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DYSON Supersonic Hair Dryer ($400,

D Dyson The Natural Aristocratic Tea

This Brooklyn-based soiree hosts a bevy of natural hair beauties who enjoy a chic, grown-up tea party. “We believe The Natural Aristocratic Tea is important to Black women and the beauty world because it celebrates our astonishing natural beauty,” says cofounder Jennifer Lord. “The tea creates an atmosphere of love and pride for naturalistas. It’s a unique space for bloggers and personalities who live for a sophisticated event—some super-special #BlackGirlMagic,” says Lord.

Shade-Adjusting D Drops

Fin nding the right foundatio on for our varying skin tones can be the bane of ou ur brown girl existence. Well, The Body Shop he eard our cries and cleverly came up with these liq quid drops. Mix a few of the e darkening or lightening fluids into your THE BODY SHOP too light or too dark Shade Adjusting Drops foundation to make it ($20 each, thebodyshop just right.

The Natural Aristocratic Tea looks to take #TNAT2017 to the next level. Visit thenatural aristocratic


After four years y of research e e c fro om this home-tech authority, Dyson has c created a seriously g gamec changing g gh highpressure blo owdryer. Lighttweight a and powerfful, it monitors he eat flow so your strand ds don’t get scorche scorched. The attachments also remain cool so you can pop them on and off without burning your hand. It’s pure genius in a dryer.

Asmau Ahmed

Sisters and cofounders of the popular site help us take the stress out of styling hair through a new on-demand service, Yeluchi by Un-ruly. Book an appointment online and a licensed hair pro will travel to your house to whip up a fresh twist-out, protective style or weave installation. No need to lift a finger or even change out of your pajamas. Services start at $50.



Visit iampretty



With a goal of nurturing the next generation of eco-scientists, Karen Peters started Pretty On Purpose (POP)—an initiative that gives girls an opportunity to apply STEM processes to researching, formulating and fabricating their own natural and organic bath and body products. “Public schools and organizations such as Boys & Girls Clubs and the Girl Scouts contract POP to provide workshops for their participants,” says Peters.

We all know how difficult it is to find cosmetics that perfectly complement our various skin colors. Engineer Asmau Ahmed created Girl Seeks Sample, a non-subscription program that allows you to test items to get your match. “We spent eight years refining the technology and analyzing more than 16 million colors,” says Ahmed. Simply take a selfie and in seconds you’ll receive product suggestions so you can choose your samples. Visit

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