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Career opportunities in Hospitality Industry with just a Diploma Have you ever dreamed of having a great career in Hospitality industry? Have you been feeling clueless without any direction from where to start for a Bright career? Well we have enlisted some of the best career options in Hospitality industry for you. These careers don't need much Higher education but a Hospitality diploma. Front Office / Reception Those who like to meet new people, like to talk , can become good Receptionists. The main duty of Front office / Receptionist is to welcome the arriving guests. Visitors may be new to the place hence it becomes the duty of receptionist to guide them properly and accommodate in the Hotel while enjoying the stay. Marketer: In every field Marketing plays very important role to promote ones own Business. In Hospitality also, there becomes necessity to develop marketing and advertising strategy for the Business product and to bring in front of the wider audience. The Hospitality marketing includes ,to ensure smooth functioning of restaurant and cocktail bars, ski packages for ski resorts, game drives for game lodges, boating trips offered by tropical island hideaways, etc. Department Manager: Department Manager have to go through various responsibilities as below Hotelier: A hotelier is the Manager of the Hotel or resorts. The basic duty of the Hotelier is just to manage the staffs and functioning of the Hospitality services. On a general level, if A person gets the job of Hotelier in a small Hotel, Resort or Lodge, he would need to manage few staffs whereas if the person becomes Hotelier in a Outstanding hotel he would need to manage the Departmental managers Housekeeper Every Physical business structure needs a maintenance and cleanliness. as Housekeeper you have to make sure your Hotel premises are clean and fresh. The housekeeping team make sure that every place and every corner in the Hotel is clean and tidy. The guests shouldn't get any inconvenience. Concierge A Concierge is generally called as the People's Man. A Concierge generally assists the Visitors in various activities.

Chef If one loves cooking or baking , there is opportunities to become a chef. There are 3 types of chef 1. Chef de partie, 2. Sous chef, 3. Chef de cuisine Sommelier Don't get surprised but The wine stewards are known as Sommelier. As a sommelier one can serve people as giving advice on food and wine combinations and managing the wine list. Tour Guide Tour guide plays key role in guiding the people. Giving informative and accurate facts to the Tourists is the most important duty of the Tour Guide. Events Planner The responsibilities of Events Planner includes planning, organizing & Execution of events such as wedding parties, concerts etc. One have to making out the purpose of the events and organize according to the clients wishes. To Ensure The Smooth proceeding of Event , The Event Planner has to be very fluent with the Client. Visit –

Career opportunities in hospitality industry  
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