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C1-1 had a fabulous second week at camp! We kicked off the week with Musical Monday and making our own maracas. We had a blast making Sand Art on Tuesday. We also discovered we have a lot of athletes while playing tennisracquet baseball and soccer. C1-1 had a lot of cowboys and cowgirls on Western Wednesday. Thursday we had the best time exploring The Children’s Museum! Friday we showed off all of our talents in the camp wide talent show!


C1-2 has had a spectacular second week of camp! Hannah Moore won 1st place at the C1-2 Talent Show where she showed us her awesome cheerleading moves. Everyone also had a great time at the Children’s Museum and loved wearing matching orange camp T-shirts. Joseph Cassius, Abby Hodus and Meredith Wiederspahn loved swimming in the pool. We are so excited for second session of camp!


CA-1 had a fantastic second week of camp and first session. We began Musical Monday off with a game of musical chairs and later a game of tennis baseball. Dalis Hawkins and Kass Jones both hit homeruns out of the field. On Tiny Tuesday we made Shrinky Dinks and watched them get smaller. Western Wednesday was spent making western vests and playing Sheriff and Outlaw. On Storytelling Thursday we made our own comic books before traveling to Cross Commando for an awesome field trip. Abby Goldberg and Jacob Shapiro swung so high on the bungee swing. On Camps Got Talent Shabbat Gordon Brode, Alec Feinman and Grant Baxter participated in the camp wide Talent Show and rocked it! CA-1 had a PHENOMENAL week and we are SO excited for second session.


It’s week two and CA-2 is still PHENOMENAL, AWESOME & OUTSTANDING!!! We played a lot of sports this week including kickball, handball, soccer and wiffle ball. The campers were outstanding in every sport we played. We also played a new game that helps you keep your balance, it’s called statue tag. We played the group’s new favorite game Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is played by making two teams and one person in the front. The person in the front calls out an alphabet and whoever yells out something that’s found in Wal-Mart that begins with that alphabet wins. The campers were AWESOME! The counselors of CA-2 are so proud to see their campers having so much fun.


CB Girls had SOOOOO much fun this week!!! We played soccer and a game called Wal-Mart. CB Girls had a blast with their dance off. Tapping into our creative side we made lovely necklaces and jewelry boxes to keep our beautiful necklaces in. We enjoyed making art masterpieces in the Art Hut and had fun with the Scouts learning the new games they played with us. After all that we still managed to have enough energy for a relay race but the best part of all was the time we spent recuperating in the pool during free swim. Taylor Giambelluca was brave enough to jump into the deep end of the pool! This week CB Girls had an OUTSTANDING time!!!


This week CB Boys had a very fun filled week. We went to the Cordova Bowling Center for some intense bowling. In addition to bowling, we had our famous Capture the Flag game against CB Girls. It was OUTSTANDING! We also enjoyed making Sand Art this week. Like always we made our way to the pool for free swim to enjoy relaxing in the lazy river and sliding down the water slides. It has been an AWESOME week!


Unit 78 campers had a great week of camp despite the weather. On Monday we began the day with a fun game of Capture the Flag. Corbin Nickelberry and Casey Cox scored a goal during handball and helped their team win the game. We ended up with a tie breaker in dodge ball when we competed against CB Boys. The campers had so much fun on our field trip to the bowling alley and many of them got really high scores. During our scavenger hunt for the spirit stick, the campers were very tactical and good at solving the clues. During our specialty activities, some of the campers finished making thir moies while others learned a new hip hop dance. Madison Jason and Celie Shankman liked riding the Wellness Center’s spin bikes and got a good workout. We can’t wait for session two to start to see what fun activities we will do next!

Sports Aleph

Week two of session two has come to a sad close. The week went very well with Ilan Weiner winning the Spirit Hat on Monday and Faris Amin winning it on Tuesday. Nathan Baer hit a homerun in baseball and nobody could stop him. In soccer Jared Gross scored so many of his teams goals. Sports Aleph is also enjoying playing ga ga and running relay races with their counselors. All in all Sports Aleph is the best! See you next session!

Sports Bet

In Sports Bet this week we started off with a huge game of kickball before heading to our daily baseball session. On Western Wednesday we played Capture the Flag and Sheriff and Outlaw. Our soccer game the next morning was extremely close with the teams having to go into penalty kicks. With the weather being overcast, we have made the most of it with intense games of knock out and the well-known camp favorite “ga ga”. We ended the week with a great field trip to the Cordova Bowling Center and a great game of baseball the resulted in a great catch from Jonah Boxer.

Theater Camp

Theater Camp is movin’ & shakin’ in week two! We have been super busy with choreography, singing and acting – that’ why we’re called “Triple Threats”! These actor/campers will continue to learn lines and search their playrooms for props and costumes. Sophie Chertow and Abby Freidman are working on developing their animal interpretations as they portray Roquetort-the rat and Abigail-the goose.

Science Camp

This week in Science Camp the campers learned all about chemistry. The campers really enjoyed our experiment involving dry ice. Laura McKinnon and Max Mascolino were really in awe of the dry ice “shower” the instructor gave them in class. The take home packets with directions of how to make your own beakers kept campers wanting to learn more during Science camp. The campers also made slime in class on Thursday, which was their best day so far! The campers had a blast getting slime everywhere.

Art Camp

Here at the end of our first session of camp we are finishing up the final details on five complex and creative art projects that use a wide variety of multimedia collage and painting skills. This week we have mainly been focusing on abstract art by creating a geometric abstract design based on overlapping Jewish Stars and also a wide colorful abstract where we have traced our reflection as if we were underwater. These five pieces will be combined with the sculpture work that second session will create starting next week and will be on display in the art gallery Thursday, Night July 7th at 6:5 pm. Also many of our campers represented first session Art Camp in two different talent show acts at Shabbat.

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