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SMX-C14 makes shots in various angles easy by JG2000 on Aug 12, 2009

Recently, most of the people have experience to take pictures, and have a camera. People who have cameras push the shutter to remember the precious moment. After pushing the shutter, they could take the image, but not the sound, so that wasn’t satisfactory. That’s why many people want to have a camera which can record a video or a camcorder recently. In the past, camcorders were expensive, but now it’s different. The price is getting lower and the functions have been developed a lot. The trend of camcorders is to have a built-in camera function, and now the difference between cameras and camcorders went away, but that doesn’t mean there’s no difference between them. Then, which camcorder does have the recent trend? There are a lot of camcorders having low price and camera function, and among them, the Samsung SMX-C14 provides good design and reliable service. Let’s take a look at the SMX-C14.

The color of box is combination of black and white, and on the front, the product image is printed. The size is 17Ă—13x6.5cm.

Opening the box, there’s a manual and CD, and below the space is divided into body and other items. The body is wrapped with the anti-static plastic bag, and in the right side, each item is wrapped in a bag. They are manual, CD, AV cable, camcorder, battery, charger, USB cable, and hand strap.

The Samsung SMX-C14 is small and compact. It looks like a circular pebble and has curved line between surfaces. The color is high glossy black emphasizing the high grade. The color is divided into 3 colors. The main color is red gradation and the motive comes from the Bordo TV.

Using the metal silver, it gives a point. Black aluminum hair line pattern has been applied for inside design.

The design is satisfactory, but it leaves fingerprints due to high glossy coating, and dusts are easily attached. Also small scratches might be left unless very fine material is used when cleaning.

The product is compact size, fits a small hand of women, and the grip is a little bit inconvenient. The finger holding the LCD is a bit inconvenient. The lens is tilted to 25 degree, so it makes shots in various angles easy and reduces fatigue on the wrist. However, when recording putting the camcorder on a table, it records not the straight scene, but the scene 25 degree upside, so it’s a little inconvenient. For example, users who record using a material around in a dark place feel more inconvenience than before.


The size is 114Ă—38.5Ă—56.5mm. The lens part is a small finger size, 10x zoom, 24mm wide angle, and f1.8-2.4 lens.

External buttons consists of 3 buttons, and from the top, zoom control lever, shot button, and recording buttons are located. When gripping, each button can be controlled by thumb for recording button, index for shot button, and middle finger for zoom lever.

The LCD is 2.7 inch and 3 buttons are located on the left. When recording, you can make various shot setting by holding the LCD with a left hand, adjusting the LCD angle, and controlling the menu button and 4 way button. The 4 way button is also used as OK button. The red button on the lower side is a recording button and can be used as an alternative button of recording button on the right side. You may say 2 recording buttons are not necessary, but when operating, the right hand mainly controls the zoom lever, so sometimes they miss important moments. Also, for those who have short thumbs, the left recording buttons is more convenient.

Inside buttons consist of 5 buttons. The more frequently used power button is located very inside to reduce miss operation. The most remarkable buttons of this product is Youtube and easy Q button. The Youtube button allows you to connect the YouTube directly, and the Easy Q allows you quick recording by the quick setting. The USB connection part is covered with the rubber cap to be protected from external dusts.

The cover on the back opens up by pushing it like a car trunk. On the top, battery part is located, so pushing the battery, it’s fixed by the fixing device. Pulling down the fixing device,

the battery comes up. Below, the SD card part is located, and it can share the storage with the internal memory, so it’s good to store a lot of volume. At the lower side, output and charge cable part are located. 2 types of charging are supported such as adaptor charge and USB charge. Therefore, when traveling, USB can solve everything.

On the side, strap part is located, and the strap is the same as cell phone ring.

On the bottom, there’s a tripod hole and microphone. I don’t like the position of the microphone. I feel the voice recording is not as good as other camcorders. It’s not just because of the location, but I’m not satisfied with this.

Using the lattice, you can get more exact composition. 2 type of lattice lines are supported, and users can select one of them.

The LCD quality is okay, but compared to 920K pixel of DSLR, it’s not good enough. There’s no problem in the viewing angle and light reflection.

Because of the small size, the portability is great, so you can carry this any time. I’m finishing the review of appearance and design.

SMX-C14 makes shots in various angles easy  

There are a lot of camcorders having low price and camera function, and among them, the Samsung SMX-C14 provides good design and reliable se...

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