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Figure 1. Detailed Drawing (Composition)

Primary Structure Concrete Slab with vinyle floor finishing



Figure 2. Photos taken from Site Visit Rods supporting the celing

Week 8&9

Timber Stud Suspended plaster board

Summary of Building Process : Concrete Slab(Precast) > Suspened Plaster Board>Window Frame(installation)>Vinyle Floor finishing Pros and Cons of Precasting Pros : Easier to control mix (higher quality) Less labour required on site Faster installation on site Cons: Not as accurate as in-situ lacks flexiblity in design & Dimension

Where & Why things go wrong in this type of detail? Gaps and leaks can be a crucial factor in this detail. The construction worker should be extremely cautious when installing the glass, making sure the silicone firmly seal off the gaps and theres no potential leakage in the long term

Sustainablity of the Building Materials / Economical Implication of Decisions Without doubt, the choice of concrete is not a sustainable choice. It is considered to have one of the highest embodied energy and the lowest value when it comes down to recycling. However, this particular building material was chosen for the floor slab as it is the most cost effective and has good strength to weight ratio. The silicone used for the window frame is an economical/energy conserving choice as it extends the useful life of the glass and serves as more environmentally sound alternative to other chemicals.


Week 8,9