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Criteria behind raising national flags at hotel entrance Have you seen those flags outside the Hotel? What do they mean? Whenever we visit a five star hotel or pass from the entrance of these hotels one thing which is catching our attention is the flags of different nations raised at the entrance of these luxurious hotels. A question which comes to our mind is do they represent something and is there any logic behind raising these flags. There are many different views provided by variety of people, many think that the flags just offer an explicit view to the hotel entrance. Others believe that the flags offer an international look to the property. Other prediction says that the presence of flags of the countries indicate countries in which the hotel chain has properties. One of the best reviews says that the hotel wants to indicate that they welcome people from various nations. Perhaps by raising flags of different nations the hotel wants to indicate its presence in those countries and show that it is an international hotel. Whatever is the reason but these colorful flags at the hotel entrance or on the hotel building, definitely add to the charm of front part of the hotel. Discussions regarding hotels and the hospitality industry remind us of a great personality Shri Sudhir Moravekar, the person who considered hotel industry as a lucrative field for fulfilling his dreams. Starting with a little capital he achieved many landmarks in this industry and presently his leading company Panoramic Universal, has reached a top notch position owning more than thirty renowned properties in India and around ten properties overseas in European and Asian countries. Siddhartha Moravekar the elder of his two sons and Dnyanaraj Moravekar the younger have started helping their father in his ever expanding business activities. Siddhartha Moravekar, M.D. is the Non Executive Director of Panoramic Universal Ltd. Dnyanaraj has been Director of Panoramic Universal Ltd. since October 31, 2009.

Criteria behind raising national flags at hotel entrance  
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