Dr. Scott Paine, professor of government and world affairs teaches Political Campaigning and Electoral Politics. Paine believes the strategy affects “some voters…I think it depends more on the celebrity…Usually the western-country entertainment culture shows more support for the Republican party whereas the youth pop culture seems more democratic orientated.” Despite praising or criticizing the presidential candidates, Hollywood shines a new limelight on the 2008 election and Americans are noticing it. Is it fair that “Tinseltown” may create a strong impression on the American vote and should we listen?

Check out page 6 for more Political conversation! Plus, more pictures of Obama’s visit to Dunedin.

Number Crunch: Assessing Campaign Finance By Eunice Nguru Reporter

Barack Obama and his campaign team raised $440 million by the end of August. His campaign reached a record for the first time ever in history to have raise $66 million in August alone.  According to campaign activists, “trying to reach 300 million people who are spread out all over the largest country on earth is not cheap”. One must take into account that TV and radio ads cost a lot of money, not to mention all 50 states are awaiting visits from the candidates. Campaign spending actually begins two years before the actual election date. There are many things to take into account, such as polls, staff that spend countless hours making sure everything is

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running right, and all the cash being sent to and from banks. The reason candidates are allowed to spend so much money on campaigns is because the Supreme Court case in 1976 (Bakely vs. Velo) concluded that limiting the amount of money a candidate could spend on campaigning would violate their freedom of speech. But in order for the government to prevent corruption, they ban any private group or persons from donating unlimited amounts of money, as well as putting a limit on how much money a campaign team can raise. Individual Americans who are not permitted to give more than $2,300 per candidate. The candidates could be given federal funds by the American government under the condition they do not accept any aid from private donors. Since this system began, all major candidates, John McCain included, have opted for the option of receiving funds from the

government. Obama had accepted it at first, but then changed his mind and opted to receive from private donors. As a result, John McCain currently has more than Obama having at his disposal $196 million in which $86 million came from the government and this is suppose to last him until the last day of elections. Obama on the other hand, has $96.4 million at his disposal but he does not have only this until the elections. If money runs low, Obama is still allowed to ask for more from his donors. Foreigners are not allowed to donate any money to candidates. According to the LA Times, Obama held a dinner at the Beverly Hills mansion. Tickets for the reception and dinner were $28,500 per head and around 300 people attended. Eunice Nguru can be reached at

Unfurnished Apartment for rent on Davis Island. (46 Davis Blvd. Tampa, FL 33606) 1/4 mile after the bridge. Easy bike ride from UT. Move-in special: $595 moves you in (1 month free). 1br/1bath renovated apartment. Pets under 15 lbs. OK. Call (813)453-1930 or (813)968-1221.

The Minaret | October 3, 2008

Celebrities Backing Obama: •

Ben Affleck

Oprah Winfrey

Eva Longoria

John Cusack

P. Diddy


Ryan Phillipe

Matt Damon

Jamie Foxx

Jennifer Lopez

Anne Hathaway

Jessica Alba

Photos Courtesy of

Celebrities Backing McCain: •

Heidi Montag

Spencer Pratt

Jessica Simpson

Jon Voight

Daddy Yankee

Clint Eastwood

Patricia Heaton

Dean Cain

Sylvester Stallone

Donald Trump

Angie Harmon

Gary Sinise

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Experience is not required!



The Minaret | October 3, 2008









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9/16/08 6:57:13 AM



The Minaret | October 3, 2008

Political Analysts Weigh in On First Debate

By Eunice Nguru Reporter

Barack Obama passed the “commander-in-chief test” said his aides. Technically, correspondents said there was no clear winner after the debate, but according to TV polls they claim that Obama came out as the champion. The CNN telephone poll and the Opinion Research Corp. showed that 51 percent of voters said Obama won while 38 percent said John McCain was the winner. The debate took place on the 48th anniversary of the famous Nixon and Kennedy debate in Oxford Mississippi.

Much speculation has been made about the resemblances in approach between Kennedy and Obama and between Nixon and McCain. Throughout the debate, the two candidates went back and forth on topics from foreign affairs to the US economy. Obama attacked McCain’s reasoning in that the war in Iraq would be over quickly and in fact stated that the American government would need “a $700 billion package to rescue the US economy… from eight years of Republican rule.” In the end, they both agreed that this package deal would put too much pressure on the next president as well as other spending expenditures. Barack Obama in a speech at North Carolina pointed out that the Republican candidate had lost touch with the middle class by pointing out that, “Through ninety minutes of debate, John McCain had a lot to say about me, but he didn’t have anything to say about

you… He didn’t even say the words ‘middle class,’ He didn’t even say the words ‘working people.’” While Jonathan Martin of The Politico said, “Barack Obama repeatedly saying” I agree with Sen. McCain’ or ‘I agree with John’” Republican supporters agree that all Barack Obama did throughout the debate was agree with John McCain. Bill Schneider of CNN said “McCain, in talking about Afghanistan and Pakistan, is drawing on his vast experience for the first time in this debate, and it really sounds very convincing.” However, Senator Biden, Barack Obama’s running mate made it known that John McCain’s judgment on every issue was indeed “wrong” because not only was “John McCain’s silence on the middle class… deafening,” Senator Joe Biden reminded us that “We need more than a brave soldier, we need a wise leader.”

Obama speaks at a rally in Dunedin (above) as a packed grandstand (below) watches. Photos by Christopher Brown

GO ONLINE! What do you think about the first presidential debate? Leave a comment at www.theminaretonline. com

Environment: A Looming Issue in the McCain and Obama Camps By Jillian Randel Reporter

With the 2008 presidential elections only weeks away, students find themselves assessing the pros and cons of the two candidates. The economic crisis the past week has been at the top of the agenda. Issues surrounding the war in Iraq have been a central theme in almost every debate since election season began. Environmental issues have not traditionally been a major concern during presidential debates. However, the tides are changing this time around. U.S. dependency on foreign oil has forced the American public to look towards alternative energy sources and reducing oil dependency. Reducing U.S. dependency on oil will allow the government to address issues surrounding homeland security, as it searches for ways to make our country less vulnerable to foreign pressures. Hopefully, the solution will not come out in the form of drilling into our own natural gas reserves. The Minaret asked UT students, “On a scale of one to ten, I’d say the environment is about an eight. Alternative energy projects are important for our economic situation, as are green building initiatives and sustainability in businesses,” said sophomore Dana

Stuart. The impact of environmental initiatives on the economy is huge. With politicians saying the economy has not been this bad since the Great Depression, it is reminiscent of President Roosevelt’s New Deal plans. Part of his economic recovery acts included the creation of jobs for the unemployed, many of which were environmentally-based. The Civilian Conservation Corps. was one of the most important developments of the New Deal and employed hundreds of thousands of young men on reforestation and conservation acts. Will green alternative energy programs be part of the New Deal of 2008? Certainly the creation of jobs in a new sector such as environmental and green initiatives would not hurt the economy. Senior Nikki Fisher-Hinton confirms this, “Environmental issues are essential in the upcoming election as far as the economy and homeland security. No issue matters unless we have a living environment,” she said. I am from Oregon and the Salmon industry is huge where I live. Because of oil drilling, the fishing industry has not been able to do its job. Unemployment levels for fishermen are so high right now that the local government has declared a state of emergency for their industry.” If the national government

does not do something quick, minor environmental issues will gain significance and become overwhelming. Many Americans feel that they already have. John McCain began the campaign fairly ahead of what many would consider the traditional conservative views on environment. McCain believes that global warming is happening, contrary to many of his conservative colleagues. He has sponsored a number of bills in Congress that would help protect the environment. At the onset of the election McCain was vehemently opposed to off-shore drilling, a claim that he has since wavered on. McCain also said no to, and remains firm against, the idea of drilling in the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge. This is a choice that keeps conservative environmentalists hanging on. The McCain campaign has its downfall on environmental issues when Sarah Palin enters the scene. The shouts of: “Drill! Drill! Drill!” during the Republican National Convention have haunted many environmentalists’ thoughts since. Palin’s openness about drilling in Alaska and her support of a pipeline that would carry Alaska’s natural gas out of the state, stand in diametric opposition to McCain’s views. McCain believes in global warming and human’s roles in

it, whereas Palin doubts whether humans have played a role in climate change. What Palin brings to the table in terms of environmental policy issues is a negative edge,and could have an impact on many swing voters who had favored McCain for his initial liberal stance on the environment. Barack Obama did not begin his campaign with a very strong focus on environmental issues. As the issues came to light, the voters could see that he has supported much of the legislation favoring the environment. Previously a supporter of the expansion of nuclear power, Obama now warns that he will not fully endorse legislation in favor of nuclear power until the U.S. figures out how to safely discard and store nuclear waste. Obama has staunchly supported the Great Lakes clean up efforts taking place in his state. He and runningmate Joe Biden support increased research and development of renewable resources to replace the U.S. consumption of oil. The most important policy Obama and Biden have supported is the cap and trade policy, aimed at reducing carbon emissions. The cap and trade policy is fairly basic and easy to understand. Businesses are given an opportunity to purchase “emission credits,” allowing emissions up to the amount of credits purchased. The intention

is to encourage businesses to find alternative energy resources. If the business uses less than the amount of emission credits purchased, excess credits can be sold to companies unable to meet cap restrictions. Although both Obama and McCain are now in support of the cap and trade policy, many Republicans in congress are still not convinced that a cap and trade policy is necessary or that it will work. This is one more issue McCain will have to fight hard against. Obama has been accused of being too weak on environmental issues and lacking the necessary focus and financial wherewithal to accomplish his environmental goals. He too will have his own battle in congress. With the elections looming, candidates and voters alike, have many issues on their minds. Environmental issues are simply one category among many. The importance of the environment to voters when they go to the booth is yet to be seen, but voters can expect that the candidates will consider the issues. As our UT students reported, the environment is not just about preventing a few trees from being cut down. Environmental issues are about the economy, national security, and most importantly, human security.



The Minaret | October 3, 2008

$700 Billion: What Would UT Students Do With that Amount of Money By Minaret News Staff

With the government scrambling to pass at $700 billion bailout plan, The Minaret wanted to know what UT students would do with that amount of money. Between vacations and charities, check out below what a number of UT students said. •

“I would buy the city of New York and have it all to myself.” - Lauren Murtha, Freshman

“Charity, probably build more boys and girls clubs and fix up the ones we already have so they are better for kids.” - Marc Jordan, Freshman

“I would put all but a couple million away and in stocks and bonds so they could grow.” - Meghan Shanahan, Freshman

“I would buy an island, or a couple.” -Matt Hockenjos, Junior

“I would do it all.”- David Bevis, Freshman

“I would try and take over the world and buy a well known company.” - Rashad Callaway, Sophomore

“I would give my parents back all the money they ever spent on me and plant lots of trees. I’d get everything I wanted and give a billion to each country in Africa.” - Emily Benham, Freshman

“I would buy a small island with maids and live on it.” Michael Mottola, Sophomore

“A lot of other countries need help, but I would start with our own, give all the homeless children a place to live and probably elect my own president.” - Dan Whitney, Junior

“I would buy the companies of my favorite things, I would buy the Cheesecake Factory, Vitamin Water, a fruit company to have unlimited pineapple and Hagendaas ice cream.” Javier Salaverria, Freshman

“I would build a spaceship.” Jabari Bennett, Senior

“I would use it in a good way to promote environmental issues, make cars more efficient using hydrogen.” - Craig Rhinheart, Sophomore

“I would invest all of it and live off of it, maybe a new house too.” - Fabian Riedeener Junior’

“I would pay off my parents’ mortgage, grad school and then go shopping.” - Julia Rauch Freshman’

“I’d buy my own airline.” Paige Gibbs Freshman

“Open a laboratory and hire scientists to do my bidding and promote my rockband.” Pete Smith, Sophomore

“Live out the rest of my life completely care free and put my money in a Swiss bank account.” Spencer Hardie, Sophomore

“Travel the world and go to the International Mall. Get a car maybe, start collecting porches.” Jackie Ahn, Junior

“Good investment for return and give the rest to the people.” Renell St. Fleur, Senior

“I would take over the city of Tampa and sell it to pirates.” Casey Rocarrol, Freshman

“Change our policy on oil and fix the way we use water because fresh water is running out.” Lauren Smith Sophomore’

“Whenever I thought of something I would buy it .” - Nick Savoy, Freshman

Photo by Anna Burrell

UT Diplomats:organizations. The Red CoatsBothare Coming will take place at the 9th floor

By JP Busche Staff Writer

The UT Diplomats gathered in Fletcher Lounge wearing their signature red jackets last Tuesday, Sept. 30, as they inducted the organization’s newest members. “I am extremely excited to be a part of the organization and community and to act as an ambassador and leader among the University of Tampa,” said Josh Taylor, a new member of the Diplomats. The Diplomats are comprised of students who hold leadership roles in many other UT student

Tom Feaster and Linda Divine, two of the original founders also welcomed the newest members. Feaster came up with the name “Diplomats” after concluding that UT should have representatives like USF has with their Ambassadors. The newest members are now not only an essential part on campus, but also serve as important Representatives for UT in the entire Tampa Bay community. The Diplomats are gearing up for their presence at the Sustainable Business Award Luncheon on Oct. 10 and the Global Climate Change Community Summit on Oct. 11.

of Vaughn. The Diplomats also send representatives to Business symposiums in Tampa to meet, greet and interact with people in the field. The Diplomats also serve a role for visitors on campus such as when freshman move-in and when parents and families visit. “I feel pride at the weekly meetings when I look around and all I get to see are the leaders of this university. I get excited that we are really making a difference on and off campus,” Sarah Bernstein, second-year Diplomat said.



The Minaret | October 3, 2008

This week: Take a closer look at Kuwait Editor’s Note: The University of Tampa claims to have students from almost 100 countries enrolled. Staff at The Minaret thought it would be interesting to get to know a little more about where everyone is coming from, not only in terms of culture, but also what these students do back home to have fun. The second country in this special series is Kuwai. By JP Busche Features Writer

N e x t o n T h e M i n a re t ’s international tour is Kuwait, a very small country of about 3.4 million inhabitants, of whom only 1.1 million are actually from Kuwait. Situated next to Saudi Arabia, Kuwait used to be a British colony. As a result, English is still widely spoken, though the official language is Arabic. Kuwait has a very diverse population due to its strong business orientation. The country’s law is based on

the French and Egyptian law. Although Islam is practiced, Sharia is not enforced. Muslims, Hindus and Christians are the country’s three most popular religions. Certain values, especially those that concern family, are very important. Huge family gatherings happen on almost a weekly basis. Some meetings are more male orientated; as a matter of fact, a man and his friends might gather together and talk or play cards and board games, which is what the elderly do, or video games as the younger generation does. Since Ramadan is over on the last day of September, the whole family gathers for the first three days in October to celebrate the traditional Eid-ul Fitr, where one might happen to run into a distant fifth degree cousin. More westernized families send their children into private schools, but the public schools in Kuwait are free of charge and high quality. Since school is mandatory, the level of education in Kuwait is

not too shabby, either. Not only is the population very diverse, but so are the students at private schools, where nobody discriminates no matter where his fellow student is from or what beliefs he or she has. “I consider myself lucky to be from such a culturally diverse and open minded country that still hold on to its religious values,” said Yousef Al Kazemi, a sophmore. There is a so called “Love Street” which lies on the gulf street to Kaifan where young people like to go to and flirt. Machboos, which is a dish consisting of an entire meat or chicken cooked with arabic herbs and a lot of vegetables, is a very famous dish in Kuwait. Most of the population would be considered middle class. Famous holidays are Feb. 25 and 26, which celebrate Kuwait’s liberation from Iraq. JP Busche can be reached at

College Campuses Go to the Dogs Universities across country now allowing dogs in their dorms

on the four-footed band- faculty members, residence direcwagon: Stephen’s College, a tors and graduate teaching assiswomen’s college in Colum- tants were allowed to own pets in bia, Mo., allows for many an attempt to encourage residence household pets, including on the Hill. “We were trying to entice dogs, provided that they are vaccinated and under forty [people]to come live in the halls, and … they wouldn’t come unless pounds. The SUNY at Canton you allowed the pets,” Reitman has provided a designated said. “In order to pragmatically “pet wing,” home to a vari- get [them] to come in, we said ety of small caged animals ‘Okay, let’s do this.’ Then people and cats since 1996. While said, ‘No, this isn’t fair, I can’t live animal companionship is here.’ Not many students comlargely viewed as a welcome plained, but enough did.” According to Dr. Margaaddition to family homes, there are many roadblocks ret Higham, medical director of that have deterred Tufts from Health Services, the prevalence of allergies and asthma on campus altering its pet policy. “We don’t have a policy would make a more lenient pet Illustration by Lucy Monette that allows for dogs or cats policy problematic. In addition, dorm cleanliness or ferrets or monkeys — you name it — and … the main reason would be noticeably impaired by By Sarah Bliss is so many people have allergic the allowance of pets, she said. Tufts Daily “Pets need to be taken care of reactions to animal dander,” Dean of Student Affairs Bruce Reitman ... Litter boxes need to be cleaned daily,” Higham said. “The dorm (UWIRE) - As university said. “It’s one thing in a family, rooms were not built with the need residence halls seek to transition to ventilate for into more homey environments — where everyone GO ONLINE that type of with additions like full kitchens agrees that this Should UT allow pets situation. And and single-stall bathrooms — pet is what they like dogs and cats in what about ownership is still forbidden for want and no fleas? Once the majority of dorm residents. one has an aller- dorms? Sound off on our they are introBut several universities, including gic reaction to Web site: duced, they MIT, have now added some pets to the animal. But would spread the “acceptable” list of dorm pos- in a residence hall, where there is no such com- rapidly through all of the furniture. sessions. According to a recent article munication or agreement, it’s hard I do not see students being able to care for animals adequately in the published by The Boston Globe, and people are affected.” While Tufts students are cur- dorm setting.” students at MIT who reside in four “Developing pet-specific of the school’s 11 undergraduate rently not permitted to have more dormitories can bring cats with than a small fish tank in the dorm dorms would be a huge logistical them to school, thanks to a policy setting — in addition to service an- struggle,” Higham said. “Once implemented several years ago imals — this has not always been pets have been in a specific room, that room is ‘contaminated’ with in an effort to curb students from the case. During a failed experiment pet dander and will be ‘allergic’ housing forbidden animals. Other schools have jumped that ended around a decade ago, for extended periods.”

Photo from

Macs More Popular Choice For Students By Catherine Couretas The Miami Student

(UWIRE) - More students buying laptops through one campus’s notebook program chose Macs over PCs this year, according to Debi Allison, interim vice president for information technology. Of the 72 percent of the firstyear class that purchased a Miami Notebook, Allison said 63 percent chose a Mac. Robert Howard, senior director for support services and partnerships, said Apple's marketing has created a halo effect and he's not surprised students have become more interested in buying Macs. "If you watch TV, we all love the 'I'm a Mac, I'm a PC' ad," Howard said. "And you can't walk across the street without seeing the white earbuds." Howard said Macs have been effective for college students. "There is really good integra-

tion of the multimedia aspects of peoples lives, like podcasting and sharing pictures," Howard said about Macs. On the other hand, students that have purchased an HP laptop through the Miami Notebook Program are equally happy. Junior Lindsay Nicoletti has always used PCs. "It's similar to what I have at home," Nicoletti said of her HP laptop. "I was used to it. I've never had a Mac so I don't know the difference, but I feel like [a PC] is easier to navigate." Junior Lauren Regueyra recently switched from a PC to a Mac and is very happy with her decision. "I like the way that they're organized better," Regueyra said. "Once you learn how to use them, they're much easier to use than a PC." According to Allison, Macs cost $400 to $500 more than the PCs—an HP laptop—offered in the Miami Notebook program.


OCT 15, 8 PM

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“What’d You Say?” The Minaret | October 3, 2008

In the last seven years a sea of headphones swept across college campuses. At The University of Tampa students bob their heads to the music, “tuned out” to the rest of the world. Complete strangers used to talk to each other around campus, but what sounded like a social buzz has turned into dead silence. Headphone wearers nod at each other like members of some secret society causing non-iPod owners to feel left out. Pocket-size entertainment systems have lead to a community of iPod users who have disconnected themselves from the rest of the world. Pop culture has made the iPod a must-have accessory. People would rather listen to music than hear the world around them.

safety issues. In cities people use loud music to drown out the city’s buzz, causing serious safety issues. Listening to a music player can be dangerous at night while crossing the street and especially when walking in unfamiliar areas. Even at home they can present a hazard. People sit at their computers with headphones in or use them to fall asleep can which could cause them to face hearing damage. Hearing loss was commonly known to be a problem in adults but the reality is that hearing loss is sliding down the age spectrum. “Since damage to hearing caused by high volume is determined by its duration, continuous listening to an MP3 player, even at a seemingly reasonable level, can damage the delicate hair cells in the inner ear that transmit sound impulses to the brain,” said Tom Valeo. The iPod has become an addiction. Some people have their iPod as soon as they wake up, listen through class and while they do their homework, and then again as they go back to bed. Music players are commonly found in the ears of sweaty bodies at the gym. We a r i n g h e a d p h o n e s (especially the Walkman-style) during exercise is also dangerous to hearing. Aerobic exercise diverts blood from the ears and to the limbs and leaves the inner ear more vulnerable to damage from loud sound. “I use my iPod when I’m working out because it keeps me

More information below ... Check a bit lower for signs of hearing loss and a decibel reference chart; make sure your iPod habits aren’t unhealthy!

How to tell if you’re going deaf Provided by Better Hearing Institute Social Warning Signs: • You require people to frequently repeat themselves. • You have difficulty following conversations involving more than two people. • You think other people sound muffled or like they’re mumbling. • You have difficulty hearing in noisy situations, like conferences, restaurants, malls or crowded rooms. • You have your TV or radio turned up to a high volume or have ringing in your ears. • You answer or respond inappropriately in conversations, read lips more intently or have to watch people’s faces when they speak to you. Emotional Warning Signs: • You feel stressed out from straining to hear what others are saying or feel annoyed at other people because you can’t hear or understand them. • You feel embarrassed to meet new people or from misunderstanding what others are saying. • You feel nervous about trying to hear and understand. • You withdraw from social situations that you once enjoyed because of difficulty hearing. Medical Warning Signs: • You have a family history of hearing loss. • You take medications that can harm the hearing system (ototoxic drugs). • You have been exposed to very loud sounds over a long period or single exposure to explosive noise.

entertained and listening to the music on high volumes gets me pumped up,” said senior Shane Scanlon. A Swedish study estimated that the risk of hearing loss is doubled when listening to headphones at high volume during aerobic exercise. The study recommends limiting headphone use during exercise to onehalf hour per day at half volume. Self Study I am going into my second year working at the McNiff Fitness Center and have had many embarrassing moments because of customers. My boss wants the staff to greet members when they walk in and say “goodbye” to them when they leave. Most people that walk through that door have their headphones in, so I started to observe what would happen if I said “Hi” to them. Sometimes people who start off the conversation and say “Hi” first. But then I ask, “How are you,” and they don’t respond. My guess is that they just said “Hi” to be nice, but the music was too loud to actually hear or want a response. Then there are the people who pretend they don’t see me when they hand me their ID card. I say “Hi,” but there’s no response or acknowledgement. Sometimes their music is so loud that I can actually recognize the song they’re listening to. Even before they get to the McNiff building, these students know they are going to have a

ot o

“I think the most ridiculous thing I see on campus daily is students walking side by side with one another, yet both completely immersed in what’s playing on their iPods,” said senior Caitlin Docherty. On campus, people are physically and spiritually ‘right there’ but it seems much more difficult to approach and interact with these zombie-like music listeners. “When people are walking around campus with their headphones in they are missing out on what’s happening on campus,” said senior Kristie Decowski. But then there are the people who have their ears in both worlds. “If I walk around campus with my iPod, I only keep one headphone in my ear so I can be alert of what is going on around me,” said senior Will Tiani. Music players have traveled to classrooms with students scrolling through songs and trying to hide their headphones from their professors. “I think it’s rude when people have one headphone in during class. People should use them during their own time,” said junior Meghan Lally. Headphones limit a p e r s o n ’s s o c i a l interactions and can cause individuals to become shy and feel uncomfortable talking to someone else. It can even create


By Michelle Magner Journalism II



je n



UT’s iPod addiction deafens students, alienates campus community

social interaction with someone, but they choose to not have one. I could have ended up being that person’s friend or turned their day around. But they will never know because they have isolated themselves. One time I was working out and the medicine ball I was using rolled to the other side of the gym, where I saw a guy pick it up. I started talking to him and said, “Oh, I’m sorry, that’s mine, you can roll it back to me,” but there was no response. So again I said “Hey, that ball is mine.” As I was talking to him, he put the ball back on the shelf and couldn’t hear me because his headphones were in. Get a Free Hearing Test Sears is part of the Miracle Ear program and offers free hearing screenings. The closest location to campus is in the Westshore Plaza. Buying new headphones is also a good idea to protect hearing. iHearSafe™ Earbuds and Headphones help prevent noiseinduced hearing loss and can be used with any audio device. Regardless of how high the device volume is turned up, the earphone volume level will always remain below 85 decibels. They only cost $19.99. Visit http://www.ihearsafe.cofor more information.

Turn it up or turn it down? The American Hearing Research Foundation (AHRF) reports that one in ten Americans has a hearing loss that affects his or her ability to understand normal speech. The following decibel (dB) scale is logarithmic, such that 40 decibels is 100 times as intense as 20 decibels. Some common sounds: • • • • • • •

20 dB: A whisper 60 dB: Normal conversation 100 dB: Chainsaw 110 to 120 dB: Typical student iPod volume. 120 dB: Rock concert 140 dB: Jet engine 180 dB: Firecracker

Length of exposure is a crucial factor in hearing loss. A constant 100 dB sound level can cause damage after two hours, according to the AHRF. Experiencing 140 dB for even a second can cause permanent damage 85 dB is the minimum sound level determined to pose the risk of hearing damage according to National Institute of Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) guidelines.


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The Minaret | October 3, 2008

Being a Cheap Date: 10 Ways To Date For Less By Kadie Hayward Staff Writer

By Professor Creature Staff Writer

Synopsis: The Martians are coming to Earth to raise the Gargon Herd, an unstoppable torrent of giant monsters! When one of the Martians realizes that there is intelligent life on Earth, he heroically sets out to warn the population. He must make the ultimate sacrifice to the stop the incoming horde of deadly creatures! “Teenagers from Outer Space” could probably be interpreted as a scathing analysis of the 50’s Cold War philosophy: Hostile invaders from the “red” planet land in suburban America, intent on destroying our very way of life! Relax; it’s nothing like that. In reality, “Teenagers” is a B-movie epic, a legend with a devoted following. The stiff acting, stilted writing, barely-sensical plot and hollow romance combine, Captain Planet-style, into a laughably bad, highly entertaining film. However, by far, the crown jewel of the movie is its effects. From the first scene of the film, “Teenagers from Outer Space” lets you know exactly what sort of effects you’re in for, and never disappoints. The opening shot treats the viewers to the Martians’ bizarre, drill-shaped spaceship, a sort of silvery Christmas Tree ornament,

spinning through the void on a a thin strand of fishing line. Later on, a hostile Martian exits the ship wearing a fighter pilot’s flight helmet and disintegrates a poor innocent dog into a plastic skeleton with his strobing flashlight raygun. Throughout the film, the disintegrations continue, with a jumpsuit-wearing Martian called Thor turning innocent suburbians left and right into plastic, classroom display skeletons, complete with visible bolts at the joints and metal hooks as the top of the skull. However impressive these effects might be, they all pale in comparison to the film’s magnificent movie monster, they great and terrible Gargon. True to the movie’s budget, the fierce and terrible Gargon we hear so much about throughout the suspenseful scenes leading up to the dramatic unveiling turns out to be a screaming, wriggling lobster held up to the camera. Then, at the dramatic climax of the story, clearly the effects budget ran dry. Characters continually reference the massive, intimidating Martian fleet hanging ominously in the sky, and the camera never once pans up to give the audience a taste of this alien colonization fleet. By far, the fabulous effects present throughout this epic cinematic treasure overshadow any other aspect of the film. Anyone in the mood for a solid hour-and-a-half of scifi hilarity should undoubtedly check out “Teenagers from Outer Sapce.” For an added treat, check out Mystery Science Theatre 30,000’s hilarious treatment of the movie. Professor can be reached at

Whether it is your first date, or your thirtieth, dating can be expensive. For college students, budgeting is vital and taking the “cheap” option is simply a way of life. Have no fear! Perfect dates don’t have to empty your wallet! Here are 10 tips for dating on a dime. Play Sports If both of you are athletic or active, a great way to spend time together is playing sports. Head to the sand volleyball courts, go for a jog down Bayshore, play tennis or toss a ball around. It’s a win-win. It is free and you’re getting in your exercise. It is also a lot of fun to try a new sport together! Check out Tampa’s History Do a little online research and show your special someone around town, stopping at all the most historic locations. Downtown is small enough for you to walk to many places, and just checking them out is free. Plan a Picnic Plant Park is a great place to spread out a blanket, sheet or towel and have lunch or dinner. You can grab food on campus

and use your meal plan, order out or pick up food. Sandwiches make great picnic food! Cook For those students with an apartment style residence hall, or even those willing to brave the community room kitchens, cooking together is a great (and inexpensive) bonding experience. Spend some time picking out recipes together, shop together and then cook together.

Photo by Anka Zolnierzak (

Go To Campus Events Find out what events are happening on campus and go! There are open mic nights, sports events, symposia, art shows, performances and more! Go On A Scavenger Hunt A fun and exciting way to make memories is completing a picture scavenger hunt together. Make (or find) a list of things to take pictures of you doing, and head out! Not only will there be a lot

of laughs, you’ll have plenty of pictures to look back on later. Go To The Beach Try to avoid rush hour to minimize your gas cost, and plan something special. Pack a lunch or find a reasonably priced restaurant in walking distance from beach parking. Don’t be afraid to split the cost! Make Movie Marathons Do you both love 80’s movies? Horror flicks? Silent films? Find a film genre you are both interested and make a list of movies. Borrow them, if you can, or rent them and have a movie marathon. Have snacks, or grab a meal on campus and bring it back to the room between films. Play Board Games If you don’t have any, your residence hall staff office has some in stock for you to check out. Invite other friends or couples over for a few hours of good, clean fun. Volunteer Not only will you be saving money, you will be making a difference in the community together! Kadie can be reached at

Cubans, Cookies, and Cakes Oh My! Alessi Bakery delivers sweet surprises By Elizabeth Harm Staff Writer

When the doors of the Alessi Bakery glide open, sight and smell are flooded by what can be summed up in one word, sugar. Pure sugar. Triple layer chocolate cakes and handmade Italian tea cookies arranged behind glass cases taunt five-year olds and the professional sweet-tooth. A large cooler section in the middle of the bakery divides the sweet from the savory. Cuban sandwiches and the popular deviled crabs are cleaned from the shelfs come lunch time. The artisan food Alessi Bakery craft, has elevated the bakery to the most popular in Tampa Bay since 1912. Yet, this sweet escape is unknown to most UT students.        The Alessi Bakery was first started by Italian immigrant Phil Alessi. His goal was to progress the art his family represented in Italian food.  Their motto became “no short cuts, no changes” as the bakery was passed down from generation to generation in the Alessi family. The infamous Alessi Bakery baguettes and rustic style breads

Alessi Bakery 2909 West Cypress Street Tampa, FL 33609

reflect the untampered baking traditions while the Spanish sweet tarts with guayaba filling demonstrate Alessi’s skill in adapting, and pleasing, the local taste. “You can just open (a business) but to preserve the tradition is the business,” said Robert George, General Manager of Alessi Bakery. “We added premeals, but we wanted the foods that represent Alessi despite the great business.” Much of Alessi’s success is found in their dedication to the customer. Good food at affordable prices comes standard. The bakery recently threw a celebration for their anniversary cutting prices back by nearly a third. “We lost a little money but we wanted to thank the customers,” said Mr. George.         I recommend trying the Cuban Sandwich, loaded with meat and made with their own bread. The deserts are more personal with the wide variety made to cater to every taste. For example, my favorite is ‘The Fantasia.’

It is a layered chocolate torte topped with a sweet ganache and dusted with chocolate shavings. Sugar cookies decorated with Obama and McCain slogans bring out a sweet side of politics. Even late after the lunch-rush the consistent stream of wedding planners, after-school students, and suited business men prove that Alessi heritage continues its be tasty as it ever has been. Elizabeth can be reached at

Hours: Monday - Saturday: 7 a.m. - 7 p.m. Sunday: 8 a.m.-5 p.m Phone: 813-879-4544 Photos by Elizabeth Harm


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The Minaret | October 3, 2008

New FOX and HBO TV Lineup Spices Up The Fall Season By John Dolan Staff Writer

Networks provide audiences with shows each fall that capture our attention and either make us become hooked, or have us begging for revenge upon the creator. Thankfully, this season introduces programs such as Fringe (FOX), True Blood (HBO), House (FOX), and Prison Break (FOX). Fringe J.J. Abrams (LOST, Alias) has created yet another show worthy of reckoning. FBI agent Olivia Dunham must team up with genius scientist Walter Bishop and his son, Peter, to solve catastrophes that appear unexplainable. The trio attempts

to solve bizarre cases, such as a baby being conceived and born within hours. The characters seem somewhat flimsy, save for Bishop (John Noble) who brings everything together with his humor. Sadly, the hilarity will ultimately become old, and the show will succumb to dullness unless something is done to extract more entertainment. The show airs Tuesdays at 9 p.m. on FOX. True Blood Based on the acclaimed vampire novels by author Charlaine Harris comes a television adaptation from the creator of “Six Feet Under,” Alan Ball. Beginning in the south, the story focuses on the life of a small town waitress

who lives in a world where vampires are permitted to co-exist with humans. It also becomes apparent that Sookie Stackhouse, the protagonist, possesses the ability to read human minds. Her life is altered when Bill, a vampire, walks into the bar she is working at. The acting is solid and, paired with the capability of showing uncensored content via HBO, the show has a bright future. The show airs Sundays at 9 p.m. on HBO. House Although not a new show, and in fact returning for its fifth season, the amount of cynicism and ostensibly convoluted medical dilemmas this series offers to engross the viewer like no other

“Early Love” Surely to Brighten Your Day By Zach Fraser Staff Writer

Line-up changes, touring issues, and label conflicts are about as much any band can tolerate from the ruthless record industry today and I assure you, Brighten are no strangers to these commonplace difficulties. Most bands when faced with these hardships implode and call it a day on the very demanding music business. I’m glad to see that Brighten has persevered through all of these obstacles, proving that their stint on the scene has more to do with the music and less with riding the bandwagon of Urban Outfitters and MTV airtime on “The Hills.” Brighten open up late 2008 with their EP, “Early Love,” a successful attempt at providing us all with catchy choruses, melodic interludes and love ballads that don’t run dry after the first listen. Yes, a lot can be said about the direction indie-pop has taken in the last two years; the genre has almost become synonymous with emotionless, trendy, and flat. “Early Love,” on the contrary, works toward bringing back the sincerity and heart to the music we all miss. Brighten begins their sevensong EP with “Carolina,” an infectious ballad that surely will be in the back of your head throughout your day.

It’s a warm and uplifting track where the chorus reverberates throughout the song. “Early Love” doesn’t waste any time in the next few tracks, all showcasing B r i g h t e n ’s central theme: love. Whether it’s their ups or their downs, they’re all here on “Early Love.” Track number four, “We Are Birds,” is by far my favorite song on the EP. The song is a simple cry of love which comes out, well, very cute (trust me, I searched for many words other than cute that would better show my masculinity, but it really is just that). “Swing,” the track directly following “We Are Birds,” changes the pace and mood of “Early Love.” It shows a different side of the band with its hard sound and unsympathetic lyrics such as, “You’ve got that kiss of death and I’m not attracted to alcoholic veins.” Overall not a bad song and I do appreciate the attempt of an unforgiving song guys, but

show on television. Hugh Laurie stars as Dr. Gregory House, an extremely intelligent yet socially inept diagnostician. Throughout each episode he interacts with his colleagues and patients with a conceited and pessimistic attitude, providing unique entertainment for new viewers. For long time fans of the show, the new season offers increased drama, including a strained relationship between House and his best friend Wilson. The show has not yet lost its luster and doesn’t seem as though it will anytime soon. The show airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. on FOX.

Prison Break While this show has lasted three previous seasons, and has started on its fourth, there is no doubt the intrigue and ingenuity has faltered. Continuously killing off characters and bringing back ones who were long thought to be dead, the overall story is shaky at best. The plot continues along the road of breaking into buildings, whereas the previous seasons had them escaping them. Such a trivial twist creates nothing exciting, and while the acting is solid for the most part, the show seems doomed. The show airs Mondays at 9 p.m. on FOX.

Martina McBride Coming to the Ford Amphitheatre By Carol Ann Fazio Staff Writer

seriously, killed my happiness buzz. Let’s stick with less distortion and more cheerful lyrics please. The last two songs on “Early Love” put the warm sentiment back into your blood stream with “Love Me Honestly” and “What She Really Wants” nicely wrapping up the roughly 23 minute long EP. The performance on “Early Love” by Brighten puts a smile on your face and a longing for love in your life. The overall effect might not only come in listener satisfaction, but in anticipation as well for a band definitely to watch in 2009. I’d give this CD a rating of 4.5/5. For more information on Brighten and to listen to tracks from their latest album “Early Love,” visit http://www.myspace. com/wearebrighten. Zach can be reached at

Country music sensation Martina McBride will perform with special guests Jack Ingram and Jason Michael Carroll at the Ford Amphitheatre at the Florida State Fairgrounds on Friday, Oct. 10. The show starts prompley at 7:30 p.m. Tickets are still on sale, and prices will include sales tax and parking. It does not matter if you purchase them through Ticketmaster or the box office, a service and handling charge may be added to the price of each ticket. They can be purchased in person at the Ford Amphitheatre box office or online at http:// and http://

The lawn area will be closed for this event. The tour entitled “Martina McBride: Waking Up Laughing” is scheduled to take place rain or shine at the venue. This concert is promised to be inspiring and uplifting. Martina McBride is not only a recording artist but a producer and writer as well. Mcbride’s accomplishments include: 16 million albums sold nation wide, 22 top 10 singles – including six No. 1 hits; and many Country Music Awards and Academy of Country Music Awards. The tour Wake Up Laughing is also the title of McBride’s ninth studio release. The self-produced album is an 11-song journey of passion, failure and deliverance. But most of all, happiness is the key theme of the album. In terms of concerts, “Wake Up Laughing” has earned many high marks and is a solid menu of quality songs by one of country’s best singers, Martina McBride. This concert is not to be missed. For more infomation on Martina McBride visit http:// To listen to tracks visit www. Carol Ann can be reached at


Arts & Entertainment

The Minaret | October 3, 2008

Hollywood’s Heroes and Villians Come Alive! By Mel Steiner Arts & Entertainment Editor

Have you ever felt the need to sword fight with Zorro, barely escape from Jaws, crack whips with Indiana Jones, and terrorize a nation with King Kong all in the same night? Saturday evening (Oct. 4) at 7:30 p.m. UT’s Wind Ensemble will have their season premiere “Night at the Movies II: Heroes and Villains” at Tampa Prep! Tampa Prep is located across Cass Street by Stadium Center. Teaming up with Media Services, the 50-minute non-stop show is going to be bigger and better than last year. As the music will start, three gigantic video screens will run simultaneously. Each screen will play different scenes from the corresponding movie. Synching up the videos with the live music is a task of its own. John Stepro, head of Media Services, has been working long hours trying to create the visual effects for the show. He and his staff are trying to recreate the environment for each movie through lighting, video, and other surprises! Dr. Jeffrey Traster, Department of Music Chair and conductor of the Wind Ensemble, is excited as ever to be back on the stage. He used the theme “Heroes and Villains” when picking the music. “There is this play-off of good versus evil within each of the pieces. We have James Bond and Indiana Jones, Mulan and Cruella de Vil, and many more. It’s definitely going to

Wind Ensemble Saturday, Oct. 4 7:30 p.m. at Tampa Prep be different than last year, but it’s going to be more entertaining!” he said. With only five weeks to prepare, The Wind Ensemble has been practicing non-stop. “It takes a great deal of flexibility to make all of this come together perfectly. It takes dedication, practice, and accuracy,” explains Traster. Free to anyone and everyone, all are welcome to join in this annual show! “My favorite piece so far is Zorro. It’s not only scored well, but it has an intense Latin flavor. It’s a high energy piece with a majestic touch. There’s horse riding and sword fighting. It’s just a lot of fun,” says Traster. “The biggest challenge about this entire show will be the pacing so that everything comes together at the right moment. All of us had a task that we settled on accomplishing. And we are going to be stellar.” It will definitely be a night to remember. So come out and enjoy a Night at the Movies II with UT’s Wind Ensemble. Beginning at 7:30 p.m. Saturday night at Tampa Prep, we hope to see you all there!

6 13


The Minaret | October 3, 2008

Staff Editorial: Privacy Treated as Evil

Cambell’s Chicken Stock

Every Other Stock

Thomas Paine

Alexander Hamilton

Tina Fey’s Return to SNL

Fall Premiers Cancelled After One Episode

Paul Newman

Kim Kardashian

Iron Man on DVD

The Dark Night Re-released in January



Lance Armstrong’s Return to Biking

Broken Hubble Telescope



Katie Couric

Elisabeth Hasselbeck

Jesus Christ was wrong. Money is not the root of all evil, or so University of Tampa administrators are making it seem. They would have us believe that alcohol is evil, and that those who consume it are enemies of the university. Minaret editor-in-chief Peter Arrabal recently asked Associate Dean of Students Gina Firth for information regarding an entry in the campus crime log. Rumors circulated that a male student had been involved in a violent altercation with a female student. Firth declined to comment, only to say that the conduct system had handled it. She claimed that the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) precluded her from revealing information about the case. She instead offered a story about an off-campus house inhabited by four UT students. She gave a name, address and the nature of the charges that she was investigating. With total disregard for FERPA, the act she just invoked, Firth delved into the nature of parties this house allegedly held. Neighbors have apparently complained, alcohol poisonings have been reported, and Firth said that officials had gathered license plate numbers of cars parked at the house.

What is the point of this? Is alcohol so evil that eliminating drinking has overtaken other concerns, such as finding out the nature of a potentially violent crime that occurred on campus? Adam Goldstein, Attorney Advocate for the Student Press Law Center, indicated that Firth was either being deceptive or was ignorant of the law. FERPA, he said, excludes withholding private information when a student is found responsible for a violation of school rules, provided that the crime is considered violent by the FBI. The rumors about this student were highly violent in nature. The allegations against the supposed party house are strongly on the non-violent side. UT has worked hard to overcome the image of a party school. In recent years, however, the focus seems to have shifted from improving UT’s image to eradicating the use of alcohol. A once-thriving bar where hundreds once gathered, The Rathskellar, has been turned into a dingy place where dozens occasionally eat. Privacy is at risk for UT students who drink. While the undeserved rights of a potentially violent student are protected, the privacy of a student who hosts parties was thrown out the window in an effort to uproot student drinkers.

The Silent Witness program that resulted in so many drug busts a year ago is a danger to student privacy and rights. Anyone can report anyone for anything and never face their accusers, a violation of a fundamental American right. Not all agree that Silent Witness is bad, however. Some believe that the purpose of the Silent Witness program is not to establish a witch-hunt or out of control finger-pointing. Proponents will ask, what’s wrong with caring about how students behave at UT? It’s good in a sense that students take enough pride in at least UT’s appearance to take advantage of this system and root out students who don’t deserve to be a part of that community because they opt to put it at risk with their behavior. Silent Witness advocates believe that there is no underlying anti-alcohol crusade here, but there is an underlying sense of community and students’ devotion to it. The Minaret recognizes that this is a private university, and that there are exceptions to many laws that apply to public schools, but the rights and security of UT students should never be risked as they are now. Administrators must weigh their many options and choices.

Liar, Liar: Political Statements More Creative than Fiction By Nicole Robinson Columnist

If you did not already know: Barack Obama has ties to AlQaida. Obama wants to be sworn in on the Qur’an and is a practicing Muslim. He was born Barack Hussein Muhammed Obama in Al Ahmadi, Kuwait but later relocated to Jakarta for his early education from various terror groups. He has been sent here to infiltrate our country’s government and commence a slow takeover. Furthermore, John McCain, born in 1906 in the Panama Canal Zone, has been sighted on several occasions since 1987 with Pastor John Hagee. Hagee is notorious for his backward views on women, Catholicism, homosexuality and more importantly: Harry Potter. Hagee strongly opposes Harry Potter and feels that the wizard opens a gateway for children to join Harry Potter cults. John McCain happily accepted the anti-Potter pastor’s support for this election. This can only mean one thing: JOHN MCCAIN is PRO VOLDEMORT. He has been sighted on several occasions with the Dark Lord plotting the demise of the poor small wizard boy. John McCain also said that the first thing he will do in office is win the war against Harry Potter. Obama also, according to John McCain, wants to give kindergarteners “comprehensive sex education” and “opposes innovation, the electric car and clean safe nuclear energy” while McCain, according to Obama, “endorses Rush Limbaugh’s comments about immigration.” Let’s clear this up: everything

I said earlier was pretty much a bucket of lies. Yes, Senator McCain was born in the Panama Canal and is endorsed by a crazed pastor, but Obama, actually born 1961 in Honolulu, has no ties to terrorists anymore than John McCain has ties to Voldemort and his Death Eater insurgents. Some of the lies printed above are stories I made up; others were posted by bloggers, sent via chain e-mail and some are lies said by the presidential candidates themselves. They are all mixed together because falsehoods, whether they are said and repeated by you, a blogger, a politician or me, are still lies. Lately, I have grown tired of the blatant lies and distortions of the truth presented by both the Obama and McCain campaigns. It insults the intelligence of voters and also makes the presidential race seem more like a contest to see who can make up the best lie. But then you have to think: they would not keep these false statements going if people stopped believing them and taking every political ad or statement at face value. If there were enough voters who would back check the “facts” that the candidates are feeding them—even if it is your favorite candidate—the lies would have to stop. Politicians and public figures walk on eggshells in public, ensuring no cameras are around during their most private moments for fear that someone’s camera phone video might get on Youtube. Thanks to mistakes like this it’s easier than ever to find hypocritical statements.

Photo by seany@flickr / Flickr Just like camera phones and online videos have changed the behavior of public figures, Websites like—a political lie detector—makes the future of lying politicians seem bleak. The Website has different categories of lies such as “half truths” all the way up to “pants on fire.” It even goes a step further by not only ranking how untrue a statement is, but also going into detail as to why it is untrue. does not favor either candidate and simply posts each lie and butchers it. Even though the Website is not biased the facts certainly favor one candidate for being more honest. USA Today tallied lies from select categories and this is what they found: in the “Barely True” category McCain had 22 lies compared to Obama’s 14. In the “False” category McCain had 23 to Obama’s 18, and in “Pants of Fire” (the highest category of deception) McCain had six lies to Obama’s one. USA Today calculated McCain tells five lies to Obama’s three, but the McCain campaign tended to continue repeating falsehoods even after they had been found

to be untrue, whereas the Obama campaign did not observe this behavior as much. This shows clearly who the more honest candidate is, but it would be most appreciated if both told no lies. Most of these falsities were just bending the truth. For instance, we all know Barack Obama stands for change. Well, someone took that much and said, Obama says America is great, but I want to change it. That’s called taking something out of context. All we have to do as voters is at least check things that sound questionable like that story about, Obama supporting comprehensive sexual education to kindergartners. With all these lies, let’s end with some truth. Plato said: “Knowledge is true opinion.” Let’s face it, there is not going to be a day when politicians or people in general stop lying. But it is our responsibility as voters to try and find the truth. We have to believe in a candidate because we looked at all the facts, looked at our country today and, most importantly, looked in ourselves and chose who we think is right for the job of commander

in chief. We cannot base our choice only on what some chain e-mail said, or what somebody else said or even what says. Find various sources and read arguments on both sides to formulate the best opinion. We need to be a new generation of educated voters because I don’t know what’s more dangerous somebody who votes based on falsehoods or someone who doesn’t vote at all. Don’t just vote this election. Vote smart. Note: Although we were able to check the facts on Barack Obama and John McCain; Lord Voldemort could not be reached for comment by the time this article was printed. Nicole Robinson ca be reached at


What do you think about political honesty? Leave a comment on our Web site and let us know!



The Minaret | October 3, 2008

McCain Gambles His Way to White House the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Build-the-Bridgeâ&#x20AC;? platform and said that she would â&#x20AC;&#x153;not allow the spinmeisters to turn this project... into something thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s so negative.â&#x20AC;? Eventually $442 million were given to fund the bridge project, but Congress backed out of the bill before its final passage. Instead, they opted for a more flexible funding proposal. In September 2007 Congress stated that they would not be spending any more money on the project than was originally proposed. Since the $442 million had already given to Palin for the bridge project, she opted not to return any of the money. Palin spent $25 million of the $442 million on a Gravina Island access road where the bridge would have been developed. Where the rest of the money was spent is unclear. Strike 2! We canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t afford to have John McCain and Sarah Palin in the White House. McCain is not a Maverick; heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s a gambler. If the political shenanigans he pulled before the debate and his vice presidential selection are indicative of his leadership style, Iâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d say heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s addicted. America deserves more than to be pandered to by halfsincere politicians and half-assed candidates. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s only a matter of time before John McCain strikes out of the game. I pray heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s not in the Oval Office when it happens.

By Chris Brown Columnist

John McCain is doing everything he can in order to raise his poll figures. He suspended his campaign temporarily under the assumption that America would believe only he would have the clout and knowledge to fix our economic woes. Not long ago he picked his running mate, Sarah Palin, with a blindfold and dart board. So how have his gambles paid off so far? It took 22 hours for John McCain to reach Washington, presumably in the Maverick Mobile. Before the long journey, he claimed to stop all campaign business. Thatâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s about as believable as if he said heâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d stop his plane in midair because he made time to give a speech and pose for a few photo ops on the way to solving the big crunch. While single-mindedly attacking the greatest economic crisis our nation has had since the Great Depression, McCain apparently hurt negotiations by speaking positively about an alternative bailout position proposed by a think tank of conservative Republicans. John! You were there to sell conservative Republicans on the current proposal. To make up for this, McCain

Photo Courtesy Bob Weinstein / Wikipedia aides pointed the media to an article written by Marc Ambinder, which stated that McCain held no leadership position whatsoever. That sounds about right across the board. A Democratic staffer commented that George Bush was no diplomat, but that he was â&#x20AC;&#x153;Cardinal freaking Richelieu compared to McCain. McCain couldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t negotiate an agreement on dinner among a family of four without making a big drama with himself at the heroic center of it. And then theyâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;d all just leave to make themselves a sandwich.â&#x20AC;? Strike 1! Palin is John McCainâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s choice for vice president, even though she has hardly been exposed to the media. He does not feel comfortable putting her in front of a camera

unless the interview is very carefully structured. Even then, Palinâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s ignorance is plain to see. When Katie Couric interviewed Palin, she inquired as to the meaning of her comments regarding Alaskaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s proximity to Russia and wanted to know how that provides her substantive foreign policy experience. Palin quickly defended her position and even added that the Canadian border further highlighted her extensive experience. However, Palin did not receive her passport nor travel outside of North America until 2006. At that time, Palin was candidate for Governor and strongly supported the building of the Gravina Island Bridge. This is the proposal that is now known as the â&#x20AC;&#x153;Bridge to Nowhere.â&#x20AC;? In fact, Palin campaigned on

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Chris Brown may be contacted at

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9/29/08 10:50:52 AM



The Minaret | October 3, 2008

Dictatorship, Genocide in Kellogg a Warning to American Voters

By Josh Kratovil Features Editor

This is a call to action! Everyone who reads this needs to take immediate steps to help a situation spiraling further and further out of control every day. I’m talking about the Pop Tart genocide taking place in the thirdworld nation of Kellogg, a far-away land which intense media scrutiny has brought to our doorstep only recently. This genocide is happening under our collective nose, and— though it may smell delicious—we must unite as a campus and country to save these toaster pastries! The situation began when a Art by Max Roberts

disgruntled Kellogg army leader, Captain Crunch, funded by the corrupt chocolate czar Count Chocula, seized control of the military. Shortly thereafter, Crunch led a coup against the benevolent but aged Tony Tiger, declaring himself Warlord Crunch after a brief but bloody civil war. Crunch terrorized the countryside, hunting the Pop Tarts ruthlessly, driving them from their homes and into the stomachs of anxious, poorly drawn children and dinosaurs. However, as Kellogg is a country with no noteworthy natural resources; Crunch soon realized his biggest asset was the indigenous Pop Tart population itself. After sating the appetites of said children and dinosaurs, Crunch began rounding up the Tarts and packaging them in specially designed cardboard prison cells for exportation to other countries. Those who weren’t exported faced just as

grim a fate within Kellogg; forced into obscure situations for Crunch’s twisted pleasure, including deadly pranks (in one instance two Pop Tarts were led into what they thought was a camera booth; unfortunately for them it turned out to be an oven in which they were cooked alive!). The Tarts’ torture videos made their way onto American airwaves, sparking a movement among Hollywood celebrities. Bono, Tom Cruise, Puffy and Madonna were among a few of the more vocal supporters of the Pop Tarts’ plight, encouraging fashionable and trendy Americans to do what they do best and throw money at the problem. It’s working; their new (tart) campaign is catching on. Thousands are wearing (tart) shirts and buying (tart) themed cell phones. The costly marketing and promotion dwindled the effectiveness of the donations, but still hundreds of pennies were sent to the troubled Kellogg in the hopes of freeing the Tarts. Protestors rallied in the streets,

refusing to purchase “blood tarts.” Many imported Tarts now undergo a Blueberry Certification Process to ensure that they are not “conflict tarts.” Yet it was recently revealed that the funding influx from the (tart) campaign in fact exacerbated the problem; rarer Tart flavors are now being exploited as a result of Crunch’s increased capital. World leaders blame a lack of American involvement, but President Bush replied simply, “Heh, I like Cheerios.” But seriously, I think it’s ridiculous that our society is so open having others telling us how to live. Who gives a crap what they think? I don’t care if “they” are moronic celebrities, the disgusting MTV culture, or political pundits on cable news. Listen, surely (except to MTV), but don’t blindly follow! That’s our problem. We’ve lost the will to think for ourselves. We look at past (even present) dictatorships and wonder how those people allow themselves to be subjugated; in reality a

by Austin Daniels

dictatorship stands for an escape from freedom. Maybe that’s what people need in the end. Of course, we don’t need the genocide and brutality, but in the end people need structure. Democracy works when people care and appreciate it; but, since the advent of a two-party system our country has been headed for disaster. Bipartisan warfare is at a fever pitch; everyone is distracted by it all, no one is pays attention to the fact that our elected officials are figuratively getting away with murder on Capitol Hill! Think about your choice when Election Day comes. Pundits are ridiculous, but they all let a nugget or two of truth slip out. Of course, we’ll never know if one of the candidates will turn out to be the next Cap’n Crunch, but doing your own homework on the election gives you the chance to say “I told you so,” before bowing down to his legions of poorly drawn children and dinosaurs. Josh Kratovil may be contacted at



The Minaret | October 3, 2008

Meaning of “Elitist” Sudanese Crisis Demands the World Community Unite as Brothers Misused by Campaigns industry has been dominating the It should not come as a world and has led to their economy shock to the world that China is for Political Gain By Amadu Wiltshire Columnist

The human race should hang its head in shame in light of the mass genocides, which have been occurring in Sudan. It is so appalling that in a world that tried to be so advanced and so accommodating to many of its members that the international community has been allowing these atrocities to continue. Backed and supplied with artillery by the Chinese government, the Sudanese government is annihilating the Dinka people. The Arab militia has been killing, raping and enslaving millions of Dinka tribesmen and women in that country. But one must ask what are the factors that have been allowing the Chinese government to support these killings. When looking at the Chinese economy, one must realize that the progress which they have been able to make over the years is mainly due to the fact that many of the companies from western nations have been outsourcing jobs to them. Thus their manufacturing

being the fastest growing economy and the second largest economy, second only to the United States of America. Additionally China is very much interested in the large oil deposits available in Sudan, thus by supplying the government-backed Arab militia, they are allowed to have greater access to the fossil fuel deposits in Sudan. These deposits are being used to ensure that their large manufacturing industry and economy has fuel to continue on its path to growth.

supporting this blood bath, lest I remind the world of Tiananmen Square in the 1980s. Also in today’s China, men and women are still forced into work camps if they don’t comply with the oppressiveness of communism. In addition to that the Chinese society is so divided along economic lines that these are almost no middle class it’s just the rich and the very poor. This is a call for all members of the world who are humans to boycott products made in China and to pressure their leaders and the international community to force harsh sanctions against the Sudanese government. In addition, we need to pressure many of the companies, which have outsourced jobs to China to cease operations in that nation. We m u s t stand against the many human atrocities in Sudan, China and wherever in the world that it is occurring. Remember we must be our brothers’ keepers.

Photo Courtesy Katmere / Wikipedia

A m a d u Wi l s h i re c a n be reached at awiltshire@

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Photo by: Mindy Tucker


I believe the cultural distrust of elitism is a holdover from America’s Puritan roots, that good old-fashioned Protestant work ethic, wherein the common man is venerated; where the virtues of By Derrick Austin humility, straight-forwardness and Commentary Editor hard work are to be cultivated. Ironically of course, the United Is there something wrong with being elitist? By that I mean, say, States has historically been a nation if I’m more eloquent than you do that has trampled on the rights of I have to hide it to make you feel the common man. From the nation’s inception to better? If there is one word, which I the present day, if you aren’t a young, have heard misused—among many rich, straight, white, well-educated, others—in this election is elitist, healthy, Protestant man then you’re especially when used to describe already at a disadvantage. But, if one doesn’t exactly Barack Obama. I looked up the term in the fit the aforementioned mold like Merriam-Webster and Oxford Senator Obama and you work your English dictionaries; both were in way to the top with the grace and consensus that the word refers to dignity he has exhibited, then no the belief that society should be one can logically call you elitist. Elitism is a state of mind, run by an elite, or the behaviors and attitudes associated with people in one that Obama clearly does not exhibit. the elite—essentially snobbery. Simply because he can Now, the thing I just can’t get over is the fact that people decry pronounce every word clearly and “elitism” in Obama, yet they live in even throws in some vocabulary quite possibly the most elitist nation people haven’t heard of doesn’t make him a snob, it makes him in the world. smart. He’s earned it. Democracy? Please. Don’t shun him because he The United States has always been based on the mentality that knows more than you; he’s running anyone can make it in this country, for the most important job in the which is perhaps why elitism is world, don’t you want someone not used to describe this nation, running the free world who’s smarter than you? Just because much. However, for the handful of he doesn’t reflect who you are and where you Americans from that climb “It’s that kind of come doesn’t make to the upper echelons of identity pandering him a lesser society, there that led to 8 years candidate. No one are thousands who can only with a chimp in the person can represent hope to work Oval Office.” American in paycheck to its entirety— paycheck. There is a sharp financial why people think a white Vietnam divide in America, and there always veteran is any more representative was; this is why elitism is so of America than a black Harvard prevalent in American culture. He Law graduate is beyond me. It’s that kind of identity or she with the most money can get the best education, best house, best pandering that led to eight years with gizmos—best everything. We’re so a chimp in the Oval Office; a man better suited to being someone’s entrenched American culture goes so far drinking buddy than negotiating with world leaders. as to support elitism. There’s this strange attitude One always has to be the best at something, and in order to of mutual exclusion in the United be the best you have to be better States that anyone with the slightest than someone else. Elitism is so intellectual (also a dirty word in prevalent in our society that it’s the country) proclivities can’t hard to notice, coupled with our understand the lives of others, or assumes they’re better than fanciful egalitarian notions. Our cultural beliefs are based everyone else. I can’t wrap my head around on letting the best man win. Most American children are groomed this distrust of eloquence and from infancy to smarter than other learned intelligence. Puritanism has something infants, grow up to win the most trophies, earn the highest GPA, to do with it, but I can’t help but and be accepted into the best suspect race plays a part in these wild elitism claims. universities. I sincerely doubt that if Obama Perhaps, it’s because the U.S. isn’t based on preordained elitism, were a white man that anyone a rigid social hierarchy, since the would call him elitist. There are plenty of white United States isn’t burdened with a class system in the way some politicians from prestigious European nations are—or presents universities who are fine speakers that illusion, anyway, as if nepotism as well, yet elitism is Obama’s and American dynasties aren’t (unfortunate and nonsensical) cross to bear. real. Because everyone is given a Derrick Austin can be reached shot to succeed, we can ignore our at culture of elitism.



The Minaret | October 3, 2008

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Transfer Student Transforms Game to Make Large Impact

By Brittany Forxworth Special to The Minaret

Lister Warren, a transfer from the Cincinnati State Community College, established a striker position scoring five goals this season. He has been playing soccer since age six. He was inspired to play soccer because of his older brother. It was important to Warren to find a team he could improve. “I came to Tampa because I

The Minaret | October 3, 2008

liked the program and I had friends here who were very good players,” said Warren, “and the weather is great.” So far Warren thinks UT is great and a nice atmosphere to be in. The team is much different than his past team. “The players are much more mature here. I have to work hard for my game because it’s very competitive,” he said. But it wasn’t easy adjusting to a new team. “At first it was hard,” Warren

said, “but once I knew everyone things began to go smoothly.” This season, Warren has taken more of a scoring role whereas in Cincinnati he excelled in assists. “It’s a great feeling to make an impact,” said Warren, “Last year I had more assists than anything and the transition is now I’m scoring more. It’s a step ahead.” While at Cincinnati State CC he was awarded the OCCAC Best Forward Award and set the school record for the most assists

in a season. The defending Sunshine State Conference champs are off to another strong season. Warren has never experienced a title at his new

school, but is optimistic this will change soon. “We’re going all the way! If we keep playing the way we are then we will go all the way.”

While her father encouraged her to enroll, Perry felt otherwise. “I was honestly a little nervous about going overseas,” Perry said. “I mean getting paid sounded nice, but I didn’t think it was worth it.” Perry then decided on Tampa. Though the training was lighter than boot camp, only three soccer players passed the first fitness test of the preseason, but Perry wasn’t discouraged. She felt she made the right decision leaving Worthington, Ohio, for Tampa, Fla., a city over a thousand miles away from home. The youngest of four sisters, Perry, 18, was recruited by Tampa head coach Gerry Lucey during her senior season at Thomas Worthington High School. Noting Tampa’s recent run to a national title, Perry sought the competition

and competitiveness that the school’s program provided her. Named Most Valuable Player and first-team all-Ohio Capital Conference, Perry has found that soccer at the collegiate level is “a lot more intense,” but thus far, the forward/midfielder has been acclimating well. Current teammate Marissa Mohammed, a senior from Stafford, Va., has been impressed by the ease of Perry’s switch. “Jazmin has transitioned very well, especially for coming so far from home,” Mohammed said. “We’ve had girls that had a rough time during preseason and even throughout the season that didn’t cope well with being away from their family and friends.” Mohammed noted that even her own rookie season, one in

which she earned a starting job along with her twin sister, Maria, served as a “definite wake up call to the difference in level of play between high school and college soccer.” An exercise science major, Perry is also embracing the weather and atmosphere at Tampa. Her comfort is evident in her composure on and off the field. While she hopes to one day receive a doctorate in physical therapy and open her own practice, for now she’s practicing on the soccer field, so far registering one goal and three assists in just six games. Despite her success and although her name has been plastered throughout game stories and soccer articles, Perry isn’t the most famous name in her family. Her

aunt, actress Sophina Brown, has appeared on TV shows such as “Chapelle’s S h o w , ” “Numb3rs,” and “Shark,” among others. While she may not be a midshipmen or a budding actress, Perry is a promising scholarathlete at Tampa who hopes to expound upon her early success and perhaps bring home another national title for the Spartans. Carli Todd is a first time writer with The Minaret.

Lister Warren charges through defenders

Photo by Kara Wall

Cadet Recruited to Tampa over Naval Academy

By Carli Todd Special to The Minaret

When current University of Tampa women’s soccer player Jazmin Perry was given her workout plan the summer before her freshman season, she wasn’t dreading it as many of her teammates might have been. After all, the plan looked relatively simple compared to what she could have been doing that summer. In addition to Lincoln Memorial University and Wittenberg University, Perry was recruited by the U.S. Naval Academy in Annapolis, Md. All incoming freshman at the Naval Academy must experience plebe summer, a six-week period of intense physical and mental testing, transforming civilians into midshipmen.



The Minaret | October 3, 2008

First Two Home Game’s Spectator Count for Fall Sports After a lull in 2006, Spartan spirit is once again on the rise.

Low Game Attendance of High Concern See


“Spirit” from

front Page

attendance at games. He tried sending mass emails to UT students’ inboxes, but often got responses back that many boxes were full, so many students didn’t even receive the email. He also tried telephone messages, but students would hang up before even realizing what was being said. “Students just have a way of protecting themselves from general information,” said Swalls. “Whatever they don’t want to listen to or see, they just avoid it.” So what is the best way to get the attention of UT students and attract them to the games? “Word of mouth is our best advertising tool. Having personal contact with the students on the campus, and this means talking to them one-on-one or in groups, face-to-face, is the best method.” But the past is now the past, and Swalls is working on

improving the present. Two weeks ago, soccer and volleyball had record attendances. Over 300 people attended volleyball and women’s soccer, while the stands were filled with 500 fans for the men’s soccer match. What makes this year different? Swalls now works with Student Government every week to come up with ways to boost attendance. “Our main goal is to coordinate different organizations,” SG president Andrew Learned said. “There are different groups already doing so much to get the word out, but now we just need to get them on the same page. We are trying to get more people to go to one event in one night.” Together, they have put together a team of sports marketers, comprised of students in the marketing and sports management fields, as well as any one else who was interested, to recruit students. One of these organizations is the

In-Crowd. Lauren Hammond is not only a member of the In-Crowd, but also a member of the women’s soccer team. She knows first hand how important home crowds are. “This year will be better because we have Student Government involvement,” Hammond said. “Every club has to go to the Tuesday night meetings so they will get the information regarding games and tell their groups.” Even though it seems school spirit and attendance may seem on the rise, there are also other

Students show support.

factors that might not be so helpful in the long run. The market that UT sports teams are in hurts. With professional sports teams like the Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Rays, and Lightning, students seem to focus their attention more on the professional athletes rather than the collegiate ones. Also, more than 70 percent of UT students go to class during most of our sporting events in the late evening. These are obstacles that Swalls and Student Government are aware of and have to face. “Since 1990, this student government organization is one of the top two or three groups that we have ever had,” Swalls said. “They have been very productive and have been active in motivating students. President Andrew Learned is much more File Photo interested than any

president we have had in the past, even dating back to 1990 since I have been here. He innovated a new organization that is comprised of students from different groups which focuses on athletics.” Another major problem is that most of the Division II teams that UT faces are not well known and therefore students are not interested in seeing the different match ups. Swalls’ goal is to draw five to ten percent of the student body. This requies an average of 500 fans. A good thing about UT sports is that the programs as a whole hold a winning record. UT sports teams win about 75 to 80 percent of home games in all sports. It is extremely important that they have the support of their fellow students cheering them as they take a shot on goal, spike a ball over the net or cross the finish line first. Shelby Kuni contributed information to this article.

Student Gov. Helps Promote Student Turn-out at Games Spectators turned up when Athletic Department turned for help By Kelley Bumstead Sports Writer

Along with fewer parking spots and another new construction project blocking walkways, students returning to University of Tampa this fall may have noticed one more change. Instead of the usual diminutive crowd, many goers to last week’s soccer game were surprised to find themselves amongst a crowd of roughly 300 people. Student support for athletic teams has been on the rise this year, and Student Government has plans to help increase crowds. “SG is sponsoring three games this year,” said sophomore congressman Art Linares. “One is going to be a basketball game. We want to give out t-shirts at the first game and black-out the crowd.” Rumors of an underground group that plans to attend sporting events and increase Spartan

spirit have also surfaced around campus. Although still only talk, word about this secret group has spread across campus and created buzz amongst students. “I want tradition and to see students getting excited about sports here,” said Linares. “I’d basically like to see something equivalent to what other college campuses have.” The congressman said getting campus organizations involved is one of the key steps to increasing Spartan crowds. “The heads of different organizations here have been really good about getting their members to attend more events. We really want to get all the Greeks out there to show their support.” According to Special Events Chair Nicole Weiss, homecoming will also emphasize athletics this year. “The soccer game is going to

be our big finale,” she said. “We’re trying to get everyone pumped up by having a tailgate this year to make it really fun for students.” Linares listed music and halftime entertainment as important factors that will help draw in larger crowds. “We want to make the three games we sponsor enormously fun,” he said. “If people have a good time at the first one, then they’re going to want to come back.” Student Government President Andrew Learned agrees. “One of the things I ran on last year was increased school involvement,” he said. “And we just elected congressmen who want to do just that.” The next home soccer game will take place on Saturday, Oct. 4, as the men’s team takes on Rollins College at 7 p.m. Kelley Bumstead can be contacted at

Expires 12/31/08

Three ‘n Out Running the Show

Junior cross-country member Jessica Forrester was honored for a third time with the Sunshine State Conference’s Runner of the Week award. The team has only competed in three events with Forrester leading the team to no less than a third place finish. At the most recent Florida State Invitational, Forrester placed third of 111 runners.

Cracking Top Five The volleyball team moved up one spot in the latest coach’s poll from No.6 to the last of the top five spots. On a three game winning streak, the team looks to get back to the national championship-caliber squad that the program had in 2006. With this latest ranking, the team has now been in the top 10 for 45 consecutive weeks, and represented in the last 166 polls. The program faces the next two games on the road against conference opponents before returning home to serve against Lynn.

Freshman Goalie Honored

Following her first career shutout against Saint Leo, Kendall Bourdon was awarded with the SSC Defensive Player of the Week. Tampa’s only inconference loss last year was to the Lions, but this season redemption was claimed in the 3-0 road game. Bourdon registered five saves, playing all 90 minutes of the match.

Women’s Sports: Two Titles in Two Years Volleyball won it all in ‘06, soccer in ‘07 and now x-country joins the hunt. By Kyle Bennett Sports Writer

Over the past few years it has been a regular occurrence to see the UT womens sports battling late in the season in the Elite Eight, the Final Four, and even in National Championship games. The 2006 season ended in a national championship for the UT volleyball team. Five of the Spartan volleyball players were selected for the National AllTournament Team following the dominating season that ended with a record of 35-1 (15-1 SSC). The 2007 season ended in a devastating loss in the Elite Eight to Washburn University. UT finished the season with a record of 31-3 (15-1 SSC). Katelen Dixon graduated from UT last year, departing as one of the most decorated volleyball players in UT history. She finished fourth in UT history with 1,495 kills and fifth with 1,287 digs. Also Dixon finished as one of the only five players in history with 1,000 kills and 1,000 digs. The womens soccer team’s 2006 season ended with a devastating 2-0 loss to Grand Valley State in the Final Four. UT finished the season with an 18-3-1 record. The 2007 season, however, ended much more rewardingly as the Spartans brought home the National Championship. The Spartans ended the championship season with a record of 20-2-3 (6-1-1 SSC). With the NCAA Division II National Player of the Year Shannon Aitken in goal for UT, they turned in a 1-0 win in the National Championship matchup. Aitken left her mark on Tampa by setting four career records. She holds the school record in shutouts (40), wins (59),

Melissa Vanderhall goes up for a kill.

saves (197) and goalie minutes (6,974:56). Aitken did not travel after graduation as she is now an assistant coach of the women’s team. The women’s cross country team opened this season with high hopes and, to this point, they have not been disappointed. The women began the season at the UT Early Bird Classic competing against File Photo nine other schools in a 5K run at Mohammed takes the ball around a goalie. packing. Tampa women combined The Spartan cross country Brandon Trails. The Spartan women won in team will be in action again on for a total of 52 kills led by Annalea their opener scoring 17 points, also Oct. 11 at the Disney Invitational Warren, who recorded 10 kills in accounting for four of the top five at Disney’s Wide World of Sports. the contest. The Spartan defense also The UT volleyball team has finishers, led by Jessica Forrester, turned in 11 blocks in the contest, who turned in a time of 18:01 also been very exciting to watch led by Sam Macks who recorded followed by Alysha Duffy, Jessica this season. two solo blocks and four assisted The sixth ranked Spartans Butler and Paige Williams. blocks. Next, at the Mountain Dew have an outstanding record of Camilla Saade led the team Invitational at Gainesville Florida 12-1 overall and 3-1 in the SSC with 10 digs in the contest followed the Spartan women took home Conference. The women have by her sister Gabriela Saade, who the third place finish, behind the played exceptionally well at home turned in eight digs, as well as 29 University of Florida and the posting a perfect 8-0 with their assists. most impressive win coming University of South Florida. The UT volleyball team will Again the women were led by in their Sept. 27 performance be in action Saturday, Oct. 4 at Forrester, who turned in a career against the Barry Buccaneers. The Florida Tech. best time of 17:57.16 finishing Spartans were down 0-2, but came Kyle Bennett can be contacted back to win the five-set match and fourth in a field of 125 women. at Forrester was the only non send the disappointed Buccaneers University of Florida competitor to finish in the top seven. Forrester’s fourth place finish was followed by a 13th place finish by Duffy and a 20th place finish by Katie O’Brien. UT ran without two of their top performers as Butler and Williams did not compete. The women then competed at the Florida State Invitational. UT “Matuszek” on the timeline, By Olivia Glynn women finished second overall as Sports Writer a seemingly small error USF took home the number one that is rarely given a second spot. Forrester led UT women A story last week glance. with a time of 17:57.90, finishing highlighted John Matuszak, “That thing’s been up third out of a total 111 competitors. a UT alum and former No. 1 there since January and Following Forrester for the pick in the 1973 NFL Draft, no one’s caught it,” added Spartans was a sixth place finish but if you looked for Matuszak Swalls. for Duffy and an 18th place finish in the Martinez Gym Hall Matuszak played for O’Brien. of Fame, you would find a football at UT over 10 years misspelling of the athlete’s before current students were last name. even born. He played in Gil Swalls, Associate the NFL for years and even Athletic Director and Head left his mark on the acting of Athletic Marketing, was world. Regardless, many unaware of the blunder. students have never heard of “We made an editing his name or legacy. error,” Swalls admitted, The athletic department “and we’ll fix it.” apologized for the mistake The University of Tampa and intends to rectify the Hall of Fame, located in the situation with haste. Martinez Sports Center, has Olivia Glynn can be Matuszak’s last name spelled contacted at

Last Week’s HoF Alumnus’ Name Misspelled in Martinez

File Photo

Men’s Soccer


Women’s Soccer

Oct. 4, 7 p.m. vs. Rollins

Oct. 4, 4 p.m. at Florida Tech

Oct. 3, 7 p.m. at Barry

>>> Coming off the biggest game of the season, the ninth ranked squad challenges conference rival Rollins College at home.

>>> Slicing through the rankings, the team faces road a string of SSC opponents before returning home against Lynn.

>>> Though the team struggled early, women’s soccer remains perfect in conference matches traveling away to Barry.

The Minaret  

Vol. 75 No. 7

The Minaret  

Vol. 75 No. 7