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Volume 79 Number 4

September 20, 2012

McCain discusses Middle East Tensions During Campus Talk Reeves Theater Packed with ROTC, Veterans and Public


Senator John McCain spoke to The University of Tampa students about national and veteran affairs and the future of military on Tuesday. He has over 40 years of government experience and spent 20 years in the U.S. Navy. He served in Vietnam where he was shot down and became a prisoner of war (POW) for five years. Once returned, he became a Naval Officer and after 22

Taylor Sanger/The Minaret

Students listen to McCain’s speech in Reeves.

years he retired and decided to run for Congress in 1982 and in 1988 he was elected to the U.S. Senate. He currently sits on several Senate committees and is senior member of armed service committee and the homeland security and governmental affairs. McCain spoke to a crowded Reeves Theater filled with members of ROTC, veterans and members of the community who were enthusiastic about what he had to say. He spoke mostly on the natural affairs in the Middle East as well as promoted military services. “In order to understand the events of recent days you have to understand that there’s a change sweeping across the world, not just across the Middle East but the world that is a tectonic and historic change and unless you view these events in this context there even more difficult to Taylor Sanger/The Minaret McCain describes his views on the war in Afghanistan, Israeli relations and the future of America. understand,” McCain said. McCain talked about the video we disagree with why should we say that “It wasn’t a hateful video, it was a group “Innocence of Muslims” that was an these people are allowed to say what they of radical Islamists who will do anything to American amateur Youtube video which believe and people should be big enough to hurt the United States and everything we was released on July 2 which mocks the know that in this world we want everyone to stand for and believe in. So we play into their Muslim prophet Muhammed. The video has have fundamental rights and one of them is hands when we say this is a hateful video. It caused much outrage with both Americans freedom of speech,” McCain said. wasn’t a hateful video. It was a vehicle that and Muslims. Islamic radicals took the McCain believes that the Islamic radicals these people used. To blame it on the video, video and put it on their media networks.. took the video out of context and used it to See MCCAIN, Page 4 “If someone wants to say something that promote American hatred.

Four Key OSLE Staff Members Leave at Same Time By SLOANE BÂBY News Writer

Photos courtesy of, Jenn Powell, Sebastian D. Andion/, Kim Northup/ Clockwise from top left: Megan Frisque, Jenn Powell, Sebastian Andion and Kim Northup have resigned from their positions in the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement.

In Other News...

3 Students Use Technology to Their Advantage While Testing

Rapid changes are occurring at The University of Tampa and it’s not just the construction going on around campus or the newness of the school year. Four staff members of the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement have chosen to resign. The four staff members leaving are Megan Frisque, Jennifer Powell, Kim Northup and Sebastian Andion. Frisque, who is the former director of Community Engagement and has been at UT for about

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five years, went back to the place she worked before coming to Tampa: Southwestern University in Texas. She will be stepping up into the position of associate vice president for Alumni and Parents. Powell, who was the coordinator of Student Events, left UT after just over two years to move closer to her family in the Midwest and work as the assistant director of the Student Union at Valparaiso University in Indiana. There, she will work with 60 students (versus the 30 or so at UT), including five professional staff

students. was presented with Northup, former a job opportunity he director of Leadership found to be ideal for Engagement has made him and his family’s a decision to get current situation. her doctoral degree, Tim Harding, which, of course, associate dean of will consume most Career Development of her time, energy and Engagement and attention. Her and now the Student long-term career Government adviser, goals depend on is someone who has her obtaining her worked closely with doctorate, with an the OSLE staff. He aggressive deadline said that what they staring at her already. left is a legacy that Finally, Andion, was built upon those previous staff who became before assistant, is moving them. back to the area he As for the future and his family call of OSLE and the home: Washington lag time between D.C. Hoping to stay hiring new people, until the end of the semester See OSLE, Page 5 at UT, Andion

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19 UT Hockey Players Discuss Lockout

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International Opportunities Students, Profs Agree Study Abroad for Everyone By Stef crocco News Writer

The wait was killing 20- college; that was typical, but a weekend in mid-January. weeks the summer after her year-old Rachel Hildrich, a now the programs are more “Being sophomore year. junior at George Washington flexible and there are more a UT student, I do not invest While in Luxembourg, she University. Hildrich was on options,” according to Danielle in warm clothes,” said Bates. went to Skype Headquarters, a seven-hour plane ride to Houston, Education Abroad “I showed up to the Alps in European Investment Bank Sevilla, Spain for an entire Advisor at the University tennis shoes.” The last thing and many other places to learn semester, leaving the only of Tampa. “From designing Bates expected was 7,000 about businesses in Europe. home she’d ever known. programs for specific majors meters of snow to welcome “I gained insight to how Hildrich said her goodbyes to the short term programs, the him when he got off the train businesses are different and to her mom, dad and little sister, opportunities are endless for at Interlaken. “Needless to similar to businesses here in the taking photos for keepsake, and freshman, sophomores, juniors say my shoes were ruined,” U.S. and I feel this knowledge then entered the security line at and seniors.” said Bates. He didn’t let that will help me in the working John F. Kennedy International “The old excuses: ‘I can’t ruin the rest of his trip though. world,” said Pignataro. Airport. afford it,’ ‘I’ll fall behind in He shrugged it off and said, It didn’t hurt that Pignataro It wasn’t until the plane my major,’ ‘I won’t be able “Something crazy can and will received a good deal for going took off that Hildrich realized to graduate on time,’ ‘I really happen everywhere you go.” on the trip. Since she was her heart was racing and her wanted to go to X country, but In all, Bates visited 14 a business student taking a palms were sweaty. As she got there aren’t programs there’.... different countries, used many business course, her tuition closer to her was waived, destination, which most her nerves universities tugged at her have been doing constantly, to encourage making her students to study feel like she abroad. Even if was going she had to pay to vomit. for tuition, she “I was wouldn’t have extremely missed this anxious, but o p p o r t u n i t y. I was also “Studying very excited abroad is the about the best hidden w h o l e secret of every traveling school. It’s ordeal and growing fast getting to a and is by far new place the one thing and not (if any) that knowing every student what to should take Photo courtesy of Jessica Pignataro expect,” said advantage of,” Students studying abroad in Paris enjoyed the Eiffel Tower and other historical sites. Hildrich. “I said Pignataro. “I knew I couldn’t have the fever for let my anxiety get the best of You can take all those old issues different currencies and met traveling.” me. After all, I was on my way and toss them out the window,” tons of people, both locals Even with the new to Europe. When would I be wrote Nick Zappitelli, and others studying abroad programs that have flexible able to do that again?” the Regional Director of like himself. “I have become scheduling and are tied into Hildrich is one of hundreds University Relations at much more globalized and the curriculum for certain of thousands of U.S. college International Studies Abroad, understand the perspectives of majors, will that be enough for students taking advantage of through email. other countries on language, students to continue to want to the study abroad experience. That’s exactly what politics and currency,” said study abroad? “270,604 U.S. students studied Scott Bates did, a junior Bates. “It’s something that I The answer? No. abroad for credit during the international business and couldn’t experience at UT.” Yes, the students want all academic year 2009/10, an accounting major at the As far as pricing is those choices when choosing increase of four percent from University of Tampa. Bates concerned for studying their trip, but it also comes the previous year,” reported the was looking for a program abroad, not all trips are as down to one thing: the latest survey from the Institute that had the proper business expensive as you might think. experience. Hildrich, Bates of International Education’s accreditation with UT, so he “Programs can be the same and Pignataro said the deal Open Doors Report. And the could take business classes price as studying at UT for breaker for them was listening Institute doesn’t expect it to abroad and receive credit for a semester,” said Houston. to their fellow college stop there: “This upward trend them. He found that program “ Costa Rica is $8,000 for a students, sorority sisters is continuing.” through Miami University in semester, which is cheaper and friends talk about their One program has seen the Ohio, which has a business than being at UT.” She also stories abroad and how they spike of interest first hand. course set up in Differdange, mentioned that Federal Aid and wanted to experience that International Studies Abroad Luxembourg. As an added Bright Futures [Scholarship for themselves. “Sure, Skype started with sending merely bonus, the program gave Program] could cover some and Google hangouts are a handful of 50 students to Bates, 20, a chance to spend travel abroad programs. great, but there is something Salamanca, Spain. Now, 25 his spring semester of his For 20-year-old Jessica to be said when the rest of years later, ISA has a full-time sophomore year in Europe Pignataro, a junior business your senses are engaged staff of 250 to accommodate with his longtime high major at Sacred Heart in an experience,” said the thousands of students they school friends. University in Connecticut, Zappitelli. “It’s the murmur send to 20 different countries “My trip consisted of studying abroad has always of Spanish conversations in every year. traveling every weekend been something she has the background, the smell of Studying abroad isn’t for four straight months and wanted to do. “One of my fresh bread from the pastry anything new, so why are having four weeks scattered professors that I’m really shop next door, the clothing more college students taking throughout the semester close to had told me about [a of the people walking by, advantage of it now? where we were on week long program]. He thought I would the taste of the coffee, the Well, for starters, studying trips,” said Bates. Starting be perfect for [Sacred Heart’s] feel of the warm cup in your abroad isn’t the same as it used in Luxembourg, he made his Luxembourg Trip and that I hands on a cool morning. to be when our parents went to way to Belgium, Spain, the would benefit greatly from it, It’s that experience that will college or even when the new Netherlands, Italy, Hungary, since it was made specifically keep students coming back millennium started. “It used to and France, to name a few. for business majors.” And for more.” be that students would study One stop included a last so Pignataro embarked on a Stef Crocco can be reached abroad their junior year of minute trip to Switzerland for trip to Luxembourg for three at




Students Use Technology to Their Advantage While Testing

Professors unaware of new ways to cheat in the classroom By KIRBY JAY News Writer

Modern technology that is commonly used in this generation has opened new ways for students to cheat more conveniently than ever before. Even though students in the past could write down information and keep it in their pockets, there is only so much information a piece of paper can hold. Between the Internet, laptop requirements and the handy relationships that students share with their smart phones, information has become dangerously available for students attending the University of Tampa. The most common way students have cheated during exams is prestoring information in their cell phones. An anonymous full time student at UT admitted to using his smart phone during some of his exams stating, “when I get stressed I use my phone to put answers in, just in case I need help during the test.” He uses the “notes” section of the iPhone to store the chapters’ information. Even though he does not use this cheating method often, he has done this in more than one class at UT without attracting any negative attention from his professors. Since smart phones were unavailable a few years ago, most professors are unaware of the impact they have recently had in the cheating world.

Google and other popular through the Internet, the center websites have greatly affected the use is unable to shut it down. Dr. Del of cheating at the school, also relating Valle, the Associate Director at the to the forbidden act of plagiarism. Dr. Academic Center of Excellence Harris, the Director of Educational catches on average two to three Technology at the University of students cheating each semester. She Tampa commented on the matter commented that the cheating ranges stating, “Instead of having to go to from unauthorized Internet use to the library and actually pull books students cheating “the old fashioned or articles from the stacks, students way,” by sneaking note cards into can now find these same resources their pockets since students do not online without ever having to leave have access to their phones during the their homes.” The Internet has created testing period. a danger-zone for students who are Since technical devices have determined to use other works as their become so commonly used, students own. are forgetting Cheating what uses scandals of them have also are wrong “I think the problem with the made and right. academic integrity policy is that a their way Cheating can lot of students don’t understand to the be as simple what academic integrity is,” Office of as texting a -Dr. Del Valle Student friend about Disability a pop quiz, Services or emailing at UT. homework This is located at The Academic answers to fellow classmates. The Center of Excellence, where students communication of technology with learning disabilities are able alone has created a new cheating to receive proper accommodations environment that many are unaware while completing their exams. While of. cell phones are not allowed in the Dr. Del Valle also teaches a exam room, computers are provided gateways class here at UT and was on every desk in the room for essay shocked by some of her students’ questions, which students have taken responses to an academic integrity to their unethical advantage. Since survey given to them. “I think many tests have to be performed the problem with the academic



integrity policy is that a lot of students don’t understand what academic integrity is,” said Del Valle. However, while many students are using technology as cheating devices, that technology has backfired upon them. Dr. Harris said, “Be forewarned however, that technology also provides professors with tools such as Turnitin and simple Internet searches that helps uncover plagiarism faster than ever.” She conducts technology research at UT and constantly teaches professors of the information found. The punishments for plagiarism, fabrication and other forms of cheating can evidently get students expelled from the university. Many professors at UT are strong believers in academic integrity, and believe their students should be trustworthy. Dr. Harris said, “I believe that greatness does not come from attaining degrees or amassing wealth. It comes from living a life of integrity, something towards which I hope all our students strive.” Many students have taken advantage of the technology this generation has given them, which the University of Tampa hopes to change in the near future. Kirby Jay can be reached at Kirby.

From the Sept. 10 to Sept. 16 reports

Maybe They Took It To “Pimp My Ride” On Sept. 10 at 10:55 p.m., a student reported the theft of his bike from a bike rack. And So It Begins! On Sept. 13 at 12:25 a.m., an underage student was found in possession of marijuana, drug paraphernalia and alcohol. The Panty Snatcher On Sept. 14 at 12:25 p.m., a resident student reported that her clothing was stolen from a laundry room.

Reports compiled by Chelsea Daubar

Does Staff Go To Conduct Too? On Sept. 13 at 2:15 p.m., a staff member struck a parked car’s mirror with a golf cart causing damages. So Call Me . . . Maybe Not On Sept. 14 at 12:30 a.m., a student’s phone was stolen from a Vaughn Center bathroom. At Least The Paramedics Were Cute On Sept. 16 at 4:35 p.m., a student was transported to the hospital for a medical condition.

On Tuesday Sept. 18, Student Government met in Reeves Theater Candidate speeches for Student Government were given by two sophomore senators, seven freshmen senators and two campus wide senators. Voting for this year’s student government is now available on Blackboard. Voting for the 2013 spring concert is now available on Blackboard. The deadline to sign up for this year’s fall leadership retreat is Friday. The Fall Leadership Retreat will take place from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. on Saturday, Sept. 29 in Fletcher Hall.



Howard Johnson Additions Accommodate Capacity Laundry room, community room, extra security, all part of updates

By MIA GLATTER News Editor

The Howard Johnson Hotel may as well be called the Howard Johnson Residence Hall because it is now filled to capacity with all University of Tampa students. In previous years, UT has filled up several floors of the Howard Johnson, but a few were always left over for regular hotel guests to occupy. The Howard Johnson has had to enact some changes to make the hotel a student only building. According to Krystal R. Schofield, the Associate Dean of Students, the Howard Johnson added a second laundry room, an

updated fitness center, converted the majority of the second floor into sleeping quarters and renovated the student lounge on the first floor. Freshman communication major, Valerie Lara says she feels comfortable living in the Howard Johnson as opposed to a residence hall. “Personally, I do feel like I live in a dorm. When you move in the room totally becomes a personalized dorm and since the floor is filled with other kids you forget that you’re in a hotel.” Lara said. Now that there aren’t any nonstudents residing in the hotel, Schofield said that more security was put in

Taylor Sanger/The Minaret

An RA sits in the lobby of the Howard Johnson Plaza Hotel, keeping watch on students.

place to monitor students entering and leaving, similar to an on campus residence hall. “Additional UT Campus Safety and hotel security were added to monitor who goes up in the elevators, and Howard Johnson staff also installed video surveillance covering all entry and exit points to the building.” Schofield said, “The RAs also sit duty in the lobby to keep a better eye on the comings and goings of the students and their guests.” Schofield also commented that she was not aware of any cleaning or regular staff changes that took place in the transition. “The rooms are cleaned twice a week per our contract with the Howard Johnson. I am unaware of any changes in staffing. We believe there is proper staff and personnel in place to maintain quality customer service to our students,” she said. Schofield stated that the Howard Johnson is not being drastically affected financially and “is being compensated according to the contract executed between the University and their management.” Because of the changes made to the Howard Johnson this year, Lara does not feel that she is living in a hotel. “The only thing that reminds me that I live in a hotel is the fact that I have to take a shuttle to get to campus.” She said, “If there were non-students in other floors then I’d definitely feel like an intruder. It’d be a constant reminder

that I’m not in a dorm and I’d feel less like a college student.” Sophomore marine biology major Chardene Williams agrees that she would have felt more at home in the Howard Johnson last year if it had been filled with students. “I would always see random people in the elevators and around the lobby and I didn’t like it,” Williams said. “It really felt like I was on vacation instead of at college and it made it hard to adjust my freshman year.” Freshman International Business major Donny Murray feels that it would be awkward to live in the Howard Johnson while non-students were staying there. “I feel like it would be more of an inconvenience to the people staying there,” he said “I wouldn’t want to stay in a hotel where a bunch of college kids were running around making noise.” Freshman Taylor Orent doesn’t think that strangers would make her feel less at home. “I feel like I’m living in a dorm,” she said, “I wouldn’t mind if there were non-students staying here.” Another aspect about the Howard Johnson that has not been considered is the restaurant that is adjacent. “It’s too early to tell how UT’s expanded occupancy of the Howard Johnson will affect the restaurant. The restaurant is still open for business.” Schofield said. Mia Glatter can be reached at Mia.

John McCain Speaks at UT From MCCAIN, Page 1 you’re blaming the messenger not the message.” McCain went on to talk about countries in the Middle East and their relationships to the United States. He describes how the United States’ relationship with Egypt should be a priority. “Egypt is the heart and soul of the Arab world. One out of every four Arabs lives in Egypt. A historic and cultural center of the Arab world, so what happens in Egypt is very important and we should be very worried about what’s happening in Egypt,” McCain said. McCain emphasized maintaining a strong relationship with Israel to keep watch on the nuclear weapons threat that Iran poses to Israel. “We need a strong relationship with Israel against Iran and work with Israel by telling Iran that you can go to this point and no further and because we have not formed this relationship yet Iran does not think that we are serious,” McCain said. The conversation moved to talk of Iraq and the Afghanistan war. “We may have won the war, but we lost the peace. They know we’re leaving.” McCain said, “We should evaluate where we are and if necessary say we’re not leaving yet. Get the situation under control. Victory is a stable Afghanistan and it’s easy to say let’s get out but remember what might happen when we leave.” He also went on to describe the recent attacks in Afghanistan and how one of our most secure bases was attacked. “The most absolute worst thing is when you can’t trust your allies,” McCain said. McCain said that the Taliban is recruiting men to join the Afghan military, where they

are shooting and killing American soldiers and Marines. He explained that the object was to train Afghan soldiers to take over the responsibilities as Americans left. “President Obama overruled his military advisors when they said that we need 40,000 troops instead of 30,000 and he overruled his advisors on accelerated departure from Afghanistan. He goes around telling people that we’ve withdrawn,” he said. McCain wrapped up his talk with some positive statements on how he believes America is still a great nation before taking questions from the audience. “What is America’s image in the world today? From what I told you, you can draw your own conclusion, but America’s history has always been of the exceptional nation. ” McCain said, “That does not mean that America goes everywhere. There’s some situations where we cannot do anything.” “America has a role in the world. Everywhere I’ve been in the world Americans have been appreciated and honored for their service and their assistance. I’m proud that our military is the best in the world.” McCain said, “I believe the military is the best its ever been, better equipped, better trained. We live in a dangerous world and we’re going to need the highest quality of men and women to serve and that means providing them with paying benefits they deserve. Honoring them where they should be honored it also means giving them whatever they need more to win the fight.” Mark Sugden can be reached at Mark. Brandon Caples can be reached at




American College Vernacular Loses Luster like “like,” “um” and “uh.” However, both admitted that they occasionally catch themselves using those fillers since going to UT. Another USA Today College article from February 2012 discussed the importance of grammar for college students in search of jobs after graduation. However, social media outlets like Facebook and Twitter may have “stigmatized good writing,” according to the article. The article also pointed out that poor grammar usage and speech skills are becoming problematic

ByJESSICA KEESEE Associate Editor

of English and writing at the University of Tampa. “ Employers think the same way. Our actions and our words reflect on the organization(s) for which we work...” Although Whiteside has encountered years of poor grammar from her students, she does not see this as anything new. “I’ve read the growing articles and stats on the decline of grammar and the attributions to technology. Honestly, I don’t see it. I’ve been teaching since 2001, and

When Joshua Kent and Karrindy Seepersad arrived at the University of Tampa for their freshman year of college, they had not yet realized they were in for a total culture shock. Kent, a senior studying criminology, and Seepersad, a senior studying psychology, found it difficult to communicate with their peers. The problem wasn’t a language barrier; it was basic speech. What Seepersad and Kent experienced upon arriving at UT is not new. Back in Oct. 2011, USA Today College posted the article “Top 5 grammar habits that have to go.” The article detailed such problems as using the word “hash tag” in everyday conversations (a phenomenon brought about with the rise in popularity of Twitter), overusing abbreviations and text lingo, using the word “literally” incorrectly and saying “like” or “um” as fillers while speaking. The last one is what Seepersad and Kent took issue with. “It was really weird for me,” admitted Seepersad on first experiencing the overuse of fillers by her American peers. “So weird Graphic by Jessica Keesee that I started to count how many times. I Celebrity tweets are thought to influence the declining grammar skills amongst college students. remember one time I counted how many times a girl said the word ‘like’ in her speech or something, and it was at least for American college students which could I don’t see a huge difference in students’ above 30 times and it was just shocking.” affect their future opportunities. command of grammar; frankly, it’s been “As a teacher of writing, I see sloppy consistently pretty bad over time,” said “I just see the stereotypical American grammar as part of that overall image a Whiteside, who asserted that technology saying ‘like.’ Every other word would be student portrays to the world. And, for and social media sites merely act as ‘like,’” said Kent. me, their grammar is not just a reflection scapegoats for poor grammar. Both students revealed that had they of them—it’s a reflection of me as well,” Mark Putnam, associate professor of talked that way back home in Trinidad, said Aimee Whiteside, assistant professor English and writing at the University of they would be chastised for using fillers

Student Leadership Staff is Forced to Restructure Harding said, “Each of the departing said. With new advisors, resources staff has been diligent in developing and relationships being made quickly, transitional plans so that we can Day says they are fortunately working maintain the programs and services out well. that are important to UT students and Despite losing four OSLE staff the University.” members, Harding said, “The hiring Powell is confident that things process for all four positions are will run the same. Though she has successfully in full motion with a already left, she knows the staff are well trained; she trained them herself thoroughly. She is proud “I think the problem with the of the staff and University academic integrity policy is that a for stepping into new lot of students don’t understand roles, especially the what academic integrity is,” students. One particular student, Ryan Day, has -Dr. Del Valle worked closely with each of the four OSLE staff members. “We’re having to rapidly adjust to the mass changes pool of very promising candidates for occurring in the office that we do each position.” The search committees most of our business through,” Day are made up of students, faculty and staff, and the campus community will also have a chance to provide their input. Day also serves on the search committee and says they hope to have the position filled by the end of the semester. Harding views the change as a way to “assess goals, strategies and approaches” and is excited about the future. He added, “We strive to unselfishly support employees in following their career paths; even if it means that they have to leave UT.”


Student Production/

Student Productions will also be faced with changes due to the reorganization of OSLE.


Sloane Baby can be reached at

Tampa, shared a similar view. “I think it’s historic. Every generation has thought that the youth has gone to hell for whatever reason. You can trace that all the way back to the Greeks. They always thought the youth would just do things differently and speak differently,” said Putnam. Poor grammar may not be a recent problem according to Whiteside and Putnam, but for Christopher Gurrie, assistant professor of speech at the University of Tampa, there has been a decline in speech skills. “I think the bastardization of English has happened over time. I think it could definitely get worse,” said Gurrie. Gurrie believes that this a modern problem for the American culture that stems from the popularization of reality TV shows and movies like Clueless, resulting in “society reflecting what they see.” “I think chastising it would definitely at least bring it out,” added Gurrie on a solution to the problem. “If reality TV is accepting it, people in our society with money are accepting it, wealthy people are doing it, young professionals are doing it, what’s left?” Gurrie went on to say that poor grammar and speech could negatively impact American college students seeking jobs as long as baby boomers remain in charge. Whether or not speech skills and grammar usage are declining is still up for debate amongst experts, but both have been deemed important for college students seeking a professional future. Jessica Keesee can be reached at




The Weekend Update DeLuna Music Festival with Pearl Jam, Foo Fighters, Florence + The Machine, Band of Horses and more Sept. 21-23

Pensacola Beach $160-$200

Halloween Horror Nights Begins Sept. 21

Universal Studios 6:30 p.m. $90

Tampa Bay Rays vs. Toronto Blue Jays Sept. 21-23

Tropicana Field 7:10 p.m.

97X Green Room: One Night Only with Switchfoot, Jack’s Mannequin and more Sept. 21

Ruth Eckerd Hall, Clearwater



of the

Photo by Taylor Sanger/The Minaret George P. Bush speaks to UT students in John Sykes Chapel.

7:30 p.m. Free

13th Annual Howl-O-Scream Begins Sept. 21

Busch Gardens 7:30 p.m. $45-$80

Film Night: Project X Sept. 21

Reeves Theatre 8 p.m. Free

Into the Streets Sept. 22

Fletcher Lounge 9 a.m. - 1 p.m. Free with UT I.D.

Women’s Soccer vs. Barry Sept. 22

Pepin Stadium 5 p.m. $5 adults, $3 students, Free with UT I.D.

Men’s Soccer vs. Barry Sept. 22

Pepin Stadium 7:30 p.m. $5 adults, $3 students, Free with UT I.D.

Arts + Entertainment



Carly Rae, The Killers, Go Radio Grab Good Reviews By ERIC DUFFERT

Arts + Entertainment Writer

By ALEXANDRA TOWNSEND Arts + Entertainment Writer

Canadian pop star Carly Rae Jepsen, 26, became a popular name among teens when her song “Call Me Maybe” made it to the #1 spot on both the Billboard and Canadian Hot 100 last spring. Jepsen’s career began in 2007 when she was a contestant on season five of Canadian Idol. While on the show, she made it to third place and performed on the Canadian Idol Top Three concert tour. Shortly after, Jepsen signed with Fontana and Maple Music. While working with them she released her first album, Tug of War, on Sept. 30, 2008. Since then, the artist has been consistently producing and performing music while steadily increasing her fan base. Jepsen’s latest project is the release of her album Kiss. This album came out on Sept. 18, 2012. Throughout this album, Jepsen continues to use traditional upbeat, electronic dance music as the foundation for her songs. “Call Me Maybe” appears on this album as well as a combination of new songs. “Good Time” has already claimed recognition on iTunes’s Top Singles list. She collaborated with Owl City on this song. Justin Bieber, who had a large part in discovering her as an artist, accompanies her in “Beautiful.” Not only do her songs have the ability to be stuck in your head for days on end, but Jepsen’s lyrics are also relatable to many of her teen listeners. She sticks with light-hearted themes like relationships and having fun. Although, her lyrics are quite simple and repetitive. This is a smart marketing move, because it makes it easy for her songs to be memorable for even those individuals that are just flipping through the radio stations and aren’t necessarily a fan. Her songs leave you tapping your foot and humming along, even if you refuse to admit that you find it catchy. Jepsen stayed consistent with the song stylings of her past hits, and she fell into a niche that is bound to do nothing but become pop music gold. Critic’s Rating: 4 out of 5 stars Alexandra Townsend can be reached at staddancer@

Other Albums Released This Week Nelly Furtado The Spirit Indestructible Pink The Truth About Love Grizzly Bear Shields Band of Horses Mirage Rock Ben Folds Five The Sound of the Life of the Mind Easton Corbin All Over The Road Kanye West Cruel Summer Wiz Khalifa O.N.I.F.C. Ryan Bingham Tomorrowland Ne-Yo R.E.D. Little Big Town Tornado

It’s been over eight years since The Killers released their debut single. “Somebody Told Me” broke the Top 40 back in 2004, lighting a match that propelled the Las Vegas four-piece to headline act status. The band’s journey to present day 2012 has been a tumultuous one and about as smooth as the skin on a Nevada desert cactus. Along the way three less-than-stellar albums hit the shelves, all of them following the same indecisive path and leading to the same inevitable question: Are we a rock band or are we a pop band? With Battle Born, The Killers hope to squash that question like a pesky fat-tailed scorpion. After a few listens, I’m glad to say they have. If one is unfamiliar with The Killers’ work, there is no need to fret. One needs only to look to other big names of the overcrowded pop-rock genre. Like fellow headliners Coldplay, Keane and Snow Patrol, The Killers produce keyboard-driven pop-rock. Big choruses and sing-along melodies reverberate through amplifiers turned up to 11. Lead singer Brandon Flowers’ emotionally-tinged lyrics verge on themes of love, loss and a desire for a bygone era. This has been The Killers’ tested and tried formula for financial (but not critical) success. Battle Born is no different. There are some big songs here; possibly too big. “The Way It Was” is so grandiose and excessive it sounds like it came off a Meatloaf album and as one would suspect, the title track “Battle Born” is as triumphant a song as it should be. Over the years The Killers have built up a love for their hometown that would put New Jersey native and admirer Bruce Springsteen to shame. His love for all things Jersey is overshadowed by The Killers infatuation of all things Nevada. In recent years their image has become inseparable from state.


Arts + Entertainment Writer

There has always seemed to be an extremely long line between the small, devoted fan base and the wide, mainstream audience. Over the years, too many fantastic acts have tried to make the giant leap only to become jaded with the major label scene of the modern music industry. And who could blame them? How could an independent band, so used to creative freedom, be happy under the constant watch of businessmen who only care about whether they have the appeal to “catch on” with American radio? With the current state of the music industry, it seems impossible for any band to close the distance between radio appeal and genuine music. Tallahassee natives Go Radio fully understand this concept with their sophomore full length album Close the Distance, which hit stores this past Tuesday. They’ve leveled the playing field. They’ve created an album that not only deserves recognition for being well-crafted and heartfelt but also has the capacity to garner it. This is evident from the album’s outset. The opener “I Won’t Lie” absolutely bleeds passion, but that’s to be expected based on the band’s track record. Although, something is different: the song is gigantic. The track boasts a huge pop-rock hook built with a steady piano

This unconditional love produces a musical influence that is nothing short of unmistakable. Battle Born rightfully continues the tradition. The album title is, in fact, taken directly from the state motto of Nevada, The Battle Born State. Now that’s dedication. If only Springsteen would title his next album The Beautiful Garden State or Land of a Thousand Boardwalks; then, The Killers would see some real competition. With Battle Born, The Killers display a newfound sense of confidence. Gone is the indecisiveness. Departed is the musical insecurity. With Battle Born, The Killers have made it known that they are a rock band and a pop band. And you know what? That’s just fine with me. Critic’s Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars Eric Duffert can be reached at foundation and an incredible energy that is so absent from modern radio. That’s not to say that front man Jason Lancaster’s lyrics have suffered. In fact, he continues to improve his songwriting prowess with a more straightforward but still detailed style, focusing on the idea that hope is alive even in the darkest of places. While Go Radio’s debut album Lucky Street was one of the best records of last year, in my opinion, it was an uneven mixture of different styles, leaving the listener to question whether the young band (founded in 2007 after Lancaster left Mayday Parade) had a firm grasp of their own identity. Close the Distance, on the other hand, has more of a focus which mainly stays on the mid tempo pop-rock route. While this may sound bland in theory, the band is definitely good at keeping the listener’s attention, infusing pop-punk and alternative rock influences into their songs while still keeping the album together as one cohesive piece of art. Take, for example, the sparse, piano-laden ballad “What If You Don’t,” which may give Adele a run for her money in terms of both vocal power and emotional delivery by Lancaster. The track, which features guest violinist Sean Mackin (of Yellowcard), showcases Go Radio doing what they do best, pleasing fans of past songs such as “Why I’m Home” and “Goodnight Moon.” “Go To Hell” is possibly the catchiest song the band has ever produced. The single may have the capacity to match the success of surprise phenomenon “We Are Young.” This is balanced by album highlights “Collide” and “Thing’s I Don’t See” which prove that the band can still write a fantastic but straightforward pop-punk song with their eyes closed. With Close the Distance, Go Radio has carefully constructed a bridge between the genuineness of the independent music scene and mainstream radio appeal that would, in a fair world, be strong enough for the band to cross. From this point, however, all we can do is hope that Go Radio gets the recognition that they deserve and proves that radio-ready does not automatically mean contrived. For Go Radio, it means the best album of their career thus far. Critic’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars Jordan Walsh can be reached at jordan.walsh@




Sci-Fi Novel Could Be Next Hunger Games By AMANDA SIERADZKI Arts + Entertainment Writer

What does it take to survive aboard a spaceship fueled by lies? The tagline is cheesy. The book itself? Awesome beyond words. Across the Universe by Beth Revis will no doubt be the next Hunger Games. Let me be the first one to say it since my thunder was stolen on the whole Hunger Games series by not making

such a statement after I was among the first to read it in summer of 2009. Not that I’m holding a grudge. Across the Universe takes you on an extraterrestrial journey through the eyes of the two main characters Elder and Amy. The story begins with an “alternative” future in which the U.S.’s economy is a mess and

natural resources are close to total depletion (not too far off from where we are now, truthfully). This bleak reality is interrupted by the discovery of Centauri-Earth, a planet similar to Earth in atmosphere, flora and fauna according to samples collected by space probes. With the help and funding of the Financial Resource Exchange, the U.S. commissions a ship to be built in order to explore this far off oasis. Rocket scientists build Godspeed, a mega-ship equipped for the 300 year long journey it takes to get to Centauri-Earth, as well as 100 cryogenically frozen scientists and military personnel. This leads us to the opening of Across the Universe. Amy Martin is the daughter of a geneticist mother and military father who have been chosen to board Godspeed. The cryo process is described as Amy witnesses her mother drown in the blue liquid that will freeze her for 300 years. Before her father follows suit, he cautions her to not go with them out of obligation, since he’d rather she live out the rest of her life on Earth. After her father is sealed within his own icy box, Amy makes a choice she soon questions. As the workers stick her with IVs and tubing she overhears them say the ship won’t leave for another year. She panics, but it’s too late. She’s frozen for the next 301 years. Jumping into the future 250 years, the ship is en route to Centauri-Earth. After centuries of close bloodlines, the 2,312 people on Godspeed are mono-ethnic and subservient to their leader named Eldest. Their form of government and leadership was put into place after an elusively mentioned plague. Next in line to rule is 16-year-old Elder who is being trained on how to run the ship early since his predecessor could not complete his

training under mysterious circumstances. While exploring, Elder learns about a storage hold in the belly of the ship. He discovers the 100 frozen bodies inside and notices that a certain box with its glass covering has been pulled aside from the rest. Amy’s red hair and green eyes intrigue him as he has never seen such a diverse human before. Elder leaves the storage unit in search of answers but is faced with more questions instead. Then an alarm goes off, alerting Eldest and the onboard doctor. Amy’s box has been unplugged and she has woken up 50 years too early. While she was frozen, we get glimpses into her inner-psyche thanks to the backand-forth narration of the chapters between Amy and Elder’s perspective. It turns out that the mind doesn’t black out as it would under anesthetics. Amy’s mind was suspended in a dreamlike state, tortured without knowing how long it had been since she was first frozen. After waking up, she is bombarded with how different the people of the ship are from the humans she knew from SolEarth, what earth is now referred to in comparison to Centauri-Earth. Besides the strange behaviors of these mono-ethnic ship dwellers, Amy notices many flaws in the hierarchy and Eldest’s leadership. Across the Universe does more than a few 180 flips in plot line. This is what makes this sci-fi thriller so enthralling. The novel also poses a multitude of philosophical questions about life, death and the universe. To put it simply, each twist and question was amplified in my head with its own Inception BWONG. How does Amy deal with her iceshattering (forgive the pun) change in

circumstances? Will Eldest find the answers to the ship’s mysterious innerworkings (including the story behind the plague)? Most importantly, do these two ever hook up? Thankfully, Across the Universe cannot be reduced to a simple love story. It encompasses so much more. It zooms in on a ship lost in the vastness of the universe and details how human society is left to develop in complete isolation; whether it’s for the better or worst is up to the reader to decide. After marathon reading this novel, I can safely say that the ending was well worth the rollercoaster and whodunit puzzles it takes to get there. I was haunted in the best possible way. The best part, however, is that Across the Universe’s end flows seamlessly into its sequel’s beginning. A Million Suns meets any and all expectations, and I’m waiting in anticipation for the third book of the trilogy to arrive via FedEx on Jan. 15, 2013. Even if sci-fi is not your jam, take a chance on this book. And if you love it like I think you will, all I ask is that you remember who told you about this great series first when it inevitably blows up, gets a movie deal and has pre-teen girls wearing shirts with Elder’s face screen-printed on it. You’re welcome. Amanda Sieradzki can be reached at

Critic’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars

Cake Pops Make Fun Alternative to Traditional Halloween Candy


Arts + Entertainment Writer

Cake pops have become the new cupcake to many baking fanatics. Besides their scrumptiousness and functionality, their crunchy outer shell and moist, chewy cake on the inside make this baking trend hard to resist. They are so rich, that one cake pop should be enough to suffice your sweet tooth for the day. Not only are they sweet, but they are convenient to eat. Unlike a regular piece of cake, you can eat it on the go and not worry about making a mess. Cake pops are also a unique alternative for birthday celebrations and holiday events. If you are planning on having a Halloween get-together, they are an ideal snack for your guests. This recipe can be altered with red velvet cake instead of vanilla cake and black candy melts instead of pink candy melts to better suit the Halloween ambience. As a certified barista at Starbucks, I noticed that the Starbucks cake pops would sell out pretty quickly. One day at work, an elderly woman asked for

a cake pop, but we had already sold out. I recommended some other treats to her, but she decided to leave without paying a penny. Customers are constantly asking me, “How do you make cake pops?” or “What ingredients are in cake pops?” I don’t actually bake the goodies; I’m just the barista. However, I have created a viable alternative cake pop recipe that is similar to the Starbucks cake pops. It’s a simplified version that students could easily make in their own apartment and residence hall’s kitchens.


1 box of vanilla cake mix 1 container of white frosting 2 packages of pink candy melts or red gel food coloring (available at Michael’s) 1 bag of lollipop sticks (available at Michael’s) 1 container of rainbow sprinkles 1 large mixing bowl 1 cake pan Some wax paper 1 small bowl 1 foam block (available at Michael’s)


1) Bake the cake in the cake pan by following the directions on the cake mix box. 2) Once the cake has completely cooled, use clean hands to transfer the cake into

Casey Budd/The Minaret

Cake Pops are a popular treat among Starbucks’ customers that often sell out.

a large mixing bowl and crumble up the cake to make more sticky. 3) Mix in the icing with the cake. 4) Roll cake into balls (about the size of ping pong balls) and place roughly 2 inches apart on wax paper. 5) Refrigerate for 10 to 15 minutes. 6) Microwave the candy melts in a small bowl by following the directions on the candy melt package. 7) Dip the tops of the lollipop sticks

into the candy coating, then insert the sticks into the cake balls about half way. 8) Place in the freezer for 1 hour. 9) Coat the cake pops with the candy coating. 10) Stick the empty end of the lollipop sticks into the foam block to decorate with sprinkles and let dry. Madison Irwin can be reached at




Ta t r o S a t i r i z e s t h e F r a t L i f e s t y l e By Xelmarie Medina

Arts + Entertainment Writer

It is Friday night, and you are fed up with your boring professors and want to forget about the pile of homework that is due next Monday. You decide to go out and have a good time with your friends to get your mind off the stress. You text your girls, slip on your favorite dress and party all night long. Although, somewhere between the dancing and the fun, that guy comes along. Him. The one that your fellow females warned you about. The annoying, drunk frat guy. Of course, there are stereotypes for every group of college students. Not every single fraternity member spends the majority of his time drinking and trying to hook up with girls. Nonetheless, some guys do fall into that solo cup of clichés. They can be an easy target for satire. Take Jimmy Tatro, for example. He is a college student from California who administers his own Youtube channel called “LifeAccordingToJimmy.” The majority of his videos are fictionalized representations that mock frat guys and their actions. Out of his 14 fan favorite videos in his channel, at least half make some reference to frat life. In his video “THAT Drunk Guy,” Tatro acts as the typical frat guy who thinks he is the life of the party, when, in all actuality, everyone else thinks he is annoying and a wannabe. He portrays the kind of guy who tries too hard that no one wants to be around. In other videos, such as in “The Little Bro,” “Sht Frat Guys Say,” “West Coast Report: Fraternity Rush” and “How to Start a Bro Fight,” Tatro acts out how stereotypical frat bros act during recruitment and at parties.

Jimmy Tatro started his own YouTube channel called “LifeAccordingToJimmy” where he satirizes the stereotypical fraternity member and their actions.

“I think the videos are hilarious, but they stereotype fraternities 100 percent. It makes it seem like fraternities are all about partying when there is really a lot more to it than that,” said sophomore biology major Joey Pawlan, who is the founder of UT’s Zeta Beta Tau chapter. In some of his videos, Tatro plays an arrogant upperclassmen fraternity member that belittles pledges and degrades women. Some could argue that Tatro’s videos are fairly close to reality, but others

could argue that they are exaggerated representations of what frat life is really like. The stereotype of a frat guy can also vary between different universities and fraternities. “They work off stereotypes, which almost all of them seem to hold true. This causes them to be satirical,” said sophomore marketing major Jake Loken, who is a member of UT’s Sigma Phi Epsilon chapter. Xelmarie Medina can be reached at xelmymedina@

Student Meets Obama Multiple Times, Encourages Voting By JAKE KONISZEWSKI Arts + Entertainment Writer

Top: Gomez attended President Obama’s Inauguration in Washington D.C. Right: Obama gives autographs after a speech he gave at the Port of Tampa earlier this year.

Photos courtesy of Cristina Gomez

With the presidential election not too far away, it is difficult to avoid thinking about politics or becoming politically active. Cristina Gomez, a member of College Democrats, is one student who has continued to be politically active on campus. A sophomore and government and world affairs major, Gomez joined College Democrats her freshman year. Although, she began identifying herself as a Democrat sometime in high school around 2008. Over the past five years, she has seen President Obama in person four times. Of those four times, she got to shake his hand twice. In 2007, Gomez and her family traveled from Houston, Texas to Austin in order to see Obama speak during his campaign for presidency. “We waited a long time to get second row seats,” said Gomez. This would be her first time shaking Obama’s hand. It was not until Obama’s inauguration that Gomez got to see him again. “It was definitely worth standing in the cold,” she said. Gomez did not just get to see Obama and hear him give a speech when she saw him the following time. She and some of the other College Democrats members volunteered with White House staff when Obama came to the Tampa Port Authority at the Port of Tampa while on his way to Cuba. She got to shake his hand for the second time. She and the other members of College Democrats recently saw Obama again on Sept. 8, 2012 when he spoke at St. Petersburg College in St. Petersburg, Fla. Gomez hopes to see Obama in Washington D.C. when he gives his

second inaugural speech. Although she has seen Obama speak on several occasions, she would also like to meet Hillary Clinton and Philip Gordon. Gomez was attracted to the Democratic Party for the party’s views on gay rights and women’s rights, but she is especially supportive of the party’s view on education and student loans. “Education in this country... we need to step it up,” said Gomez. “Some people don’t get to go to college. We need loans.” Along with College Democrats, Gomez has been helping anyone and everyone to register to vote. “You hear a lot of people complain about the country,” said Gomez. “Your vote can make a difference. Every vote counts!” Gomez has been a registered voter since last spring. “This [upcoming presidential election] would be my first time voting,” said Gomez. If you want to get involved politically, but you are not sure about which party you fit into or how to get involved, Gomez has advice for you. “Go to a meeting with UT’s College Democrats and UT’s College Conservatives, and find which you identify with more.” Not only does joining either group help you become politically active on campus, it is also a good opportunity to make friends like Gomez. The College Democrats meet Mondays at 9 p.m. in Plant Hall room 220, and the College Conservatives meet Mondays at 8 p.m. on the veranda between Walker and Sykes. Whichever party you choose, you are striving to make America a better place. “As college students, we should educate ourselves and get involved as much as we can,” said Gomez. Jake Koniszewski can be reached at



Ancient Rome Lives On During My Modern Vacation

By SAMANTHA DELLE Arts + Entertainment Writer

I am not sure what image of Rome I had pictured in my head, but the city really surprised me, especially in its aesthetics. The traffic, omnipresent public transportation, groups of tourists snapping photos and bustling city atmosphere strongly reminded me of New York City. Although, everywhere I looked I could see ancient monuments and marble columns. Amidst the cars and buses were women in high heels on Vespa scooters and businessmen wearing suits as they cruised by on their motorcycles. In the morning, the little cafés that lined the streets would serve deliciously fresh pastries filled with crèmes and fruit pastes. In the evening, waiters would stand by their places of work and entice passersby to sit down and eat. The bottoms of the menus would read “no frozen food” and “air-conditioning inside.” Having air-conditioning was actually a viable persuasion tactic for tourists. The Roman sun was incredibly strong over the course of the day; I could practically feel the skin on my arms sizzling. Possibly the most enjoyable tour I experienced was of the Colosseum. It had a lot to do with the tour guide, though. I could just tell by the way he carefully picked his words that he cherished his job. He was also quite protective of the


least three languages: English, Italian and Russian. He told us that the Colosseum was originally called the Flavian Amphitheater, and, thus, there were some inconsistencies with his favorite movie, Gladiator. The characters refer to the structure as the Colosseum, which would not have happened at the time. I would advise anyone planning to visit the Vatican to book a tour in advance. It will enable you to bypass a serpentine line that appears to go on forever. Also, be sure to cover shoulders and knees when visiting the Vatican. I saw many tourists turned away for wearing clothing that was too revealing. Some street vendors are even strategically placed outside selling thin, colorful scarves to those individuals who forgot to cover up. Throughout the tour, everywhere I looked held something elaborate and beautiful, from the paintings and mosaics to the tapestries. The Sistine Chapel was absolutely gorgeous. The attention to detail on the human figures was amazing. The fresco paintings, done on wet plaster, cover the ceiling and most of the walls. I found it difficult to choose where to look because of the overwhelming beauty. Guards were positioned around the edges of the room to quiet the visitors and ensure the safety of the artwork. Michelangelo put in so much effort to create the Sistine Chapel ceiling; the attention to detail is incredible. Contrary to popular

Clockwise from top left: The Colosseum is one of the most acclaimed sites to visit in Rome. Just be sure to book your tour in advance; Spaghetti at the restaurant Ivo a Trastevere; One of the ceilings within the Vatican. It is prohibited to take pictures of the Sistine Chapel ceiling; and priests march through the streets of Rome during a procession of the Virgin Mary.

country. Technically, the Italian tour guide was a foreigner. The Vatican also has its own post office and stamps, so I took this opportunity to mail postcards back home to some of my friends and neighbors. Unbeknownst to my family, while we walked through Trastevere, a district in Rome, we stumbled upon the Festa di Noantri, which is an event that happens every year on the first Saturday after July 16. We witnessed the procession of the statue of the Virgin Mary through the streets. Priests walked along with the procession speaking into megaphones in Italian, presumably giving a sermon or explaining the significance of the event. After watching the procession, we followed the recommendation of the National Geographic Walking Rome guidebook and ate dinner at Ivo a Trastevere, a restaurant in the district. I decided to order some spaghetti. I was very impressed by the authenticity of the dish, which was served “al dente” with fresh basil leaves and Parmesan cheese. Our waiter was extremely animated.


The attention to detail on the human figures was amazing. The fresco paintings, done on wet plaster, cover the celing and most of the walls.

ancient ruins. One group of tourists ignored the signs strictly forbidding people to sit on the ruins, and he immediately began to yell at them in Russian. He turned back to our group and muttered an apology to us for their behavior. I thought it just made him seem more impressive, because he clearly spoke at

Photos courtesy of Samantha Delle

belief, he painted while standing in an uncomfortable position with his neck bent toward the ceiling rather than lying parallel to the scaffolding. For an impressive look at the Sistine Chapel from the Internet, go to http:// vr/index.html for a 360 degree view. The Vatican is actually its own

He would quickly slide through the restaurant, almost as if gliding on roller skates. When he heard how much we enjoyed the food, he graciously asked the owner to autograph our guidebook for us. At night, illuminated white tents lined the Tiber, the ancient river that surrounds Rome. Some of the tents housed restaurants and hookah lounges. A vast majority sold souvenirs. They sold everything from purses and t-shirts to used Italian novels and magnets depicting diagrams of Italian dishes. I even had my palm read by a machine called “the Mouth of Truth.” It cost one euro (approximately $1.50), and I received a printout on receipttextured paper predicting my life’s future path. Though Rome’s fast-paced nature seems geared toward tourists, it sustains a rich and thriving Italian culture heavily influenced by centuries of tradition. The city serves as a link between its ancient past and modern way of life. Samantha Delle can be reached at




Obama and Romney’s Response to Attack on US Embassy in Libya Conservative Perspective

Liberal Perspective

By ALEX CARABALLO Opinion Columnist

In one of the most craven political decisions of the campaign cycle, and there have been many, the Romney campaign issued a statement criticizing the president of appeasing the protesters outside the embassy in Cairo and Libya. At the exact moment the statement was being released by the Romney campaign, the American embassy in Libya was being breached by attackers which resulted in the deaths of four Americans, including Ambassador to Libya, J. Christopher Stevens. To better understand the nature of Romney’s remarks in context, the events that occurred on Sept. 11, 2012 need to be looked at in chronological order. 6:17 a.m. (ET) The American Embassy in Cairo issued a press release that denounced an obscure film that mocked Islam, and the Prophet Mohammed. Facing a growing crowd of protesters outside, the embassy issued the statement that condemned “the continuing efforts by misguided individuals to hurt the religious feelings of Muslims – as we condemn efforts to offend believers of all religions.” 2:07 p.m. The American Embassy in Cairo was later breached and the American flag was torn down and replaced with a black flag. Although the embassy walls had been breached, there was no major damage or injury caused by the incident. 10:00 p.m. The assailants first reached the walls of the Libyan embassy and began their assault. 10:07 p.m. The Romney campaign issued a statement to the press that was to be embargoed till midnight. 10:15 p.m. Some of the assailants gained access to the embassy compound. Over the course of the next two hours, intense fighting occurred between the security forces and the attackers. By midnight, three Americans had been killed and the whereabouts of Ambassador Stevens were unknown. 10:25 p.m. The Romney campaign lifted the embargo early and released a statement to the media from Romney that read, “I’m outraged by the attacks on American diplomatic missions in Libya and Egypt and by the death of an American consulate worker in Benghazi. It’s disgraceful that the Obama Administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.” 6:18 a.m. It was not until Sept. 12 that the whereabouts of the ambassador were finally known and disseminated by the Associated Press. The Honorable Stevens had died due to smoke inhalation from a fire at the embassy the night before. 10:16 a.m. The Romney campaign held a press conference to address the statement released the night before in lieu of the ambassador’s death. Romney vigorously defended and doubled down on his characterization of President Obama as an appeaser and being weak on foreign policy. 10:42 a.m. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton appeared next to President Obama at the White House

as he conveyed his condolences to the families of those affected and the president stated, “There’s absolutely no justification for this senseless violence, none.” The Romney campaign was so desperate to score political points against President Obama that they criticized a press release, issued before the breach at the embassy, as an apology from the Obama administration to the attackers. They issued this criticism as an embargoed statement to avoid the appearance of playing politics on Sept. 11, only to subsequently release the statement during an actual assault on the embassy in Libya in which four Americans lost their lives. To say this was one of the most cynical and crass political moves of the election is an understatement. The audacity it took to issue a statement erroneously criticizing the president, during an ongoing breach at the American embassy in Libya, is beyond comprehension. It wasn’t just the insensitive timing, the entire basis of Romney’s criticism is a false narrative that President Obama is weak on foreign policy and that he has been on an apology tour across the world. Apparently Osama Bin Laden missed a date on that apology tour because President Obama ordered the mission that resulted in his death. Many Republicans immediately rebuked the campaign which left Romney alone in his criticism. A former Bush administration State Department official stated in a Buzzfeed article, “It wasn’t presidential of Romney to go political immediately; a tragedy of this magnitude should be something the nation collectively grieves before politics enters the conversation.” Prominent Republican officials Senator John McCain, and Speaker John Boehner, all took the correct action and saw it fit to issue statements expressing their condolences to the victims along with a stern condemnation of the attacks on the embassy without taking political shots at the president during a national tragedy. The irony is that this fiasco occurred on Sept. 11 when only 11 years before, the nation faced the worst attack on American soil in our history. During the events of 9/11, no one looked for a politician or a political party to blame, but rather, everyone came together and rallied behind President Bush, who did his best to reassure a nation in mourning. When we as a country face tragedy, we put aside our political differences and rally around the American flag. We don’t lob political cheap shots. The Romney campaign thought they could score some political points as a result of the situation at the American embassies in Egypt and Libya, but rather they showed themselves to be completely insensitive, political rank amateurs. Romney has exuded such unpresidential behavior during this ordeal by politicizing the attack of an embassy, that he has shown himself to be completely devoid of the ability to lead this country. It’s now officially amateur hour at the Romney campaign. Alex Caraballo can be reached at

By JACK WHITAKER Opinion Columnist

The latest uproar associated with the upcoming election involves Governor Mitt Romney’s response to the Obama administration’s reaction to the rising tension in the Middle East and to the administration’s direct response to the multitude of attacks on United States’ Embassies, Consuls and other U.S. interests in that region. During the past decade the United States has invested more than a trillion dollars and over six thousand American lives in attempts to defend itself from attacks that were planned and launched from this same region. This is a complex discussion which involves sophisticated judgments relevant to whether we should have launched offensive operations in Iraq and maintained a longterm presence in Afghanistan. Necessarily, this must also involve equally complex discussions regarding the United States’ risky gamble in assisting unproven and potentially dangerous groups to seize control of Egypt and Libya. These issues and discussions are all fair game during any election cycle. We all realize that the culture within the Middle East is, well, very foreign to the American mindset. Maybe Lawrence of Arabia, the protagonist of the 1962 film of the same name, understood these folks, but it seems clear our national leaders struggle in this regard. Because of this challenge, we have made a number of missteps, and a fair number of these missteps occurred during the past four years, during the current administration. Governor Romney wants to address them. Is that fair in the context of an American presidential election? I suggest that the answer to this question should be an absolute no-brainer: of course it is fair. It is not only fair-- it is critical. We are losing American lives at an appalling rate and spending American treasure like there is no end to our wealth, all in order to address the threat posed by forces within this region. Of course this is expected as a topic for debate. The immediate issue at hand orbits around the Obama administration’s actions and comments regarding the most recent attacks in Egypt, Libya and Yemen. Many of the actions and comments were issued by the leadership within our embassies and consuls. For the record, it is important to understand that our president personally selects each ambassador for each nation. These handpicked men and women report directly to the president. It may appear that these ambassadors are under the control of the Secretary of State, but they are not. They are chartered directly by the president and serve as his personal representatives in their respective countries. Why this is important? The answer is simple, because this reality forecloses any argument that these folks do not represent the president’s administration. News outlets such as Fox and www. indicate that the Obama administration had intelligence that foretold the immediate threat of the attacks, yet the Marine guards were not allowed to load their firearms and the nature of the threat was not passed down to the various country teams. Immediately before the attack on the U.S. Embassy in Cairo, the administration’s diplomat in Cairo released a statement basically apologizing for America’s actions. Later, Obama made it clear that the statement released by this particular embassy official had not been approved by him or his cabinet. However, it must be remembered that these embassy officials are his direct representatives and take their marching orders directly from him. If they are marching without orders, then we have an appalling leadership void. That, in and of itself, is a serious issue.

So what exactly happened and what exactly did Governor Romney say that generated criticism? First, an anonymous person aired an anti-Islamic video on YouTube. In response to the video and ongoing riots, the U.S. Embassy in Egypt issued the now infamous apology to the people of Islam. Thereafter, Romney, asserted that, as reported on, “The Obama administration’s first response was not to condemn attacks on our diplomatic missions, but to sympathize with those who waged the attacks.” Again, President Obama said he never directed the apologies and is not responsible for them. He then accused Governor Romney of not having his facts straight and irresponsibly making an accusation before he understood the facts. Here at The University of Tampa, I am a cadet in the ROTC program (although, I hasten to point out that this article does not reflect the opinion of the ROTC program at all, and is my own personal opinion). In this excellent program, I am taught leadership skills. Among these skills and responsibilities, we are taught that anything that occurs while we are in command or in charge is our responsibility. This is Leadership 101: when in charge, take charge and also accept responsibility. I believe that if a 22-year-old lieutenant is responsible for the acts of his junior leaders, then a 50something-year-old U.S. president can be held to the same standard. As we sort through the facts, a number of truths begin to rise to the top. First, both the Obama and Bush administrations made decisions that locked our foreign policy into a certain path in the Middle East. During the 2008 election, President Obama was highly critical of the Bush Administration’s decisions, yet, after he became president, he chose to stay the same course. If these decisions were relevant during the 2008 election, they are still relevant in 2012. Second, in 2008, Obama criticized the actions of all sorts of folks that Bush had appointed to office, even though Bush may or may not have known about the subject matter under critique. President Bush accepted responsibility for the actions of the people he appointed. I respectfully submit that our current president might take a lesson here. Third, Governor Romney was undoubtedly right when he stated that the Obama administration apologized to the very evil people who launched the cowardly attacks on our embassies and consuls. Fourth, the fact of the matter is that the United States government should not be apologizing for anything associated with this video. The government did not make or fund the creation of the video, nor should they accept responsibility for it. It was made by a person from private funds. It is in no way connected to our government. Rather than show our strength as a nation, we, under the Obama administration, showed weakness to the entire world. Many suggest that this entire episode will hurt the Romney campaign. If that is so, it is a very sad commentary on the American electorate. I choose to believe that the American people are too smart to be fooled by the administration’s attempt to avoid a meaningful debate of its policies, decisions, failures and successes in regard to the Middle East. It is obvious to me that this is an issue of extreme importance. I might even find myself in this region fighting for my nation. Accordingly, I have a vested interest in the competent and responsible handling of this issue. Everything done or not done must be subject to review, comment and debate before we all go cast our votes. Jack Whitaker can be reached at jack.



Ex-Navy SEAL’s Book on Bin Laden Raid Stirs Controversy By DAVID ADAMS Opinion Columnist

During the wee hours of the morning on May 2, 2011, the rotor noise of two incoming UH-60 Black Hawk helicopters cut through the silence in the sleepy suburban city of Abbottabad, Pakistan. Nearly one million Pakistanis reside there, but the men inside the two Black Hawks weren’t worried about any of them. The pilots, hand-selected from the Army’s 160th Special Operations Aviation Regiment, and the 24 men from SEAL Team Six they were carrying, were looking for one Afghani national who has managed to elude the grasp of the United States military for nearly ten years. The decade-long hunt for Osama bin Laden was about to come to a bloody end. In his book No Easy Day, ex-SEAL Team Six operative Mark Owen (a pseudonym) recounts Operation Neptune Spear, the codename of the raid that killed Bin Laden. In addition, he tells about the training and preparation involved in carrying out this dangerous mission. Published by DuttonPenguin Publishing, the book was released by Owen on Sept. 4, 2012 and was not submitted to the Department of Defense for editing. This generated a lot of controversy, and many military representatives spoke out against Owen’s decision to write No Easy Day. During a Sept. 9, 2012 interview with Scott Pelley from CBS’s 60 Minutes, Owen gave viewers a firsthand account of the operation, as well as his reasons behind writing No Easy Day. Owen claims he wrote the book as a tribute to the men and women who took part in the intelligence gathering, planning and execution of the May raid, as well as for all of the Navy SEAL’s past, present and future. Owen told Pelley that in a meeting with President Obama, he and the other team members refused to name the man who pulled the trigger that ultimately killed Bin Laden. “Pulling a trigger’s easy. You know, a couple pounds of pressure on your trigger finger, and I’ve done it millions of times, and it’s not that

hard,” Owen said to Pelley during their sitdetails about a mission against Enemy Number down. “You know, so it’s not about who that 1; and generally selling other aspects of NSW one person was. It’s about the team, or the training and operations,” the letter continued. helicopter pilots, or the intel folks that teed this “For an Elite Force that should be humble whole thing up. Who cares who the one person and disciplined for life, we are certainly not is? Doesn’t matter.” appearing to be so. We owe our Chain of Over the course of the interview with Command much better than this.” Pelley, Owen stated a number of times that the In addition to the SEALs commander’s raid wasn’t about one individual, it was about reproach of Owen, the Pentagon has the team of men and women who put together commented on the legality of the book’s all of the intelligence and coordinated the entire content. In a article by Barbara operation. He Starr, excerpts from made it clear that a letter from the the book was not Pentagon’s General about him, and Counsel Jeh that much of the Charles Johnson to profit he makes Owen states that from sales will be he is in violation of donated to charities federal law. that help families of “In the judgment fallen soldiers. His of the Department of selfless comments Defense, you are in and endless kudos material breach and to the supporting violation of the nonmembers of his disclosure agreements team have fallen you signed. Further on deaf ears of top public dissemination military officials. of your book will SEALs aggravate your breach Commander Rear and violation of your Admiral Sean agreements.” Pybus wrote Other military gorekun/ an open letter officials have come Mark Owen tributes his book to all Navy SEALs. to his men shortly out against the release after news of No Easy Day was reported. of the book, most notably the Secretary of An excerpt of the letter was published in Defense Leon Panetta. Despite the severe an article by Fox News, clearly showing backlash from the military and intelligence Admiral Pybus’ displeasure with the book: community, the book was released on Sept. 4, “As the Commander of NSW (Naval 2012, and has since skyrocketed to the top of the Special Warfare), I am disappointed, New York Times Bestsellers List. embarrassed and concerned. Most of us have I have not yet finished reading No Easy always thought that the privilege of working Day so I cannot comment on the book itself. with some of our nation’s toughest warriors However, I do feel that Owen should have on challenging missions would be enough to considered his contractual obligation to the be proud of, with no further compensation or military before publishing. I have mixed celebrity required.” feelings about the release. Part of me feels that “Today, we find former SEALs headlining the details of Operation Neptune Spear should positions in a presidential campaign; hawking be made public, even if only to assuage the pain

felt by the victims of 9/11’s surviving families. Also, the death of bin Laden was a major historical event for the United States that will live in history. Such a powerful story deserves to be told and retold. However, part of me also can agree with the DOD and Pentagon being upset at the release of No Easy Day. By signing a military contract you agree to all of the terms and conditions, and I believe that the DOD and military are justified in their anger towards Owen. Whether or not vital classified information on training and tactics are in the book, DOD reserves the right to edit material before it becomes public knowledge. The reason our special operations are able to function smoothly is because a lot of what they do is kept hidden from view of the public. In the interest of national security and the safety of the United States, keeping certain cards close to one’s chest is often necessary. Author George Orwell once said, “People sleep peaceably in their beds at night only because rough men stand ready to do violence on their behalf.” This statement has an incredible amount of truth in it, and out of respect for those rough men we need to keep how they go about their business a secret. I have no doubt that every military in the world wishes they had our technology and tactics, and books like No Easy Day could potentially reveal some of the “how we do it” to them. The last thing we need is Hezbollah, Al-Qaeda and other terror organizations practicing room clearing and other military tactics. As my final verdict, I have to take sides with the government on this one. Owen should have at least consulted them before going ahead with the publishing of No Easy Day. I think in the end it would have saved him a lot of backlash, and we never would have heard of any controversy over the release. Although military officials have a right to be miffed at Owen, the book still promises to be a fast-paced and exciting read. David Adams can be reached at

Professor Breast-Feeding During Lecture Lacks Propriety By LAUREN RICHEY Opinion Writer

Professor Adrienne Pine brought her 1-year-old sick baby into her “Sex, Gender and Culture” class at American University on Aug. 25. In the middle of her lecture the baby began to fidget, so what did she do? She decided to expose her breast and nurse her child in front of 40 students. Twitter exploded into controversy when a student in the classroom, Jake Edward Carias, tweeted that his “total feminist” professor began to breastfeed during the lecture, ending the tweet with the hashtag “#wtf.” As a young woman with no parental experience and as a current college student, I think Carias had every reason to be freaked out. Society puts up with the public display of breastfeeding everywhere, from shopping malls to restaurants. Why push it any further? Professor Pine pushed it quite a bit further to the level of absurdity. There is nothing wrong with a woman breastfeeding a sick child, yet for a teacher to so blatantly disregard the feelings of her students in the classroom is outrageous. Her students are paying for an education, not a floor show. Would it be okay for a lawyer to breastfeed in the middle of a trial, or a politician to unbutton her shirt while giving an address to

the public? No, because it would deter any woman from doing her job effectively. A working mother with a 1year-old infant to take care of understandably has a lot on her plate. I gladly champion any woman taking on the responsibility of raising a child and working a full-time job. I agree with Pine in only one of her actions: when her baby is sick, nothing is going to stop her from caring for it. But there has to be at least some give and take, and if a mother is to be completely dedicated to her kid, she’s going to have to take a day or two off work. Yes, it has to be incredibly hard to care for a baby and pay for one too. Yet a true demonstration of a good mother is being able to handle these two aspects of life in the most respectable way possible. It’s not to knowingly make a spectacle in front of a classroom of students. Pine’s reaction to a reporter from the college’s newspaper questioning her was almost as absurd as the action itself. The journalist, Heather Mongilio was “careful, respectful and thorough” stated WashingtonPost. com. She was obviously not trying to pry or offend the professor. However, Pine automatically assumed that there was going to be an anti-feminist article about her, and responded with an online essay titled: “The Dialectics of Breastfeeding on

Campus: Exposéing My Breasts on the Internet.” In this essay she wrote that, “If I considered feeding my child to be a ‘delicate’ or sensitive act, I would not have done it in front of my students.” The administration of the school then reportedly stated that a sick child had no place in the classroom and avoided the breastfeeding issue completely, according to Honestly, Pine blew the entire situation out of proportion. She attempted to turn one unfortunate circumstance into a public feminist statement. At this point, I feel like she is just using her child as an excuse to make her extremely liberal views known to the world. There are laws that protect a Daquella manera/ woman’s right to breastfeed in Breast-feeding should not be done in a classroom setting. public, but is a relatively expensive private school considered public? believe in propriety in the workplace, Is it the same as breastfeeding at and that there is a time and place for an Applebee’s or inside a crowded everything. department store? I don’t think so. I can’t help but wonder what In public places the audience has Pine’s mother and even grandmother the option to look away if they are would think of all this. Was she raised offended. In a classroom, students to believe that thrusting her personal pay good money to sit in class and intently watch their professor lecture. life into the faces of college students was okay? What was unacceptable It’s simply not fair to them. yesterday may be acceptable today, Coming from an old fashioned but propriety is one thing that is family with very conservative views never going to change. on what’s proper and what’s not, Lauren Richey can be reached at my viewpoint is unchanging. I am not anti-feminist but I do strongly

13 ‘Ben and Cherry’s’ Porn Film Series Offends Ice Cream Company THE MINARET | SEPTEMBER 20 2012


reported by The New York Post, Ben and Jerry’s stated that the trademark for the video covers “[would be] likely to cause confusion in the minds of consumers,� and that the names were intentional rip offs of their “Boston Cream Pie,� “Chocolate Fudge Brownie� and “Peanut Butter

them. Plus, it is definitely not the first time the porn industry has put a spin on a name to create their x-rated Ben and Jerry’s has given the cold movies, using names like “A Tale of shoulder to the porn industry. Two Titties� and “Forrest Hump� as According to The Los Angeles raunchy spin-offs of “A Tale of Two Times, this past week Ben and Jerry’s Cities� and “Forrest Gump.� But, filed a lawsuit against Caballero this could be the first time the porn Video, a porn DVD industry got their distribution company, for ideas from a dessert. the selling of “Ben and Surprisingly, this Cherry’s� porn videos. isn’t the first time The array of video titles, Ben and Jerry’s has as reported by CBS News, run into controversy include “Boston Cream issues this year. Thighs,� “Chocolate According to CNN, Fudge Babes� and Ben and Jerry’s “Peanut Butter D-Cups.� released, earlier This did not sit well with this year, a limited Ben and Jerry’s, and they edition frozen soon decided to take yogurt flavor sold legal action. in Boston shops According to The called “Taste the Associated Press, the ice Lin-Sanity,� named cream company filed a after the Harvard lawsuit on Sept. 5 in New basketball star York City federal courts Jeremy Lin. The for damages, asking a dessert included judge for the removal fortune cookies, of these videos from the which were later Graphic By Justine Parks/The Minaret market. On Sept. 12, Ben changed to waffle and Jerry’s won the lawsuit, ‘Ben and Jerry’s’ sued porn company which resulted in the recall of the film series. cookies due to and the North Hollywood racist allegations company was forced by court because of the athlete’s Asian Cup� flavors. I understand the issues order to remove all movies from of copyright of the name and rights of background. Ben and Jerry’s later distribution and destroy all copies apologized, stating they were sorry the company, but it is not so difficult of the x-rated videos. It seems a bit for anyone offended by the flavor to distinguish a logo containing harsh for a couple names. and that “[their] intention was to Ben and Jerry’s signature rolling Ben and Jerry’s is known for their green hills from one full of naked create a flavor to honor Jeremy Lin’s famous Vermont ice cream, which, accomplishments and his meteoric porn stars. The porn company isn’t according to The Huffington Post, rise in the NBA.� Their intentions ripping off Ben and Jerry’s titles, but has sold over 45.6 million gallons of were in the right place, but their only putting their own dirty spin on ice cream in the past three years. As By SARAH GARRITY Opinion Writer

frosty treat should have been left out. The ice cream’s name could have brought Lin shame, and on the grounds that Ben and Jerry’s suing Caballero Video, Lin could have been in a position to do the same. If Ben and Jerry’s can sue because of the possible shame a spin-off could bring to their company, then many copyrighted works might as well do the same, for their titles have also been used to create cheap puns for porn titles. At some point or another, it is possible you may have stumbled upon a punny porn title and snickered. After a while, Hollywood probably let it go. Imagine all the lawsuits that would break out if any affected film companies sued the porn industry for movie titles and “damagesâ€? those porn movies did to their studio. Let the porn industry have their kicks and giggles. It’s one of the only things they have going for them anyway. People are not going to stop eating their ice cream because of a few pornographic movies. Alright, maybe a few up-tight people switch to HäagenDazs as their first pick, but the vast majority of us won’t be affected by the silly ordeal and will pick up a Ben and Jerry’s carton and spoon the next time we need a pick-me-up. Ben and Jerry’s has had enough controversies this year. They need to sit back and have a bit of Phish Food. I love Ben and Jerry’s and will continue to be a consumer of their ice cream, but you gotta laugh at yourself once in a while. Sarah Garrity can be reached at

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NBC Skips 9/11 Tribute for Kardashian Interview

By Elaina Zintl

care of themselves, and talking about why she was willing to air the Kris Jenner is the proud mother of replacing of her “expired” implants the six Kardashian siblings. The reality was a good way to promote her stance show Keeping up with the Kardashians and inform people about it. Women recently finished airing its seventh considering breast augmentation season in which Jenner goes under should be aware of the procedure and the knife for a breast implant surgery. the risks. NBC’s The Today Show interviewed The American Society of Plastic her for a segment on Sept. 11, in lieu Surgeons (ASPS) declares that the of a moment of silence for the victims safety and success of the procedure of the 2001 tragedy. Jenner told NBC’s greatly depends on whether or not Savannah Guthrie that she was happy you are open and honest during your that the surgery was filmed because consultation and details the risks and she wants to encourage women to be complications that may be involved in educated about their bodies and to take the procedure. The ASPS also states care of themselves. The interview was that future surgery and replacements may be required because implants are not guaranteed to last forever. Jenner commented on this during her interview. She mentioned that her first surgery was in 1989 and explained that she felt replacing them was the most prudent thing to do. Though this information is good to know, and it is respectable of Jenner to want to inform women, it is not more Illustration Courtesy of Devon Nestel important than “It was a moment of devastation and they’re more interested in a boob job?” remembering -Kesley Anderson the victims of the pleasant, but its timing was inappropriate. 9/11 attack. Skipping the moment of It is very respectable that Jenner silence for Sept. 11 in favor of airing wants to inform women about taking the Keeping up with Kris segment was Opinion Writer

ridiculous and wrong. I am not personally an avid fan or a follower of the Kardashian show, so I talked to others in hopes of gaining some perspective. The general consensus was that the show is fun and engaging. Marisa Quaresimo, a freshman film major, enjoys the show but declared, “I don’t think that [Kris Jenner] is that important.” While Kelsey Anderson, a freshman allied health major, stated, “Not even the president of the United States is that important. It was a moment of devastation, and they’re more interested in a boob job?” Although the segment that The Today Show aired was about more than just a boob job in that Jenner was trying to inform women about the surgery’s health risks, the choice in timing was terrible and unacceptable. Now, I do not believe that Jenner was aware that the segment would be replacing the expected moment of silence and observation. It has been reported on RadarOnline and The Today Show that she was not included in the decision to skip the moment of silence and that she is reportedly upset about the entire ordeal. Thanks to the show’s error in judgment she is stuck between a rock and a hard place. It was an unfortunate occurrence and her name is so deeply intertwined in the ordeal that it could be really bad for her and the Kardashian show. Fox News reported that people are considering boycotting NBC and Jenner because The Today Show has not agreed to apologize for the blunder. On Wednesday, Sept. 12, NBC continued to refuse to apologize and a spokesperson for the network even declared that The Today Show had dedicated a great amount of time

throughout the show to Sept. 11’s anniversary events. However, though the network did not directly apologize, it appears that NBC News president, Steve Capus, decided to. The New York Times reports that Capus told the NBC Affiliate Corporation Group executives that, “Yesterday, we made an editorial call resulting in the Sept. 11 moment of silence not being seen,” and, “While we dedicated a substantial amount of airtime to anniversary events, we still touched a nerve with many of your viewers… and for that we apologize.” The fuss is not really about the lack of a moment of silence, but about what was in its place. Many people turned to The Today Show expecting to see a moment of observation for, or a program dedicated to, the 2001 crisis, but instead they were greeted with an interview segment of a reality show star discussing her breast augmentation and her children’s relationships. It was a disturbing event for many people, and an apology is owed. I believe that it was an unwise decision to run the Jenner segment at that time, while President Obama led the White House in a moment of silence and the NYPD, FDNY and Port Authority Police observed the moment at Ground Zero. However, fault should not be placed on Jenner. We do not know if she was aware that her interview was being run during the expected moment of silence, and she should not be forced to suffer because she was caught in the middle of the ordeal as a result of a bad decision of The Today Show producers. Elaina Zintl can be reached at

Pole-Dancing Classes for Kids Are Inappropriate

By JESSICA FORTE Opinion Writer

People are always thinking of new ways to get into shape. As for a woman in British Columbia, Canada, she uses the method of pole dancing classes. Only, the class isn’t offered for adults but for children. Kristy Craig, the owner of Twisted Grip Dance and Fitness Studio, has announced the start of a Little Spinners class which will instruct children as young as five. HLN reported that the class is “modeled on those offered in adult sessions, which include versions such as Sexy Flexy, Pole Fit and Bunny Boot Camp.” Little Spinners, which costs $70 per one hour session, came to life after a demand from parents at the studio. “Parents were asking about it for their


kids love climbing trees. They will climb anything.” Currently, there are four children signed up for Little Spinners ranging from ages 5-12, one of them being a little boy. Children shouldn’t be enrolled in pole dancing classes. It should be left where it belongs: in the strip clubs. It’s as if people are doing whatever they can to achieve national attention, and they’re doing so by sexualizing children. TLC’s Toddlers and Tiaras is a great example. Last year, a woman made headlines by dressing her child as Dolly Parton, making her wear fake breasts. Little Spinners seems to be just another step in the process. Craig wouldn’t have done and interview with CBC News if she didn’t want to be nationally recognized. If Craig claims that children love climbing trees, we should let them

We need to stop changing the image of children. Kids should be kids, and we shouldn’t turn them into dolls or strippers.

children,” Craig told The National Post. She claims that it will give children a good cardio workout. It’s just another way of getting children off of the couch. “There is nothing provocative. There is nothing sexual about it. It’s pure fitness and strength and fun,” she told CBC News. “I mean


climb trees. If you think that climbing trees is unsafe, then let them go on monkey bars; anything but a stripper pole. What happened to children running around and playing? There are just so many other ways for them to be active, and pole dancing shouldn’t even be considered as one of them. I

find that there is no way to justify this. a great upper body and cardio workout, One online blogger on CNN’s website pole dancing should still be kept behind quoted, closed doors “It’s not and away from a stripper the general pole unless public. there’s a We need to stripper stop changing on it.” the image of Parents, children. Kids your child should be is learning kids, and we to use that shouldn’t turn pole the them into dolls same way or strippers. a stripper We’re supposed does. I to be the role don’t see models, yet how you people are can take choosing to the sexual enroll their s t i g m a children in away from classes like the subject Little Spinners. Graphic By Justine Parks/The Minaret w h e n “Little Spinners” pole-dancing class was requested by students’ parents. It’s as if we’re y o u ’ r e telling young modeling your class for 5-year-olds children that it’s OK to be sexy at their after something used to describe age. They should be doing something Playboy. else to stay in shape. Bring them to Pole dancing has even started to soccer or baseball after school or on become a sport worldwide. ABC News the weekends. Honestly, I would rather reported that children as young as have my children on the couch watching seven were cleared to compete in the harmless cartoons instead of taking a National Pole Dancing Championships pole dancing class. in Russia. I’m surprised that there even Jessica Forte can be reached at is such a thing. Although it is said to be




Mexican Drug War Is Dangerously Close to American Soil By GONZALO MAZA Opinion Writer

On the night of Sept. 15, 1810, Miguel Hidalgo y Costilla led Mexico’s Independence from the Spanish crown. He persuaded the people of Mexico to rise up with pride: “Viva La Independencia! Viva La Republica Mexicana! Viva Mexico!” On Sept. 16, 2012 at 11 a.m., a Mexican military parade celebrated the 202 anniversary of the Mexican Independence. According to Mexican newspaper Reforma, 15,638 people marched to the center square of Mexico City, “El Zocalo.” The Mexican army, air force, federal police, students and war vehicles showed off for two hours. The establishment made a clear statement: We, the Mexican government, are in charge. This is a message that Mexican drug lords cannot ignore. The bloodshed due to drug wars expands month by month in the major cities of Mexico. Since Mexico’s proud government fights these aggressive opponents whom they seek to annihilate, Mexico’s present reminds us of a violent past. The famous war on drugs of the 1970s and the alcohol prohibition of the 1920s are well-known, documented incidents in history. They caused agitation, separation and bloodshed. Today, in 2012, Mexico writes a similar story for our future history textbooks. CNN journalist Ashley Fantz

estimates that 53,000 people were killed or have disappeared since 2006 due to the “war on drugs.” In its horrible reality, this number might be much higher, because many incidents go unreported. There are many violent organized drug trafficking groups, but Sinaloa Cartel, The Zetas and Tijuana Cartel are amongst the most popular. The Zetas are known for their gore-- they hang dead bodies from bridges and leave them chopped up in trucks to remind Mexico that they reign the lands in which they do business. In order to keep the legacy alive, drug traffickers turn children into hit-man students. Their instructors, members of cartels, are experienced in the art of war. The children are taught to kill and feel no mercy at a young age. It might be enticing for children to join a cartel. Minimum wage in Mexico is $4.60 per day, which leads to a poor living situation. I assume many children listen to the ballads of drug cartel leaders promising better pay. They dream of a life beyond poverty: a life the cartel business offers. The war on drugs is not solely between the Mexican government and the cartels. There are small-scale wars fought in cities, on streets, in schools and in houses. Thousands of Mexican men, women and children are caught in the crossfire. Some are blessed to live on, but the rest die. War is merciless. The war’s bitter taste releases hate into the atmosphere. Citizens are accustomed to being surrounded by

the thundering of armed dispute, death and uncertainty. Hate is contagious, and many of Mexico’s children are a part of it. This is the worst aspect of the war. Alejandro Siller, a junior at Anahuac University, told me a story: Maria Monteys, a girl Siller’s age, lived across the street from him in the suburbs of Interlomas, Mexico City. One day, after a stressful school week, she was finally able to relax, so she went on a walk with her dog to the park. The orange rays of the setting sun reflected their color on the trees. Everything Fronteras Desk/ was beautiful. The war on the drugs in Mexico has resulted in millions of gruesome deaths. Suddenly, she more U.S. cities. The organization’s was caught in a dispute between a pledge “[calls] for change in the bipolice officer and a cartel employee. national policies that have inflamed a Gunshots were fired, but she was six year drug war, super-empowered blessed to live another day. organized crime, corrupted Mexico’s Maria Monteys’ story reminds me vulnerable democracy, claimed lives that the encroaching crux of the war is and devastated human rights on both close, but, like Maria, we are blessed. sides of the border.” Each day we have to honor, love and According to BBC’s documentary respect before it is too late. This World 2010 Mexico’s Drug War, In Dec. 2011, I visited San Miguel 95 percent of drug cartels’ weapons de Allende in Guanajuato, Mexico are bought legally in the U.S. Seventy while my family and I were on a percent of drug trafficking in the U.S. 98 kilometer road trip from Mexico involves Mexican drug cartels. I ask the City to Estado de Mexico. The dense United States to listen to the desperate poverty in this area is undeniable. pleas from Mexico. Let’s focus on the Many Estado de Mexico citizens travel major problem of our border countries to Mexico City everyday to make just suffering from some of our policies. enough profit for their daily bread. This drug war is causing problems on In San Miguel de Allende, we both sides of the border. stopped for some good ol’ goat The war on drugs intertwines two barbacoa tacos with hand-made nations, the U.S. and Mexico, in one tortillas. Outside the restaurant, conflict. Because of the costs of this my brother and I spoke to a lady war, $51 billion are spent every year selling dolls. Her eyes projected in the United States and 12 thousand loneliness. Her son and daughter held billion pesos (roughly one thousand on to her dress. She confessed that billion dollars) are spent by the affording to live wasn’t easy, because Mexican government. military soldiers heavily taxed her The military parade celebrated on and many others. The same soldiers Sept. 16 is a reflection of national who, according to President Felipe security spending. This Mexican Calderon, “fight to restore security money could be used for much-needed and protect freedom for Mexican education, sustainable infrastructure citizens.” Thousands of soldiers are or clean energy technologies. Instead, deployed all over the country every it is spent to fight fire with fire, to year since the war began. Many blow flames into a volcano in a state citizens are taxed by these soldiers. of alert. The poor, shy lady selling dolls is one A statue of the wise Mohandas of many caught in the crossfire. Gandhi stands in Chapultepec Park It is undoubtedly tough to endure in Mexico City. The teachings of this this hell of poverty, which is made man should ring in the air: “An eye for worse by the war on drugs. an eye makes the whole world blind.” Mexican poet Javier Sicilia became As to what you can do, you an activist against the idea of a war must realize that this war is fed by on drugs after his son Juan Francisco the consumers of drugs. If you’re was found tortured and killed by spending money on illegal drugs, you drug gang members. Today, he leads could be contributing to this greedy the rallies of “Caravan for Peace.” cycle that results in bloodshed. Ask This summer, the caravan marched for answers, think on a solution and across the U.S. to raise awareness act upon your beliefs. in the streets of Los Angeles, Calif.; Gonzalo Maza can be reached at gonzalo. Laredo, Texas; Phoenix, Ariz.; Atlanta, Ga.; Washington D.C. and many



Law in South Korea Permits Chemical Castration of Sex Offenders By SAMANTHA BLOOM Opinion Columnist

In 2010, South Korea passed legislation which allowed the government to treat repeatedlyconvicted molesters of children under the age of 16 with chemical castration. The law was first implemented this past May, when a man known to the public only by his surname, Park, was selected as the first to undergo the procedure according to Park was released from prison under the condition that he wears an electronic anklet and returns for castration injections every three months for the next three years, according to Justice Ministry officials. Chemical castration, as opposed to traditional castration involving the permanent surgical removal of sex organs, is a temporary procedure involving injections that lower testosterone levels and repress


allowing the procedure in Britain, Denmark and Sweden, as well as several U.S. states on a voluntary basis. But, as I read through the comment section of an article on this subject on timesofindia.indiantimes. com, it seems that many people across the world view this new law as an infringement of basic human rights. John F. Stinneford, a University of Florida law professor, published a paper titled, “Incapacitation through Maiming: Chemical Castration, the Eighth Amendment,” and the Denial of Human Dignity that was aimed at stopping the use of this procedure in the state of California. He states that “chemical castration is impermissibly cruel in two ways.” First, he noted that castration is degrading due to its control over the offender’s sexual desires, and that it is not an appropriate medical treatment for all offenders, as some do not suffer from sexual disorders such as pedophilia. Second, he

South Korea is now attempting to expand the law to those who have molested anyone as old as 19.

libido. This causes a decrease in sexual desire along with the physical inability to achieve an erection, all of which can be reversed by stopping the administration of the drug. After the apparent success of Park’s treatment, South Korea is now attempting to expand the law to those who have molested anyone as old as 19. According to, the new law would be the first of its kind to force chemical castration on those who have sexually assaulted victims that old. Chemical castration is not solely an issue in South Korea. There are laws


reported that the procedure may cause severe, painful and possibly long-term physical effects, such as osteoporosis. Stinneford makes the claim that at some point, the treatment “will cease to be merely disabling, and may become something more like torture.” Stinneford concludes that chemical castration constitutes cruel and unusual punishment—a violation of our Eighth Amendment. I disagree with Stinneford. With the prison systems as crowded as they are, especially in America, where says the cost of keeping one inmate for a year is

an average of $22,000, there is a desperate need to clear our prisons of unnecessary inmates who can be punished in other ways. reported that studies have shown that Depo-Provera, the chemical castration drug, causes a huge drop in the likelihood of a sex offender re-offending. Those treated relapse less than one percent of the time, whereas those who go untreated re-offend as often as 68 percent Andres Rueda/ of the time. This gives Chemical castration involves injections that lower testosterone levels. sex offenders who elect to receive Depo-Provera treatments be fully aware of the possible medical an opportunity to serve shorter jail side effects before consenting. sentences and frees up the cells in our This will eliminate Stinneford’s prisons, therefore cutting the amount claims that it is “cruel and unusual of taxpayer money that is spent on punishment,” since the procedure inmates. According to was consensual. The sex offender and, the prisoner should also be required to attend pays for the treatment himself if he extensive counseling sessions, like chooses to be chemically castrated. “Jimmy,” in order to monitor the In an interview posted on effectiveness of the drug. Anyone, a sex offender who elects to receive Depo-Provera who has received chemical castration treatments should also be monitored says, “Life is more carefree. I can via electronic anklet, like Park, in plan for events five or six months order to ensure that the restrictions from now knowing I’ll be home for imposed by parole as to where the them,” which he believes is more sex offender may or may not go favorable than rotting in jail while (like within a certain distance of a still having his sexual ability. This childcare facility) are being met. sex offender, called “Jimmy” in If all of these requirements are the interview in order to protect enforced, I don’t see why chemical his identity, also receives treatment castration wouldn’t be a good idea. from the Sexual Disorders Clinic at It allows those suffering from Johns Hopkins University, where he pedophilia and other sexually deviant attends court-mandated individual disorders to have an opportunity to and group counseling. recover and creates space for others I do, however, think that chemical who should be incarcerated. castration should come with a few conditions. First and foremost, Samantha Bloom can be reached any chemical castration should be at elective, and the sex offender should

Woman Discovers Ex-Boyfriend Hiding in Her Attic

with Tracy. I figure some loose nails falling from above my bed might be a red flag too. Maybe it’s some termites In every break up, there’s always or stray animals. Tracy commented, one party who can’t quite seem to “There was some poltergeist stuff let go. Whether they express this by going on.” Alright, forget the stray scrolling through their ex’s Facebook animals idea. I should have figured seven times a day, conveniently it was Haley Joel Osment’s friends deciding to go from Sixth Sense. She had to the same out her sons and nephew walk of state school up to the attic to check it or just taking out. Much to their surprise, the long way to it was not Mischa Barton work to pass by throwing up from food their old lover’s poisoning, but something far house. They may worse in Tracy’s eyes: her even continue ex-boyfriend she dumped 12 to run into you years ago. at the same Unfortunately, his name McDonald’s has not been disclosed until you by Tracy or in any police come to the reports, but we do know a realization that few things about him. He you desperately had been serving time in jail want them back. and wrote letters to her from Just because his cell. In these letters he you’ve said pleaded with her that she Taylor Sanger/The Minaret your goodbyes What would you do if your ex-boyfriend lived in your attic for two weeks without you knowing? take him back and claimed doesn’t mean that he was a changed man. the one that’s of five and resident of Rock Hill, Still, Tracy refused to get back been dumped has completely left. N.C. It started like any other day together with this hopeless romantic. Some may call it stalking but I call it when she began to hear thumps But he was not going to give up his undying love. coming from her attic. She saw leading lady without a fight. He Today we live in a society where nails start to pop out of her bedroom managed to sneak into her house, go these acts of romance are often ceiling and as she recounted the through one of her son’s bedrooms looked down upon or laughed at. story to the Charlotte Observer that, and climb up to the attic. He came But one man in North Carolina has “Something just ain’t right.” With prepared with multiple Sonic Route proven that these Shakespearean that statement, I wholeheartedly agree 44 cups to use as a makeshift Port-Ogestures are still alive and well. This By VANESSA RIGHEIMER Opinion Writer

week’s Casanova decided to show his commitment to his ex by moving in with her. One minor detail I should probably mention is that she didn’t know he was living there for two whole weeks. Tracy, who asked that her last name not be used, is a single mother

Potty. If that’s not dedication, I don’t know what is. Furthermore, he rigged the vent system so he could watch his fair maiden in her bedroom. Now, this incident seemed to ruffle quite a few feathers, including Tracy’s. She reported to the Charlotte Observer, “It’s got me flabbergasted. How can you look at someone through an air vent?” Flabbergasted? Millions of teenage girls thought it was romantic when in Twilight, Edward Cullen who is over a hundred years old, watched 17-year-old Bella from outside her bedroom window. What’s the big deal if Tracy’s ex wants to sneak a peek from time to time? Clearly, people need to start connecting Twilight to reality. As part of a classic fairy tale conflict, Tracy’s ex ran out the door without saying a word or giving her any hint as to where she could find him. No glass slipper was left at the scene and certainly no romantic letter in a scroll was left on her nightstand. Police have described our modern day Romeo as a black male, weighing 170 pounds and standing at 5 feet 6 inches tall. If found, please take a picture and submit his headshot to The Bachelor because even if Tracy can’t see what a catch this man is, I’m sure 25 other lucky contenders will. Vanessa Righeimer can be reached at



Volleyball Drops Colorado Final By CONNOR ANTHONY Sports Writer

The University of Tampa volleyball team finished the Colorado Premier Challenge in second place after a three sets to nothing loss in the championship to West Texas A&M. The team has dropped from No. 3 to No. 6 nationally, and with a record of 6-2 has as many losses as they did the entire 2011 season. “We won the matches we needed to win to get to the finals but some of the teams


Rollins College 7 p.m. Sept. 22 @

Florida Tech 4 p.m.

weaknesses showed up in the finals,” said weather was beautiful and we had a huge two-time National Coach of the Year Chris team barbeque. It was great”. When asked Catanach. “Our ball control and defense about playing for one of the nation’s best was weak. Thankfully these are skills we volleyball programs as a freshman, Scholz can tune. If it was something like size or said there was more expected out of the strength there wouldn’t be much we could players and it was higher intensity, but do about it.” Catanach added. it’s still fun and added that she enjoyed Sure, these games will take their playing and the big reward that came with toll just as any loss would, but the it. Scholz is disappointed with the team’s team considers these preseason games 6-2 start. “development” games from which they “Tampa volleyball doesn’t have losses are able to learn emotionally and fine tune this early in the season. It’s frustrating and their mistakes so they are on their game there are definitely kinks that need to be when conference play does come around. worked out”. Scholz wants nothing more The expectations for the 2012 team are than to carry on the Spartan volleyball very high according to Coach Catanach, tradition of winning. “My goal for the with his main core of players returning led team this year is to make it to the national by 2011 SSC Player of the Year Danielle tournament” Scholz said. “I would also Selkridge, and freshman defensive love to earn a starting spot so I can just specialist Jen Scholz. play”. “The team overall is feeling alright,” Connor Anthony can be reached at said Catanach. “Not 8-0 like we would like to be feeling, but last year showed that sometimes it’s good to lose. A loss is always bad, but at the right time can help your team get better”. Coach Catanach was excited about getting to see playing time from freshman Jen Scholz at the tournament, recruited because of her superior defensive skills. Jen can play five out of the six positions on the defensive side of the ball. “There were certain intangibles while I was recruiting her,” said Catanach. “You can get away with little things playing high school or club ball, but once you start playing in college you can’t get away with those same things. She’s making adjustments slowly from the high school to college level transition and if she does the work she needs to, she’s going to be a great player”. Scholz herself seemed excited for this season even before they got to play their Leah Beilhart/ The Minaret first game. Freshman Libero Jen Scholz tallied 20 digs in “I loved going to Colorado. The her first collegiate start at the position.


Blackwood Leads UT Soccer

[From Back, M. Soccer]

is Head Coach Adrian Bush, who is in his eighth season as men’s soccer coach. “The season is still young but the player’s have shown a lot of maturity,” Coach Bush said. “Since we were ranked early, we have use this as a motivating piece and see how they handle pressure of being ranked.” Last Wednesday’s tie against Florida Tech marked the first time that the team failed to win a game all season. Although the team did not lose, there were still many improvements to be made. “We have not played a complete game yet this year,” Coach Bush said of his team. “We have to be more consistent.” On Saturday, the team played its first SSC (Sunshine State Conference) game of the season against Eckerd University. The Spartans won the game 1-0. “The first conference game is always a nervy one because both teams play cautiously in fear of giving up goals,” Blackwood commented after the team’s first game. “Even though the game should have finished three or four to zero, a win is a win and now we look to our next conference match.” As the Spartans head in to SSC play, it is essential for the team to continue improving and to remain focused on their ultimate goal: winning the conference championship. “Since there are 12 games this year instead of eight, and we are in the toughest conference in the country, there no room for us to get casual with anything,” Coach Bush said on his expectations for the rest of the season. “The measuring stick at UT is to win conference championships, so we need to focus on each game one at a time. They are all big.” J.P. Haney can be reached at johnpatrick.

FSU Looks For Revenge in Top-10 Showdown By JORDAN LLANES Sports Writer

College Football is back in the swing of things, as the season’s first three weeks have brought us a lot of triumphs, thrilling performances, and upsets. USC was upset by Stanford for a fourth straight time as Heisman hopeful Matt Barkley dropped to 0-4 against Stanford in his career. Powerhouses Alabama and LSU are still rolling through competition. Meanwhile, Arkansas, Wisconsin and Nebraska have fallen from the Top 25 after upsets in Week two. Week Four of the season has a number of interesting matchups. However, here are the top three, each of which are sure to keep a college football fan glued to his or her seat. Michigan at Notre Dame: Just the schools involved in this matchup get a significant buzz going, as two of college football’s most storied programs go head to head in South Bend in the latest chapter of this fierce rivalry. Last year, Michigan hosted its first ever night game at the Big House in Ann Arbor, which is college football’s largest stadium, against the Fighting Irish. A thrilling battle was concluded with a last minute Denard Robinson touchdown pass to give the Wolverines a 35-31 victory after trailing

Rice and D/

Ranked No.4 in the country, FSU gets another shot at the Clemson team that ruined their ACC title hopes last season. The Seminoles haven’t appeared in a BCS bowl game since 2006.

24-7 entering the fourth quarter. This year’s matchup should be just as good as the last few, as Notre Dame looks to top Robinson in his final game against the Irish, while Robinson hopes to build up his Heisman resume with another big game against Brian Kelly’s stout defense, which is lead by All-American middle linebacker Manti Te’o. Prediction: Michigan 35, Notre Dame 28 after a late touchdown scamper by Robinson. Clemson at Florida State: This game

is the one that is going to decide who represents the Atlantic division in the ACC Championship in Charlotte. Clemson’s explosive offense is led by dynamic QB Tajh Boyd, All-American receiver Sammy Watkins, wide receiver DeAndre Hopkins and senior running back Andre Ellington. However, they go against a Seminole defense that is still strong even without standout senior defensive end Brandon Jenkins, who was lost for the season. Look for Florida State quarterback EJ Manuel

to have a better game than last year and light up a Clemson secondary that is still adjusting to defensive coordinator Brent Venables’ scheme. Prediction: Florida State 31, Clemson 24 after a fourth quarter TD pass from Manuel. Arizona at Oregon: Two weeks ago, Arizona coach Rich Rodriguez had his first “signature” win as head coach of the Wildcats, defeating then No.18 Oklahoma State 59-38. Well, folks, that was an upset, but not a major one. Arizona’s new spread attack is spearheaded by dual-threat senior quarterback Matt Scott, and it has put up points like, well, Chip Kelly’s Oregon Ducks. Once again, Kelly has an offensive juggernaut, lead by redshirt freshman QB Marcus Mariota, who has made Duck fans forget all about Darron Thomas, and tailbacks Kenjon Barner, a rising senior, and the explosive De’Anthony Thomas, who burst onto the scene at last season’s Rose Bowl win over Wisconsin with a dominating performance that he has carried into this season. And the scary part? He’s only a sophomore. Look for the Ducks to run all over the Wildcats at Autzen Stadium. Prediction: Oregon 63, Arizona 30 with Thomas leading the way with four overall touchdowns. Jordan Llanes can be reached at



Orioles, Nationals Still Sticking Around Once Terrible, Now Tremendous By MICHAEL PAONESSA Sports Writer

Keith Allison/

Orioles outfielders celebrate after a win. CF Adam Jones leads the team with 94 runs.

In one of the most unique and surprising Major League Baseball seasons there has been in past years, the 2012 MLB year enters the playoff chase, the hunt for October. As a baseball fan, this part of the season puts a smile on my face. What this 2012 baseball season has taught many people in the country is this; one cannot predict baseball. In a sport where players fail more than they succeed, teams like the Baltimore Orioles and the Washington Nationals, who have been haunted with last place finishes for decades, now see the light ahead and share the glory. Baltimore, who plays in arguably the most challenging division baseball, the American League East, is a team whose payroll is just below $81,000,000. That may sound like a lot of money to the average U.S. citizen, but when you take two teams in their division like the New York Yankees and the Boston Red Sox and combine their payrolls, the result is a

staggering $342,369,623. At the end of the 2011 MLB season, the Orioles saw themselves at the bottom of the totem pole, looking up to four teams in their division, at a record of 69-93 and the fourth-worst record in all of baseball. This is a team that plays in orange uniforms. This is a team that hasn’t had a winning season in 15 years. As of September 18, Baltimore trails New York by one half game in the division but shares the Wild Card lead. If the season ended on 9/18, the Orioles would be in the playoffs. Let’s switch to the National League, where one team similar to Baltimore can finally say that in 2012, we’re making dreams become an actual reality. Since the 2004 season, the Washington Nationals have finished last in their division six times by an average of 26.4 games behind their National League East division winner. Needless to say, Washington’s organization, ball players and fans were in need of a drastic and desperate change. If you’re looking for a change, you should understand that change may take a

little time, but when things start to come together, the ultimate reward is something to be seen. The Nationals, who possessed the worst record in all of MLB in 2008 and 2009, had back-to-back number one draft picks in the MLB Draft that would arguably turn out to be the turning point for the franchise. Washington’s 2008 number one draft pick, pitcher Steven Strasburg, and 2009 top-pick outfielder Bryce Harper have helped make Washington not only recognized in the 2012 season, but one of the best teams in baseball. Behind the excitement and talents of main stars like Strasburg and Harper, the Nationals stand alone in their division and are currently the number one team in MLB. Since 2004, the Nationals best year was a third place finish in 2011, one that will get replaced by this year’s squad. The Nationals are on their way to the playoffs. Folks, welcome to the chase to the playoffs. Welcome to the hunt for October. Michael Paonessa can be reached at

Peyton Hopes to Rebound, As Ravens Seek Redemption By SHAWN FERRIS Sports Writer

Dear 2012 NFL season, slow down. I’m trying to savor you here. Week two of the NFL is in the books and what a two weeks it has been. I feel two things have to be acknowledged: Chris Johnson has less rushing yards than his quarterback Jake Locker (who doesn’t have a whole lot himself), and Tim Tebow and I are tied in passing attempts currently. All is right with the world. Houston Texans at Denver Broncos After finishing 2011 on a sour note in the AFC divisional playoff game with T.J. Yates at quarterback against the Baltimore Ravens, the Texans look once again like a force to be reckoned with in the AFC with a healthy Matt Schaub back at the helm and, more importantly, a healthy Andre Johnson. They haven’t really been tested so far, however, as they beat up on the less than threatening Dolphins and Jaguars teams in weeks one and two by a combined 50 points. As for the Broncos, a home victory against a tough Pittsburgh Steelers team in week one had more people riled up than karaoke night at Applebees. But week two brought the Broncos, and Peyton Manning for that matter, back to reality after losing to a much more balanced Atlanta Falcons team on Monday night. Manning’s three interceptions in the first quarter alone indicated as much and had everyone squinting hard at their television screens wondering if Brady Quinn snuck

Talk of the Town Professional Sporting News in the Region

into Peyton’s uniform. He’s still Peyton Manning, but that won’t be enough to sway me in what should be an electrifying match up. Texans 31, Broncos 27 New England Patriots at Baltimore Ravens The Ravens carved up the Cincinnati Bengals defense in week one with a high powered offense. There is still one thing holding them back from the promise land, however. His name is Joe Flacco. Probably one of the most overrated quarterbacks in the NFL, Flacco was kind enough to blame the referees after the game rather than his subpar play (four turnovers.) It doesn’t get any easier in week three for Flacco and the Ravens. You know that saying Any Given Sunday? Well, that’s what happened to the New England Patriots in week two of the NFL season against the Kevin Kolb-led Arizona Cardinals. There were a lot of things going in the Pats favor in this game. Home opener, playing Kevin Kolb, Beanie Wells, playing Kevin Kolb (I felt it needed to be repeated). Some things just can’t be explained. After a week one shellacking of the Titans, the only thing I can think of is Bill “smiling is overrated” Belichick just mailed this one in and figured Tom Terrific would just do all the work. If the allure of an AFC Championship rematch doesn’t get Belichick’s juices flowing, I don’t know what will. I tend to think it will. Patriots 38, Ravens 24 Shawn Ferris can be reached at sferris@

During last week’s loss to the Giants, Bucs’ Coach Greg Schiano and Giants’ Coach Tom Coughlin engaged in a heated arguement post-game about the Bucs’ kneel-down etiquette. The Minaret’s Editors took on the topic.

TAKE YOUR SHOT Week 3: More QB Kneel Tackles?

Standings Shawn [4-1] Nathan [4-1] Jordan [4-1] Connor [3-2] John [2-3] Miles [2-3] J.P. [2-3] Paige [2-3]


@ Redskins


Miles Nathan Connor Paige Shawn Jordan J.P.


John Miles Nathan Shawn Jordan J.P.


John Nathan Connor Shawn Jordan J.P.

@ Falcons

Nathan Connor Paige Shawn J.P.

John Miles Jordan

@ Bengals



Paige Miles

@ Chargers Connor Paige


This is the NFL. When a team is losing with less than two minutes left and no timeouts, they lost. You don’t tackle a quarterback who is taking a knee. It’s just plain old bush-league. - John Hilsenroth Jr.



Miles Paige Shawn J.P.

John Nathan Connor Jordan


Oh, my fault. I thought this was the NFL. I thought this was the place where 350 pound behemoths are paid millions to win. Down just a touchdown, the Bucs were showing their fans they cared. - Miles Parks




UT Hockey Dissects Another NHL Lockout By MILES PARKS Asst. Sports Editor

For the third time in the past 20 years, the National Hockey League is locked out. Like any work stoppage, this one is based on two sides with different demands unable to come to any sort of compromise. And like most work stoppages, the biggest dispute is money. The League’s labor contract expired on Saturday night and the owners don’t seem to want to budge. Though the most recent contract was signed in 2005, there are some major changes they are proposing. Most notably, ownership has requested that the players accept a substantial reduction in total hockey-related revenue, from 57 percent to 46 percent. They’ve also suggested getting rid of signing bonuses and extending the time it takes for players to be considered unrestricted free agents. The players haven’t taken kindly to all the suggested changes; It’s only been seven years since the last agreement was signed after all. The players’ biggest argument is in the fact that they’re being asked to concede money even though the value of the NHL has risen more than a billion dollars since 2005. Although they aren’t happy with the lockout, the players seem, at least to the media, more willing to negotiate than the owners. “Today we suggested that the parties meet in advance of the owners’ self-imposed deadline of midnight tonight,” Players’ Association Special Council Steve Fehr said Saturday in an emailed statement to the Associated Press. “(Player’s Association Executive Director) Don Fehr, myself

Mark Baccoli/

Senior Mark Baccoli is president and starting goalie for UT’s Club Hockey team. Having grown up around hockey, this lockout is not the first of his life, but it is the most frustrating.

and several players on the Negotiating Committee were in the city and prepared to meet. The NHL said that it saw no purpose in having a formal meeting.” In an effort to wade past all the numbers and get some perspective on this financial conundrum, The Minaret talked with a pair of UT Club Hockey players. Mark Baccoli is the president of the Club team and also their starting goalie. Spencer Indermaur is the team’s vice president and also a forward on the squad. Some portions of these interviews have been edited for conciseness and clarity. Minaret Sports: First off, favorite team and player? Mark Baccoli: The Buffalo Sabres and Ryan Miller. Spencer Indermaur: The Washington Capitals and Alexander Ovechkin. Minaret Sports: All right. Now into the

lockout stuff. We were much younger when the ’04 lockout happened. How frustrating was it for you then and how frustrating is this one in comparison? MB: Well, I was only about 14 at that time but with the knowledge I have of hockey now, I love watching it and it’s such a big part of my life. It’s just incredibly disappointing for myself and anyone else who loves the sport. It was still disappointing back then, but we had the Rochester Americans in the AHL and that became pretty much the top hockey league in the world at the time, so it wasn’t so bad for us. Minaret Sports: Hockey has grown, especially financially, a lot over the past seven years. Do you think this lockout is going to repress some of those gains? SI: It will definitely hurt the popularity. Even though we’re in a depression, we’re

a growing sport. To take a year off would definitely be a step back. Minaret Sports: How much of a toll does this layoff take on players? MB: Well especially for players who are in their late 30s, and there are several in the NHL right now, they have families established in these towns. It’s going to be much harder for them, as opposed to a younger player, to just pick up and move their family overseas. Even if they don’t play somewhere else, it’s going to be hard to take a year off and then come back to the NHL style of play. It may force some players into early retirement. Minaret Sports: Do you stand with the players or the owners on this lockout? SI: I definitely stand with the players. In the last lockout, the players gave up a lot to play that next season. Now they want back a little bit of what they gave up and the league’s not going to allow that. The players even want to play while negotiations are happening just to give the fans what they want. Minaret Sports: There’s been a lot of talk recently about Commissioner Gary Bettman. This is the third work-stoppage since he took over in 1993; do you think he’s doing a good job? MB: I think he’s done good things in his tenure. He’s brought the Winter Classic. He’s done good but I do think these lockouts are going to overshadow that. A lot of people, myself included, don’t like Gary Bettman because I think he’s stubborn and he kind of looks down on fans. He just thinks they’re always going to be there and that’s pretty disrespectful. Miles Parks can be reached at Minaret.







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NFL Controversy [18]



NHL Lockout [19]

As Records Are Broken, Two Stars Emerge Moore Earns Top SSC Honors

Goalie Feels Right at Home



In the past week, the University of Tampa women’s soccer team rewrote the record books. Along with having three wins in a row, sophomore midfielder Lauren Moore was named the Sunshine State Conference Offensive player of the week. Lauren Moore earned the Sunshine State Conference Offensive player of the week award after scoring nine goals in three games Florida Memorial, Warner and Mercy. “It was awesome,” Moore said. “I was really happy and honored to be recognized for playing as well as I did. I was just really happy!” To help receive this honor, Moore scored a total of five goals within the first 24 minutes of play against Florida Memorial, a new school record. “I was shocked,” said Moore. “I kept looking at the scoreboard and I was like oh my gosh! It was just one after another after another. I was just really excited.” These victories have shown how the Spartan team is coming together and playing as a whole. Along with that, the team has crushed the past three opponents and has developed full trust in each other when playing against new competition. “I think the coaching and everything has been really well over the past two years,” Moore said. “Everybody works together and we are really coming together as a group.” Moore knows the recent victories of 13-0 and 14-1 weren’t against the kind of competition she will see in the SSC. “The level (of the opponents) obviously wasn’t there, and we want to bring the same intensity to the bigger games and know we can score just as well in those games,” she said. “We just want to come out to all of the conference games and do the same as we did before.” Fellow teammate and roommate Jenny Karl had nothing but positive things to say about Moore as a teammate and her leadership role on the Spartan team. “She is absolutely a leader,” said Karl. “Even though she’s a sophomore and we

Being the new kid can be tough. Trying to make friends and create a name for yourself, proving to others that you are worthy enough to be accepted into their already formed cliques is not easy. Some will shy away from the situation into a bubble of isolation and others will flourish as they take advantage of the new opportunity head on. Kori Butterfield, the new Spartan women’s soccer goaltender, does not plan on shying away. Butterfield, a communications major, joined the women’s soccer team this year as a junior after transferring from Central Washington University in Ellensburg, Washington. In her first six games at goalie with the Spartans, Butterfield had not allowed more than one goal in a game, propelling the team to an early 4-2 record. “I was frustrated letting that many goals in,” said Butterfield. “I want a shutout every game I play in.” Butterfield says what has made her so successful is about the situation she is in more than anything else. “At Central, the coach played mind games with the players,” she said. “He would sit me out for games if I made any mistake. Here, they want me to succeed.” Butterfield’s time at Central became so turbulent that she admits she considered leaving the game. “I was having such a bad experience at Central, I almost quit soccer for good.” Despite the negativity that surrounded her time at Central, Butterfield’s love for the game has been rejuvenated during her time at UT. “They train me how goalies are supposed to be trained; there is no pointless long distance runs or other nonsense,” said Butterfield. “I’m starting to get my feel for soccer back and I like it.” In the second grade, Butterfield chose to play goalie over all other positions and has never thought twice about it. “I stuck with it because you’re on the field the entire game and you play one of the biggest roles on the team. Also, I don’t have to run a lot,” said Butterfield with

Sports Writer

Sports Writer

Samantha Battersby/ The Minaret

Lauren Moore maneuvers en route to a Spartan victory last week.

usually look up to upperclassmen more, I think she actually plays as a leader and a role model on the team.” The Spartan team has already been shattering school records under the direction of Coach Lucey who is in his sixth year as the head women’s soccer coach. Lucey is looking forward to having Moore as a returning player and leader on the team this year. “She’s awful,” Lucey said with a smile as he looked at Moore. “I’m joking, I’m joking; no she’s fantastic. She brings a lot to the game. She is an intelligent soccer player and is very enthusiastic about playing on the team and establishes herself not just as a starter but as a leader on the team as well. To have that type of character is very important when you are trying to build a team and to be successful.” “She’s very mature and she’s grown a lot in the past year,” said Lucey. “She understands her role is bigger and has evolved from last year.” The Spartans women’s soccer team will take on Barry University next on September 22. Paige Shallcross can be reached at

a grin. Head Coach Gerry Lucey, coaching in his sixth season with the Spartans, understands the importance of the goalie position. “We’re not going to win a tight game without a good goalkeeper,” Lucey said. “Goalkeepers win games more than goal scorers.” Lucey and Butterfield both feel like this team has the potential to go far, but with seven new starters, including Butterfield, gaining confidence and chemistry are huge. “We have a lot of new players, a lot of talented players that we need to get to mesh together but everyone has a positive attitude and is willing to improve,” said Lucey. Butterfield, who added to the difficulty of joining a new team by missing a large portion of the pre-season with an injury, has been able to seamlessly take over the goalie position. “She is quickly gaining confidence and beginning to emerge in a leadership role,” Lucey said. “She has a great attitude, great hands and a great

Leah Beilhart/The Minaret Junior Goalie Kori Butterfield transferred to UT from Central Washington University.

kicking game. She gets along well with the other players and they respect her and her game.” Butterfield and the rest of the Spartan women next play home against Barry University September 22. . Nathan Krohn can be reached at

After Horrid Last Season, Men’s Soccer Ranked No. 7 By J.P. HANEY Sports Writer

Samantha Batterby/ The Minaret

Tyler Blackwood scored the winning goal in Tampa’s SSC opener, a win over Eckerd.

A losing season for any team in any sport is never considered a positive. However, there is much to be learned in defeat. A team can determine that it never wants to experience a season like that again and the players can push each other to limits they have not known before. After a disappointing 2011 season that saw the men’s soccer team finish with a record of 3-10-2, the 2012 men’s team worked hard in the offseason in order to re-establish themselves as a winning program. After enduring grueling practices and spending countless hours on the field, the 2012 Men’s team has managed to start off the 2012 season with a 4-0-1 record, while

also earning a national ranking of No. 7 overall. The team only has four seniors, so it has really had to rely on its underclassmen to perform. One of underclassmen who has really stepped up his game is sophomore Tyler Blackwood. As a freshman, Blackwood saw minimal playing time. After 5 games, Blackwood has already scored five goals, three of which came in the form of a hat trick during a game against No.18 Clayton State University. “Scoring my first collegiate goal and first collegiate hat-trick in the same night, in front of our fans was an incredible experience,” Blackwood said. “It encourages me to keep scoring goals.” At the center of the team’s resurgence [See 17, M. Soccer]

The Minaret 9/20/2012  

The Minaret is the student news organization of the University of Tampa