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So, it really is 2017 now. I’ve said it before but I’ll wish you all a very happy new year again. As I write this, 2017 is not even two weeks old, but I’m already being hugely inspired by the City of Culture events here in Hull, where H&E is published (I might have

IN CONTINUOUS PUBLICATION SINCE 1900... H&E has been in existence in various forms for more than a century and is now in its 118th year. It is the oldest naturist magazine in the world, and is the leading monthly title aimed at naturists and all those who enjoy any aspects of their lifestyle without the restrictions of clothing. H&E originally stood for ‘health and efficiency’, the theory being that continued exposure to the sun and air, in combination with a good diet and regular exercise, was beneficial to health and made the body work more efficiently. Nowadays, naturism is more of a lifestyle choice with much less importance placed on the perfect body image – and more emphasis on travel, sunbathing, naked activities and, most of all, enjoyment.

mentioned this a few times). Before the pesky bug laid me low for a bit, I managed to get out and about with my camera (I don’t really make resolutions, but to do this more often is certainly one) and take a few pics of some of the year’s opening events, including the spectacular fireworks and the simply stunning Made in Hull light show that transformed some of the city centre’s most beautiful buildings for a week and drew crowds like I’ve never seen. I’m going to regularly upload my photos to my publisher website at hawkeditorial., so do have a look. Should you wish to help keep the wolves from my door, you can also buy them!

A friend and fellow naturist joked with me on Facebook that the launch of City of Culture might be getting a mention in this editorial – and I said I was going to try to manage to sneak it in in the next 12, so bear with me! There is some more direct relevance to naturism and H&E, though, as I’ve had a very positive response from a local arts venue owner as to an H&E exhibition

around the same time as the Sea of Hull unveiling, which will be at the Ferens Art Gallery in late April. So, watch this space! It would be great to have some archive H&E images on show in the magazine’s home city, and it would be yet another excuse for you to come and visit if you haven’t already planned to. Hopefully it’ll be an exciting year for Hull, H&E and naturism. As Charlie Simonds points out this month, H&E is the only commercial monthly magazine left standing in these increasingly tough economic times – onwards and upwards, I say! Sam Hawcroft

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PHOTO: Charlie Simonds

his issue is brought to you courtesy of a popular brand of over-the-counter powdered cold and flu medicine. Have you succumbed yet? I’d scoffed at all those articles in the tabloids about ‘the cough that everyone’s suffering with this winter’ but it has got me too, and it’s been rather more of a struggle than usual to get this edition out of the door… What with one thing and another, including various family ailments, it was rather a subdued Christmas for me, but I did manage a little time out to laze around, watch TV and start painstakingly making my way through the piles of festive chocolate, cake and biscuits. Tough job, but someone’s gotta do it!

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Over the years, I have had numerous accidents while pursuing my passion for surfing. In fact, my wife always said that A&E had a seat with my name on it. I cracked my ribs three times, and had gashes on my head and legs…


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Gran Hotel Natura



Gran Hotel Natura is the perfect choice for your Summer holidays in Fuerteventura! You can enjoy the sun, sea, beach, lovely food, 2 beautiful swimming pools (one heated), spa and fitness centre combined with an excellent service. All this makes it an ideal holiday destination for couples and singles who love to enjoy naturism and would like to get an all over tan! Call our direct number: 0034 - 928 988 568

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OPINION Reflecting on your naturist memories


f you are a newcomer to naturism, your reflections will probably not be of a naturist memory. The Oxford Dictionary defines ‘reflections’ as: “show image of, to reproduce to eye or mind, meditate, consider, correspond in appearance, thought or thoughtful”.


Everyone at some time looks back, to good naturist times, places visited, friends made, to happy events, or things achieved. You might reflect on the first time you went naturist and discovered what a liberating, healthy lifestyle it is, and wondered why you wore clothes so much for so long a time. Was your first experience at home, in the beautiful English countryside, on a beach here at home, or in a foreign land? You reflect and remember, and you live these special times over again. If in the meantime, circumstances or fate have dealt such cards that you now cannot do what you once did, do not waste time on regret, but adapt and do what you can do now; adapt to circumstances as they are now, and in doing so you will regain the happiness, peace and calm


We pay £50 for every Opinion article used, and £65 if it is accompanied by a suitable photo(s). We want to hear your strong opinions, analysis or peculiar viewpoints. Keep to 700 words. Send your Opinion to or the address on page 3.

by Mike Gould that accompanies the naturist ethos. Then in the future you will be able to look back on now with fond memories all over again. I embodied the lifestyle about 20 years ago. Throughout life I had always worn as few clothes as possible, but on one hot sunny day in our secluded garden I threw caution to the wind and stripped off completely, and the rest is history. Supportive My wife is not a naturist, but is supportive of the lifestyle, and happy to welcome naturists to our garden, or to visit naturist events or venues when we can, as we do not have a car it is impossible to get to a lot of places – a fact often overlooked by organisers, including the national body, which is supposed to represent us all. None of my family are naturists but are used to seeing dad naked when they visit, and accept it as normal, just as it should be. The lifestyle certainly gives you a more tolerant outlook on life in all its many facets, but one thing you must never do is to force anyone to your way of thinking, especially if they are unhappy in being nude. The best way is to lead by example, and in time they may join you. Always remember one willing convert is worth 10 press-ganged ones. We have had many happy times at clothes-optional places, especially in the beautiful Isles of Scilly, a paradise on our doorstep, just 28 miles from Land’s End. I have written before in H&E

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about our experiences on Scilly. We have also had lovely times with many other naturists at the clothes-optional days at Abbey House Gardens in Malmesbury, Wiltshire. Note! Clothesoptional – these are events and places that encourage naturists but happily welcome clothed partners, allowing couples (and there are thousands) to go together and both can follow their preference. As readers of my articles will know, I am not a great supporter of closed naturist clubs; as my wife is not a naturist, we would not be allowed to attend. This, I think, enforces the view that many people have – that we have something to hide. So, reflections – remembering happy times past, but equally looking forward to happy times to come. I remember a while ago, because I was a naturist and life model, I was asked to do a publicity job for an art gallery which was staging an exhibition on the nude. This involved walking to the gallery across a busy square in the afternoon in the nude, going into the gallery, looking around and making a purchase, then leaving with my purchase. When I arrived, the local press and a BBC TV crew were there, so I and the gallery got more publicity than I had first thought. The next night the item went out twice on television, and also got coverage in the press. I tell this story as it is a happy incident to reflect on. It’s just one of many memories I have, and I am sure you also have many. So, friends, get thinking, and see how many happy occasions you can reflect on. XXXXX H&E 7 7 FEBRUARY 20172013H&E



The hypocrisy of censorship A few days ago I was a guest at a friend’s house and out of politeness was obliged to watch the film Casino Royale on TV. I viewed it with abhorrence and disgust. The film showed individuals at their most inhuman level, with James Bond as a state-sponsored assassin chasing thugs and killing them while wantonly destroying any property that obstructed him. This was followed by a nauseating torture scene involving Bond’s genitals. The censors, in their wisdom, awarded the film a 12 certificate, thereby allowing young, impressionable minds to absorb this distasteful rubbish. In contrast, naturist films show men and women enjoying the freedom of nudity. There is no violence, everybody behaves impeccably, but supposedly because they are naked, the censors usually insist on an 18 certificate. I presume these censors would wish to ban 17-year-olds, on a school visit to an art gallery, from viewing Francisco Goya’s Nude Maja or Manet’s Le Déjeuner sur l’herbe? If censorship reflects public attitudes, naturism has a long path to travel towards universal acceptance, and it is encouraging that H&E seems highly motivated to expedite that journey.

INF war of words is damaging naturism

WNBR dates were last year’s I hope Rayner Otter found a 2017 H&E calendar in his Christmas stocking. He certainly needs one! It was immediately clear to me that he’d used his 2016

Duncan Heenan, via email.

Adrian Hockenhull, Surrey.

What’s your view?



Email: Post: H&E naturist, Hawk Editorial Ltd, PO Box 545, Hull HU9 9JF. @HEnaturist The editor reserves the right to edit letters. Those of 200 words or fewer will be considered first and edited least. Please note all correspondence will be treated as intended for publication unless expressly marked otherwise.

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Mention of naturist ‘politics’ often makes eyes glaze over, but sometimes it is important, and recent events at the International Naturist Federation (INF) certainly are, so here’s a summary for readers who can stay awake long enough to read this… INF was started about 63 years ago as an international federation of the various national naturist federations around the world. In principle it is a good idea, but it has always suffered from being a small poor amateur body taking on a big wealthy professional textile world. For many years it tried to defend and promote naturism as best it could, but in recent decades has become docile to the point where it is virtually invisible and ineffective. At the basis of this corporate torpor is the way INF seems to have developed a life of its own, separate from the national federations that own and fund it, but which seem to take little interest in what it does – or doesn’t do, apart from organising meetings in nice places to talk mostly about more meetings in nice places. There was a hopeful sign that this zombie existence might be challenged when, at the INF biannual conference held in New Zealand last November, the national federations voted INF’s President Sieglinde Ivo out of office, to be replaced with French president Armand Jamier. Mrs Ivo had held office for eight years, and her first act had been to spend more than €100,000 of INF money in moving the longestablished INF office from Belgium to an apartment in her own block in a small town in Austria, and staff it in part with her family. That might have been forgiveable if there had been some positive result for naturism, but in fact she has presided over a period of extremely low activity by INF, during which money has accumulated within its coffers, which should have been spent on defending and promoting naturism on the world stage. The national federations were clearly fed up with this and voted her out. But rather than going quietly, Mrs Ivo has mounted a challenge to the vote on rather spurious procedural grounds, and has persuaded INF’s ruling council to convene a new World Congress later this year in Vienna, to hold the vote again. This move has been severely and openly criticised in a war of words currently raging, in which the original vote scrutineers and several national federations say the vote was valid, and Armand Jamier should be president. The cost of getting 28 delegates from across the world, and the delays, seem to be ignored by Mrs Ivo and INF’s council, who have also ignored requests to recast votes by email if there is a genuine doubt as to the count. In the meantime there is a hiatus, a lot of money wasted and naturism goes nowhere. British Naturism is an INF affiliate, and has expressed unhappiness about this, not least because it pays in more than £8,000 of members’ money to INF each year, and a number of BN members are asking whether this could be better used, and INF dispensed with. This infighting has characterised INF’s existence for decades, and now threatens to kill off overdue reforms. BN members may be able to influence events, but their own history of apathy towards INF does not encourage much hope. To see the documents in question, visit

calendar when predicting dates for the 2017 World Naked Bike Rides as none of the ride dates he gave (H&E, January) are valid. They were the 2016 dates! Most UK WNBR organisers don’t get round to thinking about dates until we get into the new year. But some of us earmark the date a year in advance and so I can tell you that, subject to any force majeure, WNBRs will be held in Canterbury on May 27, Folkestone on July 1, and Portsmouth on July 2. London may, or may not, choose the main Northern Hemisphere WNBR date (June 10) to hold its annual ride and may, or may not, be flanked by Manchester the evening before and Brighton the day after. It’s all in the planning stage, and,

as in past years, I’ll write a full preview in H&E once 2017 dates are known.

Barry Freeman (Organiser, Canterbury WNBR).

Many thanks, Barry! Yes, it was hard to establish exact dates for the various UK events. However, I did point out at the start of the article that some organisers “have yet to put pen to paper” on 2017 events. Also, editor Sam added a footnote qualifying that “many organisations publish their new year diaries in January”. I think that the main point is that we have given them some publicity and I hope that, as a result, more readers will participate. We look forward to getting more information from you as the year creeps on! – Rayner Otter



BN leaders mystified by out-of-the-blue Twitter ban


ocial media is one of the best free ways to get your message out these days, whether you’re an individual, business, or, indeed, a naturist organisation. But you are often at the mercy of the strict rules of the corporation in question, as British Naturism discovered recently when its Twitter account was removed practically without warning. The account at @britishnaturism suddenly disappeared into the ether, leaving many of its thousands of followers puzzled as to why. Even BN’s leaders could not understand it, as they had striven to abide by Twitter’s rules governing nudity.

disappeared. Replying to the emails we’d had, returned ‘unmanned mailbox’ messages and instructions on how to make contact online, but it’s impossible to say anything, as all contact methods rely on ticking boxes as to what the issue is. What we really need to do is complain that the account has been deleted, but they won’t allow you to write to them about an account unless you are logged in to it… and you can’t do that with an account that doesn’t exist!”

A few weeks previously, BN’s account had been suspended due to ‘nude or pornographic’ images. BN appealed and its account was swiftly reinstated. But, as commercial manager Andrew Welch explained, they later received an email from Twitter saying BN’s ‘media setting’ had been changed to let users know about the possibility of ‘sensitive material’ in their stream. He added: “The tweet that prompted it was innocuous in the extreme, just words – though the word ‘family’ was in there – and it was a retweet at that. Shortly after, and we have no idea if it was related to that notification, the account

The highly disappointing consequence of all this for BN is that they lost thousands of followers in one fell swoop – a following that had taken years to attract and grow. As H&E went to press, only about 600 had returned. Twitter is awash with individuals posting extreme pornography, so the fact it seems to have targeted one of the most genuinely naturist accounts is baffling and worrying for the naturist cause. You can follow the new British Naturism account @britnaturism. Sam Hawcroft

Donna releases charity naked calendar Norfolk actress and model Donna Africa has released a charity calendar for 2017. Donna, a passionate supporter of naturism and H&E, aims to raise money for Cancer Research UK, and you can buy her calendar from her website at She was also recently named author of the month on popular literature website

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with Theresa O’Shea

SPANISH EYE Parafotos trophy!


Vera Playa pounded

What a month December was, going out As I write this on January 3, today feels more like Tenerife hotel like the proverbial lamb, all sunshine the start of the new year than either January 1 More naturist options in and warmth, but with floods earlier in or January 2. Not only was yesterday husband Tenerife in 2017, with the fivethe month that reminded me of when Guengo’s 60th birthday – involving a surprise star Victoria Suite Hotel set to open I used to live in Bangkok and the dinner-party bash with friends and family at in the spring. According to the website streets turned into fast-flowing cara local pub – but earlier that afternoon we’d, the hotel is owned by a local company that already operates strewn rivers. Unbelievable photos been to Clover Spa in Birmingham to pick luxury hotels with naturist terraces on were posted on social media of up the Parafotos Trophy for the Support of the Costa Adeje. The new hotel will the centre and west of Malaga, Naturism 2016! When Charlie Simonds wrote offer an exclusive naturist area for the most remarkable of which was to me earlier last year to tell us that we were adults on the top floor, with a pool one of a roaring waterfall tumbling to receive the award, we were hugely chuffed, and Jacuzzi “for those who wish into and to say the least. I’m not sure exactly (as I’m not to practice naturism in down the in Spain at the moment) but I think my first article complete privacy”. escalators of was published in H&E in about 1998 or 1999 when one of the Metro Helen Ludbrook was still editor, though it was during stations! Mark Nisbet’s editorship (1999-2004) that I become a Other parts of the province and country were regular contributor – and that I started the Spanish also affected – including the oft-battered beach Eye column and monthly film review. Over the years, of at Vera Playa, which always comes in for severe punishment during such course, Guengo has been a brilliant model, photographer diluvial episodes. Photos show the sea turned into a swirling, seething and cranky travel reporter’s assistant (that’s me who’s soup, dotted with palm trees clinging on for dear life, and reaching right cranky, not him!), so I was thrilled that the Parafotos into apartment homes built along the beach front. The ever-shrinking award was to both of us. Sadly Charlie was unable to beach has been reduced in size by an estimated 60% over the past 20 attend the presentation, and we were very sorry indeed to years. In 2007 a government project to protect the full length of the beach miss him. Still, we spent a lovely afternoon at Clover Spa, was approved by the EU, but until now the only part of the project to be meeting owner Tim, and the previous caretakers of the implemented has been the building of a breakwater near the Hotel Vera Parafotos Trophy, Andy and Tanya from Natural Holidays. Playa Club – and this has actually made the situation worse, rather than And – how not? – sipping a little celebratory champagne better. The Veraplayazul residents’ association has warned that beachfront and enjoying a lengthy, finger-withering soak in the tub. properties are now in danger due to erosion. According to a report in the Thanks for your hospitality, Tim! All in all, a pretty good EURO Weekly newspaper, the association plans to take the matter up with start to 2017. the EU in an attempt to get the 2007 project ball rolling again. While there is never going to be a quick-fix solution to the erosion issue, don’t let it put you off. The weather is great most of the time, and Vera remains one of the best naturist destinations in mainland Spain!

Discover Extremadura

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If you’d like to contact me with any Spanishrelated naturist news, I’d be really happy to hear from you. Write to me at H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 1010 H&E

Las Grullas naturist campsite will be opening for its third season this April. The Dutch-owned venture is located in the heart of one of Spain’s most fascinating regions: Extremadura. Apart from 30 large plots for ‘proper’, serious campers, there is also a small stone cottage for rent. Nearby, there are a number of reservoirs and lakes (which means opportunities for skinny-dipping) and, of course, the campsite has its own swimming pool. According to the owners’ web page, Las Grullas is perfect “If you are seeking peace and quiet, wish to spot birds or enjoy the heavens in the evening.” I would add, that if you like to combine peace and quiet with a generous dose of culture vulturism, you’ll be less than 40 minutes away from the three must-visit Extremeñan towns of Cáceres, Trujillo and Mérida.

Well done Liz!

Nothing to do with naturism, but I’m so thrilled for Liz Parry, the recently retired editor of the Costa del Sol newspaper Sur in English. No-one was more surprised than the lovely Liz to find herself on the New Year Honours List. When interviewed by her ‘ex’newspaper, she said she was “amazed and delighted” on learning that she had been awarded the British Empire Medal (BEM) for services to British nationals living in Andalucía. Yeah, yeah, it’s a medal for a non-existent empire and all that, but I still reckon it’s great that her hard work has been recognised. She said: “If I have contributed to a greater understanding, solidarity and that wonderful Spanish word ‘convivencia’ among the international community in southern Spain, then I am immensely grateful to have had that opportunity, and proud of what the newspaper has achieved.” Good on yer’, girl!

Hot tubs and waterfalls

It’s a hot tub sort of a month, December, and early in the month we managed a short break to the northern ‘high plains’ region of Granada, where we stayed in a cosy cave house with a Jacuzzi. Actually, it was more of a hydromassage bath but it was just lovely – installed in a huge bathroom full of nooks and crannies and candles and lanterns and rustic furniture and fittings. The rest of the house was tiny but just right for two, and lovely and warm, thanks to the log fire and uber-thick walls. During the day, we went hiking in the spectacular and relatively little-known Sierra de Castril Natural Park. A top spot for rock climbing and canyoning, the park also has numerous signposted walks starting off from different points along the River Castril. So many great swim spots and waterfalls and a brilliant place to return to in the summer. “Do you want me to strip off?” asked Guengo, tentatively, on reaching a splendid set of falls and pools at the end of one walk. It was a beautiful sunny winter’s day, but a winter’s day it most definitely was – so for once he kept his clothes on for the waterfall pics!

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with James Avery Le Tour de France just got tougher…

This year this spectacular cycle race of 2,183 miles will start in the German city of Dusseldorf on July 1 and ends in Paris three weeks later. For the first time in 25 years, the route will see the cyclists climbing all five of France’s mountain ranges – the Vosges, Jura, Pyrenees, Massif Central and the Alps.

In a recent issue of H&E I said I would study the route and suggest naturist resorts that are close by so that readers can witness the peloton as it whizzes by in a matter of minutes. The behaviour of the crowd can be quite unruly as some try to touch the riders, as happened last year when Chris Froome was pushed off his bike. The other thing to watch out for is that

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H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 2017 2017 1212 H&E

More naturist campsites up for sale

The popular naturist resort of La Grande Cosse on the Mediterranean coast is likely to become yet another textile resort, although the naturists are not leaving without a fight since the beach has been officially naturist since 1930 and will remain so. An online petition at has received more than 1,500 signatures, mostly from foreign naturists, and any readers who wish to support this protest can get further information from L’Association de fait des naturistes de la Grande Cosse at In the same region, close to the recreated medieval city of Carcassonne, the naturist resort of La Vitarelle will also become a textile resort in 2017. Sadly even more naturist resorts are up for sale including Monts de Bussy in Haute-Vienne, La Gagère in Burgundy and Le Petit Arvine in Alpes-de-Haute Provence.

people claim a space next to the road many days in advance, and this is particularly the case with camper vans. It is often wiser to find a place on a nearby hillside to get an overview of that section of the race, rather than join the hurly-burly of the frenzied mob at the roadside. It is not until the tour reaches the Alps on July 9 for a mountain stage that there is a naturist venue in the form of Le Chapinan, near Chambéry, and that is a club that welcomes visitors and has 20 pitches and a swimming pool. From there the riders have a rest day and fly over most of France to the Dordogne, and the following day they race from Périgueux to Bergerac, a distance of 111 miles over largely flat terrain. A delightful French couple, Francis and Yonnie Touton, who live the naked lifestyle, welcome visitors to their lovely farm Laulurie, near Périgueux, which is also only a few miles from the recently opened Lascaux IV, which is a

replica of the famous prehistoric wall paintings of the original Lascaux caves. The fabulous naturist resort of Le Couderc, with 162 pitches and a massive swimming pool and lake, is situated midway between Bergerac and the ancient Bastide of Eymet which was built during the Hundred Years War and is the starting point for the 126-mile race to Pau at the foot of the Pyrenees. While on a cycling theme I was intrigued to read in the Otters’ round-up of naked events for 2017 (H&E January 2017) that British Naturism has organised a nude skiing trip to the Pyrenees from February 25–March 4, and even more interested when Mel, the husband of Fiona Ashley, who writes for this magazine, informed me that they have booked to go. We shall await their experience with great interest.



PERSPECTIVE with Paul Rouse Another new year-round naturist holiday option in the Algarve comes in the form of Carol’s Naturist Guest House, run by the eponymous Carol and husband Joe. Located just outside Praia da Luz in the western Algarve and within walking distance of three naturist beaches, the villa comprises the couple’s own living accommodation together with two additional doublebedroom apartments available on a self-catering or half/full-board basis. There is also a shared shower room and lounge for guests. Prices are from €140 per couple per night for full-board, and the minimum stay is five days (or six in June, July, August or September). “The villa is situated in beautiful open countryside in a recognised national parkland area,” says Carol, “and as such affords complete privacy so that both us and our guests are able to be naked on any part of the property.” Having previously offered naturist accommodation at their own rented properties in Portugal and then Spain, the couple (who are British) recently returned to make Portugal their permanent home by buying the villa.

Golden balls

It seems a shame that even some very young children these days have body image issues, and you have to feel sorry for the young boy whose mother wrote recently to the agony column of Correio de Manha, one of Portugal’s leading newspapers. Tomas, the boy in question, is evidently a talented young footballer, to the extent that he has won a place at the junior football academy run by Benfica FC in Lisbon. Unfortunately his career

PHOTOS: Correio de Manha; Straw Patrol

Home sweet home

Cleaning up

If you’re planning to be in Portugal this year and want to do your bit for the environment, why not join in with a beach clean? Marine biologist Carla Lourenço has set up an organisation called Straw Patrol, and is planning a series of clean-up operations (on naturist and non-naturist beaches) with the help of willing hands. The organisation has its headquarters in the Algarve, but reaches as far as Lisbon, and has a mission to educate, reduce and protect. Helped by volunteers, Carla has given numerous talks about marine litter to school children, students and the general public since Straw Patrol’s formation last year, and organised beach cleans in Tavira, the Gilão estuary, and on Culatra island. “Plastic is a massive part of the problem,” she explains. “When 90 students spent an hour cleaning in Tavira, among the 340 kilos of trash they found were 759 plastic bottles. And while jetsam is often thought of as the major cause, we reckon about 80% of the garbage we have found in coastal areas comes from land-based sources.” Dates and locations for the clean-ups will be finalised soon, so contact me for details.

prospects seem to be blighted at the age of just six by the fact that he refuses to strip off and join the other boys in the communal shower after matches. The club insist that it is all part of building the team spirit, and that the rules must apply to everybody. At an age when most kids are perfectly happy to run around on a beach with nothing on, what (or who) could have influenced him to have such hang-ups so young?

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his is an edited version of what appears on our website. To see the full version with live links, visit naturistactiongroup. org.

Correction: Police College

Last December, in a piece about the Nude Movement, I referred to our success in getting the Police College to include training in the CPS guidance on nudity in public. Shortly afterwards I was hauled up on to the naughty step by the project leader, Duncan Heenan, to explain what did happen. Reference to the CPS guidance on nudity in public is now made on the police’s national decision-making computer system, therefore making it available to any front-line police officer. It is not known if there is a training solution on offer by the College of

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This is an edited version of a blog, which can be read in full at www.naturistactiongroup. org. NAG is staffed by volunteers and supported entirely by donations. Please visit our website to either donate via PayPal or to learn how the Naturist Action Group intends to promote UK naturism.

Beyond Naked

When nude cyclists started to invade Seattle’s Solstice Parade in 1991, the city had a choice to make: to accept them as an extreme form of self-expression or to get the police to crack down hard. Beyond Naked is a documentary following four first-timers on the ride, exploring our fears and awkward fascination for the naked body. This winner of Seattle’s True Independent Film Festival in 2013 is available for rent (US $4.99) or buy (US $7.99) as a downstream through Vimeo.

Policing at this time. I apologise for unintentionally misleading readers, but still say that such training should be made available and officers encouraged to take it, and perhaps incidents like that encountered by Anne Robinson (NAG website, January 2017) will be a thing of the past.

Home naturism for nonnaturists

You are told by a non-naturist that they are contemplating moving into a clothing-optional household with a pre-teen child, and they feared social services might be called in. They ask for your opinion; how would you advise her (or him)? This is a problem posed to Young Naturists America in 2013, now I pose it to you.

Nude and famous?

Blogger Jillian Page pondered on being H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 14 14 H&E

with Reg Barlow

a famous naturist by imagining the US President and First Lady as practising naturists, surrounded by their Secret Service bodyguard and a gaggle of paparazzi snapping away. Page’s thoughts were generated by an article picked up by Esquire about model Heidi Klum, who explained that her parents took her to public nudist beaches as a child. Now such visits are impossible because of the paparazzi. Shame. Shame that Klum cannot still enjoy as an adult something she enjoyed as a child. Shame that her own children cannot find that same joy. Just to feed somebody’s pathetic need for gossip.





don’t know about you, but the sex education I received in school was far from adequate. The only time we were taught anything was in primary school, year six, when the teacher wheeled out a naff VHS video and an A1-sized diagram of an erect penis. The kid sat next to me exclaimed, “will it grow that big!?” and another lad fainted. That was the sum total of all the sex education I received – beyond mitosis and meiosis – until I got to sixth form in 2006, where students were asked to help teach kids in years seven, eight and nine about sex ed. I asked whether we could talk about lesbian, gay, bi and trans (LGBT) sexual health, and was promptly told by my head of year that that was illegal because of Section 28 – despite Section 28 having being repealed three years previously. So, you can imagine I was very excited to hear that Labour MP Stella Creasy was leading a Bill that would make sex and relationship education a statutory requirement for all schools. This would go further than the current National Curriculum’s requirements to teach just the biological facts of how babies are made, and also cover same-sex sex education; sexual harassment and violence; consent; and negotiating relationships. This Bill grew out of the findings of the Women and Equalities Select Committee’s report into sexual violence and harassment in education, which found that sexual harassment – especially of girls and LGBT students – was a huge problem in schools. I was disappointed to hear that this

Vegetable uttapam with coconut chutney

Bill was blocked, exclusively by Tories, over concerns that faith schools wouldn’t be able to teach their own messages on same sex education, and the fear that education is the same as ‘promotion’. Sex won’t go away for lack of talking about it, and neither will being Find gay. We need a national conversation out about safer sex and responsible more... relationships to keep everyone Nakedvegancooking. safe. com is a blog full of delicious, easy-toThis month’s recipe is for cook vegan recipes and vegetable uttapam. Uttapams beautiful, naked bodies – are delicious, thick, rice and and not an airbrush in sight. lentil pancakes which are The blog was started by Greta, often served with chutneys Jess and Luke. They like to and sambars for breakfast cook naked, for themselves, in south India. Making the their friends and lovers out of their huge, messy shared house batter from scratch is timein Manchester, and then post consuming and involves the recipes and photos online. grinding rice and lentils, so You can also submit your this recipe uses one of the own recipes and photos, so many excellent instant dosa do get in touch. mixes available from Indian Happy cooking! supermarkets (and sometimes in the ‘World Food’ sections of big supermarkets too). Jess


dal, 1 green chilli, ½-inch piece ginger, 1 red chilli, ½ tsp mustard seeds, ½ tsp cumin, ½ tsp asafoetida, oil.


Ingredients for the uttapam: dosa mix, 1 medium onion (sliced), 1 tomato (chopped), 1 grated carrot, 1 chopped pepper, 2 green chillies (chopped), salt to taste, coriander leaves (finely chopped), oil. Ingredients for the coconut chutney: 1 cup desiccated coconut, 2 tbsp roasted chana

For the uttapam: Make up the batter as per the instructions on the packet. Mix in salt to taste, the finely chopped coriander leaves, and the green chilli. Heat a flat-bottomed frying pan on a medium flame. Add enough batter to cover the pan, decreasing the heat slightly. Spread the batter by gently turning the pan. You want a thick, even pancake, so add more batter here if necessary. Add some veggie toppings. When the base is firm, flip the uttapam and cook the other side. Continue with the rest of the batter. For the coconut chutney: Mix the dessicated coconut, chana dal, green chilli and ginger together. Add a small amount

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of water and grind/blend to a smooth mix. Heat the oil in a small pan and add the mustard seeds. When they start to splutter, add the cumin, asafoetida and the red chilli. When the red chilli is cooked, turn off the heat and add this spice mix to the coconut mixture, giving it a good stir. Enjoy with a sambar curry.

XXXXX 2013 H&E H&E FEBRUARY 2017 H&E 1515



NOTES T Could your bad headaches be migraine?

he classic story for migraine is a one-sided throbbing headache of moderate to severe intensity with nausea and vomiting. There is often increased sensitivity to light or sound, which is why some sufferers find their best course of action is to lie in a dark, quiet room. The headache can last from four hours to three days but once it has cleared, there are no problems until the next attack which can be after days, months or even years. Some people get warning signs of a migraine called aura, but not everyone. The commonest of these are visual problems – coloured zigzags, flashing lights or blind spots but there can also be pins and needles or dizziness. Aura develop over about five minutes and can last up to one hour. Most sufferers then go on to get the headache but some just have the aura.

About one person in seven has migraine, with women affected more than men. It is thought that it results from dilation of blood vessels in the brain but what causes that is unknown. There is some evidence for an inherited susceptibility and women have more attacks around their periods, suggesting hormones are implicated. Some people have very definite triggers – certain foods such as cheese, Look after chocolate or red yourself...


Barbara Lower is a retired GP who lives in Nottinghamshire. Her advice is for information only, and we would always recommend you see a doctor in the first instance before embarking on any new course of treatment. H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY FEBRUARY 2017 2017 1616 H&E

with Barbara Lower wine, the contraceptive pill or HRT, stress, missing meals and lack of sleep. There is no test to diagnose migraine. The classic story of episodic, throbbing headache with or without aura is usually enough. People may be asked to keep a migraine diary documenting when the headaches occur, what you were doing when it started, what symptoms you had, how long it lasted and what treatment you used. The diary is useful in sorting out migraine from tension headache related to stress or analgesic overuse headache. If people are taking painkillers on more than 10 days each month, they are likely to be suffering from this type of headache.

Simple painkillers will be the first treatment for migraine – aspirin, paracetamol or ibuprofen can work well. One problem is that if the person has nausea or vomiting, the medication will not be absorbed in the stomach and so it won’t work. Various strategies have been tried to get round this – combining the painkiller with an anti-sickness tablet, having a tablet that dissolves under the tongue or a nasal spray or a suppository to go in the back passage or even an injection. If simple painkillers don’t work, there is a group of tablets called triptans which are

specifically for migraine. It is thought they help narrow the blood vessels in the brain. Again these are available in different forms to avoid the vomiting problem. These treatments work during an attack but if you are getting frequent episodes, it may be worth looking at preventative measures. Triggers are the first thing to look at – by avoiding red wine or chocolate you may be able to prevent most of your attacks. If your migraines are related to your periods, hormone medications such as the pill can be used but people who get aura with their migraine are advised to avoid the pill because of a small risk of a stroke. Some medications can be taken on a regular basis to try to prevent migraine such as topiramate which was previously used in epilepsy or propranolol which is a beta-blocker with various other uses. A short course of acupuncture may be worth trying as it has been shown to help migraine. The Ancient Greeks described migraine and apparently the treatment was to drill a hole in the skull to release evil spirits! This is not recommended now. If all else fails, referral to a migraine clinic or neurologist is recommended. If migraine is confirmed, a specialist can try a treatment called transcranial magnetic stimulation (TMS) where a small electrical device is held to the head and delivers magnetic pulses through the skin. It is not certain why this works, maybe it calms the evil spirits! So, could your headaches be migraine or caused by overuse of painkillers?

+ BODY Disability & MIND COLUMNS


PHOTO: © Steve Betts/British Naturism

ghghghghg ghghgg



’ve never been one for just sitting back and waiting for the world to offer me opportunities. When I was made redundant from the world of ‘big’ journalism at the end of 2009, I was straight on the laptop to email the people at British Naturism, who had asked six months previously if I would be interested in editing the magazine. Four years later, when that era of my life all fell apart after my stroke, I quickly began to wonder what I could do to publicise the struggles of my fellow stroke-survivors and make the world more aware of stroke; to be precise – what causes it, why it doesn’t just affect elderly people and what it does to the lives of those who survive it. So I contacted the Stroke Association and asked to be put on its list of media volunteers, those survivors who will be prepared to speak to the press/TV/ radio/social media and tell their story. I was keen to do this, to be honest, because I’d seen it from the other side; I’d seen how difficult it is for journalists to find people willing to go in front of the cameras or on the radio, or have their experiences told in the written press. I also contacted Headway, the charity for survivors of all traumatic brain injury, not just stroke. Through the local group, I got involved in what I suppose you could call ‘the politics of stroke awareness’. In other words, meeting NHS bodies and chiefs to fight the cause of stroke-survivors and ensure our voice is heard above the hundreds (thousands? millions?) of others fighting for their share of shrinking resources. With that in mind, I’ve just put my name forward to my local Healthwatch group to train as one of the 250 ambassadors who work voluntarily

with Martin Warrillow to “help increase public and staff engagement and help to find patient representatives who can support the detailed planning that is going on”, as the jargon puts it. And of course, I contacted Different Strokes, the charity for which I raised a four-figure sum by taking part in the BH5k run at the Naturist Foundation in September 2015. I’ve never been backwards in coming forwards, then; and this month saw two unexpected opportunities present themselves to continue to raise my profile, while doing good for the joint causes of stroke-survivors and naturism. While scouring social

This month saw two unexpected opportunities to continue to do good for the causes of strokesurvivors and naturism

media for something else, I discovered a Belgian-run naturist website called I discovered they were looking for people willing to tell their story for a series of interviews entitled ‘The Naturist Talks’. I fired off a quick email and less than two weeks later, the process was completed. My side of the deal was to complete a series of questions about my life in naturism (some of which were relatively standard, some less so) and to provide up to five suitable pictures should I want to do so. I provided two and because this column goes to press at more or less the same time as the interview is published, I can’t tell you which, if any, have been used. But by the time this edition of H&E comes out,

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though, the interview will be on the website. I’d be grateful if you’d take a few moments to have a quick look. Then, at the end of last week, I got a Facebook message from Stéphane Deschênes, the owner of the Bare Oaks Family Naturist Park in Ontario, Canada, and the man behind the Naturist Living Show podcast. I’d sent Stephane a friend-request a while ago in the hope of increasing my contact base for relevant material for this column. Sure enough, we had a lengthy conversation during which Stéphane raised the idea of me doing some interviews for the Naturist Living Show; firstly, to be another pair of hands and another voice but also to provide a British perspective to what is otherwise an all-North American production. It sounded interesting; it would get my name out beyond the confines of the UK and it would allow me to do more naturist journalism (which is something I’ve been looking to do for a while). So we’ve agreed that I will work (not ‘try to work’ but ‘will work’) my way past my technophobia and do some Britishbased interviews. I have a few subjects in mind (including editor Sam – how could I not interview her?) and some that Stéphane may not have considered. I’ll let you know how it goes.

Ask the Warrior!


Martin Warrillow has been a journalist for more than 20 years, spending many years working on the Birmingham Post. From 2010-2013 he edited British Naturism magazine. In December 2013, he suffered a stroke that nearly killed him. He is now passionate about helping people understand the causes of strokes, how to deal with them and how to rehabilitate stroke survivors. Visit his website at

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TANGLED Paul Rouse continues his series of reviews of naturist websites. This month: Germany

WEBSITE: Naturistensportbund Kassel URL: www.naturistensportbund-kassel. de CONTENT: Functional website for this naturist campsite in central Germany containing basic information, prices, directions, local attractions, etc. In German, but with a ‘translation’ engine into six other languages, including English. DESIGN: It looks more like a series of rough doodles and sketches than an actual website, with text and photos plonked down on the pages at random. It’s not helped by the translation process (actually simply a link to Google Translate) and the ‘English’ is therefore somewhat stilted to say the least. PRACTICALITY: Some pages/sections don’t translate at all, although you can probably pick the bones out of it if you feel so inclined. CONCLUSION: Websites often reflect the product they are promoting, and this campsite looks RATING: decidedly Spartan – or dare I say very old-school 10 Germanic?


H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 18 18 H&E


WEBSITE: Thermen Berlin URL: CONTENT: Full details on this stylish spa and wellness complex in Berlin, including facilities, treatments, opening times, prices and promotions, plus links to nearby hotels. DESIGN: Clean, crisp and as refreshing as you hope a visit would make you feel: informative, tightly edited and interesting, complemented with creative use of white space and highquality professional photography. PRACTICALITY: The ‘English’ option sadly doesn’t take you to a full translation of the contents of the website, but to a two-page downloadable PDF containing the outline information. Let’s hope they update that at the same time as the

main website. CONCLUSION: If you speak German, it’s a great website. If you RATING: don’t, the PDF and some educated guesswork should 10 suffice.


WEBSITE: Hotel Zum Walde URL: www.hotel-zum-walde. de CONTENT: Comprehensive information (in English and German) on this naturistfriendly hotel and spa near Aachen, including facilities, leisure activities, availability, promotions and events, plus links to local tourist offices and attractions, as well as a newsletter sign-up. DESIGN: Modern template with that by-now familiar look: large scrolling photos across the top and blocks of reversed-out text (thankfully black-on-white) superimposed on a suitably neutral background photo. PRACTICALITY: Well-organised, if a little wordy at times (especially the twee family history), and easy to navigate. Everything seems to work, although the Press Comment section is mysteriously blank. Some of the English translations are a little clunky, but that’s German-to-English for you. RATING: CONCLUSION: No real surprises, but then again that’s what you want if you’re planning to book sight-unseen: a professional10 looking website from a professional-looking enterprise.



NUSA SUN A hell of a ride… fire in the hole!


ack in the day, my adventurous friends and I banded together to enjoy a holiday weekend on the mighty Kern River in central California. We set out in two old hand-me-down vehicles, one of which never made it out of Orange County. But we didn’t let that little setback weaken our resolve. We all piled into the second vehicle, an old Ford Country Squire station wagon with genuine imitation wood panelling, and continued our odyssey. That station wagon made it all the way to a little truck stop outside Bakersfield before giving out. So there we were. Nine young travellers stuck in the middle of nowhere.

My buddies decided to continue the quest by hitting the northbound on ramp and hitchin’ a ride the rest of the way to Lake Isabella. At this point, I was pretty much over it and told them I figured that they would have a better chance of catching a ride with eight hitchers as opposed to nine, and that I was going to head back south to LA. I sat on that ramp for quite a while, watching one redneck truck driver after the next pass by this long-haired-

by Wali-Baba, the Nudist Dudeist

hippy-type without much more than a disgusted glance. After a few hours, this old tanker truck finally pulled over. I jumped up on the step, opened the door and was greeted by a young Native American dude who said, “Where you headed, pal?” and I replied, “LA, sir.” He just smiled and said, “I’m going right past there, jump on in.” Right off the bat, he warned me, “That door handle on your side doesn’t work, so if you need to get out, just roll down the window and use the outside handle.” As we headed down the highway, I asked him what he was hauling in the tank and he told me it was crude oil. I said, “Well, at least it’s not something flammable like gasoline,” to which he replied, “Not true, my friend. If this truck were to catch on fire, you and I would be nothing more than a wet spot in the road.” With that revelation, I offered to smoke a joint I had with him. He said, “I’d like to, but I’ve been driving for over 72 hours now and that would just put me to sleep.” He then showed me the two logbooks he was running to keep from getting caught. Between Bakersfield and Los Angeles, there is a portion of Interstate 5 known as the Grapevine. The Grapevine is a treacherous 40-mile stretch of winding road with one of the steepest grades in the highway system. So there we were; chugging up the incline in the far right lane at about 5mph in low gear when another truck pulled up on our left hand side and the driver screamed out his passenger window, “YOU’RE ON FIRE!” Luckily, we were right next to a

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“watering hole,” a place to pull off the highway and refill the radiator. The truck driver pulled over as quickly as possible and jumped out of the truck. In the heat of the moment, I completely forgot what the truck driver had told me about the door handle. In what probably was only a minute or two but seemed like forever, I pulled vigorously on the handle while my short life flashed before my eyes. As I watched other truckers heroically running to the truck with buckets of water, I finally remembered what the driver had told me, rolled down the window, pulled the handle and jumped out. It turned out that a mop used to wipe down the stainless steel tank was stored too close to the smoke stack and the heat generated by driving up that steep incline had set it on fire. What I learned that day is that sometimes it is better to stay the course and follow through with your original plan. It’s like I always say, “Just Dance in the Rain, Dude.”

About NUSA SUN...


NUSA SUN, which was launched in 2009, is a monthly US magazine featuring articles, essays and advertisements related to and about the naturist/ clothes-free lifestyle, and in 2011 it began a regular editorial exchange of articles with H&E. For more information, visit XXXXX 2013 H&E FEBRUARY 2017 H&E 19 19


Naturist magazines:

Survival of the

fittest… Charlie Simonds provides a brief history of popular nude titles, and explains why he thinks H&E is among the last ones standing…


t’s interesting to note that H&E was first published 117 years ago in 1900, beating Tatler to it by a year and British Vogue by 16 years. Personally what I find scary is that one of my photos of Margaret, a gorgeous ‘Scouse’ naturist, was published in H&E in 1967, nearly 50 years ago, and my first H&E cover photo was one I took of good friend Davina which appeared in 1987. The latter was the first of my 133 H&E covers and, when it appeared on the newsstands, H&E was not only published monthly, but, in addition, its publishers also produced annually four H&E Quarterlies and two H&E Extras! The publishers also published French and German editions of its three naturist titles. My 30th cover was that of November 1994 and was of Jo, a delightful naturist who also appeared in a couple of our Parafotos films – so, what was special about this one? The

H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 2020 H&E

following year the decision-makers at WHSmith decided it was unacceptable to show nipples on the cover, making Jo the last lady who did so on one of my covers. From then on, nipples have been hidden on cover photos – the result of a mindless attempt at political correctness, perchance? Now H&E has become the only naturist magazine in the world to be published monthly and, with an annual subscription of £39 for 84–92 pages per issue, it remains remarkably good value. Compare it with Naturist Life, published six times a year by Suzanne Piper, which has 40 pages per issue for an annual subscription of £21. I have been fortunate enough to have had 26 of my photographs on the cover of Naturist Life which, I’m led to believe, survives because of support from France4naturisme, the French organisation of which Suzanne Piper is the GB representative.

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The codfish lays ten thousand eggs, the homely hen lays one. The codfish never cackles to tell you what she’s done. And so we scorn the codfish while the humble hen we prize It only goes to show you that it pays to advertise!


Any magazine can only survive by continuing to be both entertaining and informative, yet remaining good value. Long-term survival of any magazine like the hundred-plus years of H&E potentially provides those

businesses linked to naturism with excellent advertising opportunities. It’s a truism to say that there’s a magazine for every passion and a passion for every magazine. Study after study has effectively demonstrated that advertising in magazines helps generate sales. This anonymous poem says it all:

XXXXX 2013 H&E FEBRUARY 2017 H&E 21 21

The majority of naturist magazines published around the world are the in-house journals of national naturist governing bodies, so they have a guaranteed income which is a percentage of each member’s subscription. British Naturism’s magazine BN, for which I provided six cover photos between 1989 and 2002, is an example. If members don’t want to receive any such magazine they cannot simply opt out of paying that element of their subscription. As far as the editor of any in-house magazine is concerned, knowing what the guaranteed circulation is in advance is a real bonus because he or she can tailor his or her production costs accordingly, leaving advertising revenue as the icing on the cake. But regular advertising income for fully commercial magazines is essential for their survival, with the result that it is standard practice that promotional editorial content is normally only published if some associated advertising is taken to appear alongside it. Remember magazine advertisements work 24/7, and they are unique because the magazines in which they appear are often left lying around in naturist clubs or resorts for all to browse, although, sadly, I have to admit that I’ve never seen naturist magazines lying around in doctors’ surgery waiting rooms! I believe that the failure of a couple of commercial naturist magazines to which I’ve contributed photographs has been the result of poor circulation and/or lack of advertising. The late 1980s Naturist World and the late 1990s Sunlovers were two magazines that featured some of my photography and, while they were published with stacks of editorial enthusiasm, that on its own was simply not enough.

Naturally The US Naturally magazine is another commercial naturist publication that has sadly not survived. Bern Loibl produced this excellent magazine as part of his successful Internaturally company, and between 2005 and 2012, Theresa O’Shea and I were regular contributors. Bern did everything right – Naturally was both entertaining and informative, with the result that naturist businesses were happy to support it with their advertising. It was therefore tragic when Bern died suddenly in September 2012, resulting in his family winding up Internaturally and Naturally H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 2222 H&E

magazine. I’m happy to report that Parafotos has advertised regularly in H&E with ongoing beneficial results and, especially under Sam’s current editorial guidance and publishing control, it continues to move with the times – its alternative online edition is an excellent example. Therefore, with its longevity of 117 years and its continued positive promotion of our naturist lifestyle, this magazine offers splendid advertising opportunities for naturist businesses, including promotion on social media to a combined following of well over 20,000 on H&E’s Facebook

and Twitter accounts. I was therefore a little surprised recently to learn that a UK naturist holiday business had decided that, as it was doing so well, it didn’t need to advertise in these pages any more – ouch! Maybe the Brexit uncertainty had something to do with it – we shall see. In any event, H&E can count on my continued support, which I know is vital to its continued existence. A future without the world’s only monthly naturist magazine would surely be a dire consequence for naturist businesses – and our lifestyle as a whole.

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ANTRAPURE-INTERNATIONAL HAS BEEN OFFERING RETREATS FOR COUPLES, AND ALSO FOR SOLO JOURNEYERS WHO WANT TO GO THAT LITTLE BIT DEEPER INTO INTIMACY, FOR 15 YEARS. Living tantra isn’t just about sex, it’s about relationship – with self, and with other. It’s about knowing thyself and the desire to know another. To share yourself totally truthfully, passionately with your beloved. The retreats offer time and space to let go of mundane life and fall into relaxation and reconnection with you and your partner. We can forget how, so Tantrapure offers ways to relax, and open up to connection. As everything is an invitation, never an instruction, you may choose to take time to be alone together in the beautifully supportive luxury venue. Living tantra provides an opportunity to learn to connect with your unique being and learn to create healthy, fulfilling and loving relationships, inviting deeper intimacy and love.

dancing your joy and being playful…

rediscovering who you are when you give yourself permission to be all that you are... this retreat is for you. We also offer retreats for individuals wanting to explore living consciously. Meet and connect with others in a caring, respectful environment. For more details of this and the UK retreats and workshops on offer in 2017, visit: ultimate-portugese-luxury.html or, or call 07764 270868. THESE ARE NOT SWINGERS’ EVENTS.

If you’d like to feel more connected with yourself, your beloved, with people you meet... and to feel more selflove, self-acceptance – of all that you are, unashamed of your body and rejoicing in your passions… If you’d like to learn to trust your feelings, and to be able to speak your truth openly and with love… and nourish that part of you that longs to live more totally, beyond the call of your routines… If you’d like to spend some time celebrating being alive, Visit us online for subscriptions, shop and more –

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r u o y et Me S k in n y new‌


ello everybody, and Happy New Year from sunny Mallorca. 2017 is set to be an exciting year here at Skinny Dippers. Last year we celebrated our 10th anniversary

with another successful season passing by with fun and sunshine along the way. Entering our 11th year, we are proud to announce and introduce our new staff members, Tony and Elaine, who will be located on our new venue, Skinny

Dippers Serviced Apartments.

But this is not a new venue to those of you who know Skinny Dippers. It is our old premises, which we have now added to our current Skinny Dippers Hotel, offering you more choice and flexibility for naturist accommodation here in Mallorca. Tony and Elaine are fully aware of our exacting and high standards here, as they have been visiting us for the past 10 years; in fact, they were our first visitors here in May 2007.

We have introduced Skinny Dippers Serviced Apartments for those travellers who prefer a little more peace and solitude. Our five comfortable selfcatering apartments are all en-suite, spacious and unique in style. They are all set in the buildings of an old Mallorcan farmhouse, commonly known as a finca. You will find delightfully stocked cottage gardens all around a secluded sparkling-clean swimming pool, with sunshine and sunbeds for everybody from sunrise until sunset. Start your day with a complimentary breakfast before you relax by the pool, or venture out to one of the many nearby naturist beaches or local villages. Tony and Elaine will offer you an evening meal one or two evenings a week, bringing all of the guests together for a social evening of

H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 2424 H&E

Dippers hosts good food, wine and hopefully some laughter to add to your enjoyment with them.

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Our luxury hotel offers everything you would expect from a smart rural hotel of 12 rooms, all en-suite. Skinny Dippers continues to thrive and we would like to thank all of our guests (and friends we have made along the way) for their generous support. We hope to continue to make your holidays happy and full of great memories here with us.

Boat trips

Also new for 2017, we shall be offering naturist boat trips – check for details on our website or pre-book your excursion before you travel. Our trips are sure to be popular, departing from the nearby quaint old fishing port some of you may recall visiting: Porto Petro. Cruise naked along the rugged and pretty coastline on an old traditional Mallorcan fishing boat, stop for a picnic, snorkel into the caves and feel the warm Mediterranean sea, while exploring the marine life beneath the waves. For those of you choosing to stay at our hotel, Jordi, our chef, is busy

preparing his new dishes of elegant home-cooked cuisine for you to enjoy in the evenings here. Don’t forget our lunchtime menu, offering tempting snacks and fresh salads, and the everpopular Skinny Dippers three-tier club sandwich! So, while it is February and cold, you can plan and look forward to some naked warmth, good food, fun and

laughter here at Skinny Dippers. Mallorca is a very pretty and popular holiday destination, and it is all just a convenient short flight away from most UK regional airports. We all look forward to welcoming you to one of our unique and luxury venues. Visit Grant Hodges


for more information visit our website SKINNYDIPPERSMALLORCA.COM

Visit us online for subscriptions, shop and more –

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MALTA A tale of two beaches TRAVEL Q


t was the best of beaches, it was the worst of beaches…’ With apologies to Charles Dickens, that probably sums up our recent visit to Malta’s ‘naturist’ coastline.

Malta should have everything a naturist could wish for; a small Mediterranean island with a year round warm climate, remote sandy beaches and hidden coves to explore, cheap flights and accommodation, and, for visitors from the UK, they even drive on the left! There is one minor problem, nudity is illegal. Even going topless on its remote beaches is illegal. Indeed, my research into potential naked opportunities revealed stories of police in speedboats patrolling the shores, or perched on clifftops with binoculars, to apprehend anyone breaking the law by going as nature intended.

H&E XXXXX 2013 2626 H&E FEBRUARY 2017

There were two beaches mentioned as being ‘tolerant’ of naturism – Ghajn Tuffieha and Gnejna Bay, located near each other in the north-west of the island. Though it was November when we visited (the rainy season), daytime temperatures never dropped below 20ºC, so despite the warnings of imminent arrest, I was determined to find out for myself what these beaches had to offer. Susan and I were staying in St Paul’s Bay, to the east of the island, but due to the excellent bus service, (a seven-day pass costing just €21), it made an excellent base to explore not only Malta, but also the neighbouring island of Gozo. On our first day we took the bus to Ghajn Tuffieha. Just up from the bus stop was a watchtower offering a panoramic view of the bay. Its curving sandy beach was backed by coastal paths, sweeping round to unusual rock formations on the far

side and just below the rocks was a separate sandy beach, which was, according to reports, the naturist part of the beach. There were two options to access the beach, a long flight of steps or a stroll along the coastal path and descending that way. We chose the latter and were soon on the main part of the beach. Susan decided to wait there while I went off to check out the naturist beach. A quick walk along the shoreline, over some seaweed and a few rocks and I was there. Although I had the beach to myself I was very conscious of how overlooked it was, not only by the large number of people around the watchtower, but also by a hotel in the next bay. I was also clearly visible to everyone on the main beach and people on the cliffs above. I stripped off but felt very exposed, uncomfortable, even vulnerable. Not only could I be seen, but I was actually breaking the law. I’d only been naked for less than a minute when a grey, military looking helicopter swept low from around the headland and flew over the bay. That was enough; I put my trunks back on and walked back to Susan. “Did you find it?” she shouted as I came into view. I just shrugged my shoulders, and gestured as if to say, ‘what beach?’

We decided to have a quick look at Gnejna Bay, the next beach along, which was also reputedly a naturist beach. As we walked along the coastal path, a man was heading across the seaweed to the beach I had been on earlier. He got there, stripped off, had a very quick swim, and was dressed and on his way back in a matter of minutes. Perhaps he had felt as uncomfortable there as I had? For me, Gnejna Bay was even more dramatic than Ghajn Tuffieha; a small sandy beach at the bottom of very steep clay slopes, with a couple of limestone plinths sticking out to sea. The trip down would be ‘interesting’, but with flashes of lightning in the distance, we decided to leave it for another day. The next few days, though still very warm, were cloudy and showery so we decided to do some sightseeing. For such a small island (122 square miles), Malta has so much to offer, our highlights being the walled town of Mdina, the picturesque seaside town of Marsaxlokk, the island of Gozo and the capital, Valletta. On our final day, the weather forecast looked OK in the morning, with possible thundery showers later. Susan had work to catch up on before flying home, so we decided she would go to the hotel and spa resort at Golden Bay, while I would visit Gnejna Bay.

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We spent a couple of hours as textiles on the main beach, and it is truly spectacular, and was apparently used as a

location in the Brad Pitt film Troy.

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I walked up the hill from Golden Bay to Ghajn Tuffieha, then made my way along the coastal path to Gnejna. The rain of the previous few days had turned the sandy clay paths into a mudbath, my feet getting noticeably heavier with every step. I finally got to the top of the clay slopes leading to Gnejna, and looked for an easy way down to the beach below. There was to be no easy way, though looking down one of the steep muddy valleys I could see footprints. Someone had obviously used this valley before, so off I went. My descent was quick, very quick. I slid down the slope and broke into an involuntary run to try to keep my balance, falling over along the way, but soon arriving, somewhat mudsplattered, on the beach. Once I’d got my breath back I paused to take in the surroundings. It was beautiful and serene; the imposing clay cliffs behind me, the limestone plinths to my left, and the rocky headland to my right. I stripped off, had a quick dip in the sea to get some of the mud off, and walked naked along the beach towards the limestone. Though there were a couple of people on the cliffs above me, I didn’t feel at all exposed and uncomfortable as I had at Ghajn Tuffieha. A quick scramble over the rocks and I was on one of the

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limestone plinths. It was absolutely glorious, a channel of turquoise sea dividing the two plinths, and there were even steps cut into the limestone to allow access to and from the sea. I sat there alone, lost in my thoughts for over an hour, just enjoying being naked in such a beautiful natural setting. A rumble of thunder brought me back to reality; I had an unknown climb ahead of me and didn’t much fancy it in a downpour. As I walked along the beach the sky darkened and I could feel the first drops of rain on my bare flesh. I went back up the way I came down, but having to use my hands to help me clamber up the slippery clay slope. After a few minutes I was back on the clifftop, and although slightly breathless, I had found my muddy climb strangely exhilarating. I then walked back to meet Susan and tell her about my heroic adventure battling against the elements. Malta is a lovely island, but it’s a shame that for an EU country it has such a prudish attitude to nudity. We had a great time and would definitely go back, but if you are looking for a predominantly naturist break I would be inclined to go elsewhere. As for the two ‘nude’ beaches I visited, it really was a tale of two beaches; I had the best of times, and the worst of times.

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Caravanning and naturism: the best of both worlds

Graham and Steph Rannard wanted to do something different for their summer holiday, so they visited France to combine two of their favourite pastimes‌ H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 3030 H&E


ast year, instead of our usual summer holiday of a flight and naturist hotel in Greece, we decided to combine two of our pastimes of caravanning and naturism, so we took a night crossing from Portsmouth to St Malo, in France. We arrived refreshed after having a comfortable cabin and a good breakfast, and set out on our adventure with anticipation. Travelling south towards Royan on the French roads was a pleasure, made easier using our new satnav which left us stress-free to enjoy the journey. We arrived at Le Petit Dauphin naturist campsite after an overnight stay outside Nantes, and we were welcomed by David, the son of the owners Régis and Annie. He was very helpful in showing us our pitch, which had electric hook-up, and explaining the layout of the site.


The family provide communal meals most nights; you’re not obliged to attend, but they are a great way to meet the other guests. Most of the guests

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were French, Dutch and Belgian, and the majority spoke some English; we were made to feel included and had a great time. Le Petit Dauphin is just four miles from a beautiful naturist beach, which can be accessed by car or bicycle through the pine forests. We spent many hours there, and then returned to the campsite for a cool drink and a dip in the lovely swimming pool. There is another beautiful naturist beach five miles away, which was shown to us by British couple Larry and Janice, who are resident at Le Petit Dauphin. Afterwards we spent a lovely time on their veranda enjoying drinks and nibbles. Another British couple, Keith and his wife Pauline, who live on the site too, also invited us round to their lovely static caravan where we spent a relaxing hour in their company. Keith helps Régis on paella night by helping to prepare the dish in the huge pan cooked outside. Besides beaches, there are many places to visit – Cognac, Royan and Bordeaux, to name a few as well as beautiful countryside with chateaux and historical sites. After three weeks, it was time for us to reluctantly start our return journey home. Our adventure in France came to an end with us having lovely memories of our stay and the people we had met especially Régis, Annie and David – so much so, we have booked our ferries for next year and can’t wait to meet up with them again.

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Where next

for your naked summer holiday?


It’s a good time of year to make plans, so if you haven’t already booked your naturist break, Rayner Otter suggests 10 of the world’s leading destinations…

t’s the summer holiday season – well, the time of year when we are bombarded with special offers that will help us enjoy a week or two at some exotic and sunny destination – and for us, of course, preferably somewhere where we can be naked. For the past few weeks, the travel supplements have been full of amazing offers and, normally, by now, their advertisers’ bookings lists will be filling up. The uncertainty of foreign currency exchange rates caused by the looming Brexit, however, has led to a lot of people leaving their summer hols decision-making to the last minute. So, if you are one of those, we decided to look at what is on offer to naturist holidaymakers this summer.

But a succession of five-star hotels, immaculate beach resorts and sanitised local ‘experiences’ soon gave my palate a jaded feeling; and so, with the Fräulein, we began to revert to simpler means of travel. Our first foray as ‘mature back-packers’ was to the Cyclades in Greece, to sample some of the nude beaches for which this archipelago is famous. Here we travelled by local ferries (sometimes not knowing exactly which island they would dump us on!) and stayed in local tavernas. We made sure that we didn’t ‘rough it’ too much and were prepared to spend slightly more than we might have as students – even going to the most preposterous restaurant in Mykonos on one occasion – but we generally kept our accommodation and dining very simple. And it was the best holiday either of us had ever taken!

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The point of this story is to emphasise that cloth can be cut to suit the suit. OK, you don’t have to revert to hitch-hiking across Europe

PHOTO: Naturist Camping Istra

First in the decision-making process is to determine what sort of holiday you want – or, more importantly, can afford. As a student and in my early life, I longed to go for exotic holidays to far-flung places, and certainly wouldn’t have minded a bit of luxury along the way. I even recall looking longingly at Club Méditerranée offers that were well beyond the reach of my miserable bank account. Club Med in those days had a separate product aimed exclusively at naturists. It was called Club Nature – and it was even

more expensive than its big sister. So, instead I sought the sun with a backpack and tent. By the time I reached a stage in my career whereby I could easily afford Club Med, I had grown out of that market and was fortunate enough to enjoy myself in more lavish holiday destinations around the world.

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to reach naturist-friendly sun; and if organised travel is more up your street, there are still ways to do it economically. A lot of research is a prerequisite and having a flexible attitude to destination choice is equally important. Try hanging on until the last minute before booking, and have half a dozen possible targets in mind. If a budget airline is part of the equation, however, don’t leave it too long. Prices tend to go up nearer the departure date. Three or more weeks before is quite often a good time to book. And look at midweek flights rather than weekend ones.

PHOTOS: Rayner Otter; Sam Hawcroft

As for the type of holiday, think long and hard about it. A nude cruise sounds great, but will you be happy spending 14 days with the same people all naked, all the time? And what if it turns out to be one of those cruises? Some are – and they might not be everyone’s cup of tea. Even if that does sound like a bit of fun, do you want to spend the whole of your summer holiday having sex with strangers? Hmmmm… So, rude cruises apart, let’s have a look at what we know will be good holiday destinations so that you can start the thinking and research processes going.

France: Centre Hélio-Marin (CHM) Montalivet This, France’s first ever naturist resort, known to the naturist cognoscenti as ‘Monta’, lies at the end of the Medoc region on what I reckon is the longest nude beach in the world. For about 200 miles, this part of the western seaboard of France can mostly be used in the nude. CHM’s beach is slightly more modest at about a mile-and-a-half, comprising two sections: one is a family beach complete with naked lifeguards; the

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other is more of a surfing beach and somewhat quieter. In the resort there are some fantastic facilities including one of the best swimming pool zones we have come across, and a spa the Fräulein loved when we visited a few years ago. She also loved the shopping centre (she loves all shopping centres!). Even I was enamoured of the wine retailer there. I keep meaning to ask my colleague James Avery, wine connoisseur extraordinaire, what he thinks of it! Children and grandchildren are well catered for with animation programmes and sports events run by professional staff – so we adults can enjoy a really relaxing naturist holiday. Q Getting there: From selected UK airports, BA. EasyJet and Ryanair fly to nearby Bordeaux.

Italy: Naturist Camp Costalunga Just for a change, a nude resort that isn’t on the beach – hence, unfortunately, the Fräulein and I missed it when we were compiling our Bare Beaches in Italy column for this magazine a couple of years ago. It is, however a beautiful campsite spread over a hill in the Liguria region – an area famed for its ancient history, traditions and cuisine. It is located right next to the Beigua national park, a Unesco Heritage Site, which means there is plenty of opportunity for nature lovers to indulge their passion in more than just naturism. Hawks and deer are regular fellow visitors to Costalunga, meaning this is about as far from the nightclub scenes of Le Cap d’Agde and Ibiza as you could imagine. There are music nights, however, when guests can dance, fully dressed, to an accordionist – that is after a communal dinner to which everyone is invited. This seems a

Spain: Skinny Dippers, Mallorca

I think I must be the only H&E writer who has not visited Skinny Dippers, yet it seems to be very popular with all my naturist colleagues. I must be crazy, because the Fräulein and I have often visited Es Trenc naturist beach, which is only five minutes away. This all-nude boutique hotel and self-catering apartments is a first-class twin resort that has been carefully and tastefully put together by Grant and Jordi. Its style is exemplary, and I believe the cuisine these guys dish up is to die for. The hotel is a converted farmhouse set within luscious Mediterranean gardens. The whole place is a paradise of tranquillity with only birds and butterflies interrupting the peace and, accordingly, children are not catered for. Sorry mums and dads – but that’s OK by me! There is a super pool with several terraces to relax on, a spa, fitness area and boules court. The best activity, by all accounts, however, seems to be sitting naked around the communal dining table enjoying an al fresco dinner or barbecue, accompanied by great wine and friendly company. What could beat that? We have now vowed that next time we are in Mallorca…

Q Getting there: Everyone flies to Palma. From there I would recommend hiring a car. There is so much to experience in Mallorca – including some great nude beaches. Visit of the South of France – without the noise, crowds and bustle of the Côte d’Azur which is at the other end of the country’s southern seaboard. Oh… and without those infamous S of F costs, too. Prices at Club Oasis this year range from €315 for four sharing a bungalow in low season to €1,001 for six in the height of summer. Not bad, depending on what happens to the pound, of course! Q Getting there: Fly to Perpignan or drive. It’s worth having a car at this resort. Club Oasis can be booked through Oböna Naturist Holidays.


safe and wonderful place to bring children to, especially since they will mix, in such a convivial atmosphere, with other naked kids from all over Europe. Accommodation is in mobile homes or, more attractive, wooden ‘Megapod’ bungalows, and prices for two to four sharing range from a modest €300 to €510 per week. And if you do need the beach, it’s only 15 miles away. That is Piani di Ivrea at Cogoleto, a rocky foreshore, which attracts single men – as so many nude beaches in Italy do. Best stay at Costalunga with the hawks and deer, I would say. And, now I have read about the place, the Fräulein and I shall certainly put in there with our globetrOTTERS campervan the next time we are crossing Northern Italy. It sounds perfect for an away-from-it-all experience. Q Getting there: This a ‘drive to’ resort accessed via Milan or Turin. There are train and bus services via Savona.

France: Club Oasis, Port Leucate This is where France meets Germany – as well as at EU meetings, that is! Club Oasis is a German run naturist ‘village’ forming one of three that make up the nude resort of Port Leucate. But don’t worry about communicating. Everyone here speaks English. The resort’s location, on a shallow sandy coast at just about France’s southerly extreme near the Spanish border, means that good weather can be expected and its German heritage ensures that everything will work like clockwork. Regular readers may recall the Naked Fräulein and me visiting Port Leucate a few years ago and being very impressed by the place. It is well put together, well behaved and friendly. Just outside the naturist zone is a port with a plethora of eateries and bars exuding the whole atmosphere Visit us online for subscriptions, shop and more –

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Greece: Vassaliki Naturist Club (Vigla Natura), Kefalonia To the west of the Greek mainland lie the Ionian Islands, and one of them is known worldwide due to it being the place where Captain Corelli’s Mandolin was filmed. This is Kefalonia, an attractive wooded and mountainous island with inviting bays surrounding gin-clear water. It is also the site for one of the country’s best-known naturist resorts at Vassaliki. Now, nudity in Greece is technically not allowed, yet this is one of the most naturist-friendly countries on Earth. It was here that I first really got into naturism myself and still one of my favourite countries in which to bare all. Vigla Natura is run by Mark and Samantha (so you know that you will be understood by the management!) and comprises a dozen apartments sleeping two to four (ranging in price from €80 to €140 per night) all overlooking a pool and hot tub and set in quiet countryside about a mile from either Kefalonia Naturist beach to the east, or Paliolinos nude beach in the opposite direction. Special attractions include, of course, wonderful barbecues and a Greek meze night, regular aquagym workouts and a day’s naked sailing experience with Mark, who is a qualified sailing instructor. Q Getting there: EasyJet, Ryanair, Jet2, First Choice, Thomson, Thomas Cook, Monarch, Old Mother Riley and her dog… Mark and Sam will organise the rest! For more information, visit

PHOTOS: Vigla Natura; Portugal Naturally

Spain: El Portús Now this one is always a real treat for the Naked Fräulein and me. We have been stopping over here in the globetrOTTERS motorhome for over a decade now and it never seems to weather with age. If you don’t own a camper and have tired of putting up tents, there is a range of onsite accommodation available to rent. Mobile homes, the normal alternatives to tents and motorhomes, come in at €60 for a double and go up to €179 for a six berth in high season*. There are also self-contained apartments to rent in Hacienda Montalvo, ranging from €92 to €147*. El Portús, six miles from the historic city of Cartagena, is spread over a million square metres of a hidden valley and fronted by a fantastic beach affording great swims to smaller

Portugal: Portugal Naturally (Casa Amarela) I need hardly introduce regular readers to Casa Amarela. Jane Kendrick has kept readers amused with the fun and difficulties of running a naked operation in her Diary of a naturist guesthouse in this magazine for years. Located near the well-known resort of Albufeira in the Algarve, this delightful guest-house offers totally naked recreation among a friendly small crowd of naturists from all around the world. Being Portugal, prices are not high and accommodation at Casa Amarela throughout the summer costs €95 per couple per night. There is also a new luxury apartment which is only fractionally more. The huge nude beach of Praia Grande is just minutes away and it is not much further to several other naturist or clothes optional strands. As residents of the Algarve ourselves, many of these come with the full recommendation of the Naked Fräulein and me. What are you waiting for?

Q Getting there: Just about every carrier flies to Faro, 30 minutes’ drive away. Stuart and Jane will happily arrange transfers.

Naked under the stars: The stunning Vassaliki in Kefalonia

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Sailing experience: Go on a naked island cruise when you visit Vassaliki in Kefalonia

coves where no cossies are as much the norm as in the entire naked site. There is a huge pool complex, some great restaurants and bars and all the sports facilities you would imagine. No. There’s more! On a visit a few years ago I was able to write for this magazine about our experiences Scuba diving from the nude beach and, even better still, rock climbing completely naked right over the heads of naturists sunning themselves on the beach. Now, that’s what I call rising to the occasion! *2016 prices Q Getting there: There are two airports serving El Portús: tiny Murcia (17 miles) and busy Alicante (60 miles). The resort will arrange transfers.

Croatia: Naturist Camping Istra


Another favourite of ours is this all-nude resort on Croatia’s Istrian Peninsula. We discovered it last year while trawling the whole mainland coast of the country, visiting its many naturist beaches. We found several delightful nude campsites but the one thing we liked about Istra was that the shortest of walks from the main gate takes you slap-bang into the middle of a small and atmospheric yottie port. This is Fontuna and is as far from the Monacos of this world as you could imagine. It is a laidback street of lovely bars and restaurants which are far from expensive, and prove that Croatia can offer some great local cuisine, wines and beers. Dress is as casual as you like (OK, you have to put something on) and everyone speaks good English. Within Istra’s gates, however, nothing on is the norm. You can be naked 24/7 wandering around the campsite’s watering holes, lazing on its super little beaches or just shading under its verdant oak trees. Now, this is the one choice we are including

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where you do need to bring your own accommodation. I would guess that about 20% of readers are fellow motorhomers, so this one is for you. Pitches range from €9.60 to €30.20 and the site is owned and run by Valamar, just about the country’s leading campsite operator, so you are definitely in good hands here. And, what’s more, it comes with a full Otter-Naked Fräulein recommendation!

Atmospheric: The laid-back coves of Istria, Croatia

Q Getting there: It’s a good two-day drive to Croatia from Calais but, once over the Croatian border, it is a short plod down to Poreç, Istra’s nearest town.

PHOTOS: Rayner Otter; Charlie Simonds

USA: Hangin’ Loose, Hawaii Well, I had to go really offshore for one destination, didn’t I? Oh… and a bit more alternative, too! Hangin’ Loose breaks all the moulds other naturist resorts come out of. For a start it bills itself as ‘clothes-optional’ but I’d bet a dollar to a cent that nobody wears anything here. Ever. It’s just so laid-back. Its main activities include “listening to the birds and the trade winds whispering through the palm fronds; watching a million stars while being serenaded by coqui frogs at night; walking the grounds to see hundreds of native and exotic tropical flowers and plants; and hangin’ out by the pool, relaxing in the hot tub, sunbathing on the deck, having a drink... get the picture?” Hangin’ Loose is situated on Hawaii’s ‘Big Island’ (Hawaii Island) which is nothing like the far more commercial Oahu where touristy Honolulu is located. I must say, I’ve only been to Oahu, and arrived there expecting the worst – but actually Top resort: Gran Hotel Natura, Fuerteventura, has lots to offer and is yards from a naturist beach

H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 3838 H&E

enjoyed it. Accordingly, Hawaii Island must be fantastic. Where else could you swim naked with dolphins, watch real lava flowing and ski – all in one day? Oh, and there are at least three nude beaches on the island - and opportunities to hike in the altogether. Accommodation at the boutique-styled Hangin’ Loose is in individual cottages, a yurt and a Hale (pronounced ‘Ha-lee’), a traditional Hawaiian ‘tree house’. Prices range from $110 to $160 per night plus US government tax. Q Getting there: It really isn’t as expensive as you might think – considering this is on the other side of the planet. Big carriers, such as BA, American, Lufthansa and Virgin will get you to Kailua from London via LA or San Francisco.

Spain: Gran Hotel Natura, Fuerteventura I once sailed past Fuerteventura and thought, this is an island I must visit. Its rugged desert profile looming out of the Atlantic was surrounded by white sandy beaches and the whole place just spoke ‘nudism’! This really is a naturist’s paradise. The sunniest of the Canary Islands lies just off the coast of Africa and is warm all year round. There’s no reason to wait until summer to go there – you can be naked for almost 365 days a year. OK, it has to rain sometime, otherwise the beautiful gardens of Gran Hotel Natura would be as arid as the cactistrewn deserts just beyond it. But you don’t have to go as far as them to feel a touch of the Sahara about this place. Right outside the gates of the two swimming pools of this all-nude resort lies a fabulous naturist beach and some rolling golden dunes for moonlit strolls worthy of a scene from Lawrence of Arabia.

The two-storey hotel, a gentle yet elegant place, comprises 56 apartments, sleeping up to four, each with a terrace or balcony and most with a sea view. There is a well-recommended restaurant, a gym, sauna and a mini-golf course. If the desire to put some togs on ever creeps over you, the charming fishing village of Corralejo is nearby. Here cobbled streets wind through tapas bars and restaurants where fresh Atlantic fish that was delivered that morning straight from the harbourside can be enjoyed – along with a bottle of vino, surely! Back at the hotel you can strip your clothes off and enjoy an afternoon nap on a bamboo ‘opium bed’. Or just retire to your comfortable apartment. Prices are from £76 to £156 for two assuming a seven-night stay. I still haven’t fulfilled my desire to visit Fuerteventura, but now I know about Gran Hotel Natura and Corralejo, I sure as hell will! Q Getting there: Several budget airlines fly from 11 British airports to Fuerteventura all year round. For further information, visit

There – 10 great places to put on your summer holiday wishlist. Those the Naked Fräulein and I have visited come with personal recommendations, naturally; and all offer discerning naturists the chance of a fabulous holiday. So, where will we be going for our very naked hols this year? Well, we would happily opt for any of the above – but, for us, that would be work, wouldn’t it? When we get time off we take off. So it’s back to the Greek Islands’ nude beaches with backpacks… again!

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LANDSCAPE FIGURES Movement over Inky Depths In the beginning there was just rock, then later, water, black lifeless water. There were no plants, birds or animals, just a planet in waiting. Dark water moves from ocean to gully almost imperceptibly, and a woman takes her first tentative steps towards the light. From the book Landscape Figures, by Glyn Davies, due to launch this February Š

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NORTH OF THE BORDER? Paul Collier lets readers in on a well-kept secret – Scotland has miles and miles of beautiful coastline, just perfect for going naked on…

H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 4242 H&E


pening the October 2016 issue of H&E, I started to read the article by Charlie Simonds about ‘Big Beaches’ and keenly read through for the mention of those ‘North of 55ºN’. Avid readers will remember that he set me off writing in March 2015 when I read his article on naturist beaches in the UK – and he failed to mention those north of Hadrian’s Wall. This had me penning the ‘Nude North of 55ºN’ article in May 2015. His latest beaches article seems to have done the same. On first moving north 20 years ago, I couldn’t understand why folk got so mad about media bias to the south… Ok, the weather might seem better in the south when watching the late-at-night BBC forecast, but most of the time they don’t really know what the weather will do, so tend to be more negative than positive! Why venture to those southern beaches that Charlie mentions when you can have one to yourself in the far north?

Charlie’s article goes on to say that Wales and Norfolk have lovely mile-long beaches and that going to Studland will mean you’d be part of ‘mass nakedness’ – but I can’t say I ever see people on my beach walks. Where, therefore, can you go for beaches that stretch miles and miles and miles without a person in sight? I can tell you a secret… and by how quiet the beaches are, its obviously a wellkept secret! You don’t have to venture too far out of the big cities in Scotland to find beautiful, secluded coastal areas – just one look at the Ordnance Survey maps and you’ll see the sand marked well. These days with Google Maps you can easily find a beach and its access points for a day out. You might think it’s too cold at this time of year for the beach… but you’d be wrong! A beach that stretches for miles is the ideal spot for a sunny winter walk. Even more so if you shed the clothes and up the pace to keep warm. Pack a picnic and flask in a handy backpack and tie your beach shoes to the

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We’d love more walkers to join us


aving enjoyed the delights of naked country and beach walks over the best part of 50 years, it is only recently that I have had the pleasure of likeminded company. About five years ago I was contacted (via H&E) by three fellow naturists who also enjoyed walking. We meet up when possible but as two of them live even further north than I do, getting together is infrequent. However, Adrian, who lives closer, has become a regular walking buddy, joining my partner Jacquie and myself whenever possible. For the future, I, Jacquie and Adrian would love other naturist walkers living in north-east Scotland to get in touch and hopefully form a small, informal walking group. Robbie Gauld

bag, and maybe keep a pair of shorts handy in case you do venture into the path of others out for a quiet clothed stroll. Why not take the opportunity to take some photos – remember my article in January 2016 on making a yearly naturist calendar for your partner? I’m often found strolling on the local beaches north of Aberdeen with just my sunshades on and shorts in my bag/hand as the dogs bound up and down ahead of me, maybe stopping occasionally on the odd tree trunk washed ashore for a small cup of coffee, and normally only joined by the odd seal popping its head out of the North Sea wondering who this is enjoying a stroll naked. Why let the thoughts of autumn and winter spoil your naturist adventures? If you get chilly, you could always jog a little to warm up. I’ve recently found that the saltwater is helping with my psoriasis; a quick daily paddle seems to be doing its job – let’s see if I can keep this up throughout winter, too. Maybe you’ll find others are also looking for people to join them in a walk too… you never know until you try. H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 4444 H&E

Spectacular shoreline: Robbie and Jacquie on Aberlady beach

Fabulous views: Robbie and Jacquie walking on Corrennie

Like-minded company: Robbie (right) with partner Jacquie and their walking buddy Adrian on Balmedie beach

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s a naturist, one thing I have noticed is that many of us have this love of all things wet. We go to naturist events and clubs and enjoy swimming, water volleyball and hot tubs, and we visit beaches around the country and worldwide whenever we can. We build up a sweat in the sauna or steambath – the list is endless. I know my two passions always seem to be linked together. I love the sea and water sports, but at the same time if we can get naked on a beach that ticks both boxes. In the winter if we can’t go to the beach in the UK, we can go abroad to have that sunny week or two away. But not all in the garden is roses. Spending too long in the hot tub or sauna can cause problems, especially if you have cardiac or blood pressure problems. Add a drink or two and that can increase your chances of feeling light-headed or dizzy. When we go on holiday, how many of us have a drink or a meal, then decide to go for a plunge in the sea after heating up our bodies

H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 4646 H&E

Steve Clarke looks at how you can stay safe while having fun beside the seaside… on the sun lounger? I remember our first visit to Cap d’Agde many years ago, when we saw three people being dragged from the sea at different times in just one afternoon, and, from the colour of the faces, they weren’t looking too good. Apart from the sea, many accidents happen in the hotel pool or at a private villa. Many people have been paralysed after diving in and hitting their head on the bottom or some submerged obstacle. Over the years, I have had numerous accidents while pursuing my passion for surfing. In fact, my wife always said that A&E had a seat with my name on it. I had cracked ribs three times, and gashes on my head and legs from being hit – not just by my surfboard, but others who had lost control. I once had a jet-ski jump over a wave where I was lying on my board, missing me by inches, and I have lost friends who have drowned while surfing and windsurfing. In

Ireland, while windsurfing a dangerous spot, I jumped a wave quite high and landed badly, breaking a bit of bone in my chin. They used to say, it’s not if you get injured – it’s when. Now, while we are on the beach in the UK, we don’t have too much to worry about, or do we? Wrong – there are hidden dangers, which, to the unsuspecting beachgoer, can be fatal. We have undertows, rip currents, weaver fish and, in some places, quicksand that can quickly suck you under in a few minutes. Weaver fish hide under the surface of the sand with just a very sharp spike protruding, to catch the paddler unawares. Normally found at low tide, these little sea monsters inflict a very painful injury and the antidote comes in two forms. One is to pour vinegar on the wound, but not many of us have a bottle of vinegar down the beach with us. The other option that most surfers are

forced to use is urine – so either do it yourself or get a close friend to oblige. Then we have jellyfish, which can cause a nasty sting. If you’re in Australia, the jellyfish can be a lot more dangerous. But it’s not always the size that can kill you. The box jellyfish is small, and the Portuguese man-of-war is huge, with long tentacles that can wrap around you. The lovelylooking blue ring octopus (above) is a killer, and you are not even safe in the shallows where some sharks hunt their prey. On a recent holiday to Australia I did an exchange with a lovely family in Caloundra, where we had a gorgeous waterside villa complete with a swimming pool and two docks with boats. The family had organised a barbecue for us on our first night beside the water. The owner had the grill in full flow when I decided to hang my feet over the dock side. I was quickly told to get them out, as the water was full of bull sharks lurking beneath. With rip currents, whether in this country or abroad, the risks are the same. If you look out to sea, you might see the waves breaking and coming up to the beach. Then you will see a calm, flat patch of water between the waves, which looks so inviting to go in for a swim without getting pounded by the large waves. But that is the exact place you do not want to swim, as all the water that breaks on the shore must find its way back out to sea.


It can do it two ways! An undertow where the water is sucked back beneath the waves, or in the form of a rip current, which is where that inviting quiet patch of sea is rushing back out between the breaking waves. Surfers use these rip currents to get out past the breaking waves, but they know to paddle across the rip to get out of it. That is what a swimmer should do if caught in a rip. You will never swim against it and will soon tire. If caught Visit us online for subscriptions, shop and more –

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in a rip, do not panic. Let it take you, but always have the energy in reserve to swim across to the breaking waves, which will help push you back in towards the shore. Another thing to be aware of, which can catch many people out, is the tide times. Often an outgoing tide can be very strong. Don’t get cut off on rocks or even be on rocks when there are large waves coming in. People talk about freak waves, but there is no such thing – waves come in all sizes and can come from different directions in a confused sea. A few years ago, I made a huge mistake on a beach that I had not visited before. It is called Lower Kenneggy, on the Penzance road coming from Helston, in Cornwall. It is known as a clothes-optional beach, with what used to be a difficult access down a rope on the cliff side. The local council obliged by putting in a stainless-steel ladder, which is much safer but can still frighten the pants off anyone scared of heights and open ladders. I met Maddi, a friend who doesn’t mind getting her kit off, and we went in search of an elusive waterfall I had

heard about further up the beach. After a 10-minute walk up the sandy beach, passing a few naked revellers, we came across a very rocky patch. We climbed up and over the immense rocks, wading through a few rock pools, till we came to the water cascading from the top of a

With no escape, we were trapped in a little cove with high cliffs, no phone signal and a fast incoming tide. There was only one thing for it!

cliff. It looked beautiful, with shades of green, ochre and black on the rocks. I decided to take a few photographs, but the sun was not in the right position so we decided to wait for it to go overhead and behind us. This was to be my big mistake. When we rounded the rocks, which previously had been blocking our view, the sea was now in full view and lapping up to these rocks.

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With no escape, we were trapped in a little cove with high cliffs, no phone signal and a fast incoming tide. There was only one thing for it! With clothes and cameras held high, we walked out into the sea to find an accessible point from which to climb out over the now partially submerged rocks. We found a place to climb up, only to find what had been a small rock pool when we first came was now a deep ravine full of swirling water. With an almighty jump, I got across, but Maddi, now just a little scared, said she could not jump that far. Plucking up courage, she jumped in the water and with a little help from me was pulled out to safety. We had a few more obstacles to overcome, but once back on the nice sandy beach we caught our breath and thanked God we had not left it any longer or we could have been in serious trouble. So, armed with that knowledge, I hope my rantings may save your life one day or at least help you recognise the dangers. Stay safe! Or, as a lifeguard in Hawaii once said to me after I got hit by a large wave on the beach at Waimea – stay high, stay dry! XXXXX 2013 H&E FEBRUARY 2017 H&E 49 49


The Parafotos


2016 Charlie Simonds reveals the latest recipients of his annual award – and if you’re a regular reader, you might just recognise them…


he Parafotos Trophy is a perpetual award that we originated in 1998, to be presented each year to the naturist or naturists who we consider have made a significant contribution to the promotion of naturism – the inscription on the trophy’s base simply says it all: SUPPORTING NATURISM. We decided that Theresa O’Shea and her man, Guengo, would be worthy recipients of the trophy for 2016 – so please allow me to explain why.

I first met Treez when she attended the first Parafotos naturist photography masterclass at Rivendell in 2002. She was already an experienced photographer, so she probably didn’t need much help from me – and her naturist photography, which regularly appears in these pages, vividly reflects the joy of our liberating lifestyle, with Guengo often in support as the relaxed naturist model (or should it be model naturist?). We got on well together, so much so that she and Guengo joined Alice, Joss and I to co-star in our film The Costa del Sol – H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 5050 H&E

Naturally. She was so natural on camera with her cracking smile and so knowledgeable about naturism in Spain (and Portugal) that she took part in three more of our films, Catalunya – Naturally, The Algarve – Naturally and More Spain – Naturally. So if you are fortunate enough to have seen any of these films you can readily see why Treez and Guengo are such splendid ambassadors for naturism and why they deserve to have their names inscribed on the Parafotos Trophy. Thanks to the warm and generous hospitality of Tim Higgs at Clover Spa; both he, and Andy and Tanya of It’s Natural (all three as previous winners of the trophy in 2014 and 2015), were able to present the trophy for 2016 to Treez and Guengo – and, if that wasn’t enough, the fact that it was also Guengo’s 60th birthday enhanced the celebrations. Well done them – we wish them continued blue skies and warm sunshine!

PHOTOS: Charlie Simonds; Andy Crawford

Theresa had been writing articles promoting naturism and naturist facilities in both H&E and elsewhere for well over 15 years when she agreed with the then editor to contribute a regular film review column as well as her now well-established monthly Spanish Eye. The latter is a useful look at the Spanish naturist scene compiled by ‘Treez’, who is an accomplished journalist with impeccable credentials – indeed, she is the coauthor of In The Garlic, a delightfully written guide to all things Spanish (including naturism!).

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Istria’s (not so) naturist Kamps

Bare Beaches 87: Rayner Otter and the Naked Fräulein continue their tour of Croatia’s naked coastline…

H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 5252 H&E


he huge naturist campsites of Croatia’s Istrian peninsula are separated from smaller, less regimented and clothes-optional sites further south by the picturesque port of Rovinj. This is Istria’s star attraction and claims to be “one of the last true Mediterranean fishing ports”. The old town sits on an egg-shaped peninsula surrounded by ‘Venetian’ houses backing right on to the water’s edge.

Just a couple of miles south of the town is where the coast starts to become nudey. The headland of Punta Corrente has long been a haunt of naturists. You have to go well past the southern beach of Rovinj and around the point itself to the southern shore. Here several small ‘beaches’, which are just about worthy of the epithet, support casual nudity. You can tell which are the nudier ones by the numerous sculptured cairns and well-engineered

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dry-stone arches that abound on the gravelly beaches – to the extent that, when viewed unpopulated, some of these strands take on the air of a sci-fi landscape, covered in strange stacks. It seems that we naturists are a creative lot and leave evidence of our artistic endeavours behind us wherever we go. The larger and more accessible beaches along this coast are mainly taken over by textiles – mostly local people who, as we have learned earlier in this series, despite welcoming foreign nudity of their shores, don’t actually practise it themselves. At the southern


Out in the port’s bay lies the island of Saint Katarina. This is dominated by a Grande Dame of a hotel which sits in classic splendour over the only thing on the isle which could loosely be described as a beach. This is, therefore, not a naturist venue. The western end of the island is, however, described as a naturist zone, even though it comprises mostly jagged rocks and a picturesque sea cave. Then, most of the shoreline is overlooked by a path which circumnavigates Saint Katarina, meaning that any nudist activity might be overlooked by the presumably conservative guests of the longestablished hotel. It seems that some do use this to sun themselves naked but,

when there are so many good beaches within a few miles of Rovinj to undress on, it seemed a bit daft to us.

XXXXX 2013 H&E FEBRUARY 2017 H&E 53 53

tip of this peninsula lies Skarabe, where the ruins of a 1972 Yugoslavian beach restaurant suggest that some things have changed around here since the ‘troubles’. Here, nudity takes place on the concrete terraces of the ruins and continues spasmodically as you continue along a concrete path heading eastwards – inhibiting clotheslessness to some degree – to the textile beach of Kuvi. After this the coast merges into the fairly laid back resort of Villas Rubin. This is not a naturist resort but does have a nude beach that starts where a stone jetty slices through the shore and is thereafter massed with naked bodies for about 200 yards or so. It seems that this once well-known naturist-friendly site is reinventing itself a bit because its own website doesn’t even mention the nude beach which exists there. Rubin, in turn, merges into Auto Kamp Polari, a billed naturist venue. It isn’t really because the ‘Polari’ bit, accommodating some 5,800 happy campers, incorporates an un-segregated nudist zone called Punta Eva, slightly to the south and occupying a substantial part of the resort’s one-and-a-half miles of shoreline. This, we found yet again, to be populated mainly by young families. It is a delight when on Croatia’s naked shores to be surrounded by naked 30-somethings with children. How different to the nude beaches of dear old Blighty! Despite Polari’s reputation for excellence, the naturist camping zone of Punta Eva has come under some heavy fire from mostly Dutch guests for being a bit run-down with “poor plumbing” facilities. The other overriding criticism is, of course, the lack of screening, meaning that textile campers can easily walk along the beach getting eyefuls of nudity. If the naturists don’t like this, they can always head further east to where the campsite becomes less inhabited as it becomes a labyrinth of tracks amid foliage which connect to the water’s edge at a number of places. Nudity here can continue along the wooded coast for about quarter of a mile to where the next clothes-optional site is located.

again like the other two, has a naturist beach. This is the first part of its coastline that you hit if walking from Punta Eva and comprises just a couple of hundred yards of rocky foreshore. But then, on the far side of Vestar, the camp vanishes into the Rovinjski natural park where the remains of Roman cisternas (water storage tanks) can be found. This has a shoreline of about four miles and is backed by primeval woodland. The whole coast here can be used naked. It just comes down to access at the end of the day. Locals can find their way through the natural park by 4x4 or on trail bikes but for foreign visitors it’s not so easy. Best to use shanks’s pony and scramble along the rocky coast. One delight, if you do, is to swim out to Vestar Island, 250 yards offshore which, being uninhabited, means that you could have a naked island that is yours alone for as long as you want to stay there. Personally, I would prefer to swim back to Vestar for a cold beer! After the natural park there is a textile zone around Camping San Polo and

Bale Beach, then it is all small naked spots for a further mile of tree-backed rocky peninsula. This area is more easily accessed via a road from the small town of Bale – which fits neatly into the walls of a medieval castle – just eight miles south of Rovinj. This whole clothesoptional strip comes to something of an end at Kamp Colona, which again isn’t naturist, despite its billing as such, but is happy for its residents to frolic in the nude on the undeveloped shores either side of it. These ‘clothes-optional’ camps might not be the destinations of choice for many readers since the textile nature of them would inhibit the whole naturist experience that many of us seek. They do, however, serve a very valuable service to our international community. It is most likely that many people will come here for family camping holidays and discover that within a few yards of the beaches they use clad in Lycra, there are people enjoying the liberation of nakedness – and some will definitely become converts.

Kamp Vestar, just like Villas Rubin and Polari, isn’t a naturist resort but,

Next month... Naked (or not) on Istria’s most beautiful coastal scenery… H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 5454 H&E


with Jane Kendrick of Portugal Naturally

Diary of a naturist guesthouse


ell, we may not have guests at the moment but it’s still very busy here at Casa Amarela. Although we can’t begin the internal renovations until next month we have already had the pool re-lined and Stewart is hard at work rebuilding and extending the lean-to/car port. It’s a lot more work than you would imagine and how Stewart is managing to do all the heavy stuff on his own is amazing. It’s impossible to believe he will be 70 in March, and, as anyone who knows him will agree, he is fantastic for his age and can do the work a man half his age would hesitate taking on!

ladders and goodness knows what else to get the poles in place and it was very hard work. He has a broken toe where he dropped one of them on this foot – ouch! To be continued…

Christmas came and went. We were home alone which was a big contrast after last year’s festivities and it was nice to have quiet time together. Our only outing of the day was a visit to Metz bar in the old town to see Lima and take him some The pool re-lining was the first job and was undertaken by Christmas nibbles. This has become a tradition and our day an English company based in Malaga. We had done a lot of wouldn’t be the same without seeing him. We also went armed research and chose a firm called We had with Christmas greetings from many of our regulars to whom looked at various options for replacing the lining or getting the a visit to Lima’s is part of their holiday experience. A dear little pool tiled but the option we finally took was the quickest and stray cat smelled the goodies as we walked to the bar, followed a very good price. We could have had the pool tiled but that us there, and ate most of the chicken and chorizo bites! would have taken more than a week and cost three or four I survived my first vegetarian Christmas without too much times the price. They arrived on a Tuesday morning at 8am trouble. I had been concerned that I may not get through the and worked through until experience but it was really much easier than I had expected. 6.30pm the same day. Stewart I now have not eaten fish or meat for eight months, and most had drained the pool the day days I am convinced today will be the day I give in. It’s only my before (see photo, left) and stubborn streak that is keeping me going, I think. that wasn’t an easy job, as the New Year was far more sociable. On New Year’s Eve we design of the pool means that it can’t be completely drained went to our neighbour’s party which we were told would be so Stewart had to get into the typically Portuguese. Although I’m sure that was the case, the almost empty pool and get the residue out in bucketloads! We guests were a mixture of French, Italian, Swiss and Romanian, are very pleased with the result. with just one Portuguese couple and one Brit (us of course). One guest took a whole lamb that was barbecued and smelled The lean-to/car port is being delicious , and Stewart assures me it was. rebuilt as I write this. The dismantling of the old one was New Year’s Day saw us visiting our German friends Monika a horrible job as it had literally and Hubert, who some of you will know as they have housebeen botched together in a very sat for us during our peak season on two occasions. At this random fashion. The roof had New Year German feast, the guests were German, French and been collapsing for some time and we now need a dry space Belgium, with a Filipina bride and one other Brit (hurray) so for storage once the work inside the house begins next one way and another, we had a very international start to the month. In December’s issue you would have seen a photo of year. Stewart with the large telegraph poles he had bought, picked Well, that’s it for now. Next month we should have started the up and unloaded himself. Well, his first job of the rebuilding internal renovations. I’m nervous and excited in equal measure. involved making concrete posts, getting them in position and then getting the telegraph poles on top of them (see photo, Visit us: top right). He set up a complicated pulley system using two @algarvenaturist Visit us online for subscriptions, shop and more –

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(Not) Born in the USA Tim Forcer looks at an in-depth study of the history of American nudism…


here are very few fields in which the USA is not either dominant or highly significant. Therefore, a history of nudism in the USA should be of interest to all nudists and naturists, even when it includes only minimal references to social nudity in other countries. Nudism was one of many European emigrants to the US in the years after the First World War. Brian Hoffman took this as the starting point for his PhD thesis ‘American nudism and the politics of nakedness, 1929-1963’. Later, he worked with others to convene what is thought to be the first academic conference session for historians to present and discuss the history of nudism in the USA. More recently, he has written the hardback Naked: A Cultural History of American Nudism. While Hoffman’s book is of a similar length to his doctoral thesis, it is a very different work. The historical range has been extended well into the 21st century, and the intended readership is now the general public. Nevertheless, he has remained true to his researcher’s discipline and the material is extensively referenced: the source for every quotation is given – these small-print details take up almost 50 pages, and are complemented by another 14 pages H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 5656 H&E

of bibliography. For anyone wanting authoritative information on almost a century of US social nudity, this book is invaluable.

Some reservations Where I feel Hoffman is less successful is in delivering his data in a readily digestible form. He distinguishes clearly between directly quoted source material and his interpreted analysis, but in doing so he sometimes makes the text awkward to read. Another irritation is that the relevant and well-chosen illustrations are often indistinct. They are captioned with chunks of text rather than ‘Figure’ numbers, and the main body of text refers to them by duplicating this caption. The pictures deserve clearer printing, and figure numbering to allow easy cross-reference from anywhere in the book.

Nudism and – or against – society Hoffman has a particular interest in the relationship between nudism – whether as a movement, an organised group of nudists or the lifestyle of an individual – and society at large. The latter is often represented by courts and legislatures, but the armed forces, churches, the press and a range of special-interest groups also have their attitudes reviewed. In considering the relationships, Hoffman often uses an adversarial mode of analysis. Sometimes these arguments rely on there being unified attitudes within nudism, yet elsewhere he shows that was and is uncommon. A key aspect of both Hoffman’s studies and his interpretation of events is concern with sex. In addressing some issues or episodes he writes as if nudism and sexual liberation were synonymous (or, at least, two elements of a progressive liberal philosophy). For others, organised nudism is said to embody and embrace conservative values including racism, sexism, homophobia, objectivisation and exploitation of the female body, abhorrence of extra-marital sex and promotion of the nuclear family.

What’s in a name?


Hoffman shows nudism or nudists aligning sometimes with revolutionaries in promoting freedoms, sometimes with reactionaries to keep nudist

As so often, in Hoffman’s book ‘America’ is synonymous with ‘the USA’. Other parts of America are outside his brief, as are other continents. That is reasonable, since it means that he only had to consider the legal structures and societal norms of one nation – albeit a very large one. Hoffman also uses his geographically limited brief to advantage in regard to the use of the terms nudist/naturist and nudism/naturism. For him, “nudism” is a traditional rules-determined club-based philosophy, imported from Germany and given new life in slightly modified form. This was centred firmly on the family, often blocking single men and with a Protestant attitude to sexual morality. When what in the UK is often referred to as ‘free-range’ social nudity became more common, many of its US adopters deemed themselves ‘naturists’, having little regard for organised clubs and their strictures, and Hoffman uses the term the same way.

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XXXXX 2013 H&E FEBRUARY 2017 H&E 57 57

groups composed of white heterosexual couples, or with pornographers and others to commercialise and eroticise the naked body.

Damned statistics

I was often taken aback by Hoffman’s cheerful quotation of statistics from For me, Hoffman could have his sources, without giving any indication done more to differentiate of their reliability. Perhaps that reflects his the actions and agendas academic background as an historian, rather than as a sociologist, but I think it is irresponsible to quote of prominent individuals percentages to a tenth of 1% when the data used to derive from those of the ordinary those figures only allows the value to be estimated to the nudist – whether the nearest 5%. latter be a committed The bogus precision of statistics used by some nudist club member, “free range” commentators in the 20th century gave an unwarranted beach user, back-garden authority to their conclusions, and I think that a modern nudist, occasional solo researcher should have addressed those earlier findings skinny dipper or simply with healthy scepticism. Note that all earlier histories someone who yearns to of nudism in the US were produced by (or with the spend time naked with likesignificant involvement of) nudists and nudist minded folk. Of course, my organisations – Hoffman is the first to listing there indicates part of the write from a relatively objective problem: there is no “ordinary nudist”, perspective.

and Hoffman provides ample evidence of how varied American nudists have been.

Publishing and being damned An example of the difficulty of distinguishing leading personalities from the mass is apparent when the subject is nudist magazines. Hoffman provides a clear historical narrative describing what was and was not included in these publications, but is less lucid when considering the publishers.

mainly “lissom lovelies” for much of the 20th century, with men virtually absent until the 1960s, and still uncommon thereafter.

An ending or a conclusion? My criticisms of Hoffman’s work need to be seen in the context of the wide scope of his study, and the high standards he set himself in attempting to provide

a comprehensive picture of such a complex subject; perhaps I am unduly fussy about details. Naked provides a substantial body of data, clearly organised and exhaustively referenced. Although that is what one should expect from a trained and qualified researcher, I still think it is worth acknowledging, as well as the fact that Hoffman has managed to tell a fairly coherent story about the

At times Hoffman suggests printing images of full-frontal nudity was a fair and necessary representation of real-life nudism, at others it is seen as a cynical ploy: marketing purportedly nudist material to non-nudists who want it for sexual reasons. The former is a brave and principled policy in the face of unwarranted and repressive censorship, the latter a disgraceful money-grubbing strategy. I feel Hoffman does not want to accept that many situations do not fit easily into one of these categories. Just because gay men enjoyed “beefcake” images of well-toned male bodies does not mean that nudist magazines should have shown only weedy or overweight men. Just because repressed adolescents were eager to find out about the bodies of the opposite sex does not mean that nudist editors should have self-censored nipples and pubes in the same way that mainstream magazines did. Even so, it is unarguable that US nudist magazine covers showed H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 5858 H&E

Brian who?

Brian Hoffman’s 1980s childhood was one where clothing was often optional, although his family and their friends were not card-carrying nudists. He realised that this lifestyle was not mainstream, and eventually decided to research this aspect of American culture. A key point was finding Maurice Parmelee’s 1931 Nudism in Modern Life in his university library. This led him to

Parmelee’s archive held by Yale University, and the rich resource which is the American Nudist Research Library at Cypress Cove. In the course of trawling through academic libraries and archives, Hoffman discovered that many of the reference copies of books such as Parmelee’s had been mutilated, their (very limited) illustrations cut or torn out. Although he doesn’t say so, this shows that 20th century academics and students were no different to the population at large, and were as eager to obtain images of nudity as the huge numbers of non-nudists who bought nudist magazines.

social nudity of hundreds of thousands of people through eight decades and across millions of square miles. Although this book is not cheap, you do get almost 350 pages for your money, and I think it is almost essential reading for anyone wanting to understand the development of nudism in the USA (which, as I said at the start, has a global influence on social nudity and how it is perceived), and the background to that development. Recommended. Naked: A Cultural History of American Nudism is published in hardback by New York University Press ISBN 978 0814709533.

Selling boobs

In reviewing American males’ desire to buy magazines showing naked women, Hoffman touches on the fact that at least some readers of National Geographic bought it primarily for its images of naked and semi-naked tribal peoples around the world. Apparently, that never caused problems for the celebrated magazine, even if its revenues undoubtedly benefitted from this lascivious sector of its readership. Of course, this is just one illustration of the US double standard which meant that black bodies could be portrayed in ways which would not be acceptable for white ones. Hoffman does address the issue of racism in relation to nudism, but avoids going into it too deeply, perhaps because he would rather leave that to someone more expert in this very sensitive area.

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A RCHIVES W e return to the 1970s this month, and back to when H&E was a fortnightly pocket-sized title. Leslie Bainbridge was the editor, and one of the magazine’s leading contributors was future editor Murray Wren, although he was apparently calling himself Murray James at that time. By far the bulk of this magazine is taken up by pictures. There are loads and loads of full-page images, with just a handful in colour. This was more of a magazine to look at, than to read and digest, which was perhaps a consequence of the fortnightly format. Monthly magazines are by definition larger and contain more to sustain the reader over a longer period, so these H&Es seem a little throwaway in comparison. As I’ve noted before about Bainbridge magazines of this era, the subjects are varied, but the ‘legs-akimbo lady’ dominates, meaning the more family-orientated subjects sit uneasily alongside what, for me, are rather sexualised photographs. There is a surprising lack of images of anyone even remotely overweight (whether this reflects the majority of pictures submitted to the magazine, or the editor’s preference, I don’t know – but


H&E XXXXX 2013 FEBRUARY 2017 2017 6060 H&E

I can perhaps guess), so the pictures of the ladies on the ‘Pot Pourri’ and ‘Out of Camera’ pages stand out somewhat. What articles there are are interesting, though; I was drawn to ‘A Bachelor Gay’, which touches on the issue of homosexuality in a largely positive, if not particularly insightful, way. It is more from the point of view of the unmarried man who feels the ‘bachelor’ term has become overly derogatory in recent times. Another piece, ‘Hair Again’, examines attitudes to depilation and looks back at its history throughout the ages. Refreshingly, it concludes that it is “your choice” whether you remove your hair ‘down there’ or not. Sam Hawcroft

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XXXXX 2013 H&E FEBRUARY 2017 H&E 61 61

R EVIEWS F TV MONK Episode 3, Series 6: ‘Mr Monk and the Naked Man’ USA, 2007 Director: Randall Zisk Available to buy or rent on Amazon video. You can, of course, also buy the whole boxed set of season 6 on DVD.

Monk’s normally admirable detective skills are totally blinded by his prejudice. He says nudists are ‘degenerate’ and that ‘laws don’t apply to nudies’

irst of all, apologies for such an ‘old’ TV review, but I just couldn’t resist this one. There I was doing some research for my article Ten Naked Songs (in next month’s issue), when I came across a YouTube video of Randy Newman’s The Naked Man, featuring stills from an episode of the American TV series Monk (2002–2009) – called ‘Mr Monk and the Naked Man!’ And, yes, the shots were full of naked men. And women. Nudists. At a nude beach. How often do you get to see naturists forming part of any TV plot? Let alone the main part. It had to be worth a look. But was it? Well, I have to admit I’d never even heard of Monk, which put me at a disadvantage. Five minutes into episode three of season six was enough, however, to see that oddball detective Adrian Monk (Tony Shalhoub) had to be some kind of post-runner to Columbo. And I’ve always liked Columbo. But whereas Columbo’s brilliance is hidden by his scruffy raincoat, it is Monk’s manic OCD behaviour that makes him seem so unsuited to the job. The man has phobias about everything from clouds, ladybugs and round shapes to driving, risk, and general disorder, all of which frequently makes his job and the job of his colleagues’ that bit harder. This is what makes Monk Monk, and also why the show gets catalogued as a ‘comedy-detective’ series.

Given Monk’s many obsessions, it comes as no surprise that investigating a murder on a nudist beach proves trying for all. When Monk turns up, his team are already there, and they do their best to prevent him seeing the Nude Beach sign or any of the numerous nudists walking around carrying strategically placed surfboards. It’s all in vain, though, as New Agey nude NOT dude Chance Singer is a key witness and ONLINE? initial suspect. Singer lives on a trailer by We can order the beach and is a full-time nudist – no, most DVDs for you naturist; “I prefer naturist”, he says. on request – call Cheap gags abound, though it is quite 01482 342000 funny when Monk insists that Singer puts on a shirt before getting out of his jeep for



questioning. We know that he’s naked but Monk thinks it’s just a shirt that he isn’t wearing. So out gets Singer, buns a showin’ and bits a danglin’ – much to Monk’s horror. Not that you see any full nudity, of course. This is a ‘family show’, so while we see plenty of nudists, rather like in a 1960s nudist camp movie, it’s all full-frontal-covering props. The plot is cigarette-paper thin and revolves around a plan by a local tycoon to appropriate the nudist beach for his own private use. Mostly, though, the episode seems like an excuse to make an extended joke about Monk’s phobia about nudists. Phobia is too mild a word. Monk’s normally admirable detective skills are totally blinded by his prejudice. He says nudists are “degenerate” and that “laws don’t apply to nudies”. Worse still, he says they are a “secret society”. The only thing that stops this being offensive is that Singer is hugely likeable, and everyone else thinks Monk is nuts. His boss takes him off the case until he has figured out his “ugly and weird” attitude. Later on, Monk’s assistant Sharona tells him she once went to a nudist beach in Greece and that it was the best holiday of her life. As a first-time watcher, I found it hard to believe Monk’s reputation as a super-sleuth. He spends most of the episode acting like an idiot, and it is only after going to see his psychiatrist and realising where his nudephobia comes from (it is soooo ridiculous; watch it and see), that he manages to solve the crime. Still, he recognises he behaved badly and says he has gotten over “the whole naked thing” (“Only 312 issues to go,” quips Sharona). To show he’s no longer a bigot, he actually accepts a big ‘no grudges’ hug from the wrongly accused and completely naked Singer. Cue Randy Newman singing “Beware, beware, beware of the naked man” as Monk walks down the beach and into the sea, fully dressed, in a state of shock. Make of it what you will. And if you’ve not watched Monk before, perhaps watch a couple of episodes before he meets ‘the naked man’. Theresa O’Shea VERDICT




BARE NECESSITIES II by John David Harding Published as an ebook for Kindle.


ighteen months ago I reviewed John David Harding’s Bare Necessities, the story of three young people attempting to break into the music business – with the unique selling point that they performed naked. This sequel picks up the story three years on, where Paige, Claire and Jack are still pretty much who they were when they came together to perform, write and record hard rock. Paige is still stroppy, idealistic, committed, left-wing and pottymouthed, but above all loyal to family and friends. Her incredible voice (which only comes out when she’s naked) still defines the group’s sound, Claire’s guitar playing has evolved into rockgoddess territory and Jack’s keyboards hold it all together. Except that the Bare Necessities

aren’t together on stage or in the studio: the success treadmill has taken its toll, and the music is on pause while they reassess where they are and where they want to go. Harding is as blunt as ever in portraying life’s downs as well as its ups. The trio and those close to them continue to deal with prejudice, as well as having problems with sex, drugs, alcohol and politics. That would be bad enough, but the Bare Necessities are sufficiently well-known that the gutter press and social media follow their every move, scrutinising and (usually) criticising anything which will excite their readers’ bigotry. How should the band use their downtime? Songwriting? Getting married? Solo albums? Going into politics? All of those are at least possibilities in this fast-moving story, along with some developments which even the band members regard as highly improbable. Harding can be very cynical, and some of his characters are truly nasty. The nastiness can be complex, and Bare Necessities II is an object lesson in how fame and fortune can screw up lives. While some of the scenes and their consequences might seem far-fetched, Harding never goes beyond the sort

of things that have indeed happened to celebrities in the past few years. There are also examples of the way people who have John David Harding suddenly acquired previously unimaginable wealth, can – whatever their professed ideals – spend huge sums on a whim. While there’s plenty of good stuff here, including about nudity and attitudes to it, ultimately I found Harding ground me down too much. Too often I found myself distanced from the characters’ basket of cares, concerns and intentions. That is my problem, and it’s quite possible that others wouldn’t have this issue. If you like rock music, enjoy frank tales of excess in that business, and fancy seeing how this can be given a naturist flavour, this could be just what you are looking for. You don’t have to read the original book first, but I’d recommend you do. Tim Forcer VERDICT Naturist content Good read Value for money





CLUB GUIDE BEDFORDSHIRE Blackthorns Sun Club Sharnbrook, near Bedford 01234 782212 BERKSHIRE Heritage Club Heath Ride, Crowthorne, RG45 6BS 01344 775032 BUCKINGHAMSHIRE Diogenes Sun Club Near Chalfont St Peter and Rickmansworth Near J17 of the M25 CAMBRIDGESHIRE Cambridge Outdoor Club The Orchard, The Borough Aldreth CB6 3PJ 01353 741335 Croft Country Club Toll Rd, Three Holes, Wisbech PE14 9JD 01354 638445 185 OP S C G M Pet SH V CP SE ST HOL £200 ALL DV £18 Covered indoor pool, sauna suite, clay pigeon shooting, archery CHESHIRE Manchester Sun and Air Society Near Knutsford, Cheshire Visitor Enquiries 07821 805866 email Heated outdoor pool, minitens, petanque, bowls, clubhouse, Wi-Fi sauna, childrens play area. For full details visit our website North Western Sunbathing Soc Email: CORNWALL Southleigh Manor St Columb Major Cornwall TR9 6HY 01637 880938 CUMBRIA Solway 07943 496100 Lakeland Outdoor Club Stoup Dub Farm, Haverigg, Millom Marion (Secretary): 01484 863036 DORSET Rivendell Horton Heath, Wimborne BH21 7JN 01202 824013 Bournemouth & District Outdoor Club Matchams, Nr Ringwood BH24 2BU 07775 968518 South Western Outdoor Club Dorchester 07534 091443 DURHAM Greenacres Club 0191 491 0648 ESSEX Springwood Colchester 07789 044072 Oakwood Sun Club Romford/Brentwood 07960 109041 Arcadians of Greenglades Billericay 07813 346631

Not listed here? Get in touch! Email with your details or call 01482 342000 GLOUCESTERSHIRE Pines Outdoor Club 07754 543841 Wyvern Club 07563 678253 HAMPSHIRE Haslemere Sun Club Headley Down 0799 959 8402 Family-oriented BN club, woodland setting, heated pool, games courts, hot showers, well-equipped pavilion. HERTFORDSHIRE Fiveacres Country Club Junction 21a M25. Bricket Wood, St Albans AL2 3PY 01923 673073 Spacious grounds and lawns, heated pool, licensed clubhouse, caravan and camping facilities. Day visits available. Sun-Folk Society The Spinney, Hazel Road, Park Street, St Albans AL2 2AJ Inquiries: 0845 217 8931 (Calls will cost 3p per minute, plus your phone company’s Access Charge) Clubhouse: 01727 873576 OP S C M Pet B V CP Spielplatz Naturist Club Lye Lane, Bricket Wood St Albans AL2 3TD 01923 672126 Licensed bar and clubhouse. Large heated swimming pool. Sauna. Extensive grounds and lawns. Day visitors and new members welcome. ISLE OF WIGHT Valerian Sun Club 07931 281360 KENT Eureka Nudist Club Manor Lane, Fawkham Longfield 01474 704418 Invicta Sun Club, near Dover The Naturist Foundation 01689 871200 Silverleigh London Rd, West Kingsdown Kent TN15 6EX 01474 853438 LANCASHIRE Lancashire Sun Hazel Grove, Sandy Lane, Rufford, Ormskirk L40 1SX 01704 823323 130 OP S C M Pet V CP SE ST £100 per adult, children free. DV £5 per adult LEICESTERSHIRE Oaklands Sunclub PO Box 8020, Leicester LE9 3WX. Phone: 07876 770 384

LINCOLNSHIRE East Midlands Sunfolk 07734 882333 Lakeside Farm 07932 784918 Sungrove Sun Club 07745 106008 MERSEYSIDE Liverpool Sun & Air Sunnyside, Fox’s Bank Lane Whiston, Merseyside L35 3ST 07967 884448 180 OP S C M Pet SH CP SE ST £98 per adult, children free. DV £4 per adult Wirral & Liverpool SCN Club email: NORFOLK Broadlands Brickle Road, Stoke Holy Cross, Norwich NRL4 8NG 01508 492907 Breckland 01362 858871 NOTTINGHAMSHIRE Nottingham Sun Club 07977 490428 OXFORDSHIRE OXNAT (Oxford Naturist Club) Lovely 12-acre secluded woodland site enclosing sunbathing lawn and clubhouse with cosy wood stove, sauna, showers and kitchen for informal gatherings. Regular socials, group activities, games from scrabble to pool. 24/7 member access to facilities, occasional camping. Indoor swims (off site). Balanced membership. £72 couples, £52 singles. Families welcome. 07941 435021. SHROPSHIRE Telford Naturists 01952 610873 SOMERSET Ridgewood Sun Club, Clevedon Email: SURREY The White House Club Warlingham, Surrey 07952 788377 SUSSEX Bristol Gardens Health Spa 01273 698904 Mill Bank Sun Club 01323 484794 TYNE & WEAR Tando 07970 328144 Three Rivers 01207 233275 WARWICKSHIRE Avon Outdoor Club 01922 416670 YORKSHIRE Ashdene 01422 379500 Ryedale Naturist Club Tel 07528 409332 email


First figures are membership numbers. n/a – not known. 123 – number of members or units in club. OP – outside pool. IP – inside pool. OP + IP both inside and outside pools (n.b. where known). S – sauna and associated facilities. C – clubhouse or other building. LB – licensed bar. G – games courts (general). M – miniten courts. Pet – petanque (boules). B – badminton. SH – shuffleboard. V – volleyball. CP – dedicated play area for children. SE – special events held during season. ST – stays in tents caravans and/or accommodation for hire. HOL – holiday venue. £000 – annual membership fee for 2 adults and 2 children. F&C – families and couples only admission policy*. All – membership open to all. Q – quota for single men and women. DV £00 – cost of day visit for 2 adults/2 children. * Discriminatory admissions policies are against the law. H&E naturist includes this information only when requested by club officials. Hawk Editorial Ltd accepts no responsibility for any consequences of information in these listings and cannot guarantee their accuracy.



Valley Club (Harrogate) Clubhouse, licensed bar, pool table, 3 miniten and boules courts. Five acres with 75 pitches. Caravan available for visitors. A couple of miles from Harrogate and Knaresborough. Regular socials. 07980 028417 100 C M Pet ST by arrangement £5 pp (children free) DV by arrangement. The White Rose Club PO Box 25, York, YO60 7WZ Tel: 01904 468293 ansaphone Licenced Bar/Clubhouse. Pool & Sauna. Sports facilites. Theme nights/disco. Caravan/camping with electric hook-up. Visitors (CCBN, INF, members of other clubs) welcome. Applications for membership invited from genuine naturists. 140 OP S C LB M Pet B CP SE ST HOL Yorkshire Sun Society In 26 acres of woodland. Clubhouse with licensed bar. Heated swimming pool, sauna and Jacuzzi. Caravans for hire. Tent and touring caravan sites. Website: Email: Write to: YSS, Carlam Lane, off Cumbrian Way, Wawne, Hull HU7 5YX, or phone Jim on 07860 877866. SCOTLAND Scottish Outdoor Club Secretary: Doug Beveridge 01563 534320 Forth Country Club Sunnybroom 07794 711627 WALES Tything Barn West Williamston, Kilgetty. 01646 651452 Vale of Glamorgan Sun Club 07821 270752 Western Sunfolk Family-orientated club in unspoilt countryside with excellent facilities on grass for tents, caravans and motorhomes including electric hookup, wifi, showers and kitchens; clubhouse, games courts and heated swimming pool with telescopic cover. Walks include Wye Valley, views of Brecon Beacons and prehistoric sites of Trellech. 07972 385428 IRELAND Irish Naturist Association PO Box 1077, Churchtown, Dublin 14 Club Aquarius Suite 117, 28 South Frederick St, Dublin 2 00353 87685 7279 UNLANDED GROUPS/CLUBS Naturist Spa Club naturist-spa-clubSolaqua Three Rivers Outdoor Club The Singles Outdoor Club

Not listed here? Get in touch! Email with your details or call 01482 342000 BEDFORDSHIRE Bedford Naturist Swim BERKSHIRE Reading Naturist 0118 975 2202 or 0118 937 1902 BRISTOL Aquasol 0788 446 3713 (before 8.30pm) CHESHIRE Wirral Naturist Club Northgate Arena, Chester, Saturday evenings. 07884 022146 CORNWALL Far West Swim 07891 256130 DEVON Torbay Sun Club 01752 893990 or 07786 227242 Plymouth Sun Club 07930 165518 Usually 1st and 3rd Mondays of the month, 8pm–9pm. Facebook: DERBYSHIRE Chesterfield Prince’s Sports Club, every second Saturday evening. 0114 2215579 DORSET Bournemouth Eastbourne 07970 883247 ESSEX Springwood Sun Club Prested Hall, Feering: 07789 044072 The Naturist Spa Club at Aqua Springs Colchester Leisure World, 1st & 3rd Sundays. 01206 824113 GLOUCESTERSHIRE Wyvern Swim 07563 678253 Severn Vale Swim 01452 522896 GREATER MANCHESTER Worsley Baths HAMPSHIRE Alton Saturday: 023 8063 2199 Sunday: 01420 540040 New Milton 023 8090 5935 Portsmouth 023 9238 8482 HERTFORDSHIRE Watford Naturist Swimming Club Watford Leisure Centre – CENTRAL, Peace Prospect, WATFORD, WD17 3HA. Fridays (exc Bank Holidays) 2045-2200 £5 visitors, £4 WNSC members. Under-18s £1, underfives free. ID: BN, club card, or trial visitors’ letter from club secretary.; Recorded info: 0845 347 9319 (Calls will cost 3p per minute, plus your phone company’s Access Charge) KENT Silverleigh 01474 853438 LANCASHIRE Poulton-le-Fylde swimming centre 01253 771528 www.blackpoolandfyldesunclub. Morecambe Bay 07842 124 610 Acqua 01253 294610 LEICESTERSHIRE Desford Swim 07762 732601 LINCOLNSHIRE Sleaford Swim 01522 871096 LONDON Naturist London Sunday Swim 12-2pm at Student Central (formerly ULU); web: Altogether Yoga Naked Yoga London

NKD Training (exercise sessions) Rio’s 020 7485 0607 NORFOLK Club Naturel NORTHAMPTONSHIRE Northampton Sun 08707 650558 NOTTINGHAMSHIRE South Forest Leisure Centre, Edwinstowe First and third Saturdays every month, from 7.30pm to 10.30pm: 01623 823866 OXFORDSHIRE Oxnat 07941 435021 STAFFORDSHIRE The Potteries Swim Jubilee Pool, Newcastle-under-Lyme Alternate Sundays, 1800-2100 30-metre pool & water flume, sauna & plunge pool, Turkish suite. ID required. 01782 281189 WaterWorld Stoke-on-Trent. Next swim: April 22, 7-10pm. SUFFOLK Mildenhall Swim 07946 886843 Newmarket Swim 07946 886843 Helsinki Health 01473 724196 SURREY Noah’s Ark Club 07940 881100 Shabden Leisure 01797 364315 SUSSEX Eastbourne Naturist Swim Club 01323 422421 – Sundays Oct-April TYNE & WEAR Newcastle Turkish Bath WEST MIDLANDS Spectrum Club 07876 661483 WILTSHIRE Pickwick Club 07952 298741 or 07840 985693 Madnat 07092 031130 YORKSHIRE Doncaster Dome Oasis Spa Leeds Naturist Group Bramley Baths – weekly swim and steam room. HTB Naturists Sessions at Harrogate Turkish Baths. Various Saturday evenings: contact Ryedale Naturist Club Alternate Sundays 3pm-5pm 07528 409332 Sheffield King Edward’s Swimming Pool (usually every third Sunday afternoon). 0114 2215579 WALES North Wales 07932 745897 Chepstow 07804 309130 Cwmbran 01633 482832 Llandudno 01978 751209 Swansea and District Leisure Club 07890 129777 Nudie Dudies South Wales, Llantwit Major Third Sunday of every month, 5.15pm. 07817 773479 SCOTLAND Sunnybroom 07794 711627 Forth Tay Valley 01250 884 323 Scottish Outdoor Club 01563 534320 NORTHERN IRELAND Northern Outdoor Association IRELAND Southern Naturist Club 0857 215000 (6-10pm only)


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Books Wild Guide: Southern and Eastern England This naturist-friendly new compendium features more than 1,000 hidden places to visit, including ideas for slow food and wilder accommodation. From the wild swimming rivers, secret beaches and lost ruins of Norfolk and Suffolk, to the ancient woods, meadows and orchards of Kent and Sussex. Includes the New Forest and Isle of Wight.

Join the famous swimming ladies of Hampstead on their favourite country walks – all accessible by train – across southern and eastern England. With walks from a few miles to a full day out, this book is ideal for naturists, families and the more serious adventurer too. With original illustrations and scenic photographs, plus detailed instructions, maps and intriguing anecdotes.

Code BKSWGSE Price £10.99

Code BKSWSW Price £10.49

Wild Swimming Hidden Beaches

Wild Swimming Italy

This is the extended 2014 edition of Wild Swimming Coast. Daniel Start charts Britain’s most beautiful secret beaches, describing the best places to swim, walk and explore. Includes 50 new locations and directions to over 400 magical spots, with suggestions for good pubs and campsites, plus difficulty ratings and safety guidelines.

The Wild Swimming series travels to Italy to explore freshwater lakes, river beaches and lagoons. Perfect for family explorers or romantic adventurers, this stunning travel book combines beautiful photography with practical information including maps, directions, grid references and walk-in times. There are also recommendations for canoe trips, campsites and tavernas.

Code BKSHB Price £11.99

Code BKSWSI Price £11.99

Wild Swimming

Wild Guide: Devon, Cornwall and the South West

The best-selling photo guide has been now fully revised and expanded to include 150 new amazing wild swimming locations (almost 400 in total), brand new coverage in the South-East and the Midlands, new information for kids and families, new ideas for pubs, campsites, boat trips and weekends, plus new ratings on safety and access.

Code BKSWS Price £9.99

This compendium of adventures features the best wild places to visit in Devon, Cornwall, Somerset and Dorset, including the best secret beaches and wild swimming locations, amazing ancient woodlands and wildlife spectacles, and even treehouses, gypsy caravans, yurts and traditional pubs.

Code BKSWG Price £9.99

Naked Hiking

World Naked Bike Ride

Many people may be surprised to discover that hiking naked in public spaces is fully legal and actively supported in many countries. Richard Foley’s book brings together some of the best writers on the subject, including Stephen Gough (the Naked Rambler), Stuart Pitsligo (author of Naturist, Red in Tooth and Claw), and many others. Including more than 80 full-colour photographs.

The WNBR is a global protest against oil dependency and urban pollution, promoting greater cycling safety, and encouraging body freedom. This book visually describes the event, its history, those who take part, and the motivations behind this very public demonstration. Including 250 photographs and images. Written and compiled by Richard Foley.

Code BKSHIKE Price £19.99

Code BKSWNBR Price £19.99

Charlie’s Angels – Naturally

Wild and Free

This highly acclaimed and lavishly illustrated book records, in words and pictures, regular H&E photographer Charlie Simonds’ stories of working with 20 stunning ladies who have starred around the world in his 68 Parafotos films.

This is legendary H&E photographer Charlie Simonds’ tribute to one of his ‘Angels’, Suze, with more than 150 pages of stunning images featuring naturist venues in the UK and abroad, and many more fascinating locations and unusual settings. With introductions by Charlie, Suze and H&E editor Sam. Naturist and artnude photography at its very best.

Code BKSCAN Price £15.99

Code BKSSUZE Price £19.55

Body Freedom Day

The World’s Best Nude Beaches and Resorts

This book’s premise is everyone is a nudist at heart. A brief history of nudism, naturism, dress and trends segues into a fantasy of an annual running event which triggers a quantum leap in social nudity and body acceptance. Paperback, signed by the author, Stuart Ward.

Code BKS0067 Price £14.95


Wild Swimming Walks

An enticing look at nude beaches in in 50 countries across Europe, the Americas and Australasia, with an emphasis on quality destinations within easy reach of the average traveller.

Code BKS0083 Price £14.95

The Naked Truth About Cap d’Agde

The Naked Truth About Hedonism II

This 192-page book (with 16 pages of colour photos) tells you why – and how – to make the most of a holiday to this famous ‘naked city’, which attracts 300,000 naturists and libertines each summer.

A totally unauthorised, naughty-but-nice guide to Jamaica’s adult resort. Learn why Hedonism II has a 90% repeat guest rate – even though the facilities may be tired, and the food mediocre...

Code BKSCAP Price £15

Code BKSHEDO2 Price £15



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Books Swimming with Frogs

Susan Mayfield’s Naturist Handbook

Robert Cooper had an idyllic life as a resident at a UK naturist club, so why, aged 50, did he give it all up and move to an old stone farmhouse in south-west France? With no language skills or income, he and his new wife went in search of a better life. But were they prepared for the challenge? And would they overcome the disappointment when they realised who their true friends were?

Susan writes in her own unique style about 20 years of naturism, which she describes as a leisure pastime unlike any other. With a look at the best clubs, holiday resorts, health, and much more.

Code BKSFROGS Price £7.99

Code BKS0014 Price £6.99

The Big Book of Bottoms

Mediterranean Homesick Blues

Children’s picture book. Everyone has a bottom – they come in different sizes, shades and colours. They’re all important and should be treasured! Originally published in Denmark and now available for the first time in English. Many themes will strike a chord with naturists.

Written from the point of view of a repressed and naive Englishman, this is a diary of life-affirming disasters against a backdrop of the glamour and grime of the French Riviera, with more than a few naturist experiences on the way.

Code BKSBOT Price £6.99

Code BKSMHB Price £9.99

H&E magazine binders These English-made ‘Cordex’ binders are a great way to store your H&E magazine collection with pride. They come with securely fastened cords to hold all your magazines in place. With a rounded spine featuring the H&E logo in gold, these attractive red binders give the appearance of a bound book, and allow for easy insertion of magazines by opening them to around the centre pages and slotting them underneath the cord.

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Back issues

H&E-August-2013_Layout 1 10/07/2013 10:09 Page 1

naked lifestyle l naked travel l naked health

P w AC fe ith KE at U D ur K es August 2013 £3.95

PEDAL POWER: Reports from WNBR 2013





Taking the plunge: How swims can be great for first-timers

PLUS: Nude Atlas, Archives, Spanish Eye, news, views and reviews – and more!


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September 1990

September 1993

H&E International Monthly, Vol 91, no 9 (September 1990). Featuring: Nude Model Hits Back; Body Signals; Giving Up the Daily Grind – Can it Work?; Tindo Nudist Club; and more. Edited by Jane-Hendy-Smith.

H&E International Monthly, September 1993 (Vol 94, no 9). Featuring: Spain’s Gay Nudist Beach; Film Crew in your Bedroom – could you bare it?

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April 1998

August 2000

Featuring: Isle of Wight; Skiathos and Crete; Clubs in Spain… and Herts; the macrobiotic miracle food; getting fit the fun way; and more.

Featuring: Nudist Crete – living it up at Vritomartis; Parafotos party at Rivendell; a short history of the swimsuit; laid-back at Desert Shadows, USA; Memorable Merryhill UK; and more…

Code HEAPR1998 Price £7.99

Code HEAUG2000 Price £5.49

June 2002

July 2004

Featuring Spain – naked camping at Almanat; Greek island getaways; fly nude, be safe; beach Olympics – Oz-style; Hollywood’s naked cinema; Cap d’Agde – good or bad?

Featuring: Buying in Spain; May Day Odessa; Naturist Provence; BN elections crunch time; Asda’s pic police; and more…

Code HEJUN2002 Price £4.99

Code HEJUL2004 Price £4.99

July 2007

October 2011

Featuring: New to naturism – one man’s journey into the world of social nudism; bare beach essentials – naturists share their top tips; Danish naturism; and more…

Featuring: USA & Caribbean Special; fake or bake – the lowdown on self-tanning; naked heroes of mythology; and more. Edited by Sam Hawcroft.

Code HEJUL2007 Price £3.95

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August 2013

Lifestyle: issue 6

Featuring: Pedal power – reports from WNBR 2013; has the law got it in for us?; professions survey – the results; how swims are great for first-timers; UK special. Edited by Sam Hawcroft.

From 1998, and edited by Helen Ludbrook. Featuring body-painting in Brisbane, communal changing gloom, Burning Man festival, and more.

Code HEAUG2013 Price £3.95

Code XX096 Price £5.50

Lifestyle: issue 8

Autumn Quarterly 68

From 1998, and edited by Helen Ludbrook. Featuring bathing in Budapest, Cap d’Agde, Christmas in New Zealand, vintage H&Es, and more.

From 1995. Featuring: Is Naturism a Rich Man’s Game?; Nude Networking; Piccadilly’s Human Circus; and more. Edited by Kate Sturdy.

Code XX098 Price £5.50

Code HEAUQ68 Price £7.99

Spring Quarterly 70

Autumn Quarterly 72

From 1996. Featuring: Naked sculptures; Men Behaving Sadly; Life on an Empty Beach; blind people and naturism; Nude Food – club catering; and more. Edited by Kate Sturdy.

From 1996. Featuring: Over Forty, Naughty... but Nice; Singles – Stop Whinging, Get Mingling!; Le Côte d’Azur; Russia; and more. Edited by Kate Sturdy.

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Code HEAUQ72 Price £7.99



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International magazines TAN 72


TAN 71

The Australian Naturist Magazine, number 72. Featuring: World Naked Bike Ride Reports; Perfect Summer Fun; Nude as Landscape; Naturism in Hawaii; and more. Published autumn 2016, and imported directly from Australia.

The Australian Naturist Magazine, number 71. Featuring: Nude Beach Reports; Art in the Nude; Go Natural in NZ; Aussie Naturists in France; Crabtree Farm; CAVN Clean Up Australia; Pilwarren Nude Games; Tasmania. Published summer 2016, and imported directly from Australia.

Code TAN72 Price £7.50

Code TAN71 Price £7.50

TAN 70

TAN 69

The Australian Naturist Magazine, number 70. Featuring: Emundi’s Body Art Festival; Beautiful Gypsy Falls; Thailand for Naturists; Brisbane Bowling; CAVN visits Kiata; and much more.Published in spring 2016, and imported directly from Australia.

The Australian Naturist Magazine, number 69. Featuring: Queensland push for nude beach; DIY Summer Solstice; Bali unseen; Fiji nude cruise; Birdie beach solidarity; Byron Bay WNBR; and more. Published in winter 2015-16, and imported directly from Australia.

Code TAN70 Price £7.50

Code TAN69 Price £7.50

gonatural 239

gonatural 238

The official magazine of the New Zealand naturist federation, published December 2016. Includes: Free the Nipple – how men should respond; future and faces of New Zealand; online censorship; INF photo competition winners. Imported from New Zealand.

The official magazine of the New Zealand naturist federation, published in September 2016. Includes: Marina’s beautiful nude life; children and healthy nudity; de-sexualising nudity; winter solstice; 2016 Naked 4WD Overlanders Tour; 2017 Youth Camp. Imported from New Zealand.

Code GONAT239 Price £7.50

Code GONAT238 Price £7.50

gonatural 237

gonatural 236

Official magazine of the New Zealand naturist federation, published June 2016. Includes: Nudity on TV3; a first-time nudist writes; nudity and rudity; nude adventures in Marlborough Sounds; WNBR; World Congress of Naturism; and more. Imported from New Zealand.

The official magazine of the New Zealand naturist federation, published in March 2016. This issue includes: Sarah and Keith’s naked odyssey; media’s naked obsession; decline of nudity in clubs; Nude Golf International; Auckland’s Oranui games; and more. Imported from New Zealand.

Code GONAT237 Price £7.50

Code GONAT236 Price £7.50

gonatural 235

gonatural 234

The official magazine of the New Zealand naturist federation, published in December 2015. This issue includes: Facebook and nudity; the future of rallies; Paul Henry talks nude; breastfeeding naturally; Women’s Renew weekend. Imported directly from New Zealand.

The official magazine of the New Zealand naturist federation, published in September 2015. This issue includes: Anniversary Climbing Wall at Vantan; Nude Golf in Wairau Valley; Life Drawing at Oranui; Is Going Naked the New Black?; and much more. Imported directly from New Zealand.

Code GONAT235 Price £7.50

Code GONAT234 Price £7.50

gonatural 233

Going Natural Fall 2016

The official magazine of the New Zealand naturist federation, published in June 2015. This issue includes: 35th World Congress of Naturism; Pineglades Rocks; World Naked Bike Ride; A Day at Rotota; Nude Adventure in Marlborough; and much more. Imported directly from New Zealand.

Quarterly naturist magazine published by the Federation of Canadian Naturists and imported directly from Canada. Featuring: Canadian Naturist Festival 2016; Toronto WNBR 2016; The FCN is proud!; Textiles Versus Nudes at Hanlan’s Beach; Teenage-Land as Experienced in Naturist Clubs. In French and English.

Code GONAT233 Price £7.50

Code GNFALL2016 Price £7.99

Going Natural Spring 2016

Going Natural Spring 2015

Quarterly naturist magazine published by the Federation of Canadian Naturists and imported from Canada. includes: The Human Library; Wouldn’t it be lovely… if we had another clothing-optional beach; a journey into social nudism In French and English.

Quarterly naturist magazine published by the Federation of Canadian Naturists and imported directly from Canada.This issue features: 25 years of naked cruising; nude art nude; getting nudists to speak with one voice; go natural in New Zealand; and more. In French and English.

Code GNSPR2016 Price £7.99

Code GNSPR2015 Price £7.99




See page 71 for order form. Many more items available online at


Merchandise Code 2TOWEL

H&E tea towels

These 100% premium cotton hemmed tea towels should appeal to lovers of naturist nostalgia! One design features a facsimile of the October 1935 cover of Health & Efficiency, while the other design features a selection of adverts from magazines of the wartime era. Large-size, approx 79x51cm.


Price each £7.99 – or £15 for both: Code TOWELOFFER

1934 nostalgia mug

H&E white bucket hat

Featuring the cover image from Health & Efficiency, May 1934, and on the other side, one of the adverts from the magazine. Dishwasher-safe.

Keep a cool head with this all-purpose hat, made from 100% brushed cotton twill and featuring the H&E logo. One size M/L, 57cm headband.

Code 1934MUG Price £6.99

Code HEHAT Price £9.99

1949 nostalgia mug Featuring the cover image from Health & Efficiency, March 1949, as well as two adverts from the magazine. Dishwasher-safe.

Code 1949MUG Price £6.99



Nostalgia mouse mat Featuring various covers, images and ads from 1940s Health & Efficiency. Soft fabric mat with foam backing.

Code MMAT1 Price £5.99


Make sure cheques/POs are made payable to HAWK EDITORIAL LTD – incorrect cheques delay orders!


Beautiful retro posters IN SYLVAN GLADE “Meadows trim with daisies pied Shallow brooks and rivers wide: Towers and Battlements it sees Bosom’d high in tufted trees Where perhaps some beauty lies The cynosure of neighbouring eyes.” Milton.


IN NAKED BEAUTY MORE ADORNED “In listening mood, she seemed to stand The guardian Naiad of the strand.” Scott.


“... and all that’s best of dark and bright Meet in her aspect and her eyes; Thus mellow’d to that tender light Which heaven to gaudy day denies.”






“She was a form of life and light That, seen, became a part of sight.”

“The current that with gentle murmur glides, Thou knows’t, being stopped impatiently doth rage; But when his fair course is not hindered He makes sweet music with the enamell’d stones.”



GLORIOUS MANHOOD “Man is his own star; and the soul that can Render an honest and a perfect man, Commands all light, all influence, all fate; Nothing to him falls early or too late.” Beaumont & Fletcher.





“O sacred solitude! divine retreat! Choice of the prudent! envy of the great.”



“The stars of midnight shall be dear To her; and she shall lean her ear In many a secret place Where rivulets dance their wayward round And beauty born of murmuring sound Shall pass into her face.”




These eight beautiful posters are facsimiles of colour plates from the Health & Efficiency July 1936 issue. Faithfully reproduced, with verse extracts from the likes of Shakespeare, Wordsworth and Milton, they would look great on any wall and are a fantastic gift idea – you could even have them framed (frames are not included). Each poster is printed on 250gsm silk paper and is available in A2 or A3 size. Shipped in sturdy tubes. Post-free in the UK, see order form for overseas charges.

A3 (297 x 420mm): £4.99 each l A2 (420 x 594 mm): £9.99 each Buy 2-3 – take 10% off the total l Buy 4-7 – take 20% off the total l Buy 8 or more – take 40% off the total

If you’re struggling with the calculations or would like to view larger versions, visit

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Send your order form to: H&E naturist, Hawk Editorial Ltd, PO Box 545, Hull HU9 9JF or call 01482 342000

PLEASE NOTE POSTAGE BEFORE YOU SEND YOUR ORDER – REMEMBER UK POSTAGE IS FREE! UK: FREE n Europe: orders £10 and under FREE; orders over £11, add £4 n ROW: orders £10 and under add £3; orders over £11 add £6 You are welcome to scan or photocopy this order form, or continue on a separate page






Sensual and relaxing naturist massage and waxing available for men and women. Set in peaceful surroundings, fully qualified and experienced. Shower facilities available. 01827 251 995 NWN. Based in West Midlands.


by handsome athletic guy in comfortable apartment. Also body shaving. Central and hotel visits anytime. Steve: 0207 376 4152


PURRRFECT NATURIST MASSAGE Enjoy a relaxing, sensual/tantric full-body naturist massage by a fully qualified female therapist. Private and discreet home environment. Intimate shaving also offered. Male, female and couples welcome. Shower facilities and parking available. Please call or text Mon, Tue, Wed & Thurs, between 9am-5pm. (No withheld numbers)

07928 251453 Location – A1, Junction 38, near Doncaster

LOVELY BLONDE ENGLISH LADY offers relaxing, soothing pampering massage. Peaceful, easy to find private house in upmarket area. Free parking. Fully qualified and experienced. Based in Worthing, Sussex. BN14. 10.30am – 7.30pm. Call

07511 681931

SECRET SERVICE for bi and gay men all ages welcome (over 18)

GYM-FIT MALE NATURIST MASSEUR offers relaxing massage for men in a private rural location South Lincs/Peterborough area. Call 07847 787 171 – no withheld numbers please.

SENSUAL MASSAGE SOUTH YORKSHIRE Doncaster-based 49-year-old professional male offering a combination of styles (relaxing, sensual and tantric) to females and couples. Each session can be tailored to the length of time or style desired. Phone Karl

07583 108003

EXCELLENT NATURIST MASSAGE by qualified older lady. En-suite wetroom, lovely location. Burton-on-Trent. Tel: 07528 406113. No withheld numbers. MANCHESTER/CHESHIRE Fully qualified and insured mature male physical therapist. Treatment to males, females and couples. Home visits only within Gtr Manchester, Cheshire and Sth Lancashire. Relaxation massage therapy, deep tissue and sports injury. Phone 07934 183399.

I’ve short brown spiky hair, eyes of blue I’m here to please and tantalise you Visit my little place, it’s clean and cosy Discreet and comfortable, no-one’s nosy

10.30am-9pm Erotic sensual naturist massage

07769 180 569 / 01252 546 536

Farnborough M3, J4 (no texts or withheld numbers)


offering discreet naturist massage to gents, females and couples in a clean, relaxing environment. Close to M62, A1, M1 and M180 Appointments only:

07507 568008


sensual and relaxing naturist massage for men and women. Waxing and other beauty treatments available. Fully qualified and experienced. Shower facilities available. Based in West Midlands. Call 07947 152 157 No withheld numbers.

Sensual, naturist full-body massage for men, by friendly qualified masseuse working from home in Preston, Lancs, in a quiet, relaxing, private location. No-rush service. Please call Melissa


elegant masseuse for the over-50s offers 1.5-hours slow, sensual, soothing, relaxing massage in her private home set in safe, peaceful location. Ascot 01344 297 051.

MALE MASSEUR FOR MEN NEAR M1-J23, LEICS Whether you wish to relax or re-energise, each massage is uniquely tailored to your requirements. Open to males regardless of age or orientation. For a friendly and attentive service, do not hesitate to call or text for an appointment. Qualified and insured. Showering facilities available. 9am till late, 7 days.

07780 161672 ALEXA, OF WEST LONDON (early 60s) offers physically pleasing massage. Wine buffs welcome. Inquiries by text only please to 07984 551 409. KENT MASSAGE Sensual, Relaxing, Whole body experience – massage by skilled ITEC-qualified mature therapist for over-40s. In-calls/ Visiting 7 days a week. Also tuition – learn to massage, from pleasure to professional. M/F/Couples. Between M20, J8 and M2, J5. www.massage. 01622 884730. No withheld numbers or texts.

NOTTINGHAMSHIRE M1 J27 NATURIST THERAPIST David offers you discreet nohands massage, counselling and Reiki. Shower available. Mature and qualified professional with 12+ years’ experience. Easy parking. In/out-call. 0795 2800 218

LUXURIATE AND A HAPPY NEW YEAR: Fully qualified female masseuse offers a range of relaxing treatments in her luxury apartment close to Paddington. I’ll be back on Monday 16th Jan. For further details please call Vanessa on 07754 745438. HEAVEN ON EARTH Qualified therapist. Therapeutic massage for relaxation and stress relief. Ladies and gentlemen welcome. 07940 820 725. Herts area, J25 off M25.




Reigate 07880 992311 Mature experienced male and petite female partner offer an enticing range of naturist massage experiences for ladies, gents and couples to enjoy either in our discreet Reigate therapy room or at your home/hotel within Surrey, Sussex and W Kent. Call or text today on 07880 992311 or visit


Naturist and Sensual massage in a bespoke therapy room with sauna and shower facilities. Massage and workshops for ladies gentlemen and couples. Four hands massage also available with a female colleague. Appointments are available evenings Monday to Wednesday and Thursday to Sunday all day. or text/call 07780 772928.


Naturist and tantric a speciality

Mature, slim, blonde, fully qualified female masseuse invites you to relax in peaceful, tranquil surroundings while indulging in a sublime sensual massage of your choice. Choose from a range of sensual naturist tantric massages. Also a full range of holistic treatments and body waxing available. 0871 234 2587 (No withheld numbers)

GUILDFORD, SURREY Professional, experienced, elegant, mature masseuse. Light, firm, sensual and very nurturing massage. Safe, easy parking in quiet, rural location. Valerie 07582 449290. SENSUAL NATURIST SERVICE M/F Relaxing, full body-to-body naturist massage and stress relief by single mature guy. For men, ladies, couples to your requirements. Discreet, safe location, free parking. NE Hants area, M3, J4/4A. 07715 943395 (no withheld numbers or texts). SOUTHAMPTON Qualified male masseur, 56, offers relaxing massage. Call 07922 723946. TWO HOURS of sensual/naturist massage by fit natural blonde, age 49. Genuine, non-rush service, 20 yrs therapist experience. Call Carina: 07487 630 885 or email Heathrow/ London/Ascot hotels, for mature male hotel guests.

MALE MASSEUR FOR MEN GTR MANCHESTER/LANCS Sensual and relaxing naturist massage for MEN only. Body shaving and Reiki also available First timers welcome Daytime and evening appointments Jim 07580 290 732 No withheld numbers please.


Naturist-friendly film & video transfer



Qualified experienced lady masseuse working at home. Stress-calming and muscle relaxing for total relaxation. Reiki and Indian head massage.

Trantralise Massage Qualified naturist masseuse Mature, slim, attractive 32DD Surrey M25, J7/8: Peaceful, private, plush surroundings. Off-road parking, relaxing & luxurious. Outcall (hotel) visit sometimes available: Kent, Surrey, Sussex.

Tel: 07976 906 260 North Doncaster. No withheld numbers.

Be fully pampered Call 07593 725130




I offer an enticing range of sensuous therapies, including naturist massage A truly unique experience with an attractive, understanding female therapist, in a warm, safe and secure environment All appointments tailor-made to suit individual requirements

offers tranquil and relaxing treatment. No landlines, no texts and no withheld numbers.

Massage training available

07415 123923

07498 896555

CENTRAL NORFOLK (Close to NORWICH) No withheld numbers or texts



Qualified male masseur, early 50s, offers full range of naturist massage experience to discerning male/m/f curious types in nice relaxing/friendly environment. I’m 20 mins from Stoke-on-Trent, off A50/A500, in quiet rural surroundings.


is the alternative naturist massage for the more discerning gentleman or couple. Mature English lady in private home. Foot, hand and shoulder massage while you relax in the bath with a glass of wine. This is followed with a full-body Swedish, deep tissue or sensual massage. Relaxing, stress-free and healthy fun service. Please call Emma for more options and details. Appointment times from noon until 8pm, Mon-Sun for in-calls. Mobile massage available to hotels within the Leeds area.

07905 141856 – Leeds For bookings please call before 12 noon if possible. Please leave a number with a voicemail message.

SWINDON AREA Sensual masseuse Ashley: I am black (British but of Caribbean origin), offering naturist massage. I have gorgeous ebony skin, I am 27 years old, tall (5ft 9ins) with brown eyes and long black hair. I am blessed with (natural) breasts, curves in all the right places and no piercings or tattoos. I have lots of massage training and experience and I mix this with my natural sexy persona to offer a sensual experience. Fully insured.

Call 07874 326426 or visit

Now offers body-shaving Call John for further details: 07891 036285



I am a mobile holistic therapist and shaman, visiting London and surrounding area. In-calls can be booked at hotels and further afield if for longer sessions of two hours and above. Services include massage, spa day including body scrub, detox, relaxing treatments, reiki, healing, authentic tantra for both genders, and workshops. Hotels and home visiting by train or Tube. Email

ESHER – NORTH SURREY – KINGSTON AREA Relaxing sensual naturist full-body massage offered by attractive mature professionally qualified and insured holistic therapist for men, women or couples (also available: fourhanded with my husband). Comfortable private location, safe parking and shower facilities. Visit our website at:   or call Yvonne on 07515 262907. No withheld numbers please.

STANDARD 8 SUPER 8 (Sound & Silent) 9.5mm & 16mm We Transfer ALL Formats of Video & Camcorder Tapes

72-Hour Return Postal Service

ars Est. 25 Ye

Tel: Troon (01292) 22 22 11 Website:

Shaving Bikini Line

Mobile bikini/Brazilian/Hollywood shaving service. A one-off shave before your holiday or regular trims. Daytime and evening appointments. Call/text James any time to check availability. Also leg and armpit shaves for those unable to shave themselves due to illness or disability. Introductory offer: first appointment half-price.

James 07837 105339 email:


for sensational massage. Available to pamper you day or evenings. Bucks area. M40 Junction 4/5. 07970 507925


naturist massage and homestay b&b&b in east sussex 07722 321 359 07757 375 522



Massage for ladies and gents by Knightsbridge-trained beauty therapist. 25 years’ experience. Dorking. Tel: 07946 076 486. No texts.

Photography IN SUPPORT of a wider diversity of quality photography in H&E naturist –


ALTERNATIVE LIFESTYLE ACCOUNTING Tax and accounts advice Free initial consultation Absolute discretion assured ALS Accounting

07541 673750 FEBRUARY 2017




Now only



MALE, 55, STRAIGHT, FIT, tanned, generously endowed. Would like to meet single females, groups of females or couples for naturist fun, mutual massage, etc. Absolute discretion assured and required. Totally genuine, so no scams please. (Herts/Essex/London) MALE AGED 61 looking for an introduction into naturism and would welcome an invitation to spend some time out relaxing with a couple. Genuine replies please. I AM A 40-YEAR-OLD business gentleman looking for a female nude maid/cleaner, age 18-40, to clean my house once or twice a week, based in London/Surrey border. If interested please msg me on 07956 536 867. Thank you MATURE SLIM MALE I am a 65-year-old slim, smooth male living near Windsor. I am seeking a male of similar age for friendship, companionship and social times together. I can accommodate or travel. Contact via email initially. I’M A 60-YEAR-OLD MALE amateur photographer looking for mature ladies for modelling; all posing will be at the model’s discretion. No experience required (Lincolnshire) TALL, SLIM MALE AGED 39. Living in London area. Practising naturist for 6 years. Seeking a female companion and/or friends to enjoy naturist holidays and lifestyle with. Very sincere and genuine. Interests include travel, reading, politics and good wine. Please contact me at 07752 029017. MATURE NATURIST COUPLE non-smokers. Enjoy swim, saunas etc. Located in Yorkshire. Looking to meet similar in the long winter months. Please email papersnow@ I AM 55 YEARS OLD, smooth male and live in Hertfordshire near Potters Bar. I am single and would like to meet other single males and females of similar age for openminded fun and friendship. I am muscular in build. Please contact me at



A “REAL SHOT IN THE DARK” But here goes… I wonder if any of you who read this ad spent, as I did, many happy times at Southview Club on the Isle of Wight from 1976 onwards, and have any memories or indeed any pics or H&E magazines from/during the years to now? I would love to hear from you. I AM A MATURE MALE MODEL, working for three years with artists, art classes and photographers in South Wales. I would love to work with fellow naturists in their artistic or photographic pursuits – art-nude or erotic. My profile can be seen at NATURIST COUPLE, 60s, M/F, would like to meet genuine naturist couple for friendship, meets, etc – West Cork/South Kerry area of Ireland. Phone 00353 (0) 86 1685498. IMAGINATIVE SLIM AND FIT NATURIST COUPLE in their 60s, would like to meet slim, educated and cultured 50-65-year-old man to join them for sensual fun, initially as a voyeur, preferably you will live within 90 minutes of North Hertfordshire. Detailed replies will be appreciated. naturists60s@aol. HAVE YOU A SENSE OF ADVENTURE and fun? 54-year-old single chap looking for likeminded lady to join him for friendship and naturist trips, possibly including Jamaican club Hedonism II in May/ June 2017. Henry, E. Cambs. Ring 07747 402 816.


The deadline for the March 2017 issue is February at noon. Phone 01482 342000

HOW TO SUBMIT YOUR AD: Visit personals and fill out the form. You will then be taken straight to PayPal to make payment. Alternatively, use the form below. All ads are subject to moderation, and should appear online within 48 working hours of successful payment, and be entered into the next print magazine. They will remain on the internet until after the relevant print issue has been taken off sale (so about four to eight weeks online, depending on when you book). Advertisers and respondents MUST be genuine and courteous, and no adverts of an offensive or overtly sexual nature will be allowed. Please also note this page is for personal ads (e.g. people seeking friendship or relationships) only – ads offering massage (paid or otherwise), business ads, or people providing any paid services to customers, will not be allowed. Refunds will be issued for rejected ads. DISCLAIMER: H&E is not responsible for any matters arising from placing adverts – you place them at your own risk, and you contact/meet people at your own risk. Please do NOT phone H&E complaining about timewasters. We will also NOT enter into any personal disputes which may arise as a result of placing or responding to an ad.

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SPAIN ALICANTE BED & BREAKFAST B&B £70 per room per night, including breakfast. S/C possible. Or 2 cabins £70 per night, including breakfast, no S/C. Email:

Tel: Maggie (0034) 662 049 021

Skinny Dippers


A unique rural retreat for discerning naturists






WEST HIGHLAND Naturist guesthouse

Call 01482 342000 or book online at

Holiday let, camping, caravan Double/single/twin rooms available


Contact us via or phone 01687 470404 (No withheld numbers)

AUSTRIA AUSTRIAN ALPS Super apartment available for fantastic mountain activities including skiing in winter season and summer nude hill walking as featured in H&E. Nearby naked spas and saunas.

All ads paid for in the magazine go on at no extra cost



Call 01482 342000 or book online at





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Call +44 (0) 1778 395173


6 months: £25 12 months: £39 24 months: £73


6 months: £30 12 months: £45 24 months: £80

Rest of World

Post the form below to Warners Subscription Services, West Street, Bourne, Lincolnshire PE10 9PH, UK

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WHAT’S ON 2-5 10-12 18

FEBRUARY BN Bournemouth weekend. BN members’ spa/city break, Therme Erding, Germany. Naked Southampton Skinny Dip, Oaklands pool.

23 28-1 28-1

6-13 14 19 26-2

HIGHLIGHT: Welcoming Women Weekend, Scottish Outdoor Club, June 2–4 18 25-4

3-6 18 15

15 22 23

Valentines party, Spielplatz. BN members’ skiing and naturist spa hotel week, Pyrenees. MARCH BN Blackpool weekend. Bollywood night, Spielplatz. APRIL ‘Children’s characters’ theme night with meal, live music and disco, Croft Country Club. Easter party, Spielplatz. BN WaterWorld swim, Stoke-on-Trent, 7-10pm. Bare Burro 5K, Olive Dell


2-4 12-19

Ranch, California. BN Eastern Region AGM, Arcadians of Greenglades, Essex. The Gathering, Glenmorag Hotel, Dunoon. BN National Petanque Tournament, Blackthorns. MAY BN members’ holiday to El Portús, Spain. BH5k naked run, Naturist Foundation. Scottish Outdoor Club open weekend. Nudestock 2017, Candy Farm, near Doncaster. Cowboys & Indians theme night and hog roast, Croft Country Club. JUNE Welcoming Women Weekend, Scottish Outdoor Club. BN members’ holiday to the Naturist Angel Hotel, Rhodes, Greece.

16-18 22-25

HIGHLIGHT: Bare All For Polar Bears, Yorkshire Wildlife Park, July 14 23 24

1 3-10 14 15 22 28-30

HIGHLIGHT: BH5k naked run, Naturist Foundation, May and Sept

MidsummerFest, Liverpool Sun & Air. Naturist Foundation Jazz & Real Ale Festival.


New-style Picnic in the Park, with 13 hours of live music, Croft Country Club. Summer Solstice party, Spielplatz. JULY Ryedale Naturists’ annual garden party at Helmsley walled gardens. Nudefest 2017, Thorney Lakes, Somerset. Bare All For Polar Bears, Yorkshire Wildlife Park. Banquet night, Spielplatz. Sport Mixture theme with hog roast and disco, Croft. Sports weekend with BBQ and Toga party, Scottish Outdoor Club. AUGUST Streak for Tigers, ZSL

Get in touch!


If you would like your event listing here, email

PLEASE NOTE: Although every effort is made to ensure information is accurate when going to press, H&E cannot guarantee entry to any of the events above, and any changes or cancellations are beyond our control. Always contact the venue before travelling.

18-20 18-28 26

17 24-8 29-1 30-7

London Zoo. Body and Mind weekend with yoga and life drawing, Scottish Outdoor Club. Billy’s Activity Week, Naturist Foundation. ‘Pink & Blue’ theme night, with meal and talent show, Croft Country Club. SEPTEMBER BH5k naked run, Naturist Foundation. Ionian Sailing Flotilla. Closing Weekend, Scottish Outdoor Club. BN members’ holiday – Croatian cruise. OCTOBER BN AGM 2017, Tutbury Castle, Staffordshire.



NOVEMBER BN Alton Towers weekend.




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Vassaliki Naturist Club is based in Kefalonia, where Captain Correlli’s ........ was filmed (8) Inter (6) The Queen’s dogs (6) Adept, expert (7) Stuart Hooper has a mixed experience on two of this island’s beaches this month (5) TV detective who has an encounter with a naked man, as reviewed by Theresa O’Shea this month (4) What many people visit Alpine resorts to do (3) Headgear (3) Request, appeal (4) Perhaps (5) The blue ring ....... is just one of many dangers facing swimmers in Australia, says Steve Clarke (7) Husband of Theresa O’Shea and joint winner of the Parafotos Trophy (6) Eating a meal (6) Entitled, qualified for (8)

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Fragrance (5) The art of paper-folding (7) Connects the head to the body (4) Soothe, console (7) Beach near Aberdeen which is a favourite of H&E writer Paul Collier (8) ....... Outdoor Club, nationwide nonlanded naturist organisation (7) Yellow/orange flower; also the name given to a type of rubber glove (8) Dried fruit (7) German port city (7) Doughnut-shaped bread roll (5) Encourage (4)

Would YOU like to be in the picture? MODEL RELEASE FORM I give permission for any photographs of me (insert your name/s) ............................................................................................................................. Taken by (insert photographer name or ‘self portrait’) ............................................................................................................................. Location of photographs.............................................................................. As payment, I/the photographer would like (tick ONE): q One-year online subscription (worth £29) Email address (required): ............................................................................ q £30 (via cheque, PayPal or BACS – please provide details) .............................................................................................................................

PHOTO: Charlie Simonds


ou might have noticed in that we are now featuring a selection of full-page photos at the front and back of each print issue, in addition to those in the online edition gallery. If you’d like the chance to appear in H&E, please do send your photos in! We will either pay £30 for photos published in print, or give away a year’s online subscription worth £29. Your photos must be high-quality digital images (not prints) in portrait orientation, a minimum of 21cm wide at 300dpi. Please, no indoor shots, inappropriate poses, or sunglasses/hats obscuring faces – and, above all… smile! We want to see photos of people of all genders, ages, shapes and sizes, to truly represent the diversity of naturism, so don’t be shy. Cut out or copy the form on the right and either scan it and email it with your images or post with a CD. Please note we cannot guarantee if or when your photo(s) might be printed. H&E XXXXX 2013 7979 H&E FEBRUARY 2017

Address for payment/return of photographs (please note, we do not return CDs, and there is no fee for online-only images) ............................................................................................................................. ............................................................................................................................. I/we agree to allow publication of these photographs in H&E naturist magazine, in print and online Please confirm all subjects are over 18: q Signed (subject/s)........................................................................................... Signed (photographer).................................................................................. You MUST have the photographer’s permission to use their photos. We usually pay the photographer, not the subject, so make sure you are both in agreement as to who gets the fee!

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