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Spartans Take to the Stage to Celebrate Byers’ Life Student Performer Remembered with ‘Tear-Filled Eyes’


A photograph of Tessa Byers wearing a lime green sweatshirt, a colorful headband and a huge smile rested on an easel in the doorway of Falk Theatre. A line of people signed their names around the photograph before entering the theater for her memorial service on March 30. Byers, 19, a freshman, was killed in a car accident on March 5. She and five other University of Tampa students were driving to New Orleans for Mardi Gras during spring break. According to a report by the Florida Highway Patrol (FHP), freshman Russell Colleran, 19, was driving a 2009 five-passenger Dodge Caliber. The vehicle overturned several times after veering off the road onto a grass shoulder of Interstate 75. FHP investigators say that Byers was not wearing her seat-belt during the time of the accident. Alongside her photo sat a dish of Jolly Ranchers, Byers’ favorite candy, and fanned-out pamphlets. On the wall rested the Greek

letters of the national theater honor society, Alpha Kappa Alpha, (UT’s chapter of Alpha Psi Omega) that Byers was set to be inducted into this spring. Inside the theatre, a slide show of pictures and quotes from Tessa played in the center of the stage. One quote read, “I never pay attention to time.” “Tessa lived her life on stage, so it is fitting to celebrate on stage,” said Stephanie Russell Holz, associate dean of students and director of the Office of Students Leadership and Engagement. Arthur Hollist, associate professor of English, spoke after Russell Holz. Before he spoke, he had tallied the number of hours he had spent with her in class. “I knew Tessa for 22 hours and six minutes,” said her former English professor. “You only need one or two encounters to know she is special.” He spoke about her passion and how comfortable she seemed with herself. Byers was supposed to travel to Ghana with Hollist and a group of UT students this spring. He dedicated the trip to her memory. A group of 17 students sang

Samantha Battersby/The Minaret

At Tessa Byers’ memorial service on March 30, a group of 17 students sang one of her original songs entitled, “Tearfilled Eyes.” The memorial focused in part on Byers’ passion for theatre.

one of Tessa’s original songs, titled, “Tear-filled Eyes.” Two guitarists joined in during the chorus. The audience looked around at each other through teary eyes while some grabbed hands. Four of Byers’ friends also spoke at the memorial. Tamara

Austin created a documentary from all of Byers’ photo and video footage. “I’ve been going through a lot, and making this video not only celebrated her but helped me,” said Austin. “Tear-filled Eyes” played in the background of the documentary as

images of Byers with friends and family flashed across the screen. There were several interviews in which people talked about the first time they had met Tessa.

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Chmura, Filloramo Elected to Lead Student Government in Fall Incoming Officers: ‘We didn’t need flyers, or banners, just word of mouth’ By JEFFREY PALMER News Reporter

Joshua Napier/The Minaret

Finance major Nick Chmura, right, and business management major Luke Filloramo, left, will be taking over SG as the president and vice president.

In Other News...

4 McNiff Classes Provide Fun Ways to Get Fit

Student Government President Chris McCarthy and Vice President Elbin Keeppanasseril are passing the torch of leadership to juniors Nick Chmura and Luke Filloramo this upcoming semester. Chmura, a finance major from Ohio, and Filloramo, a New Yorker studying business management and minoring in finance, met their freshman year and built a friendship through mutual friends and a wealth of shared interests and activities. First a participant in the UT Finance Committee and then its chair, newly-elected president Chmura was the first to encourage

the involvement of his vice president in student government as a senator. The motivation of the two friends in running for their current position was rooted deeply in their desire to represent and address the concerns of the student body in which they had become so heavily invested. Both aspiring business owners, Chmura and Filloramo felt they could at once serve their fellow students and develop invaluable management skills by taking up the mantles of president and vicepresident. They stated that it was not the outward prestige or accompanying stipend of heading student government that excited them the most, but rather the opportunity to

grow as effective leaders. “This is a great chance to learn management experience and build a businessman’s toolbox of skills,” said Chmura. Chmura intends to put these skills to entrepreneurial use sooner rather than later this August and is establishing, a social networking site devoted to helping people select gifts for friends and loved ones. Because of the heavy involvement of the two juniors in campus activities and their extensive contacts within student government and the larger UT community, Chmura and Filloramo had no need to use

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8 ‘Insidious’ Is Not a Horror Classic


9 Wrestlemania 27 Aftermath

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The Republican Road to Tampa Convention By MICHEAL ANGELO RUMORE Asst. A + E Editor

Obama announced his Presidential reelection bid on Monday. The campaign launched with an email to supporters, mirroring the grassroots spirit of his 2008 campaign. “We’ve always known that lasting change wouldn’t come quickly or easily,” Obama said in the email, showing that change remains 2012’s political catchphrase. Despite the fact that Obama is the first “official” candidate for 2012, it is clear that the Presidential race is well underway on the Republican side. Last week, The Minaret examined the political strengths and weaknesses of four prospective Republican candidates. More analysis follows this week: Michelle Bachmann CNN reported in April that Tea Party favorite Congresswoman Michele Bachmann plans to form a presidential exploratory committee and line up campaign teams in early primary states. Among Bachmann’s greatest strengths is her capacity for fundraising — she raised $1.7 million for her 2010 re-election campaign, and $2.2 million during the first quarter of 2011. Her political action committee, MichelePAC, brought in $500,000. Bachmann founded the Tea Party Caucus in the House, which may provide challenges within her own party, if viewed antagonistically by more moderate Republican leaders. She has also proved a tendency for historical gaffes, recently saying that the Founding Fathers “worked tirelessly until slavery was no more.” In addition, Bachmann erroneously told a New Hampshire crowd in March that the state hosted the historical battles of Lexington and Concord, which actually occurred in Massachusetts.

Gage Skidmore/

Business tycoon Donald Trump may run for president in the 2012 election. His impressive business credentials will make him a candidate to look out for in the Republican party.

Donald Trump President Donald Trump? It’s possible. And apparently not out-of-the-question. A March NBC/Wall Street Journal Poll showed Trump leading in preference among Republican voters, just ahead of perceived-frontrunner Mitt Romney. Businessman Donald Trump of The Apprentice fame has hinted at the desire to run for President in 2012, beginning with a high profile appearance at CPAC (Conservative Political Action Conference) in February. Much of his early polling is undoubtedly due to astronomically high name recognition, but Trump, a multibillionaire, has business credentials that can’t be ignored. Trump’s high profile does not make him immune to controversy. Trump recently sparred with Whoopi Goldberg on The View over President Obama’s status as a United States Citizen. “There’s something on his birth certificate that he doesn’t like,” Trump said, which Goldberg called “the biggest pile of dog mess I heard in ages.” Micheal Angelo Rumore can be reached at

running mates. Pawlenty has strong credentials as a Midwestern conservative, but his greatest challenge continues to be low name recognition. A February NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll showed Pawlenty being trounced when matched against President Obama—50 percent to 31 percent. Keep in mind that 61 percent did not recognize Pawlenty’s name. Mike Huckabee Former Arksansas Governor Mike Huckabee polls strongly in early primary states, due to exposure from his strong challenge in 2008, in which he won the Iowa Caucus, and as host of Huckabee on Fox News Channel. Perhaps Huckabee’s greatest strength is his strong standing amongst Evangelical voters. Huckabee is an ordained Southern Baptist minister. Huckabee has garnered controversy for gaffes, recently misstating that President Obama grew up in Kenya. “[O]ne thing that I do know is [Obama’s] having grown up in Kenya, his view of the Brits, for example, is very different than the average American.” Obama was born in Hawaii, but spent part of his childhood in Indonesia.


Tim Pawlenty Former Minnesota Governor Tim Pawlenty has long been rumored as a candidate for national office. In 2008, he was high on John McCain’s list of potential


An Alternative to ‘Hassle-Free’ Communication

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MORE INFORMATION THE MINARET is a weekly student-run publication at the University of Tampa. Letters to the Editor may be sent to To reach THE MINARET call 813.257.3636. THE MINARET or THE CRESCENT Apply at Your first two copies of THE MINARET are free. Each additional copy is $1.00

SMART texts not utilized to inform about tornado warning By SHIVANI KANJI News Reporter

In light of recent tornado watches, many students are asking why they were not alerted about the weather conditions on their cell phones. The Office of Operations and Planning issued global emails informing students, faculty and staff about the conditions, but no text messages were sent out from SMART, the University’s Spartan Mobile Alert System. SMART sends out text message alerts to students, faculty and staff advising them of an emergency situation and where to get additional information and details. It is an optional service, only used in potential or developing emergency circumstances. The website describes SMART as: “Nothing else. No advertisements. No gimmicks. No hassle. Just UT safety alerts and advisories when you need them.” Students who have used the system wonder about when text alerts are necessary. Senior Ariane Palamittam said, “I have always received the test alerts, but I can’t recall a time that I have actually received a real alert.”


Senior Poonam Nagar added, “But that could be a good thing, since that would mean it was a real emergency.” Dr. Linda Devine, a member of the University’s Emergency Operations Team, as well as the Emergency Communications Group, is responsible for issuing the global emails and posting information on the University’s website. “I have always received the test alerts but I can’t recall a time that I have actually received a real alert,”


-Ariane Palamittam, UT Senior

In regards to last week’s storm, Devine explained, “ We check many sources during weather events before determining if, when and how to communicate.” She mentioned that one of the agencies these teams take their leads from is the Hillsborough County Emergency Operations Center. Their assessment of the situation was that, “On March 31, a strong storm front went through Hillsborough County, dropping upwards of three inches of rain, causing localized flooding, downed trees, and damages to homes.”

A detailed report of their damage assessments as well as any updates on the storm can be found on the Hillsborough County website, “Last week’s weather event was powerful and unusual, lasting over an extended period of time, affecting a large part of the state,” said Devine. “I decided to issue global emails and post to the University’s website as opposed to text messaging because, depending on where our UT community members were, their storm experience would have been different.“ In the end, they felt that it was better to send out a global message, with an accompanying website message, to communicate that “high winds, heavy rains, large hail, and tornado activity was possible over a relatively long time period,” rather than to send out a text message. For more information about the SMART system or how to register for the system, visit the University’s website,, and search for “SMART.” Registration can be completed from your SpartanWeb account. Shivani Kanji can be reached at shivani.




New SG Leaders to Use Business Approach to Better UT From Front, SG fliers in their campaigning efforts. Relying upon well-established reputations, word of mouth and the use of Facebook, they were able to conduct what they termed “a people’s campaign.” UT popular support carried them to a victory of a 42 percent margin over the 38 percent and 20 percent margin over their competition. “Everyone did an unbelievable job in helping us,” Filloramo said. Capable speakers who enjoy open interaction with their fellow students, the two are confident of the many strengths they will bring to their new positions, are not intimidated by the responsibilities of leadership and are familiar with the channels of authority at UT. Both president and vice president are dedicated members of the UT Entrepreneurship Club, of which Filloramo’s twin brother Jake is president, and have learned much from other individuals in positions of authority and leadership. “We want people to know they can count on us for following through and getting stuff done,” affirmed Chmura. Although they intend to build their agenda around the input of the student body they know so well, Chmura and Filloramo have already established some underlying initiatives for their campaign. One of their major priorities will be to implement policies of impact reduction, such as recycling innovations, to help the

Joshua Napier/The Minaret

“This is a great chance to learn management experience and build a businessman’s toolbox of skills,” said Nick Chumra. He and Filloramo plan to use their business approach to better UT.

campus adjust and thrive under changing conditions. Firm believers in the importance of global awareness, they also hope to guide UT students to a better understanding of international events through various programs and guest speakers. Overall, though, Chmura and Filloramo seek to define their campaign through active innovation and their conviction that the potential for change and improvement knows no bounds. Before embarking on their ambitious campaign of innovation, the new leaders

of SG will be briefed on their positions by their predecessors and Megan Frisque of OSLE. Having worked closely with both Chmura and Filloramo in student government, graduating senior and retiring president Chris McCarthy is confident in their leadership skills. “One thing about this job is you really need to work well with a wide variety of people” he explained. “They definitely have that skill.” In his own time leading student government, McCarthy is proudest

of having helped to institute projects enhancing life for students on campus. These include the negotiation of a car rental program with Hertz, the funding of the hugely popular McNiff bicycle program and the installation of the Blockbuster Express in Vaughn lobby. An entrepreneurship major, McCarthy is faced with a number of career prospects upon graduating from UT. He is currently considering management opportunities in corporations like Dunkin’ Donuts, Liberty Mutual and New Generation Energy. Although the future is bright for the graduating senior, McCarthy recalls his student government experience at UT with fondness. “It was the best thing I ever did,” he said of his involvement as president. “It provided me with an amazing transferable skill set.” Jeffrey Palmer can be reached at jeffrey.


What should be Chmura and Filloramo’s first order of business? Give us your response on The Crescent at

From the March 28 - April 3 reports. Intramural Boxing On March 29, security responded to a report made about an altercation outside Plant Hall. Two non-students were trespassed from campus.

Lightin’ Up At 4:30 a.m. on April 1, security reported that they received a call about fire works that had been set off in the hallway at the Howard Johnson Hotel.

Jason Bourne On March 30, an individual was detained for refusing to identify himself to security. He was referred to judicial.

What Else is New At 3:05 p.m. on April 1, security conducted a room search for drugs on the 3rd floor of ResCom. The students were referred to judicial.

TWO Weeks? Fail. Between 3:30 p.m. on March 14 and 9:43 a.m. on March 31, a vehicle located on the 2nd floor of West Parking Garage had a window shattered during an attempted burglary. A police report was made. What a Tool Between 2 p.m. on March 30 and 2:30 p.m. on March 31, a faculty member reported missing tools and equipment from a warehouse. The case is pending further investigation. Pissing On Business Majors At 1:29 a.m. on April 1, security reported that a female student was underage, intoxicated and had been observed urinating in public. The report stated that the incident occurred in a classroom in the Sykes Building. She was referred to judicial.

Sexting Crosses the Line On April 1, a female student reported receiving an obscene electronic text message from a male student. The student was referred to judicial. Tossed Salad On April 1, a student reported seeing a firearm in a salad bowl in the refrigerator in the common area of his room on the 1st floor of Straz Hall. The room was searched twice by a Tampa Police Officer and no firearm was found.

This Week’s Student Government Meeting... * On April 11 PEACE will be holding a bone marrow drive in the Brevard Community Room. They will also be holding free HIV/ AIDS testing from 12 p.m.-3 p.m. * Sigma Alpha Iota will be collecting empty ink cartridges for a fundraiser starting next week * Congratulations to juniors Nick Chmura and Luke Filoramo for being elected to lead SG next year! They will be taking over as President Chris McCarthy and VP Elbin Keeppanasseril graduate this May. * Leadership Awards Night is next Tuesday so there will be no SG meeting. * Students: make sure you know your registration times! Registration will be open until Sept. 2. Have any questions or concerns? Contact Student Government at Student Government is your voice. Join us at our meeting every Tuesday at 7:00 p.m. in Reeves Theater. All students are welcome.

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McNiff Classes Provide Fun Ways to Get Fit By CAROLYN HATCH Heath and Fitness Writer

Can’t stand one more minute on that elliptical? Well, not to worry. There are numerous fitness classes here at the University of Tampa that are sure to get your butt in gear this spring. There are about 12 instructors — a mix of students and faculty — at the McNiff Fitness Center that have a passion for fitness and the ability to keep you motivated. The two most popular classes are “hardcore” and spinning, so make sure to arrive early in order to reserve a spot for these. Hardcore is a quick, core-focused strength-training session for abs, back and butt. This is a great way to tone up that beach body in only 25 minutes. Spinning is a workout on the stationary cycling bikes, meant to mimic a real outdoor ride with mountains, flat roads and rolling hills that will be fine tuned to meet your fitness level. You must arrive 20 minutes prior to the class in order to receive a bike pass and heart monitor strap. Bottled water and hand towels are required to participate in this sweat-breaking ride. This year has brought a variety of new classes, allowing for suitability to the individual. Kettlebells is a quick, intense cardio and strength workout that really moves the upper and lower body. This high-energy class is an absolute blast, but not quite as entertaining as Zumba. Learn to dance Latin-style with Zumba, as Latin, hip hop music and dance fuse together for a dynamic fitness class. The routines combine fast and slow rhythms

Universidad Europa de Madrid/

Spinning is a workout on a stationary cycling bike which are meant to mimic a real outdoor ride with mountains, flat roads and rolling hills. Bottled water and hand towles are required to ride.

that tone, sculpt and inspire students to come back for more. New to UT this semester are “lean legs” and “above the belt.” Lean legs is a 45-minute class that will shape and tone your legs, tush and tummy better than any SKECHERS Shape-ups. Using a variety of equipment and body weight, participants squat, lunge, lift and jump into strong, lean legs. After a short warm up, above the belt will work the entire upper body to give you beautifully toned arms, better posture and a stronger core. Feel free to stay after for the hardcore abs class that follows. The Spartan Slimdown is a 13-week fitness and wellness program designed to provide a safe, effective and fun way for students to adopt a healthy and active lifestyle through exercise, education and

behavior modification. All students at UT are given the opportunity to work out in a comfortable, judgment-free environment with the help of professional and peer support. These participants must be dedicated to making a lifestyle change by committing to regular physical activity and healthy eating habits. For those who are looking to relax the mind, body and spirit, don’t miss out on the yoga and meditation classes that McNiff has to offer. “Meditation for the Mind and Body” at Sykes Chapel allows participants to practice being “in the moment,” and includes breathing exercises to reduce stress and gentle stretching to reduce aches and pains. Motivational Meditation, on the other hand, is a 30-minute group session designed

to motivate and challenge the student by focusing on a goal to accomplish. This class incorporates stretching, various sitting positions and moderate movement. “Yoga for Stress Relief” is a great way to soothe frayed nerves, while boosting mood and energy levels and getting the mind and body to work in harmony. For those who prefer yoga in the outdoors, bring a towel to Plant Park to practice a series of yoga postures and breath control. “Power Yoga” is an Ashtanga style power class that will be a challenging exploration of sun salutations, standing postures, balancing and deep stretching through constant movement. Pilates, which is designed to use the body’s “powerhouse,” strengthens and tones the abdominal muscles, lower back, arms and legs. Similar to yoga, this class improves flexibility, while encouraging steady breathing as the body works as one. Tracy Berbenich, the student coordinator at McNiff, said, “I think that our classes have a lot to offer. The variety allows each individual to find his or her niche. From Zumba to Kettlebells, every student has the opportunity to exercise in an environment that is best suitable to his or her needs and desires.” There are numerous classes that have not been mentioned in this article, but you are encouraged to review them on the Fitness Schedule at So next time you want to spice things up, head on down to McNiff Fitness Center for a class that will really keep you going. Carolyn Hatch can be reached at



Byers Remembered

Tear-Filled Eyes

From Front, Top Story

Another speaker, Lauren Jekowsky, recalled her own memories of Tessa. “I went into this friendship expecting to influence her, but she influenced me,” said Jekowsky, president of Campus Crusade for Christ, who met Byers through the organization. She wore zebra shoes and a lime green jacket to represent Tessa, who was “always dressing crazy.” Her speech was followed by “The Garden Song,” one of the songs Byers had played for Campus Crusade for Christ. Members of the group performed the song. Byers’ boyfriend, Timothy Bourn, was next to speak. He discussed how they had watched the movie, The Bucket List, and Samantha Battersby/The Minaret had decided to make their own bucket list, UT art students created a photo collage of Byers which was displayed on stage at the service. which they added to daily. Bourn stepped to the center of the stage as a large flower descended from the ceiling, an art project that had been created in her honor. Each petal, eight total, represented a different aspect of Byers, such as her love for Jolly Ranchers and the time she took apart a couch with a metal rod. To conclude the service, members of the theatre group sang one of Byers’ favorite songs from a show they did together titled, “Sing,” by The Dresden Dolls. The lead singer coached the audience before he began so everyone could sing along. The theatre was filled with the voices of Byers’ friends, peers, professors and family who sang in her memory and honor. “This whole service represented her. I can feel her here,” said Erin Dickerson, a friend of Byers. “The word ‘memorial’ in itself describes Tessa — a celebration of life.” Arielle Waldman can be reached at Samantha Battersby/The Minaret Guests at the memorial service signed their names around a photo of Byers in the Falk lobby.

bay greek store


shirt & sign co.







This was an original song written by Tessa Byers. A version of it was performed at her memorial service by a grounp of 17 students.

It’s time to go I can’t believe how time flew by, I tremble. I don't know how long I must wait 'till I'm home. My heart is breaking. As I sit here in the dark I need the strength to carry on Chorus: Through these tear filled eyes You look like an angel So far away and shrinking in the distance. I hate to leave you now. Don't want to leave it all behind Watching it fade away. Through these tear filled eyes. I remember all those times we spent together. Promise me that you'll be strong But I'm so scared I'll lose you when I'm gone.

1416 W. Kennedy Blvd. Tampa, FL 33606 Ph 813.489.4551 Ph 888.851.8380 Fax 888.851.2130

custom t-shirts decals design consultations glasswear paddles paddle accessories picture frames signs stationary stickers and more...



Diversions FOR RELEASE APRIL 18, 2011

Los Angeles Times Daily Crossword Puzzle Edited by Rich Norris and Joyce Lewis

ACROSS 1 Key in 6 The thing over there 10 Stalactite site 14 Sticky 15 Get a new mortgage for, briefly 16 Opinion piece, for short 17 Mott’s product 19 Tear up, as a check 20 __ Moines 21 Transvaal settler 22 With all one’s heart 24 What daredevils seem to lack 25 Place to fish from 26 Wore an upsidedown frown 29 Rail chemical carriers 33 Burgundy, for one 34 Pitched shelter 35 Dickens’s Uriah 36 State purposefully 37 Latin ballroom dance 38 Mythological ship 39 Hop out of bed 40 Whizzes 41 Monastery member 42 Fix 44 University officer 45 Greenhouse containers 46 Constructed 47 It starts after the overture 50 Newspaper unit 51 Captain’s “I need help ASAP!” 54 Extinguish, with “out” 55 Gust of wind, e.g. 58 Hamster’s home 59 Drop anchor 60 Counters with beads 61 Train for a bout 62 Japanese wrestling 63 Water bottle capacity

Abby Sanford/The Minaret Students completely covered their friends room in ResCom as an April Fools’ prank.


By Gail Grabowski

DOWN 1 Antiquated exclamation 2 “Don’t think so” 3 Does better than 4 Sinuous swimmer 5 Microbrewery offering 6 More loyal 7 Estate beneficiary 8 Org. with Raiders and Steelers 9 Was linked with 10 Nightclub minimum 11 Each 12 Bridal accessory 13 Rapids phenomenon 18 “The Grapes of Wrath” family name 23 “A spider!” 24 ’60s-’70s passive resistance slogan 25 Dieter’s feelings of distress 26 Marks for life 27 Studio production 28 Gambler’s words of lament 29 Church belief

Saturday’s Puzzle Solved

(c)2011 Tribune Media Services, Inc.

30 High-altitude nest 31 Cordelia’s sister 32 Golf or tennis 34 RPM gauges 37 Wrestling duos 41 Part of FBI 43 Physics particle 44 Old World Style pasta sauce brand 46 Computer user’s shortcut


47 Elementary lessons 48 Applaud 49 Old Roman wrap 50 Seniors often take limos to it 51 Bench, for one 52 It’s often enough 53 Instigate, with “up” 56 Debtor’s letters 57 Hitter’s stat

Week ending April 5, 2011

#1 Album

Top tracks

( ) Last week’s ranking in top five

United States E.T. ‡.DW\3HUU\

(3) 1


(2) 3

Just Can’t Get Enough ‡%ODFN(\HG3HDV Songs for Japan Various Artists

On the Floor ‡Jennifer Lopez Rolling in the Deep ‡$GHOH

(1) 2 4 5

United Kingdom On the Floor ‡Jennifer Lopez

(1) 1

Someone Like You ‡$GHOH

(2) 3

Party Rock Anthem ‡/0)$2 21 $GHOH

Just Can’t Get Enough ‡%ODFN(\HG3HDV

(5) 2 (3) 4

Don’t Hold Your Breath ‡1LFROH6FKHU]LQJHU (4) 5

Spain On the Floor ‡Jennifer Lopez

(2) 1

Lead the Way ... RMX ‡&DUORV-HDQ

(1) 3

Mr. Saxobeat ‡$OH[DQGUD6WDQ Songs for Japan Various Artists

Lead the Way ‡&DUORV-HDQ More ‡8VKHU Source: iTunes


Michael A. Kandalaft

(4) 2 (3) 4 5

© 2011 MCT

Horoscopes By Linda C Black / Tribune Media Services

Aries (March 21-April 19) The next two days are about follow-up and completion. Don’t take it too seriously. A spoonful of sugar makes the medicine go down. Burn calories and frustrations. Listen to your dreams. They do come true. Taurus (April 20-May 20) Time to get together with friends. Being interested makes you interesting. Travel a new route. Moderate a clash between normally gentle souls. Provide common sense where you find it lacking. Gemini (May 21-June 21) You’re stepping up the ladder. The next few days bring ample opportunities, so be selective and get ready for direction. Experts and a partner provide solutions. Cancer (June 22-July 22) Suddenly everything seems possible, and it is. Before launching into the next fantastic adventure, finish off chores. Hitch your wagon to a star for fun and profit. Leo (July 23-Aug. 22) Keep saving as a priority, and watch your nest egg grow. Encourage someone to put their dreams down on paper, and listen carefully to their crazy ideas. There’s gold in there. Virgo (Aug. 23-Sept. 22) Use your shrewd business ability to replace something that’s broken at home for the best price. Imagine a simple solution that keeps

systems flowing smoothly. Libra (Sept. 23-Oct. 22) Don’t get so lost in your thoughts that you lose sense of reality. Listen carefully to a crazy suggestion. Remind someone what you love about him or her. Scorpio (Oct. 23-Nov. 21) Figure out what you really want to accomplish. Don’t try to win the argument for a change. It doesn’t matter to the big picture. Consider a purchase that supports your aim. Sagittarius (Nov. 22-Dec. 21) Home sweet home. Put out the welcome matt and cuddle in the comfort of your nest. Don’t open the door to strangers. Solve the problem by yourself. Capricorn (Dec. 22-Jan. 19) An old dream comes true. It may require short-distance travel. Your work may seem more important than your relationships today. Don’t be fooled. Aquarius (Jan. 20-Feb. 18) Let your curiosity be your guide. A little study brings tremendous results. Consider how to best direct this new skill. Maybe it’s the missing link to fulfilling an old dream. Pisces (Feb. 19-March 20) Your confidence is contagious. Get past your self-assigned limitations for fulfillment. Do what you love, whether or not you think that the money will follow. It will.


Arts + Entertainment


An Iconic American Drama Revived

Wilder’s ‘Our Town’ at Falk Theatre Next Weekend

Samantha Battersby/The Minaret

Enthralled with bliss after watching a young couple marry, Louella Soames, played by Mari Bryan, expresses her joy. By LAUREL SANCHEZ

Arts + Entertainment Writer

The University of Tampa’s Departments of Speech, Theatre and Dance is putting on a performance of the Pulitzer Prize winning production Our Town, a recently revived play. The play was written by Thornton Wilder and first produced in 1938. The New York Times recently said, “Our Town has escaped the formal barrier of the modern theatre into the quintessence of acting, thought and speculation … A beautifully evocative play … A hauntingly beautiful play …” According to, the play explores the lives of people living in Grover’s Corners, N.H. Director Michael Staczar, the associate professor of theatre at UT, told The Minaret

that he chose to direct this play as part of the department’s cycle of plays, so that students can have exposure to all the types of genres.He also described the plot line, which revolves around the lives of George Gibb and Emily Webb, along with other characters. The townspeople’s everyday lives are shown — the good and the bad. The cast consists of eighteen UT students, who will play all of the various characters throughout the play. KC Shaffer, the production’s stage manager, described the rehearsal atmosphere as that of a large extended family. “Since we began this process, we’ve been through a lot as a cast, both on stage and off. We’ve laughed, we’ve cried. We’re a weird, dysfunctional family, but we have a lot of fun…” As shown by the titles of the acts, the

Samantha Battersby/The Minaret

Emily Webb, portrayed by Victoria Williams, discusses her insecurities with her mother, played by Kayla Shaffer.

play is divided into each of life’s aspects: act one: “Daily Life”; act two: “Love/ Marriage”; and act three: “Death/Loss.” Our Town will play in Falk Theater on Thursday, April 14 to Saturday, April 16 at 8 p.m. and again, for a Sunday matinée, on April 17 at 2 p.m. Admission is free for UT students, faculty and staff with a UT identification. General admission is $10 and non-UT students are admitted for $5. For more information, contact the Department of Speech, Theatre and Dance at 813-257-3987 or e-mail the director at Go see this iconic drama while it is playing at UT and help support your fellow Spartans. Laurel Sanchez can be reached at

Local Talents Are Sure to Make You Laugh at Stand-Up Show By TOMY WILKERSON Arts + Entertainment Writer

If your last month of school looks anything like mine, you probably have so many upcoming assignments it’s not even funny. Between projects, papers and presentations, it feels impossible to catch a breath, right? Fortunately, on April 8 laughter will be restored to the corridors of UT. A comedy show will be hosted in Reeve’s Theater from 8 p.m. to 11 p.m. Hosted by UT’s own John Jacobs, a junior communications major, the show will feature other comedians including Matt Fernandez, Greg Kashmanian and UT alumnus J.B. Ball. “I’m pumped!” Jacobs remarked. “[It] should be great. We’re all excited for the show.” “I’ve never performed at a college campus. I’m really excited to perform for a large group of people [who] are the same age and of the same mindset.” Fernandez said. The concept of hosting a comedy show

started with J.B. Ball. After noticing UT’s lack of local performing talent, he brought the idea to faculty. Once he received approval, he got in contact with Jacobs, Kashmanian and Fernandez. “When I was a student here, I was leading double lives. Everyone knew me as a basketball player. No one even knew that I had been writing for comedy,” said Ball. “UT always brings in comedians every year, but never any local comics, and, seeing as how I’ve seen both sides of the fence there, I know there’s some hidden gold right here in Tampa, as far as people who can come and put on great shows for students,” he said. The comedians come from an array of backgrounds. Fernandez has been performing for two years and recently won the Side Splitters Opportunity Knox contest.


Samantha Battersby/The Minaret

Brandon Zimmermann and Miles Parks are among the 18 students cast.

Kashmanian has been performing for three years and participated in improvisational comedy before doing stand-up. Jacobs has also been performing for two years and Ball has been performing for seven months at various college campuses. With four comedians with different styles, it’s bound to be a good time. “I think Matt, J.B. and I will do well. I just don’t think the audience will understand when John walks in with a tray full of donuts, trying to hawk them to the unsuspecting audience, [that] was expecting a comedy show,” Kashmanian explained.No one is sure if he was kidding. With finals quickly approaching and stress lurking in the hallways, it’s important to get our last month started off right. The show will be recorded for DVD. “My favorite part of performing is


“I just don’t think the audience will understand when John walk in with a tray full of donuts, trying to hawk them at the unsuspecting audience.”

-Greg Kashmanian

when I can see I’ve won the crowd over. It’s that moment on stage when you realize, at this point, you can say anything you want and they’re totally going to be on your side about it. They’re just staring up at you with eager eyes, craving your next sentence, secretly hoping you’ve got even more to say,” Ball said. “I do it because it’s fun, but I wouldn’t say I do it for fun. This is what I want to do and what I want people to remember me for,” Fernandez said. Tomy Wilkerson can be reached at



Booming Tech Sector is Hiring By TODD SANBORN

Arts + Entertainment Columnist

saula_paulaand simon/

Simon Cowell once again brings his hit show to the U.S. The X Factor is entering its seventh year in Britain.

X-Factor Comes to the U.S. By AMANDA SIERADZKI Arts + Entertainment Writer

Can you sing? Can you dance? Do you think you have any talent at all? If so, then Simon Cowell’s newest show, The X Factor, might just be coming for you. On Thursday, April 7, Miami will be the second city to host open auditions for the show. Auditioners will start their journey on April 6 where wristbands will be distributed at 6 a.m. From there, they have a day to sweat out the pressure and get ready to perform the next day. To be clear, The X Factor will be nothing like American Idol. The X Factor website outlines the show’s premises. Much like the already well-established British version, the competition is open to solo artists and groups and boasts no age limit, unlike its American Idol predecessor. Each judge is assigned to a category of competitors ranging from individuals over 25, boys under 25, girls under 25, and groups and serves as a mentor. According to Cowell’s description of the show, the judges have a stake in the ultimate winner since they will be fostering mentorships. He told People Magazine that he wants tension between the judges. “I liked the Idol panel when we first started. We had different opinions, and I think it’s important you have different opinions,” said Cowell. So what exactly are these competitors fighting for? Turns out, a recording contract for a cool $5 million, which has been stated by the website as one of the highest paid prizes on television currently. University of Tampa students were asked if they think they have “The X Factor,” and the question was met with varied responses. “I think Simon Cowell is one of the most pretentious human beings in the world,” said Angela Cruz, a senior. She stated that she wouldn’t watch the show or audition for it, not for lack of “it factor,” but simply based on her dislike towards Cowell. Freshman, Alyx Hannigan had mixed feelings towards the show, and felt she’d be scared to actually audition. As for Cowell, Hannigan doesn’t harbor any bad feelings. “I feel like he’s a sweetheart on the inside, said Hannigan, “I might be able to break him down...maybe.” Amanda Sieradzki can be reached at asieradzki@

    

            



Currently, all around the U.S., immensely popular companies like Google, Facebook and PayPal are hiring to catch up with the demand for their latest web creations. These companies are building new campuses to specifically accommodate the growth they are planning in the next few years, with huge projections in the near future; typically within three to four years for each company. It has been said that some 148,000 jobs in the tech field will open up by the end of 2011, replacing the almost 308,000 techie jobs lost during the economic downturn of the second quarter of 2008 and the first quarter of 2010. Sophia Koropeckyj, an economist for Moody’s Analytics, determined these figures and said that in February there were about 6.1 million tech jobs in the United States, up 2.4 percent from last year, according to With popular devices like the iPad and the HTC Thunderbolt, the industry continues to grow, and more and more people are getting their hands on the “smart device” of the future. Especially in cities like San

Francisco and Los Angeles, closest to the Silicon Valley, the growth of companies has exploded. Google has made a public statement announcing that 2011 will be their largest hiring year ever. Back in 2007, Google had only employed 6,200 people and now, in 2011, they are currently signing 30,000 paychecks monthly. Facebook is also growing by Renesis/ monumental numbers, almost 50 percent a year, and is moving to The Google Campus is located in a new 57-acre site to house their Mountainview, Cal. growing company. Twitter, the smallest of all the companies included in this research, currently has 400 employees, but a thoughts toward the economy goal for almost 3,000 by July 2013. changing. Laurel McCann said, The growth I’m most excited for “The tech industry is great. As an is Skype, which is working to open educator, it could help by giving its company publicly, and is housing new and creative ways for students a little over 900 workers, but looking to learn in the classroom.” to add 350 in the near future. Another student, John Blocker, The time is right for college an accounting major, said he is students to hop on the technological “looking forward to the possibilities band wagon and secure a career with of all these jobs .... Even if I’m not a company while it is still in its infant specifically a computer science stages. major, I still enjoy technology, and Seniors here at the UT have great if a job is available it’s not like I’m chances of being able to secure jobs going to turn it down.” as these companies are looking to So get out there, seniors, and hire now and our seniors will be out get some jobs. The discounts will on the job hunt here in the coming definitely be worth it. weeks. Todd Sanborn can be reached at An education major has hopeful

‘Insidious’ is Not a Horror Classic By RICHARD SOLOMON

Arts + Entertainment Columnist

I’ve been a big fan of Patrick Wilson ever since I saw him beside Ellen Page in Hard Candy, but not even him acting alongside Rose Byrne (Get Him To The Greek) could elevate James Wan’s Insidious to being the next knockout horror movie. Josh (Wilson) and Renai Lambert (Byrne) have just moved into a new house with their three children. Small incidents occur that frighten Renai, and when their eldest child Dalton (Ty Simpkins) falls into a comalike state, the odd happenings get worse, leading the couple to believe that their home is haunted. As the previews have indicated, it’s actually Dalton that is haunted, not the house, and malevolent spirits are keeping Dalton’s soul from returning to his body. Insidious starts out rather slow, letting the film build the story while fleshing out the Lamberts a little. The story development is a nice change of pace from a lot of horror movies that have come out recently, even if it did get boring at times waiting for the action to begin. Wan uses mostly “jump out” tactics to frighten. The scary moments from the film are all derived from sudden flashes of a face or abrupt moments of characters being close to something evil without realizing it. While there won’t be any moments of a character brushing their hair and seeing a ghost in the mirror, there also won’t be a single scare that lasts for longer than a second. Your heart won’t be pounding from watching this one, and a lot of the frightening bursts will leave you laughing afterwards at the ridiculousness of what you just saw, though you will jump at least once. Byrne and Wilson aren’t

challenged as actors at all, and about halfway through the film, the focus seems to shift from Renai to Josh without doing a good job of making me care about either one. Neither character seems extremely likable and while the trope of “guy not believing the girl about the evil thing” has been done in movies before (a la The Grudge), Renai should have been the hero at the end rather than Josh, even if that would have stuck too much to conventional horror plots. The two leads do their best and Byrne starts to shine by the end, but neither get the opportunity to show their acting chops. The biggest problem is the plot’s story, which was highly predictable; the final plot twist at the end was glaringly obvious well before it arrived, and every major plot point was expected. Wan made it work with good pacing; however, all the storybuilding that had been done throughout the movie completely dissolved at the end. The final climactic scene of the movie was preceded by a lengthy scene of exposition, explaining exactly what was going on. No movie should have to take an extended break before the climax just to explain what is happening in the film. Insidious won’t be wholly original to the viewer. The story is a mix of previous works and the acting is nothing exceptional. There was a surprising amount of comedy in the film, and while Insidious doesn’t seem to take itself too seriously (two minor characters are there for the express purpose of mocking the clichés of the supernatural genre), the funny moments themselves feel too forced. The score didn’t stand out either, with the standard scenes in which the music built in intensity, and right at the crescendo, either a ghoul popped out or nothing happened.

Insidious opened at number three at the box office, making $13.5 million.

You won’t experience a mindtwist along the lines of The Grudge or The Ring, but is it better than Drag Me to Hell? Absolutely. Plot aside, the movie itself was entertaining. There is no gore, and a low budget had Insidious relying on things other than CGI or heavy special effects to do the heavy lifting. You’ll be laughing as often as jumping, and even with a terrible climactic scene, Wan does a good job of building a story, as predictable as it was, rather than simply throwing monsters at the screen. Expect to leave with certain minor plot points never explained, and while they’re not overly important to the story, they’re talked about often enough to leave you annoyed that no explanation is given. 3/4 stars is generous, but Insidious is better than any recent horror movie, and you won’t mind paying for a ticket. Richard Solomon can be reached at




Wrestlemania 27 Aftermath: The Good, The Bad, The Rock By DANIEL FEINGOLD Sports Editor

The minds behind WWE wrote themselves into a corner, but seem to have gotten themselves out of their self-induced choke-hold. Wrestlemania 27 aired this past weekend in front of a crowd upwards of 71,000 in Atlanta, Ga. While the biggest wrestling event of the year has now passed, the fallout is underway. Wrestlemania The Rock, of course, hosted this year’s Wrestlemania, the event that the WWE had been building up to for a couple of months. Aside from a few highlights, the show lacked anything special. There was nothing out of the ordinary, nothing that couldn’t have been predicted and, most importantly, not a whole lot of fan excitement. What I did like seeing was the first match right out of the gates: World Heavyweight Champion Edge defending his title against Alberto Del Rio. Edge was a wrestler I used to have a minor appreciation for, but since my return to watching the WWE, I really couldn’t have cared less about his title defense against some new guy with his own ringside announcer and a nice car. However, the match was exciting to watch and kept my attention throughout. Edge ended up keeping his title in what was a great start to the show. The Rock opened the night with a 15minute long speech, riling up the crowd, which was electrifying as always, but then his role in Wrestlemania dwindled somewhat. We saw him a few times backstage with some very random special guests (Pee Wee Herman), which was humorous, but pointless, and clearly just an attempt to get a few laughs from the audience. It worked to some extent, but was disappointing in terms of how The Rock’s hosting abilities were utilized. The Michael Cole vs. Jerry “The King” Lawler match was much worse than expected. Much, much worse. I didn’t

The match between Triple H and The Undertaker was one of the few highlights of Wrestlemania 27. While it was exciting to see The Rock host, his role in the night was limited until the finale.

expect very much, since one has always been just an announcer and the other hasn’t wrestled in years, but the entire match was horrid. I’m not alone on that one, because the capacity crowd at the Georgia Dome started chanting “boring” at one point. Stone Cold Steve Austin was the guest referee, but his role in the match was limited until the very end, when he handed out multiple “stunners” to unsuspecting victims. I would have loved to see this entire plot line end right there at Wrestlemania, but unfortunately it will go on, as displayed by the events which took place the following night on Monday Night Raw. The match of the night was, by far, Triple H pitted against The Undertaker and his 18-0 Wrestlemania record. Matches like this one are the reason people watch WWE. It was grueling, entertaining and even shocking.

Undertaker won in the end, but the disappointing thing was seeing him being carted away from the ring. It is quite obvious that The Undertaker will now disappear for 10-11 months to deal with the “injuries” from this match, only to return for his next Wrestlemania match. The Fallout There are plenty of plot lines continuing on and branching off from Wrestlemania 27, but the only one worth dwelling on revolves around John Cena and The Rock. After The Rock restarted the disappointingly awful title match between Cena and The Miz at Wrestlemania, he gave Cena a well-deserved “rock bottom,” and then finished The Miz off with a “people’s elbow.” On Monday Night Raw, Cena called out The Rock and convinced “the great one” to agree to a match. The Rock obliged, saying that the epic fight will take place next year at Wrestlemania 28.

Now for those who didn’t already realize this, The Rock did not come back to the wrestling world for his legacy to be tarnished. That is reason enough to make it glaringly obvious that he will beat Cena, but what makes me even more convinced is that The Rock is from Miami. Where is Wrestlemania 28 set to take place? Miami. WWE has a knack for allowing star wrestlers to win a bout in their hometown. No need to worry, Cena fans, this match isn’t just going to be The Rock destroying Cena. This is WWE’s way out of a messy situation. People love The Rock, and are iffy on Cena and his abilities. This match, which will take place in about 350 or so days from now, will be a great one. It has to be. The Rock isn’t going to stick around forever, and even though he will win, it will be a match that will help gain Cena respect. I expect it to be similar to this year’s Triple H vs. Undertaker match: one man wins, but you can’t help but root for and respect both of them. Some may be upset that this match won’t happen until next year, but I’m fairly content with it. That means The Rock, in some capacity, will be around for at least a year longer than I expected him to be. He can continue his movie career while also appearing on Raw every once and a while to keep the fans happy. This is a match that gives the people what they want. It will settle a plot line that once seemed like it had no solution. Cena was rapidly declining in popularity since the people’s champ returned, and had The Rock left the scene this quickly after Wrestlemania, the WWE would have no true superstar for people to root for. Now they can rebuild Cena’s image while maintaining The Rock’s. I’m on board with this plan. Cena and Rock, we’ll be seeing you next year in Miami. Daniel Feingold can be reached at

The University of Tampa 2011 Off Campus Housing Fair When: April 19, 2011


Where: Vaughn Center Lobby

11:00am to 1:00pm

Brought to you by the Office of Residence Life. Come see what Tampa has to offer! Food—Prizes—Fun



Estela’s May Leave You Unsatisfied By MORIAH PARRISH

Arts + Entertainment Columnist

Estela’s website claims that they are “The Mexican Restaurant our competition doesn’t want you to discover.” I don’t think the competition will mind. A small franchise in the area, they have locations in Tampa, Brandon, St. Petersburg and New Port Richey. While the atmosphere is fun and relaxing, the food and service are entirely sub-par. I began the evening on the patio at the Davis Islands location. It was a quiet night, with a handful of tables scattered around the outside area. A server walked briskly by, inviting me to sit anywhere. A busboy delivered warm tortilla chips and salsa, which was a promising start. It took five minutes, however, for a server to come by and ask for a drink order, and he did not come bearing a menu. He returned promptly with my drink, but again, with no menu. Finally, he came back and hurriedly set one down on the table. He came back about a minute later and wanted to know if I was ready. I had just finished reading the tiny text on one side and hadn’t even flipped it over to read the back yet. “Um, not quite,” I said, worried he would take a long time to return. He did. I eventually placed my order, a good twenty minutes after I had first taken a seat. I decided to try a bowl of sopa de pollo, or chicken soup, as it had been highly recommended by a friend. Also, because I wanted to try a little bit of everything, I opted for a combination plate of one chalupa, one chicken burrito and rice with refried beans for my entrée. The meal took almost as long to appear as the server had before I ordered. And most disappointingly, when it did, it was wrong. The soup was indeed excellent, with hints of cilantro and a light broth, but only warm, not hot, and the combination plate was not even lukewarm. The burrito had been replaced by an enchilada, which is almost the same thing as a burrito, but with a spicy sauce poured over that I had specifically not wanted. Also, the inside contents were beef, not chicken. I was so hungry, I decided not to try explaining the mistake, as I suspected a language barrier was the culprit for the wrong order. But I did ask my server to re-heat the food, as I am not crazy about cold beef. He returned way too soon with the meal, and it was barely warmer than the first time it had arrived. I was so frustrated, I just picked a little at each item and moved the plate to the side to work on the soup and the chalupa.

The chalupa, more like a salad than anything else, was quite alright to be eaten cold. With lettuce, tomato, guacamole and refried beans over a crispy tortilla, it was the only decent item on the combination plate. It was, however, rather bland. I paused with most of the meal still in front of me to ask about dessert. I was really excited about the fried icecream I had heard about, and was hoping it would be really hard to mess up. Perhaps, I thought, it could be their saving grace. The server went to check on it and came back with a sad report. The kitchen had already closed and gone home for the night at 10:00, so there was no one to make it. This was most irritating, as I had arrived at a little before 9:00, and might have ordered it if my server had not been so slow. Still a little hungry and mad, I asked for my check. He brought it right away, and I immediately handed over my payment, anxious to get out of there. He came back promptly, said a quick good night, and scurried back into the restaurant. I had to go find him to ask for an extra receipt, as he had kept the original. He was sitting at a computer, checking Facebook statuses. I had to re-phrase my request a few times before he understood what I wanted, and when I finally left, necessary receipt in hand, I never wanted to go back. Moriah Parrish can be reached at

The Dish Sopa de Pollo: $8.45 Combo #17: $11.46 Soda: $2.30 Average Entrée: $12.00 Atmosphere: Colorful and Relaxed Service: Slow and Difficult to Understand Variety: Mexican Fare Wine: Red, White, Sangria

Moriah Parrish/ The Minaret

Estela’s in Davis Island offers a wide variety of Mexican dishes. However, The Minaret’s Moriah Parrish was turned off by cold food and misplaced orders.


Wellies were invented in the 18th century for the Duke of Wellington and were used for battle. Now these boots come in all colors to suite everyone’s style for staying dry.

Stay Dry and Styled By CAROLYN HATCH

Arts + Entertainment Columnist

After what felt like a never-ending onslaught of thunderstorms, it is evident that appropriate rain gear is essential when trudging through the waterways of the University of Tampa. Help in coming across these items is right around the corner. Wellies, or rain boots, can be found in a variety of prices and styles. Target is always a great option when searching for less expensive designs, as they have an assortment of fun patterns. But if you are more focused on fashion, there are a plethora of brands and stores that will provide you with that desired look. Tretorn is a Swedish brand that is perfect for the classic prep and can be found online or in selective Vineyard Vines locations. Sperry has even jumped on the bandwagon and begun a line of rain boots that embodies the brand’s nautical theme. A brand with similar styles is Clark’s; though it is often a bit plainer and less colorful than Sperry’s. The Hunter brand is a symbol of British country life, and can be a simple, but chic, twist for almost any look. Dav is also an English-style wellie designed to mimic the riding boot — a current fad for many fashionistas. For those looking to be a bit more edgy with funky designs, Ed Hardy also carries a line of rain boots. Ed Hardy is a clothing line that was founded by a tattoo artist who uses his creations as graphic design on apparel. Need I even mention Burberry rain boots? Though some think these boots are exceptionally overpriced and superfluous, there are many of us who are willing to

foot the bill. This timeless brand has many variations on its notorious plaid pattern, which all seem to be so elegant and well put-together. Whether you love them or hate them, Burberry rain boots have and will be in vogue for years to come. Trench coats also come in an array of styles and can be very flattering when fitted properly. Whether you prefer the traditional khaki trench from Banana Republic or the sleek black jacket from London Fog, it is all about finding what is most suitable to your body. For those with a smaller waist, H&M carries a rose-colored A-line trench that is old-fashioned, yet modish. Forever 21 also has a great selection of stylish trench coats at a less expensive price. For a more practical rain jacket, wind and waterproof hoodies are a better alternative. Brands like North Face and Columbia are made using the latest technology and are able to withstand harsh weather conditions. and Mountaingear. com are online shopping sites that carry these brands as well as a plethora of other similar lines of lightweight, durable clothing. Land’s End and L.L. Bean also have a wide selection of rain gear. Keep in mind that these name brands, stores and shopping sites are not the only places where you can purchase rain gear. You can find similar items by searching online or visiting your favorite local shopping centers. Just be sure not to forget an umbrella when preparing for the next Florida monsoon. Carolyn Hatch can be reached at




New Sum 41 ‘Screaming’ For Relevance


Arts + Entertainment Columnist

Screaming Bloody Murder is the first album Sum 41 has released in four years. The pop-punk band that most of us associate with junior high has been mostly silent after their last album, Underclass Hero, was met with negative reviews. SBM seeks to remedy that, but ultimately fails to return the band to their earlier acclaim. SBM steers away slightly from standard Sum 41 fare. These new tracks are fastpaced like we’re used to, but the energy will drop randomly for a non-instrumental bridge or a sudden acoustic verse. Some bands can pull this off, but this album doesn’t put Sum 41 in the same group as those bands. With 14 songs going at close to 50 minutes, Screaming Bloody Murder certainly delivers quantity. Quality, though, is another matter. That being said, there are catchy songs that will appeal to long-time fans. The title track does a good job of letting frontman Deryck Whibley and his recognizable vocals take control. “Time For You To Go” is another solid track, with a more pop-oriented melody that seems reminiscent of JET. The lyrics are simple, but the guitar does a good job of supporting the vocals and the chorus is catchy enough to warrant several listens. The fifth track of the album is “Jessica Kill.” If any song is going to stand out, it’s going to be this one. With a feel like “Fat Lip” and lyrics that are probably more well-developed than any on the album (I’m addicted to the pain even more than words can say. /

Every hit hurts like your kiss, like a needle to a vein), this will be a fan favorite more so than any other. “What Am I to Say” starts off considerably slower. This actually seems to work, until about two minutes into the song, when the acoustic stops working with the song and begins to feel out of place. Unfortunately, rather than serving as an exception, this track defines the rest of the album. At this point the energy begins to dwindle and by the fourteenth song you might be a little bored. “Happiness Machine” does a good job of trying to pull the album back on course, but it has an entirely different feel from the earlier songs. It’s unclear where Sum 41 wanted to take things. Following this song is “Crash,” a slow song that, again, has a different feel than everything else. But where “Happiness Machine” got things going again, “Crash” does a good job of erasing that. The opening guitar riff of “Blood In My Eyes” is so standard Sum 41 that it almost seems like things might be redeemed. But the lyrics are weak and don’t stand out, and Whibley’s impressive guitar riffs fade in and out. No songs after “Jessica Kill” really showcase anything impressive. Nothing jumps out as praise-worthy. While they’re not terrible, they also don’t strike me as the kind of songs that define an album. As a whole, the production value is strong. Nothing feels rough or poorly made. Lead singer Whibley did a good job as producer. He composed and wrote the songs himself, which might be a part of the problem of lackluster quality the album as a whole contained. Whibley has been the primary

Screaming Bloody Murder is Sum 41’s first release in four years. The band is best known for their 2001 release All Killer No Filler, which featured the pop-punk hit “Fat Lip.”

contributor to Sum 41’s songwriting process since the early days, but perhaps he could have used some more collaboration for Screaming Bloody Murder. Sum 41 has gotten a lot of heat for Underclass Hero. Fans of their earlier albums might not enjoy Screaming Bloody Murder. As it stands now, SBM might just be a stepping stone for their next album,

but it certainly won’t be remembered as Sum 41’s magnum opus. Three out of five stars. If you like this album, check out the whole Sum 41 discography. Also look at some later Green Day and some Blink 182. Richard Solomon can be reached at

Yellowcard, fresh off hiatus, attempts to bounce back with new album.

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Contact the Office of Graduate and Continuing Studies at (813) 258-7409. UT GMAT color ad.indd 1

10/4/10 2:00:00 PM



Golden Skin Has Become the New Symbol of Manhood By CAMILLA CHEBET


Gabrielle Bonheur is mostly known for designs that endured the “in and outs” of fashion trends and the infamous fashion brand Chanel. Bonheur, better known as Coco Chanel, is immediately associated with fashion, but another association with this name that is seldom heard of is with tanning. Coco Chanel was accidentally the trendsetter for what we now call “tanning.” I say accidentally as her sun burn was not meant to be a fashion statement, but people saw it, liked and wanted it. Josephine Baker was another major trendsetter of tanning. People admired her “caramel skin tone.” They completely changed the perception of tanning from the former negative view to a positive one: one that viewed tanning as fashionable and healthy. Centuries ago, tanning was viewed negatively as an indication of a low status in society. The reason behind this is that the people who were tanned were peasants who worked out doors for long periods of time. Princesses and members of the upper class used protective gear, like umbrellas, to shield them from the sun, during the rare times that they went out into the sun.

To be pale rather than tanned was considered beautiful, until lack of Vitamin D emerged as a major issue and problems of arsenic being used to lighten skin arose. We cannot forget the impact Coco Chanel and Ms. Baker made in making tanning fashionable. Surprisingly, only a small number or people who tan actually know about the history of tanning. Out of seven people interviewed at UT, only two knew about this history. Similar up and down shifts have occurred, even since tanning became fully popularized. Tanning in the sun for long periods of time and without adequate protection was said to increase the risk of skin cancer, according to the US Public Health Services, which stated that UV radiation is known to be a human carcinogen. Nonetheless, new methods lead to new, “safer” ways of tanning, such as tanning beds, sun lamps, tan sprays, etc. There is a misconception that tanning has is a dying trend, as everything fashionable soon goes out of style, but is this really the case? You decide. Seven out of seven people interviewed about tanning all agreed that tanning is still in. A more shocking fact, however is that tanning is becoming more popular with men. I walked into a tanning salon, and peered at the long line of people waiting to tan, I noticed most of the people waiting to tan were guys.

Well-tanned Felipe Manzo, a junior at UT, admitted to tanning, but not intentionally. He stated that, as a swimmer, he is exposed to the sun for long periods. He is also Argentinian. Shawn McCleary, another junior at UT, said that he tanned to even out his skin tone after swimming. Despite the fact that he did not think tanning as a good trend, due to health risks. Brad Hines, a freshman, expressed that the reason that more guys are tanning, is that some guys believe that girls are

attracted to tanned guys. Nonetheless, he believes that tanning should be left for girls. Katelyn Bentley, a sophomore, agreed that tanned guys are more attractive because they tan. Some like Felipe and Brad believe guys should not go out to tan. They stated that they only tan in the sun and would not go out to tanning salons or use tanning sprays, or other means. Tanning is being revolutionized; it may soon just be a guy thing. Camilla Chebet can be reached at

Samantha Battersby/The Minaret

Traditionally tanning was seen as a sign of poverty, today it has transcended to a symbol of wealth. Now the trend has become a sign of sexiness for modern men.

The Question To Live On Campus or Off This Fall By JOHN JACOBS

Asst. Commentary Editor

Now is the time when students are trying to figure out their housing situation for next year. On-campus or off, it helps to know the pros and cons of each option. After spending two years living oncampus and almost a year now living off, who better to help you out with this decision than me? The biggest benefit of living on-campus is the overall convenience, like the ability to wake up for your 10 a.m. class at 9:55 and still, somehow, be one of the first people there. Or being able to do laundry, go to the computer lab, get breakfast, lunch, dinner and go to the arcade without ever changing out of your pajamas or seeing sunlight. And, yes, Vaughn has an arcade. Suck that, Ivy League schools! With co-ed dorms, it’s never been so easy to take advantage of drunk girls stumbling in at 4 a.m. Note: this is a joke. I don’t take advantage of drunk girls. There’s no reason to get offended and write a letter to the editor complaining, or to check my criminal record. Living in a dorm, you have the luxury of a 5-minute walk separating you from everyone else at school, and a 10-second one from everyone who lives in your hall (or a couple fist pounds against your paper

thin wall to let your neighbor know it’s time to come rage). While fire alarms at 2 a.m., the constant smell of throw up in the elevator and a Salsa Rico burrito every single night can get old, you can’t help but miss it once you move away. One of the negative aspects of living on-campus is all the rules: the constant request to see your student ID from the security guards who see you every day, but still don’t know that you live there. The RAs telling you to “be quiet and put the fire extinguisher back” at 3 a.m., when clearly you’re just trying to show

your friends what “up north probably looks like right now,” and of course, the strict policy of no drinking on-campus or in dry dorms. Here’s where the fun of living offcampus begins: there are no rules, besides legal ones. If you live off-campus, you can pretty much do whatever you want, as long as you don’t piss off your neighbors or the landlord. You can drink as much as you want, be as loud as you want, have as many people over as you want and you can even own a toaster.


2550 students are currently housed in on-campus housing, making the choice to live off-campus may provide you with a platform to prepare for life after college.

At first, you might be shocked at how quiet it can be living in the real world, but eventually you get used to it, and realize you can actually work at any time of day without being interrupted by every Yankees and Red Sox game. If you’ve ever been on campus during a Yankees vs. Red Sox game, you’d swear someone was either dying or winning the lottery every 10 seconds. While the main benefit of living oncampus is convenience, the worst part about living off-campus is the inconvenience. No more cafeteria, maids or close proximity to your classes and friends. You need to be willing to drive to work just like everyone else, pay rent, utilities, cable and Internet every month and prepare every meal you make every day, unless you choose to eat McDonald’s, KFC or Taco Bell every day (which really isn’t that bad, actually). In reality, if you live off-campus, you really do need to take full responsibility for your life. It will give you a small taste life after college, and that can be kind of scary. Overall, there are two main points you have to consider when you make your decision: you can have all your food prepared for you, be close to your friends and classes, but be under the strict regulation of UT’s policies. Or, you can do absolutely whatever you want at all times, but take on the responsibilities of an actual adult. Either way, you’re still going to the University of Tampa, so it’s going to be awesome. John Jacobs can be reached at jjacobs@




Editorial: SMART Texts Unseen, Campus Uninformed in Emergencies “Chime, chime” sounds your phone and on it reads a text message, “Alert: There is a tornado warning. For your safety, please remain indoors.” Well, this was the type of message the University of Tampa should have received during last week’s thunderous storm. Unfortunately, since my years of being at UT, Spartan Mobile Alert (SMART) texts have tended to keep the community uninformed during the most crucial times. Take for example the various fires that have taken place primarily in Austin Hall and Straz Center. There is also the storm that took place last year, which forced the cancellation of the Spring Concert, which would have featured Slightly Stoopid. It makes me wonder why I’m signed up to receive SMART texts when I never seem to get them, except of course when I receive a test message. I also want to state that I’m not against the thought of having SMART texts, but I actually want to receive them. Instead, I tend to get my most important messages by email. For residents, it’s even more important because it alerts them about any trespassers on campus or if they need to cautious of any other suspicious activity. For commuters, it would be nice to have a centralized mobile system

that alerts them of class cancellations or blocked entry. Is there any particular reason why students cannot get text messages under important circumstances? I understand that the texts are sent out selectively, but I don’t feel that email is the best form of communication on a college campus. By the time someone actually reads an email can vary on the person’s availability to check their email on their phone or computer. Unlike email, SMART is an optional service. If someone does not want to receive texts, then they can easily opt-out, but if they decided to sign up in the first place, it’s because they were interested in receiving alerts. This is my fourth year at UT and I can honestly say, aside from the sporadic test messages that go out, I have only received one or two real text alerts. In my opinion, having more SMART texts would keep students well informed as well as potentially sparking the interest of other students not yet signed up. Honestly, what’s the worst that could happen? Someone unsubscribes… The Editorial Board can be reached at or you may submit a Letter to the Editor form online at

Column: Ditch Trashy Stars For Those With Talent By RYAN BOOK

The Lantern, Ohio State University

UWIRE - As someone who writes for the Arts section, I rarely get the opportunity to be openly militant about particular issues. Today, I am up in arms over an arts issue. Rutgers University drew attention this week for paying “Jersey Shore” star Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi $32,000 to speak at the university last Thursday. You don’t need to be Suze Orman to realize this was a bad deal, but it gets worse. The school is paying Nobel-laureate writer Toni Morrison $30,000 to speak at its spring commencement in May. I could tell you that this is a crying shame, but that’s the obvious argument. So, I’m going to explain to you why this is our fault. One of the most basic principles in any economics class is that of supply and demand. Supply really isn’t in play here, but the point is that when demand is high, you can set prices high. Demand for Snooki is high because the youth of our nation is obsessed with her asinine show. Demand for Morrison is low, although she’s won a Nobel Prize for literature. If talent were a precious metal, Snooki would be worth about 78 cents at your local Gold 2 Cash location. She is (debatably) talented at tanning and laundry. I’m not even going to joke about the gym part. She’s like Ivan Rodriguez, except with more emphasis on the “Pudge.” If Snooki is gold, Morrison is rhodium; it’s worth a lot more, but you wouldn’t know because you’ve never heard of it. When I reference the youth that makes Snooki so popular, I mean you guys. Now, I’ve only seen one full episode of “Jersey Shore,” but I can’t hole myself up in an

ivory tower. I watch a lot of TV that is chemically proven to kill brain cells (for example, Syfy’s “Danger Mouse vs. The Lab Rats”). As I can attest after watching “The Room” for the first time this weekend, watching overtly stupid things is massively entertaining. But if we’re going to demonstrate outrage over something like Rutgers’ absurd display of celebrity proclivity, we have to do it actively. What’s your excuse for having not read “Beloved”? Too much text? Too little time? I understand that many intelligent people don’t get the opportunity to attend college, but arguably you are among the top quarter of the population in terms of qualifications to read “high-level” literature. Let me tell you: It’s much more strenuous than reading “Harry Potter.” But it’s much less strenuous than reading “The Sound and The Fury.” Authors, playwrights and artists routinely feel the heel of a society that finds their work too inconvenient to appreciate. Yes, an hour-long episode is easier to digest than a 600-page novel. But even if I never read Morrison again, I will still hang on to how amazing her prose was. It’s easy to say that paying Morrison less than Snooki is wrong. It’s tougher to demonstrate that we mean it. Don’t watch MTV this week. Go out and buy a respected book. It doesn’t have to be Morrison. It doesn’t even have to be literature. Saying something is wrong is meaningless. Acting on it sends a message. Terry Jones, if you’ve gotten bored instigating violence in the Middle East, can I recommend “A Shore Thing” for your next book burning?

Alysia Sawchyn/ The Minaret

Wallace criticizes what she calls “Asian tendencies” to use their phones in the library. Her video, initially intended to be a joke, sparked outrage because of its racist undertones.

Broadcasting Racism: UCLA Student Rants on YouTube By ALYSIA SAWCHYN Columnist

The Associated Press reported that UCLA student Alexandra Wallace recently made the decision to withdraw. Her decision came after she was repeatedly harassed and reportedly received several death threats. Authorities have been unable to verify the threats at this point. If her name is not familiar to you, go to YouTube and type in “UCLA Girl’s Asian Rant.” The original video is no longer posted, but, in the fashion of all things viral on the Internet, there are several copies floating around. I’ve never believed that hatred should be responded to with more of the same. That being said, with the exception of possibly the death threats, is it so surprising that Wallace is now the target of harassment? The UCLA’s student enrollment statistics for Fall 2010 lists that, out of 26,162 undergraduate students, 9,712 are listed as Asian or Pacific Islander. My calculator says that means that Wallace managed to offend around 37 percent of the undergraduate students at her school. Oh, with the exception of a few of Wallace’s friends who “[she doesn’t] mean any of this toward.” “Any of this” refers to what can only be described as an ignorant, racist rant. Did I mention that several reports, including one from UCLA’s school paper, The Daily Bruin, confirm that she is a political science major? According to Wallace, “The problem is these hordes of Asian people that UCLA accepts into our school every single year.” Wait, what? According to Wallace, all Asians (except for her friends, of course) and only Asians talk on the phone in the library. She continues by mockingly imitating what she thinks Asians sound like on the phone: “Ching chong ling long ting tong.” Wallace starts and ends the derogatory mimicry by making a face which is reminiscent of ... porn. No, I’m not making this up. Unfortunately. She also says, toward the end of the three-minute video, that it seems like Asians are “going through their whole families just checking on everybody from the tsunami-thing.” Please tell me, Ms. Political-ScienceMajor, that you did not just call all Asians Japanese. Last time I checked, that’s offensive. Especially when you conflate the Chinese and Japanese, as the countries still have strained relations. Let me refresh your memory, political science, and perhaps rephrase it in a way that you may understand: there was this

thing, before like, WWII, like, called, like, the Second Sino-Japanese War, and there was, like, the Rape of Nanking. Like, yeah. But just in case a student does get bad news, Wallace suggests that they go outside, so they won’t “freak out.” The most obnoxious part of Wallace’s racist tirade is her opinion that Asians need to learn “American manners,” implying that she follows them. She also describes herself as the “nice, polite, American girl that [her] momma raised her to be.” I wasn’t aware that nice, polite, American manners involved racism, ignorance and an indifference to the plight of others. UCLA did not discipline Wallace for her video. The Associated Press reported that UCLA decided that the video was “an exercise of free speech, not hate speech, and it didn’t violate the student code of conduct.” However, the UCLA Principles of Community states: “We do not tolerate acts of discrimination, harassment, profiling or other conduct causing harm to individuals on the basis of expression of race, color, ethnicity, gender, age, disability, religious beliefs, political preference, sexual orientation, gender identity, citizenship or national origin among other personal characteristics. Such conduct violates UCLA’s Principles of Community and may result in imposition of sanctions according to campus policies governing the conduct of students, staff and faculty.” What I find most amazing about this entire debacle is that it appears that Wallace didn’t understand until recently the possible ramifications of her video. In an apology letter released to the Daily Bruin, Wallace writes, “In an attempt to produce a humorous YouTube video I have offended the UCLA community and the entire Asian culture ... I made a mistake.” Why was it only after, as she describes it, the “harassment of [her] family, the publishing of [her] personal information, death threats and being ostracized from an entire community” that she figured that out? Why didn’t she think before she clicked the “post” button, “Hmm, maybe this isn’t a good idea?” However thoughtless and vapid Wallace may be, she’s now gone (thankfully). And, according to her apology letter, she’ll remain that way: silent and out of the public eye. Unfortunately, her video, and others like it, espousing racism, are still being created, remain posted and are widely circulating. Alysia Sawchyn can be reached at



Arkansas Bill Bans Students From Wearing Indecent Clothing


Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe recently signed a bill that bans students from wearing baggy clothes to school. According to Yahoo News, Florida is considering passing a similar bill. Specifically, the bill prohibits clothing that exposes “underwear, buttocks or the breast of a female.” At first glance, this law doesn’t seem so bad. Plenty of private schools already have dress codes in place and (besides the fact that all those kids hate themselves for it) there hasn’t been a problem. My high school had a dress code that for guys that boiled down to wearing a collared shirt. It didn’t matter what kind, if it had graphics or words on it or even what I wore underneath it. Many schools have similar policies, so this bill really isn’t exceptional, except that it targets an entire state’s public school system. But then the wording kicks in. It’s the wording that really gets to me on this one. The first thing outlawed is clothing that exposes “underwear.” Well, that seems like a good idea to me. I mean, we’re not all Anna Kournikova here. So, for everyone in Arkansas who doesn’t look like her, this is probably a good thing. My closest contact with a bra was that time

in sixth grade when my guy friend brought his older sister’s bra to school and we all took turns trying to unclasp it, but doesn’t a bra count as underwear? Ladies, you know all those times when that strappy shirt you’re wearing gives a peak at your bra-strap? Well, according to the wording of this bill, that shirt is off-limits. It’s exposing underwear and that’s indecent. Alright, you’re probably saying to yourself right now that the spirit of the bill doesn’t really mean bra-straps; it’s meant to address the bigger issue. Clearly there’s nothing wrong with banning clothing that exposes the buttocks.

But what about that last part: the whole “breast of a female” thing? I will be the last to complain when I see the “breast of a female,” but I see where the bill is coming from. Prohibiting any sort of cleavage from being evident would surely make kids more innocent, or promote learning or something. But why only females? Does this mean us guys are free to wave our “manboobs” around with pride, while girls are forced to watch with jealousy? That sounds sexist. I, for one, am all for feminism. I believe girls should join us in the boob waving. Most interestingly, the

Mackenzie Crowley/ The Minaret

Clothing that exposes underwear has become an issue in high schools in Arkansas. This is seem as attempt to stifle teen expression, but it may also be intended to improve concentration in students.

bill doesn’t specify what the punishment is for breaking these laws. It might be something mild, like being sent home to change, or it may lead to suspension. There are those who think that a cheerleading outfit is indecent. Actually, many of the clothes worn in extracurricular sports could be seen as indecent for one reason or another. The girls at my high school who played water polo felt the swimsuits were too small, tight and revealing. But that year we had high attendance at all the games. Practices too, actually. The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) has spoken out against the bill, claiming it’s targeting black males. Whether the bill is racist or not depends on its intent. The argument could also be made that it’s stifling teen expression at a state level, by limiting their clothing options. When you have a bill that doesn’t even define its punishments, it becomes too subjective. If it was meant specifically to address black males, then having an arbitrary punishment doesn’t sound like the way to go. Regardless of how you feel on the issue, the bill clearly has flaws. Until specific sanctions are made for violating it, it shouldn’t be enforced at all. If Florida is looking at doing something similar, then the whole state will be in for a change. I just hope they leave the Anna Kournikovas of the world alone. Richard Solomon can be reached at




You heard right! Shorter session. Longer vacation.

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Think Before You Slip Into the Shoes of the Other Woman

By HANNAH WEBSTER Love and Sex Columnist

When I was in high school, I found myself in the vulnerable position of being “the new girl in town.” The transition not only left me with a lack of confidence, but a lack of friends. So, when an attractive upperclassman showed interest in me, I was beyond willing to grab the attention. He was handsome, talented, and charming — just what a lonely girl needs to get duped. I soon found out he not only had a beautiful girlfriend, but had been with her for months. I was crushed. Despite the crippling news, I continued to spend large chunks of my time with him, abandoning the search for a healthy relationship. It was not the steamy type of affair that is usually portrayed on Days of Our Lives, but something that became intensely emotionally dependent. It was an obvious problem that wasn’t obvious enough to me. I had myself convinced that if I asked him, he would leave his girlfriend in an instant for me. After all, I was the one he spent all his time with. But when that day came, I found I’d been sadly mistaken. Rejection hit me hard. Even so, my heartbreak morphed into a determination to make him my own. But, as with any secret, the entire thing eventually blew up and left me wondering, “Who am I?” I never would have associated myself with women who settle for being someone’s

Hannah Webster/ The Minaret

Beware the dangers of slipping into established relationships as a third party. The backlash that results from being crowned a home-wrecker isn’t worth going through.

“side dish.” It happened before I realized what I had become. “I think people become more attractive when they’re taken,” said freshman Kelicy Dennison on the appeal of going after someone committed. “They act differently when they are taken. They don’t come on to you or come up with cheesy pick-up lines, and that’s refreshing. There’s got to be a little bit of a chase.” Falling into the trap of becoming “the other woman” is easy. Climbing back out of it is not. Shows like Sex and the City and 90210 glamorize cheating. And, sure, even in real life it might seem fun and exciting, like fooling around it public, there is always the enticing risk of getting caught. Cheating creates an incomprehensible

amount of damage — to all parties involved. The trust and friendship behind a relationship will undoubtedly be destroyed. The girl or guy left on the sidelines usually ends up with the blame, especially in a female’s case. She will surely get a variety of new “nicknames.” Infidelity is a reality that many couples have to cope with, but few ever speak of the ones pushed to the side: the “home wreckers,” the “boyfriend stealers,” the “sluts.” Though I am hardly an expert on relationships and dealing with the aftermath of fixing one tainted by cheating, I can say from experience that finding yourself in a situation where you are blamed for problems is easy to slip into. Lies mixed with compliments are easy


to fall for. Just remember, his girlfriend probably isn’t a crazy b----, he probably doesn’t feel lonely in his relationship — he just wants what you have in addition to the comfort of his relationship. And what he wants from you more than likely hides underneath your clothes. The girls “on the side” usually end up with the blame anyway. The boyfriend will get yelled at initially, but it’s the girl who is remembered as the one who screwed it all up in the first place. Even though problems most likely already existed, every one of them will land on the “intruder’s” shoulders. Remember that whole double-standard thing? Yep, that’s still around. Even if the boy relentlessly chased and charmed his way into infidelity, the girl who fell under his influence will get twice as much hatred thrown her way. But what about the incidents where the boy really is seduced? Ladies, don’t be one of those girls. It’s easy to think, “It would be so simple to get him away from her.” Just try to remember what you would be thinking if someone had those thoughts about your boo. If you type the phrase, “Why do women go after taken men?” into a Google search, you’ll get a variety of responses. Half of them will be married women ranting about some secretary in her husband’s office trying to get into his trousers, some will be varying expert opinions and others will be sites for marriage counseling. Not a lot of them involve someone innocent getting sucked in by someone smarter. Just think before you jump into something, and remember that someone worth keeping won’t need more than you. Hannah Webster can be reached at



Top Foods at UT You Might Have Forgotten About By GREGORY J. PALADINO Commentary Contributor

The University of Tampa supposedly has 21 dining stations on-campus. It is easy for a student to be bewildered by the vast amount of dining options and forget about certain choices. Not to mention the semester is coming to a close and many students are becoming frantic in an attempt to dump their remaining Spartan dollars. Here are some options you might be forgetting about: Coffee Cakes at Einstein’s These have to be the most underrated items on campus. The coffee cakes are those scrumptious-looking pastries centered right in front of the line at Einstein’s, behind the glass. For some reason nobody seems to take the bait. Those of you who are bound to the meal exchange are missing out. The rest of us have the option to choose between blueberry and chocolate chip. I personally go with the chocolate chip, but I’m sure both are heavenly. Hold on. Before you run out to grab one of these coffee cakes, know that the essential last step in preparing the cake is to heat it up in the microwave for about 30 seconds. Einstein’s will ask whether you’d like them to do so and if your response is “no” you might as well have bought those bagel poppers, because you just wasted three Spartan dollars. Rathskeller Rathskeller is another underrated place to spend Spartan dollars. Between the short hours of 8 a.m. and 2 p.m. its eerie location does not get nearly enough

recognition among students. However, if you can manage to stop by within the 6hour window, you are in for a treat. Rathskeller offers subs with legitimate Boar’s Head meats for those who can no longer stomach the rubber ham that is served at the cafeteria. Coupled with freshly baked bread, you really can’t go wrong, no matter your sandwich preference. Although expensive, consider Rathskeller the next best thing to an oncampus Subway. Cookies at Jazzman’s Jazzman’s is not as useless as it seems. Besides coffee, they actually have some snacks that are worthy of spending your Spartan dollars on, especially their cookies. Jazzman’s cookies are enormous and baked daily. With the options of double chocolate, chocolate chip or oatmeal raisin, Jazzman’s proves a viable source to discard of your Spartan dollars and are available for meal exchange. Chicken Breast at Chick-Fil-a One of the hidden items at Chick-Fil-a is their grilled chicken breast sandwich. While many are aware that such an option exists, some are oblivious to the grilled chicken’s availability. It is not one of the “up for grab” items that people tend to flock towards. This is a great option for those who have already maxed out their Spartan card on grilled chicken at Grill 155, but do not want to succumb to greasy, fried food. It too is available for meal exchange. Big Texas at the Vending Machine The Big Texas is for the remaining poor who have spent all their Spartan dollars, yet are still hungry. Time to throw up the Hail

Minaret Archives/ The Minaret

Since the semester is coming to an end, one may be wondering where to spend their Spartan Dollars. Take a break from the popular spots, like the sushi bar in Stadium, and try something new.

Mary and head to the vending machine. The Big Texas is a perfect solution to Sunday night hunger when you find yourself broke and your friends would rather get three salads at the gourmet grocer than toss you a meal. In this situation, all you need to do is scrap up some quarters and head down to the vending machine located in your dorm. Look for the Big Texas. What you’ll find is a packaged cinnamon roll that is drizzled

with frosting. The cost used to be $.85 back in the day, but they recently jacked up the price to an even dollar. True to its name, this fat pastry will satisfy your hunger and most likely be the source of digestive issues later on. Regardless of the latter, the Big Texas ranks at the top of UT foods that you are probably forgetting about. Gregory J. Paladino can be reached at

UT’s Conduct Board WANTS YOU! Come by the VC 210 to pick up an application or go to the Student Conduct website ( and print off the “New Member Application!”

Contact Michael Gilmer at or 813-258-7228 for more information.

Important Selection Dates Applications Due - Friday, April 15, 2011 Interviews Begin Wednesday, April 20, 2011




Catcher Displays Great Work Ethic, Defensive Skills By TIM SHANAHAN Sports Writer

Mental strength, work ethic, intelligence; at 6’2”, backstop Adam Pendleton has always separated himself from peers in these three categories. The business major sophomore has had success on the baseball diamond. However, it didn’t start there. “As a kid, I looked up to my sister Erica,” said the sophomore. “Ever since I was in preschool, I saw she took education seriously. She was my role model.” Pendleton’s parents helped instill education values in him. They put the responsibility on him to make the decision

between education and other activities, including baseball. Pendleton responded by joining the National and Science Honor Societies. At an early age, he realized education and the classroom would always come first. “School needed to be my priority, and then baseball,” Pendelton said. “So many athletes have it backwards. If something doesn’t work out on the diamond, I have the education and work ethic to be successful in anything I desire.” Pendleton studies business. His sister studies accounting and his father is a business consultant. Pendleton enjoys the business world and would someday like to enter it. He would not mind getting

Andy Meng/Sports Information

In 22 games played, Pendelton maintains a .983 fielding percentage, the best by a UT catcher.

involved with sales of a company or a sports team. Pendleton has received multiple awards during his recent years. His most prestigious honors include the Scholar Athlete Award and Marine Corps Honor, Courage and Commitment Award. He was awarded the plaque at the state championship. One player from every team was awarded the honor, because of his success in the classroom, leadership abilities and his shining character. On the field, Pendleton has not had any significant setbacks thus far in his career. The most threatening injury was a hamstring pull back in AAU ball as a teen. “It was a psychological test to become injured,” he said. “One has to attempt to get healthy while not being able to participate.” Luckily for Pendleton, it was nothing too serious. The catcher said he takes care of his body more than most. “People don’t take their body seriously. Whether it’s diet, stretching or exercise, people are lazy or don’t realize the importance of what they are missing. I believe I put myself at an advantage because of the way I take care of myself.” Teammate Heath Pritchard commented on the catcher’s work ethic. “Adam always arrives early and is ready to get better,” Pritchard said. “He works real hard and it’s fun to watch.” This season, Pendleton has started off slow at the plate. He is batting .208 in 48 at bats. “I’m not being aggressive enough,” Pendelton stated. “I need to sometimes be more assertive instead of trying to get into a hitter’s count.”

He is starting to see the ball better of late, though. “My plan before I walk up to the plate is to hit the ball to right center. This helps keep me back and stay short to the baseball.” Defensively, Pendelton has soared behind the dish thus far this season. The Spartan catcher has made two errors on 109 chances this season. “I am just trying to work with our pitchers and stay on the same page with them. This increases the flow of the game and really helps the pitcher’s rhythm.” With Pendelton calling the shots behind the plate, along with fellow Spartan catch Mike Bourdon, UT pitchers have a team ERA of 4.32. The team currently owns a 24-9 record, and are 8-4 in conference play. They are currently fourth in the SSC standings, but Pendelton said the team can improve on that going deeper into the season. “Right now our team is doing well and we have the chance to get ahead in the conference if we remain focused on our goals as a team.” Pendleton models himself after certain athletes. Whether it’s Twins’ catcher Joe Mauer or a football player, he is looking for certain attributes to admire. “I look up to these athletes and their drive, motivation and work ethic. They are the best at what they do and there is a reason for that.” Pendleton continuously strives to succeed in his life by standing behind his strong morals and values. Tim Shanahan can be reached at

Baseball Fans Faithful to Fashion, Not Hometown Team By MILES PARKS Sports Writer

“Some people are collectors of hats, and some people are collectors of hats from their favorite team,” says Marco Lumpkin. “As long as the fashion keeps growing, that rivalry’s gonna stay the same.” Lumpkin is a manager at Lids in North Tampa, a store in University Mall that sells many types of hats, but most specifically, baseball hats. He says that there’s a large divide between people who love their team, and people who love the hats and colors of many teams. It’s a trend that has offended him a bit as a Cleveland native selling Indians’ hats for the colors, but not nearly as much as some others, he says. “Mainly, it’s the guys who take it very seriously. It’s the people who really love the game,” Lumpkin says. “They take it to a whole new level.” University of Tampa sophomore Lee Guilder can be considered one of those guys. A lifelong Yankees fan, the New York native says this trend is “ridiculous.” “Why wear a certain hat if you have no affiliation with the team?” Guilder says. “The flat rimmed hat, wearing it backwards, doesn’t make you ‘the man,’ it makes you look stupid.” Whether the trend is fair or foul is yet to be decided. Artists and pop culture sensations such as Lil’ Wayne and Usher are often seen sporting baseball hats that match their outfits, so it’s not surprising the masses are attracted to the fashion. In it’s original intent, the cap is a part of a baseball uniform, as integral as a helmet

to a football player or high socks to a soccer star. It is not simply an accessory. In a 2010 commercial promoting New Era Caps, Evan Longoria goes through some ridiculous trials and tribulations to recover his hat. The Tampa Bay Rays’ star third baseman steals a bike, rides a jet-ski, and jumps out of a helicopter in an effort to find it. It might be sacred to some, but to others, it’s really not so serious. Myles Liebel, 19, owns close to 20 MLB hats, he says. He touts a blue Kansas City Royals headpiece today. He’s a baseball fan, but doesn’t understand why people are getting so worked up. He gets a lot of conversation based on his headwear and he doesn’t really mind. Miles Parks/The Minaret “I get questions all the time, because UT student Ryan Mussina’s MLB hat collection. It’s doubtful that he’s a fan of all eight teams. I’m wearing all different teams. I have a Blue Jays hat, so they want to know if I’m from Toronto,” Liebel says. “I enjoy the them and why, it seems obvious that this Bhola likened the wearing of another attention I guess.” must be a must-have clothing touch; an team’s hat to someone wearing cowboy Mike Liebach, 21, sports a Cardinals accessory really worth fighting for. boots. It’s a lot more acceptable when hat. He says that he owns Minnesota and Sachin Bhola, fashion editor for you’re actually from the Midwest, he says. Pittsburgh caps, but he has to draw the line, isn’t sold. The cap won’t and But for every argument against them, somewhere. can’t be influential in fashion on it’s own, there’s one more University of Tampa “I’m from St. Louis,” Liebach says. “I he says, as it’s been ruined by typically young man, born and raised in Rhode would never buy a Cubs hat.” being associated with a cover-up for a bad- Island, strolling through campus flaunting The St. Louis Cardinals and the Chicago hair day. his red Anaheim Angels crown. Cubs have a long standing rivalry and play He says the hat’s got a bad reputation The white T-shirt and baseball hat in the same division, the N.L. Central. A but then goes even further, giving the fashion duet that reigns supreme here may few Red Sox fans said they would never hometown faithful hat bearers some good continue to grow and prosper. Just don’t buy a Yankees hat, and Yankees fans news. expect the baseball purists to be on board. echoed reversely. “As for the casual wearer who puts on “Stick with one team and wear the team It’s almost as if they care enough to not a city’s sports logo for looks, I think he’s hat that you support,” Lee Guilder added. insult the hat, but not enough to wear it either testing the trend out or is a bit of a “Or get lost.” exclusively. poser,” Bhola said in an e-mail. “Your style Miles Parks can be reached at mparks@ For all the debate on who’s wearing is more admirable when it’s authentic.”



UConn Huskies Leave Houston NCAA Champions By MICHAEL PAONESSA Sports Writer

A champion has been crowned in men’s college basketball and this time the trophy is going back to Storrs, Ct. The top dog to take the honors in this year’s 2011 Men’s College Basketball Championships is the Connecticut Huskies, who won the tourney on Monday night in Houston. UConn, winners of their last 10 games, came into the national championship facing the Butler Bulldogs, the Horizon League champions, a team that was rocking the Cinderella slipper once again. After falling short in the national championship game

in their magical 2009-2010 season, the Huskies found themselves looking into the eyes of Butler, knowing it was going to be a Husky vs. Bulldog fight for all the marbles. UConn, who has not lost a game since March 5, came out flat, missing shots that the Husky squad is usually known to convert on. Fortunately for UConn, their slow start seemed contagious, as Butler struggled out of the gates as well. Butler and UConn combined for a total of 41 first-half points, which was the lowest mark for points in a title game since the 1940s. The two teams shot a combined 15-65 through the first 20 minutes of the game. Butler took a three-point lead into halftime despite shooting 5-15 from threepoint land. The second half could be described in two words – all UConn. Butler missed their first 23 out of 25 shots in the second half while junior guard Kemba Walker and freshman guard Jeremy Lamb took the game over for UConn. Lamb, who tallied only two points in the first half, scored 10 points in the second half to switch the momentum back to UConn. They never let that momentum go. Strong rebounding and a strong inside presence by sophomore center Alex Oriakhi

helped UConn contain Butler standout Matt Howard to a dismal 1-13 showing. When the buzzer rang, one thing was certain: the University of Connecticut Huskies were 2010-2011 Men’s College Basketball National Champions. The title is the third ever for the program, making Hall of Fame coach Jim Calhoun, 68, the oldest coach to win a national championship. Calhoun, a three-time survivor of cancer, went through a rocky and emotional season. His sister-in-law passed away in late 2010 and he also faced NCAA violations against him, but Calhoun never seemed to lose his concentration. UConn has won the national title in 1999, 2004 and now 2011. Despite an ugly shooting game for the Huskies, who only shot 34-percent in this year’s title game, the fans, players and coaches can now celebrate another championship trophy back in Storrs, Ct. As the UConn campus celebrates the team’s victory, UConn will most likely lose Kemba Walker to the NBA Draft next season. It is assumed that Walker will leave the team for the NBA, but he will be leaving college basketball in impressive fashion. The leader of this year’s squad and championship team has to go to Walker. Walker, who won the Bob Cousy Award earlier this week, honoring the nation’s

best point guard, put the team on his back throughout the entire season. UConn had seven freshmen on their team this season, and three of the freshman started regularly. In a sport where experience matters, Walker turned up his game and averaged 23.5 PPG and notched 30 points in a game 10 times. With will and determination, the Husky squad followed his lead. They won their conference championship, winning five games in five days, and then came to Houston and won six straight games in the NCAA Tournament to win the national title. Along with the loss of Walker to the NBA Draft, the team will also have to deal with losing guard Donnell Beverly and Charles Okwandu to graduation. Still, with an expected return of the rest of their players in 2011-2012, UConn looks to be heading in the right direction. The squad will be returning four of their five starters and a bench who have all now won a national championship and know what it takes to get there and win it all again. As the Huskies leave Houston, they can take off saying “Houston, we have no problems.” Michael Paonessa can be reached at

Opening Weekend Comes With Surprises for Some Clubs By JOE BEAUDOIN Sports Writer

The first weekend of Major League Baseball was full of many surprises. If the MLB season were to end today, then Baltimore, Kansas City and Texas would come out of the American League and Philadelphia, Cincinnati and San Diego or Los Angeles (depending on who wins the playoff game) would represent the National League in the Playoffs. There are multiple teams tied for the wildcard at 2-1 in both leagues which makes it completely impossible to say who would win it all in my example, so I am just going to ignore it. But that is why they play the full 162 games. The biggest surprise from last weekend was the Red Sox starting 0-3. Red Sox nation is in an uproar and all of the “experts” that picked Boston as the 2011 World Series champions are trying to cover their backs. The major reason for Boston’s early struggles is that they could not do anything right this weekend. They were out hit, out pitched and played terrible defense during their weekend series against the Rangers. Carl Crawford, one of Boston’s key offseason acquisitions did not have a hit in the first two games and was moved from batting third in the lineup to seventh. The only bright spot in their lineup was David Ortiz, who hit two homeruns and had four runs batted in. The pitching staff did not do any better. As a whole, they allowed 11 homeruns

Talk of the Town Professional Sporting Events in the Region

and had a combined ERA of 9.75, which was last in the MLB. John Lackey pitched the worst, allowing nine runs in only 3.2 innings in his start on Saturday. Red Sox fans are already calling for change. It is only the first week of the season and there is still a lot of baseball left to play. Boston fans should instead focus their worries on the injured Shaquille O’Neil and struggling Boston Celtics who are limping into the playoffs. Another team that struggled was the Milwaukee Brewers. They are also a team that some have chosen, such as one of our sports writers, Tim Shanahan, to go all the way this year. They were swept this weekend and the pitching staff gave up a total of 23 runs. They are definitely looking forward to the return of Zach Greinke. Since opening day is one of the best times of the year, let’s leave the negatives and focus on some positive surprises from this past weekend. The Rangers’ supremacy was shown by how they man-handled the Red Sox. Many people forget that this team represented the American League in the World Series last year and if their offense can continue being this dominant, then they may be back again. Another surprise was how the Orioles swept Tampa Bay. Baltimore’s young pitching staff only allowed three runs and Brian Roberts led the way offensively with five RBIs. The Orioles already have one more win than they did in the first 18 games of last season when they went 2-16. The Rays played very poorly and only had seven hits in the whole series but on

Keith Allison/

Roberts is off to a great start this season, helping the O’s sweep the Rays on opening weekend.

the bright side, Manny Ramirez looked great in the new uniform. I wish I could say the same about Johnny Damon. Another team that played well was the Kansas City Royals. They took three out of four against the Angels. They belted out six homeruns and scored 20 runs in the four game series. They have a very young team, and will be fun to watch as the season progresses. So what has the first five days of baseball taught me? Absolutely nothing. I find it funny that people look so deep into this first weekend. There is no way that the Red Sox are going 0-162 and if the Orioles

win 162 games, I will burn every single Red Sox jersey that I own and by a Buck Showalter jersey. This, my friends, is the beauty of baseball. On any day, any team can win and predictions are worthless. How many people picked San Francisco to beat Texas in the World Series last year? None. Except for that librarian in the middle of nowhere who picks based on letters in the team name. Editor’s note: Statistics are accurate as of Monday, April 4. Joe Beaudoin can be reached at




The Evan Longoria-less Rays are looking to get some offense going after a dismal start to 2011. They’ll go on the road to face the White Sox in a series starting Thursday, April 7 at 2 p.m.

The playoffs are in sight for both the Orlando Magic and Chicago Bulls. Orlando will play host to the conferenceleading Bulls on Sunday, April 10. Tipoff is set for 1 p.m.

Tampa Bay has been on a streak as of late, and the fourth seed in the Eastern Conference is still in reach. The Panthers will be in town to face the Lightning on Friday, April 8 at 7:30 p.m.



UT Infielder Leads Team in Stolen Bases

By APRIL WEINER Sports Writer

University of Tampa softball third baseman Susan Jallo has started every game for the Spartans in her three-year college career. Jallo, who is from Dunedin, chose to play softball at UT because of its close proximity to home and it seemed like a good fit. “I was at a recruitment tournament and just committed. It was a spur of the moment kind of thing,” Jallo said. Now in her junior year, Jallo has started every game during her career at UT. Starting that many games in the field and in the lineup without taking days off involves endurance and stamina; it also involves playing through pain.

“I just try to work hard and work out a lot. [I try to] stay healthy on my own. If I’m hurt I’ll just keep going,” Jallo said. Her teammate, shortstop Julie Wisniewski, confirmed that point. “She plays through a lot of pain,” Wisniewski said. “She’s a really intense person.” Jallo has always produced for the Spartans. Her first year, she had eight stolen bases. Her sophomore season, she posted a .257 batting average and led the team in stolen bases, with 14. She has improved even more this year. Currently, Jallo maintains a .315 batting average, with 17 stolen bases. Clearly, stealing bases is Jallo’s strong suit. “I love running,” she said. “I’m quick so I like it because I know I can get there.

Samantha Battersby/The Minaret

Junior Susan Jallo being announced in the starting lineup and welcomed by her teammates. Jallo has started every game for UT in her collegiate career, all of those starts coming at third base.

Every time I see a bobble, a change-up, or something on the ground, I just take off.” It’s no surprise that Jallo is having such a great season; all of her accomplishments were part of her objectives for the season. “[Stolen bases is] one of my goals. [Other goals are] batting over .300 all year and having my stolen bases up as high as possible,” Jallo said. As for her hitting, she said that it’s all about practice. “I bat [at practice] every day, then I practice with a batting instructor and practice on my own. I’m working a lot harder than last year I guess.” It’s paying off. Jallo is second on the team with multi-hit games, at nine. She is first on the team with multi-RBI games, with eight. Along with Jallo’s personal success, the team as a whole is having success too. “I’ve been here since I was a freshman and I think this is the best year so far,” Jallo said. “Our line-up, one through nine, is just phenomenal. There really isn’t a weak spot.” It’s also about chemistry among teammates. “We work really well together. We all know we’re good this year so we’re trying our hardest to just win,” Jallo said. As for the rest of the year, it’s about maintaining the success for Jallo and for the team as a whole. “I want to keep my batting average above .300, I want my stolen bases to be over 30 if possible, and I want my errors to stay under 10,” Jallo said, who currently has committed six errors. “Team-wise, I just want to win. I want to come out first in our conference.” April Weiner can be reached at april.


JV Players Impacting Varsity Team [From Back, Baseball]

“It’s a luxury that we have that program,” the coach said. “A lot of universities do not. This is a way for guys that normally wouldn’t make the team to continue playing through college. “There are always injuries, always things that come up that might allow them to get the big opportunity eventually. They could play for two, three, four years and one day find themselves on that varsity team reaching the goal they’ve wanted to. It motivates them to continue to produce on that JV team.” The success of the UT baseball team does not just rely on its starting lineup; it relies on the entire roster. Without the power of the strong foundation the UT baseball team can pride itself on, it may not go as far as it desires. Militello backed up this belief when he said, “I truly believe that you’re only good as your depth, and if you don’t have any depth on your squad, you’re not going to win many championships.” With a roster consisting of 32 dominant athletes and an additional JV team, the Spartans shouldn’t have to worry about that. The team will host Rollins College for a three-game series beginning on Friday, April 8 at 6 p.m. Maya Todd can be reached at

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MLB Fashion Alert [17]



NCAA Champs [18]

Roster Depth Playing a Key Role in Spartan Success By MAYA TODD Sports Writer

There are nine spots in a typical baseball lineup; ten if you include the designated hitter, which are competed for on a daily basis. A casual observer of the sport may consider those ten spots the most important players on the team – the only players that will provide a chance at winning the game. In many cases, that assumption is false. Although there is talent coming from the players included in the starting lineup, there is talent coming off the bench as well; talent that is often overlooked. The 2011 University of Tampa baseball team has greatly relied on its extended roster aside from those who crack the starting lineup on a regular basis. UT has a number of players that may not get in the game every day, but are critical to the foundation and success of the team. These players may be recruits that haven’t seen a lot of playing time or walk-ons brought up from the JV squad – either way, their presence on the team is essential to victory. Assistant Head Coach Sam Militello mentioned that players including Zach Gawrych and Connor Obrochta “may not have had a lot of experience, but have now taken up some bigger roles.” Pitchers Tim Kiley and Josh Thrailkill’s roles “were not defined in the beginning of the year,” but now they seem to continually find themselves in the game. Heath Pritchard, former JV veteran of three years, has recently been called

up to the varsity team. He explained the importance of having extra players, especially in dire situations. “Right now we are suffering a lot of injuries, so everyone is getting their chances on the field, and some are even playing positions that aren’t even their primary positions,” Militello said. “Our team is a family, and everyone is willing to help out on the field or off the field in any way possible.” Injuries have hurt the UT team this year to a great extent, and while these injuries are certainly not desirable, they do make it more likely for different players to get in the game and show the coaches their capabilities, as well. Although nonstarters and walk-ons have the skills and abilities necessary to make the team, their positions on the team are not always definite. “Players just like myself still know that it’s not a guaranteed spot so we have to make our best impressions and we have to continue to have that hunger to succeed, and that drive gives off a positive attitude,” Pritchard said. In baseball, a positive attitude is more than required. When members of the Spartan squad of any background – scholarship, nonscholarship, walk-ons, etc. – are lacking in confidence, they certainly have someone to turn to guide them through. Pritchard mentioned the two members of the team that are there to encourage the squad through rougher times. “Our captains Pat Donahue and Daniel

Andy Meng/Sports Information

Freshman Connor Obrochta is one of the many Spartans who have contributed in the lineup this season. In 22 appearances, Obrochta is batting .390 with a .450 OBP.

Foltz – two guys that we both look up to that can motivate us but at the same time; they lead us.” Militello talked about the opportunities that the younger and JV players receive during a game and how the decision is made. “Competition doesn’t dictate it,” Militello said. “It’s a matter of going with

guys that are hot at the time and getting them their at bats to get them ready for the big conference weekends. It keeps guys sharp and prepared for when we need them.” Militello also spoke about the importance of UT having a JV program. [See Baseball, 19]

Facing Obstacles, Tennis Looks to Improve in the Long-Run By MILES PARKS Sports Writer

Four and twelve. That’s the University of Tampa women’s tennis record this season. On paper it might not look too impressive, but for a team that won just three games a year ago, it’s a step in the right direction. Al DuFaux, who has been coaching the women’s tennis squad since 2000, came to UT from Gaither High School. He speaks clearly and comfortably, not overbearing but confident in himself and his tennis. Coach DuFaux said that although his team has run into some problems and injuries, they have had some success, and it’s been noticed on the national level. UT is currently ranked 40th in Division II tennis. “We’ve had a better season this year than last,” said DuFaux. “Anytime you’re ranked nationally, you can’t argue with that.” The Spartan women are playing under some tough circumstances as of late, though. Lauren Hewett, normally slotted as their number one player, has been off the court for over five weeks due to a sprained ankle. Leslie Raymond, the former number two, has stepped in nicely in her absence. Voted District and Regional Player of the Year at Barron Collier High School, Raymond, a freshman, is an important piece to the future of UT tennis. She has won five matches this year, tied for the team lead. Raymond is a key component to a squad that is, if nothing else, young. The Spartan women sport five freshmen on their roster this year.

Samantha Battersby/The Minaret

5’6’’ Kathleen Beckham is one of five freshman on this year’s UT tennis team.

She said that her experience on the team has helped shape the beginning of her college career in many ways. “It’s been a huge part of my freshman year. I’m so close to every one of the girls, my roommate [Amber Fahrner] is on the team and we’ve become best friends,” said Raymond. “They’re like my family now.” Coach DuFaux expressed this sentiment, saying that the team’s biggest strength is their “camaraderie and team spirit.” As young as the women are, it’s important to have a strong foundation and core off which to build. The women must grow individually, but more importantly, as a team.

It’s exciting to watch them play this year, but with only a few upperclassmen, the next two to three years should be a very interesting time for a UT tennis program that last made the NCAA Tournament in 2006. “Over half the team is brand new to college tennis,” said Coach DuFaux. “So you gain a year’s experience and that means a lot.” But playing in the Sunshine State Conference doesn’t help one bit. Although the team has won four games this year, they remain 0-6 against SSC opponents. Coach DuFaux says that the conference is “one of the toughest tennis

conferences in the country,” and the stats back it up. Four of the top 11 spots in the Division II Intercollegiate Tennis Association rankings, were filled by SSC schools as of March 29. Lynn University, in Boca Raton, boasts a 19-1 record this season and made an appearance in the NCAA Division II women’s tennis Final Four last year. Barry University, in Miami Shores, made it to the Elite Eight. Although they’re making progress outside of conference with wins against Bentley University and Ohio Northern, UT still faces it’s toughest battles in state. With a young team sprouting around her, there still remains one senior left on this squad. Lisa Montgomery has played tennis since she was seven, including all four years she’s attended UT. Montgomery hopes to become a physician’s assistant after she graduates, and she says her sport is a big part of her success in all aspects of her life. “It’s basically shaped my entire college experience,” she said. “It’s not just about the game of tennis. It’s about life skills.” Mongomery said that she thinks the team is going to be vastly improved by next year and the year after especially. When asked about how it feels to leave the team, she gives a glum smile. “It’s sad, it’s bittersweet,” said Montgomery. “Tennis has been such a big part of my life in college and I really loved it. It was a great experience.” Miles Parks can be reached at mparks@

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Vol. 77 No.25

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