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India has been targeted by terrorists many times in the past years which had a huge impact on the mindset of all quarters of society including government, businesses and citizens. Recent growth and development of the Indian economy and high living standards has simultaneously increased alongside crime in India. Government of India has and is implementing many biometrics associated solutions and projects which ensures utility of the technology in the country in long future as well. Considering the growing national and personal security concern alongside government’s large-scale nation-wide deployment, biometrics market is standing at the threshold of endless opportunities in India.

The report begins with ‘Introduction’ section covering overview regarding biometrics which provides basic idea of what is biometric technology, basic biometric identification and verification algorithm and an overview of its parent industry. The ‘Market Overview’ section elaborates global & domestic market state of biometrics access control. It is accompanied by a plethora of statistical information regarding biometrics in global scenario as well as in India such as global & domestic biometrics market size, revenue generated from biometric product and services and other related information. The section also elaborates on major biometric technologies, performance of various biometric technology data, market segmentation of biometric technologies, market entry and distribution model for market entry in India and details regarding imports of biometric products in India. It also focuses on some specific application area of biometrics in major sectors. It is followed by a cost-accuracy matrix positioning major biometric solutions according to their prices and performance. Browse Below Keywords For More Information : Biometrics Market India 2012 Category Related Report: Automotive, Automobile, Aerospace & Aviation, Banking,  Consumer Goods, Construction, Chemicals, Defense, Diabetes, Disease, Drinks,  Energy, Electronics, Financial , Food & Drinks, Glass, Healthcare, Insurance,  Information technology, Investment, Industrial Gases, Industry Profile, Medical,  Media, Marketing, Miscellaneous, Metals & Mining, Nuclear Energy, Oil & Gas,  Power, Real Estate, Software, Solar, Transportation

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