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CHECKING it OFF Students Make Bucket Lists in Memory of Loved Ones


M.S. in Advanced Digital Applications With the explosion of emerging technology and data-driven design, there is an increasing demand for artists who possess technical production skills and the intuition to use them most effectively for a broad array of projects. To compete and succeed, a deep understanding of digital media that includes the command of animated 2D graphics, 3D modeling and animation, visual effects integration with live-action footage, as well as hands-on experience with coding and mobile technologies, is required.

Behind every great concept, moving image, visualization, or interactive experience There is an innovative digital artist.

The M.S. in Advanced Digital Applications offered by the NYU School of Continuing and Professional Studies Center for Advanced Digital Applications (CADA) prepares artists for the new digital frontier. Project collaborations, lectures by leading industry professionals, and internships at top production studios provide the basis for successful careers in digital visualization of data content that encompasses both new and traditional markets.

To learn more about this program, visit us at: or call 212-998-7100 To request information and to apply:

New York University is an affirmative action/equal opportunity institution. Š2012 New York University School of Continuing and Professional Studies.

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As a kid all I wanted to be when I grew up was James Bond. I dreamt about driving the fast foreign cars, cleverly escaping disaster and getting the hot girl after killing the bad guys in a fiery explosion. But when I grew up and realized not many employers are looking to fill a special agent 007 position, my goals began to change. Throughout my college career I’ve noticed how easily students get discouraged from fulfilling their dreams. They change their majors when they think they aren’t smart enough to be doctors or decide against an internship abroad when it seems too expensive. People often throw their dreams and bucket lists on the back burner and settle for the easy route, because at least then they know they can succeed. Now i’m not saying that i’m dropping out of school to be James Bond (although I wouldn’t say no if M asked), but as we approach a graduation, new semester and a new year, I couldn’t help but ask myself . . . if the world were to actually end this month as the Mayans had predicted, what would I do or wish I had done when I had the chance? even though the world may not be ending Dec. 21, your time here is not unlimited. The Bucket List Edition of our magazine is built around that concept, featuring a range of stories including those focused on students who have checked world travel off their own lists and tips on how to survive an apocalypse . . . just in case.



Photo by Samantha Battersby

As your dreams and goals change, remember that



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Must-See Movies This December

App of the Month - Snapchat

Cirque du Soleil: Worlds Away in theaters December 21

My best friend and I have a bad habit of taking ridiculously ugly photos of ourselves. Scrunched up faces and rolls of neck fat all squished into one frame. After we are forced to delete them, we always wish there was a way for them to disappear after we had the chance to laugh at them. Snapchat, a picture chat app available for iOS and Android, allows users to snap a quick pic of themselves, add text or drawings


and then send it to the users on their friends list. Here’s why we like it: The picture will automatically disappear into cyberspace after a mere matter of seconds. The person viewing the picture has to keep one finger on the screen, making screenshots nearly impossible, and if they do manage to screen shot the photo, the sender is automatically alerted that a screen shot was taken. - Chelsea Daubar

Viral Video You Don’t Want to Miss

Les Misérables in theaters December 25

The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in theaters December 14

It became obvious in this past presidential election that Americans are becoming more open to the idea of gay marriage. However, there are some that still fight against it. College Humor made a video against those that do not support gay marriage by explaining the tough truth: If gay men can’t marry each other, they will marry your girlfriends. The video explains that in every department a straight boyfriend may

lack in, a gay boyfriend will pick up the slack. Try to cook burnt scrambled eggs for breakfast? They will make her a quiche. “A motherf***ing quiche.” Rarely will a girl find a gay man she doesn’t love. Every girl is longing to find the Will to her Grace, the Kurt to her Rachel. The bottom line of the video is this: Gay men are doing straight men a favor by only wanting to date each other. They are the fabulous Luke Skywalkers, you are the Death Stars.

Checking off it


Visit the Parthenon

Attend the Olympics

Pose with the Leaning Tower of Pisa




experiences from his bucket list, such

in England, two months in Ireland,

with dolphins, white water rafting,

“While in London, I met someone

as cliff diving, skydiving, swimming

hat can you say






you did once you kick the bucket?

Can you look back and say you lived a fulfilled life? So maybe

you didn’t go bungee jumping off

Bloukrans Bridge in South Africa, the world’s highest bungee bridge,

but how about simply dancing in the rain, watching a movie at a drive-in theater or kissing under

mistletoe? Someone once said, “Life isn’t about the number of breaths you take, it’s the moments that



your the





bucket lists – you can make those



PK Creedon and Samantha

Rosenbaum, both students at

the University of Tampa, realized

Creedon sits atop one of the lions that surround Trafalgar Square in London.

how precious and short life really

snorkeling, and taking a flight to a

at a flat party and we both wanted to

friends. From then on, PK and Sam

getting lost somewhere, specifically

new friend of mine and I booked a one

was when they both lost close

decided not to put their dreams on hold, so they made bucket lists to




dreams *




After the death of his best friend

Nicole in October of 2009, PK made a life-changing decision. PK, a junior and

international business and marketing major, challenged himself to truly live for him and for his deceased best

random destination. He’s also enjoyed

Rome. “We decided it would be more fun to get lost,” said PK, “and see the

city that way as opposed to getting a map!” Other experiences are going

to a MMA fight and attending a Lady Gaga
















never next.

“I love when things go wrong and

friend. In order to do so, he made

honestly try to make the most out of

“I’d like to think she’s living through

Nicole wouldn’t expect anything less.”

a bucket list in the spring of 2010. me,” said PK, “and I’m showing her

every experience,” said PK. “My friend

At the moment, PK’s favorite

one hell of a time.” PK, an impulsive

experience has been backpacking


by studying abroad for four months

and adventurous kind of guy, has crossed



across Europe where he started

travel,” said PK. “The next day this way flight to Greece and from there

made it to Italy, France, Germany, Switzerland, and made a few other stops before returning to London.” However,




and like

backpacking across Europe aren’t

the only experiences on his bucket list. Some aren’t as extreme and

have actually occurred over a longer period of time, like: meeting someone from all 50 states, learning how to speak



and performing a flash mob, and turning a stranger into a friend. Fortunately, PK has no expiration on

his bucket list. “Having said that, the

sooner the better,” said PK. “Some

her, that possession was her favorite

to a total stranger, going to Mardi

to make the most out of mine.”

wore when traveling. “On a visit to a

week, and hopping on a random bus

things take time, and I’m just trying With that in mind, PK looks

forward to crossing one thing off his

list. “I hope I’ll be able to someday cross off the ‘get married’ line on

my list. Fingers crossed,” said PK. *



During her freshman year at the

University of Tampa, Sam, a senior

pair of sunglasses that she often school in Ghana one of the kids began messing around with my glasses and was smiling, laughing and joking as

she put them on,” said Sam. “She told me one day she wished she could have a pair just like it. I told

her she could keep them as a gift.”

Like PK, Sam doesn’t have a

and advertising and public relations

deadline for her bucket list and

Liz Kelly pass away from a rare form

of next. Some things on her list are

major, had a very close friend named of cancer. “It opened eyes



is precious and

you never know

how much time

you have left,” So



in Vietnam without knowing where it was going. What was supposed to be

a spontaneous day trip with a friend turned into an overnight stay in Tay Ninh, a town in southwest Vietnam famous for the Cao Dai Temple where

the religion Caodaiism was founded in the 1920s. Sam had completely

forgotten about a scheduled Skype interview that she had with her now current job in OSLE and had to


reality that life


never knows what she might cross

Gras, shutting off her cell phone for a






“I’d like to think she’s living through me and I’m showing her one hell of a time.”


-PK Creedon, Junior







any of the Vietnamese

people. After finding

a local family to drive them around town on motorcycles



the internet café, she and her friend found

out that the buses stopped


never got the chance to experience

easier to cross of than others “like

“We were stranded in Tay Ninh with

to start accomplishing mine,” said

a day in silence.” When it comes to

hotels would allow us to sleep the

many of her dreams so I decided

Sam. “I promised myself that I

wouldn’t put off my dreams and I used creating a bucket list as a

tangible way to help me keep track of the things I wanted to experience.”

And Sam has kept her promise.

reading a certain book or spending

the more extreme adventures, those require more time and money, such as bungee jumping in South Africa. “I am really looking forward to crossing

off bungee jumping from Bloukrans

nowhere to stay,” said Sam. “No night because we did not have our

passports on us. We finally had to bribe a hotel owner to let us stay until 5:00 a.m. when the first bus came.”

With adventures like these, Sam finds

Bridge in South Africa,” said Sam.

that her bucket list is always changing

cage diving, put a large amount of

time to cross off more items from

of things that will take a long time and

the Great Wall of China, visit Nelson

waiter a really big tip, sky diving,

She has already crossed off shark

money on one roll of roulette, explore

Mandela’s jail cell, and live on a boat for at least a month, to name a few.

One item that Sam completed was giving away a material possession that she liked but didn’t need and for

Until then, Sam has used her

her bucket list, such as leaving a

crossing the equator, attending the 2012 Olympics in London with her

friend Stevie, getting her bartending

license, running every day for a month, voting, doing something kind

and expanding. “I try to keep a balance

thinks I can wake up and do any day,” said Sam. Most importantly though, her

bucket list is on her wall in her bedroom where she can see it every day. “That way my goals are always in my mind,”

said Sam, “and I don’t lose sight of all the things I am trying to get out of life.”


If the End of Times are Near, are We Wasting it Online? By PRANAV LOKIN Social networking is the most popular online activity for all generations, with 22 percent of time online spent on channels like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. So if the world ended on Dec. 21, 2012 as the Mayans predicted and some people actually believe, what does the world have to show for it? Some would say, a lot of wasted time. Others argue it’s the way the world has evolved. Let’s start with Facebook, the number one most visited social media website, and trailing Google for the most trafficked website in the world.

A normal Facebook user spends around seven hours, 45 minutes and 49 seconds per month on Facebook. Since the average user has his or her Facebook page for two years that adds up to seven days 18 hours 19 min and 36 seconds. Connor Sequeira, a junior Business Major, doesn’t think that all time is necessarily a waste. “I don’t see anything wrong with spending time on social media sites. It teaches people to me

more social and to also stay connected with friends, current events, and other important news. Not to mention, if everything is clean, it can look good for employers if you are social,” he says. Twitter, as of May 2012, has more than 140 million active users, sending 340 million tweets every day. That adds up to upwards of two billion tweets a week. Twitter is also the fastest growing social network and should see 250 million active users by the end of 2012. Pinterest is the third most popular social network behind Facebook and Twitter. Over 20 percent of Facebook users are on Pinterest daily and the Pinterest app has been downloaded nearly 250,000 times.

The average time spent on percent of the millions of tweets before. That’s something special, Pinterest is 14.2 minutes per day. each day attract no reaction. now if it hinders your progress in So an average member of the Seven percent of the time that school/work, that’s your fault.” social media generation Miles Cable, a has spent over a week on sophomore Film “Social media has also brought us together Facebook, may have over major and owner of as a generation and we’re now able to see a 100 followers on Twitter, his own company extreme norms and oddities at a microscopic and will have a Pinterest Fresh View Films, account by next year (if not level that we haven’t had before. That’s agrees with presently). Christopher. “Social something special, now if it hinders your It’s not just a select progress in school or work, that’s your fault.” network sites are an group of kids anymore amazing resource, , using the internet to I have gained constantly update their business from Sophomore online profile, 62 percent around the nation, of adults now use social even world, just media, and scientists are noticing people spend at their jobs through Facebook. It is a way to appalling trends. browsing the internet is to access branch out and gain publicity and Fifty-six percent of social media social media for their personal recognition,” he says. users have admitted to using use. Staff using social networking If the world was really to end channels to spy on their partners sites, at work, are costing on Dec 21, 2012 like the Mayans in a relationship. Seventy-one businesses $759 billion every year predicted, how much time, if any, in total salary costs. did you waste? However, some students disagree about social media being just a negative trend. Tevin Christopher, a sophomore Communications major, says, “Social media is definitely a distraction but with moderation, as with anything, The average social it can become an media user has asset and even be spent over a week used as an outlet of on Facebook in their expression. Social lifetime. media has also brought us together as a generation and were now able to see extreme norms and oddities at a microscopic level that we haven’t had

-Tevin Chris





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13 14


16 17 18



1 Rule #18 in Zombieland 8 A three letter acronym for a NASA program designed to detect, track, and characterize potentially hazardous asteroids and comets that could approach Earth 11 Supposed planet, discovered by the Sumerians, that will collide into Earth 12 This insect can survive a nuclear explosion 14 Mayan calendar ends (month and day) 15 This is intended to allow for the replication of humans in case of a global cataclysm 16 Magnetic energy released from the sun that affects space weather around Earth 17 The last battle between good and evil before the Day of Judgement 18 Our ______ will align with the center of the Milky Way galaxy in December

2 This theory predicts that the universe will stop expanding and begin retracting, ultimately becoming a black hole 3 In Norse mythology, __________ will lead to a battle between Gods, various natural disasters, and the submersion of the world in water 4 Rule #2 in Zombieland 5 This branch of the US military has training in the events of a zombie apocalypse 6 Excerpts from this book were read during a radio broadcast in 1938, convincing people that Martians invaded Earth 7 Lake Toba is an example of a ________ that can threaten the survival of Earth 9 The number of Horsemen of the Apocalypse 10 First feature-length zombie film 13 This book of the Bible describes events leading to the apocalypse

e i v o M c i t p y l Apoca M ust-Sees

Written by Eric Duffert and Griffin Guinta

28 Days Later

When it comes to apocalyptic films there isn’t a story line quite as exhausted and banal as the one that includes flesh-eating zombies. It’s been done to death—sometimes brilliantly but most often horrendously. One film that is without a doubt one of the better retellings is Danny Boyle’s 28 Days Later. Though it’s only a meager ten years old, the film has more originality than most of its predecessors combined. Of course, it’s hard to do wrong with Danny Boyle behind the camera. Directing such superb films as Trainspotting, Slumdog Millionaire and 127 Hours, Danny Boyle has established himself as one of Hollywood’s most gifted and original directors. If you have not seen the film, 28 Days Later tracks a band of survivors as they seek refuge four weeks after a mysterious and incurable virus spreads throughout the U.K. It somehow manages to avoid the clichés that plague the zombie horror genre while at the same time flipping it completely on its head. A rare and impressive feat to say the least.

Children of Men If you haven’t seen Children of Men yet, you really don’t know what you’re missing. As far as apocalyptic movies go, this is about as good as it gets. Loosely based on the P.D. James novel of the same title, this daring and boldly original film is a dystopian tale centered around a global infertility epidemic. Clive Owen plays a civil servant who is handed the assignment of escorting a pregnant refugee to safety. Not an easy task when no one is to be trusted and everyone wants you dead. Combining mind-blowing action sequences with gorgeous cinematography, Children of Men is like nothing you’ve seen before. Oh, and it has Michael Caine in it. Need I say more?

I Am Legend

At the start of I Am Legend, A disgruntled doctor (Will Smith) and his trusty canine trudge through the empty streets of New York. At first glance, they seem to be alone and the city appears completely devoid of other people. However, we eventually find out that they are not alone after all. After a horrible epidemic strikes most of the globe, people begin transforming into strange creatures that bear resemblance to what we would classify as zombies. Though incredibly depressing at times, I Am Legend will keep you on the edge of your seat for the duration of the film. Will Smith’s hilarious and crafty persona keeps the movie from getting too dull, and strong action scenes consistently pique the viewer’s interest. If you’re a fan of the Walking Dead, I Am Legend will be right up your alley.

Deep Impact

When a gigantic meteor heads towards Earth, the demise of mankind seems imminent. However, under the leadership of the president (who is, of course, played by Morgan Freeman) a team of elite astronauts take to the sky in hopes of detonating the meteor before it crushes the Earth completely. Meanwhile, people back on the planet scramble to make preparations for the impending attack. Though it has an eerily similar plot to the movie Armageddon, Deep Impact captures an extremely realistic sense of what it would be like to endure such a disaster. Due to its infusion of suspense and action, Deep Impact ranks among the top apocalyptic movies of all time. THE MINARET | PAGE 13

Deliciously Deadly Recipes WRITTEN BY KELLY ST. ONGE


here is nothing better than indulging in a little gluttony during the holiday season. Recipes have the ability to do quite a bit: bring back old memories, start new ones and put a smile on a face. I want to pass along these recipes that have become a part of my holidays over the years.

Mama’s Potato Salad: First, I want to start with some simple side dishes that will get your mouth watering. My personal favorite is my mother’s potato salad. For this recipe you will need the following ingredients: -6 potatoes -4 eggs -1 tsp. dill relish (or pickles if you cut them very finely) -Celery (half of one piece) -1/2 an onion -3 tbsp. mayonnaise (I use low fat mayonnaise) -2 tsp. mustard This recipe is very simple and fairly quick to prepare. You will need to cook the potatoes and boil the eggs first. The potatoes can be boiled on the stove or cooked in the microwave. You want to cook them until their center is soft. While the potatoes and eggs are cooking, dice the half onion and the half piece of celery until they are very small squares. After the potatoes and eggs are cooked all the way through, grab a large bowl and mix all of the ingredients together until the mayonnaise and mustard create a solid sauce for the salad. If you like a stronger mustard taste you can add more to taste. THE MINARET | PAGE 14

Glaze for the Ham: Although side dishes are important, a meal would not be complete without the main course. For my family, no holiday is complete without a ham. My recipe isn’t for the actual ham, but the glaze that you put on it. For this recipe you can use any ham of your preference. I typically use a spiral cut ham. To cook it, follow the instructions on the package. Most hams have cooking instructions printed on the label. To make a glaze that will have everyone raving for more you will need: -Sliced pineapple in the can -A small jar of maraschino cherries -A package of toothpicks -1/4 cup brown sugar This glaze recipe is quick and easy to prepare and the pineapple slices and cherries make your ham look great. Take the pineapple slices and cherries out of the can. Line the bottom of the pan where the ham will be sitting with a couple of pineapple slices. Use the toothpicks to poke the cherries and pineapple slices onto the ham. This way the juices will soak into it. Use the rest of the juice in the jar from the cherries to create a glaze with the brown sugar. Use a 1/4 cup of brown sugar and mix it in slowly with the cherry juice. If you like you can add some of the pineapple juice to the glaze too, but it’s not necessary. Pour half of the glaze onto the ham when you put it into the oven and cook it with aluminum foil over the top. When the ham has 30 minutes left to cook, take the aluminum foil off of the ham and gently pour the rest of the glaze. Keeping the ham uncovered for the last 30 minutes will allow the glaze to give the ham a nice golden-brown color.

Rohlicky Dessert: This next recipe is one that has been shared from generation to generation in my family: the rohlicky. They’re a little more complicated to make but totally worth the time. They are moon-shaped pieces of heaven. They come from my great-grandfather’s birth country, the Czech Republic. I got the recipe from my grandmother in Michigan and every year my family begs me to make them here in Tampa. For this recipe you will need: -One large bowl -2 small bowls -2 1/4 cups flour -1/2 lb. butter (do not melt, use at room temperature) -1 package instant rise yeast -1 tsp. sugar -1 lb. walnuts -1 cup sour cream -5 eggs -1/4 cup brown sugar -Maple or vanilla flavoring to taste (about 2 to 3 tsp.) -Blender Put your flour and butter together in a large bowl. Cut the butter into the bowl. You want it solid, not melted. It won’t turn out right if it is melted. In one of your small bowls put the instant rise yeast, and sugar with one ounce of warm water, mix them gently Rohlickies are traditional Czech desserts baked to perfection and topped with together and watch to make sure the yeast rises. In powdered sugar. the second small bowl put one cup of sour cream and five egg yolks (no whites!) that are beaten and mix them. Put the walnuts in the blender with the brown sugar baggy in the refrigerator. Add to the large bowl the contents of and maple or vanilla flavoring. Grind the walnuts until they are each small bowl. Mix very, very, well together. Take about 1/4 to very fine. You will use this as a filling later. Put the walnuts in a 1/2 teaspoon of dough and roll into a ball and place them on cookie sheets. Do this until all the dough is rolled into little balls on the cookie sheets. Cover with saran wrap and let them set overnight in the refrigerator. The next day roll out each ball. They will be like small pie crusts. Make sure you roll them out thin. You can use powder sugared to roll them in and can add a some flour to roll out the little balls (1/4 cup of flour cup of powdered sugar). After the balls are rolled out, place the nut mix in them, about 1 teaspoon of nut filling. Make sure to roll the dough ends tightly after filling them with nut filling. Place the rohlickies on a heavy cookie sheet and bake at 350 degrees for 10 to 15 minutes. Keep an eye on them to make sure they don’t over-brown. The baking time depends on the size of the rohlicky and none are exactly the same. When they are done place them on wax paper and let them cool for at least five minutes. Sprinkle them with powdered sugar just before you serve them for an extra sweet flavor to top everything off. Then, enjoy them with family and friends over the holidays! THE MINARET | PAGE 15


As December draws nearer and the possible impending doom of the world as we know it looms over my head, I decided one day that I needed to prepare myself for the end of all ends: The Zombie Apocalypse. So many questions popped into my head. Could I even survive? How would I react? What would I have to live for if there aren’t any Twinkies? As I continued to plan, I realized that I could gather anything I would need just from the city around me. Let people panic and flee because when the undead come for me, I’ll be ready. After all, I’ve seen Zombieland.

Step 1: Wait Out the Traffic

If the world starts to end, people are going to freak out. They are going to get in their cars and drive to Grandma’s to escape their certain death because for some reason they won’t realize that it’s the end of the world, not the end of the Floridian west coast. My first step is to wait for everyone to clear the streets. I have enough supplies around the house for my family and I to get through the day. Board the windows, shut off the lights and just be patient.

Step 2: Relocate to a Grocery Store

You may not realize it, but there are generators everywhere like in grocery stores, shopping malls and mansions on Bayshore. After the crowds clear out and everyone has either been eaten or driven off to be eaten somewhere else, I would take the trailer I have and attach it to my dad’s pickup truck. I would then head to the nearest Publix and steal the generators they have. Bolt cutters, chains and a shotgun may also be needed. Remember: Double tap.

Step 3: Gather All the Troops

If anyone is going to survive with me, it would be my family. Close friends are also welcome. Everyone needs to be prepared. Pack lightly but pack smart. Wear comfortable yet durable clothing. Ugg boots and jeggings are not on this list. Everyone should have their own bag with varying supplies. The more hands the better.


Step 4: Pack Lightly

Gather every sharp or heavy, blunt object that can be used as a weapon. Even that weird bread knife you never use. Bring it. Find all the screwdrivers, PVC pipes and baseball bats, and, of course, any guns and knives. I’d rather have it and not need it than need it and not have it. Reusable water bottles are a much better option than a plastic water bottle. I would also pack a small amount of hygiene items like towels, soap and medical supplies. You’re going to want to pack food, but be smart about it. Lots of foods like vegetables and fruit will spoil so pack packaged foods that will keep you energized as you outrun the zombie that’s about to eat your face off. Plus, food is something you can gather as you go. We’ll get to that step later.

Step 5: Find a Home

Your house in your cookie cutter neighborhood is not going to last long. Your supplies will wear out, and you’ll get cabin fever. Before you know it you’ll be Carl from the Walking Dead (Why can’t he just stay in the house?). In Tampa, there are many homes that have two key factors: a gate that surrounds property and access to water. Find somewhere that has both. I have a location in mind, but due to my father’s certainty of the apocalypse, he has asked me to refrain from disclosing such information. This“compound”is a location that can provide food, water and security. Set up a 24hour guard schedule. Get the generators secured and running. Unpack your supplies, and begin gathering food and water. A

Step 6: Train the Troops

Think The Hunger Games meets the “I’ll Make A Man Out of You”song from Mulan. Unless everyone you’re with has already battled the undead, you might need to run through a few scenario drills. Teach Mom how to use the 12-gauge. Learn how to attach a knife to a stick and use it as a spear. The occasional invasion drill might help too.

Step 7: Wait It Out

You’ve established a way of life. You’ve fought off zombies and managed to keep everyone alive. By this time, you’ve already made contact with the random person that knows about the helicopter leaving the top of a building and is heading toward the commune that has been created upstate. Make it there alive and prepare to help put the world back in order. Congratulations, you just survived a zombie apocalypse.


Trends to Die For

The world may end in 2012 and personal style may be not so important when doomsday hits, but if we do survive, there are some trends that are long overdue to fade away and die with the coming apocalypse. Also, there are those trends that are just so great that they are to die for. Whether you’re decked out in sequins and partying it up for your last hour before the meteor hits or you’re throwing on some neon to distract the aliens during their invasion, these trends are either killer or need to be killed.

Glitter & Shine


It’s the holiday season and everywhere you turn there are sequins, rhinestones and metallics galore. Embrace your inner Katy Perry and don’t be afraid of a little sparkle. Try a v-neck with sequin sleeves, a piece that can easily transition from day to night with the right styling. Glittery ballet flats are a statement piece and can be worn to class or to a holiday party. You can even accessorize your nails with some rhinestone nail stickers. Go wild with shimmer and sequins. See if you can shine brighter than those twinkling Christmas lights.


Whether you call it a loafer or a smoking flat, this trend is slipping its way on feet everywhere. A woman’s take on menswear, the loafer is the perfect shoe for comfort and style. You can keep it simple with a black suede loafer or add some silver studs or black skulls to funk them up. These flats even come in a variety of prints. Wear them with navy skinny jeans and a white button-up and sleeves rolled up to your elbows for a casual but cute look to class. Going out? Try a studded pair with leather pants, a shimmery top and a blazer. This look is chic and comfy and you’ll be sure to get a lot of use out of this trend.

This trend is all over the runways and has been seen on countless celebrities. It is ultra feminine with a nod to the 1940s. A peplum is an overskirt that can be attached to a fitted dress, skirt, shirt or jacket. It emphasizes the waist making the figure flattering but also de-emphasizes your hips when worn as a pencil skirt or dress. This trend is often on the dressier side, making it the perfect choice for any holiday party.


Studs I would probably stud everything if I could. You can get just about any accessory or article of clothing with studs now: backpacks, ballet flats, ankle boots, leather jackets, blouses and even jean shorts. Have fun with studs as they can take a rather simple outfit and add both style and edge. My favorite studded accessory at the moment is shoes. I have several studded ballet flats in black, gun metal and nude. There’s something empowering about wearing dangerous footwear. Just be careful not to hurt yourself with these accessories.

You don’t have to be a cool kid or a biker to rock a lot of leather. Leather, both real and faux, is everywhere now and on more than just accessories. From pencil skirts to peplum tops, dresses and jackets, ranging in color from black to navy to tan, leather is hot. Rock a navy leather tank dress with a gemstone belt for an edgier holiday party look. Motorcycle and bomber jackets are bigger than ever now. Wear them with a floral dress and laceup boots for a grungy yet girly ‘90s look or with a white v-neck and jeans to look like a Ramones fan girl.


Crop Tops

Trends That Need to Die

I like crop tops, I really do. Worn with high-waist shorts or skirts, crop tops are really stylish. But they make it on this list because whenever I see a crop top these days, it is worn the wrong way. Showing your entire belly (toned or not) to your biology class is not flattering or attractive. Peeks of skin are okay and can be sexy, which is why high-waist shorts work so well with this trend. Full on skin bearing is not. Bloated after a filling lunch? A crop top and cutoff shorts probably wouldn’t be your best option. Wear crop tops the right way to avoid being trend road kill.

Leggings as Pants This needs to stop. Plain and simple. Leggings are meant to be worn underneath clothes; they look great under tunics, dresses, skirts and shorts but by themselves, they are just not meant to be. Without another piece of clothing to cover your derrière, leggings are simply unflattering. Unless in the dance studio or used as pajamas, refrain from exposing yourself under the cover of this “undergarment.” Want the same comfort of leggings? Opt for yoga pants instead and make sure to wear the right underwear to avoid the awful VPL (visible panty line).

Neon Neon, I’m sorry, but you’ve overstayed your welcome. I enjoyed your visit from the ‘80s, and you’re probably the only fashion trend from that era I will ever embrace, but a few seasons have passed since you made your comeback and now it’s time to say farewell. You’re in my face and hurting my eyes. You’re a bit obnoxious. You really should only be worn for a late night bike ride to keep riders safe. But during the day, you’re so distracting, you might cause injury. So go back to the ‘80s, neon, or at least to the back of our closets.

Bright Bras Under Sheer Tops I work in a lingerie store and am constantly surrounded by gorgeous bras and bustiers. For the holiday season, we unveiled a collection of limited shimmer bras that are so pretty, one could not help but want to show them off. However, bras are undergarments. Unless you’re Lady Gaga or it’s Halloween, keep your bra under your clothes and out of sight. I’ve seen too many Facebook pictures of girls in lace tank tops with pink bras peeking out underneath. Stay classy and keep your undergarments hidden. Sexy is leaving some room for imagination.


Are you physically strong?




If the world were to end on December 21, what is one class you wish you could have taken (or taught, for the professors)? WRITTEN BY ANNABELLA PALOPOLI

According to the Mayan calendar, the world is going to end on Dec. 21, 2012. That doesn’t give us much time. Now, I don’t believe that it will happen, but if it does, I’m thoroughly upset that I spent over 50 hours in Calculus (nothing against the wonderful professor I had;

math just isn’t my thing). If, on Dec. 21, I see a humungous asteroid hurtling towards Earth, a herd of zombies encroaching, or any other event that may lead us to the end, I’ll wish I would have taken some more entertaining classes. For example, I’d love to have taken a

“‘Harry Potter English,’ they offer it at FSU!” - Jordan Walsh, freshman writing major

“Swimming. The water is the one place zombies can’t go, assuming that the world ends in a zombie apocalypse.” - Jessica McCarron, senior government and world affairs major

“Ethics.” - Carmen Tarantino, adjunct professor of Spanish: “A class about life, like how to get through life and what we’re supposed to do.” - Danielle Lemes, freshman pre-med biology major “The truth is, over time, I’ve been able to teach the classes I really would want to teach. From dance history to storytelling as a mode of healing, as well as workshops in creativity and ‘aging gracefully,’ I’ve been very fortunate.” - Susan Taylor Lennon, professor of speech, theatre and dance

class at Hogwarts, or even one of UT’s more interesting classes, like “Stretching and Relaxation.” I was curious to find out what the rest of UT thinks, so I asked a number of students and professors what they would choose.

“‘Charms’ or ‘Defense Against the Dark Arts.’” - Taylor Valentine, sophomore film major

“Laughter 200: Laugh Until You Die, Wet Your Pants or Fall out of Your Chair, Whichever Comes First. Prerequisite: Breathing. No previous sense of humor required. 4 Credit Hours, plus a lifetime of enjoyment Caution: Participation may result in facial laugh lines, but this is offset by loss of frown lines.” - Dr. John Hanel, psychology department

“‘Trophy Wife Training 101,’ where I learned how to be a perfect stay-at-home wife.” - Jenna Tinney, senior communications major

“How to Survive the Apocalypse.” - Anonymous biology professor

“I’d take the ‘Creativity’ class here [at UT.] They do puppet shows and stuff.” - Mollie Putnam, sophomore film major

“Every class! Art! I’ve always wanted to take art.” - Emily Lucero, senior biopsychology major

Don’t Get Tied Up Trying To Get Tied Down

5You Are Single Things To Do While

WRITTEN BY Mary K. Slagel

Whether you view relationships as the death of your freedom or the exciting start of a new chapter in your life, here is a list of things to keep you busy while you wait to meet that special someone.

#1. Focus on Your Career Envision where you want to be and work hard to get there. You might never have this much time and opportunity again. If you find yourself going in a direction that doesn’t make you happy, quit and restart while you can. Find a career you love and pursue your dreams.

culture. Spend enough time to feel the effects of culture shock. Putting miles between you and your friends and family can feel lonely, but it is only in that quiet loneliness that you can find solace and discover yourself. Be spontaneous but safe, because you never know where you will end up. Stay in a reputable hostel and you might meet some eclectic people. You never know, you may meet someone you can stay with next time you travel or the special someone you’ll stay with for the rest of your life.

#2. Wear Sweats as Often as Possible

If you end up in a relationship, it will be far too long before you can be careless again. You may spend the first few months of a new relationship primping excessively just to leave the house in case you run into that special someone. You may even find yourself waking up early just to brush your teeth or put on makeup before your man or woman wakes up. Cherish the days you grocery shop or grab coffee with a friend in your sweats. Feeling bold? Stop wearing makeup. You may even find out you like that look better.

#3. Travel Alone Cross the pond at least once. Leave the continent or at the least your home country and acquaint yourself with a new

#4. Spend Time With Your Family and Friends

Cherish the time you have alone with your family. When some people get into relationships, they fall head over heels so hard that they neglect important people in their life. If you fall under this category, you may find

yourself texting your significant other during family dinner and not listening to your grandfather’s war stories. You will want to spend vacations and time off with your boyfriend or girlfriend rather than go on the annual family trip. Even if you aren’t the type to lose yourself in a relationship, you can’t control everything. Eventually a time will come that you have to split holidays between your parents and in-laws. Don’t look back and wish you had spent more time with them. Make it happen now. And don’t forget your friends either.

#5. Wait for the Perfect

Person and Never Settle for Less Now that you’re single, wait for someone who is worth it. Don’t jump at the first person that buys you dinner. Just because you are both Star Wars fanatics and obsessed with orange cats doesn’t mean you are compatible. Sure he or she may be attractive, polite, and share many commonalities with you, but there are sure to be flaws too. Maybe her entire Facebook wall is daily photos of her orange cat and the last time you posted anything on Facebook was eight months ago to thank everyone for the birthday wishes. Or maybe he is so obsessed with Star Wars he talks like Darth Vader in the bedroom and asks you to play with his lightsaber. These may be trivial quirks you can work on but you need to find out either way. Weigh the pros and cons. Learn what you prefer and what you dislike and don’t settle until you find the one that satisfies these. But always remember the #1 person you need to focus on: YOU. THE MINARET | PAGE 23



Bring It On, Mayans

The human race has survived many apocalypses before. WRITTEN BY VANESSA RIGHEIMER

December holds a lot in store for us: the obvious hustle and bustle of the holidays, events such as the American Country Music Awards, and the premiere film adaptation of J. R. R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit.” On another note, we can also expect our planet Earth to burst into flames on Dec. 21, which is the date that marks the end of the Mayan calendar. Some of you may roll your eyes at this and think, “What makes this doomsday prediction any different than the others?” Well, for starters, Twinkies, the snack that was built to last through a nuclear war, is being discontinued, and the fact that Notre Dame is ranked #1 in the nation right now is starting

Nettle were able to convince a group of 39 people in California that in order to escape Doomsday, they must board a UFO which would take them to the “Next Level.” Applewhite had put out videos to recruit members, claiming the planet Earth was to be recycled soon and the only way to not be wiped away with it was to join him. This particular doomsday cult had the potential to be turned into a top selling Nintendo 64 game, especially with its close ties to Star Trek. One of the members of the cult, Thomas Nichols, was actually the brother of Nichelle Nichols, who played Uhura in the original Star Trek television series. When

Whether they made it to the Next Level or not, we can’t be sure. However, we do know that it has been 14 years since Applewhite had predicted the earth would be wiped away, but it seems like the cosmic recycling truck has missed its stop at Earth, seeing as the majority of the humans or vessels from that generation are still very much alive today. To elementary school kids today, Y2K might sound like a new boy band to rival One Direction, however, Y2K represented the most hyped up apocalypse of the 90s. Y2K stood for the “Year 2000 bug.” It was a glitch made in our early computer systems where only the

“Before you run out of your job yelling ‘I quit!’ or profess your love to your extremely attractive professor, keep in mind that human beings will most likely endure this doomsday and come out on top, or at least, alive.” to feel like a last joke the Mayans are playing on us. But, before you run out of your job yelling “I quit!” or profess your love to your extremely attractive professor, keep in mind that, like all the other “apocalypses” that have plagued our generation, the millennial human beings will most likely endure this doomsday and come out on top, or at least alive. So sit back, crack open a brew, and cue Gloria Gaynor’s “I Will Survive.” One of the earlier apocalypses our generation has endured was brought on by the Heaven’s Gate Cult. In 1997, Marshall Applewhite and Bonnie

authorities found the bodies of the cult members in their rented mansion, they were all wearing T-shirts that read “Heaven’s Gate Away Team.” The Away Team represented a crew in Star Trek that conducted missions in space away from their starship. Applewhite believed that human bodies were just vessels, and if they ended their life in the vessel they were trapped in, then their soul would travel onto the spacecraft that would deliver them to the Next Level. In true cult going away party form, the members all drank some cocktails of vodka and pineapple with a splash of cyanide and arsenic.

last two digits of a year were used. For example, 1997 would be shown as 97. With the new millennium approaching, this created a problem, because the year 2000 would be represented as 00, which could also stand for the 00 in 1900, which would confuse the heck out of our computer systems. Why our computers only used the last two digits of a year is something I will never understand, but still, this little bug had our entire world up in arms. People feared a loss of electrical power and some even went out and bought wood stoves and emergency heaters. However, when Jan. 1, 2000 came

around, no major problems were reported. I continued to beat my younger brother in Super Smash Brothers on Nintendo 64. All was well in the world. Our most recent apocalypse that we have recovered from was the one Harold Camping predicted to happen on May 21, 2011. Camping, president of Family Radio, a Christian network based in California, had made previous failed predictions of the end of the world in the past. In 1992, Camping published in his book, “1994?,” which predicted that the world would end sometime during September in 1994. He stated that he was 99.9 percent sure of this, however, that 0.01 percent seemed to be critical, because the world did not end. You would think that might have been the end of Camping or even Family Radio, but it was reported in 2007 that Family Radio’s net assets were approximately $122 million in 2007, and they even received $18.3 million in donations in 2009. The radio station certainly had the means, and Camping, being the president of the station, used those means to further spread his word of the next Doomsday. From 2010 to 2011, more than 3,000 billboards were placed throughout the world warning people of “The End of Times.” Family Radio launched Project Caravan, which sent out five cars to make stops throughout the U.S. spreading the “good message.” The people that took the message to heart really YOLO’d the

months leading up to The Rapture... to the point that they literally had nothing left in the slim chance we woke up on earth on May 21. In an interview with The Christian Post, Adrienne Martinez, 27, explained how she decided not to go to med school after hearing the news, and moved from New York to Orlando with her husband and daughter to read scriptures and hand out Rapture tracts in the streets until Judgment Day. The couple also donated their money to Family Radio. Martinez told NPR, “We budgeted everything so that, on May 21, we won’t have anything left.”

Oops? Maybe Camping should have created some sort of insurance plan for his donors in case this Rapture decided not to happen. However, Camping stood by his prediction and said it was the spiritual judgment that had occurred on May 21 and the physical rapture would take place

“Whether it be a rapture, technological failure, or a Star Trek inspired cult, we humans have proven to be a force to be reckoned with.” on Oct. 21. But, even when October 21 arrived, everything remained the same, and to my surprise, none of my professors accepted my “late homework due to preparing for rapture” excuse. Whether or not yoWu got burned by the 2011 Rapture, the fact of the matter is that the human race has once again prevailed. Whether it be a rapture, technological failure, or a Star Trek inspired cult, we humans have proven to be a force to be reckoned with. We’ve even survived the number of the Beast, which took place on June 6, 2006. I may have been a little freaked out for a couple days by the goth kids at my middle school who kept writing 666 all over their notebooks and bathroom stalls for the Beast, but in the end, I made it through and missed my connection with the Devil. When it comes to surviving Doomsday, your method of survival is up to you, though the ones I’ve found most effective usually involve eating, sleeping, and breathing. So all I have left to say pertaining to the 2012 Apocalypse is bring it on Mayans, bring it on. THE MINARET | PAGE 25



The Long Road To Competence Fans, full of sorrow, write it down for the world to see Dear Brandon Weeden, You have to understand my skepticism! Long before Lebron left, I was putting my faith in the Tim Couchs and the Brady Quinns of the world. You’re just a tough sell. At 29, you might be seasoned, you might be untapped, but you also might be close to my age. I can’t help thinking you’re the next Tim Couch. I hate that I keep going back to Tim Couch, but we’re talking first pick kind of stuff. And, not to scare you or anything, but my therapist recently diagnosed me with Couchophobia. It’s nothing life-threatening, I just am unbelievably sure that every player this franchise drafts will turn out like Tim Couch. You should’ve seen my letter to Joe Haden. The dude

is a cornerback and I warned him not to switch positions, since guys with three letter names often have rough careers with the Browns. Anyway, let’s talk about football and not Tim Couch. See how I changed the subject? I’m not even thinking about Tim Couch, like at all. I’m not thinking about his 67 career picks or his broken thumb. It’s not even on my mind; but just so you know, he finished a season 9-7. That’s a winning record if you didn’t know! A lot of people don’t know that about Timmy Couch. He was secretly a winner but things were just unlucky. The Browns are a winning franchise, Brandon. And I’m not sure if you realize that. We

Tim Couch finished his rookie season with 13 interceptions. Brandon Weeden already has 13 interceptions. NOOOOOOOO!

A Satire By Miles Parks

won 10 games back in 2007. We beat the Patriots in the Playoffs back in ’94… Boy, what a good year… Anyway, I guess I haven’t really gotten to my point. My point is this: that I don’t care what you do in your career (unless it involves becoming Tim Couch) but you’re going to stay a Brown forever. You’re not going to play in Baltimore. And if you ever even think about putting on a Miami uniform, even just to try it on, even if you’re just kidding around with Ryan Tannehill and being funny, I will find you. You’re from Cleveland, and just like the rest of us; you’re stuck here. Sincerely, John Sofa

Dear Michael Jordan, Photo Credits listed on page 30 Where in the world is Steve Bartman? If this bear ever finds him, he’s in some deep, deep trouble.

You are the man and the Washington Wizards want you back. Well, they need you back. I’m not writing this as a fan of any National Basketball Association squad, but as a U.S. Senator who works for many weeks at a time in Washington D.C. As of Nov. 29, the team has won just one game. I’ve done extensive research on the subject of basketball in recent months, and you seem to be the sport’s best player by many statistical measurements. I understand your hesitance. You are currently entrenched with another team, the Charlotte Bobcats. They hold a .500 record right now, and they’ve already matched last season’s total for wins (7). You have to understand though, we don’t want you back in the front office, we want to start you for the remainder of the season. All 48 minutes every game

if you’re up to it. Come help a team that’s scored over 100 points just three times this season, and lost all three of those times. I know, I know. You’re mulling it over. But you feel more loyalty toward the Bulls. Just think about it. Do you really want to be reunited with Scottie Pippen? The guy who tried to sue a college newspaper? Washington was your second destination as a player, and we need desperately to be your third. I know you’re 49, and I know you have eccentric taste in sweater vests. We’re willing to take all that baggage if you just help us win. Just a couple stinking games. Also: you can wear the earring on the court. I already OK’d it with the league Sincerely, Sen. Abe Washington

Dear Steve Bartman, I ain’t even mad bro. Let’s just meet up and talk about it you know? I was thinking I come over to where you stayin’ at and we just talk for a while. Maybe at like 3 a.m. Maybe with your phone lines cut. But I ain’t even mad. I just wanna talk. About the Cubbies. About our Cubbies. Let’s be real real ya know? Wrigley Field smells like piss. I mean I love history as much as the next Northside rapper (Northside FOREVER), I really do. But I turn on the television, and they’re showing the Cards playin’ the Dodgies in that

beautiful St. Louis facility and I’m just wondering how these people don’t know why we suck. I mean we play in a dump. It’s no Tropicana Field but it’s just not good for the players’ health ya know? I’m not talking about the workout places or nothing either. I’m talking about the ghosts. You believe in ghosts don’t ya Stevie boy? Why else would you reach out over that railing? Right Stevie boy? It was the ghosts wasn’t it? The ghosts of Wrigley, whispering to you, telling you to nab it, right? It wasn’t just cause you were at a baseball game and wanted a souvenir.

No one in their right mind would enrage Moises Alou for a souvenir. Right? Right Stevie Boy? I just think they gotta move out, gotta get rid of all those demons if they want to win. Except for Mark Prior. If they can sign the ghost of Mark Prior to a minor league deal or something, that might be all right. What do you say Stevie Boy? Wanna have me and a couple of my boys over for tea some time? We’re real nice and we love baseball. We’ll even bring bats. Sincerely, Notorious C.U.B. THE MINARET | PAGE 27




For Christmas


NATHAN KROHN A college campus with no students is like a freeway with no cars, a mall with no shoppers, a football game with no fans. Students pack up their dirty clothes to bring home and hunt down rides to the airport, looking forward to seeing their friends and family. They make open remarks stating “I don’t know how I’m gonna handle the cold when I go back north.” But while we all look forward to stuffing our faces with turkey and stuffing and spending Christmas and New Years in our cozy homes, some student athletes must stay behind and endure intense practices on the abandoned campus. “That’s a tough question,” men’s basketball player Anthony Griffis responded shaking his head with a smile when asked if he regretted not being with his family for the holidays. “I’d like to be but they understand I gotta get work done.”

Griffis, a senior guard from North Carolina, is playing in his second year at Tampa after transferring from Lincoln Trail Junior College. “I haven’t been with my family for the last two years,” Griffis explained. “This team is sorta like my family.” After finishing last season with a 6-20 overall record, Griffis voiced that this year will be different, as the team has had an influx of new players. “We got a lot more players, some good transfers,” Griffis said before entering a team film session. “We were blown out every game last year, that wasn’t fun for us.” Griffis says the team is “more committed” this year, and after a 4-0 start his claims seem to be correct. “We’re a year older and we’ve added three guys that we feel are potentially good players,” Head Coach Richard Schmidt said sitting in his office.

“Got to shoot the ball well, shot terribly all last year.” The break from school leaves the basketball players as some of only a few residents remaining on campus, allowing the team to build chemistry. “Coach has us over at his house for a Thanksgiving meal and we go out every once and in a while,” Griffis said. “We just get to know each other better.” However, the break from schoolwork doesn’t mean a break from practice. During the time off, Coach Schmidt conducts more practices with greater intensity. “We’ve got to get ready for conference play,” Coach Schmidt said. “We have more time on the court to go and get more work in.” UT Women also conduct more rigorous practices during the break. “We can get more intense because the players have

Coach Jessee laments while it’s unfortunate the players can’t be with their families, the trip offers a lasting memory for the team. “Kids who’ve graduated remember the trips,” Coach Jessee said. “Some of them get to see snow for the first time. The four trips end up being lasting memories.” With nine new players on the team, the 3000-mile trip allows for a unique chemistry building experience. “Without a doubt it helps build chemistry,”Coach Jessee said. “They spend several days of quality time together.”

Heading into this holiday season, both teams are looking forward to improving for the spring. “We don’t wanna go through what we went through last year,” said Griffis. “I love competing,” Cavallaro said with a big smile as she sat in her sweat pants and sweater, fresh out of a three-hour evening practice and film session. “I love winning and I love seeing hard work pay off.” Both basketball teams tip off SSC play Jan. 5 against Rollins. Photo Credits listed on page 30

no classes or tests,” Women’s Basketball Head Coach Tom Jessee said. “We can be in the gym longer hours and when it’s quieter.” Coach Jessee explained that when his team practices during a normal school week the noise of sharing the court with men’s basketball and volleyball holds the team back from learning new plays. “We have nine new players trying to learn a new system. The noise holds us back,” Coach Jessee said. “During the holidays the schedules are staggered so we are the only ones using the court.” The past few years, around Thanksgiving time, the team travels to different parts of the country for a multi-day basketball tournament. The cities range from San Francisco to Denver. This year the team travelled to San Diego, spending Thanksgiving in California. “We make a reservation and take the girls out to eat,” Coach Jessee said. “It’s not like mom’s cooking but it does the job.” Juliana Cavallaro, a freshman guard from Venice, FL, is spending the holidays away from her family for the first time. “Yeah, this will be my first time away from my family,” Cavallaro said a little surprised at the thought. “I’m excited to be with the team but I’m going to miss my family.”

*** Senior Callum Townsend is staying in Tampa for his fourth straight winter. The forward was UT’s second leading scorer last season.



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