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Mayumi Roller   Colby  Caldwell   ART333  PhotoBook   28  January  2013     Reading  2  Response     I   am   currently   taking   ART233:   Decoding   the   World   of   Movie   Poster   Design,   taught   by   the   visiting   Artist   in   Residence,   Camilo   Sanin.     When   Camilo   described   the   course   in   his   introductory   remarks  during  the  first  day  of  class,  I  remember  wondering  if  the   production  of  movie  posters  was  becoming  obsolete.    Camilo  was   saying   how   the   design   of   a   movie   poster   is   very   important   because  that’s  what  draws  the  viewer  in  to  see  the  film.    However,   I   started   thinking   about   when   actually   was   the   last   time   I   really   saw  a  movie  poster  was.    I  rarely  go  to  the  movies,  so  I  don’t  see   them   there,   and   I’m   pretty   sure   that   movie   posters   aren’t   really   displayed   anywhere   else.     If   they   are,   I   haven’t   really   noticed   them.     But   I   feel   like   nowadays,   with   the   advent   of   the   movie   preview,   which   can   be   viewed   on   TV,   or   on   YouTube,   nobody   really  looks  at  movie  posters  anymore.     I   thought   back   to   this   after   reading   Craig   Mod’s   Hack  The  Cover.     This   reading   talked   about   how,   with   the   digitalization   of   books,   covers  are  hardly  something  that  someone  sees.    There  are  fewer   and  fewer  numbers  of  bookstores.    When  buying  books  online,  the   covers  are  only  pictured  as  small  thumbnails  that  you  just  quickly   scan  over.    And  when  opening  a  book  on  a  Kindle,  or  other  book   reading  technological  device,  it  just  skips  right  to  the  first  page  of   the  first  chapter.     Right   now   I’m   thinking   about   that   old   saying:   “Don’t   judge   a   book   by  its  cover.”    A  saying  that  I  always  admitted  to  myself  to  be  wise   advice,   but   secretly,   when   my   dad   took   me   to   Dockside   Bookshop   in   Havensight   Mall   on   St.   Thomas,   I   would   judge   the   shit   out   of   all   of  the  books  through  which  my  young,  hungry  eyes  perused.    

Covers were  what  drew  me  into  the  book.    Even  though  I  am  sure   that   there   are   many   great   books   that   have   ugly   covers,   I   had   recognized   from   an   early   age   that   the   cover   of   a   book   was   an   important   thing.     Obviously   the   quality   of   the   book   is   important   too,   but   the   cover   really   gave   me   something   to   imagine   and   ponder  over,  before,  during,  and  after  reading  a  book.     But  now,  what  are  we  judging  books  on  since  we  are  experiencing   them  without  their  covers?    How  do  we  decipher  what  we  want  to   read   or   don’t?     Is   it   just   through   hearsay,   from   seeing   a   friend   tweet,   blog,   or   Facebook   about   it?     It   almost   seems   like   we   are   being  cheated  half  of  the  experience  of  choosing  a  book  from  the   vast  selection  that  surrounds  you  in  a  bookstore.     ………………………………………………………………………………………………….     I  don’t  really  have  that  much  to  say  about  Alan  Rapp’s  The   Photo   Book   will   Rise   Again.     I   feel   like   I’m   not   entirely   convinced   that   photo   books   will   ever   be   either   popular   or   profitable,   but   Rapp   seems  to  think  that  independently  published  photo  books  seem  to   be  flourishing.         I’ve  never  owned  a  Kindle,  Nook,  or  iPad.    I  do  have  an  iPhone,  but   I   don’t   ever   use   the   iBooks   application.     I’m   not   sure   if   photo   books  are  available  on  these  various  technological  readers,  but  I   wonder  if  their  availability  will  have  an  effect  on  the  publishing  of   physical  photo  books.  I  wonder,  I  wonder….  

Reading 2 Response  
Reading 2 Response  

Response to Craig Mod's "Hack The Cover" and Alan Rapp's "The Photo Book Will Rise Again"