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Incoming Provost David Stern speaks about campus visit and what he aims to bring to UT starting in April


News and Features Editor

After flying into Tampa last November, the night before his first interview for the provost position, David Stern crossed the Kennedy Bridge and walked around campus. “I was struck by the remarkable campus,” Stern said, “combining a location right in a major urban center, a gorgeous natural setting on the park and the river and the beauty of the campus environment itself. I was also struck by the liveliness on campus, which conveyed to me that UT is a vibrant residential campus.” The next morning, Stern had his “airport interview,” meeting briefly with the search committee and then university president Ronald Vaughn. Later, President Vaughn invited Stern-most recently a high-level administrator at Minnesota’s Hamline University-- back to the school. As one of the four finalists, he took part in two days of interviews with faculty,

students, staff and members of the board. “I was excited to be one of the finalists, and my time on campus convinced me that UT would be a good fit for me,” he said. “Of course, the decision whether I was a gwood fit for UT had to be determined by members of the UT community.” After engaging in several extended conversations with President Vaughn after the campus interview, Stern received an offer to be the university’s next provost on Dec. 18. After finalizing details, he officially accepted the president’s offer on Dec. 21. The position of provost is currently held by Janet McNew. Stern will take over for her in April. His official position title: provost and vice president for academic affairs. His responsibilities include oversight of numerous university offices, programs and the four main colleges-- the College of Arts and Letters (CAL), the College

of Natural and Health Sciences (CNHS), the College of Social Sciences, Mathematics and Education (CSSME) and the John H. Sykes College of Business. Stern is not concerned about the many and varied responsibilities he will be undertaking, in part because of his experience at Hamline. He served from 2006 to 2012 as vice president for academic and student affairs at the St. Paul, Minn., liberal arts school. “At Hamline, the dean of students is the senior student affairs officer, and he reported to me as vice president,” he said. “At UT, the organizational structure is different, though I expect that academic affairs and student affairs will collaborate closely in working to ensure that the student experience at UT is a rich and fulfilling one.” Stern is eager to settle into the provost position, confident he will bring a variety of skill sets and experiences to the job

Photo Coutesy of David Stern will relieve Janet McNew as the new provost starting April 2013.

and school. “I will bring to UT a dedication to high academic standards, a commitment to an educational experience that prepares students for success beyond the academy and a belief in the combination of liberal education and professional preparation that characterizes the

most salient universities today,” he said. “None of these things are new to UT, of course, but it is my hope and expectation that we can make demonstrable advances in all of them while I am provost.” Mia Glatter can be reached at Mia.Glatter@theminaretonline. com.

SG Approves Amendment to Change Election Process By JOSHUA NAPIER


The UT Student Government senators voted to revise their constitutional bylaws on Tuesday in an amendment that restricts students from running for the office of president or vice president if they have not previously held a SG position. Shelby Santos, chief of the Judicial Advisory Board, presented the amendment before the senate on Feb. 12, which stated, “For the President and Vice President and Vice President positions, one of the candidates must have previously held a Student Government

In Other News...

position. Standing as a Student have the benefit of experience Rutkovitz said the amendment Government representative for when coming into office,” SG will benefit future SG staffs by your organization does not suffice President Matt Rutkovitz said. preventing potential issues that this requirement.” “Knowing the organization would arise if someone unfamiliar The SG Senate with their procedures revisited the amendment were elected president. on Tuesday to determine Rutkovitz described the if the revision would situation of his 2012 “The purpose of this amendment take effect immediately running partner Alison is to ensure that at least one or after the spring McKay’s resignation member on the presidential ticket election cycle. In a nine once they were elected will have the benefit of experience to three vote with three and how his knowledge when coming into office.” members abstaining, of SG policy helped him the Senate voted to determine a course of - Matt Rutkovitz, SG President immediately uphold the action when he began amendment. looking for a new VP. “The purpose of “Change isn’t this amendment is to ensure and basic operations of Student always easy, but sometimes that at least one member on Government is invaluable during it’s for the best,” Rutkovitz the presidential ticket will the transition period.” said. “To be the best Student

2 Howard Johnson Shuttle Involved In Accident; Students Injured 7 Spring Dance Concert Soars To New Heights



Government leader, you need to have that Student Government experience.” Although the revision to the bylaws prohibits many students from running for the office of president or vice president, the requirement to campaign isn’t restricted to current officers. Rutkovitz explained that anyone who has held an official position with UT’s SG during his or her college career is eligible, regardless of the amount of time spent in that role. For those eligible, election packets are due to the SG office March 19 by 5 p.m. Joshua Napier can be reached at joshua.napier@

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Shooting Outside Popular Student Apartments By KIRBY JAY

News Writer

Some University of Tampa students living off campus are wary in the wake of a shooting last week outside the Vintage Lofts at West End apartment complex. On Sunday, Feb. 10, two armed suspects robbed a 29-year-old Domino’s Pizza delivery driver and shot him in the stomach, according to ABC News. Detectives are still investigating the incident. The driver is in stable condition. “I was very surprised,” said sophomore management major Lindsey Lamb, who was in her Vintage Lofts apartment when she heard the gunshot. “I knew that South Tampa wasn’t the safest area. However, I never expected such a dangerous situation to occur in such close proximity to where I live.” Mitch Nostrand, a junior accounting major who has lived at the Lofts for almost two years, was also in his apartment at the time of the shooting. He did not hear the shot, but received a text from a neighbor informing him of the incident. He then saw the street visible outside his window “swarmed with cops blocking off the scene.” This is not the first crime that has occurred since Nostrand became a Vintage Lofts resident. Nostrand and his roommate had their locks cut from their bikes and stolen from the first floor of the Lofts parking garage during Nostrand’s first year living there. “I now keep my bicycle in my room,” he said. Nostrand also spoke of another occasion when storage units at the apartment complex were broken into. “I was able to talk to one of the guys

who lost some valuables and he said thousands of dollars worth of signed baseballs were stolen,” he said. Additional security cameras were installed within the complex after this incident. Nostrand said the incident will not change his The Minaret/Samantha Battersby daily routine, The Vintage Lofts apartment was the site of a shooting last week. The but he will apartments house many students who live off campus. refrain from according to Linda Devine, Vice walking alone in the South Tampa area President for Operations and Planning at again. “I have walked back from South UT, including bus, carpool, cab, bicycle Howard and other places before,” he and by foot. said. “Now I realize that probably was “I think that [transportation safety] not the best idea.” depends on the person’s situation, taking Although it has been shocking, the into account the distance and time of safety hazard has not stirred up as big of day,” said Devine. The recent robberies an issue in other areas of Tampa. near campus have occurred mainly at Chelsea Spruance, a sophomore night. psychology major who resides in Devine also recommended the use the Madison at SOHO apartments in of the university website for students downtown Tampa, said the shooting has looking to live off campus. The not affected her off campus living. “This Residence Life page offers information is mostly because I live at Madison about off campus housing and provides at SOHO, which has a much more a link to the Tampa Police Department’s heavily trafficked and upper-class area crime activity map. surrounding it compared to the area “We all want the same end—a safe surrounding the lofts,” she said. campus and community,” said Devine. Spruance has a car and drives to Kirby Jay can be reached at Kirby. and from campus. Separate students employ various means of transportation,

Howard Johnson Shuttle Involved In Accident; Students Injured By STEF CROCCO

News Writer

A group of University of Tampa students were injured in a traffic accident Monday, Feb. 11, while riding a shuttle bus from the UT campus to the Howard Johnson Hotel. A minivan ran a red light around 12:30 p.m. on Feb. 11, at the intersection of North Boulevard and Cass Street, hitting the right side of the Howard Johnson shuttle bus, according to freshman Carly Miller. “I was reviewing my notes, not paying attention to the road,” said Miller, “until the shuttle driver yelled and then I looked up and saw a minivan hit the right side of the shuttle.” Miller, a biology and psychology major at UT, hit the seat in front of her and received bruises and a minor abrasion on her knee. There were seven other students on the shuttle who received minor cuts as well. One student was taken to the hospital with a possible concussion. Miller said Amanda Adas, a residence life area coordinator who oversees the Howard Johnson, called the students the next day to check on them. Adas was not immediately available for comment. Krystal Schofield, associate dean of residence life and student affairs, confirmed there was an accident involving the Howard Johnson shuttle bus and another vehicle. No other comments have been made about the accident from the university.

Melanie Ritter, a freshman sociology major and former Howard Johnson resident, was not on the shuttle bus at the time of the accident. She is happy she no longer has to ride it. “Moving out of the HoJo was one of the best parts of my second semester so far,” said Ritter. “No more crammed shuttles.” Every year, the university rents several floors of the Howard Johnson on 111 W Fortune Street. Rooms are set aside mainly for freshmen due to the lack of space in campus residence halls. The Howard Johnson is a mile away from campus, but students are

provided with complimentary shuttles to and from campus. They run roughly every 45 minutes. According to what Miller could see at the time, the minivan was crushed, while the Howard Johnson shuttle sported minimal damage. “The accident has made me hesitant about all car rides in general,” said Miller. “I find the shuttle drivers to be very cautious and I trust them, but accidents can happen regardless of how careful people are.” Stef Crocco can be reached at

The Minaret/Taylor Sanger

A Howard Johnson shuttle was involved in an accident, sending one student to the hospital.




New Sorority to Join Panhellenic Community By MIA GLATTER AND YASI SHERBAF

News Editor and Asst. News Editor

A new sorority is coming to the University of Tampa. The Panhellenic General Assembly will meet to decide which sorority will be chosen after the organizations pitch presentations on why they would be a good-fit for campus. There are eight sororities under consideration to join UT. These organizations have already submitted extension applications and are now being reviewed by the Panhellenic General Assembly. These sororities include Alpha Delta Pi, Alpha Omicron Pi, Delta Phi Epsilon, Kappa Delta, Kappa Kappa Gamma, Phi Mu, Pi Beta Phi and Sigma Kappa. “The College Panhellenic Association had a unanimous vote in the fall 2012 general assembly to open for extension,” said Brent A. Grunig, coordinator of Fraternity & Sorority Life, Leadership Engagement Team. This decision was based on a report that showed an increase in the number of women Panhellenic recruits over the past five years. The report also indicated an increase in the number of girls each organization must take, following formal recruitment; that current quota is set at 58 new members. Average chapter size increased to approximately 125 members. Grunig said expansion is the key to accommodating the increase in girls interested in greek life. “With the continued demand for membership and

unfortunately the limitations on space to hold organizations of this size, the only way to grow the Panhellenic community is to add an additional organization,” Grunig said. This growth will come from a very detailed and in-depth process carried out by the Panhellenic community. Twenty-six sorority organizations were notified

chosen will be invited to campus for presentations in March and April and given instant feedback from The University of Tampa. This way, the selection process will be efficient and effective in choosing the new sorority. Member of sororities already established on campus have mixed

kelllaxt; varvel76; west_gate623; caseyjol6; danderson08; jlc5047; minivan001; irishdubs/

The possible candidates to join the University of Tampa as part of the Panhellenic community.

of UTs plans for extension of the Greek community, followed by many meetings of interested organizations. Applications for the new sorority are currently in review and were due Feb. 15. The three final organizations

feelings about the expansion of the Greek community. “I personally don’t like [the expansion] because our sorority is still the newest and we haven’t fully redeemed ourselves, but expanding

the Greek life here will be a good thing I think,” said Kappa Alpha Theta member Valentina Castaldo. “I’m really excited for a new sorority to come on campus,” said Rae Lurie, a junior Delta Zeta member. “There is a lot of interest in Greek life, and if we didn’t bring more options, than a lot of girls wouldn’t be able to get bids because there’s just not enough available spaces for future sisters.” The Panhellenic community hopes the addition of one more sorority will be the chance for more young women to create a lasting legacy on campus with the opportunity of starting a new chapter. “I think adding another sorority/women’s fraternity to the College Panhellenic Association community is truly an exciting time for our entire Greek community,” said Grunig. The addition will increase the total Panhellenic membership by 100 women, while adding more programming and education to campus, increase leadership availability for young women on UT campus. “For women who have gone through recruitment in previous years and did not find her ‘fit’ this organization could possibly be the fit that was missing,” said Grunig. Mia Glatter can be reached at Mia. Yasi Sherbaf can be reached at Yasi.

From the Feb. 11 to Feb. 17 reports

Student Government met on Tuesday, Feb. 21, 2013 in Reeves Theater Every Breath You Take...I’ll Be Watching You On Feb. 15, two students reported being approached by two individuals in a car, at two separate locations, on campus, by the Vaughn Center.

Pay Back Time On Feb. 16, a student did damage to another student’s property in the Vaughn dormitory.

Nobody Puts Baby On The Floor On Feb. 16 at around 7:30 p.m., a female student reported feeling ill after hitting her head on the dance floor in Bailey Arts Building.

Fake It ‘Til You Make It On Feb. 17, a student was referred to the Office of Student Conduct for possession of a fraudulent driver’s license.

There is a Relay for Life captains meeting this Thursday at 8 p.m. in the Brevard Community room.

There is a raffle being held Tuesday at 8 p.m. in Brevard Community room for a tour of the new dormitory.

The Spring Leadership Retreat will be held on March 25. Sign up for it by Feb. 22.

The First Rule of Fight Club... On Feb. 16 at 3:10 a.m., several students were observed in a physical altercation.

Reports compiled by Yasi Sherbaf

Leadership Awards Night will be held on April 16 on the ninth floor of Vaughn.



Stadium Renamed To Frank And Carol Morsani Hall Residence hall bears name of generous UT donors

of whomever Morsani Hall,” said sophomore performing arts major, News Writer Jeff Dyal. “[The name change] does President Vaughn announced via not bother me, I just refuse to call it global email that Stadium has been anything else than Stadium because renamed to Frank and Carol Morsani that is how it was when I came here.” Hall. Philanthropists’ Frank and Carol “I understand that the school has to Morsani, according to the email, made change the name of the building due a multi-million dollar donation to UT. to the generous donation made for the For current students however, it’s building,” says senior advertising and still a habit to call the dining and public relations major Adam Gomes. residence hall Stadium. “So it’s only courteous to name the “I prefer Stadium, because it building after them. Do I still call sounds better…even though we’ll call Stadium, Stadium? Yes. I lived in that it Morsani Hall now, it doesn’t fit in building for two years and I’ve been my opinion,” says junior music major calling it Stadium since 2009.” Markus Zakaria. Junior education major Kaylee Students say that it’s just a forceNonnemacher works in the Admissions of-habit to call the building Stadium. Office and forgets to call Stadium “It’s easier to say Stadium instead by its new name on campus tours. “I gave a tour the other day and kept calling it Stadium and didn’t remember to correct myself and apologize to my group for saying the wrong thing until I was leaving,” said Nonnemacher. “But as soon as I get used to that I’m sure that’s the only time I’ll really ever call it Morsani because in my opinion, it will always be Stadium.” The Minaret/ Samantha Battersby Some students The Morsani’s also have the main theater of the Straz Performing Arts By VICKY CIRELLO

Center named after them

The Minaret/Samantha Battersby Stadium Center was remaned after a donation was made by Frank and Carol Morsani Hall.

wonder why Resident Hall 7 didn’t take the name Morsani. “I know a lot of people were asking why the new building didn’t just get named Morsani Hall, says Nonnemaker, “but if what I’ve heard is correct, it would take a $10 million donation to get your name on that one so the Morsanis may have donated a few million, but it might not have been enough so they just took Stadium instead since every other building already has a donor name on it.” Incoming freshmen will know the

building only as Morsani Hall, but for current students, it seems that the name Stadium will stick. Other major buildings in the Tampa Bay area, such as a theater- in the Straz Center for Performing Arts, the University of South Florida College of Medicine and an exhibition hall at the Salvador Dali museum have been named after the Morsanis. Vicky Cirello can be reached at



New Program To Help Get Students A Step Ahead


Struggling and thriving students alike to benefit from new Step Up program By MARK SUGDEN

News Writer

Starting this summer, The Academic Center for Excellence will be featuring a new program called Step Up. “The step up program is in the name itself. It’s kind of a step up or a boost for those students who really want to get their academic careers on track,” said Janice Law, director for ACE and the Step Up program. Law, Dr. Gary Simon, Lorie Kittendorf, Dr. Joseph Sclafani, and Dr. Donald Morrill along with the collaborating efforts of the Academic Advising Office, ACE, the Baccalaureate Office, and the Office of Student Success created the Step Up Program. “We came together because we knew there was a need for this,” Law said. “We’re seeing students that worked had GPA dropping or coming in as freshman and not doing as well as the thought they were going to do and there are a lot of different reasons that go into that.” “It rarely has anything to do with intelligence. We know that the students are smart enough to do the level of work here or they wouldn’t be here to begin with,” Law said. So there are a lot of other things that students sometimes are going through or need some skill building help with that they didn’t learn when they

were in high school that they weren’t prepared for.” “I think the program is a valuable resource for students who choose to take advantage of it,” Simon said. “STEP UP carefully integrates personal and academic skill development with each student’s chosen course of study.”


“We can’t allow self registration because it’s not for students who want an extra three credits, it’s geared towards students who really want this extra assistance,” Law says. “There are two types of students – one that has a below 2.0 GPA on academic probation. There can also be that student who maybe in their first


“I think the program is a valuable resource for students who choose to take advantage of it. STEP UP carefully integrates personal and academic skill development with each student’s chosen course of study .”

- Dr. Gary Simon,

co-creator of the Step Up Program

The Step Up program is run during the summer and lasts through the fall semester. It is only available during the Summer I term. Students will earn up to seven credits for the summer semester and there are no pre-requisites. Students are not eligible to register themselves for Step Up.

semester got a 3.0 and in their next semester they got a 2.4 and they are feeling like they are really struggling this semester also. That student would benefit very much from this program just as much as the student who is on academic probation.” In order to get into the program, students will have to have a meeting

with Law and be cleared with her to register for the classes. Professors also have a right to recommend students for the program. The program consists of ASK 205, a two credit course which is an academic skill building class similar to ASK 100. Students must also take an academic class, either one that they previously failed or one for their core requirement. At the same time, students will also be enrolled in ASK205L, a one credit course in which students meet with Law once a week individually to discuss their progress. “They will be paired with a weekly meeting with me during the summer to answer any other issues and concerns going on with them kind of hold them accountable while they are also taking a class,” Law said. During the following fall semester, students will be enrolled in ASK215L, which is a class where they will be assigned with a graduate student as their coach and will have weekly meetings throughout the semester. If students have any questions or are interested in the Step Up program, they can contact Janice Law at jlaw@ or her extension – (813) 2573528. Summer registration begins on Feb 25. Mark Sugden can be reached at @




The Weekend Update Spring Dance Concert Feb. 21 - 23

Falk Theatre 8 p.m. every night, additional 2 p.m. on Feb. 23 Free

Questions My Mother Can’t Answer Feb. 22

Shimberg Playhouse at David A. Straz Jr. Center for the Performing Arts 8 p.m. $28

Gasparilla Distance Classic Feb. 23

Intersection of Twiggs and Tampa Streets 6:45 a.m. $25 - $45

Bay Area Renaissance Festival: Buccaneer Beer Fest


WEEK of the

Photo by Samantha Battersby/The Minaret

Feb. 23

Museum of Science and Industry (MOSI) 10:00 a.m. $15.95 in advance, $18.95 at the door

Muse Concert Feb. 23

Tampa Bay Times Forum 7:30 p.m. $32.25 - $62.25

$5 Day at the Zoo Feb. 24

Lowry Park Zoo 9:30 a.m. $5

Floridiana Festival and Highwaymen Art Theater Show Feb. 24

Palladium Theater 10 a.m. $6, $3 child under 3

Oscar Experience Feb. 24

Tampa Theatre 6:30 p.m. $30, $25 Tampa Theatre members, $20 students with ID

UT Orchestra Concert March 2

Falk Theatre 7:30 p.m. Free

Arts + Entertainment



Spring Dance Concert Soars to New Heights By XELMARIE MEDINA Arts + Entertainment Writer

It’s that time of year again, time to enjoy one of University of Tampa’s Spring Dance Concert. Put on your dancing shoes and head out to Falk Theatre this weekend, Feb. 21 through Feb. 23. The dances will shock you. Susan Taylor Lennon, a professor within the Speech, Theatre and Dance Department, has worked hard this semester in order to deliver a show that students and other guests will enjoy. “I think that there is a slightly more serious edge to some of the work this year,” Lennon said. “I feel that the dancing gets stronger every year. I feel like we continue to strengthen as a community of dancers.” In fact, this year, some choreographers have stepped out of the ordinary and added some special effects and props to their dances. For instance, choreographer Glynn Owens focused on trepidation and the escape of freedom for his piece. This emotive solo piece stars Patrick Justin. We witness how he slowly breaks free from the straight jacket that binds him, but

From Top to Bottom: Dancer Lindsey Goldaper suspends in the air during Susannah LeMarquand’s piece which incorporates aerial ballet; Goldaper; a dancer shows off her pointe skills; and dancers perform during a classical ballet piece.

he is still drawn back to it in the end even though he knows it’s bad for him. Not to mention, Patrick is suspended in the air in the beginning. “I didn’t necessarily mean to, but the jacket itself became a metaphor,” Owens said. “I think there is something in everyone’s past that they can relate to, whether it’s a habit, addiction or past relationship. Maybe you’ve gotten over it but sometimes it still comes back and haunts you.” Theatrical elements such as the suspension and red lighting help this dance convey its message, but the focus on the individual is the most impactful element. You can’t help but watch Justin struggle to break free from this bad influence. Owens wanted his piece to be a solo act because he didn’t want to detract from the meaning. “It was different working with one male performer, but I have worked with both genders,” Owens said. “Although there are boundaries I respect, the important aspect I keep in mind is identifying the performer’s talent and what would work well with them.” Lennon wants people from all walks of life to come to the Spring Dance

Photos by Taylor Sanger/The Minaret

Concert and take something away from it or simply enjoy a good show. “We got a call from the Veterans’ Hospital, and there might be around 20 to 25 veterans here watching this piece,” Lennon said. “I can only think about what they’ll experience when they watch the pieces for themselves.” Phyllis Gaines’ dance also hit a sensitive yet powerful topic. Her piece incorporates Jamie, a deaf student here at UT and focuses on the death of our culture and how insensitive we have become to others. Not all hope is lost, however. This hip-hop piece starts off with some American sign language and transcends to busy city noise where everyone is walking around only paying attention to their cell phones. At first, Jamie is excluded from the crowd, but as the dance progresses, they start dancing with her. “At the auditions, I saw a girl, Jamie, with a hearing aid,” Gaines said. “Because I teach sign language and I have my own company, Sign of Da’ Times, I said ‘Oh my god, what can I do with her?’ This experience has let me believe that what I have in my heart is a passion for deafness and the people who go through it.” The dance has definitely left a positive understanding on the other dancers who have been rehearsing with Jamie since fall semester. Primal Fear, choreography created by Susannah LeMarquand, incorporates the art of aerial ballet, an acrobatic performance using fabric hung from the ceiling. This piece portrays the importance of the journeys we undergo in life and questions its authority over us. The piece was thematically beautiful because of its mix of fluidity

and unexpectedness. The battle is mimicked in the music and the performers’ actions. They are fighting against fear. The louder the music gets, the more dramatic the action becomes. It’s like watching a Cirque du Soleil performance. While the pieces done by Owens and LeMarquand feature suspension, they are certainly not the only shocking and strong dances in the show. There are some fabulous ballet and tap numbers as well as pieces that make your heart yearn for love and hate at the same time. The wide range of dances this year caters to every style of dance and proves that UT once again succeeded at another spectacular production. “A lot of people come to UT to dance,” Lennon said. “We probably will have a dance major this time next year.” Owens encourages potential dancers to audition for next year’s performance. “Just do it. Seriously, there is no better way,” Owens said. “Honestly, the worst thing that could happen is that you’re new and don’t have much experience, and you don’t get selected for a piece. It’s not the end of the world. You have to also keep in mind that it depends on what the choreographer is looking for.” Well, everyone better dance their way to Falk Theatre this weekend and check out what these dancers and choreographers have been working so hard on. All performances will begin at 8 p.m., but there will be an additional performance on Feb. 23 at 2 p.m. Xelmarie Medina can be reached at




Andy Grammer to Perform in Orlando this Sunday I have seen him live probably more times than I should admit and each time is just as good, if not better, than the last. Upcoming singer-songwriter Andy Grammer is He sounds even better live than he does on his CDs, taking the music industry by storm. He signed to Swhich is a rare quality in a musician. He doesn’t rely Curve records, and his debut album, self-titled Andy on Auto-Tune or crazy electronic beats. In fact, he can Grammer, was released in June of 2011. Though he was actually beatbox, which he proves in the opening of his born in L.A., Grammer grew up in Chester, New York. song “Numbers.” He can vocally imitate the sound of a He graduated from Monroe-Woodbury High School bass, percussion instruments and a trumpet. and attended Binghamton University before leaving to In June of 2012, I went to see the filming of the return to L.A., where he is currently based. Fox & Friends Summer Concert Series when Andy He worked as a performer on the Grammer was performing. It was easily streets of L.A., which was the inspiration my favorite time seeing him live. In for his song “Keep Your Head Up.” between filming songs to air on TV, he It was written as encouragement for was given long breaks. himself after working a long day with When most musicians would take little to show for it. the breaks and leave, he stayed up on Artists Coldplay, Common, Jack stage and essentially took requests. Johnson and John Mayer influence He asked the audience to call out what his clean and mellow sound. His we wanted to hear. His willingness to melodies are infectious, and his lyrics please his fans and his evident musical are relatable. Grammer has even talent is what sets him apart from many toured with musicians such as Natasha other musicians that are popular today. Bedingfield, Gavin DeGraw, Colbie For those interested in seeing Andy Caillat and Train. Grammer perform live, he has an After being named one of Billboard’s upcoming show on Sunday, Feb. 24th 2011 Artists to Watch, 2012 was an in Orlando for the Downtown Food & important year for Andy Grammer. He Wine Fest at Lake Eola. The online performed on The Tonight Show with presale tickets are $10 with a $2.20 Jay Leno, Good Morning America and processing fee, but tickets at the door Jimmy Kimmel Live. He became the are $15. first male pop star since John Mayer in Additionally, Grammer recently 2002 to reach the Top 10 on Adult Pop released the dates for his Spring 2013 Radio with his first two singles “Keep Tour with the band Parachute. There Your Head Up” and “Fine By Me.” are 13 dates announced with two dates His music has gained popularity on in Florida: April 17th at the State the radio and was also featured in the Theatre in St. Petersburg and April 19th movie Pitch Perfect. at Freebird Live in Jacksonville Beach. Andy Grammer has accounts on most Tickets are currently presale and VIP social media sites including Facebook, only, and more dates are to be added Twitter, YouTube and Instagram. He has next week. For the full list of tour dates increasingly been using social media for and to purchase tickets, visit www. Andy Grammer/ promotion of upcoming events and often communicates with his fans, especially Andy Grammer has been a rising artist ever since his songs “Keep Your Head Up” and “Fine By Samantha Delle can be reached at through Twitter.His twitter handle is @ Me” came out. Be sure to check out his show in Orlando this Sunday, Feb. 24. By SAMANTHA DELLE Arts + Entertainment Writer

andygrammer and often responds to his followers. Follow him on Instagram (@andygrammer), and you are sure to see photos of his life on tour as well as many clever memes. As a member of his Street Team, I work to promote him on many social media sites by liking and sharing photos, tagging him in posts and retweeting his messages. Personally, I have been a fan of Andy Grammer for several years now after finding his “Keep Your Head Up” music video on the Internet. I appreciate how genuine his song lyrics are and how honest his sound is.

Florida State Fair Is More Than Just Krispy Kreme Burgers By JORDAN LLANES Sports Writer

Every February, the Florida State Fair rolls into town for about two weeks. It is something that many Tampa residents look forward to. The exhibits, rides, concerts, merchandise and, most importantly, the food...What’s not to love? After going to the State Fair pretty much every year, there are certain things that I must always eat and do. Well, fellow Spartans, let me enlighten you

on the things that you may have missed from this year’s edition of the fair, which was one of the best in recent memory.

the General Store and pick up an old time souvenir in addition to some homemade beef jerky and candy.

The Last Of Deep Fried Goodness:

Everybody loves the rides at the fair, and the Florida State Fair is no exception. The big Ferris Wheel, with its great view of the whole fairgrounds at the top, is the ride with the longest wait. If you have the time, then definitely go for it. Other rides include the giant slides (if you love speed), the Tilt-A-Whirl (don’t get on if you just ate) and swing lifts (also with a great view of the fair).

Now that absolutely no one can buy Twinkies anymore, you would think that the fair would not deep fry them anymore, right? Well, you would be wrong. Fair patrons got to have this yellow sponge crème filled delight at least one more time before it was gone, and it tastes even better deep fried. The batter and sponge cake go together hand-in-hand, and the vanilla crème oozes out and tastes even sweeter when it’s piping hot. Now that it’s gone, the world is a worse place.

Back To Country:


The Florida State Fair, much like other state fairs, is notorious for heart-clogging food that you can’t help but chow down on when you visit. But besides the Krispy Kreme Burger, there are other options at Florida’s State Fair including: fried twinkies, The Burger with Redneck Attitude, and the Uptown Burger. The rides and other attractions are fun, too.


Talk about a blast from the past. Cracker Country takes the fair’s patrons and transports them back to the early 1900s. You can talk to the costumed actors about the customs from the “good ol’ days,” tour various buildings, see how tools were used in the early 20th century by visiting crafters and trade demonstrators and more. You can even stop by

The Rides, Of Course:

Want A Burger? They Got That Covered:

Carousel Foods, one of the fair’s main food vendors, rolled out four new burgers in addition to the heartstopping Krispy Kreme burger that is a staple to minor league baseball parks all across America. They included: The Burger with Redneck Attitude, a cheeseburger with bacon, fried bologna, more bacon and potato sticks; The Philly Burger, a chopped burger topped with sautéed mushrooms, onions and provolone cheese and The Uptown Burger, which consists of mozzarella cheese, tomatoes, Italian sauce and fresh basil. If you are looking to gain a few pounds, go no further than the Florida State Fair! The things mentioned above are just the tip of the iceberg. There are plenty more rides to ride, food to scarf down and exhibits to see. The Florida State Fair is one of Tampa’s biggest events every single year, and it’s a ton of fun to go to. If you’re looking for something fun to do on a day off this time next year, take a half a day or so to drive up to the Florida State Fairgrounds. You won’t be sorry. Jordan Llanes can be reached at jordan.llanes@




Scarfone/Hartley Gallery Brings Electronics to Life in Exhibit Where Animation, Film and Graphic Design Collide By THERESA STANTON Arts + Entertainment Writer


The current exhibit at the Scarfone/Hartley Gallery, Electronics Alive VII, will have its closing ceremony Friday, Feb. 22. Make sure to check it out before it ends!

The Scarfone/Hartley Gallery’s current exhibition, Electronics Alive VII, goes beyond just paintings and sculptures. They are showing various types of animation in 3-D and 2-D along with computer animated films. The Scarfone/ Hartley Gallery is an extraordinary gallery which combines works from all around the world. Works in this exhibit range from Poland, Taiwan, Germany, the Netherlands, Sweden, Canada, Colombia, New Zealand, the U.K., France, Israel, Australia and the U.S. “As an art major I already have a huge appreciation for art, but I also get to experience it upfront,” said Claire Lipton, a student that works at the gallery. “My job allows me to set up exhibits and meet the artists.” Lipton’s coworker, Amanda Mancuso, a new media production major, described herself and other workers as the “handymen behind the exhibit.” “We put the exhibits on the wall. I also get the opportunity to attend openings,” Mancuso said. Some of the events allow students to see artists create their artwork while other events have artists speak about

their work. While attending a show, Mancuso received a piece of artwork which she is very proud to now own. Escape of the Gingerbread Man!!! by Tod Polson and the Monk Studios is one of the most interesting films within this exhibit. The graphics of the film have very vibrant colors, flat planes and simple shapes. Anyone who likes comedy sketches and heavy drinking would enjoy this story. It is about a young storyteller who challenges an older man in an Irish pub. The story takes many unexpected turns, leaving the viewer to wonder where the story will go next. This exhibit helps carry on Tampa’s tradition of appreciating the arts. A famous quote by Richard Kamler states, “Art is our one true global language. It knows no nation, it favors no race and it acknowledges no class. It speaks to our need to reveal, heal and transform. It transcends our ordinary lives and lets us imagine what is possible.” This quote describes the bond which all nations share through the common language of art and creativity. I strongly encourage everyone to go check out the Electronics Alive VII exhibit before its last day, Friday, Feb. 22. Theresa Stanton can be reached at



Haven’t You Heard? Musicians You Need to Check Out By JESSICA KEESEE AND NATALIE HICKS Associate Editor and Arts + Entertainment Editor

Florida Georgia Line

This is the ultimate summer party music. It makes you want to chill on a boat with good friends and have no worries in the world. You don’t have to like the country genre to get your feet tapping to this band. Like their song “Cruise” instructs, put your windows down and just cruise off into the sunset.

Hoodie Allen He has become the spokesperson for frat parties across the nation, one red Solo cup at a time. Hoodie Allen pokes fun at pop culture while spitting out catchy, witty lines. Is there anything this Jewish rapper can’t do?

Matt Costa Steps Outside His Comfort Zone in Latest Album By DAN BANKS

Arts + Entertainment Writer

Matt Costa, the lovable musician that’s an entity of Jack Johnson’s Grizzly Bear is the definition of indie rock. Their solid Brushfire Records, came out with his beats mixed with long spouts of mellow melodies make fourth full-length album last week on for the perfect musical trip. With great harmonies, they Valentine’s Day. The self-titled album take you back to another time while still reinventing a deservedly received warm criticism genre that has grown quite tired in past years. Listen to following its release. “Two Weeks,” “Cheerleader” and “Knife” and you’ll Matt Costa’s approach to this album understand. was entirely different to his previous albums. Although his 2010 selfproduced Mobile Chateau was hailed as “gorgeously garage-sounding album with organic percussion instruments, St. Lucia crackling tube-driven amps and jangly Listening to St. Lucia is like watching guitars cascading in every direction” by a hipster float on a cloud. They’ve got a AllMusic, Costa figured he would test cool Caribbean vibe to them despite their his boundaries and be ambitious with British roots. They are currently on tour his music. with fellow Brit Ellie Goulding where Envisioning a rootsy folk-rock sound they get to bring their songs to life with for Costa’s new album, the process of intense drum beats and chant-worthy writing and recording turned “folkvocals. rock” into a little something of his own. quoted Costa saying, “The songs started morphing and twisting and taking on a more Marina and the Diamonds mystic sound.” With that new She’s been compared to Katy Perry and Lily Allen, but “mystic” sound, his self-titled Marina and the Diamonds (Marina Diamandis) is in a album was produced. class all her own. Her songs give way to high shrills and The album seems to be more a sweet falsetto that dips down low to display a range reflective of Costa’s emotions than to be envious about. Her latest album, Electra Heart, is his previous recordings. Many of bubblegum pop with a bite. Her sweet voice juxtaposes the songs can certainly be classified with her dark lyrics about homewrecking, teenage suicide as love songs. Whether you prefer and, ultimately, lost love. a good ol’ love song or not, Costa has a way of twisting the emotions of the lyrics with his pre-disco-era orchestral pop sound of Electric Penguin Prison Light Orchestra into something completely new and different. This electro-pop genius makes me want to dance every Costa steps out of his norm when time his songs pop up on my iPod. Made up solely of his modern vocals are mixed with a sort singer and DJ Chris Glover, Penguin Prison is the perfect of folk-rock style guitar on songs like blend of catchy pop hooks and upbeat-dance rhythms “Laura Lee” and “Silver Sea,” which and lyrics with meaning. Checkout “Hollywood,” his culminate to make very unique sounding collaboration with RAC, and “The Worse It Gets.” numbers. The perfect combination of upbeat and mellow beats makes listening to the album start to finish very smooth. Tall Heights “Loving You” unexpectedly opens with classical violin and eases its way Sweet harmonies make this two-man into an upbeat love song. Most of the band a standout. With only a cello and acoustic guitar, Tim Harrington and Paul tracks on the album are very similar sounding, which differs from any of Wright have begun making a name for his previous releases. It may be due themselves since sharing their talent to his “new style” in which he tried for spare change. Their music is perfect to incorporate in every song. Costa’s for long stretches of road or sweet fourth track on the album, “Good romances.

Grizzly Bear

Times,” carries a sound similar to that of the Black Keys and their unique voice distortion, while Costa’s vocals resembled that of a Bob Dylan track. The album continues with “Eyes For You” where Costa’s slow yet tranquil lyrics match perfectly with his blend of piano and acoustic. Costa’s vocals compare to that of a Bon Iver type with genuine emotion in his lyrics. The types of instruments used in Costa’s album range from orchestral trumpets and violins to harmonicas and acoustic guitar. This makes Costa’s new style seem quite impressive and versatile. If you are at all interested in alternative rock or folk-rock then Matt Costa’s newest self-titled album is a must buy. Costa pulls together a range of instruments with his reserved, tranquil and, at times, upbeat vocals to find a nice balance in each song. I appreciate Costa’s boldness to step

outside of his normal sounding musical influence and create a masterpiece. There is still hope for the folk-rock fans out there. Costa is a prime example of an artist that can blend together classic folk-rock with his own modern twist. Based on the new and impressive sound of this album, it is very likely that this is just the beginning of a very exciting new genre of music. Dan Banks can be reached at daniel.

Critic’s Rating: 4.5 out of 5 stars




Ex-LAPD Cop and Murderer Chris Dorner Was Not a Hero By DAVID ADAMS Opinion Writer

As President Barack Obama took the podium in Capitol Hill on the evening of Feb. 12, he had no idea that his State of the Union address would be overshadowed by the final efforts of a madman. The majority of Americans near a television weren’t interested in where the United States economy was heading or how President Obama planned to bring jobs back to a country still reeling from a near economic collapse. Millions were watching events unfold on the side of a mountain in California. Christopher Dorner, an ex-LAPD police officer and Navy veteran, was engaged in a gun battle with San Bernardino County Sheriff’s deputies, making what would prove to be his final stand. A nineday manhunt, which had many officers fearing for their lives, ended in flames as Dorner’s charred remains were pulled from the rubble. In 2009, Dorner had been fired from the LAPD for falsifying statements in a complaint against a fellow officer, who he stated had kicked a mentally handicapped suspect in the face while he was handcuffed. After losing the initial hearing, Dorner appealed his firing to the Board of Rights. According to CNN, a court ruled against his appeal in October 2011, permanently ending his career as an LAPD officer. Dorner then began to plan his revenge. His targets would be police officers he felt were racist, as well as every officer involved in his firing and appeal processes. He started enacting his revenge on Feb. 3, when Keith Lawrence and Michelle Quan were found dead. Quan, 28, was the daughter of the man who represented Dorner in his disciplinary hearings. She and her fiancé Lawrence were both found dead from gunshot wounds. Dorner continued his assault on the police force, killing a Riverside police officer and wounding another. When a widespread search began, Dorner retreated to the San Bernardino mountains, eventually ditching his vehicle and fleeing into the wilderness on foot. He remained hidden in the mountains for several days where he took an elderly couple hostage as he hid inside their mountain condo. On Feb.

12, he made a break for it, attempting to escape “Apparently burning people alive is now have probably witnessed the police treating the mountain. While he was leaving, Dorner considered appropriate behavior for the someone unfairly or being too rough. Improper was spotted by law enforcement and fled. police. Judge, jury and executioner.” On Feb. behavior by police happens, but we all must Running into an empty cabin, he proceeded 16, dozens of protesters assembled outside of realize that while some law enforcement to engage the local authorities, firing at them the LAPD Headquarters in support of Dorner. officers may abuse the power that comes from inside the structure. After a prolonged While the rally claimed to support Dorner’s with their badge, many more act correctly firefight that killed another officer and left accusations of racism, many attending said every day. It isn’t a systemic problem, it is an one wounded, gas grenades were launched they did not agree with his acts of violence. individual one. Certain people shouldn’t have into the house. The home was engulfed in I believe Dorner only appeared to act a badge because they will use it as an excuse flames. With the fire spreading out of control, selflessly. He only began to protest after being fired to bully and mistreat people, but supporting a Dorner turned his gun and ended his own life. from his job and clearly stated in his manifesto murderer because he claimed he wanted to right Dorner wrote an online manifesto that that his main targets were those responsible for all the wrongs in law enforcement is stupid. damned the Los Angeles Police Correcting racism and Department, stating that they not mistreatment falls on the only tolerated racism from their shoulders of every honest officers but that they encouraged officer working the street. it. The 11-page manifesto These men and women, who detailed his reasons for revenge took their oath to protect and and named his primary targets. serve, who meant it, need Dorner’s accusations against to speak up and should not the LAPD have attracted a huge fear repercussions if they following of supporters, who make a claim. Frank Serpico hail the murderer as a “hero.” gave testimony to the Knapp According to USA Today, “The Commission, appointed to ‘We Stand With Christopher root out police corruption in Dorner’ Facebook page had New York City, in December drawn more than 27,000 ‘likes,’ 1971. He said, “We create and the ‘I Support Christopher Chris Dorner/ an atmosphere in which Jordan Dorner’ page had more Dorner doesn’t deserve your support; the police officers who uphold the law do. the honest officer fears the than 16,000.” Other similar dishonest officer and not pages have thousands of followers. In addition his firing. His allegations of racism and unfair the other way around. The problem is that the to Facebook, people have been posting tweets, treatment are probably based on truth, but what atmosphere does not yet exist in which honest claiming everything from support of Dorner to he did was completely wrong. His actions police officers can act without fear of ridicule or a mass conspiracy revolving around his death. completely muffle his argument for equality and reprisal from fellow officers.” Serpico’s words I feel that supporters of Dorner really fairness, killing in the name of social justice made were true in 1971 and perhaps still are today. need to think about what he did during his him look like a madman, which is what he was. Police departments across the U.S. nine day vendetta. I believe that Dorner’s Supporters of Dorner need to think should evaluate their officers regularly and if fans need to take their “hero’s” advice about what they are saying. When they like there are complaints of abuse or racism, deal written in his manifesto and “recalibrate a Facebook page that pays tribute to Dorner, with them instead of brushing it under the their morale (sic) compasses to true north.” they aren’t supporting a noble cause; they are rug. However, nothing justifies the violence While some of Dorner’s allegations may advocating the use of violence as a means to Dorner committed when he killed four people have substance and should be looked in to create change. That method is no better than to get his message across. Dorner doesn’t by all police agencies, murdering people the culture of racism and abuse of power deserve your support; the police officers who in cold blood is not the way to be heard. that Dorner claimed the LAPD supported. uphold the law do. The men and women Since his death, rallies have taken place I agree that some police officers abuse who recognize that their badges put them in Los Angeles, both supporting Dorner and their title, as well as many of the privileges that in an elevated position and act accordingly criticizing the way he was brought to justice. come with a badge. I’m sure people at some deserve your support, and if they receive Many believe that the fire was intentionally time in their life have witnessed a patrol car it maybe then we will start to see a change. set by law enforcement. CNN reported that turning on its lights to speed through a red light David Adams can be reached Twitter member @becomeyoung tweeted, or cut in front of other vehicles. Many people at

Pope Benedict XVI First Pope to Declare Resignation in Over 600 Years By JESSICA FORTE Opinion Writer

Last Monday an unexpected announcement came from the Vatican. Pope Benedict XVI declared that he will be resigning in a few weeks, setting the date as Feb. 28. This is the first occurrence of a pope resigning in over 600 years, surpassed by Gregory XII who stepped down in 1415. He is also the first pope to resign voluntarily since Pope Celestine V in 1294. The leader of the one billion Catholics in the world proclaimed that he was stepping down “for the good of the church.” “I have come to the certainty that my strengths, due to an advanced age, are no longer suited to an adequate exercise of the Petrine ministry,” Benedict said in a statement. “I have had to recognize my incapacity to adequately fulfill the ministry entrusted to me.” Benedict, who took office in 2005, will also be known as having one of the shortest papacies in history. Although the 85-year-old is said to have no medical ailment that would influence his decision to retire, reports have explained that he has shown signs of aging in the past few months. According to, “He often seemed tired and even appeared to doze off during Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve.” That same night he was said to have been brought to the altar on a “wheeled platform.” As for his future plans, the soonto-be ex-pope is planning to live a quiet life

of prayer in a residence made by the Vatican. “Certainly, the decision of the Holy Father is an act of great courage, humbleness and reflects great inner freedom,” says Gretchen Rodriguez, president of UT’s Catholic Student Organization. “With

captured a photo of a lightning bolt striking St. Peter’s Basilica in the Vatican, which some are claiming to be a sign from above. Others believe that the Pope’s resignation will even be an improvement for the Catholic Church. “This new stage that the Catholic Church lives in is hopeful,” says Rodriguez. “I think this is a moment of great hope and internal renewal for the church. [This gives] the possibility of choosing a new Pontiff who can, with audacity, row deep in this project of the New Evangelization.” There is now the speculation of who will be the next pope. In order to make the decision, “a conclave of the church’s 117 cardinals under age 80 will be held to appoint a new pope. The Vatican said a decision should be reached before Easter,” as reported by ABC News. The process is said to begin after March 15. Some zcry/ possible contenders for the position Lightning struck the Vatican hours after Pope resigned. are Cardinal Angelo Bagnasco, the Archbishop of Genoa; Cardinal this decision, Benedict XVI reflects his Marc Ouellet, the former Archbishop of deep love for Christ and the Church.” Quebec and Cardinal Peter Turkson from A recent event in mother nature is leading Ghana. Television personalities are even people to question if Benedict made the right trying to get famous Americans elected. decision, seeing as how papacy is usually a Bill Maher of HBO’s “Real Time” jokingly service for life and every pope for the past 600 suggested two women candidates: Hillary years has died in office. A mere few hours after Clinton and Oprah. “Maybe Pope Hillary his resignation announcement, USA Today could clean up the church,” claimed Maher.

And if Hillary won’t do it, pope-rah.” Being born and raised Catholic, the Pope’s resignation comes as a shock to me. Pope Benedict XVI did what he believed was best for himself and the church. He had the right to resign, however, it may have been a better idea for him to have not taken the position when he was elected at age 78. By that time, a person typically knows their health and capability. For a church that holds strong in their beliefs, it’s surprising that a member would choose to change something that has been the same for 600 years. Before taking the position, he should’ve considered the fact that the papacy is a position that has been held for life by almost every other pope in the past. It comes across as eerie that a bolt of lightning would hit the Vatican only hours after Benedict announced his resignation. This occurrence seems awfully similar to an instance in 2011, when a tree next to the Caylee Anthony memorial was struck soon after her mother Casey was acquitted on murder charges. I’m not entirely sure that the lightning in the Vatican would be a “sign,” but it seems a bit too coincidental that a streak of lightning would hit that exact spot in the Vatican only a few hours after Benedict XVI announced he was resigning. I can only hope that the Catholic Church will find a good candidate who will continue to lead the Church in the right direction. Jessica Forte can be reached at



Hero and Former Navy Seal Chris Kyle Murdered


disappointing as the murder itself is what happened in the aftermath of Kyle’s death. Throughout the last year so many Our nation has a time-honored tradition of tragedies have occurred within our own lowering our national flag in honor of great borders that it really begins to weigh Americans who served our nation well; in on the mind. This is still America, the short, we do this to recognize our heroes. land of the free, the most powerful We drop the flag to half-mast for one country on the planet, the safe haven or more days when we so honor a hero’s of millions of refugees; the closest legacy and contributions. The greater the Earth has come to a Utopia, isn’t it? hero, the more days we add to the tribute. I With atrocities such as the Newtown, find it more than merely disappointing that Conn. school shooting, the Aurora movie President Obama chose to not fly our flag theatre shooting and most recently the at half-mast for Kyle, not even for a single murder of quite possibly day. I fully understand that our greatest hero, the lowering of the flag to Chris Kyle, it begs us half-mast is reserved for to consider how great the death of presidents, we really are. I listed congressmen and our most three tragedies… these senior military leaders, are just the tip of the but the flag can also be iceberg, three among lowered by a presidential thousands deemed not proclamation such as politically important it was after the Aurora enough to broadcast. and Newtown shootings. What I will be My intention is not focusing on is the to take away from these murder of Kyle, a tragedies, but to question former Navy SEAL the thought process of sniper who gave our president. Why did everything to his he choose to lower it for country, a man who was these children but not for Chris Kyle/ murdered by the very Our flag should have been set at half-mast following Kyle’s death, but Obama failed to do this. one of our nation’s greatest same veteran he was heroes? Should the flag not attempting to help cope with Post Traumatic effort to help the young man cope with be lowered for both occurrences? I assert Stress Syndrome (PTSD). This particular PTSD, a condition that unfortunately that it should be. If the president chooses murder really hit deep and really forced me plagues many troops who return from one over the other, then maybe it should not to consider what it is I love about America. combat. Explicit details have not been be lowered for any tragedies of any kind. Kyle was a former Navy SEAL who released, but what we do know is Routh The problem with presidential served in the United States Army from shot and killed both Kyle and Littlefield. proclamations are that they are decided by 1999 until 2009, when he decided to After the murders, Routh fled the one man. Kyle lived, breathed and died lay his famed weapon aside in order to scene in Kyle’s F-350 pickup truck. He for this country. He made it safer for every spend more time with his family and to then became engaged in a police chase, single one of us, and he deserved, especially help veterans cope with the stresses of which ended when he crashed into a police given the circumstances of his death, to have returning to America from a warzone. cruiser and was then arrested. Due to the the flag lowered to half-mast in his honor. According to, Kyle is actions of this troubled man, America lost According to washingtonexaminer. famous for being the notorious “Devil of its greatest hero, a man who took service com, Sarah Palin, who never shies from Ramadi,” a name given to him by insurgents to country beyond what was asked, a man asserting her opinion, recently stated, ”I because of his lethal nature and the havoc he who lived by a strict set of morals and a man find it sad to see that flags aren’t flying reaped on the terrorists of the Middle East. who was the picture of a true American. at half-staff for this American hero. He left the military with 166 confirmed Almost as heartbreaking and We’re surrounded today by American Opinion Columnist

kills and an estimated total body count of around 255, more than any other American soldier in the history of our fabled military. If I were to attempt to describe this man’s legacy I would compare him to the mythical heroes of the Ancient Greeks, men such as Achilles and Hercules. However, one key characteristic separated these mythical heroes from Kyle: Kyle was real. On Feb. 2, 2013, Kyle and longtime friend Chad Littlefield took a 25 year old veteran, Eddie Ray Routh, to the Rough Creek Lodge shooting range in an

patriots here in Texas – by Kyle’s fellow veterans and active duty warriors. In honor of them, I hope our commander in chief pays his respects in some gesture of condolence for their comrade in arms who sacrificed so much to keep him and all of us safe.” I know many of you might laugh at everything Palin says, but this is logic, people, and good logic at that. America is and continues to be the greatest nation this planet has ever experienced, but this may not be the case for our children. It seems like people have forgotten what’s truly important, what really matters, things such as selfless duty to the country, how to treat your neighbor and how to live honestly and patriotically. These are but a few of the things that were once part of the picture the rest of the world saw when it thought of America and Americans. I believe we are no longer seen in this light. I suggest that part ofw the reason is wrapped up in how we see ourselves and how we recognize those who live honestly, protect our values and defend our way of life. If we cannot pay tribute to these values ourselves, how can we reasonably expect the rest of the world to do this? I pray that we, as a nation, are able to recover our former persona, rather than continue on a path further and further away from it. What it will take, I am not sure, but I am sure that our failure to pay tribute to men and women who so obviously deserve it is yet another step in the wrong direction. World history is replete with a long list of former great powers and nations; they rise and they fall. Ladies and gentlemen, we are falling. I find this very sad for our children, primarily because it is entirely preventable. Again, where do we start? We start with the easy wins, by doing things that send the right message to our citizens and those who watch us around the globe. We start by acting the part and by paying tribute to those who already act the part. Richard J Whitaker can be reached at

Obama Calls for a National Raise in Minimum Wage By ALEX CARABALLO Opinion Columnist

During the State of the Union address on Feb. 12, President Obama outlined his plan to bring more prosperity to the middle and working class by calling for a hike in the federal minimum wage from the current $7.25 an hour to $9 an hour. The last time the minimum wage was raised was in 2007 and it’s time for it to be raised again. Any economics textbook will tell you that the minimum wage is a terrible policy because the hike in wages spreads the available capital for labor among a smaller segment of the work force which leads to higher unemployment. Essentially, a higher price for labor leads to a price above equilibrium on the supply and demand chart. While this may be true, there has been some empirical evidence that raising the minimum wage by small amounts does not lead to unemployment. A study in 1994 done by David Card and Alan Krueger observed a minimum wage change in New Jersey and contrasted that change with the static eastern Pennsylvania minimum wage. The study focused on the fast food industry and surveyed 410 different establishments after New Jersey raised its minimum wage from $4.25 to $5.05. The study found that over the course of a year there was no statistically significant change in employment in New Jersey except for a relative increase

in employment among teenagers. adults without children. Poverty does not in Congress than a massive expansion of Consequently, this study showed that only strike those with children. the EITC to include everyone under the minimum wage increases account for In 2009, as part of the stimulus poverty line. little or no change in employment. program, the EITC was increased Ironically, it’s the Republicans who Despite some empirical have an aversion to evidence that small increases the expansion of the in the minimum wage do not EITC despite the fact harm employment in the short that it was their party term, it is still not the most that implemented this effective means of eliminating program. The people poverty. Ideally, a better who compose the “47 approach to ensuring that those percent” mentioned by at the bottom of the economic Mitt Romney that don’t ladder are able to adequately pay federal income provide for themselves is taxes, are people who to give wage subsidies to already work a fullthose below the poverty line. time job but receive the This line of thinking was the EITC to compensate for brainchild of famed economist not making enough to Milton Friedman and led to the escape poverty. There establishment of the Earned is a segment of the timmjason/ Income Tax Credit (EITC) in People against the rise in minimum wage claim it will result in a rise in unemployment. Republican Party that 1975. views these subsidies to The EITC is a subsidy given to to account for families with three or workers as handouts and that they should workers in a full time job that still do more children and to slightly lower the be eliminated rather than expanded. not make enough to cover basic living threshold for married couples. As part of It’s a shame that the most efficient expenses and are still below the poverty a compromise with Republicans, single solutions to eliminating poverty cannot line. This isn’t a welfare handout; those adults were again left out of the expansion pass political muster and thus less who wish to receive the tax credit must of the EITC. efficient solutions are the only options work a full time job in order to qualify. Since a massive expansion of the left on the table. Raising the minimum However, in order to qualify, most need EITC to eliminate poverty is a political wage will not hurt lower income workers to have dependent children. This leads non-starter, the next best policy tool to as some have suggested, but rather it will to a significant portion of the working give workers a living wage is to raise the increase the standard of living for those class ineligible to receive the tax credit minimum wage. It may not be as efficient at the bottom. due to not having children. The standards as the EITC but it is politically popular Alex Caraballo can be reached at should be changed to include single and it is much easier to get through a fight




University of Tampa Joins in Harlem Shake Craze By VANESSA RIGHEIMER Opinion Writer

The Harlem Shake craze has taken the University of Tampa as one of its many victims this past week with the men’s swim team’s video going viral and another recent video being created by Student Government. For those of you that haven’t heard of the Harlem Shake, type it into YouTube and brace yourself for some raunchy, rave-like dance parties. Videos have been made around the world by schools, work offices and sports teams in hopes of going viral. Most people don’t know where or how this video started. I know I sure didn’t. While the song is new, created by the up and coming DJ Baauer, the actual dance was birthed in the 80s. The dance was brought back by hip hop artist G.Dep in 2001 in his song “Let’s Get It.” As I watched G.Dep’s music video I saw a couple kids breaking down to a dance that in no way resembled what we’ve been seeing today. Definitely less hip thrusting and more break dancing was involved. The Harlem Shake we see today features a person dancing by themselves with a mask on while the surrounding party seems to be unaware of what’s going on as they sit or stand stationary. But once the bass drops, a huge chaotic dance party breaks out with lots of thrusting, lots of strange props and lots of viewers scratching their heads asking, “What the hell did I just watch?” The most popular of these videos seems to be from university swim teams. The dance parties take place in apartments, locker rooms and even underwater in the pool, but the overall common theme of chiseled college athletes parading around in their Speedo’s might be one of the reasons for the rising view count of these videos. The Social Swimmer, a blog dedicated to swimming, created a poll to rank the top 10 Collegiate Swim team Harlem Shake videos. The University of Tampa’s men’s swim team made that list and is now in third place, so get on that website and vote for your

fellow Spartans! The University of Georgia Athens leads the poll capturing 47 percent of the votes. Their video is

Top: Zach Sprague/ Bottom: Photo Courtesy of Vanessa Righeimer

UT men’s swim team (top) and Student Government (bottom) made Harlem Shake videos.

shot all underwater which separates it from the other videos. However, the University of Tampa swim team features a live cat, so take that, UGA! When asked how the UT video differs from the others, current sophomore on the team and new media production major, Zach Sprague replied, “We are all wearing different, crazy outfits and the use of a live cat plus a stuffed giant teddy bear. All around I think the props we used make our video unique


by Jeff Traster

Subject: Fans at Lacrosse Game last Friday February 11, 2013

Last Friday, the UT Spartan Band traveled to Lakeland to perform at the UT vs. FL Southern lacrosse game. The Band members and I have always enjoyed the high-spirited athletic rivalry between our two universities regardless of the sport, and we were excited to see numerous UT fans at the lacrosse game when we arrived. On this occasion, several UT fans were following the game by walking up and down the fence row right next to the field. As the game progressed, shouts at the players from these fans became increasingly derisive and “colorful,” and after a couple of warnings to tone down the rhetoric, it became necessary to join one of my colleagues from FL Southern in clearing out the fence dwellers; I learned then from

against the others.” I have to agree that swimmers hip thrusting at the teddy bear wearing a University of Tennessee


her that an official FL Southern “presence” had become necessary in the stands to quell abusive language amongst UT student fans there as well. While I totally encourage team spirit and vocal involvement from the fans at sporting events, derisive or abusive language reflects poorly upon the University and creates a negative reputation for us all. My point here is truly much broader than Friday night’s game. At any public event, there is a ‘line’ of general respect for everyone present that shouldn’t be tread upon by any of us. My personal ‘litmus test’ for acceptability in my own behavior is to ask myself, “If _________ were standing next to me, would what I say or yell out be acceptable and appropriate to them?” I can fill in the ‘blank’ with any number of people I would not want to offend. To consider this thought for yourself, fill in the blank with whomever it is you respect because of

t-shirt was a nice touch, especially since that was one of the schools entered in the contest on the Social Swimmer website. After having over 17,000 views on their video, Sprague explained what he thinks makes a video go viral, “You must make it somewhat short and very interesting. It is so easy for someone to skip and not watch your video, so you need to make it very appealing right off the bat to get the most views. The interesting factor can

come in many ways, but the easiest way I think is making it funny and random. Promoting your video also helps a lot as well, using other social medias such as Twitter and Facebook.” It seems the UT swim team was successful in having that “interesting” factor after capturing nationwide viewership. The men’s swim team wasn’t the only one to jump on the Harlem Shake bandwagon. On Sunday, Feb. 17, Student Government threw down a Harlem Shake dance party in Vaughn. I was lucky enough to witness it and the energy was awesome. It’s definitely nice to see some Spartan pride keeping up with the latest worldwide trends. Spartacus was even present in the video. Jessica McCarron, UT senior and Director of Public Relations, explained the reasoning behind making the video, “We thought it would be a fun thing to do and we’re hoping to encourage students to participate in Tampa Tuesday.” For those that do not know what Tampa Tuesday is, members of Student Government will be walking around campus every Tuesday and if you are seen sporting some Spartan pride, they will reward you with some new UT gear. With sweatshirts averaging $40 a pop at the bookstore, I’d say this is a great way to win some new swag as well as promote overall campus school spirit. Though the 2013 Harlem Shake may have a different look than the dance popularized in the 80s, I continue to be a fan of it. These videos can add some comical relief to anyone’s stressful day. On top of that, I think it’s another great way YouTube unites our world. Because every time someone presses play on the Tampa Swim Team Harlem Shake video, a new person initially unaware of the University of Tampa will gain appreciation for all the “assets” our campus athletics has to offer. So until this viral video fad sizzles out, Godspeed my fellow Harlem Shakers and be “Con los terroristas.” Vanessa Righeimer can be reached at

a strong statement of how it doesn't matter about anyone's sexuality; just the goodness of the person. Each time someone shares something so personal like this, it adds up to saving lives I truly feel. My wife and I met in 1962 in UT classes and married the same day we graduated. We worked in the Hillsborough County School System for a combined number of years just over 64 and have children and grandchildren. I write for enjoyment for Articlesbase. com and Yahoo-Voices and always give credit to UT for so much goodness. PK Creedon's life values parallel what the Sykes Center perpetuates also; the valuing of all persons, no matter what faith. The similarities are great. Our grandchildren want to attend UT and love driving through the campus to enjoy the beauty of it all. We like to take friends through the main building where I once lived for two years and attended most classes in the same building. Keep up the good work in journalism. Your other articles Subject: The Minaret Makes Me Proud are also impressive. It is a wonderful February 15, 2013 field. You are being very ethical and the honesty is to be valued and I am so proud of The Minaret and appreciated. Congratulations to all. PS: the content of it. Today, I have been so I was once on the staff of The Minaret impressed by the coming out article by and at that time I was the UT Student PK Creedon and the fact that it is such Correspondent to The Tampa Tribune. age or relationship, such as a 5-yearold brother, grandma, girlfriend, boss, etc. At every public venue, folks with these ‘titles’ surround us and will likely overhear what we say, shouted out or simply spoken aloud to our friends. If we accept the idea that our words affect others (for good or bad), it makes sense to embrace the positive side of this scale. The resulting competitive enthusiasm (game spirit!) will be positive, supportive, entertaining, and welcomed by all regardless of the outcome of the game. “Good sportsmanship” extends beyond the field or court to everyone present and brings credit to individuals and the university they represent. Congratulations to the UT Lacrosse team for trouncing Fl Southern on their turf Friday night! The Spartan Band plays next for the Lady Spartans basketball game vs. Eckerd on Wed, Feb 13, at 5:30p; see you there, and Go UT!!

by Richard Davison


By HANNAH WEBSTER Opinion Columnist

A few years ago, a good friend called me to deliver some news. “I met someone,” she nearly squealed into the phone, her excitement becoming contagious. But I noticed something else, a cautious edge to her voice. I inquired further, asking, “Who is this guy? Where’d you meet him? What’s his social security number?” but she continued to be vague, mumbling into the phone until I finally got something along the lines of, “Well… err…it’s, he, she…is kind of a girl.” I was admittedly taken aback at first. The only thing I’d ever known her to find attractive was tall, dark and handsome. And, well, a guy. But other than that, the preference change didn’t really faze me. I’m an accepting person, and she was my best friend. When I asked her if this was something she’d known about for a while, I realized that I wrongly assumed that this was her coming out. I’d always seen sexuality as something fairly black and white, the way most people do. You’re either gay or straight. The most intriguing way she explained it to me was when she said, “It doesn’t feel like I’m starting to just like girls now or that I’m a lesbian or anything. I met someone that I liked, someone that I was attracted to and it happened to be a girl.” As it turns out, this sentiment is not unusual and is in fact shared by several women in a book by Lisa M. Diamond, PhD entitled “Sexual Fluidity: Understanding Women’s Love and Desire.”

Sexual Fluidity: Love Knows No Gender


Diamond is a professor of something you are likely to hear a are exclusively straight or exclusively psychology at the University of Utah man going through without being gay don’t exist, because they do. and has a Ph.D. in Human Development. subject to a large amount of scrutiny. Perhaps one of the largest The book speculates differences about around the idea of love truly the idea of fluidity being blind when it comes to is that it becomes a gender—at least for women. choice, rather than Previous studies that an orientation that explored the idea of sexuality you were born with. as a permanent label were But I can agree mostly based on men. And I that the tendency of think it can be agreed upon women to be more that in our society, men are emotional creatures labeled much more quickly can lead them down than a woman when it different paths comes to exploring different throughout their facets of their sexuality. life, depending on “I feel as though society what they’re going has made it much more through and what acceptable for women their specific needs to experiment with their are at that time. sexuality than they have for That said, men,” said junior government however, I also can’t and world affairs and help but wonder if criminology major Zachary men would be open to Lancovino. “Society seems similar experiences to allow a woman to flip if it wasn’t for back and forth, while a society’s creation of man is immediately labeled a “solid line” and a kragover/ depending on what he does.” Experimenting seems to be more acceptable for women than for men in today’s society. label reading “gay” The idea of sexual fluidity differs “I would think that it’s possible ready to be stamped on any man who from that of bisexuality, which refers to go through those changes without crosses over the heterosexual line. to equal attraction to both sexes. being considered a lesbian or a straight It seems to me that the center of Fluidity isn’t as much about an woman,” said junior biology major love and relationships has become equal attraction to both genders, but Alanna D’Amelio about changes in so focused on rules, what you can rather the unimportance of gender sexual preference in a given woman’s and cannot do and what gender you as a whole when it comes to love lifetime. “I wouldn’t say women are are doing it with that the actual and desirability. It’s a fluctuation more easily influenced, but we’re point of it all has become obscured. between homosexual and heterosexual definitely more open with ourselves At the end of the day, maybe preferences and behaviors that relate and our emotions compared to men. love is truly better off being blind. more to what someone has going I feel as though for men there is a Hannah Webster can be reached on in their life and the person that solid line between straight or gay but at they happen to meet at that time. for women that line is not as thick.” But again, this experience isn’t I don’t mean to say that women who

Sprint’s ‘Drive First’ App Prevents Texting and Driving


Sprint customers and costs about $2 per line. So, for a family of four There’s a list of cardinal driving drivers, for example, it would only rules: don’t drive faster than the person be an extra $8 a month on the bill. in front of you, don’t be a jerk and cut The app doesn’t silence all your people off, it’s called a “turn signal” calls either. According to Sprint’s for a reason and of course always, website, the parent or administrator always keep your can set up to five eyes on the road. numbers that can With people’s reach you even when n e w f o u n d the app is on in the reliance on case of emergency. texting, it seems It will automatically that there are unlock when your more people vehicle stops breaking their moving and you’re duties to keep free to use your their eyes on phone again. the road. People All of this often justify sounds pretty their actions with sweet, especially explaining that for the parents of they only check teenagers as they their phone at stop won’t have to worry lights or they’re that their children’s “fine, it only cell phone will takes a second.” hinder them while A lot can happen they are on the road. in a second. While this can Distracted driving sprintnow/ come off as a great s p e a r h e a d e d The app blocks incoming calls, texts and emails when phone is in a car going more than 10 mph. idea and seems by cell phones super helpful, it causes accidents and kills people. emails and any other form of distraction can also been seen as taking away a According to textinganddrivingsaftey. that can come from your phone. duty of responsibility for drivers. com, 1.3 million crashes in This is revolutionary. The company When you’re given your driver’s 2011 involved cell phones. that you pay in order to use your license around the age of 16 or 17, Major cell phone corporations are phone is trying little by little to you are gifted this privilege. Driving proactive in the anti-texting and driving prevent others from being injured is not a right for everyone to possess revolution. AT&T is responsible for because you’re using their service. and there are many individuals that the emotionally driven Don’t Text and The app is only available for decide against having that privilege.

Opinion Writer

Drive commercials and now Sprint is coming out with a new Drive First app. The idea is simple: you download the app (currently only available on android phones), turn it on and when your car is moving 10 mph or more it prevents incoming calls, text messages,

You are given this license because you have proven you will follow the rules of the road. You know it’s a bad idea to drive while distracted; you know it’s a good idea to follow the speed limit and you ultimately understand that there are consequences when you don’t follow the rules. So, if you are given this understanding upon receiving a driver’s license you know that you shouldn’t text and drive. It’s common sense, honestly. If you are unable to sit in a car and realize that a text message isn’t more important that your life and the lives of everyone around you, then you shouldn’t be driving in the first place. The Drive First app is a noble position for Sprint. It can be used as a way to help you if you honestly feel that you will not be able to control yourself in the car around your phone. If you need this extra boost and preventive measure then it can be the ultimate blessing in disguise. This app could be perfect for teaching young drivers a sense of self-control and can be used as the training wheels to further their understanding about the consequences of impulsive actions. However, it is not a replacement for intuition and knowledge that driving and the importance of life come first. Ultimately, the app can be a great way for people to battle the problems of texting and driving as long as they realize they have a responsibility to not text and drive without the app. Brittney Cox can be reached at




Mentally Ill Inmate May Face Death Penalty, Against Eighth Amendment By SAMANTHA BLOOM Opinion Writer

The death penalty is a very controversial subject on its own, with a wide range of arguments for and against, ranging from costeffectiveness to ethical considerations. That argument continues to become more complex when you begin discussing the mentally ill and whether or not they should be exempt from capital punishment. Headlines on this facet of the death penalty discussion have recently begun covering the story of Andre Thomas, a man who, according to, murdered his wife and two children in 2004...for fear they were possessed by demons. Thomas was convicted and sentenced to death in 2005, but the case has recently come back into light with the publishing of death penalty lawyer Mark Bookman’s essay in Mother Jones (a nonprofit news organization) last week. The details of the Thomas murders are gruesome. In his article, Bookman summarizes the events that transpired: “Andre had cut out the children’s hearts and returned home with the organs in his pockets... he was careful to use three different knives so that the blood from each body would not crosscontaminate, thereby ensuring that the demons inside each of them would die. He then stabbed himself in the chest, but he did not die as he had hoped. In fact, he was well enough to leave a message on his wife’s parents’ phone explaining that he thought he was in

hell, and he managed to confess to the police what he had done before they took him in for emergency surgery.� Bookman goes on to further explain the bizarre behavior exhibited by Thomas while he was incarcerated. In July 2008, he procured a sharp object and attempted to slit his own throat, requiring eight stitches. He managed to gauge out his eyes on two separate occasions. He first removed his right eye, and during a second attempt removed and ate his left eyeball in order to prevent the government from reading his mind. After removing his only remaining eye, the trial proceedings skidded to a halt. Bookman writes that the prosecutors have not reported back to the court on their record-gathering. Autoenucleation, or the act of removing one’s own eyes, is uncommon, to say the least. But when it occurs, it is typically a manifestation of severe psychiatric illness, according to the National Center for Biotechnology Information. It typically occurs hand-inhand with paranoid delusions and extreme psychosis, which provides substantial evidence that Thomas is indeed extremely mentally ill. Bookman reports that Thomas comes from a long line of schizophrenics, and has a family history of mental illness as well as alcoholism and abuse. Both his grandmother and mother believed that God spoke directly to them, and it seems that Thomas believed that God spoke to him, as well. In fact, Thomas claims that he

murdered his family because God told him to kill “Jezebel, the Antichrist and a second evil spirit,� which he took to mean his wife and kids. Hearing voices and having delusions are extremely common with schizophrenic patients, so


he didn’t eat and he would like it back? Those in charge of evaluating Thomas’ condition continue to assert that “he is not presenting delusional or paranoid symptoms, and that his ‘insight/ judgement’ is fair,� says Bookman, citing Thomas’ prison records.

There is more than sufficient evidence that Thomas is severely psychologically ill.

it’s probable that Thomas has inherited his family’s mental illness. There is more than sufficient evidence that Thomas is severely psychologically ill, and according to the precedent set by the Ford v. Wainwright Supreme Court case, states cannot inflict the death penalty on a prisoner who is insane and cannot comprehend what he is being executed for without violating the Eighth Amendment. Yet, the state of Texas is continuing to pursue Thomas’ execution. According to Bookman, “No state authority figure has expressed hesitation about ending the life of a man who intentionally blinded himself, nor has there been any move by the district attorney to reconsider Thomas’s mental state at the time of the killings.� How can government officials claim that Thomas is mentally stable even after the inmate gouged out both of his eyes, insisted that he could hear the voice of God and announced that the government still has the eyeball that

I am outraged that anyone in their right minds would believe this man to be psychologically sound. Bookman also mentions, “Joe Brown, the district attorney of Grayson County, said he was surprised to hear that Thomas had removed his second eye, but he did not call it a second impulsive act. He simply announced that the state would gather together Thomas’ records and evaluate the situation.� It seems to me what Thomas needs is severe psychiatric help, and Texas is standing between this man and his Eighth Amendment rights. Maurie Levin, Thomas’ lead attorney, told that she is “cautiously optimistic� that her client will escape lethal injection. “I have to have faith that any reasonable judge will see the travesty of pressing the execution of somebody as mentally ill as Thomas,� she says. I hope she is right. Samantha Bloom can be reached at



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Pizza Hut Releases ‘Eau de Pizza Hut’ Perfume


Pizza Hut is best known for its pizza, but it also has other items, including pasta, wings and now, its own fragrance. Pizza Hut has made Eau de Pizza Hut, a perfume, available to the public. Even though I would never think to buy something that was not food when I go to Pizza Hut, it would be amazing if they had a pizza-scented perfume. According to, “This Eau de Pizza will be available in extremely limited quantities – only 24 {a day] will be given out for a short period of time.” The article further elaborates that from Feb. 1113, by tweeting at Pizza Hut using #LastMinuteLovers and begging for the “The Last Minute Lovers Package,” customers could win a package filled with Pizza Hut goods, including the perfume. Due to the rarity, it seems that if you want to know what Pizza Hut smells like, the best you can do is step into your local Pizza Hut. Although I do not see why Pizza Hut came out with the fragrance, I feel that if a company is going to invest in an odd product to promote themselves, they should go all the way. Why not come out with body lotion that smells like tomato sauce or bath salts that fill the air with the aroma of mozzarella cheese? Speaking of smells, huffingtonpost. com was able to obtain a bottle of Eau de Pizza Hut. Did it smell like cheese and tomato sauce over dough with a hint of various vegetables? Apparently not.

According to, “There was unanimous agreement that rather than pizza, the perfume smelled like cinnamon rolls...the Pizza Hut perfume smells exactly like Cinnabon.” How is it that Pizza Hut has come out with a cinnamonscent perfume before Cinnabon? When I think of Cinnabon, I think of the one at the mall closest to my house. It is located near the bottom of the escalator, so when I am riding downward, the first thing I smell is a wave of warm cinnamon sugar. By the time I get off the escalator, I am salivating and tempted to buy myself a big cinnamon roll. Cinnabon needs to find a way to bottle their aroma and sell it, though it seems Pizza Hut already has. Although I enjoy the smell of cinnamon, if I squirted myself with that perfume expecting the aroma of pizza, I would feel duped. Was it too hard to break down the components of the smell of pizza and turn it into a fragrance? Pizza Hut should call up perfume experts and make this pizza-scented perfume a reality if they’re going to do it at all. Since Pizza Hut has their own fragrance, I wondered if any other companies have tried creating their own perfumes. Another food chain, Burger King, decided to hop on the food fragrance bandwagon and came out with Flame by BK. According to, firemeetsdesire. com, the site about the scent, reads,

“Behold the scent of seductions, with a hint of flame-broiled meat.” According to, Demeter, a company that sells fragrances, has a variety of scents, including Lobster. describes it as “the

Macbook with a hint of glue smell.” The overall aroma is supposed to invoke the smell of opening the box of a new Macbook. I admit that after I read that, I sniffed my Macbook. I’m no scientist, but if the


The “pizza-scented” perfume doesn’t actually smell like pizza, but cinnamon rolls.

combination of the sea, sweet meat and a hint of drawn butter.” Maybe Red Lobster should contact Demeter about getting some of that perfume. Some scents try to capture the aroma of non-food items. According to Maura Judkis of The Washington Post, “An Australian art collective called Greatest Hits has collaborated with a scent marketing company to bottle up the scent of a Macbook.” Air Aroma Sales Manager Alexandre Cosic said, “It smells like a mixture of ink, paper foam, sticky tape and the

people can have perfumes that smell like meat or Macbooks, then Pizza Hut should be able to create a perfume that smells like pizza. If Pizza Hut ever does come out with an actual pizza-scented fragrance, I hope they do not replicate what they did for Valentine’s Day and only distribute a small amount. This would be an accomplishment that should be shouted from the heavens and shared with the world. Jake Koniszewski can be reached at

Japanese Restaurant Fines Customers for Not Finishing Meals By AVERY TWIBLE Opinion Writer

I think it can be all too easy for Americans, including myself, to walk into a restaurant and forget the effort someone had to go through to get that food, or how lucky we are to have the opportunity to have easy access to food at all. National Center for Law and Economic Justice says that there was a record setting level of poverty in the United States in 2011 coming

An argument can be made that the customer paid for the meal in full, so what does it matter if they finish it all or not? The fishermen got paid, the restaurant got paid and the customer ate their fill, so what’s the big deal? At Hachikyo, it is all about the principle. I think he wants people to realize where the food comes from, and I don’t just mean the kitchen. I think it’s easy to say “thanks”

The “clean plate club” has returned in one restaurant in Japan, and if you don’t want to be a part of it your wallet will suffer. Hachikyo, a seafood restaurant in Sapporo has started a program where they will charge you a fine if you say, “I’m done,” before finishing everything in front of you, according to Yahoo! News. This means if even one grain of rice is left sitting on your plate, you will be forced to pay up. According to the International Business Times, this only applies to a dish called tsukko meshi, a rice and salmon roe, and they prefer the term “forced donation.” The menu explains,“The working conditions for fishermen are harsh and so dangerous that it’s not unknown for lives to be lost,” Gold Rush blogger Midori Yokoyama wrote. It seems the managers believe it is disrespectful and unappreciative for customers to leave any food on their plates. Danny Choo/ In the United States I’ve never U.S. restaurants should follow suit on a policy like this, as we throw away $165 billion worth of food annually. personally witnessed a charge for not finishing all of one’s food, but when hearing about this happening at in around 46.2 million people, and before a meal but to really be Hachikyo, I thought it sounded like Feeding America says that results in thankful for it is another matter. a great idea. MSN says, “Chinese approximately one in six Americans Japan sits on the Pacific Ring of buffets, Korean barbecues and all- including adults, children and Fire, and often endures natural disasters you-can-eat sushi restaurants [in the seniors alike, suffering from hunger. such as earthquakes, tsunamis, United States] will often add a few The CIA World Factbook provides hurricanes and manmade troubles as extra bucks onto the bill for diners who a chart showing percentages of well, including World War II and the loaded up on more than they can chew.” citizens living below the poverty nuclear power plant disaster of 2011. Foreigners from Asia opening up line, an approximate 15 percent Being a relatively small country, restaurants in the United States seem in the United States compared having few natural resources to be the ones commonly implementing to about 16 percent in Japan. and constantly being shaken by these guidelines and values for This isn’t a big difference, so disasters, it comes as no surprise customers eating their food, and I think why does it seem Americans come that they waste as little as possible. it would do us all good to follow suit. off as ungrateful in comparison? But the United States is located

in North America and sees a relatively small amount of the troubles that Japan does, so why should it be expected to have the same appreciation for what we have? states that as a country, we throw away about half of our food and that adds up to $165 billion wasted annually. In what sense could throwing away that much perfectly good food be a positive thing for anyone? Let the people above the poverty line trade places with the 46.2 million citizens below the poverty line for a day, and I believe their actions might change. Once they know what it is to be hungry I would expect they would be less likely to throw food away at will. Walking a mile in a fisherman’s shoes would likely change the minds of many as well when they see their lives are at risk to catch that delicious fish others throw away so easily. When customers go to Hachikyo, they receive more than a meal; they also receive a life lesson. says it’s rare for someone to leave a plate of tsukko meshi unfinished anyway, so it seems the purpose is to highlight the principle, more than acquire donations. If every time someone in the U.S. left food on their plate and they had to donate money to help people suffering from hunger, there would either be less hunger or less waste. This policy is present in some foreign restaurants in the Unites States but I think it needs to spread and implemented throughout the country. Slowly but surely we could see the values of Americans being improved, and the amount of waste diminishing. Avery Twible can be reached at




W. Swimming Nabs SSC Title By MICHELLE SPEAKER Sports Writer

The women’s swim team won their second SSC Championship in three years this past weekend. The men finished in third place for the second year in a row. “It was amazing to win the conference meet again,” said Alexandra Hipolito. “We hadn’t won it since my freshman year and we were really close last year, losing it to our rivals Nova Southeastern, so the girls really went into this meet looking to get our title back and stick it to the other teams.” Coach Brennan explained the mindsets of the women and men on the swim team. “The women had perhaps more incentive knowing they could win the meet,” Brennan said. “On the men’s side, we knew going in that Florida Southern was pretty much unbeatable. I know that sounds defeatist, but in this sport the stopwatch rules. Anyone who knows anything about swimming could have told you that nothing short of a major flu epidemic in Lakeland could change the outcome.” Alexandra Hipolito is a junior at UT and was really looking forward to this

conference meet. “We’ve worked so hard all season to compete and really bring it and show what all those hours in the pool and weight room were for,” said Hipolito. “The SSC conference meet was a fourday meet,” said senior David Humphrey. “Three out of those four days, their (Florida Southern’s) men’s team broke a relay record. Remarkable stuff.” Humphrey felt the team was ready for the meet. “I felt pretty good; we have six great coaches on the deck, all of whom bring a great variety of inspiration and dedication,” Humphrey said. “They motivated me throughout this year and years past to try and perform my best.” “In 40plus years of coaching, I’ve only had three teams that were 100 percent perfect (personal best times) at a particular meet,” Coach Brennan Alexandra Hipolito said.

“It doesn’t happen often, but that’s what we always strive for. Obviously we were more successful on the women’s side, but in terms of moving on to NCAA’s we qualified more men.” Alexandra Hipolito set a meet-record time of 2:03.68 in the women’s 200 individual medley. “I helped the team on relays and in my individual events and I met all my goals I wanted to achieve,” Hipolito said with a smile. “I was pretty psyched to be a part of the relay that made an A cut and secured a spot at Nationals. The girls kicked butt and I could not be more proud of them. We were so good at being a team and really supporting each other and that was one of the best parts about the meet. We trained hard, raced hard and won as a team,” she added. Although the men didn’t win, they still have nationals to look forward to. David Humphrey is a senior heading into the Coast Guard after he graduates, which the swim program is helping him prepare for. “As co-captain on the men’s team, I feel the responsibility of the team pushing up on me as well the pressure of the coaches pushing down,” Humphrey said. “Things that could have been performed

@DaMarkco_Foster (DaMarkco Foster)

Rest in Peace Jerry Buss. Feb. 18, 2013

@JuliCav25 (Juliana Cavallaro)

Reallllyyy sick of losing Feb. 14, 2013

UT athletes share their thoughts via Twitter

better on our team. Our cheering as a unit could have been executed better. As for the swim meet, I am happy with how the team performed. This conference is only three years old and quickly has grown to become the fastest Division-II conference. With the stiff competition, I think that we did really well and am proud of my fellow Spartans.” With the women looking forward to nationals full of confidence, Hipolito stressed the importance of work ethic. “Work hard,” she said. “Keep the team tightly knit and morals high. To keep the streak going for years to come this is what the team needs to maintain.” Michelle Speaker can be reached at

Tourney Looms As Basketball Struggles to Score By PAIGE SHALLCROSS

BASKETBALL SCHEDULE Saturday, Feb. 23 Women

vs Barry (12-10, 4-9) 2 p.m. Tampa, Fla.


vs Barry (10-12, 4-9), 4 p.m. Tampa, Fla.

Wednesday, Feb. 27 Women

vs Florida Southern (9-13, 3-9) 5:30 p.m. Tampa, Fla.


vs Florida Southern (19-3, 10-2) 7:30 p.m. Tampa, Fla.

Saturday, March 2 Women

@ Florida Tech (16-6, 8-4) 2 p.m. Melbourne, Fla.


@ Florida Tech (12-10, 5-7) 4 p.m. Melbourne, Fla.

Sports Writer

With the regular season coming to a close and tournaments fast approaching, the Tampa men’s basketball team is working to put in a few more wins and hopefully play strong in the upcoming conference championships. At the beginning of the season, the Spartan team had a large win streak but recently has been dropping a few games. But even with the recent losses, Coach Richard Schmidt still has seen a lot of improvement in the team this year. “We have seen a big improvement over last year; we’ve won 16 games but we feel like we should have won a few more,” said Schmidt. “We’re still a player or two away from being a top-notch team. We’ve improved ourselves by getting Da’Markco Foster and also getting Anthony Griffis back made a big difference.” Seeing the improvement from last year to this year is something to be proud of, but the team still thinks there is more to improve on in the upcoming games and heading toward next year. “We still need a couple of other players to really make our team stand out,” said Schmidt. “We’ve done well; we have won 16 games but we have lost more than we would have liked to lose. We were close in a lot of games but we just haven’t been able to get over that last hump.” To be able to really show great improvement, Coach Schmidt thinks the team’s ability to score needs to be finetuned. “A lot of times we haven’t been able to score,” stated Schmidt. “Our scoring isn’t the best and we just can’t score. When Anthony gets tired or Da’Markco is tired it makes it really difficult because we really only have two guys that can score. If you look at our

Casey Budd/ The Minaret

Ryan Kidd plays defense during the Spartans’ 77-74 victory over Florida Tech.

stats, we have two guys that are averaging double figures but a lot of the teams in the league have about four or five guys who average double figures so that has been a problem for us.” Not only has the team had difficulty with scoring, in a couple of games the team has had bad luck with calls against the team. Some of these calls have even cost games for the Spartans. “We have had some bad luck in games,” said Schmidt. “The other night, there were a couple of calls that game that really hurt us and when we played Eckerd the first time, we should have won that game. We had the referee call two consecutive things that made us give up six points, which would have won that game. So we have had some bad luck.” Even with the bad luck in games, the team is still staying positive knowing how much they have improved from last year. “Like I mentioned before, we have seen a lot of improvement from last year especially in our defense,” recalled Schmidt.

“We play pretty good defense throughout most of the games which is really good. I think once we get the scoring aspect down though, we will be one of the top teams in the conference.” Knowing the regular season is coming to an end, the men’s basketball team is keeping their focus on their goals for postseason. “Right now, we’re focusing on the tournament and we hope we can get better over the next three weeks,” said Schmidt. “That is our only goal right now, to get to a NCAA tournament and a conference tournament. That is the only thing we can hope for and that’s what we’re practicing to do.” With their goal in sight, only time will tell if the Spartan team will pull through and accomplish a solid end to their rollercoaster regular season and a successful start to postseason. Their next game is Saturday, Feb. 23 at 4 p.m. when they host Barry. Paige Shallcross can be reached at



UT Baseball Streak Hits Six in a Row By NATHAN KROHN Sports Writer

The dugout was littered with cleats and gym bags as the sun slowly crawled up from behind the bleachers early Saturday morning. The pitchers congregated in left center field to chat and snag the occasional fly ball as head coach Joe Urso stood behind a protective net flinging balls for batting practice. After a disappointing home season opening loss, The University of Tampa men’s baseball team has been unbeatable, winning their last six consecutive games. “We’ve been swinging the bat really well, good bullpen work,” Coach Urso said, taking a break from his throwing duties. “Defensively we’ve improved a lot; we had no errors against Columbus State.”

Despite the hot start, the UT men face a difficult challenge improving on an impressive 38-10 record a season ago. The loss of pitchers Sean Bierman and Ben O’Shea to the Major League Baseball draft has left a hole in the starting rotation. “We need to be getting more consistent starts out of our starting pitching,” Coach Urso said, casually tossing a baseball against the wall. “Guys aren’t going deep enough and we’re needing to go to the bullpen too early.” Through the first seven games of the season, Spartans starting pitchers have lasted an average of 4.1 innings per start. During that time the team has used four or more pitchers in a game on four different occasions. Ben Brown, a senior right-handed pitcher from Winter Haven, Fla., has

Samantha Battersby/The Minaret Third baseman Sean O’Brien takes a swing during the Spartans’ opening series against Bentley.

been one of the most consistent starters for UT thus far. In his first two starts, Brown has racked up two wins, pitching nine innings with an earned run average of just 1.00. Despite the early season hiccup for the pitching staff, Brown believes the staff has just as much talent as the year before. “We’re not in midseason form right now but the pitching is as good as last year,” Brown said. “We’ve got some good new arms. Just have to make sure to throw strikes and get ahead of guys.” For Brown, remaining focused on the mound has been the key to his personal success. “I tend to let myself coast a little bit sometimes,” Brown said squinting through the morning sun. “I’ve been really trying to focus on each individual batters and not let myself coast.” The general consensus from Coach Urso and other players on the team is that there has been improvement offensively this season, a needed upgrade as an early exit from the tournament last season was accused on cold bats. However, as the offense has progressed, Coach Urso would like to see further improvement in his team’s number of strikeouts. The Spartans totaled 34 strikeouts through their first seven games, an average of about one every seven at bats. It’s clear that wont cut it once conference play begins. “Our conference will exploit hitters who strikeout,” Coach Urso explained. “We’ve juggled the lineup around, had them take extra time in the cage to try

and make sure we get more contact with the ball.” Connor Obrochta, a right-handed outfielder from St. Petersburg, Fla., who came to UT for the “great business and baseball programs,” is tied for second on the team in hits (8) but knows improvements can be made. “Coach has us doing extra time in the cage working with the curveball machine,” Obrochta said. Obrochta continuously preached hard work and consistency over everything as the requisite for team success. “If it’s a long win streak or a long losing streak we just have to stay the same,” Obrochta said. “Have to stay consistent.” Consistency, chemistry and hard work are three ingredients for success and Obrochta feels this team has the chemistry of one that can win a championship. “We had a lot of new guys and it took us a while to get to know each other,” Obrochta said while joking with teammates. “But we meshed together and we’ve got a good group of guys here.” Despite the noted areas for improvement, the Spartans have jumped out to a sizzling start in their first seven games, outscoring their opponents by an average of 4.5 runs per game. “We’re more polished this year and we expect to win a national title,” Coach Urso said. “Here you’re measured on national titles and nothing else.” UT baseball next plays today, Feb. 21 at 4 p.m. and 7 p.m. at home. Nathan Krohn can be reached at

Quietly Top 10, Softball Leans on Stout Pitching

By J.P. HANEY Sports Writer

In the vast landscape of college athletics, there are many sports where teams and individuals simply do not get the recognition they deserve for their success. For many schools, football and basketball reign supreme as the more popular sports while the popularity of sports such as golf and softball fall by the wayside. However, a team’s popularity or recognition usually does not guarantee success in any sport. For the University of Tampa softball team, they have quietly become one of UT’s best athletic programs by being extremely motivated to succeed and establishing an undeniably strong sense of team chemistry. Although the season is still young, the Spartans have quickly established themselves as one of the best teams in the country. Currently the team sits No. 8 in the national rankings, and they were also voted as the favorites to win the Sunshine

Talk of the Town Professional Sporting News in the Region

State Conference. “Going into the season we all had one goal in mind, and that is to make it to nationals,” senior Stacy Piagno commented. “We know that we have a team that could be successful and we put everything out there and leave it out on the field,” sophomore Taylor Storey further described. The main aspect of the team’s game that has made the team so successful thus far is pitching, particularly the pitching of junior Kayla Cox. Cox has astonishingly started six games (all complete games) and has an ERA (earned run average) of zero. “Not many teams have pitchers that strike out an average of 12 to 14 girls a game,” Storey explained. “While we do have a strong defense it does make it easy when the pitchers are striking everyone out.” Recently, the team competed in the Saint Leo Invitational where the Spartans won each game by a significant amount,

while also allowing zero runs throughout the entire invitational. While things may be going smoothly for the team, there are potential issues that they must address in order to be playing in nationals in May. For one, they need to establish a legitimate number-two pitcher in the rotation behind Kayla Cox. Furthermore, Stacy Piagno they cannot falter once they enter conference play. “Conference play is always a bit more intense because we are fighting for more,” Piagno said of the team’s Sunshine State Conference challenges ahead. “Because we are in a very good conference, we will need to step up our play; however, we should be playing to the best of our ability no matter who we play.”

It is common for UT athletic teams to struggle in the SSC conference because of the intense competition and the familiarity that each school has with the other teams in the conference. However, what makes this softball team different (and more competitive), is the degree to which they have established team chemistry. “What makes us such a success this year is that we are a true team and family,” Piagno described. “By just having a good time together, we are meshing and performing as one on the field.” The team has a great shot of making it to nationals if they can continue their dominance over the competition and continue to work together to achieve their goals. The softball team’s next game is this Friday, Feb. 22 at 11:15 a.m. at Saint Leo University. The game marks the first game of the Saint Leo Challenge and the Spartans will take on Columbus State at 6 p.m. J.P. Haney can be reached at

After a 6-1 start, the Lightning lost six straight games before finally beating the Panthers last Saturday night. Four of the six losses were on the road. Tampa is 5-1-1 at home this year and 24-1 on the road.

The Rays recently announced that Elliot Johnson is the “player to be named later” as a part of the trade for Will Myers. Also, Reid Brignac was traded to Colorado for cash considerations and a player to be named later.

The Magic were 15-37 as of Tuesday morning, and talking about the possibility of sending guard J.J. Redick to Milwaukee for Luc Mbah a Moute and a first round pick. Aaron Afflalo leads the Magic with 16.6 ppg.



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U.S. Looks For First Gold In WBC By CONNOR ANTHONY Sports Writer

The third ever World Baseball Classic is set to begin in just a couple of weeks, in the beginning of March. For those not familiar with this, it is very similar to the FIFA World Cup. Started in 2006, the WBC is a baseball tournament featuring players from 16 different countries. Much like the FIFA world cup, all players must hold citizenship of their respected country to play on that team. The United States team has been a disappointment in the first two showings, finishing eighth in 2006 and fourth in 2009. This year though, they might be the team to beat. The pitching isn’t as impressive, with R.A Dickey and Gio Gonzalez being really the only noticeable names leading the top of the rotation. The pitching in the WBC is usually limited because opening day only is only a month away and most teams don’t want to risk their star pitchers getting injured. The bread and butter of this team is definitely the hitting. The lineup includes Mark Teixiera, Giancarlo Stanton, Joe Mauer, Ryan Braun, Adam Jones, Brandon Phillips and David Wright. That’s a pretty good product to put on the field but the same was probably said about the ‘06 and ‘09 squads that featured


Fans cheer for South Korea during the 2009 World Baseball Classic. The team finished runner-up in the tournament to Japan behind the pitching of Jung Keun Bung (1 ER in 17.2 innings).

Chipper Jones and Derek Jeter in their primes. Though on paper the U.S might have the best team, they’re going to have to get past Japan first. They might get to rest a little easier knowing that Daisuke Matsuzaka, the MVP of the first two

Classics’s isn’t quite the pitcher that he used to be. Since it is the World Baseball Classic, it would make sense that games would take place in multiple countries. Games will be played in Japan at the Fukuoka dome and the Tokyo Dome.

Games will also be played in Taiwan and Puerto Rico. In the United States, games will be played at Chase Field in Phoenix, Marlins Park in Miami, and Salt River Fields at Talking Stick in Scottsdale, Ariz. For the third straight WBC, the final will take place in California. In 2006 it took place in San Diego at Petco Park, 2009 at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles and this year it will take place at AT&T Park in San Francisco. There are a few rules that make the W.B.C. different from a regular MLB game. There are pitch count limits per game, and a required amount of days to rest depending on the amount of pitches thrown in a game. There is a mercy rule; if a team is up by 10 runs after seven innings or 15 runs after five innings then the game is over. The designated hitter will be part of every game. The United States team, managed by Hall of Fame manager Joe Torre, will kick off March 8 at 9 p.m. against Mexico. March 9 and 10 they will finish up their group play by playing Italy and Canada respectively. The tournament will last from March 2 to the championship game March 19 in San Francisco. Connor Anthony can be reached at



2-Week May Term May 13 – 25


6-Week Terms May 28 – July 6 July 8 – Aug. 17 12-Week Term May 28 – Aug. 17 Registration Starts Feb. 25. Register Online:

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Swimming Soars [17]

Samantha Battersby/ The Minaret Junior Pat Cunningham hits the deck during the Spartans’ 17-5 loss to Limestone College.

World Baseball [19]

Samantha Battersby/ The Minaret Larry Gress fights for possession in a game that saw Limestone score 10 fourth-quarter goals.

A Tough Start

Lacrosse falls to ranked Limestone in front of a packed house By JORDAN LLANES Sports Writer

The atmosphere was electric. The crowd was boisterous and large. Black shirts, both from Student Government and the JV lacrosse players, reigned supreme. The timing was ripe for an upset for these young Spartans, as they hosted the No. 4 ranked team in the nation. But by the time the scoreboard got down to zero, the crowd and the players knew it wasn’t meant to be. The Spartans (1-1), who led 3-1 with 10:50 left in the second quarter, fell victim to 14 unanswered goals by Limestone College over the course of the next three quarters en route to a 17-5 loss at Pepin Stadium Friday night. Senior midfielder Greg Griffo led the Spartan attack with two goals and an assist, but the UT offense was no match for the high flying Limestone attack, and its defense had no answers to stop it. Head Coach Rory Whipple was very frank when it came to his team’s performance. “They (Limestone) are ranked fourth in the country, and this game showed our guys where we’re at, and what we need to


And Out

A brief rundown of Spartan sports

do: work harder,” said Whipple. One big thing that the Spartans need to work on is their communication, especially on the field. While on the sideline, assistant coaches and players were shouting directions to the players on the field, but this began to die down in the second half as Limestone continued to score against the Spartan defense.

Freshman Midfielder Riley Piper talked about the breakdown in communication with his teammates, as well as the need to play better as a whole. “We just need to play better as a team,” said Piper. “We got five goals, and they had 17. That’s not an individual thing; it’s a team thing.” Penalties also hurt the Spartans,

penalty troubles, where we started giving up man-up goals, then the game sort of got away from us,” said Whipple. There were also a couple of scoring opportunities that got away from the team, most notably in the first half. They had a couple of shots that hit off of Limestone’s pipes, both of which could have given the Spartans a 5-4 advantage

heading into the half instead of a 4-3 deficit. Prior to this crushing loss, the Spartans were able to get a 12-7 road win against conference foe Florida Southern on Feb. 8. The Mocs knocked them out of the playoffs a year ago. This squad learned a lot from the Limestone defeat, and they have quite a bit to work on the next few days. But keep in mind that Limestone is the No. 4 ranked team in the nation that played an exhibition match against Duke, and this Spartan team returns many players from last year’s inaugural squad that went 11-5 under Whipple, including Griffo, sophomore midfielder MJ Lorenzo, senior defender Eric Dance and senior goalkeeper Joseph Fiorucci. It is also a team looking to make its first ever NCAA Tournament bid in only its second season of existence, which remains a possibility for this squad despite Friday’s defeat. They also aim to defend their status as Big South Conference champions. That journey will continue Saturday when the Spartans look to rebound when they travel to take on Saint Leo at 7 p.m. Jordan Llanes can be reached at jordan.

No. 3 Baseball [6-1, 0-0]

Women’s Basketball [14-8, 4-8]

No. 9 Softball [8-1, 0-0]


especially on defense. The team had multiple penalties in the second and third quarters, which lead to several Limestone goals. It all comes back to working as a unit and communicating better on and off the field. If the team had cut down on their penalties, the game might have had a closer outcome. “In the third quarter, we had some

We got five goals, and they had 17. That’s not an individual thing; it’s a team thing. -Midfielder Riley Piper

After a loss to start the season, the Spartans have won six straight games. The team has outscored opponents 55-21 during the win streak. Tampa is enjoying its lengthy homestand and hosts Hillsdale for a doubleheader Thursday and Pace for a three-game set this weekend.


Tampa dropped another game, this time to Nova Southeastern for the second time this season. With two of their last three regular season games against Barry and Florida Southern, the bottom dwellers of the conference, there is hope moving forward for the Spartans.

The Spartans have come running out of the gates behind pitcher Kayla Cox. Cox has yet to surrender a run in 40.2 innings. In the eight wins the Spartans have, they have shut out opponents seven times. The team will play three games in the Saint Leo Challenge this weekend.

The Minaret 2/21/2013  
The Minaret 2/21/2013  

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