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Vol. 76 No. 1

By Charlie Hambos Editor-in-chief

‘Dons’ will never be the same. Or at least not for Joe Ranalli, as he shared his memories of his friend Ryan McCall. McCall and Ranalli had their own language. They would shorten everything. When they got together only they could understand what the other was saying. They called McDonalds “Dons” and a cheeseburger “Doub Chey.” The two called themselves, “The Bumb squad.” “We ran, ate and slept and that’s what we did,” Ranalli said. “I will remember everything about him.” McCall’s fellow runners, friends and family will always remember him for his contagious smile and his ability to make everyone laugh. The University of Tampa senior Excercise Science Major was not only an athlete, but a coach to thousands who impacted everyone he met. “You don’t understand how this single act of violence affects thousands of people across the whole United States,” Ranalli said.

Marine Science

24-25 114 RA’s

Most popular declared major of incoming Freshman

1509 Freshmen schedules built

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Friends Remember Ryan McCall



Students per Gateways classes


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By Charlie Hambos Editor-in-chief

UT still has no definitive plan for the property housing the former Valencia Garden Restaurant. However, they have decided to use a portion of the property for commuter parking. “We have not yet developed long term plans for the property,” said Eric Cardenas, Director of Public Information. Construction has begun on the commuter parking only area and it is expected to be finished in six weeks according to Bill Neyland, UT’s Senior Project Manager. Many former patrons of the Valencia Garden Restaurant were concerned about UT’s future plans of the structure citing the painted murals and artwork. Neyland said that the previous


The Minaret

Howard Johnson Hotel Houses Record Number of Freshmen As multiple universities are still dealing with budget cuts and enrollment decreases, the University of Tampa doesn’t seem to have a problem. According to Residence Life, 260 students will be living in the Howard Johnson Ashley Plaza Hotel across the river. Last year, approximately 70 students movedin to the Howard Johnson. They were all moved on campus after the fall room change.

Temporary Plans: Parking on New Land Tract Purchase

See “Land Tract”

“McCall” [3]

By Charlie Hambos Editor-in-chief

August 28, 2009

This year, Krystal Schofield said the numbers should go down to 200 when students are reassigned after Open Room Change. Schofield also said that there will be some students in the Howard Johnson all fall semester but she couldn’t say if any students would be living there during the spring semester.There are 10 RAs assigned to the Howard Johnson. According to the information on the Howard Johnson Hotel on students will have access to all the hotels amenities. Amenities at the hotel that

aren’t offered on campus (or not completely) are cable TV with HBO, housekeeping twice a week including sheets and towels and queen beds, free parking, table and two chairs and a private bath. They also have a fitness room, outdoor pool, restaurant and laundry machines. Storage space is still limited. The Great Debate: The Hojo vs. On-Campus Housing Fitness Room for Hotel Guests vs. McNiff for all of Campus Wireless Internet in every room vs. Spotty signals in some

Inside ...

Residence Halls Cable TV with HBO vs. Cable TV Housekeeping twice a week (including sheets and towels) vs. Once a week (not including sheets and towels) Private baths shared by two vs. Bathrooms shared by two to five Queen beds vs. Twin XL beds Table and 2 Chairs vs. Not available Free parking vs. $50 per year on campus

Getting Involved On Campus [4] UT Terms To Know [5] A Taste of Tampa [9] Note To Self: Relax! [17] Journey to Greece [10-11] Tampa Nightlife [15]

Women’s Soccer Kick-Off [20]

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“Vitality shows in not only the ability to persist but the ability to start over.” [F. Scott Fitzgerald]



The Minaret | August 28, 2009

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The Minaret | August 28, 2009 “McCall”: Front McCall’s promising career as a coach was tragically cut short early Wednesday, Aug. 19. A robber stopped him and his friend, Mike Carahan, on their way home and demanded money. Then, he shot McCall. It was Joe Ranalli’s 21st birthday and after hanging at the house for a while they decided to go out to the Retreat. After an hour or so passed, Ranalli and Chris Catanach, a cross-country teammate walked back home. Later on, the lights popped on in Ranalli’s room and when he opened his eyes he saw Carahan. “We got mugged, we got mugged,” Carahan said. “I heard gunshots. Ryan is missing.” Carahan doesn’t go to UT, but had come down with Ranalli and McCall to help them move into their new house in Tampa. The three, McCall, Ranalli and Carahan, were good friends from Downingtown, Pa. and they all went to Downingtown West High School. Ranalli, not believing what he was hearing, ran outside and started screaming Ryan’s name. He called 911 and ran to the bridge. By the time they got there, three Tampa Police patrol cars were looking for McCall. When they found him it was too late. As time passed, Ranalli continued trying to process what happened and stayed away from any news cameras.He and his teammates made sure to spend time with McCall’s family.

McCall (left) and Ranalli (farthest right)

“We lost Ryan, but I gained a whole new family,” Ranalli said. “We are all a part of his family now.” Ranalli knew McCall since seventh or eighth grade. They were on the same track team and same cross country team at Downingtown West High School. McCall graduated one year before him. When they came to Tampa for college everything changed. Ranalli said when they first moved into their house over the summer they didn’t have cable but it didn’t even matter because McCall served as the entertainment. They would all laugh and joke around. “It was one of the best times we had together,” Ranalli said. “It meant something.” McCall was always so happy and spirited and his friend said that he put so many smiles on people’s faces.

Photos Courtesy of Joe Ranalli

“He always had a smile from ear-to-ear,” Ranalli said. “He affected more people than I wish I could have affected in my life in 21 years.” Now that he is gone, it will be left up to his teammates and McCall’s friends to continue affecting people’s lives. “Our biggest thing is to make sure we live the rest of our lives the way Ryan would live his life,” Ranalli said. “To live through it, we can make Ryan live through us. Just by the way we act and the way we help people.” Both Ranalli and McCall helped coach Cross Country and Track at Tampa Preparatory School right across Cass Street. S h e l l e y R u b e rg , Ta m p a Preparatory Cross Country and Track Head Coach, said that McCall had made a tremendous impact on the team. “He was a positive guy,” Ruberg said. “He built everybody

on the team up.” McCall primarily worked with the sprinter boys and he let them know that they were worth a lot to him. “They all looked up to him,” she said. Coaching was his passion and his future and you could tell Ruberg said. He wanted to be a track coach and this is why he was able to make such an impact. “He always came in with that smile,” she said. “He was here doing what he loved and it definitely showed.” Ruberg said that the team was putting money together to put a memorial stone on their campus. They also signed a Cross Country jersey and sent it up to the funeral with Ranalli. The team will be joining the UT community during the campus wide memorial service on Friday, September 11. As of printing, the time and location was unknown. Check for updates. In reflecting his friend’s death, Ranalli questioned like so many people did. “Why would someone pick up a gun and shoot someone over a couple of dollars?” “ Yo u n e v e r want to have anyone see their friend die, especially by a gun,” he said. He isn’t completely foreign to th e q u es tio n . During the summer,


Ranalli worked with the Juvenile Justice System in Philadelphia. Some of the kids he dealt with were often the ones doing the shooting. He doesn’t have the answer to the question but wants to know how we can put more effort into helping these people. Ranalli said that one way the community could memorialize Ryan is by figuring out how to stop the violence. Ranalli has decided not to leave the area where he lived with McCall and will make sure that nobody ever walks back home regardless of the time of day. He suggested that students should not be afraid to call someone to pick them up. Ranalli also said that he and his friends were not doing anything wrong. They were walking back on the same familiar path they used on a daily basis. The cross country team is going to continue running even though one of their best friends and teammates will not be with them. Ranalli said that he will think about him before every race.

McCall (left) and Ranalli (center)

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4 “Land”: Front owners took everything out of the building. “There is no historical value left,” Neyland said. UT officials have still not decided how the building will be used. “The university understands it needs classroom space and are looking into it,” Neyland said. Cardenas said that the building on the corner of Kennedy Boulevard and Brevard may be used for classroom and office space in the fall. On June 4, UT acquired approximately 57,760 square feet of the eastern portion of the tract, totaling approximately 130,000 square feet. The property extends from Kennedy Boulevard on the south, Brevard Avenue on the east, North A Street on the north and North Boulevard on the west. Originally, UT did not disclose the name of the company that helped them purchase the tract. It was reported later that it was the Bailey Family

Academics Alpha Chi The Adam Smith Society Alpha Epsilon Delta American Chemical Society American Marketing Association Art History Honors Society Athletic Training Students Organization Association for Computer Machinery Beta Alpha Psi Beta Beta Beta Delta Sigma Pi Honors Council Investment Group Kappa Delta Pi Math Club Psi Chi Sigma Tau Delta Skull & Bones

Foundation. The same foundation awarded with the Champion of Higher Independent Education in Florida (C.H.I.E.F) Award at the commencement ceremony in May. The Bailey Foundation has been a long time supporter of UT, helping with such projects as the R.K Bailey Arts Studios and the Bailey Student Investment Fund. Eventually, the title for the property which the foundation holds will become UT’s. The Global Message sent out in early June did not specify how UT would use the property but that it would address academic and other space needs currently and in the future. “Development would be consistent with University design and use standards that have already taken place on campus and along the Kennedy Boulevard corridor,” the message said. The Valencia Garden Restaurant has been the scene for many Tampa politicians and business people since it opened in 1927.

Men's Lacrosse Club Men's Roller Hockey Club Team Spartan Netballers Sports and Entertainment Management Society Student Athletic Advisory Committee InCrowd Men's Crew Club UT Cheerleaders UT Paintball Club

Diversity Arab Student Association African Student Association Asian Student Organization Black Student Union Caribbean Students Association Diversity Fellowship GLTSBA (Gay, Lesbian, Transgender, Straight, Bisexual Alliance)

Stay Involved On CampUs This Year By Neasha Hodge Staff Writer

After months of college prep in high school you have finally decided to become a part of the Spartan family. You’ve said your goodbyes to your childhood friends and packed up all the things you think you needed to be a successful college student. Some of you were fortunate enough to have your family take this journey with you, but others had to trek this path alone. There will be many challenges that you will face as a first year student. The transition will not be easy. Sometimes you will feel overwhelmed with school work, homesick, and question your ability to perform. However, you are lucky you decided to come to UT. Our campus is relatively small compared to most schools in Florida so it is easy to form bonds with your peers. You will meet people with similar interests as you and some who are your complete opposite. UT is a melting pot of Governance

Delta Zeta

Greek Life G.A.M.M.A. (Greeks Advocating for the Mature Management of Alcohol) Order of Omega Interfraternity Council Delta Tau Delta Pi Kappa Phi Sigma Chi Sigma Phi Epsilon Theta Chi

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I decided to join H.O.L.A (Hispanic Organization for Latin Americans).I wanted to be apart of something that represented my culture and educated the community about Hispanic culture.” -Jessmy Lebron ’11

Student Government

Student Organization for MBA’s

Athletic/ Recreational

“PEACE helped me get more involved in activities on campus as well as meet new people. I love to volunteer and the office offered a variety of volunteer activities around Tampa for me to choose from. -Janica Goulborne ‘11

Circle K International

Alpha Kappa Alpha

Saudi Club

“Getting involved in the Caribbean Student Association was one of the best decisions I made as a first year student. I met some of my closest friends there and had the opportunity to meet people with similar cultural background. It was a little piece of home inside of UT.” -Jenine Rossington ‘11

Alpha Chi Omega Delta Gamma

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Straight From The Source:

Spartan Commuter Organization

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For more information on these organizations and the many others we have on campus visit www. You can also go to the Office of Student Leadership on the second floor of the Vaughn Center and they will be more than happy to help you get involved. And remember UT will hopefully be your home away from home for four years and even longer so make your time here a memorable one.

Alpha Phi Omega

HOLA (Hispanic Organization for Latin Americans)

The Accounting Club

different cultures, backgrounds, and personalities. You will meet people from all over the world; that is if you decide to leave your dorm room. There is a campus outside for you to explore. So while it may be tempting to stay in your room with your new roomie that may not be the best decision. There are tons of campus organizations for you to join. So come out of your comfort zone and get involved. Trust me you will not regret it.

Panhellenic Council

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Sociology Club

Tampa Ad Connection

The Minaret | August 28, 2009

National Panhellenic Council

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Sigma Delta Tau

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InterVarsity Christian Fellow


Muslim Student Association


The Minaret | August 28, 2009


Familiarize Yourself with University of Tampa’s Terms clothing.

By Mel Steiner Asst. Editor-in-chief

Finally! You made it to the beautiful University of Tampa. Whether your journey was a block away or halfway around the world, you arrived at a completely new environment. The memories you will make here will be priceless and they all begin now. We, as students, live in our own little bubble here - taking classes, eating with our roomies, joining clubs, etc. We cheer our peers on, we comfort one another, but most of all, we grow together as a family. Overtime, we even develop our own lingo. Here’s a guide to some unique UT terms to help you on your way through the walls of UT: “O.S.L.E. (pronounced Osslee)” This refers to the Office of Student Leadership and Engagement, which is located in the Vaughn Center, Room 215. They are committed to providing students with the tools and information to get involved and stay active in the UT community. “The Caf” Referring to the cafeteria, the main dining hall is located in the Vaughn Center, first floor. “The Courtyard” The large square of grass, picnic tables and benches located in between Austin, Brevard and Vaughn. A couple times a month, vendors will come and set up booths full of jewelry, music and

“Reeves” Reeves Theater is located on the second floor of the Vaughn Center. Every week, Student Productions holds a movie night. Recitals, presentations and meetings are often held here as well. “The Grille” For those students looking for a quick meal or a late-night bite, The Grille 155 is open until 1 a.m. in the Spartan Club, located on the first floor of the Vaughn Center, near The Courtyard.

“Stadium vs. Straz” Stadium Center is the newest dorm on campus located across from the Cass Building and the Computer Center. Straz Hall is located across from the West Parking garage. They are parallel to each other, separated by the track and baseball field. “The Rat” A historical place for UT, The Rathskeller is located underneath Plant Hall. Offering sub selections and proudly brewing Starbucks coffee, “The Rat” takes Spartan


“A.C.E.” The Academic Center for Excellence is a support system made up of professionals and trained student-tutors. Students can receive help in any class or subject free of charge. “McKay Beach” Located on the strip of land along the river and in back of McKay Hall, many students gather here in between classes to tan, relax or play sports. “Riverside”

This is the building across from Plant Hall. The Post Office, numerous classrooms and offices are located in Riverside. “ResLife” The Office of Residence provides students with a safe living environment and is in charge of all dorm-life for all UT students. “I.P.O.” Are you interested in studying abroad? Or are you an international student? Come to the International Programs Office on the third floor of Plant Hall.

Need Help Deciphering The Building Codes? AD: Art Department, Saunders Center for the Arts ASHL: Ashley Plaza Hotel AUST: Austin Hall, Alfred and Beverly BAS: Art Studios, R.K. Bailey BOAT: Boat House, McNeel BREV: Brevard Hall CA: Cass Annex CB: Cass Building CC: Computer Center, Robert A. Jaeb CCA: Computer Center Annex CF: Conference Facilities, Vaughn 9th Floor CM: Communication CRES: Crescent Club, Vaughn 9th Floor DHVC: Dining Hall, Vaughn Center DIG: Digital Imaging Lab DP: Delo Park ED: Edison Building FALK: Theatre, David Falk FO: Fairgrounds Offices

d e t


e cc

a e c

n a r

u s n



FG: Soccer Field FLET: Fletcher Lounge GRSA: Grand Salon HC: Health Center JS: College of Business, John H. Sykes LA: Library Annex LANG: Language Lab LH: Lecture Halls A, B LIB: Library, Macdonald-Kelce MBL: Marine Science Field Station MCKA: McKay Hall MCNF: Fitness Center, McNiff MD: Music Center, Ferman MUS: Museum, Henry B. Plant MUSE: Music Room NW: North Walker Hall NFO: Nursing Faculty Offices NRS: Nursing Offices PH: Plant Hall POST: Post Office PP: Plant Park

PS: Stadium, Art and Polly Pepin RESC: Safety and Security RIVC: Riverside Center ROTC: ROTC Building RS: Rathskeller RVS: Theater, Reeves SC: Science Wing, Plant Hall SHG: Gallery, Scarfone/Hartley SMIL: Smiley Hall SPC: Sports Center, Martinez STAD: Stadium Center STC: Student Center STOR: Campus Store, Barnes and Noble STRZ: Straz Hall, David A. Jr. TC: Tennis Courts TPG: Parking Garage, Thomas URSO: Urso Hall VAUG: Vaughn Center Residence Hall VC: Vaughn Center WH: Walker Hall WPG: Parking Garage, West



Get the Scoop on Alcohol Poisoning The Minaret sits down with an Associate Dean of Students to get the surprising facts on alcohol and UT

By Mel Steiner Asst. Editor-in-chief

The Minaret (M): What are the signs of alcohol poisoning? Gina Firth (GF): The first sign you want to look for is if the person is passed out, barely conscious or can’t seem to focus. The next sign most people miss – vomiting. They think that vomiting is a good sign but it’s not. Heavy vomiting puts people at risk for aspiration, when that vomit gets stuck in your lungs. You also want to watch their breathing. Slow breathing or 10 breaths or less per minute are bad signs. And finally if they have bluish skin or if they feel cold and clammy. M: How could someone

prevent alcohol poisoning? GF: Don’t get drunk! But realistically, no drinking games or shots. Shots hit you quickly. Know what is in your drinks and know the equivalents. Don’t mix alcohol with other drugs. Also, never drink anything you can’t see made. And watch your drink at all times.

awareness presentations in the Gateways program for freshmen.

M: What is the number one thing that gets students more aware of the dangers of alcohol? GF: Unfortunately one piece is if someone dies because it makes people pay attention. It’s not that we want a tragedy though, we want a good year! But M: If you choose to drink, what students need to know that alcohol can you do to stay in control? poisoning is life-threatening. GF: Look at your body size and know your limits. Follow the M: What doesn’t work when rules: trying to get the message across? -Alternate between drinks GF: It’s hard to measure with water or a non-alcoholic the impact of alcohol education beverageset limit based on because we can’t isolate what’s size. working and what’s not. But what -Consume no more than one to I can say is that I haven’t found two drinks per hour. anything that doesn’t help. -Assign someone to be the designated sober person. M: Is it true that most alcohol The first thing that goes is your poisonings occur within the first judgment. couple of weeks of the school year? M: Has UT been working on GF: Definitely. Students are any different alcohol policies? getting used to being on campus G F : N o , w e ’ v e o n l y alone. Also, many clubs in the area clarified titles of sections and are 18 and older. They are very lax stress the Amnesty Policies in following their policies and serve found in the Student Rights and alcohol to underage people. Responsibilities. They have specials like Along with the alcohol article, ‘Women Drink For Free All Night’ there are now medical amnesty and have deals on cheap alcohol. policies for both sexual assault It’s incredibly dangerous and drugs. and easy, and puts you at risk of Just watch out for each other. becoming a victim. No one’s going to get in trouble – it The second highest occurrence won’t go on your or your friend’s time would be Gasparilla. permanent record. It just becomes health concern. M: What do students misunderstand most about M: Aside from the Alcohol alcohol? EDU program, what is UT doing to GF: Students who haven’t prevent alcohol poisoning? had a lot of drinking experience GF: We have regular awareness in the past often have very little campaigns that we run all year long. knowledge about the risks of RA’s are trained as first responders alcohol. Students also don’t realize and are asked to talk about it in their how dangerous drinking games meetings with their residents. are as well as consider the risks of We also incorporate alcohol taking shots.

Making the Most Out of College

By Charlie Hambos Editor-in-chief

No one thought it was possible, but it happened. Getting into Oxford University has been made easy. Former Minaret staff member and University of Tampa Alumnus, Simos Farrell created a tool for all college students to make the most out of their college career and even study at Oxford.

Farrell began writing “Oxford Made Easy” after leaving Oxford during his semester abroad with the Honors at Oxford Program. “I thought it was a really great experience,” Farrell said. His experiences as a student at Oxford and at UT inspired him to write the book for all students. “I wanted to spread the word to students who would otherwise lose the opportunities,” Farrell said. “It’s a general strategy for making your most at a university.” Farrell came up with the top three ways Freshman can get the most out of you University experience. The first is to be aware of your interests and look at the opportunities available. For example, get involved on campus. The second is to not focus specifically o n o n e m a j o r. Explore all kinds of sources. The third is when you develop your interests, to

get an independent study with a professor. Although Farrell only spent one semester at Oxford, he has researched with several institutions and their various study abroad requirements. He also revisited some of the faculty at Oxford to finish up the book over the summer. He calls it a “labor of love” and it is something that he hopes to continually update and revise. Sor far he has received positive feedback from the book. After graduating from UT, Farrell began his post-graduate work at Brandeis University and has since pursued his writing with the main goal of publishing this book. For more information on the book visit Farrell also offers career service advice which includes writing cover letters and resumes. For more information on his career advice visit

GO ONLINE Let us know what you think! Leave a comment at

The Minaret | August 28, 2009

Fast Facts

In 2008, University of Tampa students took an anonymous and completely confidential survey on their opinions on the norms on campus. These “CORE” surveys asked about certain myths associated with alcohol and drugs versus their own personal decisions. The statistics are in and here are the results: Most UT male students drink alcohol once a week or less (69%) Most UT female students drink alcohol one time a week or less (83%) 65% of UT females drink two times a month of less MYTH 71.5% of UT students think that students drink three times a week or more REALITY 78% of UT students drink once a week or less MYTH 63% of UT students think that students use marijuana once a week or more REALITY 78% of UT students have not used marijuana within the last 30 days 95% of all UT students have not used any other illegal drug (other than marijuana) in the past year 78.4% of UT students have not used tobacco in the past 30 days 71% of UT students have never missed a class due to alcohol or drug use in the last year 82.4% of UT students report that alcohol does not make them sexier 94.3% of UT students feel safe on campus

The Minaret | August 28, 2009


e k i l ’d

e W . e r e h t o g st u j You

o t u yo


. y a st

Educate yourself. Read your Rights and Responsibilities Booklet! Pick one up in 210 Vaughn Center or go online:

Arts & Entertainment


The Minaret | August 28, 2009

Film Review: A Look Behind the Scenes at “Woodstock”

By Denise Guerra Daily Bruin, UCLA

(UWIRE) Advertisements for “Taking Woodstock” read, “It’s a trip,” and though the destination is worth it, the road to get there is a long and heavy wait. Director Ang Lee (“Brokeback Mountain”) is best known for capturing the humanistic and psychological struggle of all his characters. The film is filled with scenes and nuances of the era, utilizing many effects to capture the feeling that came with 1969. Following the actual 40th anniversary of the real Woodstock, the film takes the whole lifealtering experience of the festival and focuses it on the coming-ofage of its central character, Elliot Tiber (Demetri Martin), the man responsible for making Woodstock happen.

Based off Tiber’s best-selling autobiography of the same name, the movie follows his struggle to live his own life while fulfilling an obligation to aid his parents in their ailing motel, the El Monaco, in White Lake, New York. As head of White Lake’s

watch her eat a “special” brownie and see what happens. Following the approval of the festival, chaos ensues as the town is literally flooded by hippies of the clothed and nude variety. With the influx of people creating massive traffic jams and food shortages, Lee truly captures the communal peace, love and psychedelic trips that defined the era. He accomplishes this not only through small vignettes like Tiber’s experience with LSD but also through a technique of splitting the screen into two points of view. Though the view may create a little confusion, it is also an interesting way to effectively provide an insider’s perspective of all the different elements going on within a single scene. Other recognizable characters in the film include Emile Hirsh (“Into the Wild”), Eugene Levy (“American Pie”) and Liev

Schreiber (“Wolverine”). Schreiber, who naturally extends a physical appearance like that of Rambo, plays cross-dressing bodyguard Vilma, who aids Tiber in becoming comfortable with his sexuality. All these minor characters add some richness to the film’s central storyline, but otherwise they are one-dimensional. Besides the chaotic conflict of the concert’s overall planning and the town’s sudden population growth, Tiber is also trying to come to terms with his sexuality, which is downplayed a little too heavily in the film. Don’t expect to ever see the actual concert; the film is all about what happens backstage, behind the throngs of concertgoers and promoters. It goes all the way back to the transformation of the individual.

I was sweaty, sun fatigued, and sincerely regretting my decision to decide that at the age of 19 I’d join the ranks of 14 year olds and their mothers in lawn chairs at an outside venue during July in Florida. In any case, I was approached by a blogger to have my photo taken for her site. Being the only one that isn’t dressed like a blind person with no sense of irony that was told to put on whatever he grabbed at a Zumiez attracts some (photo: Amber Nussbaum. flickr. com) attention, I guess. At least she told me it was for her blog, and I really hope So much like capture and it was. But in any case, you never enslavement, putting in that bit of know who will approach you for extra effort isn’t so bad once you what you’re wearing and strike up get used to it. interesting conversation. An example of this was during In the age of the blog, street Warped Tour this year. style is the hot topic, and inspiration

can be gained by the hodgepodge of styles seen on ordinary people worldwide. Being the advocate for these types of things, I’ve found that sites such as the Satorialist and Stockholm Street Fashion capture the various ways people dress themselves, whether it be completely ridiculous or wholly remarkable. Here at The Minaret, we are hoping to amp up the Style section with this very type of thing. So if you’re dressed well one day and we happen to be out with a camera, you might be asked to lend your great tastes to an article. All for fun, and all for inspiration. Now go ahead and leave your dorm at 2 p.m. wearing your pajamas. I’m not judging.

Chamber of Commerce, Tiber approves the permit to hold the Woodstock Festival in White Lake after the festival loses its permit to an adjacent town. In his first full-length movie as a lead character, actor-comedian Martin plays the awkward, waitingto-get-out-of-his-shell part nicely. There is an understanding to his situation in trying to follow his own path despite a rather forced obligation to his parents. But it is only when Woodstock comes into his life that Tiber and the movie audience begin to wake up. The audience is able to sense this conflict in the beginning of the film as it drags along Tiber’s experience with his overbearing mother (Imelda Staunton). In fact, her character as a grouchy immigrant shows the most interesting transformation and dramatic comedy in the movie. Just

On the Look Out for an Original Style On the UT Campus By Kristen Vasquez Staff Writer

Welcome freshman to the University of Tampa! Are you ready to assimilate? A proper introduction to UT’s style should include at least five Ed Hardy shirts, with 75 percent of those including rhinestone tigers or geishas, a pair of designer jeans and various pairs of Victoria’s Secret sweatpants (extra points if the word PINK is advertised on your derriere). This could set you back a few dollars, but no one said looking like a tool was cheap. All right, all right, that is a broad generalization. But one cannot deny the surplus of people dressed in the same nondescript and utterly reprehensible style. I understand “it’s early”, or that you are a triple biochemistry major with much more important things

than clothes on your mind, but is personal representation lost entirely on campus? Growing up with a militantly strict Puerto Rican mother, I was never allowed to leave the house looking anything but presentable because, in her words, “You never know who is watching” as well as, “You represent me,” and “No you can not wear all black.” While this led to endless years of depression and paranoia, feeling like there is a kind of fashion KGB watching my every move and making snarky comments about how I look like something Santino Rice designed on an acid trip, I have come to terms that you really don’t know who’s watching. Whether it be a style blogger who wants your photo or a stalker who wants to chain you up in a basement.

People Can Die From Alcohol Poisoning If you encounter a person who exhibits one or more of these symptoms CALL: 9-911(on-campus) or 911 off-campus. This is a medical emergency. While waiting for medical transport: Gently turn the intoxicated person on his/her side Maintain that position by placing a pillow in the small of the person’s back. This is important to prevent aspiration should the person vomit. Stay with the person until medical help arrives. Symptoms of Alcohol Poisoning Unconsciousness or semi-consciousness. Slowed or irregular breathing. Slow respiration, eight or less breaths per minute or lapses of more than 10 seconds. Cold clammy or pale or bluish skin. Repeated episodes of vomiting.

Medical Amnesty Policy at UT

If someone needs help due to overuse of alcohol, it is University policy that no student seeking medical attention for intoxication or overdose shall be formally charged for use or underage possession of alcohol. For the full policy, please see:

Arts & Entertainment

The Minaret | August 28, 2009

Take a Listen to Owl City

By Zach Fraser Staff Writer

Touring in the wake of the bands second studio release, “Ocean Eyes,� Owl City, the musical vehicle of Christian-emo rocker, Adam Young, blends bubblegum pop and electronica together to produce some of the blandest material in a struggling genre. “Ocean Eyes,� is like a big jawbreaker, fun at first, but after awhile it starts to make your tongue bleed. The album opens with “Cave In,� a desperate attempt to catch the listener and draw them in for what is roughly a 53 minute disaster in musicianship. Immediately after the first track fades, “The Bird and Worm� chimes in, sounding like the b-side to a Kidz Bop album as Young sings, “And we’ll enjoy picking albums in late September like we’ve done for years. Then, we’ll take a long walk through the cornfield and I’ll kiss you between the ears.� There are only a few songs worth a detailed listen on “Ocean Eyes.� “Fireflies� and the previously recorded “The Saltwater Room� show glimpses of what could have been if Young would have chosen to produce

music that appeals to an age group older than 12 and 13 year olds. But don’t be so easily fooled, as soon as the good songs end, the bad ones come right back at you. When singing about a visit to the dentist on “Dental Care�, Young states, “Golf and alcohol don’t mix, and that’s why I don’t drink and drive. Because good grief, I’d know out my teeth and have to kiss my smile goodbye.� Sadly enough, lyrics like these plague most of the entire album as if Young truly believed that they were clever. All in all, Owl City has been stirring up a lot of buzz in the music industry for some time, but unfortunately for Young and company he’s proven that all the commotion was more like a sugar rush than a true buzz, quick and to the point, then a disastrous crash after.

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Going to the Movies?

In the mood to see a movie? Here are a few of the best locations in the area to see your next flick.

AMC Theatres Veterans Freeway 9302 Anderson Rd. (888) 262-4386

Channelside Cinemas 10 615 Channelside Drive (813) 221-0700

4 ore 1 e Plaza h s t s We estshor 210 W 62-4386 2 (888)


A Taste of Tampa

Welcome Spartans! For some of you, being away from home for the first time may be difficult. Especially if you are away from a good homecooked meal! But you’re in luck becuase Tampa is home to some of the best resturants and food joints around. So here at The Minaret, we dicided to take the guess work out for you and compiled a list of our favorites just for you. Bon Appetit!

Speed dial: Chipotle 533 S. Howard Ave. (813) 254-6450

Mexican runner-up: Algusto Tortilla and Salsa 912 W. Kennedy Blvd. (813) 250-3500

Finger Food and Drinks:   Ceviche 1502 S. Howard Ave. (813) 250-0203

Place to get a caffeine infusion: Starbucks (24 Hours) 711 S. Howard Ave. (813) 250-9223

Wednesday Night Special: The Deck
        2202 W. Platt St. (813) 250-1525

Place to eat at 4 a.m.: Waffle House 509 N. West Shore Blvd. (813) 287-8875

One Stop Shop: Walgreens
        315 W. Platt St. (813) 251-3939

Sushi/Japanese: Samurai Blue 1600 E. 8th Ave. (Ybor) (813) 242-6688

Burger: Five Guys
        777 N. Ashley Dr. (813) 463-1999

Bakery/Deli: Alessi Bakery 2909 W. Cypress St. (813) 879-4544

Thai: Thai Thani 615 Channelside Dr. (813) 228-9200

Pizza Delivery: Giordano’s 401 N. Dale Mabry (813) 872-5900

Place to Bring Your Parents:
        The Cheesecake Factory 2223 Westshore Blvd. (813) 353-4200

Bar/Restaurant: Bar Louie 2223 N. West Shore Blvd. (813) 874-1919

Wing Special: The Rack 1809 W. Platt (813) 250-1595

On-the-Go: Panera Bread 709 S. Howard Ave. (813) 253-5888

Chinese Delivery: Jade Garden 2420 W. Kennedy Blvd. (813) 251-2207

Saturday Morning Breakfast: First Watch 520 Tampa Street (813) 307-9006

Cuban Sandwiches: (a Tampa delicacy) La Teresita 3246 W. Columbus Dr. (813) 879-4909

Late Night: Pita Pit 500 S Howard Ave. (813) 254-7482

Mexican: Estela’s Mexican Restuarant 209 E. Davis Blvd. (813) 251-0558

Best place to watch the game: Frankies 909 W. Kennedy Blvd. (813) 425-3647

Regal University 16 12332 University Mall Ct. (813) 977-1410 Ybor Muvico 1600 E 8th Ave. (813) 242-0664

Voted “Best Cookie in Tampaâ€? ¡ College Care Packages ¡ Dessert Trays (cupcakes, cookies and brownies) ¡ Specialty Themed Cookies (great for fraternity & sorority parties) (photo: madeamovie



Complimentary Delivery with minimum order...

Travel Series


The Minaret | August 28, 2009

Journey to Greece


owhere in the United States can you walk down to the movie theater or grocery store and pass a 900-year-old Greek Orthodox Church or look down a street in a big city and see a real live archeological site. This was a daily experience in Athens, Greece. I studied abroad with the Journey to Greece Program sponsored by the American Hellenic Educational Progressive Association (AHEPA). Our classes were offered by the University of Indianapolis Athens Campus

right in the heart of the old city, Plaka. For the first two and a half weeks we took classes. In my EU and Greek Foreign Policy class we discussed multiple issues that aren’t even discussed in our media. For example, while we were there the Turkish Airforce was flying planes over Greek islands. This is a major issue and a conflict whether big or small could escalate very quickly. After the time spent in classes

Photos and story by Charlie Hambos

we traveled through Greece stopping at various places before arriving in Istanbul, Turkey. Our main goal there was to meet the Ecumenical Patriarch of Constantinople, Bartholomew I. He is the head of the Orthodox Church around the world. The Orthodox Church in Turkey is under serious pressure from the government. Over 6,000 properties have been stolen from the church and we had the opportunity to visit an orphanage that was one

of these properties. Located on Büyükada, one of the Prince Islands off the coast of Istanbul, it is the largest wooden structure in Europe. It is in complete disarray and falling apart. Visiting the orphanage was one of the most heart-wrenching experiences I had. Exploring the various of issues in Greece and Turkey, and seeing them hands on was experience I will never forget.

The Temple of Poseidon at Sounio.

The Hagia Sophia in Istanbul, Turkey was once a great church and then a mosque but now is only a museum.

A picturesqu

e street on th

f Aegina

nd o reek Isla G e th n y dock o ir pistachios. the ferr e ff th o r t h fo el rig mous p a fa h c is d ll A sma e islan Gulf. Th ic n o r a S

in the

The sunset at Sounio.

e Island of A


The Minaret | August 28, 2009

Travel Series


Summer 2009

St. Stefanos Monastery in Meteora, Greece which was converted to a nunnery and has been since 1961. Meteora is home to some of the most important monasteries in Greece. They all sit on massive rocks, some are even secluded from any direct land access.

he coast of 端y端kada offtt


The Island o

Mt. Likavito

s in Athens,


Istanbul, Turk


One of the many churches on the Greek Island of Aegina. Besides this one, Aegina boasts the largest church in Greece.

The Minaret wants your tr avel pictures. ut.minaret@ E-mail

Arts & Entertainment


The Minaret | August 28, 2009

Tech Jerks: Four Ways Not to Make Friends This Semester By Shannon Grippando Staff Writer

With a new semester brings new chances to meet people and make friends. But technology can get in the way. It’s during these situations that certain personalities surface, proceeding to annoy everyone around them. Following are four tech jerks that you should both avoid being around and becoming.


The Wi-fi Hog Despite what we were all told on our tours of UT, not every floor of the dorms has wi-fi. So some students bring routers to create their own hot spots where UT’s putters out. Usually you’re in luck living near one of these net-bearers. But some people can get stingy, and this is where the Wi-fi Hog marks his territory. For whatever reason (less lag during “Call of Duty”, faster movie downloads, paranoia) some Spartans may lock their networks and not share the key with anyone, not even their roommates. Come on, bro. Not cool. You’re blatantly establishing a “mine versus yours” environment in a room where up to four people’s asses share the same toilet seat. That’s going to be problematic. Net security is one thing, but hording a hotspot all for yourself is another. A suggestion: pass the key to

The problem with oblivious gossip is that they talk or text at the worst time, i.e. when communicating to another person face-to-face is necessary. T h e Oblivious Gossip will inevitably be in front of me at Salsa Rico, not paying attention to the worker asking for their order. This not only holds the line up, T h e Oblivious Gossip but ticks “And I was all like, ‘Are the worker you kidding me? When Cindy was done in there it reeked worse than the Hillsborough River. Like totally.’” This type of conversation or a myriad of text-tapping can be heard in Salsa Rico or off just enough to Jazzman’s lines on campus. I’m not one of those people put half the beans that thinks texting and talking on my burrito than on the phone is “what’s wrong there should T h e Boomer Hi, I pay over $100,000 with this generation,” a “waste of be--and I love my to go to UT for four years. I expect time,” or “the devil.” But there’s a time and place b e a n s my classes to be informative and for everything. worthwhile. your roomies and people you meet and trust that ask for it on your floor. Who knows, it might get you a free beverage one night. “You’re the dude that gave us wi-fi on our floor. Dude, lemme get you a cold one.” T h e Common-Room TV Overlord A 64-inch Sony plasma TV in the common room? Sweet mother of Sykes, the roommate who brought that should be your new best friend. That is, unless, they get all Nazi Germany on your ass. It’s thoughtful and convenient when a roommate adds something to the common room. A mini-fridge, microwave, or a poster of Angelina Jolie in a thong are things everyone can enjoy. A TV shouldn’t be any different. The argument always comes up: “It’s my TV. I bought it. I can use it whenever I want.” This, of course, is preceded by a fight between roommates currently watching a football game and the buyer of the TV wanting to interrupt to watch the latest episode of “Cake Boss.” It’s a sticky situation, but the fact is if it’s in the common room, it’s up for grabs.


Distractions are not acceptable. I’m talking to you, guy with headphones blaring during class. It’s cool if you don’t care about wasting “your” (read “your parent’s”) money by blowing off a class you find frivolous. But don’t bring me into your lackluster approach to education. If you’re going to play your music during class and still want a willing study-buddy by the end of the semester for all the material you’ve missed (or someone that even tells you the time), you’ve got two options: A) Play your music at a library whisper or B) Pick music that doesn’t suck. None of that Kanye West, Lady Ga Ga bull.

the -because they’re venting about how young people don’t have any respect any more. Just put the person on mute for a second. Or put the texting on pause. People will appreciate you a lot more for it-- both restaurant workers and students.



(photo: yodesigner.

Right across the river from UT


Tel 813-463-1999 Fax 813-463-1996


2702 E. F OWLER AVE Tampa, Florida 33612

Tel 813-265-3100 Fax 813-265-3121

Tel 813-977-4400 Fax 813-977-4410


COLLIER CENTER 3841 W. K ENNEDY B LVD Tampa, Florida 33609 Tel 813-879-0300 Fax 813-879-0322


Riverview, Florida 33569

4304 S OUTHDALE MABRY HWY Tampa, FL 33611

11622 CONTRYWAYB LVD. Tampa, Florida 33626

Tel 813-677-0400 Fax 813-677-0410

Tel 813-374-0197 Fax 813-443-5289

Tel 813-855-2244 Fax 813-855-2245


Open 11 am - 10 pm, 7 days a week! - ZAGAT Survey rated - ‘01 thru ‘09 Voted Best Bargain (Cheap Eats) ‘00 thru ‘07 Washington Magazine

“Reader’s Choice” #1 Hamburger ‘99 thru ‘08 Washingtonian Magazine

Voted Best Burger

University of South Florida ‘08, ’09





South Tampa News

Voted Best Hot Dog Best of Brandon ‘09

Voted Best French Fries - ‘08 Capital Region Living Magazine

Voted Best Burger in Raleigh - ‘07 Independent Weekly

Voted Best New Restaurant - ‘07

“Like heaven on a bun”

Voted Best Burger

Tampa Tribune ‘07


CAJUN STYLE $4.59 $2.69 $5.19 REGULAR $3.99 $5.19 LARGE $5.69 Cooked in pure, no cholesterol, tasty peanut oil! $3.39 $3.99 $3.99 $4.49 REGULAR $1.79 $3.19 LARGE $1.99 $3.6 9 BOTTLED WATER $1.79 $4.19 $2.69


Voted #1 Burger - ‘07

“Good burger, no doubt” Orlando Sentinel ‘06




Hampton Roads Magazine Northwest Tampa ‘09

Reminder: Consuming raw or undercooked poultry, meat, eggs, shellish or seafood may increase your risk of foodborne illness. 0002753187-01

For more area locations go to www.

© Five Guys Enterprises, LLC


The Minaret | August 28, 2009



THE TV CROSSWORD by Jacqueline E. Mathews

By Linda C Black Tribune Media Services

Aries (March 21-April 19) Friends help you make the right connection. Don’t rely on them too heavily. Chart your own route. Taurus (April 20-May 20) Why can’t we all just get along? Perhaps because it’s boring. Peace is possible. First, get to where you want to be. ACROSS 1 “Two and a Half __” 4 Vardalos and Long 8 “Star __”; Mark Hamill film 12 Historical period 13 “Coffee, Tea __?” 14 Televangelist Roberts 15 Holiday or Hampton 16 Actor on “Everybody Loves Raymond” 18 Kingdom 20 Eddie’s “Green Acres” co-star 21 Every 24 Stopped 28 Morning show co-host 32 Ms. Arden 33 Cruising 34 Monogram for boxer Mr. Leonard 35 Intellectually alert 36 Mowry or Carrere 37 Actor on “Cold Case” 39 __ Michelle Gellar 41 Mr. Wyle 42 “Presidio __” 44 “Caroline __ City” 48 CNBC financial show host Solution to Last Week’s Puzzle

(c) 2009 Tribune Media Services, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

53 “I’m With __” 54 Sitcom for Sherman Hemsley 55 Relaxation 56 __ MacGraw 57 “Promised __” 58 Stir-fry pans 59 “Jon & Kate Plus 8” network DOWN 1 Israel’s Golda 2 Sea eagle 3 Dog in “Peter Pan” 4 “__, Ohio”; John Goodman show 5 One of Cybill’s exes 6 “Judging __” 7 Dry 8 “The Bionic __” 9 Coach Parseghian 10 Hightailed it 11 __-pitch softball 17 “Crossing __ With John Edward” 19 “__ Smile Be Your Umbrella” 22 Singer Johnny 23 One of HOMES 25 “The __ Hunter”; De Niro movie 26 “Unhappily __ After” 27 Declare untrue 28 Pads by the front door 29 Huge continent 30 Rip 31 “Sesame Street” fellow 35 Actress Madeline 37 “The Cosby Show” role 38 Lyndon __ Johnson 40 Change for the better 43 “The Price Is Right” host 45 “__ ’70s Show” 46 Satan’s realm 47 Actor Close 48 __ Mineo 49 Ms. Thurman 50 Buddhist sect 51 Chairman __ Zedong 52 “__ This Old House”

Gemini (May 21-June 21) It’s a jungle out there. Can you direct traffic? Maybe, but don’t venture out there unless you’re up to it. Cancer (June 22-July 22) More hassles occur as everybody settles into a new routine. There may be some short tempers, so watch out, OK? Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Don’t get involved in a clandestine affair. If you’re in one, get out. Secrets made now will be revealed. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Stick to the rules. Discipline is required, from both you and the others. Do what you can to maintain it.

Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Look at your situation from another point of view. You’ll see how you can better understand things. That will help. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Too much confusion out there. Hide out if you can. You like stability. Settle into a comfortable spot and make plans. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Make sure you have the facts. Have everything you need to win the argument. Be prepared. 19)

Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan.

There’s a new source of income nearby. You can find it if you look around. It’s something you already have. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) You might think friends are messing things up in an effort to help. The outcome is positive, though, so don’t worry. 20)

Pisces (Feb. 19-March

If your suggestion doesn’t go over, don’t give up. Present it as many times as it takes to get your point across.

Week ending August 25, 2009

#1 Album

Top tracks

by Austin Daniels

( ) Last week’s ranking in top five

United States (1) 1 (2) 2

Party in the U.S.A. s-ILEY#YRUS I Gotta Feeling s"LACK%YED0EAS Only By the Night Kings of Leon

Use Somebody s+INGSOF,EON

(3) 3 (5) 4

Good Girls Go Bad s#OBRA3TARSHIP

(4) 5

Down s*AY3EAN

United Kingdom 1


(2) 2

I Gotta Feeling s"LACK%YED0EAS Humbug !RCTIC-ONKEYS



(3) 4



Outta Here s%SMEE$ENTERS

Spain Antes de Que Cuente ... s&ITO9,OS&ITIPALDIS I Gotta Feeling s"LACK%YED0EAS Aviones Pereza

1 (2) 2

Summercat s"ILLIETHE6ISIONANDTHE$ANCERS (1) 3 Esclavo de Sus Besos s$AVID"ISBAL When Love Takes Over s$AVID'UETTA Source: iTunes

4 (5) 5 © 2009 MCT



The Minaret | August 28, 2009

Take the Internet. Leave the bulk. The HP Mini netbook. Connected. Portable. Affordable. Introducing the ultra portable HP Mini netbook with America’s Largest and Most Reliable 3G Network built-in. Loaded with an 80GB hard drive, webcam, and Windows® XP, it’s anything but small.

Plus, get a 15% faculty and staff discount. On calling plans $39.99 or higher with a 1- or 2-yr. agreement.

HP® Mini netbook NOW $ 99 ONLY


$299.99 2-yr. price, less $100 mail-in rebate debit card with 2-yr. activation on a Mobile Broadband plan from $39.99 monthly access. Activation fees, taxes & other charges apply.*

Switch to America’s Largest and Most Reliable Wireless Network.

Call 1.888.640.8776


Visit any store

VERIZON WIRELESS COMMUNICATIONS STORES Open 7 days a week. Technicians available at select locations. BRANDON 225 W. Brandon Town Center Blvd. 813-643-3507 Brandon Town Center Mall 813-681-7217 CARROLLWOOD 15324 N. Dale Mabry 813-265-4622 CITRUS PARK 8204 Citrus Park Dr. 813-792-9145 CLEARWATER 25704 US Hwy. 19 N. 727-725-3215 CLEARWATER E. 2664 Gulf to Bay Blvd. 727-723-9888

NEW TAMPA 17501 Preserve Walk Ln. 813-972-4590 N. LAKELAND 3970 US Hwy. 98 N. 863-816-1400 Lakeland Square Mall Kiosk 863-859-2843 PORT RICHEY 9304 US Hwy. 19 N. 727-841-0872 S. LAKELAND 4120 S. Florida Ave. 863-709-0824

S. TAMPA 714 S. Dale Mabry 813-874-5718 WESLEY CHAPEL NEW! 27835 Wesley Chapel Blvd. 813-907-8511



Visit to find a Club near you.

* Our Surcharges (incl. Fed. Univ. Svc. of 12.9% of interstate & int’l telecom charges (varies quarterly), 7¢ Regulatory & 92¢ Administrative/line/mo., & others by area) are not taxes (details: 1-888-684-1888); gov’t taxes & our surcharges could add 7% - 27% to your bill. Activation fee/line: $35. IMPORTANT CONSUMER INFORMATION: Subject to Customer Agmt, Data Plan, credit approval & rebate form. Up to $175 early termination fee, up to $.10/MB after allowance. Mobile Broadband is available to more than 280 million people in the U.S. in 259 major metros. Offers & coverage not available everywhere. Rebate debit card takes up to 6 wks. & exp. in 12 mos. Network details & coverage maps at ©2009 Verizon Wireless. NETS

92346-University of Tampa-Tampa-10x15.7-BW-8.28

Commentary 15 Editorial: Let’s be Smart as We Start

The Minaret | August 28, 2009


& Jeers

Fall Line-Up

Summer Reality TV


Natural Singing Voices

Summer Reading




Your College Family

Your Real Family

90s Nostalgia

80s Nostalgia


Waking Up at 3 p.m. Everyday

iPhone Apps


Going to Wal-mart at Midnight

Going to the beach at Midnight

El Niño

Hurricane Season

Amy Adams

Megan Fox

Health Care Reform

“Town Hells”

Here we are Spartans, another year has started. For some students this is their first semester and others it will be their last. Each can tell their tales of the great learning experiences under the minarets of Plant Hall and others have great expectations of what’s to come. It is truly sad that we began our year with the death of Ryan McCall. He was a true Spartan. Coaching was his passion and he was already living it while coaching and touching the lives of the track team at Tampa Preparatory and his friends and family. Let’s live like Ryan did. Pick each other up, be positive and keep a smile on our face. Hopefully, this event will open a dialogue within the community and see how we can start helping the situation from its core. There are areas very close to the university where students live that can be considered to be not so safe. How can we find a beneficial solution for all parties? The university’s primary concern other than the education of their students should be safety of those both on and off campus. No university community ever wants to see something like this happen. Campus Safety and Security runs regular patrols during these late night and early morning hours. However, we are still

an open campus and people can come in and out freely. Security can do a lot of the work, but including students, staff and faculty; there are a lot of eyes on campus and everyone needs to keep an eye out. Be careful who you let in behind you. Think smart. Be responsible. Students need to be aware of what’s going on around them. The University of Tampa continues to grow and construction on campus seems to be a never ending. In an effort to cope with the increased enrollment every year, UT doesn’t seem to have a choice but to not stop and continue to expand. The early summer purchase of the Valencia Garden has some promising future plans but nothing has been announced other than some office space and 68 temporary commuter parking spaces which will be here in six weeks. We’re sure plans are in the works for classroom space and we think UT would benefit the most from it. The opportunities here are boundless. Explore the area. Get off campus. See what’s around. Take a bus, take your car or your friend’s car and see what’s out there. Oh yeah, don’t forget about classes. After all, that’s why you’re here. We promise some can be fun and exciting. It all de-

pends on how you step foot in a class on the first day. Generally, it will set the pace for the rest of the year. Of course, there will be tests that you didn’t exactly study enough for or quizzes you didn’t expect but you have to tough it out, move on and do better next time. The Minaret is also starting new and fresh. We are student-run and only student-run. Nobody can change that. We are just like you, students. The new is new and exciting. We apologize for any recent additional e-mails. We are continually testing our capabilities, but we don’t want to lose our readers in the process. In an effort to cut costs, we have gone to a smaller paper size. You won’t notice much of a difference but there is. Check us out on Twitter and Facebook. Follow us, poke us, send us a message and come by the office. We are the student voice of the University of Tampa. The Minaret wants to know what concerns you have. What do you care about? How can we help you? Oh and how would you like to see The Minaret at one of your local hangouts? Well, we might be heading that way. Pick us up. Tell your friends. Tell your mom and your dad. Good luck and have a great year!

Bars, Strobe Lights, Sports Brighten Tampa’s Nightlife (sometimes)

By John Jacobs Columnist

Out of all the colleges I’ve attended— one—I can easily say Tampa has the most exciting night life. With clubs, bars, house parties, movie theaters and three major sports teams within a few miles of campus, it’s very hard to be bored on any given night. There’s Channelside in downtown Tampa; this spot has many classy restaurants, a bowling alley, a theater and the more upscale bars and clubs. But you must be 21 to go to any of these. If your’re not (or at least your real ID says you’re not) don’t plan on spending much time here until you’re a junior or senior. Where you will be if you’re planning on going to a club (legally) is Ybor. Never heard of it? Yeah, there’s a reason. I’m not saying it’s a “bad part” of Tampa, but if you go to Ybor on a weekend and don’t see a fight or a stabbing it’ll be considered a good night. But if you want to see old Chevy’s with 30-inch rims and obnoxiously unnecessary paintjobs blasting Lil Wayne (and who wouldn’t?) then Ybor is the place for you! On Ybor’s main street there are a few clubs which stick out. First off there’s Club Prana, which is the largest in Ybor with five different floors to choose from. Imagine any club you would see in a rap video and that’s Club Prana. Now imagine anyone over 18 with $10 cover. Not so cool anymore is it? Although it’s not always that crowded, there are nights when you can come in with

a group of friends, take ten steps away and then never see them again. Prana also has a floor dedicated only to dance and techno music which is a perfect spot to play this timeless game with your friends: “Guess who’s on ecstasy” Here’s a hint: everybody. The Honey Pot is another good one. It’s only one floor with a variety of music throughout the night. But here’s the selling point: There’s a stage in the middle of the floor where “celebrities” come and perform! Are you as excited as I am? Last year, I was lucky enough to see Enigma from “America’s Best Dance Crew” perform, which is kind of a big deal for anyone who watched them lose on the first episode. Moving on from Ybor (which I’m sure you’ll all do too) if you want to go to a bar literally a few hundred feet from campus there’s the Drunken Monkey, formerly Study Hall. Ninety-nine percent of the kids there go to University of Tampa (1% undercover cop/“that guy looks way too old to be here”), so you’ll probably see a lot of your friends there. The best part is the karaoke. Yes, most weekends you can walk in to find a group of drunk girls singing Britney Spears (how original!) or at some point in the night a few guys will sing “The Thong Song.” If you’re looking for some place to go on Saturday night, Chez Bryce on Davis Island has become a popular spot. It’s only a short taxi ride from campus making it convenient for all UT students. The best way to describe Chez Bryce is to imagine a closed down Olive Garden (the restaurant) with beer pong tables, a keg and a giant fountain outside. Sounds crazy right? Basically people stand around and talk about how awesome the fountain is. “Did you see the fountain?” “Yeah it’s so cool!” “Yeah it’s awesome isn’t it…so

you want to come back to my dorm and have sex?” “Obviously.” If going out to clubs, bars and Chez Bryce (whichever category that would be under) isn’t your thing, there are always frat parties! If you plan on drinking (which god forbid you do if you’re under 21) don’t count on drinking at the party. Waiting for the keg is like waiting in line at the DMV. By the time you get your first beer you’ll realize you’re late for your first class Monday morning. Finally we come to Tampa’s professional sports teams. With the Rays, Lightning and Bucs, there’s always a game you could go to or watch on TV if you decide to stay in. The Lightning even has a deal for UT students, selling tickets in the upper levels for under $10. Tampa offers you something to do every night of the week—not that I think you would because right now you’re reading the school newspaper, which shows you have some sort of interest in learning. Even with so much to do around the city of Tampa, there will still be those Friday nights where you order in pizza and end up watching “Intervention” on A&E in your dorm until three in the morning thinking, “God I wish there was more to do around here.”

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The Minaret | August 28, 2009

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The Minaret | August 28, 2009



Students Forget to Schedule Relaxation in Their Busy Lives

By Derrick Austin Commentary Editor

“And on the seventh day He rested.” Even God knows the virtues of kicking back and relaxing, and in the bustle of college life it’s easy to lose sight of the simple joy of relaxation. This is my third year at UT and, despite adrenaline-filled nights dancing for hours at clubs, setting up open mics and writing for this paper—all fulfilling in their own way—oftentimes I’m happiest reading a book in Plant Park. Trust me; this is hardly throw-away advice. Last year, I was the editor-

in-chief of “Quilt”, UT’s literary magazine, treasurer for Sigma Tau Delta, a member of GLTSBA, and, of course, putting in hours every Tuesday night at The Minaret. Take into account my eighteen credit hours and my love of dancing (not that I had much time to go clubbing) and that’s vast hours of my life claimed. I don’t regret working that hard at all; I’m passionate about all those organizations, and it was worth every hour I invested in them. However, it’s easy to imagine how passion can transform into stress. I would stare at my computer screen—half an exegesis on the New Testament done and a poetry portfolio to finish—literally tearing out my hair, leaving small curls from my afro all over the floor.

I would think: Derrick, what have you gotten yourself into? All this work and you’ve missed an entire season of Ugly Betty! That’s time you’ll never get back! But, before I exploded (or became bald) I’d call my friend Nicole and we’d have ice cream in Stadium; or, I’d text my pal

survive was to know when to relax. Relaxation is a key part of a balanced breakfast…or…college experience. But don’t take it too far. By take a break, I don’t mean party all the time, or neglect your obligations in favor of watching “Repo: The Genetic Opera” for the seventh time. Relaxing means to take a step back from it all. Find some “me time” away from everything and do what you love to do: read, paint, jam on your guitar in Image by Ibrahim Lujaz ( Vaughn Courtyard, or take a nap. So when your two research Lindsey and shoot the breeze talking about the joys of softball. papers and a Powerpoint It’s important to know when presentation are due the same week as your finals this semester, to zone out for a while. don’t forget to step back, breathe Ensure you make time for yourself throughout your college and relax for a while and think to yourself: This is good. This is life. very good. I heard “Derrick you do too much” so many times last year and the only way I managed to

Hard Lesson: International Freshmen Learn to Call New Country Home By Carolina Medelin Special to The Minaret

I came to UT from Colombia a year ago, and, though I had been to the U.S. as a tourist, adjusting to life here was a whole different experience. This year, the University of Tampa will open its doors to hundreds of freshmen—including international students from more than 100 countries, who will have to face stronger changes than their American schoolmates. For most students, it’s the first time that they leave home; however it is not the same as when you come from outside the U.S. All the challenges that international freshmen have to go through can be summarized by the

word “integration.” Being in a different country implies going through this assimilation process in order to be seen not as foreign but as a common student. Divisions between American and international students are very visible during freshmen year. For American freshmen, college comes along with something they refer to as the “college experience.” It is not unusual to meet students who do not know which major they will pursue, but rather claim to be at the University to live that college experience. This includes, of course, partying hard, drinking a lot and maybe even experimenting with other kind of stuff. It is not that international

students do not go to parties, drink or enjoy those kinds of things. Most of us just have a different ways of defining the college experience, different ways of handling it. In general, we do not drink with the purpose of getting drunk or blacking out, like some of American freshmen who seem to think that to be wasted at a party is something to be proud of or something you can tell to everybody. At the beginning of the semester, there is a lot of narrowmindedness among freshmen. Most American freshmen think they know perfectly how things are like in other countries, so they accord clichés and stereotypes to international students. But international freshmen also have a lot of misconceptions

about how life is like in America, and may classify American students under a pattern that is most of the time far from the truth. This situation creates certain communities: freshmen tend to stay with people with whom they can keep their identities and somehow feel “accepted” and just like all the others in the group. Those communities are generally limited to a certain ethnicity or country of origin. This phenomenon interferes in the process of the integration of international freshmen, whom at the beginning can be afraid of mixing among other groups. What has been hardest for me, and most of my international friends, is getting used to the food. Just as there is the “freshmen

fifteen,” there should be another one called the International Freshmen Fifteen as we really lose weight because of the food! Food on campus is not what most of the students are used to, more so International ones, and it is really a hard change from our type of food. It will definitely take some time for international freshmen to get used to their new lives in the States. However, most of the time this is a successful process and we really get to love Tampa and to feel at home. That does not mean that there is a complete integration, as communitarianism remains very strong, and it is very rare to see international and American students hanging out together.



The Minaret | August 28, 2009

One Student Shares Her Freshman Memories: the Good and the Bad By Nicole Robinson Columnist

My freshman year, I was lucky enough to have the biggest room on the fourth floor of Vaughn. When I got there, I lavished in the bountiful space that I had in my room and arranged all my new shiny Target items just so. Little did I know the spectrum of emotions and events that I would experience during my time there. That one semester I had a roommate who vacuumed while I was sleeping and asked for hugs at 4:00 in the morning, a food-thieving suite mate, Gizelle Bunchem as a Gateways advisor, an amazing air-piloting chemistry professor and many, many life lessons.

When I first got to school, I spent the entire first night petrified, clinging to my stuffed animal (yes I still have one) because some upperclassmen told me every ghost story in their â&#x20AC;&#x153;lets scare the freshman arsenalâ&#x20AC;?. Also I was there alone because of my early arrival. If only I had known to savor every petrified moment I had that night because as my third roommate arrived, all hell broke loose. It all started when my two roommates and I went to a polite little lunch to get to know each other in Stadium Center. To the horror of roomie #1 and I, roomie #2 set her feet up on the table â&#x20AC;&#x201C;yea the one with food on it- and started to eat. Then since she didnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t want to waste any delicious morsel of her tuna sandwich, roomie #2 stuck

her finger into the roof of her mouth, scraped for remnants of the sandwich, observed it and ate it. I will NEVER view a tuna sandwich the same wayâ&#x20AC;Ś..or eat one. This, however, was only the beginning. She had extreme anxiety over her parents leaving so she cried the first night-understandable--then the second night-okay- but by the end of the week it got downright ridiculous. In order to get sleep I started to make pilgrimages to tmy friendâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s room in Austin Hall. The straw that broke the camels back however was the epic â&#x20AC;&#x153;Orientation Issueâ&#x20AC;?. Roomie #2 liked a guy. We warned her in vein, until one night she saw him in the elevatorâ&#x20AC;Śenjoying his orientation shall we say? She took it hard and called me. I was out so I tried to console her via cell phone. I finally got

in. I slipped into bed and went to sleep. A nice peaceful sleep until I got a tap on my shoulder at 3:39 in the morning from miss #2 asking me for a hug. I know this sounds crazy but I got up and gave her my best 3:39 a.m. hug so she would just go back to sleep. Just when I thought that was enough, she burst into tears so what was I supposed to do? I consoled her and got exactly zero sleep that night. I went to Austin Hall the next day to get some sleep and make up for it. After that we had a room mediation session where this girl again cried and complained about ME of all people. Why? You may ask? Because I was sharp with her for vacuuming the carpet directly in front of my bed while I was sleeping! Obviously it was my

behavior that was out of line so she moved out. This is just my warning to you new students. If you have a crazy, inconsiderate roommate; move out immediately. Room changes are here for a reason so take advantage of them! I can now sense the warning signs like someone crying over the fact that you slam the microwave door too hard. There is a semi good ending to this story however. The good news for you is that she no longer attends this school. But for me, it was a little more complicated. When I was chilling with my friends in Austin a couple of nights after the mediation and move out, there was a knock so we got up to answer it. I think you can guess who took the vacant single room next door.

What I Wish Someone Would Have Told Me As a Freshmen By Anne Napatalung Special to The Minaret

My first day on campus, my mom and I ventured between my room in Mckay, Plant Hall and the Vaughn Center collecting maps of the city, information about local banks, rules for my dorm, McNiff fitness

center schedules and every other piece of information any adult in authority might think necessary. Over the next few weeks, I found there was a lot more I needed to be filled in on regarding the college world. I was fresh out of high school and fresh out of Tennessee, T:4â&#x20AC;? where I had lived in the same house all of


GUY. DONâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;T BE THAT

<] ^c`QVOaS \SQSaaO`g =\S S\b`g ^S` V]caSV]ZR =RRa ]T eW\\W\U RS^S\R c^]\bVS\c[PS`]TS\b`WSa`SQSWdSRASS4W\O\QWOZ1S\bS`T]`Q][^ZSbSQ]\bSab `cZSaO\RRSbOWZa4WTbVBVW`R0O\Y;S[PS`4271

Health Speaking of home, let me offer you my first piece of advice; keep in mind that your fellow students come from every corner of this country and globe for that matter. The minute you enter your dorm, which houses hundreds of wonderfully diverse students, keep in mind that you are facing hundreds of not so wonderfully diverse bacteria, germs and antigens. Eat healthy. Granted youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve just left home and now have the option to eat pizza, French fries and ice cream as your three course dinner. However, it really will make all the difference if you help your immune system out a little and eat as many fruits and vegetables as possible. Exercising really helps the body. Not only are you keeping your body strong and your metabolism high, but you are spending time outside of your dorm room. Do not jump in the river. I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think I have to stress this one too much, but there are always the few who decide to attempt this idiotic feat. Let me reassure you that not only have I witnessed someone jump in the river, but as a result, I witnessed this person damage his feet on the barnacles below, as well as endure tetanus shots from one of our lovely school nurses. As for our next preventable illness, alcohol poisoning is something many of you should take seriously. While I am not promoting any illegal behavior, I donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t think I would be properly preparing you for your freshman year without touching on the subject of drinking. I will never forget my first semester, when my roommates and I had to spend nights taking care of a girl we barely knew. We dealt with numerous security guards and explained the night to an ambulance full of paramedics. I want to caution all of you to be smart about your decisions. You are away from home and as nice as these new people seem, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t count on anyone to take care of you. You are living on your own now,and if thereâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s anything you should learn right off the bat, itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s that you and only you, are entirely responsible for yourself in this setting. Donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be stupid, donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t be reckless and if you are going to drink, make sure you are going to respect yourself and your actions in the morning. Balancing school and a social life On a lighter note, go out and get T:7â&#x20AC;?

money. Sign Be smart with your Checking up f�r a Student Third Bank account with Fifth in a $10,000 today. You could w of ten scholarship �r one ps. $1,000 scholarshi

my life.

to know people. Itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the beginning of the semester, and youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;ve started a new chapter in your life. Nowâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s the time to reinvent yourself! Get involved and go to sporting events. No, we donâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t have a football team. But guess what? We have phenomenal boys and girls soccer teams and a beautiful stadium at that. Our girls on the volleyball team have acquired quite the crowd and our boys on the baseball team host numerous fun events. I specifically mentioned sports because I believe students enjoy the college experience more when there is a general air of school spirit and sporting events really bring everyone together. At the same time, there are numerous clubs and organizations to get involved with. Whatever you choose to do, I think itâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s truly important to get involved! Freshman year is not the best time to ignore the importance of grades. If anything, it should be the time you work to build a strong GPA, as courses will only continue to get harder. Trust me, those 8:30 a.m. classes will only seem to get earlier and earlier as the semester goes on, so try to stay on top of things from the get-go. Also, go to Gateways! The only thing you really have to do to pass this class is show up, and you wouldnâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t believe how many people end up failing. If you canâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;t even show up to a class, you might want to re-evaluate your priorities. When it comes to buying textbooks, buy them online! I use Amazon, Ebay, Powellâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s, Alibris and others, and end up paying about a quarter of what others pay for books at the school. There are also websites which now offer the option of renting textbooks for a semester. Now, onto the most important advice I can give you as an incoming freshman. As I said from the beginning, you are going to meet people from all over this country and all over the world. Youâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;re going to be exposed to a lot of things you have never seen before: accents, religions, ways of thinking and moral choices. Have an open mind and take it all in. Get ready to appreciate music, cultures, food and numerous other things you never thought you could. If you can approach everything with a positive outlook, you will be better for it, I promise. Growing up, we are told we go to college to learn. As freshmen, you start out assuming that you are going to learn from textbooks. After becoming college students, you come to find that you learn more both from the people around you and from yourself than anything else.

The Minaret | August 28, 2009



Men’s Soccer Looks to Improve After Strong Season From “Soccer” [Back] nearly one-fourth of his shots (11-48). Three of his goals were game winners. The roster features 11 incoming freshmen. Among them are British recruits Matt Davies and Dominic Goncalves. Miles Callahan, Portuguese defenseman/midfielder and Norwegian midfielder Kim Bredde, adding further diversity to a team which includes 31 players from 10 different countries. Joining the Spartans along

with them is goalkeeper Diego Pestana of Spring Hill. He will join sophomore Tim Maline as a backup to Thompson. Pestana earned 14 shutouts during his final two years at Bishop McLaughlin Catholic School. He became a two-time All-Pasco County selection. Key players not returning to the Spartan squad are Ryan Maxwell, the second-leading scorer in 2008 with 25 points. Tom Layrisse and Lee Inglis will also not be returning to the Spartan squad. Layriss started 10 games and Ingless was a 12-game starter.

2008-2009 Conference Results

Tim Maline

Former UT Football Coach Hangs up his Cleats By Kyle Bennett Sports Editor

Former University of Tampa football coach Dennis Fryzel had a long lasting career as a college and professional coach for 20 years. Fryzel was the last football coach at UT before the sport was shut down. At the age of 67, he has coached his last game. He began his career as a defensive coordinator at UT before becoming the head coach at age 30. He worked with familiar names such as Nick Saban and Bill Parcells. Along with the Spar-

tans, Fryzel coached at Columbia University, Williams College, Air Force Academy, Syracuse University, Ohio State University and the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. In the late 1970s, as defensive coordinator at Syracuse, Fryzel hired Saban. The duo coached together at Ohio State before being fired in 1981. Fryzel was born in Cleveland in 1942. He attended Garfield Heights High School and later graduated from Denison University in Granville, Ohio. In high school, Fryzel was the captain of his high school team. Following college graduation he

returned to coach at his alma mater for two years. After a 20 year career as a football coach Fryzel left to pursue a different career. A career in commercial construction sales. He became president of a telecommunications company, but instead of his employees calling him ‘boss’, they simply called him ‘coach’. Coach Fryzel passed away at age 67, in his home, of renal cancer Fryzel is survived by his wife, two daughters and two brothers. Kyle Bennett can be reached at

09/16 Saint Leo 09/24 Nova Southeastern 10/01 Lynn 10/04 Rollins 10/11 Barry 10/14 Eckerd 10/17 Flagler 10/24 Florida Southern 10/29 Florida Tech

1-3 2-1 1-4 2-0 3-2 3-1 4-0 4-1 4-1

L W L W W (2 OT) W W W W

Graduates Take a Step Forward By Kyle Bennett Sports Editor

The University of Tampa baseball team capped off a 40-17 2009 season with four Spartans taken in the Major League Baseball Draft. Three of the four ball players have signed with their respective organizations. Alex Koronis, Danny Keefe and Jose Jimenez have each signed with their minor league clubs. Koronis was the first Spartan to have his name called as he was taken in the 11th round by the home-town Tampa Bay Rays. He will pitch in the Rookie Appalachian League for the Princ-

eton Rays. Keefe, taken in the 14th round by the Chicago Cubs, has already earned playing time with the Boise Hawks of the Class A Short Season Northwest League. For the second straight year the Los Angeles Angels drafted Jimenez. He has also earned playing time in the Arizona Rookie League. Carmine Giardina , taken in the 22nd round by the Pittsburgh Pirates, remains unsigned. Join the Minaret Sports Staff! Contact Kyle Bennett at

In-Depth Fantasy Football Draft Advice Live on By Sam Gerb Sports Blogger

The 2009 NFL season is right around the corner and fantasy football drafts are in full swing. Whether you’re doing an online draft with your friends around the country or are huddled up at a round table, make sure that you step up to the line fully prepared for the drafting ahead. Of course, every single season there are players with high expectations that turn out to be complete busts and there are those somewhat unknown players that emerge as the NFL’s elite. When starting off the draft you are going to want to make sure that you grab a player that is from the cream of the crop. In order to have a successfully functioning team it is vital that you have a star running back. The


Photo By vikingsfrenzy

reason for this is because there are not that many of them out there and if you skip on one early in the first couple of rounds; your team could soon be in disarray. In this year’s draft there are only two sure things at running back though. You can’t go wrong by taking Vikings’ back Adrian Peterson or Falcons’ back Michael Turner. The rest of the running backs have big names attached to them like the Chargers; LaDanian Tomlinson, but I wouldn’t be sure I would want them as the number one pick on my team. This year ’s running back sleeper is the Chicago Bears Matt Forte and the bust is the Panthers DeAngelo Williams. Forte had over 1200 yards rushing and almost 500 yards receiving as well as 12 total touchdowns. This came in his first season as the Bears premier running back and I would look to him to have an even better season coming up. With the Bears addition of the overrated baby Jay Cutler at quarterback, Forte will be looked to carry the load for the Bears all season. And unlike many of the other teams in the league, Forte is not part of a double-back system so he will be getting almost all the carries this season. Do not draft DeAngelo Williams too high, please. Yes, if you look at his stats from last season they are mind-boggling.

He actually led all running backs in fantasy scoring last season. But this will not repeat itself. Back up running back Jonathan Stewart had almost 100 less carries than Williams and still had 10 touchdowns. If anything Stewart will put up better numbers this season and that means a significant drop in touches for Williams. Williams will still have a solid season; just make sure that you don’t jump on him to early in the draft. When it comes to NFL wide receivers, they are in a similar fantasy situation as the running back class. There are also only two sure players at this position, the Cardinals’ Larry Fitzgerald and the Patriots’ Randy Moss. Both of these players are complete freaks of nature and there isn’t a secondary in the league that can stop these two monsters on the field. If you can get one of these players in your draft you will be happy all season, for sure. they might even be worth more than a running back with a big name in the first couple of rounds. Don’t be afraid to take these two guys early. Unlike running backs, there are a plethora of wide receivers in this year’s draft. This year’s wide receiver sleeper is the Bills’ Lee Evans and the bust is the Colts’ Reggie Wayne.

Drew Brees drops back for a pass.

Photo By pnther60

Evans had a very disappointing been his entire career in Buffalo. season last year by barely cracking Sam Gerb can be reached at the 1000 yard mark and amassing only three touchdowns. With the Read the full post online acquisition of Terrell Owens, the defense will not be able to double at team Evans anymore like he has overtime

“Failure happens all the time. It happens every day in practice. What makes you better is how you react to it.” -Mia Hamm


‘n t u O Mourning a Loss

Cross Country: Cross Country runner Ryan McCall was killed at 3 a.m. on Aug. 19. “He was a great young man,” said head coach Jarret Slaven. “We are trying to pull together for the family.” McCall was a third-year runner, participating in 11 races, as well as being named to the Sunshine State Conference Commissioner’s Honor Roll with a 3.67 GPA. The exercise science major also volunteered his time at Tampa Preparatory School. He was a coach seeking a career in teaching and coaching.

Spartan Soccer Kicks Off the Season By Brenton Burkett Sports Writer

The UT men’s soccer team is looking to improve upon an 18-4 2008 season. This year, UT returns most of its key players from last year’s Sunshine State Conference runnerup team as they enter 2009 ranked third in Division II. Led by head coach Adrian

Volleyball: For the 12th straight year the volleyball team was ranked in the top 10 in the AVCA Division II coaches poll. Coming off a 27-5 season they are tabbed as the preseason favorite to capture the SSC title. Tampa received 12 of the 16 votes for the top spot.

Soccer Wins a Nail-Biter


Adrian Bush

Spiked for Success

Bush, the Spartans return nine starters from last year’s squad. One of them is goalkeeper Ryan Thompson, the 2008 SSC Defensive Player of the Year. He recorded eight shutouts in his junior season and set a school record with 15 saves in consecutive games last October. Also returning is leading scorer Pascal Milien, whose 11 goals tied with Lister Warren for the team lead. His 17 assists led UT scorers. He assisted the lone goal in the team’s 1-0 exhibition victory over the University of Central Florida Aug. 23. The senior from Auburndale was first-team AllSSC and is a two-time member of the conference All-Tournament Team. Warren, a junior, was Tampa’s third-leading scorer in his first year with the team, finding the net on

“Soccer” [19]

Milien dribbles past a defender.

Photo By Kara Wall

Freshmen Team Begins Rebuilding Season By Brenton Burkett Sports Writer

The UT women’s soccer team is facing the tough task of rebuilding in 2009. Last season, they finished 13-7-2, third in the SSC. This season’s team has just two juniors and two seniors, and lost its all-time leading scorer to graduation.

Soccer: The Spartans took on the University of Central Florida Knights in the final pre-season exhibition match. The contest was scoreless until the 89th minute. Sophomore Mike Bethel scored the lone goal of the game, assisted by Pascal Milien.

M. Soccer

Gerry Lucey

Shelby Kuni led the Spartans with 63 goals during her career (2005-08), including 26 as a sophomore. She held the school scoring record by the end of her junior year, in which UT won a national title. She tallied 23 total points as a senior last year. To replace Kuni and his other graduates, coach Gerry Lucey brought in 10 freshmen. They include defenseman Devin Anuzis, a transfer from Marist College (Poughkeepsie, N.Y.). She redshirted in 2008. Also, midfielder Katie LaPorta, from Bayport-Blue Point High School (Blue Point, N.Y.). The Spartans have redshirt freshman midfielder Lyndsay Murray. Murray appeared in four games last year before suffering a season-ending injury. One advantage Tampa may

W. Soccer

Aug. 29, 4 p.m. @ Palm Beach Atlantic

Aug. 28, 4 p.m. vs. North Georgia

>>>Following the Aug. 27 homeopener UT will travel to Palm Beach Atlantic to take on the Sailfish.

>>> Ranked fourth in the preseason poll, Tampa will take on the North Georgia Saints in the season opener.

have this year is more experience in the net. Goalkeepers Kendall Bourdon and Caitlin Fox were both freshmen in 2008. They could be expected to improve their play this year as they become more adjusted to the collegiate game. Lucey has seven other sophomores returning to his team. Forward Brittan Spence leads that group, having scored 19 goals last year, third on the team. Midfielder Samantha Kay, who started all 22 games as a freshman, also comes in looking to improve upon last season’s success. The two juniors for UT are midfielder Megan Tobin, a ninegame starter in 2008, and forward Luana Miessa, a transfer from Sam Houston State University who led that team in scoring. The seniors on the team are Renata Figueira, a transfer from

Megan Tobin

Murray State, and defenseman Saige Steinmetz. Tampa’s womens soccer team has an abundance of natural talent, but lacks experience at the college level. For Lucey and his players, it may be an uphill climb. Brenton Burkett can be reached at

Volleyball Aug. 28, 7:30 p.m. vs. Wheeling Jesuit >>> Ranked in the top 10 for the 12th straight year, Tampa opens the season at home in the Tampa Classic.

Sleepers, flops and automatics in your fantasy football draft. [19]

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