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Optimise Microsoft® Exchange Server 2010 on Dell™ PowerEdge™R710 and storage Microsoft Exchange Server is a fantastic business-communication tool, but by optimising it you can get so much more out of it. Dell has created three architecture models to help you meet your specific needs. Each one enables you to take full advantage of the productivity and manageability gains enabled by Microsoft Exchange Server 2010.

These best-practice models combine the performance ™ ™ R710servers, ® ® powered by Intel Xeon processor, and leading-edge Dell storage platforms. The result is that you can address a comprehensive range of messaging requirements while dramatically increasing user productivity and

P.O Box: 18673, South Zone Phase 8, Blue Sheds, Warehouse # AG01, Jebel Ali, Dubai. UAE,Tel: +9714 8862237/8, Fax: +9714 886 2239, E-mail: Intel, the Intel logo, Xeon, and Xeon Inside are trademarks or registered trademarks of Intel Corporation in the U.S. and/or other countries. Copyright ©2011 Dell Inc. All rights reserved. Dell Corporation Limited, Reg. No. 02081369, Dell House, The Boulevard, Cain Road, Bracknell, Berkshire RG12 1LF.

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MAY 2012, Riyadh, KSA Recognising excellence in the IT Channel in Saudi Arabia


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CHANNEL ARABIC_FEBRUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



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HP – 16.0% Lenovo – 14.0% Dell – 12.6% Acer Group – 10.7% Asus – 6.8% Others – 40%



{-¥§fœ–G*,}¢/&*•*¥‚6&*¦™<{„§‚~M2¥F{G* ¨‚9f¸*žfŠG*‹HjI4f“¸f+1.4%›aŠ«fHf<f‚9fwI*‹+*|G*‹+|G*|¢‡M

‹,+|H+‹,|™H|.¥§gœ–H+-}¢0'+sfkJ)+mfG|‚8M¥F'+h§.|.z  ¡¥§™¸f, 2011žfŠ™H 17,554,181 14,712,266 10,516,772


11,633,880 10,796,317

Q4 2010 Q4 2011


Q4 2010 Q4 2011


Q4 2010 Q4 2011

Dell 37,358,786 36,827,666


9,823,214 5,180,913


Q4 2010 Q4 2011

Q4 2010 Q4 2011

Acer Group


Q4 2010 Q4 2011

Others 2012





CHANNEL ARABIC_FEBRUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_

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Xperia) " ƒ6(* fMÐg‚~F(*" ‘-f¢G* " jF|tk¸* m´f‚€-ÍG Å¥‚6" l“™:&* fMÐg‚~F(*" j™‚~™‚6  œ‚9 ›K&´*K Å¥‚6  H ¨CCF3 ‘-fJ ›K&* ¥CCJK (S ³ft‚8|CC±'¥CH ›ÍCC1 —CCG3K,aCCMaCCµ* (Xperia NXT) "¨-ƒCC~CF(* ¡(* "2012 »KaCCG* j§FÍ¢k‚6´* mf§IKʖG(´* ƒ9|ŠH" •Í„I* š§gE a“ŠI* ‚~“G*‚6*Ч- <Å¥‚6lŸ™<&* fœFƒ6f§Dƒ6´³(CES 2012) "jF|tk¸* m´f‚€-ÍG Å¥‚6" ug‚€§G jF|tk¸* ‘-*¥¢G* ³ ƒ€‚€wk¸* j™J{H ,aJf‚H j+|­ (Xperia™ S) "ƒ6(* fMÐg‚~F(*" ‘-fJ |CCD¥CCMK ¨)fŸ. ©¥“G* £µfŠHK jEaG* j§GfŠG* £k‚7f‚7 È<  œ‚ªM fH }-|Jfq§/ 1.5 j<|‚~+ ¥JK ,*¥ŸG* *ÐHfF ‹CCH ¨CC- &fCM fœF $*2&´* ³ j“)fD j<|‚6 j<|‚~+ 4¥CC‚C€CG* …“k™- š‚~–+fq§H 12 jCCEaCC+  HaCCMaCCµ*¨CCF{CCG*‘CC-fCC¢CG*u§kMKjCC§CIfCC.  1.5 mf‚7f‚7 ‹H ›f‚€-´* ³ jGf+ jG¥¢‚6 Å¥‚6 º(* ¡¥CCŠC™C„CkCM  CCM{CCG*ÑCCHaCCwCkC‚C~CœC™CG ,2aCCŠC kC H jCC‚C7fCC‚C7¦CC™C <mfCCM¥CCkC tC ¸fCC+‹CCkC œC kC G*K˜4fCC‚C C kC G* $*¥‚6 šCCnC H &´* ¥tŸG* ¦™< CC¢C<fCC‚C9K&* h‚6fŸ|-¥§gœF K&* ¨CCF{CCG* ‘CC-fCC¢CG* K&* ¡¥CCM}CCC™CkCG* ¨0¥G|-¥§gœFK&* ›¥œ½

" HW300Y" aMaµ*¨)fœŸ§‚~G*ƒ9|ŠG*5f¢/ƒ~–§IKʖG(* "¨/›*" l“™:&* ƒªM|ŠG*•f„ŸG*j§‚8fw+}§œkMKLED,$f‚9(*KWXGAj‚7f‚+šœŠM¥JK £§D|-m*4f§1Ça“-¦™<DLNA ›*ž*awk‚6f+…+|G*j§‚8f1K aIf+aIK|+

³j§)fŸnk‚6*N*4¥‚8" HW300Y" ¨)fœŸ§‚~G*ƒ9|ŠG*5f¢/|D¥MKj™J{H NfHf< M|‚<,a¸šœŠ§D4fgµ*£0fg‚€HfH&*f¢)f“IKf¢0¥‚9K ©¥ktM " r§™·* j“„Ÿ¸ ƒ~–§IKʖG(* ¨/ ›(* ƒ~§)4 —Mf+ ƒCC6(* ƒ-(* ›fCCEK DLNA›*ž*awk‚6f+…+|G*j§‚8f1KƒªM|ŠG*•f„ŸG*fM*}H¦™<" HW300Y" ¡f–H©&* ³£-aJf‚HKjG¥¢‚~+£™œ0—Ÿ–Æo§t+j¼aH,¥g<³¨-&fMK "•¥‚~G*³š.f¿5f¢/©&* <otg-¡&´j/ft+l‚~G5f¢µ**{J‹HK$f‚lIÊI´*mfHa1 H,|‚7fgHjH}0" HW300Y" ›ƒªM|ŠG*•f„ŸG*|D¥MK mfH¥™ŠHKv¥‚9¥G*j§Gf<žÍCCD&´*—G3³f«,Ðg–G*j‚7f‚G*¦™<ƒ9|Š™G ¡&*fœFj§gŠ‚7ÌF&´*j§<fœk/´*‹E*¥¸*º(*jDf‚9(´f+ƒ~“„G*›¥0,|‚7fgH ›* ž*awk‚6f+ …+|G* j§‚8f1 £I&* ¨ŸŠ-5f¢µ*³DLNA ¡KaCC+Kj:f‚~g+£™‚8Ku§kM ¨œE|G* L¥kt¸* ‹CCH ˜ÍCC‚C6&* j“D*¥k¸* ,}¢/&´* ³ ¡}w¸* šMf+¥¸*,}CC¢C /&* —CCG3³fCC« |-¥§gœ–G*K5f™kG*,}¢/&*K


CHANNEL ARABIC_FEBRUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



4e‚~HЍj‚ T 6i§FzG*i–f‚G*›¥™0 šf“j‚~¸*¥sIi§¸eŠG*iEe„G*i<eŸ‚8 24*¥¸*,4*2(*³žfCC ¢‚6(´*KjEf„G*¦™< "j“™¸*j“™¶*‡I³ f¢-4*a/jCC §F{G*mf–CC g‚G*lkg.&*aCC EK ,4fCC “G* ³ fCC JÐ.&f-K fCC ¢k§E¥.¥HK fN C C<K|‚H211ÑCC ‚7a-‹CC HjCC §+K4K&´* f¢kœ§EŽ™g-m*4fCC œnk‚6*³¡%´*¦CC k0 ¨CC –M|H&*4´K24fCC §™H6.7jCC §Gfœ/(´* —CC Mf+^ fCC ¢-4a‚8&* jCC ‚6*4aG fN C C“DKK jCC M4f‚k‚6´* jCC ‚~‚6'¥¸* ]ƒCC -Ђ~M4 jCC Ef„G* mfCC ‚6*4a+ jCC §T ŸŠ¸* jCC §¸fŠG* jCC §ŸgG*‹CC M4f‚HjCC œ§E¡(fC CDjCC H*ak‚~¸* 200¥tIŽ™gk‚6j§F{G*j–g‚™Gj§ktkG* ÑCC + ,ÊCC G*³¨CC –M|H&* 4´K24fCC §™H mf–g‚G*‚~k-K2015-2008¨Hf< f¢I&f+jCC H$*¥œ™GjCC ™+f“G*jCC §œE|G*jCC §F{G* j§)fŸnk‚6´*fCC ¢-4a“+K¤fCC ­´*jCC §)fŸ. ÑCC Hawk‚~¸* mfCC Š™„- jCC gF*¥H ¦CC ™<  CC M42fgH ÑCC –™¢k‚~H º(* ›¥CT C tkGf+ jCC §™<fGf+jCC Ef„G*,4*2(* ¦CC ™< CC M42fE  CC H aT C C¶*KCC ¢kEf:sfCC kI(*KjCC +¥™„¸* ¡¥+|–G*a§‚~F&*ÅŠgI*

j“™“¸*žfE4&´*¤{CC J$¥‚9³Kž2fCC “G* §§“-jCC §™œŠ+jCC gGf„¸*m*¥CC ‚8&´*¥CC ™Šj§™ŠG*Kj§œE|G*jCC §ktkG*j§Ÿg™Gj™Hf‚7 ¨kG*…CC ‚6K&´*•|CC ‚G*j“„Ÿ«fCC œ§‚6´ jCC §I¥+|FK4a§¢G*24*¥CC ¸*¦CC ™<aCC œkŠ,2aT qk¸*Ð=K,2Kat¸* ƒ~§)4hCC )fI¥CC g§‚-|CC JfH2›¥CC “MK j“„Ÿ¸mfHa·*Kj§Ha·*”D*|¸*Œf„E ¦™<f§“M|D&*K…‚6K&´*•|‚G*KfCC +K4K&* ³šg“k‚~¸*jEf„Gj§¸fŠG*jœ“G*ƒCC HfJ ¨Jj“)fG*jCC §œE|G*jCC §Ÿ“kG*"¨CC g;¥+&* j™)f¢G*aCC )*¥G*a‚€¶šCC nH&´*šCC §g‚~G* ¡aH HjCC ™‚€k¸*jCC H¥‡Ÿ¸* CC HjCC §-&fk¸* "fN §<fœk/*џ V–œ¸*¡f–‚~G*K¹fŠG* šn±•f§‚~G**{CC J³K"ÍCN C )fE‹CC +f-K ”D*|œ™G$fCC “kG*jCC „“IjCC §F{G*mf–CC g‚G* ,}CC ¢/&´*KjCC Ha·*©2K}C X C HKjCC §Ha·* •¥CC ‚6£CC g‚MfCC œ§DfN C CŠHÑCC –™¢k‚~¸*K š§™tk™G¡¥CC –§‚6KjŠ‚6¥HjC T C §IKʖG(* ƒ€§™“-³|.&´*ÈCC F&*mfIf§g™G›fCC ŠG* aM*}k¸*h™„G* HaT ¶*Kj§c§gG*jœ‚€gG*


j§GKaG*mfCC œ‡Ÿ¸*|M4f“¡aCC HR ¡&* º(* jCC ‚€kw¸* jDfF CC Hjc¸f+80jCC +*|EoCC Ÿ-¹fCC ŠG* j§¸fŠG*¡¥+|–G*a§‚~F&*Åf.mfCC .fŠgI* ›¥™¶*¥CC tI£CC /¥kG*jCC §œk05}CC ŠMfCC H Ñ+j“§.¥G*jE͊G*–¯¨kG*jH*ak‚~¸* £kc§+K¡f‚~I(´* $*È·fN C C“DKK2050žfCC ŠG*›¥CC ™t+K jc¸f+70¥CC tIƒ§Š§‚6,aCC tk¸*À&´* ©{G*žfŠG*¥JK¡a¸f+¹fŠG*¡f–‚6 H $fJ5¹fŠG*¡f–CC ‚62*aŠ-£GÍ1Ž™g§‚6 Ef§‚6©{CC G*|H&´*jœ‚~I4fCC §™H9.1 }qŠ-f¢™ŠqMKjCC Ma§™“kG*jCC Ef„G*$fCC g<&* ¹fŠG*¡f–CC ‚6mfCC g™„kHjCC gF*¥H¦CC ™< ¡&*jEf„™Gj§GKaG*jGfF¥G*$*È1‹E¥kMK jg‚~Ÿ+j§¸fŠG*jEf„G*¦CC ™<h™„G*2*2}CC M  CC HK2035žfCC ŠG*›¥CC ™t+jCC c¸f+36 h™„G*¡&*•f§‚~G**{J³jkDÍG*j™nH&´* ƒ~™¼¡*aCC ™g+j§)f+|¢–G*jCC Ef„G*¦CC ™< mfCC ŠE¥kGfN C C“DK‘CC <f‚ªk§‚6¡KfCC ŠkG* ¡|“G*‹CC +4R ›Í1m*|CC HpÍ.$*ÈCC ·*

j§/¥G¥Ÿ–kG*mfqkŸ¸* Hf¢k‡½‹§‚6¥- <(Jeetek) "—§k§/" j‡Dft¸*‹§q‚kGš‚8*¥k¸*f¢§Š‚6‹Hf§‚7f±jc§g™Gj“Ma‚€G*jM|‚€ŠG* rHfI|+ <*|1'¥H4a‚8|M|“kGf“DKK…‚6K&´*•|‚G*j“„ŸH³f¢kMfœ0Kjc§gG*¦™< ¡(T fD"24*¥¸*º(* j§IKʖG(´*mfMfŸG* H|MKakG*,2f<(*"¡*¥ŸŠ+jc§g™G,atk¸*À&´* j§IKʖG(´*,}¢/&´*Km*|-¥§gœ–G*KjGf“ŸG*‘-*¥¢G* <j­fŸG*j§IKʖG(´*mfMfŸG*q0 5ÈM©{G*|H&´*¡*a™gG*ƒªŠ+³ž2f“G*a“ŠG*›Í1500% jg‚~Ÿ+‹-|MaEL|CC1&´* ƒ~§)|G*…§ŠG*2f¢/›fEKj“„Ÿ¸*³j§c§gG*mf‚64fœ¸*›¥0¨<¥G*”™·jt™¸*j/f¶* ž*}kG(´*¦™<a§F&fk™Gš‚8*¥k¸*f¢§Š‚64fCC:(* ³""—§k§/"jF|‚7ƒ~‚6'¥HK©{§ŸkG*  HfJÐ=K "˜¥kIf‚6"‹Hj§q§-*ʂ6(´*mfF*|‚G* Hj<¥œ¼ "—§k§/"ma“<¨c§gG* vfqŸG* HšDf0šq‚~+‹kœk-¨kG*jM|‚€ŠG*j§/¥G¥Ÿ–kG*mfqkŸœ™GjŠŸ‚€¸*mfF|‚G* H ¡¥–MaE3(*jt™¸*j§c§gG*fMf‚ª“G*jµfŠH³j§œJ&´* œ–-Kjc§gG*¦™<j‡Dft¸*›f¼³ ›fœ<&´*Œf„EKj§<fœk/(´*j0f‚~G*¦™<f¢G͇+¨“™-aH&´*šM¥:j§g™‚6mf‚6f–ŠI(*f¢G



j“„ŸœHmfIbwH+Lj§IbwH+”E+|œH+Œf„Fƒ~§*5h*fJ¥g§‚.|KfI if‚7f§“N|E'+L…‚7L'´+•|‚H+Lf,L5L'+

i“M`‚8›¥™0i<¥œ¼ "—§j§/" Hib§f™G


CHANNEL ARABIC_FEBRUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



§œ‚€jG*¨‚€‚€vjH2K}- "›eI¥§‚7eIÊI*ƒ~–§ŸHK&*" Åef¸*leH¥™ŠHi/zÛ¥™0¦™<ƒ8e1gM4`j+ §œ‚€kH+‚~F|NbI©bJfg‚83ž'+lJfNf0 ƒ~–Ÿ§IL'+"jG|‚8¨E|.¥§gœ–H+j„‚7+¥, "›fJ¥§‚8fJ|kJ+

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The most celebrated event for Middle East Network Professionals June 2012, Dubai - UAE WEBSITE NOW LIVE NOMINATION DEADLINE WEDNESDAY 18TH APRIL 2012 Please visit: For sponsorship enquiries please contact: George Hojeige, Sales Director, Tel: +971 4 444 3203, Email: Ankit Shukla, Advertising Manager, Tel: +971 4 444 3482, Email: For nomination enquiries please contact: Daniel Shane, Editor, Tel: +971 4 444 3316, Email: For table booking enquiries please contact: Michelle Meyrick, Events Manager, Tel: +971 4 444 3328, Email:

╞╛╞╕╞▓╞Б╟Н┼║╚Ц╚╢ ╟У┼┤╚╢╟И╚Ъ ╚░╟Н╞к┼╜╚Ъ╚╢ ╞╛┼о╚╢╚д╚╢╚Ц ╚Ж"╚╢╟Н╞│╞Б╞╛┼╛ ╟Л╞╢╞Б╟Н┼п" ╚╖╟Л┼╜ ╟Х╞Б╚е╟Ю╞Д┼╜╚Ъ ╚Э╚Ъ╟Ю╞╢┼╗ ╟Н╞Б╟Ю╞н┼п ╚Ь╟Н╞Б╟Л┼╛ ╚Ж╞╛╞Б╚Ъ╚д╞╛╞Ж┼╝ ╞╛╞╡┼╡╟Ю┼┤рго<

"╟Щ╞╕╞Д┼┐╞╛╞╡╞╕┼┤" ╚╖╟Л┼╜ ╟Щ╞┤╞╖╞Д╞Й╞╡┼╜╚Ъ ╚Э╞╛╞п╞╕╞Г┼╛ ╟Ы╞Й┼╗ ╟П╞╕╟г╚д ╚Ж╟Ш╞╕┼║╟Ю┼п ╟Ы╞╕╞╡┼прго<

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╟Щ╞╕╞Д┼┐╞╛╞╡╞╕┼┤ ╚Ж╚Э╞╛╞▒┼╜╞╛╞З╞Д┼╜╚Ъ╚╢ ╟Х╞Б╚е╟Ю╞Д┼╜╚Ъ ╚Э╚Ъ╟Ю╞╢╞▓┼╜ ╟а╞╡╞╕╞┤┼╗╚Б╚Ъ ╟Н╞Б╟Л╞╡┼╜╚Ъ ╚Ж╟а┼┐╞╛╞Д╞╕┼╕ ╚╕╟О┼╛╚дрго<

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╞╛╞╕╞▓╞Б╟Н┼║╚Ш ╚▓╞╛╞╡┼╡╚╢ ╟У┼┤╚╢╟И╚Ъ ╚░╟Н╞к┼╜╚Ъ ╟А╞▓╞н╞╢╞╡┼╜ "╚╕╚в ╚│╚Ш ╟Э╞Б╚Ш" ╚╖╟Л┼╜ ╚Э╞╛┼┐╟Ю╞│╞╡┼╜╚Ъ ╟Ы╞Й┼╗ ╚Э╞╛╞п╞╕╞Г┼╛ ╟Н╞Б╟Л┼╛ ╚Ж╞┐╞Б╟Л┼╜╚Ъ ╟А┼╛╞╛┼┤╚Црго<

╟Н╞л┼╛ ╟А┼╝╟Н╞к┼╜ ╚│╞╛╞п┼╜╚Ъ ╟Н╞Б╟Л╞╡┼╜╚Ъ ╚Ж╟Ч┼┤╟Ю╞Б ╟Л╞╡┼▓╚Црго<

╟Н╞л┼╛ ╚Ж╟Щ╞Й╞Б╚в╟Ю┼п╚╢╚Ц ╚Ж╚│╞╛╞п┼╜╚Ъ ╟Н╞Б╟Л╞╡┼╜╚Ъ ╚Ж╟Ъ╞╕╞Г┼┐ ╚│╚е╞╛┼▓рго<


┬Юf┬з┬УG*┬Ъ┬В8*┬е-┬Т┬е┬В6┬ЧkIf┬Ь┬з┬В6┬б(fD┬и┬В9f┬╕*┬Юf┬КG*┬Ы├Н1|┬В┬АH j┬зDf┬В9(┬┤*24*┬еCC┬╕*┬Ы├Н1┬аH┬Х┬е┬В~G*┬д{J┬│,├РgFm*4f┬Ьnk┬В6f+ ┬Ыf┬Ь<&┬┤*jHfE(┬┤j┬Ьw┬В9mfIf┬ЦH(*┬Ъ┬Ц┬В-┬Х┬е┬В~G*┬д{J┬б&f+L|If┬ЯI&┬┤ ┬Мf┬ДE ┬ЪnH mf<f┬ДE l┬ЬJf┬В6" ┬Ы┬е┬УGf+ ├Еfk┬з< ┬С┬з┬В┬кM "f┬в┬зD jF|┬В7vf├Б┬│jHf┬КG*┬Ыf┬Ь<&┬┤*┬Мf┬ДEK┬╗f┬╕*┬Мf┬Д┬УG*Km┬┤f┬В┬А-┬┤* ┬й{G*$fF|┬ВG*┬Г┬А┬В┬Аw-rHfI|+┬ЭJf┬В6a┬УGj┬У┬Д┬Я┬╕*┬│┬ЧkIf┬Ь┬з┬В6 f┬Я)fF|┬В7vf├Б┬│2.0┬а┬В~t┬╕*$fF|┬ВG*rHfI|+KfnMa0┬дf┬Я┬У┬Щ:&* jg┬В6f┬Я┬╕*m*4f┬в┬╕*h┬В~F┬аH┬Э┬в┬Я┬з┬Ц┬▒┬Ы├Н1┬аH┬ЧG3K┬Х┬е┬В~G*┬│ ┬│|┬Ьk┬В~I┬Т┬е┬В6K$├Н┬Ь┬КG*┬ЛH┬Э┬в┬Щ<f┬Р-├С┬В~tkGjH5├НG*m*K2&┬┤*K "2012┬Юf┬КG*┬│|┬В┬АH┬│f┬Я)fF|┬В7┬║(*rHfI├ИG**{J├Зa┬Уf┬в┬ЩnH|┬В┬АH┬б&f+|┬В┬АH┬Ч┬В~M2┬е-K&┬┤┬Юf┬КG*|Ma┬╕*┬Ъ┬зgI┬Ю5f0┬Ы┬е┬УM ┬Ы┬е┬Щ┬╢*├Зa┬У-K┬Мf┬Ьk┬В6┬┤*f┬в┬зD┬Э┬в┬╕*┬аH┬Ыf┬Ь<&├НG┬б┬е+5┬й(* ┬ЪnH 4f┬Ьnk┬В6┬┤*┬й4K|┬В┬кG*┬аH┬гI&f+┬Ъ┬зgIa┬Уk┬КMK┬ТK|┬ЗG*┬ж┬Щ<j┬з┬Яg┬╕* mf/f┬зk0┬┤*j┬зg┬Щ-K┬е┬Ь┬ЯG*j┬Щq<┬ЛD2┬Ъ/&*┬аHjM|┬В┬А┬╕*┬Х┬е┬В~G*┬│ ┬а)f+5┬Э┬в┬Р-K┬Л┬Ьk┬В~-┬б&* ┬еJ┬Х┬е┬В6jM&* ┬│┬Э┬вG*┬аH" ┬Ы┬е┬УMo┬з0 $*┬е┬В6┬Э┬в-fg┬Щ┬ДkHj┬зg┬Щ-┬ж┬Щ<,4a┬УG*┬ЧMaG┬б┬е┬ЦM┬б&*K┬Х┬е┬В~G**{J ┬║(*jDf┬В9(┬┤f+jH5├НG*j┬з┬Я┬УkG*K&*┬Ы┬е┬Щ┬╢*├Зa┬У-┬ЪgE┬аH┬ЧG3┬бfF jM┬еEmfF*|┬В7$f┬ВI(*Kj+┬е┬Щ┬Д┬╕*mfqk┬Я┬╕*├РD┬е-Kj┬з┬Я┬УkG*jM*4aG* ┬│ jw┬В6*4 $├Н┬Ь< ,a<fE $f┬ВI(f+ f┬Я┬ЬE a┬УG ┬ЛM5┬еkG* m*┬е┬ЯE ┬│ m*┬е┬Я┬В~G*┬Ы├Н1f┬в┬зD├РgF┬Ъ┬Ц┬В+fI4f┬Ьnk┬В6*┬║(*jDf┬В9(┬┤f+|┬В┬АH 2┬е/K┬аH┬Э=|Gf+┬гI&*┬ж┬Щ<FVC┬аH┬С┬В6┬еM┬Ф┬Р-*aEK"j┬з┬В9f┬╕* jM|┬В┬А┬╕*mfH┬е┬Щ┬К┬╕*j┬з┬Я┬У-┬Х┬е┬В6┬│┬Ыf┬Ь<&┬┤*jHfE(┬┤,├РgFmfIf┬ЦH(* ┬б&* ┬бKa+┬Х┬е┬В~G*┬д{J┬│vfq┬ЯG*┬Ф┬У┬п┬б&* j+┬е┬К┬В┬АG*┬аH┬гI&* ┬┤(* *├РnFjM|┬В┬А┬╕*┬Х┬е┬В~G*m├Р┬Н-a┬УG" ┬Ы┬е┬УMKf┬в┬зD*|┬В9f0┬б┬е┬Ц┬аH┬гCCI(fCD ┬б%┬┤*f┬в┬зD*4┬е┬В┬к0┬ЧCCMaCCG ┬а┬ЦM┬╣┬б(fC D lCCE┬еCCG*4K|CC┬л ┬Ъ┬Ц┬В+a/*┬еkGfDf┬в┬зD4*|┬Ьk┬В6f+┬ЧGf┬Ь<&* ┬и┬Ь┬Я-┬б&* ┬Ч┬з┬Щ<h┬К┬В┬АG* ┬аHaM}┬╕*┬С┬з┬В┬кM┬б&* ┬гI&f┬В7┬аH┬Е┬УD┬Г~┬зG┬Х┬е┬В~G*┬д{J┬│┬и┬Щ┬╜

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5f┬Ьnk┬В7├НH┬Й┬е┬З1 mf┬РGftkG*K┬ЛM5┬еkG*m*┬е┬Я┬УG┬и┬Ь┬з┬ЩE(┬┤*|Ma┬╕*├Еfk┬з<┬й}H4a┬Уk┬КM o┬з0┬Ыf┬Ь<&┬┤f+┬Юf┬з┬У┬ЩG,a┬з/jc┬з+┬Ъ┬Ц┬В-|┬В┬АH┬б&f+┬ЧkIf┬Ь┬з┬В6┬│ ┬║(* ,2┬е┬К┬ЩG h┬В6f┬ЯH lE┬еGfD ,4┬еCCnC G* l┬вkI* aCCEK ┬б%┬┤*" ┬Ы┬еCC┬УCM ┬│j┬з┬В6f┬з┬В~G*mf+*|┬Д┬В9┬┤*┬а<|┬З┬ЯG*┬Г┬к┬НgDj┬з┬К┬зg┬ДG*,f┬з┬╢*

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$eF{‚G*<2 iF{‚G*k™œ<…‚6K&´*•{‚G*i“„ŸH•*¥‚6&*¦™<’*{‚7(ÍG,`sj¸*i§+{ŠG*l*4eH(´*¨+2³e¢G¨™½gj–HuejjDe+BitdefenderkHeE¡&*`Š+ ¢M`GiH`·*leM¥j‚~H{M¥„-K$eF{‚™G<`G*ÐD¥jGi“„Ÿ¸*³i§p§-*ʂ6´*£j§œJ&´ Œ{G**zJšœ<{M¥„-¦™<,Ð1&´*,ʐG*³ eœ§DeJ}§F{-†e“IJ&*K2011žeŠ™GiF{‚G*l*5eÁ(* <eŸ.`s§GiF{‚™G©z§ŸjG*ƒ~§){G*ƒ~fGe- M4¥™D‹H$e“G¦™<kIeFi§+{ŠG*šIe‚¨+2³e¢<{D›Í1 H$eF{‚™Ge¢Æ`“-¦™<iF{‚G*šœŠ-¨jG*leH`·*Kl*42ef¸*5{+&*º(*iDe‚9(´e+2012žeŠ™G‹M5¥jG*l*¥ŸEƒ€vM ¨kG*a)*¥G*J&*  HKf¢-*4aEKf¢D*aJ&* aMa¯›Í1 H—G3K fŸMaG$fF|‚G*rHfI|+³f¢kM¥‚ª<›Í1 HmfF|‚G*f¢““¯ $͜ŠG* º(* ›¥CC‚C8¥CCG*K ƒCC8fCC1 ¨“M¥‚~- CC<2 ¦™< ›¥‚€¶* ¦™<›¥‚€¶*›Í1 Hj§t+|G*,2fM5KŒ|‚6&*š–‚+$fF|‚G*K |wk-KfœFmfH¥™Š¸*jMfœ0›f¼³jHa“¸*›¥™¶*})*¥/ ž}k™-K ‹M5¥kG* m*¥Ÿ“G j“Ma‚8 jF|‚7 f¢I¥–+ Bitdefender ‹M5¥kG* m*¥Ÿ“+ j‚8f·* f¢¼*ÈG |œk‚~¸* т~tkGf+ fCCœC)*2 $fF|‚G*‹Hm*4fœnk‚6´*K j‚~EfŸIf¢JLÈkŠ.¨kH+mfG|‚H+¨KfI ³–.fG+|‚8o§1 I…‚7L'´+•|‚H+j“„ŸI³–H #‹N6¥kH+m+¥ŸF •|‚G*j“„ŸH¦™<,ÐgFjœ§“+2¥Š-fŸ-fqkŸH¡&f+j“.¦™< tI }§œk-KfœFfŸ§‚~DfŸH H*|‚7fgH*aMa¢-L|I´—G{GK…‚6K&´* ža“Io§0$fF|‚™GfM*}¸* HaMaŠG*f¢Æa“k+j§“gG* <fŸkF|‚7 jM4fqkG*¢Gfœ<&*‹§‚6¥-K¥œŸGf+¢Guœ‚~M©{G*ž5ÍG*<aG* ÐMfŠH œ‚9*aMa/f¼fI|+‹‚9¥+Bitdefender lHfEa“G jF|‚G* |M¥„k+ 4*|œk‚6ÍG …„wIK fœF 2012 žfŠGf+ j‚8f1

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Al Batha CIO Saji Oommen on the challenges of IT management

How to avoid failure when rolling out business intelligence at your

Saudi Arabiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s KACST bolsters its defences with new IT system

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How Cisco is banking on a fresh wave of investment to drive its business in the Gulf


Critical analysis for telecommunications executives

An ITP Technology Publication

Licenced by Dubai Media City

A ITP Technology Publication An

Beyond borders


Why satellite operators are investing heavily in MEA

Why video conferencing has failed to take oďŹ&#x20AC;

Slow progress Growth continues to elude Yemenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fractured telco sector

Leaseback learnings


How to get sale and leaseback agreements right ďŹ rst time

Muneer Farooqui, CEO, Warid Pakistan

The truth behind the failure of EMCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Atmos



Was the Blackberry safe in the first place?

Thee Abu u Dhabii-oowned teelco explainss the rationaale beehind d its strateggy in Pakkistaan

V 08 Vol. Issue. 06

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7 2^Â&#x2021;G* gÂ&#x153;HckG*gÂ&#x153;{G* SEPTEMBER 2010

Licensed by Dubai Media City

An ITP Technology Publication

Cizar Abughazaleh, Regional Manager Middle East & Africa, Iomega

STRATEGIC THINKING Talking tactics with executives from Adobe, ATS, MTC and Toshiba (14)

THE SMART CHOICE? Middle East handset channel faces up to new challenges (43)



VE R 10 VOL 15

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Licensed by Dubai Media City





An ITP Technology Publication



ÄŠĂŹÄŠÄ&#x153;Ă&#x17E; Ĺ&#x2021;ÏĚóï èĆ&#x2026;


Ĺ˝Ĺ&#x201E;Ă&#x161;ÄŠĂŞÄŠ ģÎè Ĺ&#x2026;Ä&#x2014; ĂĽÄłĆ&#x2026; Ĺ&#x2021;ĂŹÄš óïèĆ&#x2026; Ć&#x2021;Ć&#x2026;Ć? Ć Ĺ&#x2039;ĂŤ


ÄŤÄŁÄ ĂŚÄ¸Ă¨Ć&#x2026; Ć&#x2C6;Ć&#x2026;ĸģÊĊÄ&#x17E;èĆ&#x2026; Ć&#x2021;ĸģÄ&#x203A;Ä&#x2013;èĆ&#x2026;

Four media players get a thorough workout

čģçġèĆ&#x2026; Ĺ&#x201A;Ă&#x161;Ć&#x2026;Ĺ&#x2030;ĢèĆ&#x2026;

čèĆ&#x2026;Ĺ&#x2030;ĂťĆ&#x2026; Ĺ&#x201A;Ă&#x161;Ć&#x2026;Ĺ&#x2030;ĢèĆ&#x2026; čÎóê 2010 Ć&#x17E;ÄŠÄ&#x161;è


GAME REVIEWS Blur, Crackdown 2, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Adobe Creative Suite 5 HP Pavilion dm4 notebook Asus ARES graphics card ECS Black Series GTX 460 and more tested...


čèĆ?ÄŠÄ&#x161;ĂŠ Ĺ&#x192;Ä?òïĂ&#x161; Ĺ&#x2026;ĂŤ Ĺ&#x2020;ùßĆ&#x2026;ĆĄ ĜģÝĆ&#x2026; ĹżĆ&#x2026;Ć?ÄłĆ&#x2026; ŽĊÄ&#x161;ĂŠ ĸģÄ&#x203A;Ä&#x2013;èĆ&#x2026;


Ĺ&#x2026;Ă&#x2122;Ć&#x20AC; Ć&#x17E;ÄŠĂŠĆ ÄŤÄŁĂ§ÄˇĂ¨Ć&#x2026; Ĺ&#x201A;Ă&#x161;Ć&#x2026;Ĺ&#x2030;ĢèĆ&#x2026; Ć&#x2020;ĸĂ? Ĺ&#x2039;ĂĽ čèĹ&#x2030;Ă&#x153; ĸôóĂ&#x161; Ĺ&#x2026;äĹ&#x2030;ä Ć&#x2018;ĆĄÄŠÄ Ä&#x;è ƤŊÏĜĂ&#x2122; Ĺ&#x192;Ä&#x;Ä&#x2DC;Ă&#x161; Ĺ&#x2026;Ă&#x2122;Ć&#x20AC;

Ĺ&#x2020;èĊÄ&#x161;èĆ&#x2026; Ĺ&#x2039;ĂĽ Ć?Ĺ&#x2030;Ä Ă˛ĂŠ ĸĂ&#x161;Ĺ&#x2030;ģÎĠç ÄźĂ&#x17E;Ć?Ć Ć&#x2039;ĸÄ&#x2DC;Ă&#x161; ĜĥĢèĆ&#x2026;

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ÄŤÄŁĂ&#x2122;ĸÄ&#x161;èĆ&#x2026; Ć&#x2C6;ĹŠÄ&#x17D;Ć&#x2026; Ć&#x2021;ĹżĆ&#x2026;ĸÄ?è Ĺ&#x192;ÄŁĂŽÄ&#x2DC;Ă&#x161; Ć?ĆĄĆ

Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x;Ä˘ĂŻĂ´Ä Ä&#x;è Ć?ÄŠÄ&#x161;Ă&#x2122;ÄłĆ&#x2026; ÄŤÄŁĂ&#x203A;ĹŠĂ&#x203A; Ĺ&#x2030;ÏĜģü Ć&#x2026;ĸģÊĊç Ć?ĆĄĆ

čðÏĜßĆ&#x2026; Ć&#x2C6;Ć&#x2026;Ć?ĊģôèĆ&#x2026; Ĺ&#x160;èĆ&#x192; Ĺ&#x2026;Ä&#x2013;Ă&#x161; Ĺ&#x201A;Ă&#x161;ĊĢèĆ&#x2026; Ĺ&#x2026;ÄŁÄ&#x203A;Ä&#x2022;Ă&#x161; ÄŤÄ Ä&#x2122;ĂŞĆ

%  % !" !! % ! !$ " "# "$ %   !   % "  

Ć&#x2C6;ÄŠĂ ÄŠÄ&#x2022;èĆ&#x2026; Ĺ&#x2021; Ć&#x2C6;ÄŠĂ ÄŠÄ&#x2022;è Ĺ&#x2021;ĂŠ Ĺ&#x2039;Ă&#x153; Ć?Ć&#x192; čçĸà Ć&#x160;ÄŠĂŻĂŞĆ&#x192; Ĺ&#x160;Ä&#x;ĂŁ ĸĂ&#x203A;ÄŚĂŹ Ć?ÄŠĂ&#x2122; ĆŁĆ&#x20AC;

DHS15 â&#x20AC;˘ SR15 â&#x20AC;˘ LE12 â&#x20AC;˘ JD2 â&#x20AC;˘ KD1.5 â&#x20AC;˘ QR15 â&#x20AC;˘ LL7,000


SanDisk Pattern USB Flash Drive 8GB

Packed with games, productivity apps, utilities and much, much more... Licensed by Dubai Media City

SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player

SanDisk Ultra Titanium 4GB

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CHANNEL ARABIC_FEBRUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



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¨kG*jMaŸ–G*jF|‚G* CCH ͊/¡*{CC™CG* jHfJ,*2&*›K&*©Ð+˜Í+,}¢/&*‹Ÿ‚€ÅKÊCC–CG(´*aMÈG*›fCC‚C64(´ mfF|‚™G fœ¢I&f+‹CC/*ÊCCG*¥tIjF|‚G**2fCCE CC. jF|‚7 ³ ž¥§G* fœ¢§g‚€ŸH ¡fFʧ‚6 Research in  ‚7¥H¡(* ƒ-Ђ~M4 ©Ð+˜Í+,}¢/&*‹Ÿ‚€-¨kG*Motion ‚ªI*©{CCG*"}ŸMfJ˂64¥-º¥k§‚6K fH2fE m*¥CCŸC‚C6 ‹CC +4&* {ŸH jF|‚G* º(* h‚€ŸH š‚MK jCC§CIfCC¸&´* "}Ÿœ§‚6"  CCH ¦™<fœ¢™½mf§™œŠ™G©{§ŸkG*ƒ~§)|G* ˆDft§‚6}Æf-˜4¥M¥§ŸGf“DK4¥G*

CHANNEL ARABIC_FEBRUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



iM2¥Š‚~G*³e¢f-e–H›K&* uejjDe+i“„Ÿ¸*³eJ4¥‚ª05}Š- "l*¥ŸE" 2012žfŠG*›Í1ƒ~I¥-K|)*}µ*Ki|¸* HšF³,aMa/h-f–HvfkkD*ž}kŠ-jF|‚G*

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jCCF|CCtC kC ¸*‘CC-*¥CC¢C ™C GjCCDfCC‚C ªC ¸* fCC¢C -fCCHaCC1 NfC §C GfCC0 jCC“C „C ŸC ¸*³ ‘CC-*¥CC¢C™CGjCC™CC‚CCHjCCF|CC‚C 7 40˰˰˰ϟ  CCH N*aCC C ™C C C+ 21 ³ jCC F|CC tC CkC C¸* ›fœ‚7K …CC‚C6K&´* •|‚G* ¡*aCC™C+ 2a< —G{+ š‚€§G f§‚6%*K f§“M|D&* mfCCHaCC·*K L¥kt¸* ¨Hawk‚~H 250  CCH ÌCCF&* º(* f¢Ha“- ¨kG* |CC‚C€CkC“C- ´KƒCC€C wC ‚C 7 ¡¥CC§C ™C H "m*¥ŸE" mfHa1 j<¥œ¼ ž¥§G* jF|tk¸* ‘-*¥¢G* L¥k½ ¦™< š+jCCDfCC‚C ªC ¸*jCCœC§C“CG*mfCCHaCC1K ¡ÍCC <(´*mfCCHaCC1NfC ‚C ªC M&*šCCœC‚CCmf“§g„-K ˜|tk¸* ‘-f¢G* È< jHa1 mf+*¥+K j§F{G* ‘-*¥¢G* jF|tk¸* lIÊI(´* jF|tk¸* ‘CC-*¥CC¢CG* ŒfCC„CE a¢‚7 N*¥CC C à …CC C C‚C C C 6K&´*•|CC C‚C C C C G*³  H£CCGfCC12(* ²fCC¸ N*|CC‡CI NfŠM|‚6 jCC§CŸCgCG*jCC§C ŸC gC G*¦CC™C <mfCCŸC §C ‚C ~C ¯ ‹CCD2fCCœCFm´fCC‚C €C -ÍCCGjCC§CkCtCkCG* ŒfCC„C E ³uCC ‚C C9*¥CC G*rCC‚C ªC ŸC G*

›Í1  H ,|–kgH jF|‚F ,a)*4 mfCCHaCC·* CCHjCC<¥CCœCqC¸fCC¢CÆaCC“CšCC–C ‚C C +jCC œC CœC C‚C C€C C ¸*jCC <¥CC ŸC CkC C¸* mfCC/fCC§CkC0* j§g™kG ¨CCqC§C-*ÊCC‚C6* fŸ““0aCCEKÑCC§CœC§C™CE (´*$ÍCCœCŠCG* 3(* |CCH&´**{CCJ ³N*ÐCCgCF NfC0fCCÁ 4fCCgCFÑCC+ CCHfCCI 'KÍCCœC <‘CCŸC‚C€CM •|CC‚CCG*ÈCC<‘CC-*¥CC¢C G*¨CC™CC‚CCH f§“M|D&* ›fœ‚7K …‚6K&´* ŒfCC„C E ¤aCC¢C ‚C C M fCC H $¥CC ‚C C9 ³K jCC DfCC ‚C CªC C¸*jCC CœC C §C C “C C G*mfCC C CHaCC C C1 s¥‚ªI CCH jCCF|CCtCkC¸*‘CC-*¥CC¢C™CG ¨ŸI(fD ¨CCœC§C™CE (´* L¥k‚~¸* ¦™< ’¥CC‚C6 ’m*¥ŸE‘ ¡&*  CCH ”CC C.*K ³©4¥½ P4K2hŠG H –œkjCC+*{CCµ*ƒ8|G* CCH ,2fCCCkC‚C6´* ³jc‚7fŸG*•*¥‚6&´*È<j0fk¸* ›fœ‚7K …CC‚C6K&´* •|‚G* j“„ŸH "f§‚6%*K f§“M|D&* ¡fCCF¨CC kC CG*"m*¥CC C ŸC C CE"|CC D¥CC -K ³,2fCCM|CCG*K”CCgC‚C~CG*š‚ªDfCC¢CG jCCœC§C“CG*mfCCHaCC1ž¥CC¢C C H•ÍCC C:(*

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jCC C C CF|CC C C C‚C C C C 7 "m*¥CC C C CŸC C C C E" j–™œ¸* ³ jF|‚G* h-f–H ›K&* ³—CC G3KjCCM2¥CCŠC ‚C ~C G*jCC§C +|CCŠC G* ¦CC™C<fCCJ4¥CC‚C ªC 0}CCM}CCŠC -4fCC C C:(* ¨œ§™E(´* L¥k‚~¸* hCCkC–C¸**{CCJvfCCkC kC D*¡&fC ‚C 7 CCHK

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iM2¥Š‚~G*šœ‚jG "FVC"‹H‹M5¥jG*i§Ee-*‹‚6¥- "kŸ‚6¥Gš§-e–G&*" j§‚~§)|G*j§‚6&*|G*mf<f„“G*š1*2f¢G¥‚8K•f„I H,aMaµ*j§Ef-´*‹‚6¥-¡&*Alcatel-Lucent Enterprisej‚~‚6'¥HšH&f-

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|D¥k‚6  M|tgG*K jM2¥Š‚~G* ³ mf–g‚7 º(* <aG*  HÈF&* *4N aE ÐCC=‹CC§C gC G*$ÍCC CFK CC HjCCF|CC‚C C G* ©¥CC“C MK CC–C ÆfCC ¿ CCM|CC‚C 7fCCgC ¸* CC ¢C C-*4aCC EKCC¢C -fCCŠC §C gC H5}CC CŠC C MK f¢gIf/  CCHK j§Ÿ“kG* ¢-*4f¢HK AlcatelLucent j‚~‚6'¥H šH&fj§Ef-´* ‹‚6¥- ¡&* Enterprise š1*2f¢G¥‚8K•f„I H,aMaµ* jCC§C‚C~C§C)|CCG*jCC§C ‚C 6 &*|CCG*mfCC<fCC„C “C G* jCCMfCC<|CCG*K’4fCC‚C€C¸*—CCG3³fCC« CC§C™CŠCkCG*KjCCDfCC§C ‚C ªC G*KjCC§C tC ‚C €C G* i¥CC“CŠCM›¥CC“C MjCC§CkCtCkCG*jCC§CŸCgCG*K jCCF|CC‚C7LaCC GžfCC <|CCMaCCHfCCŸC §C DfCCF

ÐD¥-¦™<Lucent Enterprise º(* mfHa·* Hj§Gf<mfM¥k‚~H L¥k‚~H$fCCŸC + }CCM}CCŠC-KfCC¢C)ÍCCœC< š§™“-K$ÍCCœCŠCG*$fCC‚C 94(*  CCH ›fCP C< FVC jCCF|CC‚C 7KCC§C ™C ‚C ~C kC G*jCC™C ¢C H ,a<fE‹§‚6¥-K‹‚9K <jGK'¥‚~H j‚~‚6'¥«j‚8f·*‹M5¥kG*m*¥ŸE Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise L¥k‚~H º(* ›¥‚8¥™G j–™œ¸* ³ mfCC/fCC§C kC 0*jCC§C gC ™C - CC HšCC ‚C CªC CD &* jCC§C EfCCC -´*KjCC–C ™C œC ¸*³šCCœC ŠC G* £CC™CG*‘CC„CGžfCC‚C 6¤2fCC CD&*fCCœCgC‚C~C0 LaCCG¨CCœC §C ™C E (´*mfCCŠC §C gC ¸*|CCMaCCH AlcatelLucent Enterprise

Alcatel-Lucent j‚~‚6'¥H lHfE •fCC„C I ‹CC§C ‚C 6¥CCkC + Enterprise FVC jF|‚7 ‹H ‹M5¥kG* j§Ef-* jM2¥Š‚~G* šœ‚kG •¥“0 ¨„Š- jCCŠC‚CCT 6¥CC¸* jCC§CEfCCC-´* FVC jF|‚+ jCC‚C8fCC·* ‹CCM5¥CCkCG* šHf–G* •f„ŸG* º(* jM2¥Š‚~G* ³ jCC‚C~C‚C6 '¥CH CCHmfCCF|CC‚C C G*›¥CC™C ¶ Alcatel-Lucent Enterprise ,aCC0¥C T C¸*m´fCC‚C€C-´*—CCG3³fCC« jCC§C C -fCC¢C G* m´fCC ‚C C €C C -´*K (UC) ›fCC C¶*¥CC CJfCC œC CFKmfCC IfCC §C CgC CG*K £CC+v|CC‚C €C ¸*fCC¢C <5¥CC¸jCCgC‚C~CŸCGfCC+ Alcatel ‹CC H FVC šCCœC ŠC kC ‚C 6

CHANNEL ARABIC_FEBRUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



iDeF ³ iM}§™Á(´* i™G* §™ŠjG eN fM4`- eN ¼eI{+ ”™„- "—™G*" e¢He‚~E&* mf§q§-*ʂ6*K ’*aCCJ&*K mf§™œ< aŸk‚~-K "—™G*" jCCF|CC‚C7 $*2&*K ”™ŠkM fœ§D jF|‚G* j§q§-*ʂ6* š‚ªD&* ¦™<|CCM¥CC„CkCG*KhCCM4aCCkCGfCC+  H ,aœk‚~¸* j§¸fŠG* mfCC‚C64fCCœC¸* ,$f–G*s3¥ÃšnHjE¥.¥H42f‚€H šœŠG* FfH&*³$*2&´*K§™ŠkG*³ hM4ak™G j§–M|H&´* j§Šœq™G ‹+fkG* (ASTD-WPL) |CC M¥CC „C CkC CG*K "j§q§-*ʂ6ÍG 24¥‚~F&* š§G2"K Oxford

|NbœH+Lƒ~§*|H+©Lb‚H+bœ1'+ -}¢0'ÍH—™H+"jG|‚H©{§ŸkH+ "m+bN5¥kH+Lj§JL|k–H)´+

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CHANNEL ARABIC_FEBRUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



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*`œjŠH* 2K}H N N "…‚6K&´*•{‚G*h¥–‚6"iF{‚74ejv- " A10 Networks"

j“„Ÿ¸*³A10 NetworksjF|‚7$͜ŠGj<f‚~G*4*aH¦™<ƒ€‚€w¸*¨Ÿ“kG*<aG*|D¥-…‚6K&´*•|‚G*i¥–‚6 jCCF|CC‚C7šCCHfCCŠCkC-"—CC C G3 CCH*ÐCN CnC F šŠGf+…CC ‚C C6K&´*•|CC‚C C G*i¥CC–C‚C6 $͜Š™GCC<aCCG*2¥CC“C< CCHmfCCcC¸*‹CCH mf<fŸ‚8K mf<f„E  CCH j“„Ÿ¸* ³ jH¥–¶*K m´f‚€-´* šnH j<¥ŸkH lCCIÊCCI(´* jHa1 ©2K}CC HK §™ŠkG*K ¡¥‚6aŸ¢¸* ‹§„k‚~MK —CCG3 ÐCC=K ,Èw+ ¡¥ŠkœkM  CCM{CCG* ¡KaCCœCkCŠC¸* mfCC–C gC ‚C C G*³jCC™C HfCC‚C 7K,}CC F|CC H 4*aCCH¦CC™C<CC<aCCG*ÐCCD¥CC-jCCMfCCœC ¶*K hCCM¥CCG*K ‘-f¢G* ›ÍCC1  CCH j<f‚~G* mfCCCG,aCCŠC +ÅKÊCC C–C C G(´*aCC MÈCC G*K j“„ŸœHmfŠ§gœH+|NbIsbN)+˜5fI …‚7L'´+•|‚H+Lf,L5L'+•|‚8 jMaŸ¢G*K j§+|ŠG*K jM}§™Á(´* šnH ¡f–H(f+—CCG3¦™<,KÍCC< jCC M24&´*K A10NetoworksjG|‚,f§“N|E'+L CC<aCCG*ƒCC6aCCŸC ¢C H4fCC§C kC 1*$ÍCCœC ŠC G* ƒ€‚€wk¸*

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CHANNEL ARABIC_FEBRUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



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«fCC C C C C§C C CH¥CC C M &*»  CC< Iomega PC«lIšM2¨‚6¨+» jF|‚7ѧŠf¢-fqkŸ¸ ¨™T ½ Œ5¥œF  DealNet ¡24&´*K|„E³›fœ<&´f+j‚8f·* fCC C C§C CH¥CC M &*jCC F|CC ‚C C 7m5}CC C C C<aCC C C EK jCCMfCCœC 0 ›¥CC ™C C 0 ³jCC‚C €C ‚C €C wC kC ¸* jCC ‚C C8fCC ·*fCC ¢C C GfCC œC C < &*mfCC H¥CC ™C C ŠC C ¸* jCC„C‚C6¥CCkC¸*K,ÐCCC‚C€CG*mfCCF|CC‚CCGfCC+ ‹H ¡KfŠkG* j§Ef-* f¢Š§E¥k+ —CCG3K ¤{CCJ’fCC‚CªCkCG«lCCIšCCM2¨CC‚C6¨CC+» ÑCC<5¥CC¸*  CCH f¢k–g‚7 º(* ,ÐCC 1&´* ¡fCCœC <Km*4fCC C C H(´*³ CCM|CC‚CCkCŸC¸* ¤{J ¡&* jF|‚G* L|CC-K  M|tgG*K

CHANNEL ARABIC_FEBRUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



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"j§ŸG*mfHaw™GžÍ‚~G*"Kq¶* j§D*Ê0(´*j<fg„G*jcD <|„E H "žžƒCC C 7 4K5fCC C CM2" Ç|CC–C - ²K jCCF|CC‚C 7"K  (Diffazur Sarl) El"jCC M4fCC qC CkC CG*¥CCqC ŠC G*jCC<¥CCœC ¼ Ajou Group) (Trading ©4aCC C C C CgC C C C C G*"K Company AL)"mfCC CH¥CC C™C C ŠC C ¸*fCC§C /¥CCG¥CCŸC –C kC G (Badri Technology Limited (Neolt Graf) "’*|CC = lG¥§I"K ¢kœJf‚~HK }§œ¸* CC¢C)*2&´ *N |Ma“-

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QLogic – The Global Leader in Storage Networking, Converged Networking and High Performance Computing 10GbE NIC Promotion: Buy One 10GbE NIC, Get a Second at No Charge Special offer when purchasing from StorIT Distribution, an Authorised QLogic Distributor. Limit 2 per end user. Reference promo code: NIC-Q4-WW. Eligible Model Numbers QLE3242-CU-CK



10GbE, single port, SR optic


10GbE, dual port, SR optics


10GbE, dual port, LR optics

10GbE, dual port, twinax c

Whil Suppl e ie Last! s

Signature Silver, Gold and Platinum Partners can enroll in the QLogic Rewards Program, go to to claim Reward points. QLogic is offering a 20% registration discount to all channel partners on 10GbE Converged Network Adapters (82xx CNAs) and Intelligent Ethernet Adapters (32xx NICs).

The QLogic Advantage: 3200 Series The QLogic 3200 Series Intelligent Ethernet Adapter is the superior choice for your enterprise data center. The benefits provided by the adapter include the following : y

Line-rate Performance. The QLogic adapter achieves near line rate of bidirectional throughput, 40Gbps, at the lowest CPU utilization.


VMflex™. QLogic's VMflex technology encompasses various prevalent and emerging I/O virtualization technologies.


Highest Interoperability. The adapter boasts the broadest set of driver certifications in the industry, as well as interoperability with all 10GbE switches.


Manageability. QLogic's QConvergeConsole delivers a Web-based, singlepane-of-glass management console for all generations of QLogic adapters.

Eligible Partner Levels

For other exciting promotions on QLogic Adapters, Switches and Routers, please contact QLogic Product Manager on Cell: +971504540339 / email: Terms and Conditions apply Program Date: February – March 31, 2012

StorIT Distribution FZCO

Value Added Distributor in The Middle East for EMC, Quantum and QLogic Tel: 971 4 8819690, Email: marketing, Website:

CHANNEL ARABIC_FEBRUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



i§H¥–¶*24*¥¸*…§„v-‡Ii™He–¸ "©4e­"K "i§IKʖG(´*¨+2"Ñ+iF*{‚7


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‡I" j™Hf–H  CCH ¦™n¸* ,2fCCCkC‚C6´* rHfI|+K"j§H¥–¶*24*¥¸*…§„wa§‚~­K " ÅKÊCC –C CG´* aM4¥kG*" ³ jFʂ¸* mfŠ™„kG*K ’*aCC CJ&´* ¦™<m*4fCC C H(´*K¨CC+2,2fCC M4}M}Š³ÅKÊCC –C CG´*›¥CCtC kC G*L¥CCkC‚C~CH j“„Ÿ¸*

 H¨CC+2³¨œE|G*›¥tkG*,ÐCC-K 2¥¢q+fCCŸCgCG*š§¢‚62fCC‚C 7&* £CCgCIfCC/ |M¥„-,ÐCC‚C~CH 2¥CC“C- ¨CCkCG*,|CC)*aCCG* ÑCC‚C~C¯KjCC§C IKÊCC–C G´*mfCC HaCC ·* ‹HCCqC‚C~CŸCM fCC« ¨CCH¥CC–C ¶*$*2&´* j§¸fŠG*ÐMfŠ¸*Kmf‚64fœ¸*š‚ªD&* |:&*}M}Šk+"©4f­"ž*}kG*fN t‚9¥H ”§“tkG,|CC)*aCCG*‹CCH$fCCŸT CgCG*¡KfCCŠCkCG*

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›¥CC0jCC§C‚C~C§C)4,4¥CC‚C €C +jCC§C EfCCC -´* m*È·*Ki4fqkG*K›¥™¶*›2fg…§„w- ‡I" ÑCC+ šCCHfCC–CkCG* }M}ŠkG aœkŠ¸*(GRP) "j§H¥–¶*24*¥CC¸* "j§IKʖG´* ¨CC+2 jH¥–0" šgE  H "ÅKÊCC–C G´*aCCM4¥CCkC G*"rCCHfCCI|CC+K "©4f­" Hža“¸*(eSourcing) j§H*|G*j§H¥–¶*2¥¢µ*žawMf« ¨CCœCE|CCG*›¥CCtC kC G*,ÐCC‚C~CH ‹CC D2º(* 4fCC :(* ³KjCCD|CCŠC ¸*2fCC‚C€CkCE*¥CCtCI ¡fCCD|CC„CG*”CCC-*,aCCMaCCµ*jCCF*|CC‚CCG* a“ŠGjCCFÊCC‚CCH mfCC §C G%* 2fCC qC M(* ¦CC™C< šHf–kG*³otg™Gj§Ÿ“-šœ<ƒ74K  HjCCŠC ‚C 6*KjCCF4fCC‚C C «|CCM¥CC„C kC G*K rHfI|+ H$}qFj§H¥–¶*|)*KaG* ¤|D¥-©{G*" ÅKʖG´*aM4¥kG*" aCCœC0&*,2fCCŠC ‚C 6i|CC C <&*K"©4fCC C ­" jF*|‚Gf+£g§0|- <¡*a§œ0 + "©4f­"‹H,aMaµ*j§q§-*ʂ6´* }M}Š-³,¥„·*¤{CCJ 4K2*N aCCF'¥CH


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 <"¨+ƒ-(*"jF|‚7lŸ™<&* << jM|‚€< m*ЧkG f¢Gf12(* HP PartnerONE ¨¼fI|+¦™<  CC T–CCœC kC G HP ExpertONEϭ  H¨CC–CgC‚CCG*…CC+|CCG*³fCCJ$fCCF|CC‚C 7  œ‚9jCC§C‚C~CDfCCŸCkCG*L¥CCkC‚C~CH ,2fCC C M5 a)*¥ŠG*”§“¯ƒ8|D}M}Š-K•¥‚~G* …§‚~g- ¦™< "¨+ ƒ-(*" lCC +&*2 aCC“CGK ”CC+fCC‚C~CG*fCC¢C ¼fCCI|CC+mfCC‚C 8fCC‚C €C kC 1* ©{G*K$ÍF¥G* Hf¢)fF|‚+ƒ8f·* —G3K Preferred Partner ¦<aM …CC‚C6K&´*•|‚G*KfCC +K4K&* j“„ŸH³  œ‚9$fF|‚G*jDfFug‚€§Gf§“M|D&*K uCC§CkCMK PartnerONE rCCHfCCI|CC+



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g¤œhG*’*¢6&*,2¢< g¤œ-’¢6°scnœG*j±c™h0*¥JcH m*^0&* ‰±^CCI*  ^‡+ gMy}µ* jcH¢–‡µ* "2011›c‡G*°¥+y‡G*ˆ¤+yG*



°gMc™³*oH*y+’*¢6&* †¢„0¥JcH €8yD ¥J cHK ‚6K&±* ’y|G* gœH cŸ¤Dˆ¤dG*,2c<(*jcFy7


¥)cG*¦^< ‘M¢{hG¥™¤–E(±*yM^µ* ’y|G*jcnhœµ*jc‡¤dHK c¤MyD(*˜c™7K‚6K&±* ¿¢{Hc6 32€8

§z€~ˆF+Î¥‹iF+ gMy}‡G*j*ͤŠhG*Í.&c-<g¤+y‡G*—Ic|hGm^qhM¥™¤‡œG*^™º cŸM^G$cFy|G*oH*y+£–<\¥+€|-(*]gFy7cŸ+iHcE¥hG*,Í1&±*


N N T cŸHc{E&* gDcF°gMz¤–¾(±*gŠ–G*š¤–‡hGcdM4^- c¹cIy+‘–-\”–G*]ž24& ±*KyE’*¢6&* °cŸGc<5¢H\iI—M2¥6¥+]·-\cŠ¤H¢M& *]$cFy|G*oH*y+£–<gMy}<j*ͤŠ-<–‡-\¥+€|-(*]g¤H¢“³*24*¢µ*‚¤t-š„Ig–Hc“µ\¦4cª\K\g¤IKǓG(±*¥+2]Î+gF*y7

An ITP Technology Publication

Channel Arabia - February 2012  

Channel Arabia (Arabic) - March 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 2 "36 Pages" ITP Technology Publishing, Dubai, UAE

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