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CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_

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CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_


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,$*{EÌF&´*‹E¥¸*4ef1&* fCCJ|CC-¥CC§CgCœCF ”CC™C „C - "Å¥‚6" .1 "ƒ6(* l§™+f-Å¥‚6"¨0¥™G* j‚€0©Ê‚M›Í: +a§G¥G*".2 4´K2¡¥§™H300š+f“HÊM¥-³ 5f™kG*•¥‚6•*Ê1´…„w- "š+%*".3 fN gM|E

i§+{ŠG*šIe‚-i™¼³˜*ʂ7´* j™q¸+  DDI —kw‚~J ¦DD™D= —H¥‚€1  DDI bDDG'fD . ƒ9f·+bNÈH+•LbŸ‚9È=fN|¢‚8 WWW.ITP.NET/SUBSCRIPTIONS



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CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_






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Nvidia 59.12%

Others 0.42% AMD 40.46%

2011 ǞƁƾž ȆȞƾƇŮȀŽ "Ȥȕ ǠŮ Ǡű" :ȤNjƫƵŽȚ

¡K{‚6e·*K¡¥s+*{G*leH¥‚6{G*leEe„+ mfF|‚G*¨Ef+ƒ€‚€0³‹/*|-K "škI(*"K "©2ž(*£M(*"ƒ€‚€02fM25*

 I‹,+|H+‹,|H+Ñ,fI-ʐH+³•+¥‚7'´+ƒ€‚€1¥Ãz 2011 I›L'´+‹,|H+¦k1L2010 52.5% 24.2%





Q4 2010 Q1 2011

Q4 2010 Q1 2011

Q4 2010 Q1 2011








Q4 2010 Q1 2011

Q4 2010 Q1 2011


VIA/S3 2011 ǞƁƾž ȆȞƾƇŮȀŽ "Ȥȕ ǠŮ Ǡű" :ȤNjƫƵŽȚ


CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_


ºK&´*if-{¸*³¦“f- "¨‚6ž(*©(*" ºK&´*jg-|¸*³ft‚9*K*4*|œk‚6* M}wkG*mfqkŸH³jE͜ŠG*jF|‚G*”“¯

‹,|™Hf§¸f=j§05f·+ N}wkH+ƒ9+|F'+•+¥‚7'+ƒ€‚€1z 2011žfŠH+ IÅfnH+ EMC 28.7% IBM 13.7% NetApp 12.8% HP 11.0% Hitachi 8.1% Dell 7.9% Others 17.9%

2011 ȆǍƃƵƄƃŴ ȆǀƶƉŽȚ ǜž ǕŮȤ ǚƳŽ ǜƁǎƈƄŽȚ ȨȚǍŻȖ ǀƵƮſLj ǠŴ ȸȢ ȸȕ ǀƯŮƾƄž ǃžƾſǍŮ :ȤNjƫƵŽȚ

eM¥E*¥Ã”“¯ M}vjG*,}¢/&*•*¥‚6&* fJ¥œŸG¨‚~§)|G*šHfŠG*¦“§+jnMa¶*mf§Ÿ“kG*³¨)f¢ŸG*—™¢k‚~¸*4fœnk‚6*

‹,|™Hj§05f·+ N}wkH+-}¢0'+mfqkŸ¸j§¸fŠH+m+b*fŠH+z

5´L3¡¥§™I 2011žfŠH+ IÅfnH+ $720

$771 $680 $572

Q2 2010 Q2 2011


Q2 2010 Q2 2011 Q2 2010 Q2 2011


EMC $567

$1,080 $1,009

$619 $372




Q2 2010 Q2 2011

Q2 2010 Q2 2011

Q2 2010 Q2 2011

Q2 2010 Q2 2011





2011 ȆǍƃƵƄƃŴ ȆǀƶƉŽȚ ǜž ǕŮȤ ǚƳŽ ǜƁǎƈƄŽȚ ȨȚǍŻȖ ǀƵƮſLj ǠŴ ȸȢ ȸȕ ǀƯŮƾƄž ǃžƾſǍŮ :ȤNjƫƵŽȚ


 M}vjG*ƒ8*{E&*leŠ§fH4eJ25* *|œk‚~H*¥Ã”“¯ M}wkG*ƒ8*|E&*jœ‡I&* ƒ8*|E&*jœ‡I&*¡&**|1'¥H"¨‚6©2©%*"pft+&´*j‚~‚6'¥Hl‚F ‹§œ/³12.2% £kg‚~If«*aM*}kH*¥Ã l““0 j§/4f·*  M}wkG* žfŠG* HÅfnG*‘‚€ŸG*³4f§™H5.6m*a)fŠG*l™+o§0¹fŠG*$ftI&* Ȝkg‚6³¨‚6©2©%* £+m&*aCC+ ¨kG*jŠ+fk¸*rHfIÈGf“DKK2011 r)fkŸG*m|¢;&*jŸ‚~G* H‹+4š–G M}wkG*jœ‡I&*m*4¥„-jŠ+fk¸2011 4´K24f§™H7.5 l™+m*a)f<l““0aE M}wkG*ƒ8*|E&* jœ‡I&* ¡&fC+ ”+f‚~G*žfŠG* H›K&´*‘‚€ŸGf+jI4f“H10.2% £kg‚~I*¥Ãj““½  <aM}M M}wkG*ƒ8*|E&*  H t‚7fHŒ¥œ¼¡&* r)fkŸG*m|¢;&*K ”+f‚~G*žfŠGf+jI4f“H46.7%£kg‚~IfH©*lMf+fk§+5353 ¨‚6 ©2 ©%* ³  M}wkG* jœ‡I&* ‚~E ›K&* š™½ |CCI¥CCF }§G ›¥“a“DÅfnG*‹+|G*³,¥“+j§/4f·* M}wkG*jœ‡I&* m*a)f<lŠ-4*" o§0jM|‚<žfCCE4&* m*3m*a)f< M}wkG*,}¢/&* Œ*¥CCI&* ‹§œ/l““0 jHa“¸*jnMa¶*mf§Ÿ“kG*³¨)f¢ŸG*žawk‚~¸*4fœnk‚6*—G3¦™<a<f‚6 ³4fœnk‚6ÍG‹§Ÿ‚€kG*mfF|‚7f¢Ha“-¨kG*ƒ9K|ŠG*lœJf‚6KfœF jg‚6¥¶*j§Ÿ“-K,Ðg–G* M}wkG*,}¢/&*Kj§‚9*ÊD´*,fFft¸*,}¢/&* jœ‡I&*¥Ã,2fM5º(*,|D¥k¸*mf§I*}§¸f+šE&*š–‚+a§“kG*‹Hj§+ft‚~G* "j§/4f·* M}wkG*  M}wkG*ƒ8|E&*jœ‡I&*•¥‚6³f¢-2fM4¦™<EMC"¨‚6ž(*©&*"l‡Df0 —G3³fŠgkMKÅfnG*‹+|G*³•*¥‚6&´*m*a)f< H28.7% j““½ oGfnG*KÅfnG*}F*|¸*fk““0¡fk™G*NetApp "i%* lI" K"ž(* ¨+©%*" aEK•*¥‚6&´*m*a)f< H»*¥kG*¦™<12.8%K13.7%l™+m*a)fŠ+ 11.0%f¢kg‚~Il™+m*a)fŠ+‹+*|G*}F|¸*HP "¨+ƒ-(*" l““0 "›2"KHitachi"¨‚7fk§J" HšFh§‚€I H¡f–Dƒ~Hf·*}F|¸*fH&* »*¥kG*¦™<7.9%K8.1%l™+r)fkŸ+Dell ,}¢/&*jœ‡I&*m*a)f<Œ¥œ¼¡(fD¨‚6©2©%*pft+&´*j‚~‚6'¥¸f“DKK f¢kg‚~I,2fM5º(*l™‚8KaEiSCSI SAN›¥F¥-K|+Kj§–g‚G* M}wkG* ÅfnG*‹+|G*³4´K24f§™H4.8j““½¨‚9f¸*žfŠGf+jI4f“H15.0% ©2fM|G*f¢ŠE¥H¦™<l‡Df0aEEMC"¨‚6ž(*©(*"¡(*j‚~‚6'¥¸*lGfEK l™‚8Km*2*|M(*j‚€0‹H M}wkG*,}¢/&´j0¥k¸*•*¥‚6&´*³©¥“G* m*a)fŠG* H15.0%›aŠ«NetApp"i%*lI"C+j<¥gkH31.9%º(* 16.9% º(* š‚8K*¥Ãj0¥k¸* M}wkG*mf–g‚7•*¥‚6&* ma¢‚7aEK ºK&´*jg-|¸*³EMC"¨‚6ž(*©(*"lIfFaEK¨‚9f¸*žfŠGf+jI4f“H jg-|¸*³IBM "ž(* ¨+©%*" C+ j<¥gkH47.2% º(* l™‚8K¥Ãjg‚~Ÿ+  H13.4%K16.4%›aŠ«jnGfnG*jg-|¸*³HP"¨+ƒ-(*"Kj§IfnG* •*¥‚6&´*ƒ€‚€0

CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_

mf¢0¥.L5fg2'+ ©ÊE3|.¥§gœG []

Â¥‚~He‚6 HCHRONOS 7l*{-¥§fœF IntelCorei7QuadCorerHfŠI¦™=CHRONOS7jcE©¥k¯

paCC 0&* CHRONOS 7 jCCcCCG*v|CC :  CC< mfCC§C IKÊCC–C G(ÍC G Â¥CC‚C~CHfCC‚C6 lCCŸC ™C<&* jcDžaCC“C-K,aCCtCkC¸*j§+|ŠG*m*4fCC CH(´*jCCGK2³jCC§CE*|CCG*jCCMÊCCDaCCG*f¢-*|-¥§gœF $*2&´*¨FftMNf§)fŸnk‚6*$N *2&*Â¥‚~Hf‚6 HjMÊDaG*CHRONOS7m*|-¥§gœF jG¥¢‚~+‹kœkM§œ‚€-¦™<ˆDf¯£-*3lE¥G*³K¨‚€w‚G*|-¥§gœ–™G»fŠG* j™HfFj§E*|G*jMÊDaG*CHRONOS 7 m*|-¥§gœFjcD‹kœk-šœ¶*$fŸ.&* j“)fD ¦‡¯¨JKjDftŸG*”)fDž¥§Ÿ¸&´* HrHaHš–§¢+Â¥‚~Hf‚6 Hmf‚8*¥¸* ExpressCachej§Ÿ“-KIntelCorei7QuadCorerGfŠHm*4*a‚8(*pa0&f+ |D¥- Â¥‚~Hf‚6  CCH FastStart ,}CC§CHK lMf+fq§/ 6 jŠ‚~+ DDR ,|CC F*3K ,¥E,2fCC M5hCCIfCC/ º(* š§‚kG*$aCCgCG ¦CC™C<&* j<|‚6,4¥CC„CkC¸*ƒ€)f‚€·*¤{CCJ 7 m*|-¥§gœFjcDjM}Jf/Quick Boot ,}§H œ‚ª-Ñ0³»fœ/(´*$*2&´* ”+f‚~G*³Kf¢™§‚-$a+{ŸH…“Dj§If.19›Í1šœŠ™GjMÊDaG*CHRONOS jHKf‚~œ™G ¡¥–™¢k‚~¸* |„‚ªM ¡fCCF §œ‚€kG* K&* ,Ðg–G* j‚7f‚G* ¦™< jCCcCD‹CC H CC –C CGK”CC C§C C I &´*ÐCCC ‚C €C G* CHRONOS 7 m*|CC -¥CC §C CgC CœC CF MAX j§Ÿ“k+ ‹kœk- ¨CCkCG* jCCMÊCCDaCCG*  j‚7f‚™G ƒ6f§E ¦‚€E&* screen ¦™<jHKf‚~œ™G¡%´*aŠ+*K|„‚ªM G —G3

©ÊE3|.¥§gœG []

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$e‚ª§+i™s+BlackBerry Bold 9900

m+5fI)´+•+¥‚7'+¦Ei+{µ+ƒª§,'´+¡¥™Hf,bNbµ+‘.f¢H+ ¦CCF{CCG* ‘CC-fCC¢C G* •ÍCC :*  CC< (Research In Motion (RIM jCCF|CC‚C7 lCCŸC ™C <&* m*4fH(´*•*¥‚6&*¦Di*{µ*ƒª§+&´*¡¥™Gf+aMaµ*BlackBerryBold 9900 $f‚ª§gG*£k™t+2¥ŠM£I&fDBlackBerry Bold 9900 ‘-f¢™GLKa¸*vfqŸG*aŠ+ ‘-fJaCCŠCM fCC“C+fCC‚C6 vfCCqCŸCG*£CCG l““0¦CCkCG*,}CC§CœC¸*ƒ€)f‚€·*ƒ~Ÿ+K,aCCMaCCµ* o§0ž¥§G*¦k0RIM £qkŸ-¨CCF3‘-fJ‘tI&* ¥JBlackBerry Bold 9900 »fn¸*‹œT qkG**{Jža“M©{CCG*›K&´*‘-f¢G*¥JK…“DÀ10.5 £‚9|<LaŠkM´ NFC j§Ÿ“-¦™<L¥ktMfœFƒ~œ™Gj™+f“G*j‚7f‚G*Ku§-f¸*j0¥G$*2&* ,¥E Hš–G m*{+,2K}¸*,}¢/&´*‹Hš‚8*¥kGf+uœ‚~-¨kG*j§Ÿ“kG*¨JKi|E <š‚8*¥kG*K&* aŠMK¨F{G*‘-f¢G**{J¦™<j§1,|“Ÿ+SmartPoster mfHÍ<,$*|CCEKj§Ÿ“kG* š§µ*j+fn«BlackBerry 7 aMaµ*š§‚kG*žf‡I fN t‚€-žawk‚~œ™G|TD¥M¥JKš§‚kG*jœ‡I&´ »fkG*  H40%jg‚~Ÿ+ÌF&*j§+f§‚~I*Kj<|‚~+lIÊI(´*¦™< Œ|‚6&* ¥JK BlackBerry 6 ”+f‚~G* š§‚kG* žf‡I  HšœŠM¥CCJKBlackBerry 5  H100% jg‚~Ÿ+ $f‚9(´KlCCIÊCCI(´*u‚€kGWebKit rHfI|+›ÍCC1 4*aCC‚C 8(´**{CCJ aCCMK}CC- ²u‚€kG*jŠkH¦™<aCCM}CC¸* j‚7f‚Gf+˜|tkG*K¨‚6aŠG*hM|“kG*j§If–H(f+aMaµ* jŠk¸* CCH aCCM}CC¸ ,4¥CC„C ¸*HTML5 j§Ÿ“- CC< ÍN C‚CªCD ¥Ma§G*ifŠG&f+j§™‚~kG*$fŸ.&*,4f.(´*K

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l´e‚€-* HE398-LTEUSBž2¥H

j§*fŸnk‚7)+jFf,530ƒ7+L430ƒ7+ "¨0›+" IšGš–‚N

•Í;)+j„½1000i5f“Nf«jHLbH+³jH¥K'f¸+j1f‚~¸+ I70%j§„.

"*4K4&*"j™)f< H MaMa/ÑG¥œ½Ñg‚6f0ƒ~–§IKʖG(* "¨/›(*"l“™:&* CCJ&*K,aCCtCkC¸*j§+|ŠG*m*4fCCH´*jCCGK2³530 ƒCC6*K430 ƒCC6*¨CC/ ›*fœJ jI¥™¸* j§/4f·* §Hf‚€kG*K i*{µ* §œ‚€kG*  MaMaµ* Ñg‚6f¶* m*}§¿ u„‚6K j§Gfk‚~M|F LED LCD j‚8¥+ 15.6 K j‚8¥+ 14 ƒ9|< j‚7f‚+  f§/¥G¥Ÿ–-j„‚6*¥+f¢)Í:l±¨kG*›fk‚~M|–G* H‹H´$Í:j“g„+¨/4f1  j§IaŠ¸*šFf§¢G*šœŠG4fwg™Gj™‚8¥HЍG* ž*³¨‚6¡* jŠH´jDf‚7j§/4f1j“g„+ "*4K4*"šM2¥¸jŠ+fkG*h§‚6*¥¶*jDfF‹kœk-fœF jHKf“H ¦™< j§GfŠG* f¢-4a“G ÑHawk‚~œ™G j§“§“0 jœ§E j+fn« aŠ- ,}§H ¨JK ›¥œt¸*h‚6ft™G¨/4f·*$f„G*jIfkHK&*a‚€G* j§Gf<j§+¥‚6f0,$fF¡fHa“MlE¥G*ƒ~I³Kj“§I&* j§Gfœ/mf‚~¸º(* jDf‚9(* jFfœ‚6 ‹CCD4 }M}Š-K $f‚9(* ³ š–§¢™G j+¥„‚¸* ’*¥CC¶* Jf‚~-K,aM|DK "*4K4*"jCC<¥CCœC¼ hCC§C‚C6*¥CC0 ¨CCC ‚C ªC -fCCœC ŸC §C +jCC CG¥CC CœC C tC C ¸* jCC§C/4fCC·*uCC„C‚C6 &ÍCG¡*¥CC C G&´* KÅ*¥CC C C C /4&´*³,|CC D¥CC kC C¸* jCC§CGfCCœCµ* mfCC‚C ~C œC ™C G* •45&´* h§‚6*¥0 NfŠH ¡¥–kG j§)f¢ŸG* m*3,ÐCCC‚C8 ,|CC–CkCgCH jCCG¥CC½ Ñ+*{/ š–‚7K §œ‚€-

jGK2³jM|¢‚G*,4¥-fG*žf‡Ÿ+˜|tk¸*‘-f¢G*jHa1¨FʂH¡f–H(f+ug‚8&* ¨kG*(LTE)La¸*a§Š+4¥„-j–g‚7›K&*jHa1 H,2fk‚6´*,atk¸*j§+|ŠG*m*4fH(´* "m´f‚€-*"l“™:&*fœFjGKaG*³‹+*4š§/j–g‚7Œ|‚6&*aŠ-¨JKfJ4f‡kI*›f: º(*›¥‚8¥™G$͜ŠG*žfH&*j‚8|G*j0f-(´E398-LTE USBlIÊI´*ž2¥H,}¢/&* j§IfnG*³l§+fq§H100º(*š‚€-¨kG*Kj<|‚~G*j“)fG*‹+*|G*š§µ*lIÊI*j<|‚6 šnHj<|‚~G*j“)fDmf“§g„k+‹kœkG*ÑFʂœ™G4G LTE‹+*|G*š§µ*j–g‚7u§k-K ,2¥¢ŠHÐ=mf<|‚~+fJÐ=Ðn–G*KlIÊI´*ifŠG&*Kj§)|¸*m*|±'¥¸*¥Ma§G*o+ š‚€ŸHš–‚+‹‚6*K¥tI¦™<|D¥kMKNfœJ42799ž2¥¸*5f¢/|Š‚6Ž™gMKšgE H ‹kœk§‚6K "m´f‚€-* "CGjŠ+fkG*‹§gG*{DfŸHK›fœ<&´*}F*|H‹§œ/³mfEfgG* H j„1 jEf+³˜*ʂ7´*aŸ<NfIf¼5f¢µ*¦™<›¥‚€¶f+2aµ*m´f‚€-*$͜< ¨-fIf§+j„1 jEf+|D¥-KjŸ‚6K&*|¢‚7&*jk‚6,a¸¢F*ʂ7*aŸ< UltraC¨-fIf§+ jœw‚9 jCCŠC‚C6 $ÍCCœCŠC™CG  Ultra lMf+fq§/ 20 ‹E*¥+ mfIf§g™G $͜Š™G –Æ—G3º(*jDf‚9(´f+ j§If¼ mf<f‚6 ¦™< ›¥‚€¶* šM}Ÿ-K lCCIÊCCI´* ž*awk‚6*  H ,ÊCCD³2KaCC C½ÐCC =mfCCIfCC§C + j<f‚~G* ¦CCkC0K šCC§C™CG* ‘‚€kŸH Nf0fg‚8jnGfnG*


CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



CloudVerse ›¥™0”™„- "¥–‚~§‚6" i§f‚6¥¶*gs‚R ~G*,4*2(*K$e‚I(´i™He–j¸* mfHa·*©2K}HŒf„E|MaH¨CC ‚6¥+2 ¥–‚~§‚6³jCC §‚6aŸ¢G*jœ‡I&´*|CC MaHK hM|ElEKjCC MfG"jc‚7fŸG*•*¥CC ‚6&´* ³j§+ft‚~G*mf“§g„kG*‡ŠHma/*¥|H&´*”§‚9&*•f„I¦™<K M}w-s*|+&* ht‚~G*,4*2(*K$fŸ+j+¥Š‚8 H2*5©{G* ,2aŠkHht‚~Gš1*ak¸*…+|G*$*|/(*K mfCC Ma¯”CC ™1º(* ¤4KaCC + L2&* fCC ¿ mfCC ‚~‚6'¥¸* CC HÐCC n–G*žfCC H&*,ÐCC gF ht‚~G* HfN ¸f<¥CC –‚~§‚6l0f-&*aEK mfŠœkq¸*Kƒ6fŸG*Ñ+š‚8*¥kG*š§ŠkG ž*awk‚6*j+|­›Í1 Hmf‚~‚6'¥¸*K »fkG*šCC §µ*)Í-jCC I¥œ‚ªHjCC §+ft‚6 4K|‚~G*jCC Mf=³fCC ŸI(*KlCC IÊI(´* CC H mfF|‚G*2*K4 CC HaCC MaŠG*žf§E›fCC §0 ›¥™0¨Ÿgk+fN C C§¸f<mfHa·*©2K}CC HK ƒCC 6f‚6&fF Cisco CloudVerse mfCC Ha·f+ jCC “™Šk¸* CC ¢-f§q§-*ʂ6´ ”§.¥G*¡KfŠk™GfN HaE‹™„kIKj§+ft‚~G*  H¹f<ÐCC D¥-¥tICC ¢§Š‚6³CC ¢ŠH "j§g‚6¥¶*ht‚~G*

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¥CC –‚~§‚6 jCC F|‚7 ›¥CC ™0 •ÍCC :(*  CC < šCC œ< jCC §™–§J ¨CC JK CloudVerse j+¥™„¸*j§‚6f‚6&´*|CC ‚8fŸŠG*Ñ+‹œ­ ,4*2(*K$fCC ‚I(* CC HmfCC ‚~‚6'¥¸*ÑCC –œkG jCC HfŠG* jCC §g‚6¥¶* hCC t‚~G* W …CC +4K ¤{CC J šCC œ‚-K jCC „™kw¸*K jCC ‚8f·*K ,aCC 0¥¸* mfCC If§gG* }CC F*|H |CC ‚8fŸŠG* mf“§g„kG*KjCC §F{G*hCC t‚~G*mf–g‚7K mfF|‚™G›¥™¶*¤{Ju§k-Kj§+ft‚~G* šœ‚-¨kG*ht‚~G*m*}§HjDfF”§“¯ 2f‚€kE´*Kj<|‚~G* Hj§Gf<mfM¥k‚~H jI¥œ‚ª¸*j+|qkG* CC <ÍN ‚ªDjMfœ¶*K |CC ‚7'¥H" pfCC t+&´ fN C CŠg-K jCC GfŠG*K jg‚6¥t™G¨CC ¸fŠG*¨CC 0fkkD´*¥CC –‚~§‚6 Cisco® Global) "jCC §+ft‚~G* 2010Ñ+fCC H,ÊCC ™G(Cloud Index jg‚6¥¶*šœŠ-¡&*‹E¥k¸* œD2015K ³©4{/Ч-p*a0(*¦™<j§+ft‚~G* mfF|‚™GmfH¥™Š¸*j§Ÿ“-mfHa1Œf„E ‹E¥k-K$*¥CC ‚6aCC 0¦™<ÑCC –™¢k‚~¸*K

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CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



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Emerging ¨/¥G¥Ÿ–- rŸ§/ÐÆ(* Technology– SaudiArabia ³,aCC C)*|CC CG*mfCCF|CC‚C C G* CC H¨CC CJK jCC™CHfCC‚CCG*m´fCC‚C €C -´*›¥CC™C 0ÇaCC“C jCC§C+|CCŠCG*jCC–C ™C œC ¸*³mfCC‚C ~C ‚C 6 '¥C œC ™C G jCCHaCC·*šCCŠCCGfCC+žaCC“C -KjCCM2¥CCŠC‚C~CG* ,4*5¥CCG $fF|‚™G jF¥™œ¸* j§+ft‚~G* aCCgC <›¥CC C“C C MjCC M2¥CC ŠC C‚C C ~C CG*šCC œC CŠC CG* ¨CCœC§C™CE(´*|CCMaCC¸*´¥CC–C IfCC+|CC‚C8fCCŸCG* ³ ƒ~Ÿq§™§kI(* ‘CC§CkCF&*ÊCCI(* jF|‚G Ђ~-" jCCM2¥CCŠC‚C~CG* j§+|ŠG* j–™œ¸* žfCC ŠC CG*¤fCC C C C ­´*³m´fCC C‚C C €C C C-´* ¦™< šCC§CGaCCG*K j§+ft‚~G* jg‚6¥t™G j§‚9f¸**|N ¢‚7¨Ÿ.´*›Í1£I&* —G3 55 jg‚~Ÿ+ fCCŸC -*2*|CCM(* m2*5 …CC“C D {ŸH f¢‚~I ,ʐGf+ jI4f“H j)f¸* ³ *{¢GfŸœ§<a-’a¢k‚6*K¦‚ªHžf< fŸ)͜<mfCC/fCC§C kC 0*jCC§CgC™C- ¤fCC C­´* j<¥Da¸*›f¸*ƒ6&*4mf“Iƒª§wkG š§‚kG* ,$fCCC F ÑCC‚C ~C¯K fCCHN aCC“C H $*|‚G*" s3¥CCà ”§g„-K {§ŸkG*K


‘CC§C kC F&*ÊCCI(*jCCF|CC‚C 7 ƒCC C~C C ŸC C qC C §C C ™C C §C C kC C I (* j0f-(* Interactive Intelligence ›f‚€-´* }CCF*|CC¸ j§+ft‚~G* ›¥CC™C¶* ¨kG* jM2¥Š‚~G* j§+|ŠG* j–™œ¸* ³ ‘CC§C GfCC–C -ƒCCªC §C C wC -¦CC™C <aCC<fCC‚C ~C  H¦CC™C <&*jCC C/42uCC§C kC -KšCC§CC‚CCkCG* §œ‚€kG* ³ ÈCCF&* jCCIK|CCHK –tkG*  CCH›fCC “C CkC CI´*jCC§C ™C œC <…CC‚C ~C gC -fCCœC F ¨‚~§)|G* |CC“C¸fCC+ ,aCC§C“C¸* mfCC–CgC‚CCG* jCCœCE ³ jCC‚C ~C ‚C 6 '¥C ¸* K&* jCCF|CC‚C C ™C G ³maCC“C< ¨CCkCG*¨‚6©2©%* jF|‚7 maCC +&* ¨CC‚C 9fCC¸*|CC+¥CCkC F &* ³,aCC / jCCM2¥CCŠC ‚C ~C G*mfCCF|CC‚C C G* CC H  34% mfHa·*º(* mfHa·*š“ŸGf¢kg=4 ³mfCCF|CC‚C C G*mÈCC <KjCC§C+fCCtC‚C~CG*  <˜¥CCŸC gC CG*Km´fCC ‚C C€C C-´*¨CC<fCC„C E ³K|CC H&´**{CC¢C+ÐCCgC–CG*fCC¢CHfCCœCkCJ* ¤fCC­´**{CCJ CCH,2fCCCkC‚C6ÍCCG,¥CC„C1 ‘§kF&*ÊI(* jF|‚7 lCCŠCEK ¨HfŸk¸* ‹CCHjCCF*|CC‚C 7jCC§C EfCCC -*ƒCC~CŸCqC§C™C§CkCI(*

Smart) "l–§I¥F m4fœ‚6" fCC¢C EÍCC:(*  CC< "ƒ~F4K¥kI KÐH" fN ŸH%*K fN „‚~gH ´N ¥‚8K |D¥- ¨kG* ,4¥„k¸* ›¥™¶* aCC0&* (Connect ¢-}¢/&´ѐ;¥¸*ž*awk‚6*¦™<jœ)f“G*šœŠG*mfc§+ œ‚9j§™t¸*j§–™‚6ÍG*j–g‚™G mf“§g„- jDfF šœ‚- ,4¥„kH mfŸ§‚~¯ aMaµ* šCC¶* |D¥MK .(BYOD) j‚8f·* ¨kG* –tkG* m*aCC0K  H ,aMa/ jcD —CCG3 ³ f« j§–™‚6ÍG* j§™t¸* j–g‚G* j‚€ŸH ,4*2(* ‹H›¥‚8K†f“I <N͂ªDL|CC1&* jcDjCCM&*  <m*|CCH ƒ~œw+aM}-,4aCCE 2K}CCSystem Director) "5 ÊF|M*2k‚~§‚6"aMaµ*š§‚kG*žf‡IK‘§„™Gj™Hf–kH ,4*2(´ ›K&´*ƒ~§)|G*h)fIaIfI*›fœF›fEKj§–™‚6ÍG*j§™t¸*j–g‚Gf+ƒ8f·* (5 š‚ªD&* ÐD¥-¦™<,aMaµ*mfqkŸ¸*¤{J,4a“+j“.¦™< tI""KÐH"³mfqkŸ¸* ž*awk‚6(*¦™<,aœkŠ¸*•f„ŸG*jŠ‚6*Kmfc§g™Gf¢kcD œ‚9¨–™‚6ÍG*›f‚€-´*mfHa1 mfg™„kHj§g™kGf‚€§‚€1,aMaµ*fŸk<¥œ¼§œ‚€-²Kѐ;¥¸f+j‚8f·*,}¢/&´* ¦™<}§FÊG*È<,a“Š¸*ѐ;¥¸f+j‚8f·*,}¢/&´*ž*awk‚6(*¦™<jœ)f“G*šœŠG*mfc§+ mfH¥™Š¸*f§/¥G¥Ÿ–-mf“I Ha¶*Kj§–™‚6ÍG*j§™t¸*mf–g‚G*,4*2(*…§‚~g-




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ƒ6`IeI{D¥GeŸ=&* iM2¥Š‚~G*‹M5¥j™G—™G*žeŠG*{M`¸* m´f‚€-´*Œf„“Gj§ktkG*jŸ§gG*¦™<•fI(´* H*aM}H‹E¥kI ›f¼³ÐgF¥Ã¦™<a<f‚~M’¥‚6f¿mfH¥™Š¸*j§Ÿ“-K ›aŠHš–‚§‚6KfœFmfH¥™Š¸*j§Ÿ“-mfHa1³m*4fœnk‚6´* ¦™< •fCCCI´* ›aŠH o™. jIf§‚€G*K <aG* Œf„E ¦™< •fCCCI´* a§k‚~- ’¥‚6 —G{G jq§kIK mfH¥™Š¸* j§Ÿ“- mfHa1 Œf„E jH2f“G*,ʐG*³h™„G*³,2fM}G* H‹M5¥kG*m*¥ŸE

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j§Ÿ“. •+¥‚7'+ m+¥ŸF %+3'´ –œ§§“. fI   žfŠH+ ›ÍDD2 jN3¥Š‚~H+ j§,|ŠH+ j–™œ¸+ ³ •+¥DD‚D 7'´+ #¨‚:f¸+ •¥‚~G* ³ ,aCC)*|CCG* mfF|‚G*  CCH "—‚~M2¥-K&*" jF|‚7 aŠ•|‚G* ³ •*¥CC‚C6&´* ÈCCF&*  H aŠ- ¨kG* •¥‚~G* jM2¥Š‚~G* j§Df‚9(*…„1"—‚~M2¥-K&*"LaGKfœF*¥ÃfJÌF&*K…‚6K&´*  HaM}H¦™<‰f¶*K…‚6K&´*•|‚G*³fJ4¥‚ª0}M}ŠkG š–‚+m*4fœnk‚6´*}FÊ-¤aŠ+fHK2011 žfŠ™Gmf0fqŸG* ƒ94fŠ¸*K”M¥‚~kG*KhM4akG*f¢œJ&*m´f¼,a<³¨‚~§)4 •¥‚~G*³$fCCF|CC‚CCG*‹CCH ‹CCM5¥CCkCG*ŒfCC„CE |CCM¥CC„ C-KjCCM4fCCqCkCG* fnMa0l“™:&*¨kG*m*4fœnk‚6´*J&*La0(*lIfFKjM2¥Š‚~G* 4*a‚8(*¨JjM2¥Š‚~G*žÍ<(´*,4*5K‹H¡KfŠkGf+jM2¥Š‚~G*³ ḯG*KmfF|‚G*¨<K,2fM5¦™<,a<f‚~œ™G,aMa/,42fgH Å¥IfEš–‚+mf§¼ÈG*ž*awk‚6*,4K|‚ª+hŠ‚G*jHf<K ‹§Ÿ‚€kH+ mfG|‚8 j,fqk‚7+ lJfG ‘§G   j§Ÿ“kH+ •+¥‚7'´+ mf0f§k1+L mfg™„kI ³ m+Ѝkœ™H #b§Š‚€H++{K¦™=m+Ѝ.jN'+m'+|;šK#j–™œ¸f, ‹M5¥kG*m*¥ŸE³fŸ)fF|‚7šgE H,a§/j+fqk‚6´*lIfFa“G fHpa0&*¦™<ъ™„H¢)f“+(*¦™<"—‚~M2¥-K&*"³fŸ™œ<a“D •¥‚~G*³fI4¥‚ª0,2fM5¦™<fŸ™œ<KfœF›¥™0 H£Ha“I Jf‚94¡fœ‚ªG$͜Š™Gjœ‡kŸ¸*fŸ-*4fM5›Í1 HjM2¥Š‚~G* ¦™< $fF|‚G* ,a<f‚~¸ )*aG* fŸ§Š‚6 º(* jDf‚9(´f+ ¢)´KK j§g™-KjM2¥Š‚~G*•¥‚~G*‹HšHfŠkG*j§§–Gj™kw¸*•|„G*™Šf¢-fg™„kH‹§œ/ ¡¥Š™„k.¨DDkD H+DD=bDDH+5¥DD‚D 9 ¨DDK fDDI  6Lf­  I +¥Ÿ–œk. ¨G –*fG|‚8 šgF  I fK|E¥. º)+ #f¢J¥¢0+¥.¨kH+mfNbtkH+ jM4fqkG*rH*ÈG*‘Gf¯jœ‡ŸHf¢kHaEjnMa0j‚6*4aGf“DK jM2¥Š‚~G*•¥‚~G*f¢¢/*¥-¨kG*mfMatkG*ÈCCF&* ¡(fCD BSA mf§¼ÈG* jœ§E l™+ a“D mf§¼ÈG* jŸ‚8|E jtDf–H ¨J ³ j–™œ¸* ³ |-¥§gœ–G* ,}CC¢C/&* ¦™< jkgn¸* j‚€1|H ЍG* ›aŠH¡&* º(* ЂMfH¥JK4´K2¡¥§™H414 2010 žfŠG* ¨‚9f¸* žfŠG* ³ j–™œ¸* ³ 52% º(* š‚8K aE jŸ‚8|“G*





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•|‚G*” ¨+ƒ-(* “ jF|‚+j<fg„G*‚~E|MaH©¥‚ª-|HЂM j<¥œ¼¥JHP ePrint lI|+©(* ¨+ƒ-(* ¡&* º(* …CC‚C6K&´* f‚€§‚€1lœœ‚8¨kG*Kift‚~G*³j<fg„G*aœkŠ-j<fg:›¥™0 m*|-¥§gœ–G*K j§F{G* ‘-*¥¢G* šnH jG*¥µ* jg‚6¥¶* ,}¢/&´ *¥Ãa¢‚Mjg‚6¥¶*³Œf„“G**{J¡&*©¥‚ª-|HaF'¥Mj§0¥™G* º(*›¥‚8¥™Gj™Hf‚7m*K2&*º(*jG*¥µ*‘-*¥¢G*›¥tMKfŠM|‚6 mfIf§gG*ž*awk‚6*³£/¥kG**{Jš‚8*¥-‹H"›¥“MKmfIf§gG* kM ¨kG* mfIf§gG* ¦™< jF4f‚¸*K j<fg„™G j/f0 ˜fŸJ ug‚€jDf‚9(*lI|+©(*¨+ƒ-(*aŠ-jG*¥µ*,}¢/&´* Hf¢§G(*›¥‚8¥G* Ñ+•|G*KjG&f‚~¸*¤{Jš¶,42fgHL|CC1&* jG*¥/›¥™0º(* L|/š0¥JlI|+©(*¡&*¨JL|1&´*›¥™¶*KlI|+©(*¨+ƒ-(* "ift‚~G*jg‚6¥0j§Ÿ“k+¤|M¥„³$fF|‚™Gjg‚~ŸGf+m*K2&´*¤{J¡(* ›¥“Gf+©¥‚ª-|Hu‚9¥M ¨kG*mfHa·*Kj§Ÿ“kGf+JaMK}kGL|1&*j™§‚6K…‚6K&´*•|‚G* ‹M5¥kG*m*¥ŸE³f§‚~DfŸ-fE¥-¢tŸ± |MaHifCCI ¨CC-4fCC+*4fCCFfCC‚CC- žfCC-¥CC= ЂMi4fCC‚C 7 jCCF|CC‚C7 ³K a§/‹‚9K³•¥‚~G*¡&* …‚6K&´*•|‚G*i4f‚7³”M¥‚~kG* "‘§‚ªMKj<fg„G*›¥™0¦™<h™„G*Œf-4*š‚8*¥kMKf§Gf0 j“„Ÿ¸*$ftI&*‘™k¾³*a/,a§/›*¥0&f+f§Gf0•¥‚~G*‹kœkM  H¨CC-&fCM ©{CCG*Kj<fg„G*›¥™0¦™<h™„G*³f<f-4*L|CCIK ‹/*ÊG*ifCC“C<&* ³jCCM4fCCµ*mf“ŸG*jŠ/*|¸sfk¯mfF|‚7 jc§+ ³ 4fœnk‚6´* º(* |‡ŸGf+ mfF|‚G* m&*aCC+K ©2f‚€kE´* £“§“¯ –Æ©{G*ÐD¥kG*LÊGhM|“G*La¸*¦™<,4*aHj<fg: a§ŠgG*La¸*¦™< j<fg„™Gj–™¢k‚~¸*2*¥CC¸*mfŠ§gHf‚ªM&* ,}¢/&´*mfŠ§gHœkM ¦™<j<fg„G*Œf„E³LȖG*mfF|‚G*‡ŠH3¥tk‚~-fœŸ§+K £g™:K•¥‚~G*j/f0¨g™kGj–™¢k‚~¸*2*¥¸*K,}¢/&´* Hj<¥œ¼ j„‚6¥k¸*K ,Ѝ‚€G* mfF|‚G* h™: ¨g™- ¨kG* mfF|‚G* ¡(fCD


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leŠ+e„G* (19)



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…„·* i§™f“j‚~¸* ›Í1 H2012 žeŠGe+i‚8e1,`M`/…„1$eŸ+º(* ‹M5¥jG*leF{‚7 ƒªŠ+…„v-L{1&´ eb§‚6KleF{‚G*ƒªŠfG*`§/¡eF2011 žeŠG*¡&* `+´ •{‚G*i“„Ÿ¸leŠ§f¸*{M`H¨™=5Ç{F‹Hƒ8e·*$e“™G**zJ›Í1 Hi§+{ŠG*šIe‚-i™¼k.`¯,`M`/•*¥‚6&*³‹‚6¥jG*K&*,`M`/leF*{‚7 º(* iDe‚9(´e+£GÍ1e¢j¢/*K¨jG*le+¥Š‚€G*K2011 žeŠG*›Í1iF{‚G*e¢j““0¨jG*q)ejŸG* <"—-h¥-"‹M5¥jG*iF{‚Ge§“M{D(*K…‚6K&´* e§“M{D(*K…‚6K&´*•{‚G*i“„ŸH³iF{‚G*‹‚6¥-KleF*{‚G*ƒ€vMeœ§D2012žeŠ™Gi§™f“j‚~¸*e¢„„1J&* ›K'¥‚~H›Í1 H—G3Kj‚8f1©|q§ŸG*•¥‚~G*KjHf<¨“M|D(´*  HKfMÐq§I³)*2š–‚+a/*¥kMfŸkF|‚+ƒ8f1mfŠ§gH j§“M|D(´* •¥‚~G* ³ ‹‚6¥kG* ¦™< fIa<f‚~- ¨kG* šH*¥ŠG* CCJ&* $͜Š™GjCCH5ÍCCG*j§k‚~/¥™G*mfCCHaCC·*ÇaCC“C- ¦™<fCCŸC-4aCCE ¥CCJ š‚ªD&f+f§“M|D(*º(*mfqkŸ¸* t‚+ž¥“-—-i¥kD›fŠDš–‚+ š§œŠG*º(*›f0š‚ªD&f+mfqkŸ¸*›¥‚8K H'¥-KfœF4fŠ‚6&´* žfŠH+³M|2'+ ‹‚7¥.…„2˜fŸKšK #2012 aŠ-¨kG*K¡fk‚~IfD&* •*¥‚6&* ³‹‚6¥k™Gj0¥œ:…„1f§IaG mfH¥™Š¸*j§Ÿ“-mfqkŸ¸,Ðg–G*•*¥CC‚C6&´*LaCC0(* fŸGjg‚~ŸGf+ ,ʐG*³mfqkŸ¸*¤{J¦™<h™„G*³,2fM}+}§œk-f¢I&*KfœF •¥‚~G*¤{J³‹‚6¥kG*³"—-i¥-" …„1aœkŠ-K,ÐCC1&´* ,a§/r)fkIº(*›¥‚8¥G*¦™<,42fEf¢™Š­,aMa<mfH¥“H¦™< ž¥“I ©{CCG*K j“„Ÿ¸* —™- ³ ¨™t¸* šœŠG* ”M|D |CCD*¥CC- f¢ŸHK ›fCCœCF(* ¦™<šœŠGf+—CCG3aŠ+ž¥“§G£CCG ž5ÍCCG*hCCM4aCCkCG*Ça“k+ Ça“kG2*aŠk‚6*¦™<fŸI&* fœFf¢+ž¥“Ÿ‚6¨kG*aM4¥kG*mf§™œ< mf<2¥k‚~H ÐD¥- ›ÍCC1  H $fF|‚™G j§k‚~/¥™G* mͧ¢‚~kG* mfF|‚G* HaMaŠG*¦™<hŠ‚€MfH¥JK•¥‚~G*—™-³ M}wkG* ¦™<¡fk‚~IfD&* •¥‚6³fŸŠ‚6¥-a<f‚~§‚6K¤ÐD¥-L|CC1&´* ‹§Ÿ‚€kG* $fF|‚G ©|‚€0 š–‚+ ‹M5¥kG* ³ fŸ-fHa1 Ça“j§Ÿ“kG*mfqkŸHaM4¥-ÑH&f-¦™<fŸ-4a“G—G3Kf¢ŠHšHfŠkI¨kG* j§k‚~/¥™G* mfHa·f+ j™nœkH jCCH5ÍCCG* mfCCHaCC·* ‹§œ/ Ça“-K ‹§gG*aŠ+fHmfHa1Kj§Ifœk)´*mͧ¢‚~kG*K

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aŠgDт€G*³j§0¥™G*h§‚6*¥¶*•¥‚6³j§IfnG*jg-|¸*³ ¥D¥Ÿ§Gl“™:&* т€G*³Lepad 2fg§G5f¢µu/fŸG*•Í:(´* l™+f-2f+—Ÿ§.K IdeaPadK1 1£§F2f+fMaM%*¨0¥™G*5f¢µ* ¹fŠG*¡*a™+¨Ef+³ ThinkPadTablet

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Al Batha CIO Saji Oommen on the challenges of IT management

How to avoid failure when rolling out business intelligence at your

Saudi Arabiaâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s KACST bolsters its defences with new IT system

 HhK{¢G*,{Je; " M&*Âş(*Â&#x2022;*ÂĽÂ&#x201A;6&´*

An ITP Technology Publication | Licensed by Dubai Media City BAHRAIN BD1.5 | EGYPT LE15 | JORDAN JD2 KSA SR15 | KUWAIT KD1.5 | OMAN OR1.5 QATAR QR1.5 | UAE DHS15 | UK ÂŁ5 | USA $8



¤f­,ÂĽÂ&#x201A;~EĂ&#x152;F&*Ă?+*a-3fw-´DCG|-¼§gÂ&#x153;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2122;G¨+2j<ÂĽÂ&#x153;ÂźÂ&#x2026;Â&#x201E;wÂ&#x2019;*|:&* HÂ&#x2019;fFÂ?<2Â&#x2DC;fÂ&#x;JÂ&#x161;J Â&#x2013;GKÂ&#x2022;ÂĽÂ&#x201A;~G* Hj+4f¢G*mfF|Â&#x201A;G* "iK|¢G*jÂ&#x2122;Â&#x2013;Â&#x201A;HjÂľfÂ&#x160;¸j§Â&#x201C;§Â&#x201C;0j§Â&#x2122;Â&#x153;<mfÂ&#x201A;64fÂżKÂ&#x2039;M5ÂĽkG*Â&#x152;fÂ&#x201E;E


How Cisco is banking on a fresh wave of investment to drive its business in the Gulf


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An ITP Technology Publication

Licenced by Dubai Media City

A ITP Technology Publication An

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Why satellite operators are investing heavily in MEA

Why video conferencing has failed to take oďŹ&#x20AC;

Slow progress Growth continues to elude Yemenâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s fractured telco sector

Leaseback learnings


How to get sale and leaseback agreements right ďŹ rst time

Muneer Farooqui, CEO, Warid Pakistan

The truth behind the failure of EMCâ&#x20AC;&#x2122;s Atmos



Was the Blackberry safe in the first place?

Thee Abu u Dhabii-oowned teelco explainss the rationaale beehind d its strateggy in Pakkistaan

V 08 Vol. Issue. 06

Building Bu B uiillldi din di ng g and an nd d delivering del eliv i ering IT solutions for the Middle East An ITP Te Technology ecchn ch hn h no ollo olo logy gy Pub P Pu Publication ub ublillic iiccati attiio at on n

Licensed by Dub D Du Dubai u ub baaii Me M Media ed edi diiiaa C dia City itty ity

2010 Ă&#x2026;Â&#x2122;hd6



7 2^Â&#x2021;G* gÂ&#x153;HckG*gÂ&#x153;{G* SEPTEMBER 2010

Licensed by Dubai Media City

An ITP Technology Publication

Cizar Abughazaleh, Regional Manager Middle East & Africa, Iomega

STRATEGIC THINKING Talking tactics with executives from Adobe, ATS, MTC and Toshiba (14)

THE SMART CHOICE? Middle East handset channel faces up to new challenges (43)



VE R 10 VOL 15

$Ă&#x160;Â&#x2122;Â&#x2021;Gc+gMcÂ&#x153;Â&#x2021;G* jcÂ&#x2021;¤dÂ&#x2122;Â&#x2013;GÂ&#x203A;cÂ&#x2021;G*yM^Âľ*Â&#x2C6;HÂ&#x20AC;8c1$cÂ?G "ÂĽ/¢G¢Â&#x153;Â&#x201C;-ÂŚ4¢Â&#x2122;¤H"L^GÂ&#x2018;M¢{hG*K 20Â&#x20AC;8

gM^Â?Â&#x153;G*gG¢¤{G*,4*2(* gM^Â?Â&#x153;G*gG¢¤{G*,4*2(Âąr)c}I,y|< Â&#x2C6;M5¢hG*j*¢Â&#x153;E$*Ă&#x2026;1cÂ&#x;9yÂ&#x2021;McÂ&#x2122;F 16Â&#x20AC;8

 dÂ&#x2013; McH $cFy|G* Â?HÂ&#x161;Â&#x;-cÂ&#x2021;E¢-Â&#x17E;¢9yÂ&#x2021;MÂ&#x2C6;¤dG*K^¤Â&#x2021;H ÂĽÂ&#x160;dMÂĽhG*j*¢ ´*KÂ&#x2C6;¤Â&#x153;}hG*jcFy7 Â&#x161;Â&#x;-^<c{ÂľcÂ&#x;¤Â&#x2013;<Â&#x203A;*^E(Âą*cÂ&#x;¤Â&#x2013;< 12Â&#x20AC;8 Â&#x2122;Âş yÂ&#x2021;- qMy+^ <Â? HÂĽ 7 Â? M^ yE y "gFy * f *¢Â&#x153;E yM%* y|G G*j {M *Â&#x2019; "Â&#x20AC; ¢h &Âą ° 6K Â&#x20AC;8 Â&#x2C6;M5 Â&#x201A; 32 ^G L

Wha D t re ICT su selle O pp man or rs re N V t ufac they ally EN ture get thin D rs from k of OR (36) the S

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Licensed by Dubai Media City





An ITP Technology Publication



ÄŠĂŹÄŠÄ&#x153;Ă&#x17E; Ĺ&#x2021;ÏĚóï èĆ&#x2026;


Ĺ˝Ĺ&#x201E;Ă&#x161;ÄŠĂŞÄŠ ģÎè Ĺ&#x2026;Ä&#x2014; ĂĽÄłĆ&#x2026; Ĺ&#x2021;ĂŹÄš óïèĆ&#x2026; Ć&#x2021;Ć&#x2026;Ć? Ć Ĺ&#x2039;ĂŤ


ÄŤÄŁÄ ĂŚÄ¸Ă¨Ć&#x2026; Ć&#x2C6;Ć&#x2026;ĸģÊĊÄ&#x17E;èĆ&#x2026; Ć&#x2021;ĸģÄ&#x203A;Ä&#x2013;èĆ&#x2026;

Four media players get a thorough workout

čģçġèĆ&#x2026; Ĺ&#x201A;Ă&#x161;Ć&#x2026;Ĺ&#x2030;ĢèĆ&#x2026;

čèĆ&#x2026;Ĺ&#x2030;ĂťĆ&#x2026; Ĺ&#x201A;Ă&#x161;Ć&#x2026;Ĺ&#x2030;ĢèĆ&#x2026; čÎóê 2010 Ć&#x17E;ÄŠÄ&#x161;è


GAME REVIEWS Blur, Crackdown 2, Starcraft II: Wings of Liberty

Adobe Creative Suite 5 HP Pavilion dm4 notebook Asus ARES graphics card ECS Black Series GTX 460 and more tested...


čèĆ?ÄŠÄ&#x161;ĂŠ Ĺ&#x192;Ä?òïĂ&#x161; Ĺ&#x2026;ĂŤ Ĺ&#x2020;ùßĆ&#x2026;ĆĄ ĜģÝĆ&#x2026; ĹżĆ&#x2026;Ć?ÄłĆ&#x2026; ŽĊÄ&#x161;ĂŠ ĸģÄ&#x203A;Ä&#x2013;èĆ&#x2026;


Ĺ&#x2026;Ă&#x2122;Ć&#x20AC; Ć&#x17E;ÄŠĂŠĆ ÄŤÄŁĂ§ÄˇĂ¨Ć&#x2026; Ĺ&#x201A;Ă&#x161;Ć&#x2026;Ĺ&#x2030;ĢèĆ&#x2026; Ć&#x2020;ĸĂ? Ĺ&#x2039;ĂĽ čèĹ&#x2030;Ă&#x153; ĸôóĂ&#x161; Ĺ&#x2026;äĹ&#x2030;ä Ć&#x2018;ĆĄÄŠÄ Ä&#x;è ƤŊÏĜĂ&#x2122; Ĺ&#x192;Ä&#x;Ä&#x2DC;Ă&#x161; Ĺ&#x2026;Ă&#x2122;Ć&#x20AC;

Ĺ&#x2020;èĊÄ&#x161;èĆ&#x2026; Ĺ&#x2039;ĂĽ Ć?Ĺ&#x2030;Ä Ă˛ĂŠ ĸĂ&#x161;Ĺ&#x2030;ģÎĠç ÄźĂ&#x17E;Ć?Ć Ć&#x2039;ĸÄ&#x2DC;Ă&#x161; ĜĥĢèĆ&#x2026;

jcnhÂ&#x153;H     4cdh1Ă&#x160;G iCCÂ&#x2021;§1&*

ÄŤÄŁĂ&#x2122;ĸÄ&#x161;èĆ&#x2026; Ć&#x2C6;ĹŠÄ&#x17D;Ć&#x2026; Ć&#x2021;ĹżĆ&#x2026;ĸÄ?è Ĺ&#x192;ÄŁĂŽÄ&#x2DC;Ă&#x161; Ć?ĆĄĆ

Ä&#x2030;Ä&#x17E;Ä&#x;Ä˘ĂŻĂ´Ä Ä&#x;è Ć?ÄŠÄ&#x161;Ă&#x2122;ÄłĆ&#x2026; ÄŤÄŁĂ&#x203A;ĹŠĂ&#x203A; Ĺ&#x2030;ÏĜģü Ć&#x2026;ĸģÊĊç Ć?ĆĄĆ

čðÏĜßĆ&#x2026; Ć&#x2C6;Ć&#x2026;Ć?ĊģôèĆ&#x2026; Ĺ&#x160;èĆ&#x192; Ĺ&#x2026;Ä&#x2013;Ă&#x161; Ĺ&#x201A;Ă&#x161;ĊĢèĆ&#x2026; Ĺ&#x2026;ÄŁÄ&#x203A;Ä&#x2022;Ă&#x161; ÄŤÄ Ä&#x2122;ĂŞĆ

%  % !" !! % ! !$ " "# "$ %   !   % "  

Ć&#x2C6;ÄŠĂ ÄŠÄ&#x2022;èĆ&#x2026; Ĺ&#x2021; Ć&#x2C6;ÄŠĂ ÄŠÄ&#x2022;è Ĺ&#x2021;ĂŠ Ĺ&#x2039;Ă&#x153; Ć?Ć&#x192; čçĸà Ć&#x160;ÄŠĂŻĂŞĆ&#x192; Ĺ&#x160;Ä&#x;ĂŁ ĸĂ&#x203A;ÄŚĂŹ Ć?ÄŠĂ&#x2122; ĆŁĆ&#x20AC;

DHS15 â&#x20AC;˘ SR15 â&#x20AC;˘ LE12 â&#x20AC;˘ JD2 â&#x20AC;˘ KD1.5 â&#x20AC;˘ QR15 â&#x20AC;˘ LL7,000


SanDisk Pattern USB Flash Drive 8GB

Packed with games, productivity apps, utilities and much, much more... Licensed by Dubai Media City

SanDisk Sansa Fuze MP3 Player

SanDisk Ultra Titanium 4GB

L|-Ă&#x2018;H&fkG*Â&#x2018;M4fÂ&#x201A;Â&#x20AC;HÂĄ&*Â&#x2039;M5ÂĽkG*m*ÂĽÂ&#x;E mfF|Â&#x201A;G Â&#x2013;Ă&#x2020;j§DfÂ&#x201A;9(*j§Â&#x2122;§Â?Â&#x201A;-mfÂ&#x201C;Â?Â&#x;F Â&#x161;Â&#x153;Â&#x160;G*Âł4*|Â&#x153;kÂ&#x201A;6´*Kf¢gÂ&#x;qk-ÂĄ&*L|1&* ¨Â&#x160;§g:Â&#x161;Â&#x2013;Â&#x201A;+ m*4fH(´*ÂłĂ&#x2026;fÂ&#x153;k)(´*hkÂ&#x2013;¸*ÂĄÂĽÂ&#x2013;MaEK Â?§§Â&#x201C;k+Â&#x17E;ÂĽCC Â&#x201C;MoCC §t+,aCC §/,|CC Â&#x2013;DĂ?CC nH 2*|D&Ă?Gj§IfÂ&#x153;k)(´*,4*aÂľ* j§IfÂ&#x2013;H(*Â&#x203A;ÂĽCC 0Â?¢HÂ&#x203A;*'ÂĽC CÂ&#x201A;64KaM*Ă?CC 1&* Ă&#x2018;+mfHÂĽÂ&#x2122;Â&#x160;¸*Â&#x203A;2fgkGÂ&#x161;Â&#x201A;ÂŞD&*jÂ&#x201C;M|:|DÂĽÂ&#x2039;M5ÂĽkG*m*ÂĽÂ&#x;EÂ&#x2019;*|:&* Â&#x2019;|CC Â&#x201A;Â&#x20AC;kG*hCC /*ÂĽG* CC HKjCC G¼¢Â&#x201A;~G* CC H aEK|/fkGiK|Jj.2f0Š&*aÂ&#x160;+jCC Â&#x153;Â&#x2013;t+ *ÂĽtgÂ&#x201A;8&*Â?CC ¢I&*Ă&#x2018;CC <5¼¸*Â&#x192;CC ÂŞÂ&#x160;+ÂťÂ&#x203A;fCC E p2*ÂĽ04*|CC Â&#x2013;-aCC Â&#x160;+*4{0Kf TÂ&#x2013;CC Â&#x201A;7Ă&#x152;CC F&*  CC M|1%´*Â&#x2039;CC H Â?CC ¢Â&#x2122;HfÂ&#x160;-aCC Â&#x;<iK|CC ¢G* Â&#x2039;HÂ&#x161;Â&#x153;Â&#x160;G*mfEĂ?<Â&#x2018;CC §Â?wk+*ÂĽHfEo§t+ Â?Â&#x201C;Mš CC Â&#x2013;GKĂ&#x2018;CC EÂĽ.¼¸*Ă?CC =Â&#x2019;*|CC :&´* Â&#x2022;*|:&´*Â&#x203A;ÂĽ0mfHÂĽÂ&#x2122;Â&#x160;HÂ&#x203A;2fgk+Â?CC ¢Â&#x;HŠ&* Â&#x161;Â&#x153;Â&#x160;MÂĄ*hCC qM CC M|1%´*Â&#x2039;CC HjCC JÂĽgÂ&#x201A;¸* pKaCC 0aCC Â&#x;<Â&#x2039;CC M5ÂĽkG*m*ÂĽCC Â&#x;EÂłÂ&#x161;Â&#x2013;CC G* j§IĂ?Â?G*jF|Â&#x201A;G*ÂĄ&*Â&#x152;ÂĽÂ&#x;G**{J HjÂ&#x2122;Â&#x2013;Â&#x201A;H |1%´*Â&#x2019;|CC Â&#x201E;G*Â&#x2039;CC HfCC ¢kEĂ?<ÂłĂ&#x2026;fCC Â&#x160;ÂĄÂĽÂ&#x2013;MK¨+fqM(*Â&#x161;Â&#x2013;Â&#x201A;+Â&#x2014;G3Â&#x192;~Â&#x2013;Â&#x160;Â&#x;MÂŚk0  M|1%Ă?G|M{ÂŻj+fnÂŤ Âş(*,4fCC Â&#x201A;7(´*jCC +ÂĽÂ&#x160;Â&#x201A;8 CC HÂ?CC =|G*ÂŚCC Â&#x2122;<K ÂĄÂĽÂ&#x2013;MfIf§0&fDÂ&#x17E;f¢-´*Â&#x2039;+fÂ&#x201A;8&f+ CC M|1%´* jÂ&#x2122;Â&#x2013;Â&#x201A;HÂłfCC IĂ?DÂĄ&f+uCC M|Â&#x201A;Â&#x20AC;kG*2|CC Âź a+´ Â&#x2013;GKjCC Ă&#x2020;|/Â&#x2014;G{FÂ&#x192;~§GÂ&#x203A;fCC Âś*K  HÂ?¢MaGfHÂ&#x2039;§Â&#x153;Âľ*£§DÂ&#x203A;2fgkMÂĄfÂ&#x2013;H H Â&#x2014;G3KmfÂ&#x160;)fÂ&#x201A;7 HÂĄÂĽÂ&#x160;Â&#x153;Â&#x201A;~MfHKmfHÂĽÂ&#x2122;Â&#x160;H Â&#x2039;M5ÂĽ-Â&#x2022;ÂĽCC Â&#x201A;6jÂ&#x160;Â&#x153;Â&#x201A;6KjCC tÂ&#x2122;Â&#x201A;Â&#x20AC;HÂ&#x161;/&* CC H m*4fH(´*jGK2Âłj§Â&#x;Â&#x201C;kG*mfqkÂ&#x;H <--

Â&#x161;Âś*Â&#x192;~§GjCC §Gf¸*Â?¢-fH*}kG*2*aCC Â&#x201A;6 CC < Ă?= CC H*{CC GjCC Â&#x2122;Â&#x2013;Â&#x201A;¸*jCC ÂľfÂ&#x160;¸Â&#x161;CC Â&#x201A;ÂŞD&´*  CC <ÂĄÂĽCC G5fÂ&#x;kM´fCC /4L|CC -ÂĄ&*dCC /fÂ?¸* $fÂ&#x201C;gG*Âłjg=|G*Â?¢MaGÂ&#x192;~§GÂĄ&´Â?¢kMT |0 ÂĽGÂŚk0jCC §Gf¸*Â?¢Â&#x2122;FfÂ&#x201A;HÂ&#x161;CC 0jGKf½K jc§Â&#x201A;6Ă?=j§GK&´*Â?JfM*ÂĽIlIfF ÂŚÂ&#x2122;<¨+fqM(*Ă?§Â?-Š&*ÂĄ&* HÂ?=|G*ÂŚÂ&#x2122;<K ÂŁI&*´(*ÂŁ+fg0|HÂĄÂĽÂ&#x2013;§Â&#x201A;6mfÂ&#x2013;§Â&#x201A;G*ÂĄÂĽIfE T ÂĄÂĽk§T gMŠ{G*$´'ÂĽJÂ&#x2019;fÂ&#x201C;M(´f§DfFÂĄÂĽÂ&#x2013;M G  Ha+Â&#x2DC;fCC Â&#x;JÂ&#x192;CC ~§G*{CC GjCC §H*|/(*fCC M*ÂĽI jM4{/m*$*|/(* Ă&#x152;F&*Â?CC Â&#x2013;ÂŻÂĽCC JjCC +ÂĽÂ&#x2122;Â&#x201E;¸*Â&#x203A;ÂĽCC Â&#x2122;Âś*aCC 0&* lGfEaEK4fCC qkÂ&#x2122;Gj§Gf¸*,aÂ&#x201A;84&´*uCC Â&#x;ÂŤ Ă&#x2018;Â&#x160;+{1&f-f¢I&*|CC -¼§gÂ&#x153;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2122;G¨+2j<ÂĽÂ&#x153;Âź j­fÂ&#x;G*ÂĄÂĽMaG*Â&#x2039;D2Â&#x17E;a<fIf§0&*4fCC gk<´* L|1&´*Â&#x2019;*|CC :&Ă?GiK|CC ¢G*mf§Â&#x2122;Â&#x153;< CC < lEÂĽG*ÂłfCC ¢Â&#x;Â&#x2013;GKÂ&#x2039;CC M5ÂĽkG*m*ÂĽCC Â&#x;EÂł Ă?§tkÂ&#x201A;~HÂĄÂĽCC Â&#x2013;MaEÂ&#x2014;G3ÂĄ&fC C+|CT C Â&#x201C;-ÂŁCC -*3 L|-ÂĄ&*|CC -¼§gÂ&#x153;Â&#x2013;Â&#x2122;G¨+2j<ÂĽÂ&#x153;ÂźhCC =|Â&#x2039;M5ÂĽkG*mfF|CC Â&#x201A;7Â&#x161;gE HĂ&#x2C6;CC F&*,|CC Â&#x201E;§Â&#x201A;6 Â&#x2014;G{FK4fqkÂ&#x2122;GjCC §GfH,aÂ&#x201A;84&*Â&#x17E;aÂ&#x201C;-¨CC kG*  H  TÂ&#x2013;ÂąĂ?MfÂ&#x160;HÂ&#x2DC;fCC Â&#x;JÂĄÂĽÂ&#x2013;-ÂĄ&*ÂŚCC Â&#x;Â&#x153;kj§Gf¸*,aÂ&#x201A;84&´*Â&#x2014;Â&#x2122;k+$´'ÂĽJÂ&#x161;Â&#x153;<jgE*|H Ă&#x2021;aÂ&#x201C;k+ÂĄÂĽCC HÂĽÂ&#x201C;M ¸fÂ&#x201A;ÂŞM&*Â&#x203A;*'ÂĽC CÂ&#x201A;6Â&#x2DC;fCC Â&#x;J jMfÂ&#x153;0Ă?Â&#x160;DÂĄÂĽHaÂ&#x201C;MÂ&#x161;Jj§Gf¸*,aÂ&#x201A;84&´* ,Ă&#x2C6;¡*m*3mfF|Â&#x201A;G*Â&#x2014;Â&#x2122;kGj§Â&#x201C;§Â&#x201C;0j§GfH K&*Ă&#x2018;CC H&fkG*ÂŚCC Â&#x2122;<aCC Â&#x153;kÂ&#x160;-¨CC kG*KjCC §DfÂ&#x2013;G* uÂ&#x;H,2fM5ÂŚCC Â&#x2122;<Ă&#x2018;<5¼¸*ÂĄÂĽCC Â&#x160;qÂ&#x201A;MÂ&#x161;CC J ¨CC kG* mfF|CC Â&#x201A;G* Âş(* jCC §Gf¸* ,aCC Â&#x201A;84&´* ÂĄÂĽÂ&#x2013;-o§t+ÂşK&´*,|Â&#x153;Â&#x2122;Gf¢Â&#x160;HÂĄÂĽÂ&#x2122;HfÂ&#x160;kM Â&#x201D;gÂ&#x201A;~HÂ&#x161;Â&#x2013;Â&#x201A;+,fÂ&#x201E;Â?HjÂ&#x2122;Â&#x153;k½|)fÂ&#x201A;~1Š&* Â&#x2019;*|:&*Â&#x192;ÂŞÂ&#x160;+LaG¨Â&#x201C;§Â&#x201C;0Â&#x152;fgÂ&#x201E;I*Â&#x2DC;fCC Â&#x;J

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CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



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CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



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Ciena jCC F|CC ‚C C7 aCCŠC‚C6ÑCC§C ŠC - CC < ³f¢G*aN Ma/f§N œ§™E(* *|N MaH¡f1 ¤|CC“CHK …CC‚C 6K&´* •|CC‚CCG* j“„ŸH ¨g; ¥CC+&* ³ jF|‚G* hk–H ³ ,4*2(´*jCC§CGK'¥C‚C~CH ¡fCC1 º¥CCkCMK jF|‚G›fCCœC < &´*|CCM¥CC„C-KjCCHfCCŠCG* jM¥§¶*j“„Ÿ¸*¤{J³Ciena *|N 1'¥HCiena jF|‚7›¥12aŠ+ …CC‚C 6K&´* •|CC‚CCG* j“„ŸH •¥CC‚C6 aMaŠ™Gmf–g‚7$fŸ+lŸœ‚ª-¨kG* š§‚-K m´f‚€-´* mfF|‚7  H ³ lCC+fCCqC §C / 100 jCC–CgC‚C7 ›K&* ¡(fC D…CC ‚C C6K&´*•|CC‚C C G*jCC“C„CŸCH

CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



…‚6K&´*•{‚G*³,`M`µ*§Jeœ™Gi‚€‚€v¸*eJ}F*{H›K&* ”™„- "Å¥‚6" ¨,3³m+5fI)´+›¥« "mf§JLʖH)ÍH¥gœ0"|qkIh™F³}§¿¨™=f.ž¥¢I-bNbµ+ "Å¥‚7"ƒ:|=jHf‚9

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rCCJfCCŸCHmfCC§C GfCCŠC DLaCC CHƒCC6fCC§C EK ¡&fC ‚C 7 CC HK,aCC MaCC µ*”CCM¥CC‚C~CkCG* ›fCC12(* f¢™§™¯K mfH¥™Š¸* ‹œ/ |CCœCkC‚C~CHšCC–C ‚C C +mfCCŸC §C ‚C ~C tC kC G* ›ÍCC 1 CC CHrCC JfCC ŸC C¸*¤{CC C J¦CC ™C < ¨CC‚C€C“C-K$ÍCC œC ŠC G*‹CC HšCC<fCCC kC G* ›¥tkM ¡&* ¢-f<fg„I*K CC¢C)*4%* aCCMaCC¯ ³ ¨CC‚C ~C §C )4 ¡¥CC–C H º(* ¢‚~M¡&fC + šCCH&fCI fCCœCF fCCŸC-fCC¢C/¥CCCC¢CI&fC+ $ÍCCœC ŠC G*4fCCŠC ‚C 7 (* ³—CC G3 ‹‚9¥HCC¢C I&fC +K¡fCC–C ¸*ifCCtC ‚C 8 &* $*aCCŠC ‚C 6 CCtC ICC )*aCC G*hCC§C 0ÊCC™C G  HfCCI|CC/fCCkC H ›K&* •ÍCC :(fC + *N aCC / j§+|ŠG*m*4fCC H(´*³Œ¥CCŸCG**{CCJ ¥gœ/‘ ‹CC H ¡KfCC ŠC kC GfCC + ,aCC tC CkC C¸* lIfF fCC¸fCC: ¨CCkCG* ’mf§IKʖG(ÍG LaCCH¦CC™C <©|CC ‚C C€C C¶*fCC ŸC C<5¥CC H ¥CCIfCC–C§C‚C7 ’fCC‚C 9 &*K"fN C CHfCC < 40 ’Å¥‚6‘ mfqkŸH jœ)fE  œ‚ªk-" f¢‚9*|Šk‚6* kM ¨kG* f¢-f§Ÿ“-K fCC§C “C M|CCD &*K…CC ‚C C6K&´*•|CC‚C C G*³ ƒCC9|CCŠC G* 5fCC ¢C C/ ºK&´* ,|CC œC ™C G

²¨CCkCG*"Å¥‚6" ƒCC9|CC< m´fCC‚C8 ³ aMaµ* ž¥¢¸* ”CCDK f¢nMa¯ т7a-²aCCEKƒCC6¥CC™C Á &* ƒCC6¥CCG ž¥CC§C G*,aCC MaCC µ*ƒCC9|CCŠC G*jCCGfCC‚C 8 h)fI ¥If–§‚7 ¨‚7¥MfF šgE  H ”M¥‚~kG*K mfCCŠC§CgC¸* ƒCC~C§C)4 ›K&* " ‚M4¥+4¥F Å¥‚6" ¨CC¸fCCŠCG* ¥CC‚C ªC ŠC G**4¥CC C §C C CH¥CC C HfCC C ‚C C C6K&*K ˜fgM2K"r§™·*Å¥‚6" iakŸ¸* ©{CC§CCŸCkCG*ƒCC~C §C )|CCG*›fCC +*|CC -¥CC F "mf§IKʖG(ÍG ¥gœ/" jF|‚G vfCCkC kC D*$fCC CŸC C . &*¥CCIfCC–C §C ‚C 7›fCC C CEK ’¥‚6" ,aCCMaCCµ* ƒ9|ŠG* jGf‚8 aCCMaCCµ* Å¥CC‚C6 |qkH ƒ9|Šk‚~M fCCŸC -fCC§C ŸC “C -KfCCŸC -fCCqC kC ŸC HjCC CDfCC CF ƒCC9*|CCŠCkC‚C6´jCC‚C8|CCCG*uCC§CkC§C‚C6K žÍCC D&´*šCCnCH¨CC¢C§CDÊCCG*L¥CCkC tC ¸*  –Æ ¨CCkCG* ifCCŠC G &´*K ¦“§‚6¥¸*K r)fkŸG*5|+&*  HKNf‚ªM&* f¢k+|­  CCHfCC¢C §C G (*šCC‚C 8¥CCkC G*šCC H &fC I¨CCkC G* ¥J ,aMaµ* ƒ9|ŠG* jGf‚8 ›Í1 4fgk1* ³ fŸ)͜< ‹CCH jF*|‚G*

jCC+|CCqC kC +‹CCkC œC kC ™C G,aCC M|CC DjCC ¢C C/K  œ‚ª- fCCœCF jCC™CHfCC–CkC¸* "Å¥‚6" jCC +|CC ­¦CC C™C C <›¥CC C‚C C €C C ¶*CC C¢C C G mfCCHaCC1KjCC‚C €C ‚C €C wC ¸*•¥CC‚C ~C kC G* ž¥CC¢C C H jCCcC §C + ³‹CC§C gC G*aCCŠC + fCC H aCCMaCCµ*¨CCœC§CœC‚C€CkCG*"Å¥CC ‚C C6" "Å¥CC‚C 6" }CCF|CCH aCCMaCC­ ²aCC EK ,aCC MaCC µ*CC§C JfCCC œC ™C GƒCC€C ‚C €C wC ¸* ›K&* …CCà ¦CC™C < £CC™C§C–C‚CC- ,2fCC C < (*K


"Å¥CC C C C C ‚C C C C C C6" •ÍCC C C C : (* CC C C < ,aCC C CMaCC C Cµ*fCC C¢C C ‚C C 9|CC C<jCC C GfCC C ‚C C C8 ",aMaµ* §Jfœ™G" j‚€‚€w¸* ¥CCgC œC /"‹CC C H¡KfCC ŠC CkC CGfCC +—CC C C G3K jCCGfCC‚C8žaCC “C C-K"mfCC §C IKÊCC –C G (ÍC G šCC1*2}CC§CœC¸*fCC¢CŠCE¥CC«ƒCC9|CCŠC G* "mfCC§C IKÊCC–C G (ÍC G¥CCgC œC /"|CCqC kC H $ÍCCœCŠC™CG "m*4fCC C C C H (´*›¥CC CH" ³


Backup Exec 2012

”M¥‚~kG*m*¥ŸEK,|‚7fg¸*mfŠ§g¸*<2›Í1 Hj“„Ÿ¸*³ "4¥–§+(*"4¥‚ª0}M}Š-¦™<aMaµ*£g‚€ŸH›Í1 H¡*4fIfF}FЂ6

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Backup Exec» CC CG hCC “C -|CC ¸* ,4aE  H ¡¥“.*K fŸI(*K «2012 žf‡ŸG**{J›f‚€M(* ¦™<fŸ)fF|‚7 º(* ¨:f§k0´*x‚~Ÿ™Gƒ€‚€w¸* "vfqŸ+ ¢)͜< ¨CC ‚C C6fCC ‚C C6 &´* ž*aCC CwC C kC C ‚C C 6´* ¡(* s3fCC ÃKjCC§C ‚C 9*ÊCCD´*mfCC§CŸC“CkC™CG j™§:jCC<fCC‚C~CG*4*aCC H ¦CC™C< šCCœCŠCG* mfMa¯ l“™1 aE Œ¥g‚6&´* žfM&* xCC‚C ~C ŸC GfCC+”CC™C ŠC kC MfCC œC C§C CDjCC C HT fCC CJ j§Ÿ“-mfCCF|CC‚C7 žfCCH &* ¨CC:fCC§CkC0´* 4*a‚8(´* •ÍCC:(* ¡(*K mfH¥™Š¸* Backup Exec»  H ¨gM|qkG* …§‚~g- ³ aCC<fCC‚C~C§C‚C6 «2012

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—kIfœ§‚6 jF|‚7 |CC D*¥CC -$aCC C + CC C< ƒ€‚€w¸* ¨CCgCM|CCqCkCG* 4*aCC‚C 8(´* jCC œC C‡C CI &* CC C H…CC C“C C D$fCC F|CC ‚C CC C™C CG «Backup Exec 2012» «Backup Exec 2012» K jCC‚C €C ‚C €C wC ¸*fCC C ¢C C C-*4*aCC C ‚C C C8 (fC C C+ u§k§‚6K ,ÐCCC‚C€CG* mfCCF|CC‚CC™CG ¤{CCJ CC H¨CCgC M|CCqC kC G*4*aCC C‚C C 8(´* $fCCF|CC‚C7žfCC H &*jCC‚C8|CCCG*jCCœC ‡C I &´* •|CC‚C C G*jCC“C „C ŸC H ³—CCkC IfCCœC §C ‚C 6 ›¥CC™C0 º(* ›¥CC‚C 8¥CC™C G …CC ‚C C6K&´* ›fCC¼ ³,aCC C)*|CC CG*—CCkC IfCCœC §C ‚C 6 mfCCIfCC§C gC ™C G¨CC:fCC§C kC 0´*xCC‚C ~C ŸC G*

CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



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³f¢<K|DŒ5¥k-K‹§+{ŸH25 j§<fŸ‚€G* j“„Ÿ¸*K ,2fqŸG* •¥‚6 }F|HKL¥™‚6”M|:K,K|+jM|EK £CC“C§C™CŠC- ƒCC9|CCŠC H ³KjCC ŸC CMaCC ¸* ›fE jF*|‚G* j§Ef-(* ‹§E¥- ¦™< CG žfCCŠCG*|CCMaCC¸*©aŸk‚6¥FžfCC‚C6K fkF|‚7‹kœk-""|„Ef–§-fH4¥I(*" "lI ©f–‚6"K "iK|CC = ©4f‚6" u§k-|„E³j§q§-*ʂ6(* ‹E*¥« CG jCCM4fCCqCkCG*jH͊Gf+$fCC“C -4(´*fŸG ³fCC¢CkCIfCC–CH}CCM}CCŠC -K"©K*¥CC C CJ" j§™t¸*•*¥‚6&´* jCCIfCCkCHjCC§C EfCCC -(´*¤{CC CJƒCC~C –C ŠC -K ¨CCkCG*KfCCJfCCIaCC“C<¨CCkCG*mfCCF*|CC‚CCG* ›¥‚8K •f„I ‹§‚6¥-  CCH fŸŸ–± fCCŸCG¥CC™C0KfCCŸC-fCCHaCC1 º(* $ÍCCœC ŠC G* v|„GjCC+*{CC/fCCE¥CC‚C6|CC„CEšCCnC ±K jCCG¥CCœC tC ¸*‘CC C-*¥CC C¢C C G*šCC C‚C C ªC C D &* ¹fŠG*³j™‚€G*m*3mfqkŸ¸*K Ðg–G*2aŠG*›Í1 Hj“„Ÿ¸*³ ›¥œt¸* ‘CC-fCC¢CG* ¨Hawk‚~H  CCH

•¥CC‚C~CG* ³ (IDEOS X5) "5 "ƒ6¥MaM%*" ‘-fJÈkŠMKjM|„“G* 2.2 aCCMK4aCCI&* žfCC‡CŸC+ šœŠM©{CC G* ¨Hawk‚~H 4fg–G f§GfnH ¥CCMK|CCD ‹CC E*¥CC HK,2aCC CŠC C kC C ¸*…CC )fCC ‚C C6¥CC G* š‚6*ÊG*K j§<fœk/´* mf–g‚G*  ¿ÅKÊCC–CG(´*aMÈG*K©4¥G* ›¥œ½‘CC-fCCJ $fCCŸC kC E(fC + ¡¥CCgC =|CCM CCœC‚C8fCCœC ŸC §C +hCC‚C 6fCCŸC H|CCŠC ‚C ~C + ©{CCG*"5 ƒCC~CF(* ƒ6¥MaM%*" 5fCC¢C/ ¥MK|D 2.2 aCCMK4aCCI&* žf‡Ÿ+ šœŠM 2fŠ+&´*j§.Í.žawk‚~Hj¢/*¥+K f§/¥G¥Ÿ–kG* ,*¥CC JK ÑDÊtœ™G "iK|= ©4f‚6" fkF|‚7 |CCD¥CC-K ,a)*4‹§+mf‚€ŸH"lI©f–‚6"K "©K*¥J"mfqkŸ¸ lCC F4fCC HÈCC CMfCC CJ|CC /fCC kC CH‹CC C“C C -K ”M|:K 4¥HfJ ¥CC+&* ³ "©4f‚6" fœŸ§+ a‚~G*K ›Í‚8 ž&*K L¥™‚6 mfF|‚7La0(*"lI©f–‚6"—™± j)}qkGf+ jG¥œt¸* ‘CC-*¥CC¢CG* ‹§+


f–§- fH 4 ¥I (* " "|CC C C C C C C C C „C C C C C C C C C CE *|1'¥H (Informatica Qatar) ©4f‚6" ‹CC H jCCF*|CC‚C 7 jCC§C EfCCC - (* 5|CC C+&*"lCC C I©fCC –C C‚C C6"K"iK|CC C C= LaCCG‹CC M5¥CC kC CG*m*¥CC ŸC CE$fCC F|CC ‚C C7 jCCM|CC„C “C G*•¥CC‚C ~C G*³jCCF|CC‚C C G* ‘CC-*¥CCJK ,}CC¢C /&* mfŠ§gH }M}ŠkG ›¥CC™C02K}CC CH"©K*¥CC C C J"jCCF|CC‚C7 m´f‚€-(´*KmfH¥™Š¸*f§/¥G¥Ÿ–fœF jM|„“G* •¥‚~G* ³ ¨¸fŠG* 2K}HÈF&* Åf."©K*¥J" l™12 jœ‡I&´jGf“ŸG*j§ktkG*¦ŸgG*m*aŠ¸ j§–™‚6ÍG*K j§–™‚~G* m´fCC‚C€C-´* jCCF*|CC‚C7 jCC§C EfCCC -(* ³¹fCC ŠC CG*³ ug‚€- "|„E f–§-fH4¥I(*" ‹CCH ©|‚€¶*Œ5¥¸*f¢g/¥«jF|‚G* aœkŠ¸*‹§gG*aŠ+fHmfHa12K}HK "©K*¥J" jF|‚7,}¢/&*K‘-*¥¢G "ƒCC 6¥CC MaCC M%*"©5*|CC C C :fCC¢C §C DfCC « ƒCC~C F(* ƒCC 6¥CC MaCC M%*"K (IDEOS)

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©2fI" žÍ‚~G* mͽK ¥M2¥k‚6 ‹H¨:fŠk™Gj<agHj+4f“H2*K|CCG* LaCC0(fC +}CC§T CœCkC-|CC„C“CD$fCCF|CC‚C C G* jE¥.¥¸* j§-fH¥™Š¸* mf–g‚7 L¥CCE&* Nf‚ªM&* f¢Ÿ–G ЂªtkG* ,aCC§Cµ*K »fCCkC GfCC+}CC§T C œC kC ™C GNfC CœC C)*2uCCœC „C f¢+ |‚7fgM ¨CCkCG* m*42fCCgC ¸* ÈkŠjœ¢H2*K|CC G* ©2fCCI šnH¡¥Š)fgG* žawk‚~¸*uŸHK¥œŸG*<aGjMf™G  Hi4fCC C ­KmfCCqCkCŸCHjCC<¥CCœC ¼ ƒ~§‚6&f- ’aCC¢CMK "›K&´* 5*|CC„CG* ¦™<ÐCC.&fC kC G*,2fCC CM5º(* ©2fCC ŸC CG* Œ¥Ÿ-j§0fI H|„“G¡¥IfF’*aJ& * T ³š‚8*¥kG*K4fŠ‚6&´*KmfqkŸ¸*


mͽK ¥M2¥k‚6 —CCM|CC‚C7žÍCC ‚C ~C G* |„E³…CC‚C6K&´*•|‚G*¡¥CCIfCCF ’a¢M©{CC G*›K&´*2*K|CC CG*©2fCC I ¨kG* j§-fH¥™Š¸* j<fŸ‚8 CC<2 º(* º(*K|„E³NfŠM|‚6N*¥CCà a¢‚u‚~HK•¥‚~G* <mfH¥™ŠHÇa“‹œ/ aCCEK —™¢k‚~¸* šCCŠCD 2K24 2*K|CC G*©2fCCŸC G¨CC0fCCkCkCD´*$fCC“C ™C G*  M{G*ÅfCCnCG*‘‚€G* CCH $fCCF|CC‚C7 4¥CC‚CªC0 xCC§C ‚C 6|CC- ³*¥CCœC JfCC‚C 6 jHfŠ™G4f­¢ŸHK|„E³¡¥IfF T ›fCCEK j§-fH¥™ŠH ,}CC¢C /&* ¨CCŠC)fCC+K ³ ¨œ§™E(´* |CCMaCC¸* ¨™< i¥g½

CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



,`M`µ* l*42ef¸*  H `M`ŠG* ›Í1  H $eF{‚G* ue+4&* 5}Š- "`§FK{+" vfqŸH+ Ib§GL|,%fG|‚8іœkH "jG+|‚H+³-3¥µ+"j‚~™Eb‚~­jŠ‚7+Lm+Ч.

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©¥CC§C¶*4KaCC G*v¥CC‚C9¥CC+mfCCIfCC§CgCG* ©&* ›ÍCC1 ¡¥CC<5¥CC¸*£‚64fÆ©{CCG* ³LÈCC –C CG*m´¥CC tC CkC CG* CC H,ÊCC CD º(* ›f“kI´*KmfH¥™Š¸*f§/¥G¥Ÿ–$fŸnk‚6* ƒ~§G j§+ft‚~G* mfCCHaCC·* ›¥“-f¢k¢/ H",a<f“G*¤{CCJ  H ƒ~§)|G* hCC)fCCI —§‚6fg‚6 *4fCC+4fCC+ jF|‚+ ѧ¸fŠG* ÑCC<5¥CC¸* ‚~E ³ mfCCHaCC·*|CC‚C€C<ÈCC C/&*"aCC§C FK|CC+ j§™œ<$*|/(*¦™<Ñ<5¥¸*j§+ft‚~G*

$ÍF¥G*  CCH a§FK|+ $fF|‚G j™)fJ š–‚+¡¥Š™„kM$͜ŠGfDÑ<5¥¸*K ¦™<›¥CC‚C€CtC™CGÑCC<5¥CCœC™CGaCCM*}CCkC H ¢-a<f‚~¸j§Ÿ“kG*,È·*K£§/¥kG* mfHa·*¥tI¢k™04j™‚8*¥H³ vfqŸ+j§+ft‚~G* $fF|‚™G•¥‚~G*³¤f­´**{Jža“M š‚ªD&*JKÑ<5¥¸*K$ÍF¥G* H jH¥‡ŸH³¢kIf–Hš‚ª+љJ'¥¸* ›¥CC ™C C¶*¤{CC C JÇaCC “C CkC CG‹CC CM5¥CC CkC C G* fCCN¸fCC<  jœ§“G* jDf‚ªH mfCCHaCC·*K ,aM*}k¸* †¥‚ªG*K mf§If–H(´*  H jM4fqkG* fCC¢CD*aCCJ&* u§“Ÿ-K šMaŠkG  H4*|œk‚6f+a§FK|+jF|‚74¥„,a<f‚~¸‘GftkG*$fF|‚Gf¢¼fI|+ s3¥CCæCC™C<‰fCCC ¶*³$fCCF|CC‚CCG* ¦CC™C <&´›¥CC ‚C 8¥CC G*KuCC+|CCH©4fCC C­ $fg<&* šE&f+j§Ÿ“kG*,È·*mfM¥k‚~H pft+&*|MaHrG(*ƒ~M|F›¥“Mj§GfH ¨CC<5¥CCHKmfCCCGfCC¯ ‚~E•¥CC‚C ~C G* ¨‚6©2©%* jF|‚+j§ktkG*j§ŸgG* }F*|¸j§ktkG*j§ŸgG*K2K}H˜4aM"

j§GfH24*¥HjF|‚G*m|œnk‚6*a“D ’fCCŠC‚C9&*pÍCC .fCCgCM|CC“C- –,ÐCCgC F {§ŸkG  ”+f‚~G* ©¥Ÿ‚~G* •fCCCI(´* $fCCF|CC‚CCGaCC§C FK|CC+rCCHfCCI|CC+CC C<2K a§FK|+jF|‚7lŸ™<&*aEK‘GftkG* ¨™MfHj‚8f1j‚€+ž¥§G* 2aCCµ* $fF|‚G* і± šCCM¥CC± • ‹H šCC‚C 8*¥CCkC G*K šCC<fCCCkCG* ‹M|‚~kG a§FK|+ j§Gf< }D*¥¶* rHfI|+ ‹§‚6¥- • Ñ<5¥œ™Gjœ§“G* š§q‚~- mfCCH¥CC‚C €C 1 oCCMaCC¯ • ³m*4fœnk‚6´*jMfœ¶mf“‚€G* ‹§gG*šgEfHj™0|H š§ŠkG*KіœkG*a<*¥Eт~¯ • $f‚I(*j„‚I&*¦™<}§FÊG*aMa­ • mfqkŸ¸*¦™<h™„G*KžfœkJ´* mf§Ÿ“k™G |CCœCkC‚C~C¸* rCC‚CªCŸCG* šCCnC Æ žfœkJ* ¨HfŸk+ jIʓ¸* j§+ft‚~G* ,fCCFfCCtC ¸*›¥CC ™C C0rCC HaCC +$ÍCC œC CŠC CG* ³j§+ft‚~G*jg‚6¥¶*Kj§‚9*ÊD´* j‚8|D mfH¥™Š¸* f§/¥G¥Ÿ–- mfc§+


aCC §C CFK|CC +jCC CF|CC C‚C C 7 m*42fgH,aCC< v|CC: jCCœC œC ‚C €C HÑCC C<5¥CC CœC C ™C C G,aCC C CMaCC C C/ $fF|‚G*і±т~tkGf‚€§‚€1 vfCC C +4&* CC H£CCI¥CCŸC qC MfCC H,2fCC C CM5K jEf+ ,aCCMaCCµ* m*42fCC gC C¸*  œ‚ªkrHfI|+ ³ m*ЧkG*  CCH jŠ‚6*K APN‘CCGfCCtCkCG*$fCCF|CC‚CCGaCC§CFK|CC+ j‚€‚€¾ |‚8fŸ<  œ‚ªkM ©{CCG* ¡¥CCŠC™C„CkCM2aCC C /$fCC F|CC ‚C C7i{CC C µ jDf‚9(´f+i*{CC / šCCMaCC+ 2K}CC H º(* ¨CCkCG*,aCC MaCC µ*mfCCŸC§C‚C~CtCkCG*º(* ѧGf¶*$fF|‚G*,&fDf–H’a¢k‚~m*ÐCC§C C kC G*šCCnC ± ‘CCGfCCtC kC G*³ $fF|‚Ga§FK|+rHfI|+³,Ð1&´* |œk‚~¸* aCC§CFK|CC+ ž*}CCkC G* ‘GftkG* $fF|‚G*,a<f‚~H³Ñ<5¥¸*¤f­ jMa¼jCCM4fCC­ s3fCCà $fCC‚CCI(* ¦™< 4*|œk‚6ÍG f¢§™< ‰f¶*K fM4f­ ¡&´K vfCC C qC C CŸC C CG* ,ÐCC C‚C C ~C C H ³ }§FÊG* šCC½ ¡¥™‡§‚6 ÑCC<5¥CC¸* a§FK|+ jF|‚7  H ¨q§-*ʂ6´*

leH`v¸*K M}vjG*Œe„“G*N {M`H4*`MK2 Æ&*  ™Š- "…‚6K&´*•{‚G*¨+ƒ-(*" f§“M|D&*K…‚6K&´*•|‚G*j“„ŸH³ ›fœ<&*|MaHh‚€ŸHš‚M¡fFo§0"¨+ƒ-(*"šœ<”M|D œ‚9 H4*aMK24f§k1*² f¢MaG™‚~-K …‚6K&´*•|‚G*›2 mfqkŸH  CCH j<¥œ¼  œ‚ªkM fCC« ¨+ƒCC C C-(* ‹CCM4fCC‚C C ¸*mfCC–C gC ‚C 7K m*¥Ÿ“G*$fF|‚7‹H…‚6K&´*•|‚G* ¨CC+ƒCC CC C -(* jCCF|CC‚C 7lŸ™<&* žf¢HKjCCM4*2(´*h‚8fŸ¸* HaMaŠG* šnH j§‚~§)|G*  ¨+ ƒ-(* 4*aCCMK2 —™kÆ  …‚6K&´* •|‚G* 4*aMK2ѧŠ-¡&f‚7 HKfCC¢C-4*2(*K  …CC ‚C C6K&´*•|CC‚C C G* BladeSystem








ItaniumK System Matrix VirtualK Blades Servers ”M|D4*aCCMK22fCCE fœFConnect jF|‚7LaCC G jCC§C+fCCtC‚C~CG*jCCgC‚C6¥CC¶* ƒ8|D HaM}¸*fN ““½"¨+ƒ-(*" j“„ŸH³j§+ft‚~G*jg‚6¥t™G¥œŸG* |tgG*ƒ9¥0›K2K…‚6K&´*•|‚G* f§“M|D&*K…‚6¥k¸*  HfN Hf<15  HÌF&* 4*aMK2—™kÆ mfH¥™Š¸* j§Ÿ“- Œf„E ³ ,ÈCC·* ƒ-(*" º(* £Hfœ‚ªI*šgEšœ<o§0 jF|‚7 LaCCG …CC‚C 6K&´* •|‚G* "¨+


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jŠ§g„GfN “œŠHfN CœC¢CDK,ÐCCgCF ,ÈCC1 ³fJ4K2K ’¨+ƒ-(*‘jF|‚7mf§™œ< mfH¥™Š¸* j§Ÿ“- Œf„E ¡f§Ÿ+ §<a—G3K£k§œŸ-K…‚6K&´*•|‚G*³ $fF|‚7‹H…+*K|G*jM¥“-›Í1 H  HaCCM}CC¸*¥tI•ÍCC„CI´*Km*¥Ÿ“G* "‹‚6¥kG*K|M¥„kG* ³£CCkC HaCC1$fCC ŸC C.&*4*aCC C C CMK2¡fCC CF Œf„E <´N K'¥‚~H”+f‚~G*£g‚€ŸH Blades jCCIfCCwCnCG* j™§™E mfCCHaCCwC¸* ›K2K…CC‚C 6K&´*•|CC‚CCG*j“„ŸH³ f§“M|D&*K …‚6¥k¸* |tgG* ƒCC9¥CC0


ƒ-(*" 4¥‚ª0}M}Š-³Jf‚~M¡&* j“„Ÿ¸*³"…CC‚C 6K&´*•|CC‚CCG*¨CC+ ƒ~§‚6&f-¦™<šœŠGf+£§™–-²o§0 ‹H ,|“k‚~H jH*ak‚~H ›fCCœC<&* ,fŸE mfF*|‚7º(* š‚8¥kG*¦™<}§FÊG* f«fCC¢C )fCC/4&* ‘CC™CkC¾ ³,aCCMaCC/ "¨+ ƒ-(*" ›fCCœC<&* j§œŸ- ³ ¢‚~M j‡½ ‹§+ ³ ƒ€‚€wkG* CC<aCCMK mfCCHaCCwC ¸*K CCM}CCwC kC G*ŒfCC„C E,fCCŸC E šHf–Gf+mf–g‚G*K ¨œ§‚G* $ÍCC< ›fCCE jg‚6fŸ¸* ¤{¢+ mfCCHaCC¾K CCM}CCwCkCG*,4*2(* ƒCC~C§C)4

h‚€ŸH³4*aCCMK2 CCÆ&* ѧŠ- <  M}wkG*Œf„“G¨œ§™E(´*,fŸ“G*|MaH j“„ŸH³mfCC–CgC‚CCG*KmfCCHaCCwC ¸*K |‚7fgM¡&* ¦CC™C< …CC‚C 6K&´*•|CC‚CCG* 4f§k1*²aEK©4¥Dš–‚+£Hf¢H ƒ-(*" šœ<”M|D œ‚9 H4*aCCMK2 |MaHh‚€ŸHš‚M¡fFo§0"¨+ j“„ŸH ³ BladeSystem ›fœ<&* |tgG*ƒ9¥0›K2K…‚6K&´*•|‚G* £œ§™‚~- ² aEK f§“M|D&*K …‚6¥k¸*  <´N K'¥C ‚C ~C H ѧŠkG**{CCJ hCC/¥CC« "¨+ƒ-(*" mfCCEÍCC< ¦™<’*|CC‚C 7(´*

CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



e¢Geœ<&´ *N `M`/ eN He< *N {M`H ©4¥·* ›e–§H ъ- "i§G%´* lef‚6es™G q§™·*" ¨f;¥+&* ³ ³jCC F|CC ‚C CC CG*šCC œC C<”CC M|CC D‹CC CH ÈkŠ-¨CCkCG*¨CCgC ;¥CC+ &* jCCœC‚C8fCCŠCG* jF|‚7•*¥CC‚C 6 &* CC J&*  CCH ,aCC 0*K }§œk-K j§G%´* mfg‚6ft™G r§™·* fCC¢C<¥CCI CCH,aCCM|CCDƒCC€C)fCC‚C€CwC+ ,aCCMaCCµ*ƒCC8|CCCG*jCCDfCCFžfCCŸCkC=´ $ÍCCœCŠCG*mfCCŠC™C„C-jCC§CgC™C-KjCC0fCCkC¸* šnœk¸*jCCF|CC‚CCG*’aCCJ ”CC§C“C¯K jCC§C /¥CCG¥CCŸC –C - ›¥CC ™C C0 ÐCC D¥CC - ³ m*$fCCC –C GfCC+jCC H¥CC <aCC H,4¥CC „C CkC CH š‚8*¥Ÿ‚6K jg‚6fŸ¸* m*ÈCC·*K jCCœC§CEÇaCC“C kC GaCC§C +N*aCC C CMšCCœC ŠC G* "¨g;¥+&* ³ fŸ)͜ŠG jDf‚ªH jCC™C )fCC< º(* £CC HfCC œC C‚C CªC CI* šCC CgC C EK šœ< "j§G%´* mfg‚6ft™G r§™·*" jM2¥Š‚~G* jF|‚G*" ³ ©4¥CC·* ,aCC¸"jCC §C CIKÊCC –C CG (´*mfCCgC ‚C 6fCCtC ™C G hŠG o§0 NfgM|“- m*¥Ÿ‚6 ‹‚~j‚€0 ,2fCC M5 ³ NfC§C‚C~C§C)4 N*4K2 ¨<f„E³•¥CC‚C~CG*³jCCF|CC‚CCG* j§ktkG* j§ŸgG*K mf–g‚G*

rCC§C™C·*jCCF|CC‚C 7m*4aCC CE}CCM}CCŠCkCG •f„I ‹§‚6¥-K j§G%´* mfg‚6ft™G " fJ4¥‚ª0 jCC§CœC§C™CE (*,ÈCCwC +©4¥CC ·*‹CCkCœCkCM NfC CHfCC < 15 º(* aCCkC ± jCC ŠC C‚C C6*K jCCF|CC‚C 7 º(* CC ‚C CªC CI*aCC CE ¡fCC C CFK žf< ³ j§G%´* mfg‚6ft™G r§™·* mf–g‚G* ŒfCC„C“CG |CCMaCCœCF 2005 2009 žfCC < ³K mfCC CHaCC C·*K |CCMaCCH hCC‚C€CŸCH º(* £CCkC§CE|CC- lCC± mfCCHaCC1KjCC™C HfCC–C kC ¸*mfCC–C gC ‚C C G*  <N´K'¥C‚C~CH ¡fCCF o§0‹CCE*¥CC¸* LaCCG mfCC–C gC ‚C C G* ›fCC œC C< &* ,4*2(* ƒ~™¼ ›K2 j“„ŸH ³ jF|‚G* $fCCŸCnCkC‚C6fCC+ ¨CCqC §C ™C ·*¡KfCC ŠC kC G* ¡fk‚~Ff+K  jM2¥Š‚~G* h‚€Ÿ¸* ³ £Ÿ§§Š- ¦™< f“§™Š-K ¨ŸI(*" ©4¥CC C ·* ›fCC E aCC MaCC µ* *{CCJ ³¨CCŸC§C§CŠCkC+ N*aCC C / aCC§C ŠC ‚C 6 šCCnCÆ©{CC C CG*aCC CMaCC Cµ*hCC‚C €C ŸC ¸* ¨CC-ÐCC‚C ~C H ³NfC C œC C ¢C C H NfC C CMaCC C ¯ ¡KfCCŠC kC G*º(* ‹CC™C „C -&*KjCC§C ŸC ¢C ¸*

mfCCEÍCC< ,4*2(*  CC < N´K'¥C C‚C C~C CH ,4fCCH(´* ³ $͜ŠG* ‹H jF|‚G* $fCC“C -4´*KfCC¢CGfCCœC< &*¥CCÃ}CCM}CCŠC-K ³ f¢§;¥H m*4fCC¢C H L¥CCkC‚C~C« ¨g;¥+&* ©4*}§‚-›fEjg‚6fŸ¸*¤{J³K ©{CC§CCŸCkCG*ƒCC~C §C )|CCG*ÅK24fCC C CF j§G%´* mfg‚6ft™G r§™·* jF|‚G r§™·* jF|‚7 ‹CCH ›f–§H šœŠM"  H ÌCCF&* {CCŸCH jCC§C G %´* mfg‚6ft™G šq‚~+ ‹CCkCœCkCMK m*¥CCŸC ‚C 6 lCC‚C 6 jCCŠC‚C6*K,ÈCC C1K}CC§CœCkCGfCC+šCCDfCC0 jCC<fCCŸCE ¦CC™C<  CCtC IKŒfCC„C “C G*³ hCC‚C€CŸC¸**{CC CJ ³£CCŸC §C §C ŠC - ¡&fC C C+ ›fCC œC C< &* º(* jCCœC §C E ‘CC§C ‚C ªC §C ‚C 6 ¢‚~§‚6K ¨CCgC;¥CC+ &* ³ jCCF|CC‚CCG* $ÍCCœCŠCG*‹CCH fCCŸC-fCCEÍCC< }CCM}CCŠC- ³ ¨CCkCG*jCC §C C-*4fCC H(´*jCCœC ‚C 8fCCŠC G*³ ¥œŸ™G j™)fJ mfIf–H(* f¢§D L|CCI £“M|DK›f–§H¡&f+j“.¦™<fŸI(*K žfCCŸC kC =*³N*aCC ¢C C/ *K|CC 1aCC M  CC G •¥‚~G* ³ j0fk¸* ƒ8|G* jDfF

©4¥CC·* ›f–§H ѧŠ-  < ž¥§G* f¢Gfœ<&´ žfŠG* |Ma¸* h‚€ŸH ³ £g‚€ŸH ›ÍCC1  CCHK ¨g;¥+&* ³ ©4¥CC C C·*¡¥CC –C C§C C‚C C6aCC C MaCC C µ*


rCC§C ™C ·*jCC F|CC ‚C C7 mfCC CgC C ‚C C 6fCC CtC C ™C C G ›¥CC™C ¶aCC )*|CC G*2K}CC C C¸*jCC C§C C G %´* j“„Ÿ¸*³mfH¥™Š¸*f§/¥G¥Ÿ–-


iM2¥Š‚~G*i§+{ŠG*i–™œ¸*•*¥‚6&* š1`-‹M5¥j™G "˜ej§Æ(*" f¢§DfJ4¥‚ª0}M}Š-¦™<‹M5¥kG*mfF|‚7šœŠ-¡&*©4K|‚ªG* HK*¥Ãf¢<|‚6&*Kj“„Ÿ¸*³•*¥‚6&´*ÈF&* H,a0*KjM2¥Š‚~G*•¥‚~G*aŠ- "˜fk§Æ(*" ug‚€- ¡&* šH&fI  tIK ‹M5¥kG*mfF|‚7La0(* jM2¥Š‚~G* mfCCHÍCCŠC G* CC HaCCMaCCŠC ™C G,aCC C)*|CC CG*

mfqkŸ¸* ¦™< jM2¥Š‚~G* jH¥–¶* ƒ8|G* HaM}-žfŠG**{¢Gj§Ÿ“kG* mfF|‚G*‹§œµ,Ðg–G*jM4fqkG*


›Í1mfqkŸ¸* HL|CC1&* j<¥ŸkH LaCCGKjCCH2fCC“C G*jCC™C§C™C“CG*|CC¢C ‚C 7 &´* ³ ,ÐgF $͜< ,a<fE "˜fk§Æ(*" ,Ðg–G*¡a¸* HjŸMaHšF |CCMaCC¸*ÅfCCœC ™C ‚C ~C H2fCC CM5›¥CC “C CMK jCCM2¥CCŠC ‚C ~C G* ˜fCCkC §C Æ(´ ©4*2(´* ,aCC 0*KjCCM2¥CCŠC‚C~CG*•¥CC‚C ~C G*aŠ-" jCC“C„CŸC¸*³•*¥CC C‚C C 6&´*ÈCC CF&* CC H ©4K|‚ªG*  CCHK *¥CCà f¢<|‚6&*K ‹§Ÿ‚€kG* mfF|‚7 šœŠ- ¡&* ž¥§G* fJ4¥‚ª0}CCM}CCŠC- ¦CC™C< ‹CCM5¥CCkC G*K ¦™<›¥‚€t™G‹CCE*¥CCG*ƒCC94&* ¦™< •*¥CC ‚C C6&´*vfCC C C+4&* CCHƒCC€C‚C€C0 f¢Ÿ<lŸ™<&* ¨kG*•fI(´*m´aŠœD


‹M5¥kG* m*¥CCŸCE ³ fŸ)fF|‚7  CCH ¡&* ‹CCE¥CCkCI‹CC§CŸC‚C€CkCG*mfCCF|CC‚C 7K •¥CC‚C ~C G*¤{CC CJ ³fCCŸC GfCCœC < &* ¥CCœC ŸC ,ÐgFmfIf–H(* ˜fŸJÐgFš–‚+ o§0³$*¥CC ‚C C6 jCCM2¥CCŠC ‚C ~C G*³ ¨kG*¥œŸG*m´aŠHKÐg–G*f¢œq0 "˜fk§Æ(*" ³ šœŠI —G{G f¢““¯ ,ÐCCgCFm*4fCCœC nC kC ‚C 6fCC+$aCCgC G*¦CC™C < "•*¥‚6&´*³fŸ‚€‚€0,2fM}G •¥‚~G*³šœŠG*"˜fk§Æ(*" m&*aCC+ f¢Gfœ<&* ‚~E ›Í1  H jM2¥Š‚~G* j<fg„G* mfqkŸH ‹M5¥k+ ƒ8f·* fœF"¨CC +ƒCC C -(*" CCH|CCM¥CC‚C€CkCG*K jCC<¥CCœC¼‹CCM5¥CCkC +ž¥CC“C -’¥CC‚C 6K


*|1'¥H "˜fk§Æ(*" ³fCC C C CJÍCC C C CœC C C C <&* ³*aCCMaCC¯KjCCM2¥CCŠC‚C~CG*•¥CC‚C ~C G* …„·f“§g„-*{J¨-&fMKƒ9fM|G* fœF jF|‚™G ³*|CCCµ* ‹‚6¥kG* ‹M5¥k™G "˜fk§Æ(*" ›fœ<&* |‚kŸ-K ƒCC~C™C¼ ›K2 CC‡C ŠC H ³ fCC§C GfCC0 ›K2ƒªŠ+³K¨q§™·*¡KfŠkG* f§“M|D(* —M|-f+›¥“Mƒ8¥‚€·**{J³K ˜fCCkC§CÆ(´žfCCŠC G*|CCMaCC¸*¡fCCC§CG¥CCH š–‚+ ¡¥‚~œtkH  tI" ‹M5¥k™G jM2¥Š‚~G* •¥‚~G* ³ šœŠ™G ÐgF fŸGžaCC“C ¸*CC<aCCG*º(* *2fCCŸC kC ‚C 6*K

CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



e§/¥G¥Ÿ–-³Ê½2*`<(´ "¨‚6ž(*©(*"K "ž¥–§-"Ñ+Je-,{FzH šf“j‚~¸*³leH¥™Š¸*

L|1&´*mf<f„“G*jDfF³Jf‚~HK ³K  ¥M4fŸ§‚~G* *{CCJ ³ NfgM|“24*¥¸*¦™<h™„G*¡(fD•f§‚~G**{J Œf„Emf/f§k0*¨g™-¨kG*jM|‚gG* m´f‚€-´*K mfH¥™Š¸* f§/¥G¥Ÿ–‹™„kI CCtC IK4*|CCœCkC‚C6fCC+ aCCM*}CCkCM ¨‚6ž(*©(*‘Gf¯rHfI|+<2º(* ‹H¡KfCCŠCkCG*›ÍCC1 CCH¨CCÆ2fCCF&´* j§Æ2fF&´*¨+2jŸMaH³fŸ)fF|‚7 ¨CCkC G*rCC CH*ÈCC CG*ÐCCD¥CCkC GjCC§C ¸fCCŠC G* "Œf„“G*mfg™„k¸h§qk‚~-

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‹M5¥jG*l*¥ŸEšf“j‚~H i–™œ¸*•¥‚6³ ³iM2¥Š‚~G*i§+{ŠG* 2012

›¥™0 ›¥™¶*ž`“- "ƒ~Ÿp§™§jI&*‘§jF&*ÊI&*"-32 iM2¥Š‚~G*³›e‚€-´*}F*{¸i§+es‚~G* CloudVerse ›¥™0”™„- "¥–‚~§‚6"32 i§f‚6¥¶*gs‚R ~G*,4*2(*K$e‚I(´i™He–j¸*

$e‚ª§+i™s+BlackBerry Bold 9900 34

Ώ΍άΠϟ΍ ξϴΑϷ΍ ϥϮϠϟΎΑ ΪϳΪΟ ξϴΑ΃ ϒΗΎϫ

Â¥‚~He‚6 H,`M`/l*{-¥§fœF 34

Intel Core i7škI&*mfµfŠH¦™<©¥k¯

l´e‚€-* HE398-LTE USBž2¥H 34 ǀŽȶNjŽȚ Ǡź ǀŽǞƀƺƵŽȚ ǀŲƾƉƵŽȚ ǜž 70% ǀƸƭưů

"*4K4&*"Ñf‚6e0”™„- "¨/›*" 34 j§)fŸnk‚6* jEf+ "530 ƒ6*" K "430 ƒ6*"š–‚M

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CHANNEL ARABIC_JANUARY 2012 // _www.itp.net_



eœ¢Ÿ§+¡KeŠjG*}M}Š-º(* ’`¢-Je-,{FzH¡eŠE¥- "l´e‚€-(*"K "¥–‚~§‚6"

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‹CC‚C 6*K•fCC„C I¦CC™C <¥CC–C‚C~C§C‚C6 CC H ,a<f‚~H³j§Ef-´*¤{JJf‚~k‚6K f¢GjCCŠC+fCCkCG*mfCCF|CC‚C C G*Km´fCC‚C €C -* ›¥‚€t™G•|„G*š‚ªD&* aMa¯¦™< È< ¥–‚~§‚6 mfHa1K m*aŠH ¦™< ›fk§+fF ¥–‚~§‚6  CCH ,2fCCCkC‚C6´* ¨kG*K ¥–‚~§‚6 ³ šM¥œkG* Œ*43 ³,|–kgHKjI|HšM¥±›¥™0ža“j“„Ÿ¸*$ftI&*jDfF

¤{J›ÍCC1  CCH lCCIÊCCI(´*›¥F¥-|+ j§If–H(*m´f‚€-*ƒ64ak‚6j§Ef-´* ¥–‚~§‚6mfCCHaCC1  CCH ,2fCCC kC ‚C 6´* j§–™¸jCC§C GfCCœC /(´*jCCC™C–CkCG*ƒCCªCC· j–g‚G*j§„-LaH,2fM5Kj–g‚G* š§¢‚~-K ›fCCœC <&´* jCCIK|CCH т~¯K *{JK •¥‚~G* º(* f¢G¥‚8K j<|‚6 |‚Ÿ+ j<¥œq¸* žf§E j‚6*42 šœ‚M mf–g‚G* }CCM}CCŠC- mfCCHaCC1 ”§g„-K

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¥–‚~§‚6 jF|‚G ¨œ§™E(´* |CCMaCC¸*  ,atk¸*j§+|ŠG*m*4fH(´* ¡KfCCŠCkCkC‚C6jCC§C EfCCC -´* CC H$}CCqC F fN ŠH šœŠG* ³ ¥–‚~§‚6K m´f‚€-* }M}ŠkG jt+|H šœ< jEÍ< ƒ~§‚6&fkG m´fCC‚C€C-*›fCCœC <&*•fCC„CI‹CC§C‚C6¥CC-K j§–™‚~G* m´fCC‚C €C -´* —CC G3 ³ fCC« mfIf§gG*K›¥œt¸*‘-f¢G*mfHa1K mfIf§gG*}F|Hf§/¥G¥Ÿ–-K,4*aCC¸* |M¥„- º(* fN ‚ªM&* j§Ef-´* ’a¢-K  H m´f‚€-* $͜< ¦‚94K j+|­ h™µ¥–‚~§‚6‹CCH ¡KfCCŠCkCG*›ÍCC1 ¨CCHaCC“CH CC HjCC§C™C§CC‚CCkCG*m*ÈCC C ·* fœF¹fŠG*$ftI&*‹§œ/³mfHa·* ¦™< m´f‚€-*K ¥–‚~§‚6 šœŠk‚6K ,2fM}G j0fk¸* ƒ8|G* ’f‚–k‚6*  <,4*aCC¸*mfHa·*›fœ<&* L¥k‚~H j§Gf¶* m*$*|CC C /(´* т~¯ ”CCM|CC: ›fCCœC <&´*›¥CC™C 0m´fCC ¼jCCDfCCFÈCC< f¢“§g„kG ž5ÍCC C G* lCC E¥CC G* šCC§C ™C “C -K


¥CC –C ‚C ~C §C ‚C 6lCC C CŸC C C ™C C C < &* ‹CC§CE¥CC- CC<m´fCC‚C €C -*K šœ‚-jCC„C1 ‹CC‚C9¥CCG CCJfCCC- ,|CCF{CCH jCC§C qC §C -*ÊCC‚C 6´*’*aCC C C C J&´*‹CC§C œC / m´fCC‚C€C-*K ¥–‚~§‚6 ÑCC+ jG2fgk¸* ¨¸f<4fCC:(fC + •fCCC -*º(* jCCDfCC‚C9(´fCC+ jCC/4aCCŸC ¸*mfCCF|CC‚C C G*jCCDfCCFšCCœC‚CCM mfqkŸH$*|‚Gm´f‚€-*j™‡Hl¯ 18 CG*›KaG*È<¥–‚~§‚6mfHa1K  f¢-fHa1m´f‚€-*f¢§Dža“-¨kG* |“«‹CC§C E¥CCkC G*CC§C ‚C 6*|CCH |CC‚C ªC 0K ¨CC gC C;¥CC +&* ³m´fCC ‚C C€C C-*jCCF|CC‚C 7 Ç|CC–CG*aCCgC<aCCœC 0&*,2fCCŠC‚C6 CCHšCCF j<¥œq¸ ©{§ŸkG* ƒ~§)|G* 4f™/ h)fŸG* š‚k§H ¡f–I2K m´f‚€-* LaGjc‚7fŸG*•*¥‚6&´*ƒ~§)|G›K&´* ¥–‚~§‚6aDKšœk‚7*aEK¥–‚~§‚6 |Ma¸*›fJ M*K HšF¦™<fN ‚ªM&* m*4fCC C H(´* ¥–‚~§‚6 jCCF|CC‚CCG žfCCŠC G* ©Kf„Ÿ: aCCœC½K ,aCCtCkC¸* j§+|ŠG*

T "}œj‚~§‚6 ¡`G¥/" "©*K¡(* ¨+"‹H‹M5¥-i§Ee-*‹E¥j“„Ÿ¸+³ "L|.+¥GfNb§J"j§E+Ê1´+mfI¥‚7|H+›¥™1j§Ff.´+¤{K›Í2 I}œk‚~§‚7¡bH¥0‹N6¥. ›fE£k¢/ HK,2aŠk¸*mf‚7f‚G*È< mfŠ§g¸*|MaHlG¥-Ð+š§MfD*4a§‚~G* f+K4K&*i¥Ÿ/j“„Ÿ¸j§D*Ê0´*›¥™t™G "©*K¡(* ¨+" LaG…‚6K&´*•|‚G*K Ñ<5¥¸*a0&* }œk‚~§‚6¡aG¥/ÈkŠ-" ¨¢Dj“„Ÿ¸*³j“.Kj§D*Ê0*ÌCCF&´* ,2¥µ*o§0 HjE¥H|HjŠœ‚~+‹kœkj<¥œ¼šCCnC±fCC¢C I&*fCCœCFmfCC HaCC ·*K Œf„E³jM4fqkG*mfH͊G*5|CC+&*  H ¡¥–I¡&* fI|‚~M$*}CC C /&´*KmfCCI¥CC–C¸* fŸDa¢D}CC§CœC¸*”CCM|CCCG**{CCJ CCH*N $}CC / ‹HaCCH&´*j™M¥:KjŸ§kHjF*|‚7$fŸ+¥J š‚ªD&f+CCJaCCMK}CC- ›ÍCC1  CCH fŸ)͜<  –œ¸*<aG*KmfqkŸ¸*Kmf§Ÿ“kG*

mf„½ž¥‚64¦™<&*Kj§.ÍnG*2fŠ+&´* ,aœkŠHf¢I¥FhIf/º(* ,2¥CC/ šœŠG* Œf„“G*³,a)*4j§D*Ê0*mf“§g„kF ,a<f‚~«§œ‚€kG*š“Ÿ-›¥™¶*¡&*fœF ¨œE|G*L¥CCkCtC¸*4fCC–CkC+*Ki¥CC‚C6fCC¶* L¥k‚~Hº(*¨œE|G*ƒ9|ŠG*mf“§g„-K ›ÍCC1  CCH j§™<fkG* CCH fN C HfCC± aCCMaCC/ fM*}¸*K,¥“G* HjE¥g‚~HÐ=mfIf–H(* mf0¥™G* Hj<¥œ¼f¢Ha“-¨kG*j§ŸG* mfqkŸ¸*—™-lœœ‚8a“D$*2&´*j§Gf< jc§+³j§/fkI(´*KŒ*a+(´*5}Š-o§t+ 2fŠ+&´* j§.Í.K j§)fŸ. šœŠG* mf„½ ,2Ka½´mfIf–H(f+ÑHawk‚~¸*2K}-K j§GfŠG*j§§;¥G*Kž¥CC‚C6|CCG*›fCC¼ ³

jM4fqkG*mfH͊G*5|CC+&* LaCC0(* "©*K j§D*Ê0´* ž¥‚6|G* ›¥™0 ›fCC¼ ³ fMa§I" ž¥‚6|G* jEf„+ ‹M5¥- fIaŠ‚~M j<¥œq¸´N fœ–k‚6*ÈkŠ-¨kG*"K42*¥F fŸ-*¥ŸEº(* ‘§‚ª-Kj§Gf¶*fŸ-fqkŸH "©*K¡(* ¨CC +" ’|CCŠC - jCC ŠC C)*4jCCœC§CE mf/f§k0* ¢D ¦™< ,}CC§CœC¸* f¢-4a“+ *{¢GKjCC§C D*ÊCC0´*ž¥CC‚C6|CCG* CCDŒfCC„CE ¨g™kG 4*|œk‚6f+ f¢-f§Ÿ“- |–kg- ¨¢D mfŠ§gœH+|NbI©|‡I¡fœN)+ ¡KfŠk™G …„wI fŸI(* mf/f§k0´* —™}œk‚~§‚7¡bH¥0"MbHmfqkŸœH+L ³jœ‡I&´*šHf–-Km*¥Ÿ“G*$fF|‚7‹H "…‚7L'´+•|‚H+ ,2fM5’a¢+j§E¥‚~G*mf<f„“G*‘™k¾ ¨+"  CCH "K42*¥CC CF fMa§I" ›¥CC™C0 ¡&* f¢k‚€0K"©*K¡(*¨+"mfqkŸHa/*¥mf“§g„kG $*2&* Œ|CC‚C6&* ža“- "©*K ¡(* |F{M "…‚6K&´* •|‚G* ³ j§E¥‚~G*


}œk‚~§‚6 ¡aG¥/" lCCŸC™C<&* << ‹§E¥- <…CC‚C6K&´*•|‚G* …‚6K&´*•|‚G*j“„ŸH³‹M5¥-j§Ef-* "}§/¥G¥Ÿ–- ©*K ¡(* ¨+" jF|‚7 ‹CCH ¡aG¥/" šCCœCŠC- jCC§C EfCCC -´*hCC‚C~CtC+K ‹CCM5¥CCkC G*K rCCMKÊCCG* ¦CC™C< "}œk‚~§‚6 j™Hf–G*"©*K¡(* ¨+" mfqkŸHj<¥œq¸ j§D*Ê0´*ž¥‚6|™G"K42*¥F"›¥™0 H È<—G3K"fMa§I"mf§Ÿ“-¦™<jœ)f“G* m*¥Ÿ“G* $fF|‚7  H jŠ‚6*¥G* f¢k–g‚7 ›fE •fCCC-´* ¦™< fN “§™Š-K j“„Ÿ¸* ³ mfŠ§g¸* |MaH ©|‡H ¡fCCÆ(* a§‚~G* }œk‚~§‚6 ¡aCC G¥CC /"LaCC G mfCCqC kC ŸC ¸*K ¡(* ¨CC +" ÈkŠ-" "…CC ‚C C6K&´*•|CC‚CCG*

"ĽĊñ" ĊĬøĔ÷ ņœĐŔńńĿí îŌëŜńī łœĎļøĿ îÒ òœĎķ .îŔĻō î÷ŎœŎ÷ō đĊŔēĎŃ õíčîŔē ĪœďŎøñ Ò îĴøăí łœĎļøĿí íČŋ Œ÷äœō óĐŔńńĿí þëîøňĿîñ ś 2011 ŁîĬĿí ĽŜć "ĽĊñ" àŜńī îŌĸĸă ŒøĿí



1 2^‡G* ,y7c‡G*gœ{G*


jc‡+cG*g/¢Hf¢F4 jc‡+cG* ˆH €9yG* H ^Mzµ* Î<5¢µ* ^nM ˜¢–³* ˆ¤+ CCH ¥CC-&cC - ¥CChCCG* g“–Ÿh{µ*2*¢µ*K ,4*^µ*g<cdG*jcH^1K


ˆM5¢hG*j*¢œE—dh{H gM2¢‡{G*° ¥hG* o)chœG* šCCJ&* £–< $¢§G* ‚–{M yMy˜Ê1 gM2¢‡{G*  ° ˆM5¢hG* j*¢œE cŸh0


+ +¢ - ¢F¥ y‡ ch+ |G*  cI y < G*e) K&±*’ E ¤)y ‚6 cH" fy *K€{ c™7K ^œ¤J ^µ &*˜ 6 *4 8 yM MyD -c € ‡G* ¤ "›c¤ 40 ›c Gc ° L^

s0dF+ƒ¥‚uiF+ ¢D¢œ¤G gFy|G €{¤)yG* eCC)cCCI ¸ •cCC/ —™‡G*gH¢„œH<g¤+y‡G*—Ic|hGm^qhM ˆM5¢hG*j*¢œ+g8c´*cŸ¹*y+KgFy|–Gg–Hc“hµ*


‚6K&±*’y|G*°,^M^²*š¤Jc™–Gg}}tµ*cJzF*yH˜K&*‘–-\¢6]   jcH^tµ*KMzthG*‰cGN*yM^H4*^MK2Ã&*–‡-\‚6K&±*’y|G*¥+€|-(*]   ,^M^²*j*42cdµ*H^M^‡G*˜Ê1H$cFy|G*sc+4&*5z‡-\^¤FKy+]    c™Ÿœ¤+žKc‡hG*zMz‡-·(*^Ÿ-šJc-,yFxHžc‡E¢-\j±c}-(*\K\¢“{¤6]

An ITP Technology Publication

Channel Arabia - January 2012  

Channel Arabia (Arabic) - January 2012 - Volume 10 - Issue 1 "44 Pages" ITP Technology Publishing, Dubai, UAE

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