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Although the  exact  layout  that  I  had  in  mind  for  my  Dummy  Book  got  a  bit  messed   up  because  of  the  way  Staples  printed  it,  it  was  still  extremely  beneficial  to  hear   feedback  from  both  Meg  and  Paige.       When  thinking  about  the  order  in  which  to  present  my  photos,  I  wasn’t  really   sure  at  first  on  how  to  organize  them.    I  spent  a  lot  of  time  looking  at  each  print  and   trying  to  find  similarities  between  different  photographs,  and  also  isolating  some   that  would  possibly  stand  alone  in  the  spread,  instead  of  being  paired  up  with   another  picture.    Meghan  talked  a  bit  about  how  the  images  portrayed  a  movement   and  balance  between  intimacy  and  intensity,  and  those  are  two  things  that  really   wanted  to  get  across.       She  also  talked  about  the  eye  contact  of  the  subjects  of  the  images   with  the  viewer  and  how  that  was  very  powerful.    One  of  her  suggestions  is  to  focus   more  on  the  eye  contact,  which  will  force  to  viewer  to  be  more  engaged  with  the   book.    She  talked  about  how  as  a  viewer,  she  felt  intrusive  looking  at  the  images,  but   at  the  same  time  they  drew  her  in.    There  is  definitely  a  battle  between  feeling  close   to  and  separate  from  the  images  that  she  picked  up  on,  and  that  I  am  trying  to   convey.     Paige  also  commented  on  the  arrangement  of  the  photographs  and  how  the  variety   of  positions  and  depth  of  the  headshots  intrigues  the  viewer  and  pulls  them  close.     She  also  mentioned  how  the  book  invoked  a  dynamic  between  dependence  and   independence.    That  is  something  else  that  I  really  wanted  to  portray  with  my  book.     Especially  after  reading  about  Nan  Goldin’s  The  Ballad  of  Sexual  Dependency,  where   she  is  constantly  struggling  with  independence  and  dependence  as  well,  I  really   wanted  my  own  investigation  into  my  relationship  to  describe  that  struggle  as  well.     In  Ballad,  Goldin  says  “I  have  a  strong  desire  to  be  independent,  but  at  the   same  time  a  craving  for  the  intensity  that  comes  from  interdependency.”    That  quote   really  spoke  to  me  and  I  have  realized  that  especially  towards  the  end  of  our   relationship,  we  were  both  struggling  with  these  concepts.       Paige  also  pointed  out  that  throughout  the  pictures,  JJ’s  wardrobe   consists  of  a  lot  of  plaid.    She  suggested  that  at  the  end  of  the  book,  if  I  could  end  the   book  with  him  in  a  very  different  outfit,  then  that  would  make  clear  the  turn  of  the   relationship.    She  also  mentioned  that  the  last  four  spread  really  transition  to  show   JJ  alone  in  all  of  the  pictures,  instead  of  us  together,  and  she  thought  that  was  very   effective  as  well.     I  still  have  more  images  that  I  need  to  print,  and  then  work  into  the  sequence,  so  I   think  that  it  is  definitely  going  to  change  a  lot  more  before  the  complete,  finalized   product.  But  both  of  their  suggestions  were  extremely  helpful!!  

Dummy Book Response  

response to the critiques of Meg and Paige

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