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Indians not Fine with the Idea of Taj Arabia Indian legislator from Agra, Mr. Satish Chandra Gupta was reported to have expressed serious reservations on the replication of Taj Mahal as Taj Arabia in Dubai. He was of the view that it is a historical place and the reason of its replication, he said, was beyond his imagination. He was also vocal about the interests of the Indian state in this regard and believed that even if one wants to make a copy of such a historical monument, the royalty must be paid to Agra and India as it is exclusive right of the city to have the grand Taj Mahal made by the Moghul ruler Shah Jehan in the seventeenth century in the memory of his beloved wife Noor Jehan and is considered as one of the seven wonders of the world. Taj Arabia which is a replication of Taj Mahal and a project of Falconcity in Dubai is one of the many historical monuments and buildings that are to be constructed in the this society. Other famous buildings whose duplications are to be constructed in Dubai Falconcity include Great pyramids of Giza, Eiffel Tower, Leaning Tower of Pisa and Hanging Gardens of Babylon etc. It certainly is one of the most attractive ideas in Dubai real estate and Taj Arabia itself will charm a large number living in Dubai as a huge Indian and Pakistani community also lives here. Taj Arabia is going to be four times bigger than the original one and number of malls and restaurants are to be constructed inside it. Surendera Sharma, who is President of Braj Mandal Heritage Conservation Society, also voiced his concerns on the project. He opined that Taj Mahal is not an ordinary building and believes that the Indians are emotionally attached to it. Scores of Muslims come here to offer prayers and the construction of Taj Arabia may hurt their feelings. He reiterated almost the same notions that Mr. Satish had expressed in Agra.

Indians not Fine with the Idea of Taj Arabia