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Rakuten Case Study: Global e-Retail Expansion Strategy Browse for More Related Reports (Case Study) through below Link : %20Study&PubId=&pagenum=1 Browse for More Related Reports ( e-Retail) through below Link : -

Rakuten Case Study: Global e-Retail Expansion Strategy UK E-Retail 2011 UK E-retail Grocery Retailers 2010 UK e-Retail 2010 Retail Futures: UK e-Retail Q1 2010 Retail Futures Q4 E-retail e-Retail: Multichannel retail integration UK E-Retail 2009 Introduction Since it was established in the late 1990s Rakuten has recorded rapid growth; starting as a small e-commerce company, by 2004 it was the second ranking site in Japan. Rakutens goal is to become the worlds biggest Internet services company. The company started expansion with selected markets in Asia-Pacific, followed by acquisitions in the Americas and Europe. Features and benefits as innovative products, business models, and significant company acquisitions. Fact-based and presented in an accessible style, they explain the rationale of commercial designs and illustrate wider market and economic trends.

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