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About Mimmi-Leone My own website Logo for all my dresses Some of my dresses Some fabric samples

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Ervik beach On my way to Fure Fure

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After several hours with work, I`m so proud to show you my own magazine. I really hope you like it! The time I used to work on this magazine have been both fun and inspiring. And I hope I’m helping to inspire you too.

Smile and best wishes from Marianne L. Omang

My collaboration with the artist Kenneth Laugen His paintings are portrayed on my dresses.

Mimmi-Leone design

I design dresses for those who want something special that nobody else has. All the dresses from Mimmi-Leone are handmade and home-crocheted at Hurum which is a small place in Norway.

Clothes for the playful woman Mimmi-Leone

I am so happy, I have my own website for all my dresses, and I want to share it with you. You are all very welcome to take a look! This is just a little teaser. If you want to see some more, it`s just a click away. It`s so easy, just go to for some more dresses. I hope you like it! With love from Mimmi-Leone

Mimmi-Leone My own design. One evening rather late, a lot of ideas and some drawings. Every dress designed by me will be wearing this logo. To all of you beautiful women, at any ages, who still feel young in body and soul.


With a hood which is perfect for use and decoration As an additional effect, I have combined knitting and crochet.

Design by Mimmi-Leone

Inspiration from stories of legends and fairytales, elves and fairies

The colours of the nature inspires me

I just love small notebooks. I can not get enough This one I`am using for fabric samples for some dresses.

h of them. e of my

“Life isn`t about finding yourself. Life is about creating yourself �

I bought the lamp on the flea marked. A little painting and som chrochet work. And I have a new stylish lamp.

I just love the colours on these wallpapers. I

Go confidently in the direction of your dreams. Live the life you`ve imagined. -Henry David Thoresau

STADT A little place in Norway, in Selje commune.

Where the elements play in tune with the feelings ... Genuine and authentic

You have to take risks. We will only understand the miracle of life fully when we allow the unexpected to happen. Paulo Coelho

A thing of beauty is a joy forever. John Keats

“Making the most of yourself is the thrill of life�


Strawberry with cream and some flow decoration. Cupcakes for my son`s birthday.

wers for

Thanks to all of you who have inspired me. To all you lovely bloggers. And to my wonderful childeren: Kjetil, Cecilie, Magnus and Nikolai. A special thanks to Kjetil who have helped me to create my website Cecilie and Nikolai who have helped me to snap some photos of my dresses and Magnus for some of the texts. Best regard from Marianne

Make every day a beautiful day... Find me on Facebook

With love from Mimmi-Leone

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Lifestyle & Design

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