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This week was OUTSTANDING for C1-1! Monday we celebrated Backwards Day by doing backwards races and art behind our backs, we loved how our pictures turned out! There are only two words to describe Tuesday and Wednesday…COLOR WAR! We all had a great time as we competed against each other with our friends from other camp groups. There were all kinds of competitions including Doughnut swimming and Rice Krispie sculpting. Thursday we went on a field trip to the Fire Museum where we had fun looking at all the exhibits. Friday was glowing as we celebrated Glow in the Dark Shabbat. What a busy but exciting week for C1-1, we cannot wait to see what is in store for next week.


Week 6 of camp has been pretty crazy for C1-2! On Monday, Meredith and Adam really enjoyed playing squid tag, while Jake and Sky loved assembling their aliens in Art. On Tuesday and Wednesday, C1-2 participated in color war, where we were able to cheer, play sports, and make many new friends. Simon, Yana, and Bella especially enjoyed the experience because they were able to participate in competitions all day long! This new experience for all of us was very fun, and we can’t wait for color war again next year! On Thursday, we took a field trip to the fire museum, and we all had such an awesome time. We also had such a great time at Glow in the Dark Shabbat! We can’t believe that it is now time for Session IV, yet we are excited about the fun that awaits us!


CA-1 had an AWESOME sixth week of camp. On Backwards Monday, the campers got to choose the group activity and they picked crab soccer. For Color War we split into our six colors and had a blast competing with the whole camp. On Iron Chef Day, we traveled to Cordova Skating Rink for our field trip and had a PHENOMENAL time. For Glow in the Dark Shabbat we made …….! We even got to have extended swim to celebrate the end of Session III. CA-1 had so much fun this week. We can’t wait to see what’s in store for Session IV.


This week has been a crazy week. We had Color War on Tuesday and Wednesday. The campers had so much fun. They enjoyed every activity in Color War, from making a billboard to participating in the buffet relay. CA-2 had a blast at Cordova Skating on our field trip Thursday. Each and every camper had so much fun skating. Some campers skated as if they skate every day, while some campers skated for the first time. Regardless, of their skating level we all agreed on the level of FUN we had. Speaking of fun, ending the week with a Glow in the Dark Shabbat and dance contest was PHENOMENAL!!!


Ca-3 campers really have been enjoying themselves. From arts and crafts, to playing under the sun, but most importantly the campers loved making new friends. The field trip on Thursday to Cordova Skating rink was a blast. Most of the campers found it interesting since for some it was their first time skating. Even though this is the end of Session III, we had lots of fun and look forward to Session IV.


CB Girls have enjoyed a week full of Color War, field trips and more. On Tuesday and Wednesday the girls enjoyed being split into six different colors of red, orange, yellow, green, blue and white. The girls participated in many different activities such as steal the bagel, egg and orange relay, and a huge relay race all around the JCC. On Thursday, the girl’s went to Cross Commando at Dulin’s and got the privilege of bungee jumping, zip lining and much more jumping around. Friday we celebrated Glow in the Dark Shabbat! The girls couldn’t wait to win the dance contest!


This week in CB Boys, the boys definitely enjoyed Color War, Cross Commando and all the other activities we participated in this week. The Green team prevailed with lots of running, jumping and overall fun. This week the boys were extremely excited on everything they did. We made day sculptures, played sports and had a great time swimming. We had a great cookout at the end of the week and it was well enjoyed by everyone.


Unit 78 has had a very busy week of camp! During our first activity, the campers competed against one another during a challenging game of handball. In Guard Start, Deena and Srishti learned a new head splint survival technique. We even created our own stamps made from plaster in Art. Our volunteer time at the Memphis Jewish Home was well spent. The campers helped bring the residents to a special birthday party and enjoyed cake and ice cream. Sam Canales and Jonathan Cohen enjoyed making new friends and seeing the new facilities. Unit 78 ended the week with a big camp cookout and had lots of fun. We can’t wait for a new fun-filled session to begin soon!

Sports Aleph

AWESOME! This is the only word to describe the great, big, hairy chested men in Sports Aleph. We had many surprises in basketball camp including having a few U of M Tigers players join in all the fun. In addition to all the fun Joseph Kalmowicz was a big champion in almost every game of knockout played. Christian Marinescu was a superb role model on our field trip to the FedEx Forum. In our weekly Friday morning cheer off Ben Hackney cheered so loud, he won the spirit hat for the day. We ended the week off with a Glow in the Dark Shabbat.

Sports Bet

This week Sports Bet participated in the camp wide Color War! Though Zachary Wilkes and Mark Lenchik’s blue team were in the lead most of the time, in the end they were upset by Ethan McCown, Nathaniel Danziger and David Mamiye of the underdog Green Team. Thursday we went to the FedEx Forum for our field trip and learned all about the home of the Tigers and the Grizzlies. We finished our basketball session with basketball games with the Memphis Tiger’s players before going heading to Glow in the Dark Shabbat.

Movie Making

PHENOMENAL is the only adjective that could describe this week in Movie Making camp. We continued our diligent work on our movies, games and other projects. We truly have learned so many things! We took a break from our hard work to participate in the camp wide Color War, which was full of competitions from Fruit Loop stringing to Steal the Bagel. Overall we have had an OUTSTANDING fourth session.

Fashion & Modeling

The Fashion and Modeling girls had an AWESOME week! All the girls dressed in their favorite outfits and had their hair done by professional stylists for the photo shoot on Tuesday. We made aprons for Iron Chef Day and stylish friendship bracelets on Thursday. We ended the week with an amazing fashion show filled with sassy struts and super cute poses!

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