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September 15, 2011


Sex Effects

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The Facts About STIs in College

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Brigades Bring Global Impact

Herpes,gonorrhea,chlamydia, HIV/AIDS, HPV, hepatitis and syphillis; if you think you’re not susceptible to these Sexually Transmitted Infections, you’re wrong. The Center for Disease Control warns that there are more than 19 million new cases of STIs in the United Sates. They also show that on a college campus, one in every four students has an STI. Scharon Schaefer, the Clinical Director at the Student Health and Counseling Center at UT, believes that while that figure may not be an exaggeration, it is a little high for UT’s student population. “I think if you look at national statistics, STIs are pretty significant across the board — not just for college students, but with all young adults,” Schaefer said. Alysha Bryant, rooming assistant in Vaughn Center wasn’t surprised by the one in four statistic. “I would blame it on alcohol. Students drink too much and

then do things they would not normally do. Then they wake up and realize what they’ve done and regret it.” The trouble with knowing a solid statistic for UT is the fact that not all students are screened and diagnosed in the campus’ health center. Schaefer has had experience with different STIs on campus, but the one most


Asst. News Editor

HPV in women ages nine to 26. The vaccine is injected three times over the course of six months. Many doctors, including Schaefer, recommend the vaccine before women become sexually active. “One of the biggest problems is we find a lot of young women have started the series



“I would blame it on alcohol. Students drink too much and then do things they would not normally do. Then they wake up and realize what they’ve done and regret it.” -Alysha Bryant, RA in Vaughn Center

prevalent amongst UT students, of Gardasil vaccines, but for she said, would be Human whatever reason, don’t finish the Papillomavirus, or HPV, a series,” Schaefer said. disease that can lead to cervical Gardasil can be purchased in cancer. the Wellness Center on campus “We didn’t used to know for $155. It is recommended that that HPV caused abnormal pap every woman who has started smears and cervical cancer. All the series, but may not have we knew was that we had a lot finished it to come in and get the of abnormal pap smears. Only remaining injections. recently did we learn why,” Schaefer said. See TOP STORY, Page 5 In 2006, the FDA approved a vaccine, Gardasil, to prevent

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The Internet is Forever

Administrator posts regrettable drug-related update on UT Facebook page By CHANNING HAILEY Asst. News Editor

The University of Tampa administrators had to learn a lesson on Thursday, Sept. 8 that they’ve been warning students about for years: Be careful what you post on Facebook. The Financial Aid Office posted Thursday morning, “Attention all Financial Aid Recipients!!! The Financial Aid Office would like to remind you that a drug conviction may affect your eligibility for financial aid. If you have any questions about this please visit us in the Financial Aid Office (PH 427) to speak with your counselor.” The post drew some attention from visitors to the page because of its implications that there are UT students who have already been involved in drug convictions this semester. UT’s Facebook page has more than 11,300 fans, meaning more than just current students saw the post. “Wow. Is this really the kind of thing that happens so frequently we want it announced on the school’s Facebook page?” Alumnus Simos Farrell commented on the post. “What kind of message are we sending about UT?” Three other people commented on the post, including Cheryl McClurg Zinkievich who said, “Did the arrest even involve UT students? Just because it happened in the neighborhood does not mean we want to associate ourselves with it.” Both Stephanie Bihr, assistant director of admissions, and Dennis Nostrand, vice president for enrollment, said the post was not connected to any particular incident of a UT student being charged with drug convictions. “It applies to federal funding,” Bihr said. “It doesn’t matter what school, if students find themselves in that situation, their funding is going to be affected.” Jacqueline LaTorella, director of financial aid, wrote the post. “It was intended to be like a public service announcement … this is a little known financial aid fact, and I thought if I could help give even one student one more reason to avoid taking actions that could get them into trouble, then it would be a good message,” she said. According to Nostrand, “The intention was to help the students. The Financial Aid [staff] just chose the wrong vehicle to do that. They are very apologetic that they used that medium instead of a global email.” Nostrand went on to say about the Facebook page, “We generally only put positive things out there.” Bihr explained that the Facebook page represents the university as a whole. Several faculty members from different departments have administrative access to the page. When they make a post, it is displayed as the University of Tampa rather than an individual or department. “Sometimes we will have administrators that might not know the etiquette for social media,” she said. “...there’s a little bit of a learning curve when it comes to that, which was just the case with this situation.” The public information office is working on a “best practices” pamphlet to give each of UT’s Facebook page administrators so they have an understanding of what is appropriate for Facebook and what should be sent out in a global email message or solved on an individual basis with students.

Screen shot of the University of Tampa’s Facebook Page

The post on The University of Tampa’s Facebook page drew comments from Alumni concerned that readers would infer current UT students were involved in drug convictions this semester.







“The intention was to help the students. The Financial Aid Office [staff] just chose the wrong vehicle to do that. They are very apologetic that they used that medium instead of a global e-mail.” -Dennis Nostrand, Vice President for Enrollment

“The reason it wasn’t removed is because the theory with social media is that once it’s out there, it’s out there,” said Bihr. “There’s really no point in taking it down because when you take it down, sometimes it looks worse.” The rule of thumb of the page’s administrators is that a post should only be deleted if it includes profanity or is inappropriate to the point of offending readers. “If we had taken it off, we felt that it was going to make people more suspicious of the site rather than us being honest and just leaving it there, even though it was not the appropriate place to put that,” Nostrand said. “They really had good intentions. They wanted to make sure that the students didn’t risk losing any financial aid over even a

minor infraction. Even though they didn’t say it was our students, the way it’s on that site, you’d jump to that conclusion.” “I regret that this message may have given some folks the wrong impression about UT. I myself am an alumna; I am proud [of] UT, our students and their accomplishments,” LaTorella added. Intended to be just a warning to students, the attention the post received is now a lesson to the administrators of the university’s Facebook page to be mindful of what they post. As Bihr said, “Social media is something new for everyone, so students as well asß staff and faculty are still sort of learning what is and isn’t appropriate. Sometimes they have to learn the hard way.” Channing Hailey can be reached at




Increase in Students, Increase in Dining Options By SHANTORA PERKINS News Writer

This semester not only brought in a new class to the University of Tampa, but also some new dining options. Amy Truong, resident district manager of dining services, explained some of the changes in dining options. Renovations were made to Stadium Center, Ultimate Dining and Spartan Club during this past summer. By the end of July, Spar-BQ became a part of UT dining, offering students an authentic barbecue meal with smoked meat and sides such as smoked mac-n-cheese, vegetarian chili and corn-bread. While Stadium had changes to its dining repertoire, so did Einstein Brother’s Bagels in Vaughn Center. With its new menu options, students are now able to purchase a meal exchange on items such as a bagel pizza, or a frozen drink that was not offered previously, Troung said. Also for the students’ convenience, namely for those who dine later in the day, hours have been extended at Pandini’s, Einstein Brother’s Bagels and Ultimate Dining. Truong said that the changes to dining at the University of Tampa occurred simply because dining services strives to keep up with the new trends and feedback from student surveys. “The local student board of directors, also known as the food committee, also gives feedback to dining services and encourages other students to give feedback,” she said. This is done so that changes can happen more often to accommodate students. To ensure that these changes occur, a budget is set aside every year just for the renovation projects and menu changes. Two places on campus that new students might not know about or seem to overlook are The Rathskeller and Panache. The Rathskeller is a deli located in the basement of Plant Hall that serves sandwiches, baked goods and Starbucks coffee. Student groups can reserve space in the Rathskeller for events and meetings by contacting dining services office at 813-258-7298. Troung explained that the appeal of Panache is that it is

Tiffany Corrada/The Minaret

Along with a new BBQ buffet located in Stadium Center, students can now enjoy extended hours at favorite on-campus eateries.

a buffet/made-to-order style restaurant, where students can sit down and enjoy eating up-scale cuisine, “while taking in the atmosphere of a real restaurant with the added hostess service.” Panache is open from Monday through Friday, 11:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Dining services also runs the concession stands during the home sporting events in both the Martinez Sports Center and near the field, where the students can purchase food ranging from stuffed pretzels

From the Aug 28- Sept 11 reports. Invisible Ink At 12:00 p.m. on Aug. 28, a student reported that he found water inside the ink cartridge on his printer.

the Riverside Building loading dock. The student was referred to the judicial board.

Hide Yo Kids, Hide Yo Knife At 5:00 p.m. on Aug. 28, security responded to a report of a student in the Vaughn Center that had a weapon in his room. The student was referred to the judicial board.

Friends in Low Places Around 2 a.m. on Sept. 4 three underage students were found intoxicated and fled to their room on the first floor of McKay Hall. Marijuana and alcoholic beverage were found during a subsequent search of the room. The students were referred to the judicial board.

Bars Are Too Mainstream At 8:00 p.m. on Aug. 31, security responded to a report of a non-student drinking beer in the Vaughn Center cafeteria.

The Wall Started It At 11 p.m. on Sept.6 security responded to a hole on the seventh floor hallway of the Howard Johnson Hotel.

Pen Pals At 7:55 p.m. on Sept. 2, a student reported that she found anonymous threatening notes slid under her room door. The writer was referred to the judicial board.

All Bark, No Bite At 9:50 p.m. on Sept.11 security responded to a complaint of a drug violation and a pet violation on the second floor of Bervard Hall. The student was referred to the judicial board.

One Too Many At 1:11 a.m. on Sept. 3, an extremely intoxicated student was found asleep near

Reports compiled by Channing Hailey

and taquitos to soft serve ice cream and cookies. All the changes have been done in partner with the dining services food provider Sodexo. Sodexo not only provides service for UT’s dining, but is also opening jobs to students and strongly encouraging them to apply. For any information on any of the food services listed, visit UT’s Dining Services website at Shantora Perkins can be reached at shashap2011@

* Tuesday Sept. 13, the different committees of Student Government met in separate rooms in Vaughn Hall for introductions and discussion of agendas. * The four committees are: Social Concerns- Chair of Committee: Kristen Anderson -Committee addresses advocacy and sustainability efforts on campus. Finance- Chair of Committee: Clare McMillin -Committee passes appropriations for organizations with representatives in SG. Campus and Community- Chair of Committee: Shelby Santos -Committee addresses concerns and ideas presented about residence halls, dining serves and other campus areas . Academic- Taylor Hubbard -Committee addresses classroom-related topics. *Currently there are 7 open Senate seats in SG. Election packets for students interested in running are due Friday, Sept. 16. Speeches will be presented Tuesday, Sept. 20. Voting will take place right after the speeches. *All student organizations seeking funding from Student Government must have a representative sitting on a committee. General assembly meets the first Tuesday of every month. In other news: Drive UT will be meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 20 from 9:30 to 11 p.m. in the John Sykes Building parking lot.



Global Brigades Bring Resources to Honduran Community By KELLY ST.ONGE

News Reporter

The Global Brigades is the largest student-led organization in the world, with more than 12,000 volunteers. Global Brigades mobilizes thousands of students through nine skill-based programs, which help to improve the quality of life in resource-starved communities. The mission of the organization is “to empower volunteers to facilitate sustainable solutions in under-resourced communities while fostering local cultures.” With 2,870 likes on Facebook, it’s no surprise the organization has more than 250 chapters, including the one here at UT. Last year a UT student, Carolina Remos, started a Global Public Health Brigades chapter on campus. Currently, the chapter has 14 members. Global Brigades focuses on serving Honduras, Panama, and Ghana. UT’s chapter visited Honduras, in the community of Zurzular. “It’s really what you would imagine, like what you read in history books from centuries ago,” Remos said in response to the community’s poor living conditions. The houses in the Zurzular are shacks. The families sleep in small homes with adobe flooring, and lack amenities that many people take for granted, such as a bathrooms or running water. Remos said that the main goal of the Global Public Health Brigades trips is to help underprivileged families build a life focused around disease prevention and sustainability. Some projects that are offered to families of these communities include replacing latrines, switching disease-filled adobe flooring to a cement alternative, cleaning water systems for laundry and drinking, and preventing respiratory illnesses through eco-stoves. The community of Zurzular has 120 households. 90 of these households decided to take part in the Global Public Health Brigades. Twenty percent of the cost for these projects is paid for by the families that take part in the program. The other 80 percent is paid for by the Global Public Health Brigades. Of the 90 homes that took part in the program, UT students helped two of these households, and all four of the program’s sustainability projects were completed. “These people basically wake up one day and they live in an adobe shack, and four days later they have all these B:4.9” amenities that they never dreamed of before,” Remos T:4.9” said.

Photo courtesy of Carolina Remos, founder of UT Global Public Health Brigades chapter

Members of UT’s chapter of Global Brigades took part in community service projects in the small Honduran town of Zurzular.

She also said UT’s Global Public Health Brigades chapter hopes to grow to 25 members this year, the organization’s maximum allowance. Remos wants the organization to grow as a whole. Though there are nine areas of Global Brigades, UT only takes advantage of the Global Public Health Brigades chapter. She said they hope to expand into the Business, Medical, Micro-Finance, and Environment Brigades. The goal is to make Global Brigades into UT’s largest student organization. Students don’t need to be a specific major in order to join the Brigades; anyone is welcome to join. Opportunities like the Brigades are rare, said Remos, because the students who go on these trips make a direct impact in third-world communities and come away with unforgettable experiences. Lily Gutierrez is the secretary of the Global Public Health Brigades chapter at UT. According to her, what



NO PURCHASE NECESSARY. Account opening not required. A $50 minimum deposit is required to open a checking account. Accounts closed within 180 days of account opening will be charged $25. Returned check and overdraft fees apply to all checking accounts. For official contest rules, visit Fifth Third Bank, Member FDIC.



from g account in k c e h C 0 t r a Studen in a $10,00 w ld u o c u Sign up fo yo dents. B ank and 5 t a Fifth Third d te r . Get sta scholarship

makes the Brigades different from others like it is that it teaches third-world communities about sustainability. The organization does not simply give the communities gifts. Rather, it gives information about hygiene and disease prevention that will last for generations. The Global Brigades is “basically teaching values to other people and we’re taking back values as well, like hospitality and respect for one another, even though the language is completely different,” Gutierrez said. She works to keep members informed of fundraising activities and to answer questions. She also keeps close contact with possible fundraising outlets to ensure the chapter has an opportunity to raise money for the Brigade trips. Any students interested in joining UT’s Global Brigades can email Carolina Remos at carolina.remos@ or visit Kelly St.Onge can be reached at kst.onge@spartans.




Examining the Most Common Infections on Campus From TOP STORY, Page 1

Another recommendation to avoid HPV and cervical cancer are regular visits to a gynecologist for pap smears. “We’re bringing girls in [to the Health and Wellness Center on campus] and having education sessions and discussions with them about whether they need screening more than once a year,” Schaefer said. Women with the same partner might not need pap smears and screenings every year, but the ones who have sex with different partners might need to have pap smears/STI screenings more often. Cases of other STIs on campus have been reported, but no other disease has higher numbers with UT students than HPV. “In my years here, I have never seen syphilis [at the Health Center] but, just because someone doesn’t go to

the Health Center, doesn’t mean it’s not here,” Schaefer said. On campus, cases of gonorrhea have been very infrequent. As far as chlamydia and herpes go, UT is about average with other parts of the country. When it comes to avoiding STIs, Schaefer simplifies the issue for students. “You can prevent these things by being selective and using condoms every time,” she said. “Prevention is key.” UT’s Health Center can do testing on HPV with a pap smear test as well as screenings for chlamydia, gonorrhea and herpes. “There are a lot of students that [get tested because they] want to be cautious, especially if they have just started a new relationship.” Schaefer said. “I think it’s

a very responsible thing to do. They have to look at what the risk factors are. The responsible thing to do is to make sure that you don’t have any infection that you might pass on.” Students should be cautious even if they are not showing symptoms. “You may be carrying something and not have the symptoms — especially chlamydia for men. Only about 25 percent of the time do they have any symptoms,” Schaefer said. Students can get more information on prevention at the Health and Wellness Center on campus or by visiting the Center for Disease Control website on STIs, http:// . Chelsea Daubar can be reached at cdaubar@gmail. com.

New Campus Safety Director Aims to Create a Professional, Student-Oriented Department By SHIVANI KANJI

News Editor

Kevin Howell, who was previously the assistant director of security, is now the department’s new director. According to Howell, there isn’t much of a transition from one job to the other. Although this may be the case, he is making a few changes to the security department under his new title. One of his goals is to make the department more professional and studentoriented. He plans on doing this by enforcing rigid training for all security officers. They will be trained for physical conflict and will be receiving the same training as the state law enforcement. “We are going to be doing a lot more training than required by the state of Florida,” he said. “I believe in training. Even though the state does not mandate it, I am going to mandate it.” Another change he is making towards being more student-oriented is getting the security officers more involved on campus. When on duty, the officers will get involved

with student organizations if they need anything. By doing so, he allows students to become familiar with all of the officers, rather than just himself. After attending freshmen orientation this semester, Howell realized that there are a few topics that students need to be aware of, so he is making it one of his goals to spread such awareness. One such topic is fake IDs; he wants students to realize that having possession of a fake ID is a felony and suggests that students not start college with this charge. The next topic that we would like to tackle is that of bicycle registration. He encourages all students to register their bicycles. Many students do not take advantage of this service even though its free. By registering a bicycle, campus security has the ability to check any bicycle and make sure that the person riding it is Tiffany Corrade/The Minaret the owner. Although there have been a few changes Kevin Howell starts the new semester by bringing strong initiatives to Campus Safety Department in the standard operating procedures and policies of the security department under called Campus Safety and Security, is now (813) 257-7777 and the new email address the new administration, there have also titled simply Campus Safety. The contact is Shivani Kanji can be reached at shivani. been some organizational changes.The information for the department has also been updated. The new phone number is department, which had previously been

Creative Writing Program Gets New Muse

Samantha Battersby/The Minaret

Author Jeff Parker leads the newly developed Master in Fine Arts in Creative Writing By Jeffrey Palmer

News Reporter

Jeffrey Parker, the new face of the University of Tampa’s MFA program in Creative Writing, is striving to create a unique graduate experience both intimate and international, convenient and comprehensive.

“Our goal is to combine intense personal experience with the ease of being able to live wherever you want,” the director affirmed. A native of the Sunshine State, Parker received his undergraduate degree from the University of Florida. Parker went on to teach as well as write in communities

as diverse and far-flung as Ontario, Canada and St. Petersburg, Russia before returning to Florida to help redefine the UT curriculum. An accomplished novelist and editor in his own right, he has published wellreceived novels and story collections and participated in the editing of numerous works translated from Russian. Not only has Parker been the recipient of an array of awards and grants, he has also taken part in the founding of writingoriented programs both at home and abroad. This wealth of worldly and programbuilding experience coupled with his impressive literary credentials makes Parker qualified to lead the MFA being established at UT. A program that promises to be as dynamic as the individuals involved in its making, this endeavor is the first fine arts graduate degree to be offered by UT. Engineered for convenience and flexibility as well as instructive excellence, it will take the form of a low-residency course in which students can better balance academic endeavors with outside obligations. Parker explained that participants will come to campus twice a year for a period of 10 days to engage in what he termed “an intense, personal workshop” and meet the writers who will guide them in attaining

the degree. Once paired with an instructor, the students will return to their homes for the next four months and complete the rest of the course. The intense and intimate work environment of the workshops and seminars on campus will be offset by an exciting array of outings to local attractions as well as parties, film screenings and beach barbecues. Parker was firm in his conviction that the building of friendships and professional camaraderie will be essential to the academic aims of the program. “The primary goal of this program should be to build a community of writers,” he stated. The international aspirations of the program will be blended with the local literary tradition of a writing tour of Ybor City with the participation of celebrated writers and students from around the world. Although the initial wave of MFA students scheduled to arrive five days after the New Year is anticipated to be modest, the stimulating structure, convenience and renowned instructors of the program may well spark a new beacon of literary excellence in the south to burn for years to come. Jeffrey Palmer can be reached at jeffrey.



Crossword Richard Chisholm / Will Shortz ©New York Times

Across 1. Knife wound 5. Mission Control org. 9. Letter after Beta in a society's name 14. Broadway musical set in ancient Egypt 15. "___ fair in love and war" 16. Oak starter 17. Light from a halo 18. ___ Marsala 19. Like many bathroom floors 20. Continuously 23. Potato feature 24. Plant starters 25. Ninny 27. Civil War inits. 30. Tire gauge reading: Abbr. 31. Society page word 34. Parts of mins. 36. Common place for a tattoo 38. Actor O'Brien 40. Continuously 43. Be almost out 44. Stamp's place: Abbr. 45. Tibetan monk 46. Choose 47. Letter before Beta in a society's name 49. Always, poetically 51. The "S" of CBS: Abbr. 52. Pool member 54. PC key 56. Continuously 62. It often follows a pun 63. Inhabitants: Suffix 64. Loads and loads 65. Vibrant 66. Harvest
























30 37








44 47




45 49




54 58

51 55












67. "Good going!" 68. Shoe bottoms 69. Pretentious 70. Thieves' accumulation Down 1. Story that goes on and on 2. Plow 3. Preadult 4. Ribald 5. Shade of blue 6. Away from the wind 7. Hungarians are situated between them 8. Out for the night 9. Summer chirpers 10. Citric and others 11. Silent film vamp Negri

12. The hunted 13. In addition 21. N.R.C. predecessor 22. Special portion of a vintner's output 25. Houston player 26. Clinch 28. Pourer's comment 29. Terrier's cry 31. Acadia, today 32. Group to attack 33. Authors Ferber and O'Brien 35. Inits. in TV comedy since 1975 37. One of the Three Stooges 39. Gibson of "Braveheart" 41. Hit parade contents 42. Le Monde article

Samantha Battersby/The Minaret In order to memorialize the tenth anniversary of September 11, flags were placed in front of Sykes Chapel in memory of those who gave and lost their lives that day.










23 25



48. Prime Minister Gandhi 50. Kind of room 52. Italian wine 53. Cousin of a mink 55. Not be perpendicular 56. Singer Guthrie 57. Disturb 58. Summer phenomenon 59. Catch sight of 60. Rooster 61. "Trick" body part 62. Stove option

Horoscopes By Linda C Black / Tribune Media Services

Aries (March 21-April 19) Communication with people around you is improving. You gladly note that your ideas are well received and given proper credit. You are surrounded by a pleasant and rewarding atmosphere; use it to your advantage. Taurus (April 20-May 20) Significant changes lie ahead. This delicate period of transition will have an impact on your behavior with the people around you. Be energetic, otherwise the pack will outrun you. Reorganize yourself and your agenda. Gemini (May 21-June 21) The planets shine on your personal life. It’s time to consider significant changes in every aspect of your life. You know you are capable of great accomplishments, but your lack of self-assurance bridles your energy. Cancer (June 22-July 22) Genuine changes are shaping up at the horizon. You finally escape a difficult and delicate period. Your attitude towards people around you is filled with energy and boldness. Take the time to reorganize your agenda.

Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) The stars are particularly favorable to your personal life at this moment. Don’t let the opportunity slip away. Consider changing your attitude towards others. You are capable of great accomplishments; be confident, your energy will do the rest. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) You feel the need to take a break. Use the opportunity to take a breather and make your point. After this well-deserved respite, a vigorous activity will make up for a delay that will turn out to be less important than you imagined. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) The time is ripe to make that major step ahead, as your spirit is open to this new experience. You have a lot to learn from the people you meet if you listen in to what they have to say. Walk ahead. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Caution is your word, especially in making important personal decisions concerning people close to you. Make sure to check with them before stepping on an uncertain path that may lead to an impasse.

Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Everything goes well if you avoid a project that threatens to cost you dearly. Be careful to wait for the proper moment to make that irreversible decision. Patience and consideration are better than rashness. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) A very pleasant ambience surrounds you. Expect a pleasant surprise. Go as far as you want, short of making outright blunders. Keep your guard up though, for unexpected surprises around the corner. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Arm yourself with caution and vigilance as you are going to receive interesting confidential information that you will have to keep to yourself. Be discrete; instead of sharing this information with unscrupulous people, use it to your own advantage. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) Things will change rapidly during the course of the day. Beware you are in a period of transition. This will have an affect on your relationship with your friends or family. Use this energy to reorganize your social life. Don’t hesitate to transform the organization of your personal life and your daily schedule.



Arts + Entertainment

Stadium Adds New Eatery SparBQ to Selection By SOPHIE ERBER

Arts + Entertainment Columnist

The south now has a home at UT with SparBQ, the newest addition to Sodexo’s dining services. Students have been following their noses to Stadium Center to taste its wide variety of smokey, barbecued entrees. “I like the idea of the new addition,” says junior Trevor Joensen, “because I feel like no one really ate at Sedona” (the location’s previous eatery). “The way it’s organized is nice too,” Joensen continues. “I’ve only tried one thing...I’ll definitely be back.” Junior Stephen Long was one of the first to sample the new food during the weeks before classes started. “I tried it during RA training and it was almost like home-style southern food,” Long says. “But it could still use a little work. The corn bread was great and the Carolina BBQ sauce was good too.” The extra zest from the diced peppers gives the mac-n-cheese a south-western flavor. A common misgiving with the macaroni is the size of the peppers, and for some, the added spice is an unwelcome addition to this classic dish. There are three standard meal exchanges available for those with meal plans. The lightest of the three is a specialty salad with a choice of either smoked meat or seafood with a smoked salmon flavor; this also comes with cornbread and a drink. Students can pick from any of the meat entrees with or without the bun to make a sandwich and a choice of two sides with coleslaw and cornbread. Vegetarians also have options with the vegetarian chili, smoked mac-n-cheese, steak fries, baked beans, corn, coleslaw and cornbread. Bigger appetites are satisfied with the “SparBQ Combo Special” which includes either barbecued brisket, smoked turkey or ribs, a choice of two sides with coleslaw and cornbread. For those without Spartan or UT Dollars, this hearty meal costs $8.49. After trying several meals there myself, my top pick is the salad with the pulled salmon, mozzarella and tomatoes. Chicken and pork are the other options but the salmon tastes very fresh and has just a hint of a smokey barbecued flavor. With a drizzle of their tangy Carolina BBQ sauce, this salad has become my favorite on campus.

SparBQ’s corn on the cob is tasty as well and goes great with the grilled chicken or a pulled pork sandwich. “I like that the meat is always fresh,” says junior Christine Crespo, “but I wish the sides had more flavor.” The sauteed greens and beans aren’t especially flavorful but students can spice them up to their liking with the different dressings: Chipotle and Ancho Chile salsas, available at both Salsa Rico and SparBQ. Another perk with the Spar-BQ is the portability of the meal. The food comes boxed in Styrofoam similar and stays hot even if you’re taking it back to your room across campus, unlike Salsa Rico’s burritos and quesadillas,

which are served in paper dishes without covering. “I like being able to grab my meals onthe-go sometimes,” adds Crespo. “I work on campus and it’s easy to bring SparBQ back with me. There’s also enough to choose from so it’s harder to get sick of the food there. Every day you could try a different combo.” Best kept secret on the menu? The sweet potato steak fries, and they’re only $1.99. Now whether you’re craving a burrito, sushi, pasta or BBQ, Stadium Center officially has it all. Sophie Erber can be reached at serber@

The Dish Hours of Operation: Monday-Thursday 11a.m.-11p.m. Friday Closed 11a.m.-11p.m. Saturday-Sunday 5p.m.-11p.m.

Meal Exchanges: • Any Entree from the Standard Menu with or without the bun, Choice of 2 sides, Cole Slaw, Corn Bread & 20oz Founatin Drink • Specialty Salad with Chef Choice Smoked Meat or Seafood, Corn Bread & 20oz Fountain Drink • Vegetarian: Choice of any 3 items: Vegetarian Chili, or Smoked Macaroni and Cheese, or Steak Fries, or Baked Beans, or Corn, or Cole Slaw and Cron Bread & 20oz Fountain Drink

Tiffany Corrada/The Minaret

Students line up at SparBQ, Stadium’s latest restaurant, to buy some brisket.

SparBQ Standard Menu: BBQ Pulled Pork BBQ Chicken BBQ Brisket or BBQ Rib or Smoked Turkey Smoked Macaroni and Cheese Steak Fries Baked Beans Corn Cole Slaw Corn Bread

Chloe Knowling/The Minaret

A student devours a pulled pork sandwich, one of SparBQ’s most popular menu items.

Students anxiously wait in line to try Stadium’s new cuisine.

Tiffany Corrada/The Minaret





Who is Dragonette?

Brothers Brawl It Out In Warrior

“Hello” Mystery Singer’s Kickin’ Band

By SEANNON NICHOLS Arts + Entertainment Writer

Visions of Domino/

Imagine ‘70s disco meeting ‘80s electro in an upscale nightclub... and you’ve got the basic feel for the song.

By AMANDA SIERADZKI Arts + Entertainment Editor

French beats master Martin Solveig might still be a virtual unknown in the U.S., but his hit “Hello” became plenty overplayed as it wormed its way up on top 10 charts worldwide. When the single ranked 46 on Billboard’s Hot 100 in April, listeners on this side of the pond took notice. Simple lyrics repeat on top of bubblegum beats, making it the perfect song for radios to play all summer long. In some respects, Solveig should largely thank his collaborator, another alleged unknown, who gave the song its distinct sound and voice. Martina Sorbara is the raspy and sassy singer on the “Hello” single, and she is definitely not a newbie on the loud club circuit despite her anonymity in the U.S. As the singer-songwriter of the

Canadian electropop group Dragonette, Sorbara, bassist and producer Dan Kurtz and drummer Joel Stouffer have been around since 2005. Shortly following their first selftitled EP, Dragonette released their first album Galore in 2007, which earned them a Juno award for Best New Group at the Canadian Music Awards. Galore could be considered laid-back compared to what Dragonette’s sound evolved into in later albums. Tracks like “Take It Like A Man” are big on Sorbara’s vocal and lyrical abilities, where instrumentation merely frames the finished product. “Get Lucky” incorporates doo-wop pretty rock, giving Sorbara’s normally edgy vocals an extra dose of estrogen. “I Get Around” is the biggest sounding track on the album as a whole, with a pounding bass and a simple lyrical storyline.


– Peter Travers, ROLLING STONE

“GOSLING ... IS A JOY TO WATCH.” – Stephanie Zacharek, MOVIELINE


Critic’s Review: 4/5 Seannon Nichols can be reached at


Pictured Above: Dragonette performing live at Surrey Canada Day Celebration.


A contemporary fighting triumph which places it among one of the biggest and possibly best David and Goliath dramas ever alleged, Warrior pounds the audience with blow by blow of physical and effusive wounds. In Pittsburgh, Penn., drama erupts out of a dysfunctional family dynamic. Sweeping across a rustic view of Pittsburgh, old wounds are exacerbated between fathers, sons and brothers. Forced to pick sides when their parents split, Brendan and Tommy find themselves in a sibling rivalry.Tommy Conlon, played emotionally by Tom Hardy (Inception, Bronson), was an under-appreciated child who turned into a self-destructive, impulsive and hot-headed version of his father. After a mysterious reappearance from the Marine Corps., his only desire is to fight. The father, Paddy Conlon, is dynamically slurred by Nick Nolte (The Thin Red Line). Nolte is a recovering alcoholic, unleashing an emotional diatribe to his estranged sons. Brendan Conlon, displayed by Joel Edgerton (King Arthur), is a family man worth fighting for; only he is the one doing the fighting. A full-time physics teacher, he returns to Mixed Martial Arts in order to help pay for his family’s mortgage and his daughter’s medical bills from her heart surgery. All three are reunited when Tommy comes back into his father’s life, but only so Paddy can train him for Sparta, a $5 million grand prix MMA fight. However, the plot thickens when Brendan also enters the fight after getting suspended from his teaching job for fighting. Now, brothers are destined to fight each other in a win-or-die cage match that doesn’t come around too often. Tommy has the build and strength, but Brendan is all heart. Besides the somewhat shoddy camera angles that require nausea medicine for extended viewing, the fighting and training sequences are amazing. They have a cringe-worthy effect that will send audiences into an uproar. Along with spectacular fighting sequences, surprisingly witty dialogue breaks moments that could potentially suffer from over dramatization. Complimenting the wit are some well-earned, heart-wrenching realities and a few surprises that certainly qualify as stimulating twists in the plot. The presence of these surprises are introduced like a good CSI episode, with just a tiny morsel revealed to leave the audience wondering. Only one brother can truly become the Warrior. You may find yourself rooting for one over the other in the tournament, but that is secondary. Both Tommy and Brendan are worthy of our cheers in their lives away from the ring.








FRI 9/16

Galore barely tipped the scales, earning a standing position of 80 on Canada’s music charts. In 2009, Dragonette released Fixin to Thrill, which fared better but kept the band’s audience primarily in Canada and Europe. The title track contains cheeky lyrics and contemporary orchestration echoing the electronic standard that’s been set by European DJs. Given that Fixin was released in Sept. 2009, U.S. audiences might not have even been ready for Dragonette’s heavy synthesizers that were not part of the top 40 palette until later in ‘09- ‘10 when the Black Eyed Peas’ The E.N.D. familiarized the average listener’s ear with staccato bass beats. Fixin’s Companion EP, Mixin to Thrill, was released about a year ago and is filled to the brim with remixed and dubstep-tastic versions of the title track “Fixin to Thrill.” Three new songs also appeared on the EP including “Volcano,” a track that is pure hidden treasure. Imagine ‘70s disco meeting ‘80s electro in an upscale nightclub, getting each other drunk on champagne and going strong until sunrise, and you’ve got the basic feel for the song. In spite of Dragonette’s lengthy discography, DJ Martin Solveig still might be the band’s only hope for hitting it big on the U.S. music charts. Dragonette is currently working on their third studio album slated for a late 2011 release. Could Sorbara finally be ready to have her big moment in America, outside of being that chick from that one song? Regardless of the answer, Dragonette should most definitely be making an appearance on an iTunes playlists near you. Amanda Sieradzki can be reached at minaret.arts@gmail.




Once a Rebel, George Lucas Has Become the Evil Empire

between good and evil. Luke Skywalker represents the young, coming-of-age protagonist who goes on an journey of selfdiscovery. Princess Leia: the Damsel in Distress. Obi-Wan Kenobi: the Wise Teacher. Han Solo: the Debonaire Rogue. Darth Vader: the Embodiment of Evil. These instantly recognizable character archetypes are present anywhere from ancient myths, like The Odyssey, to classic Westerns or modern day action/adventure flicks. Compare the plot of the original trilogy to Star Wars Episode I: The Phantom Menace (1999), which has no clear protagonist and is centered around an “intergalactic trade dispute.” Say what? The familiar, almost primal storyline of the original Star Wars trilogy, is the reason it succeeds. It’s why the Star Wars is still emotionally compelling despite the unfamiliar, galactic setting. It’s also the reason why adults and children alike can enjoy Star Wars. George Lucas appears oblivious to this fact, relying on creatures like cartoonish ewoks or the semi-racially insensitive alien Jar-Jar Binks from The Phantom Menace. A generational artistic triumph has given way to cheap marketing opportunities. I’m not opposed in principle to directors revising their films, but George Lucas has consistently revised Star Wars for the worse. The man must be saved—from himself. Star Wars nerds, the time has come for action. We must storm Skywalker Ranch and seize the original Star Wars masters. We must keep them out of George Lucas’s greedy hands once and for all. It will be a risky mission, but well worth it. Dust off your stormtrooper helmet. It’s time. We’re all clear, kids. Let’s blow this thing and go home. Mikey Angelo Rumore can be reached at

By MIKEY ANGELO RUMORE Arts + Entertainment Columnist

In 1997, George Lucas revisited his magnum opus Star Wars trilogy, saying, “Movies are never completed. They are only abandoned.” The resulting Star Wars: Special Edition unleashed the space trilogy on a new generation of nerds, myself included. I remember seeing the Special Editions in theaters and, at 7-years-old, being blissfully unaware of the changes George Lucas had made to the original cut of Star Wars. Oh, to go back to my more vulnerable years... Lucas had hoped to utilize new digital special effects to “finish” Star Wars. Most of the additions had a neutral effect, such as scattering more space creatures in A New Hope’s Mos Eisley Space-port, or enhancing the appearance of Cloud City in The Empire Strikes Back. (Notice that these edits do not enhance the films’ emotional content, and are therefore unnecessary.) However, other changes significantly altered character development. A famous example is the “Han Shot First” controversy. In the original version of Star Wars, Han Solo shoots and kills the bounty hunter, Greedo, in cold blood, leaving the audience to wonder whether Han is a hero or a villain. The scene is indicative of why Han is a compelling character; he walks the line between good and evil within a film that clearly defines good and evil. For the newer versions, Lucas altered the scene so that Greedo shoots first and (in a display of unbelievably bad intergalactic marksmanship) misses Han from point blank range. Han then kills Greedo in selfdefense. And his conflict—to continue his life as a smuggler or join the “good guys,” is watered down, if not lost. Now, with the release of the original Star Wars trilogy on Blu-Ray, Lucas is revising again. The change that’s getting most attention is the addition of Darth Vader

TinyGlimpses & Shaun Wong/

George Lucas’ constant edits to the Star Wars saga has resulted in fans comparing him to Darth Vader. because he has remade the iconic films and changed some crucial scenes.

screaming “NO!” as Luke is being tortured by the Emperor, near the end of Return of the Jedi. This is the scene in which Darth Vader turns from the Dark Side and kills the Emperor. However, in the original cut, Darth Vader says nothing while killing the Emperor. The original is vastly more effective because Darth Vader’s inner conflict between good and evil is hidden behind his signature black mask. Thus, Darth Vader is not fully redeemed until the mask is removed, just before he dies. The “NO!” appears to be an echo of young Darth Vader’s similar cry at the end of Episode III: Revenge of the Sith (2004). Such empty grasps at continuity should never come at the expense of character and

plot devices that made the movie successful in the first place. It’s almost as if Lucas has totally reversed the formula that made Star Wars the global phenomenon that it is. Scenes are made complex when they should be simple. It’s no secret that the original Star Wars plot was heavily influenced by the work of mythologist Joseph Campbell, particularly his book The Hero with a Thousand Faces, which describes the common storyline that connects most myths and stories since the beginning of recorded human history. This sounds hefty, but it’s easily recognizable when spelled out. The main conflict of the original Star Wars is between the rebel alliance and the galactic empire, representing the struggle

TinyGlimpses & Shaun Wong/

George Lucas, pictured left, re-edited pivotal scenes in the Star Wars series and has been compared by some fans to Darth Vader, pictured right, for changing up the classics.






on advance purchase at

or call 1-888-800-5447.

Howl-O-Scream is a separate-ticketed night event. Savings based on advance purchase. General admission $77.99 per person plus tax. Some restrictions apply. Event dates and times are subject to change or cancellation without notice. Parking is not included. No costumes allowed. ©2011 SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment, Inc. All rights reserved. Warning! This year’s event contains intense adult content such as violence, gore and blood.



Fashionistas Unite for Charity During Fashion’s Night Out By LAUREL SANCHEZ

Arts + Entertainment Columnist

On Sept. 8, Fashion’s Night Out held center stage as it was celebrated from New York to Milan. This event was created three years ago to boost fashion sales during the recession. By making ordinary shoppers feel like celebrities, high-end designers can increase sales and gain new customers. Celebrities such as Adriana Lima, Justin Bieber, Nicki Minaj and designers such as Marc Jacobs attended Fashion’s Night Outs around the world. The cast of the hit TV series Glee did a special music video performing David Bowie’s Fashion for FNO. Around the globe, FNO branded tshirts and sold merchandise to help raise profits for the New York City AIDS fund. Last Thursday, FNO came to the International Plaza. “International Plaza was Tampa Bay’s first official shopping center host,” said Nina Mahoney, Marketing and Sponsorship Director at International Plaza. In the six-month preparation time, over half of the 200 stores and restaurants participated directly in this event. Along with planning the event itself, contacting outside partners such as the Florida Orchestra, the Morean Arts Center and the St. Petersburg Times was a high priority. There were also enough red carpets, photographers, photo booths and DJ’s to keep the party going strong and make the shoppers feel like they were the Nicki Minaj’s and Marc Jacobs’s of Tampa. All of Mahoney’s and the International Plaza’s preparations were a success. Every store involved had promotions to attract the crowds. Tiffany & Co. had free jewelry cleaning on any of their pieces while Builda-Bear had a special $5 off promotion. BCBG Max Azria, Gucci, L’Occitane, Louis Vuitton and other stores provided cocktails, hors d’oeurves and freebies while supplies lasted. Some stores actively participated in FNO by having models show off their clothing. Chelsea Oliver and

Stephanie Harrison modeled the Betsey Johnson clothing and had their hair done by Toni & Guy Hairdressing. “There are so many people here!” said Oliver. “I wasn’t expecting this many people to come out and shop,” said Harrison. Swarovski Crystal had one of the most unique promotions. Swarovski makes everything from jewelry and figurines to crystal studded home accessories and iPhone cases. Rings, bracelets, champagne glasses and their new “Hello Kitty” line, featuring everything from jewelry to Swarovski crystal embedded purses, were glittering on display. Swarovski was one of the stores that had special giveaways and food for shoppers. Scrumptious red velvet cupcakes and shimmering crystal body tattoos drew a sizable crowd. Melissa S., a Swarovski employee, said that at one point they had so many people in the store, there was a line out the door waiting to come in. Katie Magruder/The Minaret One of the outside partners there was International Mall drew in quite the crowd on Thursday for Fashion’s Night Out, a worldwide the Florida Orchestra. The orchestra had charity event that draws big names like Louis Vuitton, Coach, and Neiman Marcus. various groups play mini-concerts. A solo violinist and as a steel drum group jammed out by the entrance of Nordstrom’s. A Arts Center venue. The event paid tribute bought that night and they could decorate string quartet was set up by the elevators to the work of Dale Chihuly, one of the it with the paint that was there. Two where the luxury cars were on display. Morean Arts Center’s many collections. Winter Haven residents, Janice C. and her They played popular ‘80s renditions such Patrons carried painted shoes while daughter Michelle also created their own as “I Will Survive” by Gloria Gaynor. walking around the mall. One of the pair of shoes. While Janice had flats, her Sarah Shellman, one of the violinists, volunteers, Emily Badzul, a sophomore daughter had pumps from Forever 21. “We said they had been preparing for this event at the University of South Florida, was both had a fabulous time,” said Janice, “the over the summer. Shellman has been holding her own shoes. shoe painting was lots of fun!” playing with the Florida Orchestra since “You can design the pair of shoes The party didn’t stop when the doors 2002. “We were asked to stick to an ‘80s anyway you want,” she said. Many people closed, however. It continued on into the theme, so I found arrangements meeting standing at the venue were splattering their wee hours of the morning around the world. the theme,” said Shellman. The quartet was new shoes with paint. “Dale Chihuly is At the International Plaza, the restaurants of never alone. There was always a group of actually the inspiration for this idea,” said Bay Street were the after party. There was people resting their legs and listening to the Wayne Atherholt, Director of Marketing live music at the Blue Martini, half-priced music. Megan Cheever, Tampa, listened to and Communications at the Morean Arts appetizers at Champp’s and promotions the orchestra for a while. “I really enjoyed Center. Atherholt said, “Chihuly uses everywhere else. Hopefully, with FNO the quartet from the Florida Orchastra acrylics when designing his glass ideas on being such a huge success last week, playing pop tunes,” said Cheever, “It was paper and the paint would go on his shoes there will be more of the high-fashion different.” when doing it.” To literally live in this entertainment to come for the Tampa area. Another unique event that went on at the artist’s shoes for the day, all the participant Laurel Sanchez can be reached at International Mall’s FNO was the Morean had to do was bring a pair of shoes they

How to Shop for the Best Coat to Fit Your Lifestyle By KATELYN EDWARDS Arts + Entertainment Writer

Offhandedly, my roommate asked me how to create the perfect wardrobe. “Impossible,” I said with all due seriousness. A wardrobe is not created, but, rather, evolved. Just as we college students accrue knowledge about the human anatomy and beer, we also garner a collection of garments that will grandfather us into the “real world.” Face it: you are never going to hit that growth spurt dad promised you. And hopefully, you haven’t gained the freshman fifteen. It’s time for you to invest in a good quality coat. Rather than fritter away your money on Dairy Queen and Victoria’s Secret Pink sweatshirts, buy a nice jacket. Florida is not New York. Don’t be an Altuzurra hipster and wear a full fur ensemble in Tampa. You will look like Cruella de Vil. Tweed is far too heavy for a tropical winter. And don’t expect to show off your whittled down waist (thank you, Zumba) in your white, padded North Face coat. Instead, look to the classic trench to cinch around your Scarlett O’Hara waist. Make sure your trench falls to mid-thigh at most, or else you’ll look like a creeper. Juicy Couture and Zara both have beautifully-made trench coats (I got my Zara trench in New York City for $118 in July). If your dad owns an oil company, go to the Burberry Store. If you steal fruit from the Vaughn Center cafeteria and reuse your paper plates, go to the Internet. The beloved UK site

offers a simply elegant pale pink trench for an affordable $136. Cropped or long, military-inspired coats have been a fall tradition since the ‘90s. You could never go wrong with an army green Ralph Lauren field jacket. “I’ve had my army jacket for two years,” said freshman Biology Chemistry Major, Ebonie Carter, “and I always feel pretty bad ass when I pair it with combat boots, which I do have, and plan to wear this fall. Gray. Double breasted. High collar. Fresh to death.” With a nod to Dolce and Gabbana, try a coat in a youthful, bright color. As a fresh hipster, a neon jacket is unexpected and whimsical. When you’re 45-years-old, people will think you look like a middleaged crossing-guard, so throw down $119 and get a Michael Kor’s trench in that darling cherry red. We may live in the Sunshine State, but it just so happens that it rains a lot here. I got soaked walking to my class this past week. I arrived to class late and looking like a wet poodle. I promptly

put a raincoat on my shopping list. L.L. Bean offers brightly colored raincoats for a reasonable $29. H&M also offers a cute nylon rain coat (their location in International Mall plans to open before the holidays).

Coat shoppers beware: the Premium Outlets at Millennia are a scam that snares naive European tourists into buying a $150 coat for $150 and letting them believe it’s a steal. Despite the variety of brands at the Outlets, the selection of coat sizes are limited, and the staff at Columbia didn’t know what a raincoat was. “Finding a decent jacket at Kohl’s definitely takes some time,” says UT Freshman Ria Delone, but each month, the store sends out a slew of coupons, drastically reducing the price of their wares. Wait a month or two, and they’ll have a huge selection. Also, peruse the child sizes as well; they tend to run larger in size than in price. I nearly spat my Vitamin Water in utter joy upon walking into Nordstrom’s Off the Rack (located 10 minutes away from campus, next to Super Target). They offer 30 to 70 percent discounts on mall prices and have a stash of black trenches that are Matrix-worthy. Most stores may not have their fall shipments out yet, but stay vigilant. Scope out International Mall before October, or all those snitches with foresight will have Clockwise from Top: taken your dream coat and TopShop Trench coat, you’ll be left looking like a Ralph Lauren military jacket, Juicy Couture marshmallow in your North trench coat, Michael Kors Face. cherry red trench coat. Katelyn Edwards can be reached at katelyn.







The Worst Types of Photos to Post on Social Media By ANNABELLA PALOPOLI

Pictures like this should be kept off of anything that people can see. So should that face.

Not only is this inappropriate, but now he lost at Angry Birds. Nobody is happy.

Drunken escapades can also lead to unwanted or forgotten sexual encounters, which brings me to my third bad photo: excessive nudity or someone performing any sexual activity. Tumblr, a blogging website, has a tradition called “Topless Tuesday,” where ladies of the website post naked photos of their chests every week. Accumulating nude photos of yourself on the Internet is a horrible idea, and it might earn you a bad reputation. To be

can see what’s going on under your sheets, it gets a little creepy. Besides, I’m not sure why you would even think to take out a camera whilst hooking up with someone; “Hang on, babe, keep doing what you’re doing, let me grab my iPhone.” The fourth bad photo is one that is posted by far too many girls: the duckface. For those of you who don’t know what the duckface is, it’s where you stick out your lips in a sort of warped kissy-face. The

perceived goal of the duckface is to make yourself appear like you have pouty lips, a defined jawline and thin cheekbones. The resulting photo mostly just makes you look like a duck. Simply put, it looks stupid. Please just smile if you’re in a photo, unless you’re one of those guys who are too cool to smile. In that case, do the mugshot glare, but don’t do the duckface. The fifth and final bad photo is the mirror pic. The mirror pic is a strange phenomenon that involves taking a photo of oneself in the mirror with a camera. I really don’t understand if people just think it looks good or they don’t know how to use the self-timer function. The shots are always awkward and rather annoying, especially when the flash is turned on, which creates a bright white, reflecting light. It’s always an added bonus when you can see the dirty streaks on the mirror, too. If you really need a photo of yourself that badly, have someone take it for you or learn how to use the self-timer. In all seriousness, we should all watch what we post on Facebook or any other website where photo-sharing is available. Think carefully about the consequences of what you share and the different ways it could be interpreted. If you post something ridiculous, incriminating or risqué now, it might bite you in the butt later on when you’re applying for grad school or trying to get a job. If you have any photos up now of your crack pipe, last hook-up or even duckface, I advise you to take them down ... especially the duckface. Annabella Palopoli can be reached at

on Fox News Sunday, McConnell said, “Well, that’s true,” though he did attempt to differentiate between political goals It is admirable that Republicans have and stuff like fixing the economy or made no secrets as to their big goal for something. 2012. Earlier this year, it was announced that Senate Minority Leader Mitch former Bush advisor and Machiavellian McConnell (R-KY), the second most political strategist Karl Rove had set a $120 powerful man in Congress, said in Oct. million fundraising goal aimed toward 2010 that, “The single most important defeating President Obama in 2012. thing we want to achieve is for President Anyone who has paid attention to Obama to be a one-term president.” Later politics in the past three thousand years given the chance to back off those remarks will already know that defeating one’s rival, whether through votes or violence, is generally a main goal. One can’t fault a politician for that. But anyone who paid attention to this summer’s debt ceiling debate can see that the Republicans in Congress are focused on little else. That debate began when the time came to raise America’s debt ceiling, or the maximum amount of money that the government can borrow. By federal law, Congress must set this limit. The Treasury Department can’t borrow more than what Congress has allotted. Since 1917, every Congress and president has raised the debt ceiling multiple times, usually with little argument or fanfare. If the debt ceiling is not raised by a set deadline, the U.S. would default on its debts—that is, the government would not be able to pay for expenses that Congress has already authorized (This is not the same thing as a “blank check” for the president redbruins33/ to spend as much money as he wants, like As represented in this parody of Pres. Obama’s some Republicans claimed). In short, after much back-and-forth “Hope” poster, Republican party platforms are geared toward removing Obama from office rather between the parties and the failure of multiple bills sponsored by both sides of than actual policy.

the debate, Speaker of the House, John Boehner walked out of meetings with the president. It’s not exactly confidence-inspiring when the most powerful person in the House walks away from negotiations—then stops returning the president’s calls—while in the meantime Congress is bickering over whether it’s okay for the United States to fail to pay its debts. On Aug. 2, the very day the U.S. would have defaulted, Congress raised the debt ceiling. In the days following the “agreement,” financial services agency Standard & Poor’s lowered the United States’ credit rating from the highest possible, AAA, to one lower, AA+. Lowering a credit rating doesn’t do much immediate damage to a country, but it does let the rest of the world know that perhaps the U.S. isn’t the best place to invest their money at the moment. Eventually, this could cause borrowing costs for everyone to increase. S & P stated that “the downgrade reflects” their opinion that “the effectiveness, stability, and predictability of American policymaking…have weakened” more than the company had originally thought. That is a company telling the world that the effectiveness of American politics is weak. That doesn’t inspire much confidence, either. But that’s just an instance of Republicans trying to reform fiscal policy through holding the nation’s debt hostage, you might say; it doesn’t reflect an overall theme among the party. Let’s look at a few other empirical facts about what has gone on since Republicans took hold of the House last year.

Two hundred sixteen of the House’s 435 members have signed a pledge to never vote to raise taxes. The pledge is written by lobbying group Americans for Tax Reform, whose leader, Grover Norquist, has pledged to “de-fund” the left by “hunting down” liberal groups and “extinguishing their funding sources”. No Democratic congressman stood up and yelled “You lie!” during any of President Bush’s speeches during his eight years in office. Rep. Joe Wilson of South Carolina shouted those words during a speech a mere eight months after President Obama’s inauguration. Even as President Bush drove the country further into debt with policies and wars that many Democrats didn’t agree with, no Democrat said that their “number one goal” was to put the president out of office. These are numbers that can be looked up by anyone, and can be found on many an unbiased website or newspaper. Let me speak now as an indebted college student who will graduate in a few months into an economic situation less inviting than a tax hike to a Republican congressman. What is the Republican plan for 2012, other than “beat Obama”? The ambiguous goals of “cutting government spending” or “reforming entitlement programs”? Please, Republicans, show me a concrete plan that will give me a fighting chance of finding a job or retiring at a reasonable age. Removing the president from office might be one way of reaching your goals, but until I find out what those goals are, I probably won’t get behind your plan. Kelsey Allagood can be reached at

Opinion Writer

There are many photos on Facebook, Myspace and Tumblr which someone might look at and think, “Why would anyone ever put that on the Internet?” The photos can range anywhere from being extremely racy to just plain stupid. As I’m sure we’ve all seen at least one questionable photo at some point during our time on the Internet, I came up with a list (in no particular order) of the five absolute worst photos to put online. Bad photo number one: someone holding and/or smoking their bong or crack pipe. Everything about this gives a bad impression. It not only says, “Hey, I do illegal drugs!” but also, “Hey, I do illegal drugs, and I bet that everyone, including any potential employers, wants to see!” I can see how some people would like to appear rebellious by posting such a photo, but if that’s what you’re going for, you should just take a snapshot of yourself whilst making a mean face with your arms crossed and standing on some grass next to a “Please keep off the grass” sign. That’s perfectly rebellious, and it doesn’t jeopardize your future. Also, it is not a photo that your mother wants to see. When she’s googling “how to make a glass crack pipe,” the last person she wants to see pop up is her own son or daughter. The second photo on my list would show someone drunk/partying. I’m sure you think the photo of that random guy who you don’t remember licking peanut butter off of your chest is hilarious, but everyone else would probably be seriously concerned if you posted it on Facebook. You might also be entertained by an

unflattering photo of you and your friends holding red cups and looking thoroughly inebriated, but many of your peers and especially your parents or teachers may find it trashy. Many of us know what parties are like, and we don’t need proof of your drunken escapades that were way funnier at the time.

Samantha Battersby/The Minaret

honest, I would refrain from posting any naked photos unless it’s your job. As for sexual activity, the normal “couples kissing” photos aren’t bad, but anything else should not be online unless it’s filed under pornography. It’s perfectly okay to have sex behind closed doors, but when the whole world

Samantha Battersby/The Minaret

From Hope to Nope: The Party of No vs. Obama By KELSEY ALLAGOOD Opinion Writer



Criticism of Religion is Not Always Bigotry By MIKEY ANGELO RUMORE Asst. Opinion Editor

In last week’s issue, Kelsey Allagood made the case that Representative Peter King’s hearings on Muslim extremism are dangerously close to racism. I don’t quarrel with her characterization of Representative King, and I find his hearings bigoted and unfairly divisive. However, I would like to draw a distinction between criticism of religious people and religion itself. Misguided public figures like Representative King should not be evoked to marginalize the very real problem of worldwide religious/ political conflict. The truth is, religious conflict has been the main destabilizing force in world history, whether we’re talking about the ancient history of the Inquisition or the Crusades, or the modern problems of Hezbollah or Al-Qaeda. I am especially worried that forces of theocracy, on behalf of any religion, would gain control of nuclear weapons. As writer Salman Rushdie, once targeted for assassination by Muslim extremists for penning The Satanic Verses, said on episode 147 of Real Time, “There’s only one group in the world that currently wishes to get nuclear weapons to use them [emphasis mine]. ... That is radical Islamist politics.” These are, of course, among the worst examples from any one religion. Are they representative of their religion? For instance, should every moderate Christian have to answer for the Westboro Baptist

Church, the hateful Christian group famous for its “God Hates Fags” signs? Well, frankly, yes. In my estimation, one of the biggest problems religious moderates must grapple with is that extremists often have scripture on their

ordering the slaughter of the Canaanites, destroying Sodom and Gomorrah, killing the first-born of Egypt or rebooting creation via a global flood. In my view, religious moderation is a game of how much scripture is acceptable to ignore. This process gives too much credence to empirically false accounts of man’s origins. Rep. King’s M u s l i m radicalization hearings are undoubtedly bigoted. But, the real di scussion over the validity and usefulness of religious doctrine, teachings and institutions must be a focal debate of the 21st Century. The nonreligious, like myself, do not tyedyekoala/ promise utopia but Can religious doctrines really coexist? The main difficulty lies in the we do advocate for contradicting political goals of differing religions. a world of debate and activism in side. The God of the Old Testament search of truth and progress. really does “hate fags;” Leviticus lists In her original article, Kelsey alludes homosexuality as punishable by death. The to a grandmother quoted in The New York Old Testament condones (and indeed was Times, who says, “Islam is not about a historically used to justify) slavery. This religion. It’s a political government, and self-described “jealous God” commits it’s 100 percent against our constitution.” genocide on multiple occasions, whether While I strongly disagree with the idea


that the exercise of religion goes against the Constitution (for what is the United States but a radically secular document that separates the exercise of religion from government?), she’s right that Islam implies a political system. But so does Christianity. Same with Judaism, Hinduism, Buddhism, et. al. What are the Ten Commandments? Guidelines? To paraphrase Christopher Hitchens, religions are our first attempt at philosophy, science and governing systems. This is a lesson not lost on many supposedly “secular” dictatorships, especially the world’s most disturbing totalitarian state, North Korea, in which Kim Jong-il literally presents himself to his people as a god. I’d think it would be clear by now that people don’t need to evoke divine retribution in order to govern themselves. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve seen how ugly anti-Muslim bigotry can be. Last 9/11, I went to Park 51 (better known as the “ground zero mosque”), and saw Christian religious zealots protest the proposed Islamic cultural center near ground zero. My criticism is not directed toward Muslim people or Christian people, but, rather, the ideologies and doctrines that they hold. Just as I would any other intellectual proposition I find problematic. I’ll stand with the religious against bigoted statements from people like Representative King. I will not, however, cease to speak out against religion when it acts in opposition to worldwide stability. Mikey Angelo Rumore can be reached at



Reality Show ‘Robs Small Kids of Their Childhood’ By HANNAH WEBSTER Asst. Opinion Editor

If you have any doubts that our world is seriously disturbed, just flip on the television for some reassurance. We are turning 16-year-olds into celebrities for having unprotected sex on 16 and Pregnant and, the recent spin off, Teen Mom. It’s as if families compete to see who can have the most children in order to make it on basic cable (How many kids and counting is it now?). Reality shows often act at the expense of someone else’s experience as a means of escape for the viewer. As ridiculous as I find some reality shows, sometimes I can’t help but give in to the guilty pleasure of watching someone else’s problems at the end of a hard day instead of dealing with my own. While watching TLC, the show Toddlers and Tiaras caught my attention for all the wrong reasons. Girls as young as two paraded around a stage wearing a small amount of clothing and huge amount of make-up. Fake tans (and what must have been the entire contents of a bottle of hairspray) glimmered in the make-shift spotlights that filled a two-star hotel ballroom. The only sounds that echoed through the room were tacky show-tunes, children crying and insane mother’s cheering on the daughters that they were certainly living through vicariously. It looked like someone was auctioning off mini hookers. I watched in disgust as the television crew explored the lives of these families, the ones who devoted exorbitant amounts of time and money to their daughter’s “dream” of being a pageant queen. The contestants’ days are filled with rehearsals

for their dancing, gymnastics or whatever else their talent may be. They are sprayed to unnatural shades of bronze, their false lashes extended to great lengths and finally outfitted with something minimal and covered in sequins. Many of the mothers commented on how much their daughters love it, how much they want the crown. But it’s hard to believe such statements when the child in question can’t even read yet, or throws a tantrum before getting on stage. “As a person who has done pageants in the past,” said junior Alex Poirier, “I think it’s repulsive that parents are forcing their children to do something when they aren’t even old enough to make the choice for themselves.” In the particular episode I watched, a mother dressed her daughter as Dolly Parton for a pageant—complete with fake boobs and a butt. Apparently there was “sentimental value” behind it because the mother wore the same dress when she did pageants. How quaint. I thought that was bad until I did some further research and found an even more disturbing incident in which a young girl on Toddlers and Tiaras did an act dressed up as Julia Robert’s character from Pretty Woman. In case you forgot, her character was a hooker. And the child wasn’t dressed as the cleaned-up version. She was wearing black leather thigh-high boots and a skimpy dress. This sparked a livid response from the Parents Television Council, who claimed “TV executives are complicit in robbing these small kids of their childhood.” I can’t disagree. Last time I checked, four-year-olds were not supposed to be sexualized. Any incidents in which they are presented as a sex symbol usually involves someone going to prison, as it should be.

Nathaniel St. Amour/The Minaret

Recent segments of reality show Toddlers and Tiaras have been depicting children in ever increasing amounts of sexual maturity. While the parents are not troubled, viewers are.

So why are mothers whoring up their toddlers for the sake of pageants that they might not even remember? Kids are being exposed to sexual images at younger ages. Television and the Internet, even with parental controls and cautions, are bursting with sexual images and content that cannot be restrained. The fact that some parents are encouraging to shorten their

kid’s childhood is alarming—almost as alarming as the producers profiting from this display. Children are already forced by society to grow up faster than ever intended. Shows like this should incite outrage rather than approval for the tendency to squander already limited innocence. Hannah Webster can be reached at

‘Bert and Ernie are Just Friends’ and Other Observations


Over the past few years, I have noticed a reoccurring trend of sexual innuendos and/or inappropriate topics appearing more and more in children’s programming. There have even been incidents of society making children’s shows seem inappropriate and skewing its image to portray an alternate message. This can be observed through the emphasis placed on sexuality in cartoons. Recently, there has been a petition circulating on the Internet in favor of Sesame Street characters, Bert and Ernie (who are best friends on the show) to get married. On, Chicago resident Lair Scott started it in support of the newly passed same-sex marriage legislation in New York state, where the show is filmed. Many agree with Scott that this union would be beneficial to show children that same-sex marriage is normal and promote tolerance. Scott states, “Children and parents need to learn that acceptance of humankind, even puppets, would indeed plant a seed of peace that will reverberate throughout the universe”. The producers of the show find that it is very unnecessary and inappropriate to create a marriage between the two characters. According to ABC news, the producers of Sesame Street released a statement saying, “Bert and Ernie are best friends. They were created to teach preschoolers that people can be good friends with those who are very different from themselves.Although identified as male puppets, they do not have a sexual orientation.”

While the petition was fighting for equality and education, it should be left up to the parents to educate their children on certain topics so that it is done how they see fit. Controversial topics such as this one should not be focused on within a television show directed at preschoolers, especially due to its sensitive and more mature nature.


Children’s shows like Spongebob Squarepants have been accused of sexual innuendo.

Sesame Street is not the only kid-friendly program to be faced with controversy. One of the biggest promoters of children’s entertainment is Disney. When most people think Disney, they then think of Mickey Mouse and friends, happiness and dreams coming true. However, the word that may not enter your mind is “sex.” There have been many claims that Disney has gotten quite creative with its movies by placing hidden sexual messages in them — one example being the castle on the theatrical poster of The Little Mermaid. According to, it is rumored that the artist who drew this castle was about to be fired, so in retaliation he decided to draw one of the towers of the castle in the shape of the male genitalia. When questioned, the artist refuted this allegation and said that he was nearing his deadline and frantically completed the picture, not realizing the shape he had drawn was in close resemblance to a male body part. In later versions of the film, Disney altered the cover of the video release to put an end to the dispute. There are actually videos on YouTube that show the different sexual references made in many of Disney’s most popular movies from the word “sex” being spelled out by stars within the sky in The Lion King to the minister with an erection during the wedding scene in The Little Mermaid and even pornographic images of topless women in the movie The Rescuers (this one was proven to be true). Disney is only one of the many guilty parties; Nickelodeon has had a bit of scandal as well. There is an episode of SpongeBob Squarepants when he is intensely watching

a sea anemone flail around on TV and his pet snail, Gary, walks in on him. SpongeBob screams, quickly changes the channel and nervously says “Gary! Um, I was just looking for the sports channel.” (That sounds too reminiscent of what happens when boys get caught watching porn, but who knows, I could be wrong.) Inappropriate as that may have been, according to Nickelodeon, SpongeBob is still their highest rated and longest running show. The interesting thing about this program is that it can be enjoyed by people of all ages. Maybe it’s the subtle and sometimes obvious inappropriateness that keeps the older viewers tuned in and the humor that attracts the younger crowd. Those characteristics make it easier and more enjoyable for everyone to watch together. However, with animated shows like Family Guy and South Park, which are intended for older audiences, there is no need to place sexual innuendos into cartoons targeted for younger children. It sends the wrong message and thus contradicts “kidfriendly television”. With the society we live in today, children are exposed to topics that are not suitable for their age group. This is a time where more television shows and movies are geared toward portraying real-life situations instead of solely being about mindless fun. With the innocence in cartoons rapidly decreasing, it is only logical to conclude that it will have the same effect on the minds of the impressionable age group that they target. Dominique Barchus can be reached at




India Places Teachers on a Higher Pedestal Than Those in US American teachers frustrated by lack of respect and security


“Those who can’t do, teach” vs. “We praise teachers more than Gods.” That first half is a well-known saying among Americans. The latter phrase comes from Ishita Batra, XI-D, Delhi Public School, R K Puram. Respect for teachers


Suter said teaching is, “more out of devotion than out of the pittance of money teachers receive. There is no security or room for career growth. They [teachers] do it because they love it.” Charles M. Blow, New York Times writer, recently published a piece about a teacher of his who put her arm around him while grading a test. Up until then, he

“There is no security or room for career growth. [Teachers] do it because they love it.”

in India well surpasses how teachers are viewed in the U.S. While it is understood that teachers mold minds, teachers sit upon a profound pedestal in India. With an identical view, “A good teacher is like a candle — it consumes itself to light the way for others,” according to Prashant Singh, X- A, St. Mary’s School, Safdarjung Enclave. This idea is universal, but with an emphasis on improving grades in America in order to compete with schools overseas, comes a pressure on teachers that takes away from the student-teacher relationship. “There is a national movement, spreading from state to state, to rid teachers of their tenure, which is another way of referring to job security,” said Lisa Suter, English and writing professor at the University of Tampa. “Their incomes have never been all that great when compared to their counterparts in the private sector, but teachers have always enjoyed something that workers in other fields have not: this almost untouchable job safety. Their collective bargaining rights (the right to belong to unions and strike for better benefits, pay raises, etc.) is also being challenged and in many cases, overturned.” While this profession may not be most students’ first job choice because of the graduate schooling involved on top of the promise of low pay, there are still those pupils who cannot wait to leave their mark on their future students. “I want to shape students and enhance the positive factors in their lives,” said Kelly Zino, an education major at UT. “I want students to be excited about going to school instead of seeing it as a mandatory obligation. I want them to be fully prepared for the future and have the confidence, ambition and support to achieve higher education.”

-Dr. Lisa Suter


had been placed in the “slow” class, but it was proven that a little encouragement and loving touch pushed him to have the highest IQ in his class and graduate as the valedictorian. Alexandra Poirier, education major at UT, has known that she’s wanted to be a teacher since she was seven. Poirier says she is becoming a teacher because, “I love to watch how children’s eyes light up when they learn something new for the first time.” Her students’ grades will be as important as the state makes them, but she hopes ultimately to “make every student feel smart in their own way.” Freshmen are required to take a Gateways class, an orientation course that meets once a week for 50 minutes. As a Gateways professor, Chris Gurrie, who is also a speech instructor, feels that through this class, students build a relationship with him that ultimately connects them to the university. “Students must feel valued,” Gurrie said. “I want students to trust me and know that I am fair.” Students look for help all the time, Gurrie said. However, with the idea of rapport comes a two-way street of communication. When a student and teacher have a basic knowledge of each other, a door opens that allows them to connect and helps the instructor do his or her job better. In March and April, students get a survey in the form of an email to talk about their classes. They are asked about the grading, the style of the teachers, the standards they were held to for that time being and the clarity of how to succeed in the class. Whether you are overseas or in the states, teaching is ultimately aimed at giving students an understanding of a concept to find meaning instead of focusing solely on grades. If a student does not take away a life lesson from each class, then


American teachers are frustrated by lack of job security and poor pay. Recent educational rankings place the United States lower than many are comfortable with.

what was the point of learning information from a book? Teaching is certainly a tough profession to finance through graduate school after the regular four-year college, but someone has to do it! “With all the political garbage going on that is affecting teachers,” Gurrie said, “I am hopeful that the profession will once again retain the prestige and importance (K-12) that it once had. I hope when society realizes that if there

are no teachers then we’ll all be a bunch of idiots — the vibe for teaching will be supported.” To the future teachers of America, I ask that you value each student that walks in your classroom because any one pupil could one day go on to do great things and will have that one specific teacher to thank for his or her inspiration. Anna Westerholm can be reached at


In India, teachers are revered and, as a saying goes, “A good teacher is like a candle — it consumes itself to light the way for others.”



Ridiculous Advice for Women to Pick Up Men She Said vs. He Said


For centuries, women all over the world have been forced to like each other for one reason: to decipher the male race. The good news is that amateur hour is over, ladies. Instead of wasting time applying pounds of make-up and batting eyelashes at men without a clue, it’s time to hike up your skirt and look at the big picture. If your heart’s hungry for the man of your dreams, you need to become painfully aware of your desired type. To get a man, it’s imperative to think like one. Once you’ve established whom you want to woo, you’re one step closer to reeling in your future fling. Since men often forget we share the same prerogative, the following five suggestions to get your man will serve as

a reminder that females are still ahead of the game. If your search for romance entails a technological guru, it’s time to get on his level, literally. The way into a nerd’s heart is through his console, so you’ll need to find out his gaming tag before he can meet his match. Guys are fascinated when a girl is good with her hands; so brushing up on your Call of Duty skills is essential to seal the deal. Quadruple his number of headshots and become a gaming goddess in the eye of the beholder. “Nice guys finish last,” is a cliche men have been avoiding since they discovered females have an unspoken magnetic attraction to jerks. Although we’re always on the hunt for the sweet talker with a loyal agenda, good dudes are hard to come by. Most girls don’t understand that we ladies are actually part of the problem. The unmistakable mechanical error programmed in our brains is that we’re always looking for something wrong in a person once we’ve decided they have potential to meet our standards. Instead of filling your mind with useless expectations that may never be fulfilled, satiate your stomach. If you’re up for the task, challenge him to an eating contest for a true test of compatibility. He’ll be interested in redeeming himself, and you’ll boost his ego. Score the win, and you’ll be awarded with your crush in addition to a temporary food baby. Catching the attention of a passerby isn’t a difficult undertaking. However,

luring in a businessman can be similar to a tactical mission. The bold persona of an intelligent man can be intimidating, but the key is to identify with their interests. You may need to pull some strings in your morale department, but you have two flavorful options. If you know the basics of another language and feel you fit the part, pretend you’re foreign. Business savvy individuals are crazy for fresh new concepts, and that notion could be you. If role-play isn’t your forte, conquer this enquiry with an undeniable arithmetic equation: you plus him, plus someone else. After all, they are men; I didn’t say their interests were tasteful. We’re always looking for someone who can keep up with us, pre-conceivably a jock; you know, that meat-head in your dreams with a six-pack who can throw you over his shoulder effortlessly, Swan Lake style. It’s not rocket science to hook this one, hit the gym and offer to work him out. Females are good at faking it, so if you’re lacking in the exercise department, strike a yoga pose. Starting with stretches not only warrants instant physical contact, but you can ask him to spot you later. Of course, it wouldn’t kill you to rock a ridiculously tiny pair of spandex and a neon pink sports bra, but bending over incessantly for his viewing pleasure is ideal. The stereotypical jock may not be the smartest choice, but it’s a common theme to want what you can’t have. Sneak out of the gym within the first twenty minutes

and he’ll be wondering when he can see you again. If you’re okay with extensive physical activity and feeling excessively sore for all the right reasons, you got your guy. As ladies, we like to focus on our mind, body and spirit, which is why we find ourselves hopelessly attracted to hippies. Contrary to popular belief, hippies with proper hygiene do exist and, more importantly, they are passionate individuals. Conventionally dedicated to solving world peace, staying true to our Earth and raging at music festivals, they stimulate harmonious energy that cannot be negated. In a world where men believe portraying emotion is a sign of weakness, hippies aren’t scared to love. Their mentality is a serious breath of fresh air, but don’t give the impression that you dig free love with multiple people (unless you’re into that). You can land a laid-back lover by devoting your day to Bob Marley and hula hooping in Plant Park. Stalk out a smoke stack by the river accompanied by a few fresh heads wearing Grassroots hats and you’ve spotted your suitor. If you’re an adrenaline junkie, light your hoop on fire, all the cool kids are doing it. Most significantly, let whomever you choose to pursue fall for the person you are and leave the rest to fate. If a man can’t accept you for you, move on to the next one! Melissa Santell can be reached at

By JOHN JACOBS Opinion Writer

When it comes to picking up girls, we’ve all seen the countless advice given through magazine articles, TV shows, the Internet and the writing on the wall in bathroom stalls, but it seems like all the focus is on how the guy can pick up the girl, and nobody is helping the girl to pick up a guy. That’s why I’m going to be the voice for every guy in the world and let you girls know a few tips guaranteed to help you find a guy (at least for one night). First off, the most obvious thing girls could do to pick up a guy is the one thing they never do. Buy him a drink! Think about it, how many times have you heard a guy at the end of the night say, “I was buying that girl drinks all night, I can’t believe she didn’t like me”? We literally can’t even believe when a girl doesn’t like us after we buy them drinks because to a guy, that’s the nicest thing someone could ever do for us! Do you know what a guy would say if you bought him a drink? I don’t know because it’s never actually happened, but it would probably be something like “I love you”, except for the first time in his life,


Combining “scant clothing” with “food eating contest” is a recipe for success when looking to attract a man. Now just add some yoga poses and buy the guy a drink and you’ll be set.

he’d actually mean it. (I’m just kidding, he still wouldn’t mean it). And the more dedicated you are to buying a guy drinks, the more dedicated he’ll be to you. He’ll be telling all his friends, “Yeah, we don’t have much in common, I don’t really like her personality and honestly I’m not even attracted to her… but she has always paid for my drinks… and it’s been the best 26 years of my life.” The next piece of advice I can give any girl trying to pick up a guy is simple. Be attractive. And by no means am I saying that’s the most important thing guys are looking for, but I’ve never heard a guy say, “dude, check out that girl by the bar… she’s so smart!” So to get a guy to approach you, you need to be somewhat attractive. And while being attractive is easier said than done, through the magic of slutty outfits, makeup, perfume and Photoshop, any girl can be attractive! Don’t believe me? Find a picture of Lady Gaga with no makeup on and you’ll know exactly what I mean (but I’d

still poker face). As long as you have an attractive face or body, you should have no problem getting a guy’s attention. If you have an attractive face and a hot body, you probably have no problem picking up guys and don’t need to be reading this (assuming you can read). And if you don’t have an attractive face or a hot body and refuse to put on makeup or wear a slutty outfit… stick to dimly lit bars and refer back to my first piece of advice and you should be fine. Finally, the last piece of advice I can give to any girl looking to pick up a guy is be interesting. We don’t care about how sick last night’s club was, we don’t care about how annoying your ex-boyfriend was, and we don’t care about how your roommate always wants to watch Real Housewives of New Jersey when you want to watch Real Housewives of Orange County. Tell us about yourself! Where are you from? What do you do for fun? What are you interested in? What are your dreams and aspirations? How many drinks do we

need to buy you before you come home with us? Important information like that! And if you live a boring and uninteresting life, there’s a simple trick which guys love to do when picking up girls… lie! Britney Spears is your cousin and you were a sushi chef/cage fighter this summer? Guaranteed, every guy around you will want to hear that story. As for all the girls who I’ve offended through my advice, you must admit if an attractive, interesting girl approached a guy and offered him a drink, there’s no doubt he would be yours. And I may sound chauvinistic, but trust me, I believe in equality between men and women more than anyone I know. And besides men getting paid more, controlling the majority of senate, congress and always winning the presidency, we’re basically completely equal at this point. So follow my advice and you’ll be picking up guys in no time! John Jacobs can be reached at




UT Women Find Footing as Men Continue to Falter

Imani Cruz/The Minaret

Freshman goalkeeper Mackenzie Logan has the potential to be a starter during her time at UT.

Freshman Goalie Logan Excited to Begin Spartan Career By GREG SPRACKLIN Sports Writer

The University of Tampa’s women’s soccer team includes just nine upperclassmen and came into this season without a star goaltender. An offseason fueled by recruiting young talent may have paid dividends, though, as UT landed its hopeful heirapparent goalkeeper in Mackenzie Logan. Logan moved to St. Petersburg, Fla., from Ohio before high school, and attended Tampa Preparatory Academy for four years before choosing UT. “After Tampa Prep, I knew a lot about UT because it was so close by,” Logan said. “I liked the idea of small class sizes, and the campus is beautiful. It had everything I was looking for. And, of course, a nationally ranked soccer team seemed attractive.” In high school, Logan was the starting goalie. She averaged fewer than 1.5 goals against and recorded six shutouts throughout her senior season, and helped the team move deep into state tournament play. Additionally, she played club soccer for Hillsborough County United, a team she also led into the state tournament. However, Logan knew college soccer would be much tougher competition Head Coach Lucey than she’d experienced. “I’ve played a lot in my life, but the main difference between club and high school against college is the speed. It’s so much faster,” she said. “Adjusting to shots that come quicker and from further distances is more difficult, but I’m getting used to it.” In practice, Logan gets a lot of reps in net. She’s working on her agility and

speed so she can adapt more quickly. “I’m working on my reaction time every day. Just getting the ball out of the box quickly and trying not to make mental mistakes. The more reps I get in practice, the closer I’ll be to performing at a higher level.” One of her initial concerns going into the season was that there might be some playful freshman hazing going on, as is sometimes the custom for college athletics. When asked, she laughed and said, “Actually, there hasn’t been any. Everyone has been great. The whole team tries to make everyone else better. And when a team works like that, for each other, the benefits are great.” In addition to the support from her teammates ushering in the new class with positive reinforcement, the coaches have also helped Logan a great deal with her skill set. Head coach Gerry Lucey has high hopes for Logan, and anticipates her having a great impact on the school. “We have two excellent goalkeeping coaches in Shannon Aitken and Kevin Keelan who I trust will get the best out of Mackenzie in the coming months and years,” Lucey said. “We are hopeful that Mackenzie will become the starting goalkeeper during her time at UT.” Mackenzie is currently a general studies major at UT and is undecided as to what she wants to do with her future. For the time being, she’s enjoying her time and is sure that she made the right choice in becoming a Spartan. “I’m glad I decided on UT because it’s a really positive environment. The people that go here, and the teachers and coaches are all optimistic. “I’m looking forward to this season and many more after it.” Greg Spracklin can be reached at The Spartan Women continue their season with home games against Valdosta State on Sept. 16 at 7 p.m. and Georgia College on Sept. 18 at 10 a.m.

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Samantha Battersby/The Minaret

Dominic Cutrofello and Rae’Shaun Washington put their heads together on defense during a losing effort, Sunday at home, against Florida Memorial.

Men’s Soccer Begins Season 0-4 By JORDAN LLANES Sports Writer

The University of Tampa men’s soccer team is one of the many that holds itself to high standards of Spartan athletic excellence. However, after a slow start, they now find themselves in a 0-3 hole and looking to rebound. “It’s not a dream start, but if we’re going to lose, it’s better to do it now rather than later,” said senior midfielder Ryan Griffin. Indeed, now is the best time, if any, for the men to falter. They lost to two very good teams in Piedmont (3-2 in double overtime) and the fifth ranked team in the nation, Clayton State (21 in overtime), and both were nonconference opponents. Now, however, the toughest part of their schedule begins. “We have broken our season into four sections, and we are now in phase two,” said head coach Adrian Bush before the home loss to Florida Memorial. “We have [three] very tough games before the end of September: at West Florida, at Rollins and at Florida Tech.” Starting on September 17 at West Florida is when the Spartans can rebound from their tough start. A conference win against West Florida would lessen the blow of beginning the season with three losses. To win,

however, they need to come together as a team and overcome something that was reiterated many times: a lack of discipline. “We don’t play a cream puff schedule, but the main reason for our slow start is a lack of discipline,” said Bush. “For example, five of the seven goals we allowed so far have been on defensive fouls. It’s that kind of sloppy play and lack of discipline that has led to some tough losses at the end of each game.” Echoing his coach’s sentiments, Griffin added, “We were winning both games, but we lost in overtime due to a lack of discipline.” One thing is for sure: this team is ready to turn its season around, and the players and coaches still hold the high standards of Spartan excellence in place for themselves. “Simply put, they are wounded,” stated Assistant Coach Neil Oughton. That doesn’t change this team’s ultimate goal. The players are still talking about the postseason. “Our expectation is to win a national championship,” added sophomore goalkeeper David Niepel. And in order to win that national championship, they have to get that first win, preferably at West Florida on September 17. Jordan Llanes can be reached at



UT Alum Finds Success In Ireland [From Back, M. Soccer] “There were hundreds of people waiting to give us a hero’s welcome. It’s a cool thing just to think about a team from Ireland qualifying for the Europa Cup for the first time and that I’m a part of it.” Current player for the UT men’s soccer team, Karl Swan, who is also son of former Shamrock Rover Frank Swan, explained the importance of the game. “It is a massive achievement in football because it has never been done before, and the popularity of the Irish leagues has been dipping in Europe,” said Swan. “The popularity has suddenly come back Ryan Thompson/2008 to life in the last few years with the success of our national team, and now with an Irish club team challenging some of the best teams in Europe in a major competition.” Thompson continues to keep a humble approach and look forward to the upcoming years as he enters his prime. “I hope and pray I continue to dream big and improve my game,” Thompson said in regards to his future. “[I want to]learn as much as possible and continue to give the best of me in whatever environment football leads me. “I’m living a dream right now and I’m so grateful.” Maya Todd can be reached at mtodd@

Soccer In the Pros

SEPTEMBER SPORTS SCHEDULE Friday, Sept. 16 Volleyball at Lynn, 7 p.m. W. Soccer vs. Valdosta State, 7 p.m.

Saturday, Sept. 17 Volleyball at Barry, 4 p.m. M. Soccer at West Florida, 8 p.m.

Sunday, Sept. 18 W. Soccer vs. Georgia College, 10 a.m.

Tuesday, Sept. 20 M. Soccer at Rollins, 7 p.m. Volleyball vs. Florida Southern, 7 p.m. Sports Information

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MLB Contenders Inch Toward October, Postseason By SHAWN FERRIS Sports Writer

It’s starting to get serious. With only a fraction of the Major League Baseball regular season left to play, it’s time to take a look at what postseason baseball has to offer in 2011, because October is right around the corner. The New York Yankees (Likely AL East Champion) - The Yanks have put on an offensive clinic this year, leading the majors in home runs, runs scored and OPS (on-base percentage plus slugging). Robinson Cano (.302, 24, 105) and Curtis Granderson (.270, 38, 109) have been playing MVP-caliber baseball all season. The Yankees postseason rotation gets a little shaky after dominating ace CC Sabathia (19-7, 2.97 ERA), but with that offense, along with Mariano Rivera at the back end of the pen, the Yankees could be adding even more hardware to an already full trophy case. Also increasing the Yankees chances for postseason dominance is that the team that have been giving them the most trouble this year, the Boston Red Sox, are in the midst of a downward slide at the most crucial point of the season. Boston, which boasts an 11-5 record against the Yankees in 2011, have been playing mediocre baseball as of late. The Sox posted a 14-17 record over the last month as their starting lineup and especially starting rotation continues

Keith Allison/

The Texas Rangers maintain a slim lead in the A.L. West, over the L.A. Angels. Texas’ offense has been led by a resurgent season from veteran catcher Mike Napoli (right).

to be hampered by injury. Josh Beckett and waiver-claim Erik Bedard both missed scheduled starts over the last couple weeks, forcing the Red Sox to throw journeyman starter Andrew Miller, inexperienced call-up Kyle Weiland and 45-year-old Tim Wakefield into the fire of a pennant race. Philadelphia Phillies (Likely NL East Champion) - There are a couple reasons why Cliff Lee signed with the Phillies this past offseason instead of returning to the Rangers or signing a blockbuster deal with the Yankees. He wanted to be a part of one of the most dominant starting rotations in modern baseball history and he wanted to win. That’s exactly what the Phillies have done in 2011, dominating all year en route to what should be their first 100

win season since 1977 and baseball’s best record. Ryan Howard is having another productive season (sixth straight season with 30+HR, 100+RBI) in a lineup that already includes All-Stars Chase Utley, Shane Victorino, Jimmy Rollins, and recently aquired Hunter Pence. Texas Rangers (Likely AL West Champion) - If they are able to secure a playoff berth, expect the defending American League champions to make a lot of noise in this year’s postseason. Mike Napoli is having a career year (.301, 25, 64), Michael Young continues to put up big numbers despite playing all over the infield (.333, 11, 95) and C.J. Wilson is a viable postseason ace (15-6, 3.13 ERA). The only thing holding the Rangers back may be a questionable bullpen that is currently 28th in the majors in ERA (4.25).

Reigning AL Rookie of the Year Neftali Feliz only blew three save opportunities in 2010, but that number stands at six with a couple weeks left in the regular season. If the Rangers bullpen can find a way to get crucial outs late win games this postseason, a return to the World Series is a very likely scenario for the Rangers. Arizona Diamondbacks (Likely NL West Champion) - Alright, let’s face it, nobody saw this one coming. The team has essentially been carried by two players all season long. Ian Kennedy came out of nowhere to be in the position to post an improbable 20-win season, and MVP candidate Justin Upton leads the Dbacks’ in just about every offensive category. Arizona isn’t a very intimidating team by any means, but it’s for that exact reason why they could be a sleeper in this year’s playoffs. They’re a fundamental team led by old-school Manager Kirk Gibson, and their .985 fielding percentage (tied for third in the NL), is a good indication that this is a team that isn’t going to beat itself. It’s amazing that a team 25th in the majors in payroll and that finished 27 games out of first place just a year ago is in position to make a run at a World Series. But hey, that’s what makes postseason baseball so exciting, right? Shawn Ferris can be reached at

Jeter Fights Just to Stay Relevant On Team of All-Stars By TIM SHANAHAN Sports Writer

The year is 1993. 6-foot-1 Greensboro Hornet’s shortstop committed a league record 56 errors in his first full year of pro ball. There can’t be any chance that guy is a first ballot hall of famer. And if he were, he would be considered overrated. But even people who hold the least interest in baseball are familiar with his name. Derek Jeter has been described as over-hyped. His lifelong critics have been described through Sports Illustrated polls, jealous construction workers jargon and amateur baseball player debates. Yet Jeter’s rival foes have the utmost respect for the Yankee slugger. How can this be? Throughout the course of his career, Jeter has made a living smoking balls to the right side of the diamond. He achieved the 3,000 hit plateau earlier this season, a feat no Yankee in history has ever attained. Babe Ruth, Roger Maris and Joe DiMaggio are some popular names you may reminisce wearing pinstripes. The most overwhelming plot no critic grasps is Jeter’s pace. He achieved the 3,000 hit milestone before all-time hits leader Pete Rose achieved the same prominence. Jeter is one of the most prevailing

Talk of the Town Professional Sporting Events in the Region

athletes in sports. He is a proven winner and clutch performer to the greatest degree. The dude has a World Series ring for every finger on his right hand. He also holds a .309 lifetime batting average in the hefty sample size of 599 at bats during the postseason. A lot of the criticism directed towards Jeter is directed towards his defense. He has won five gold gloves over the course of his career. He has consistently made the routine play. At 37, Jeter now makes the routine play with limited range. However, in his prime, the shortstop made one of the most athletic plays on a consistent basis; an in the whole, backhanded jump throw to Tino Martinez. Jeter felt some heat earlier in the year with the controversial $51 million contract. That, combined with the poor start to the 2011 season, did not sit well with critics. His average hovered close to .250 for the first half of the year. After returning from injury, though, he experienced a second half resurgence. He exploded onto the scene, raising his season average to .297, good for second in the American League among shortstops. He held a .387 over the month of August, showing no signs of slowing down. Over the years, Jeter has brought

in infinite amounts of revenue for the Yankees organization. Attendance, jersey sales and most importantly, the creation of lifelong fans have all been colossally impacted because of Jeter. He deserves to make that lucrative trip to the bank. Jeter has never been linked to steroids and played the game right. He holds uncanny intangibles, leading on and off the field for younger players. He created a charity that has helped kids stay away from alcohol and drug addiction. The jealousy has been taken to another level, and it is not fair. Respect is due to the man who has gotten the job done at a superior level in the most pressure-filled city in the country. He has accomplished these feats in the city where fans will crush your poise with any sign of struggle. The captain of the Yankees has achieved an extraordinary amount of consistency at the highest level of competition in the world. Jeter has been the epitome of durability and dependability, and this is why he is excellent. He has continuously been in the right spot at the right time. Being clutch is not a coincidence. It is what some like to call the “it” factor. Guys that possess this trait find themselves in the hall of fame. Tim Shanahan can be reached at



Last weekend’s sweep of the Red Sox put the Rays back into the A.L. wildcard race. This weekend’s series in Fenway Park, begins Thursday at 7:10 p.m., with playoff implications.

The Bucs travel to Minnesota on Sunday in search of their first win of the 2011 season. In an opening week loss to the Lions, Josh Freeman threw for 259 yards.

Keith Allison/

Derek Jeter finds himself dealing with the aches and pains of being 37-years-old.

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Soccer Alum Takes Goalkeeping Talents Overseas By MAYA TODD

Special to The Minaret

Bobby Best/The Shamrock Rovers

Ryan Thompson celebrates after his Shamrock Rovers defeated Partizan Belgrade in Serbia.

When Ryan “Godda” Thompson, former goalkeeper for the University of Tampa Spartans, signed a deal with the Shamrock Rovers FC in Dublin, Ireland, he did not know the magnitude of the impact that it would have on his life shortly after. The past few months for Thompson have been full of both achievements and disappointments that have made it into the history books of European and Jamaican football. Thompson arrived in Dublin with the expectation that he would be the Rovers top goalkeeper, but after a last minute decision by Alan Mannus, the 2010 recipient of the Soccer Writers Association of Ireland’s Goalkeeper of the Year award, to return to the club, Thompson was bumped to No. 2 where he stood for months. “My first few months [in Dublin] were humbling and a learning process for me,” said Thompson. “After being used to playing on a regular basis in Tampa and in Jamaica, being a second choice keeper was definitely a challenge.” Following months of training and preparation with the hopes that he’d one day get his chance to be the club’s No. 1, Mannus left the Rovers to become part of St. Johnstone F.C. of the Scottish Premier League.Thompson was left with the new responsibility of being the club’s keeper – something he gladly, but nervously accepted. Thompson’s first game as the team’s

starting goalkeeper was of vital importance. His and the Rovers’ performance against FC Copenhagen in the 2011-2012 UEFA Champions League third qualifying round made Thompson the first Jamaican to play in a Champions League match. The Rovers’ tournament hopes were dashed, though, when they lost 1-0 in the first leg of the Champions League final and 2-0 in the second. While the losses were disappointing, the club still had a shot to perform in another prestigious European football tournament – the Europa Cup. The Rovers drew yet another European power, Partizan Belgrade. The football world was in shock when the small club from Dublin, Ireland defeated the giant that is Partizan Belgrade in extra time by the score of 2-1. Thompson’s performance in the game lasted all 120 minutes and included multiple saves that, had he not made them, may have cost the Rovers the match. Thompson stated that, after the victory, the crowd in Dublin has begun calling him the “super keeper.” The victory also marked the Rovers as the first team from Ireland to reach the group stages of the Europa Cup in what has been deemed a “famous win”. “After winning that game against Partizan Belgrade, we didn’t know exactly what we did until we arrived in Dublin to see over 50 police officers waiting to escort us [through the airport],” said Thompson. [See 18, Thompson]

Dirt Racing Adventure Gives Minaret Writer New Perspective on Sport By JOHN HILSENROTH Sports Writer

Many college students do not have the attention span necessary to watch an entire NASCAR race. Last Saturday night, I experienced something very different; dirt racing so fast, I was hit in the face with dirt 15 rows up. A friend of mine, junior Brandon Ward, is an intern for the ASA (American Speed Association), at East Bay Raceway in Tampa, which is a motorsport, and he got us tickets and pit passes to a night of racing.

[ [ “College kids will like it because of the price and it’s something different... And there’s beer.”

--Todd Hutto, EBR Vice President

I’m a huge sports fan, but racing has never been my thing. However, going down to the Raceway was unlike any sporting event I’ve ever attended. The dirt track is only one-third of a mile long, and it takes the race-cars about 15 seconds to get around it, at ridiculous angles. Some of these cars have up to 750

horsepower, and manage to reach high speeds, even with such a short track. “Sprint models probably touch about 110 and late models around 100,” said Ward. “I think it would appeal to college kids mainly because it’s fast paced and different from mainstream sports. “It seems more fan interactive simply because of proximity and the atmosphere.” As far as fan interaction goes, for $25 fans can actually race against each other in one lap around the track during intermission. I got to see a station wagon beat a minivan, an old Firebird stall and a pickup truck come in first place; the people watching was very appealing. “The only similarity to NASCAR is car control and horsepower,” said Ward. “Dirt cars have no spotters or mirrors or big time sponsors, and they do it more out of the joy of it rather than for money.” The sprint cars didn’t even have a starter switch. In Bristol Motor Speedway and Dragway/ order to go, they had to be given a push Die-hard racing fans enjoy many things, among them - cars, beer and wigs. start. I was fortunate enough to watch the races up in the press box, next to the were a lot of angles to deal with, and the everything about their cars, and they knew announcers and Vice President of East Bay drivers had to be so precise. On top of this, exactly what they were doing. Raceway Todd Hutto. two different drivers got their cars wrecked Out of all the different races, the sprint “College kids will like it because of the because of collisions, and both proceeded cars were my favorite. Those went the price and it’s something different,” said to get out of their vehicles and point and fastest, were the loudest and were the only Hutto. “There’s more interaction when shout at the drivers who hit them. models that sprayed dirt at everyone. you’re here…and there’s beer.” The drivers all own their own cars, and Halfway through the sprint car race, one From what I saw, it takes a lot more worked on them themselves. Prior to the of the cars tried to take the inside and speed skill to race on dirt, on a lap that is a races starting, I was able to go behind the up, causing a six car pileup, and one of the fraction of the size of a NASCAR track. It track and check out all of the cars. Each car drivers was immediately sent out on an was amazing to watch these drivers speed had two to three people around it, making ambulance. I definitely got my $7 worth. up for a few seconds, and then have to slight alterations to their cars, with no John Hilsenroth can be reached at slow down and time the turns right. There crew. The drivers were the ones who knew

The Minaret 9/15/2011  
The Minaret 9/15/2011  

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