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Waiting for a moment to explore the world. When you are already achieved lot of things in your life it is better to live the rest doing what makes you happy. This is not a philosophical article but a general one which highlights the essential points which one need to take care of. For general people they are going through number of things which give them hardly any time to do things which they love the most. They should understand their desire and try fulfill it before it is too late. For me it’s being in new places every month. You can say that for me tourism would be the best option. Even I think the same and when you talk about international travel and tourism, the experience is unforgettable and enchanting. When people go abroad for tourism, they get to know a plethora of things that adds up to their travel experience. In addition, they get the opportunity to experience international sports, cuisine and entertainment and get a piece of the place’s culture and history. Today, Asian countries are competing with the Western ones in terms of tourism competitiveness. Europe is popular for its medieval culture, its ancient relics as well the modern facets like festivals, arts, theatre, food and sports. Asia scores above Europe when it comes to culture and spiritual rejuvenation. Many Western tourists visit the Orient for having their bite in the cultural pie and for spiritual experience with India and Thailand being on the forefront. The talk of international tourism is incomplete without mentioning cruise ships. Visiting a cruise ship is an old yet preferred phenomenon. People get every facility like food, staying, sports, games, casino, disco and spa on these cruise ships. These ships move from port to port and the tourists get down at each one for sightseeing and then get back to the ship after the stipulated docking time is over. These are my dreams and to start with my dreams I’ve been in many places which are near to my places like Goa, Karnala, Malvan and Shirdi. As I had the Pancard clus timeshare plan the accommodations at all these places was not a problem. As per this scheme they have given me accommodation rights in hotels managed by Panoramic Universal Limited (PUL). So it is a small step but I plan to track all places in the world one by one very soon.

Waiting for a moment to explore the world  
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