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Journal Week 1 - Constructing Environment Using framework construction system to build a tower Construction System We decided to implment a strong base to support the whole structure. Hence we came up with a square base which was further developed into a traperzoid shape as shown in the sketch below.

The insipiration initially came from the base of the effile tower. Instead of having 4 seperated legs however, our tower hand 1 connected leg for more stablity.

Material The thickness of the balsa wood made it extremely difficult to build the tower in the desired way. On top of that, the adhesive did not seem to be a suitable choice when connecting these frames. As in real life construction, the process of choosing the appropriate materials should be the first priority. Decomposition Our tower did not hold on to a lot of live loads but the bottom base seemed to be failry strong since loads were evenly distributed at a even surface. The top part of the tower could have been much stronger with the horizontal members supporting the verticle as seen in the sketch to the right.

Week 1 pdf  
Week 1 pdf