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DEJA VU X2 TEAM SERVER® Relying on the most advanced information technologies, we use a server-based computer-assisted translation system CAT by Atril The core of the system is creating translation memories, which store previously translated source text and their translated equivalents in the central database (TM) and also retrieve related segments during translation of new texts in order to improve them and to increase the cohesion of translations.





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Efficient co-operation with external workers Efficient use of comprehensive translation memories High level of scalability and flexible server- solution system enabling quick adjustment of efficiency to the increase of volumes orders Simple data communications from traditional- style translation memories

Lower costs of translation (translations from 19 zl per page) Translation of large amounts of text within a short period of time (up to 250 pages a day.) Providing with consistent style and terminology (creation of lexicons and terminology databases.) K eeping unchanged structure of the source files (i.e. XML, HTML, SGML.) Possibility of importing translation automatically to the DTP programmes (Adobe in Design, Quark) Keeping unchanged format of the source file Converting files to editable text formats Creation of dedicated translation memories Possibility of using translation memories and terminology provided by our client

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