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MILESTONE FLOORING Milestone Industrial Flooring are experienced Flowcrete Approved Contractors and Specialist installers of industrial Resin Flooring, Epoxy Coatings and Screeds. Our seamless flooring solutions innovatively transform any environment with products ranging from Heavy-Duty Industrial flooring and Decorative Commercial Resins through to Car Park Decking Systems, Screeds and Drainage. We work with a wide range of clients and businesses from independent retailers through to large corporate brands, using our skill and innovative resin floor systems to provide quick installations without compromising on quality ensuring that you have the floor that is right for your business. From anti-bacteria to anti-static, heat resistant to slip resistant, commercial and industrial whatever you need, we have you and your floor covered.


EDUCATION & PUBLIC B UILDINGS Milestone Flooring have many years experience working in all aspects of Education and Public Buildings, from Canteen areas to Classrooms and even Swimming Pools we make sure that you have the right floor to match your timescale and budget. Our Quartz scatter system provides a tough anti-slip surface designed to withstand the high foot traffic expected in schools while creating a safe and clean environment for pupils and staff. Our classic Quartz system creates a high quality look with a smooth satin finish giving any area that modern and fresh look. For a more decorative finish, try our Terrosso Flake and Kristalina systems.


RESTAURANTS & KITCHENS Milestone Flooring are the leading installers for restaurant kitchen flooring, our rapid curing resin systems are designed to meet the tough demands of restaurant and fast food kitchens. We are the sole Flooring Contractor for KFC, alongside KFC Franchises and Mitchells & Butler Pubs, installing floors in Kitchens, Toilets and Cellars with floor designs to suit their wide range of brands. Due to the quick turnaround needed, we install the Flowfast resin floor systems that fully cure in two hours reducing business downtime, helping your business to get back up and running as soon as possible. We install anti-slip resin floor finishes to meet UK health and safety requirements that provide high heat resistance for cook-line areas.


AUTOMOTIVE Milestone Flooring provide durable, oil and slip resistant surfaces, perfect for workshop areas that help to create a safer working environment. FA Ropers needed a high quality floor finish for their car showroom to match their luxury brand. The Flowfast Kristalina system provides a smooth gloss finish with crystal flakes that help to give that extra bit of sparkle. For a different look, we used the Flowfast Quartz system with yellow line marking to create a road effect at Manheim Motor Auctions, for their cars to drive down when on display, this provides a durable system to resist the high level of wheel and foot traffic.


FOOD & DRINK Milestone Flooring work with some of the leading brands in the Food & Drink sector and provide flooring solutions to meet the most exacting standards of clients such as McVities, ASDA and Greenfield Produce amongst many other leading brands. Flowfast Quartz systems are perfect for fast turnaround projects that demand a minimum downtime to production and require a seamless, durable and hygienic surface. Our Polyurethane systems give higher temperature resistance where required and offer a durable, chemical resistant floor, perfect for bakeries, high care and cooking areas.


COMMERCIAL & INDUSTRIAL We design our floor systems to suit our clients’ needs, whether it is a thick anti-static screed, durable Epoxy coatings or decorative flakes. For Anglo Stainless we installed a glossy, Solvent Free Epoxy Coating system to their manufacturing facility. This is a cost effective solution that is designed to withstand forklift and foot traffic, for wet areas we incorporate a slip-resistant additive to create a textured finish. We work with all types of retail and commercial environments from supermarkets to airports and we know that these environments have to impress their customers. Our Resin floors are ideal, with rapid installation and extensive design potential and a virtually limitless palette of colours.



WHAT IS RESIN FLOORING? 1. Resin Flooring is completely seamless and therefore prevents the build-up of dirt and bacteria in unsightly cracks, joints and crevices found in tiles and vinyl. 2. Resin Flooring has superb heat resistance, withstanding temperatures of up to 120C with some Polyurethane resin systems. 3. Resin Flooring can incorporate Flowcrete’s Polygiene Ž additive, a natural antimicrobial agent that destroys up to 99% of surface bacteria. 4. Resin Flooring can have an anti-slip additive to suit slip-grade requirements, helping to reduce the number of slip related accidents within the workplace. 5. Resin Flooring offers high chemical resistance to a wide range of corrosive and potentially degrading solvents, acids and chemicals. ACCREDITATIONS & INFORMATION 0113 243 6061

Milestone Industrial Flooring 16pp Brochure  
Milestone Industrial Flooring 16pp Brochure  

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