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You’re never too far from a great close-up. Discover the next generation ultra-telephoto zoom lens from Tamron.

SP 150-600mm F/5-6.3 Di VC USD G2 (Model A022) For Canon, Nikon and Sony* mounts Di: For APS-C format and full-frame DSLR cameras * Sony mount model without VC


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hotography is more popular than ever, and the standard of equipment that is readily accessible is extraordinary; it puts the power completely in your hands to be as creative as your imagination allows.

Every photographer, whether just starting out or already accomplished, continues to learn from every experience on their journey in photography, and there are few better ways to accelerate that learning process than spending time with expert tutors on a course. Not only will there be plenty of practical and ‘inside’ information on how to achieve the results you are after in your images, but there is something quite magical about spending time with like-minded individuals immersed in a subject you are all passionate about. There are courses in this guide to suit all levels and interests – and some of the expert tutors have kindly shared some top tips on improving your photographs in the features you will find throughout the following pages. When booking a course, make sure you find out what level it is aimed at and ask about whether the elements you are looking to learn about are covered as part of the experience. Some trips will focus more on getting you into the right place at the right time to take amazing images and less on formal learning; other courses will be more formal and less about the locations. The more questions you ask, the better the match with your aspirations will be, which works well for everyone. One thing is for sure, you will move your photography forward by engaging with an expert tutor on a course – and you may find yourself seeing photography in a whole new light.

Steve Watkins Editor, Outdoor Photography PHOTOGRAPHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 brought to you by


Designer Oliver Prentice

Advertising Kate O’Neill, Guy Stockton, Russell Higgins Production Anne Guillot, Amanda Hoag, Jim Bulley

Publisher Jonathan Grogan

Cover images: top row from left © Glencoe Photography, Create Away, Ollie Taylor. Bottom row from left © Trevor Hope Photography, Ventura.

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Join David Clapp, one of the UK’s most prominent landscape, travel, architectural and night photographers, to push your skills to an enviable standard this year. Known in the industry as a true technical and digital specialist, David is a trained teacher with over seven years experience specialising in personal tuition and running workshops to some of the world’s most exciting locations. As a leader in digital processing techniques, he teaches digital processing courses and offers online 1-2-1 training to clients across the world. David regularly works for Canon, contributes to Getty Images, premier workshop company Light and Land, as well as inspiring and presenting for the UK’s leading camera retailers. With a wealth of artistic, technical and digital knowledge, he offers an array of learning opportunities. See an array of exciting trips in 2017, both close to home and abroad, on his website. If you have reached the runners wall, or simply want to learn new skills with the very best in photographic tuition, then look no further. Push your work to a professional level this year with

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7 Landscape

Capture the perfect shot with stunning oudoor locations

57 Wildlife Learn how to photograph rare animals and birds

73 Courses with a difference Find inspiration with these specialised courses

91 Post-production Find out how to work with your images from import to printing

26 Filtering through the noise

64 21st century safari

Chris Davis provides some insights into learning skills with a photography workshop

Ann & Steve Toon explain their high-tech approach to wildlife photography safaris in southern Africa

30 The beautiful South

69 A safari getaway

Rachael Talibart captures the splendid landscapes of the south of England and sees familiar places in a new light

Jaci’s Lodges explain the variety of options available for luxury photographic safaris in South Africa

36 High tide at Mont St Michel

74 A wildlife paradise

Tim Mannakee catches the spectacular Mont St Michel from an exciting aerial shoot at sunrise

39 Images of light

Shenton Safaris describe their specialised wildlife photographic safaris in Zambia, Africa

78 Croatian colour Craig Derrick describes his journey to Croatia and the opportunities for photography in the beautiful city of Dubrovnik


John Hooton describes the impressive light and landscape of Ireland’s Dingle Peninsular

8 A winning formula

42 Capture Earth

Serge Krouglikoff considers how to achieve award-winning photographs in the Camargue

Jonathan Chritchley goes to the dusty plains of Africa and has a surprise encounter

12 A seascape story

48 Lakeland lighting

Dave Hunt shows you how to connect with the creative side of your photography

Chris Simmons shows you how to capture the perfect shot on the Cornish coastline

John Gravett shows how to prepare for all weathers in the beautiful Lake District

88 Cultural photography

19 Seeing simplicity

51 Composition in landscape

Adam Marelli describes his workshops, which put experiences first and aim to connect people and culture

Paul Gallagher describes the challenges of making minimalist photographs

Gary Groucutt provides advice on learning composition

85 Explore the artist within

22 A polar experience

58 Wildlife in Scotland

92 Understanding the art of digital printing

Aurora Expeditions offer tips and exclusive opportunities for photography at the Poles

Ron McCombe advises on gaining fieldcraft skills for photographing wildlife

Colin Reynolds shows how to create a digital workflow to enhance your images

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7 Landscape

© Ron McCombe Wildlife Photography

© Aspect2i

57 Wildlife

91 Postproduction

© Jason Cook /

© Ollie Taylor Photography

73 Courses with a difference


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Vintage Leather Trafalgar Sling Rucksack


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© Aspect2i



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A winning formula Create Away’s Serge Krouglikoff considers how to achieve award-winning photographs


think I’m in the wrong job! I’ve been a professional photographer all my life and when I started Create Away, the goal was to share with others my passion and expertise learnt throughout my career. I don’t keep photography secrets to myself in case people get a better shot than me; I am simply happy to pass on everything I know. There is nothing more satisfying than to see fantastic

© Serge Krouglikoff

images from people I have taught or simply taken to an exceptional location they would not have had access to without me. After a workshop I love to receive the favourite images from participants and I happily critique them. When you spot a particular talent in someone’s photography or an exceptional shot, there is a certain pride in helping them achieve that. We had a great guy join us a couple

of years ago – an amateur but passionate photographer. After each shoot, in the car on the way back to the hotel, he started sorting his photos in his camera into folders – ‘prize-winner’; ‘seller’; ‘review again’ and ‘bin’! By the time we got back to the hotel, his photos were filed and ready to review on his laptop – where he took it to the next level and categorised his photos once more. At the end of the

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© Ann Fulcher

workshop, he started selling his fantastic photos and reported back on the bestsellers! I was very impressed and thought, ‘I’ll take a leaf out of his book!’ Another lady joined us for a workshop and classed herself as a professional photographer. She had a good camera but I was surprised she didn’t seem to understand the settings so I helped her customise her camera so she would get the best out of the workshop. When she got to the first shoot the next day, she almost immediately put her camera back to shoot on Automatic

and JPEG! She confessed she felt happier that way and was absolutely delighted with the photos she took with us. When she got home, she informed us her images from the workshop were selling better than any of her others! No leaf out of this book, but she had such a good ‘eye’ that she simply produced amazing photos with just a click of her camera! And this leads me to the award-winners. We love to see which photos we helped to achieve, have made it all the way to the top. One lady, Ann Fulcher from Richmond, Virginia, joined us for the © Serge Krouglikoff

Ultimate Camargue workshop and from those six days, Ann was delighted to inform us that several of the photos she took with us have won awards and have been selected for juried exhibits. They are all fantastic, but the one we have selected to show you here is of a beautiful white Camargue stallion as he rises from the sea, with the sun illuminating his mane and producing golden droplets in the water – we love it! Perhaps I should give up the day job and enter competitions and sell photos myself? No, I get far too much enjoyment out of sharing everyone else’s success – well, maybe one day…


Serge Krouglikoff founded Create Away (now no.1 specialists in the Camargue) after an illustrious career in international fashion photography. Based in London, he worked at the top of the fashion industry, travelling across the globe for editorials and advertising campaigns as well as photographing many celebrities. Create Away arranges photography workshops and tours to capture the iconic Wild White Horses, Pink Flamingos, Black Bulls, Stunning Landscapes and Classic Portraits. Create Away also offers breathtaking Landscapes of Provence Villages, Lavender & Sunflower Fields, Graphic Atlantic Seascapes and exhilarating Super Yachts Regattas in Antibes & Saint Tropez on the Cote d’Azur. W: E:


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Photography Workshops, Holidays and Tours in the South of France Be inspired, improve your skills and access stunning locations with passionate, knowledgeable photographers

W | E | T + 44 (0)203 642 2448 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 10

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LANDSCAPE | UK Andy Farrer

Outdoor photography specialist – coast & country Learn from Landscape Photographer of the Year 2015 how to take your landscape photography skills to the next level. Based on the Jurassic coast in Dorset, Andy provides training in both the artistic and technical aspects of producing images. He offers one-to-one personal tuition of capture, processing and printing. He also runs group workshops in the UK and abroad and is a tutor for Light & Land.

Alan Ranger Photography

Landscape photography workshops to inspire Join award winning, professional photographer, Alan Ranger on a landscape workshop. These workshops embrace a myriad of stunning outdoor settings across the UK. In the quiet and charm of nature, you are given the opportunity to illustrate your artistic vision through clever use of the camera and your personal interpretation of subject matter. Shoot on location and you experience the exhilaration of refining your photography skills outdoors. Learn and apply technical theory to convey the intrinsic feeling of each location; produce your own intriguing and daring photographs that will enchant for years to come. Available throughout the year, the carefully planned landscape workshops are an ideal chance to savour the fun and expertise of hands-on support from a renowned workshop practitioner. Options for half-day to six-day excursions with or without accommodation to Devon, the Lake District, Wales, the Peak District, Northumberland, Norfolk, Dorset, Midlands and the South West. Alan provides a full range of tuition including: private tuition, online mentoring and courses.

W: E: T: 0781 648 3448

W: E: T: 0781 701 7994


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A seascape story Aim to capture the perfect shot on the Cornish coa line with Chris Simmons


own on a magnificent Cornish tideline dawn approaches. Incoming waves swirl around your tripod as the sky gains colour and definition. Through the DSLR’s viewfinder you level the horizon and settle filter positions. Re-checking your manual settings, you press the cable release and fire off a tester. The histogram’s good and zooming-in shows your hyper-focal adjustment is keeping everything pin sharp. Now comes the wait… You arrived on location to greet the first hint of light in the east. Now, with some good long exposures complete, the ebbing tide is nearing a perfect stage for this next shot. A glance skyward shows the gap in that bank of cloud is edging to where the sun will rise. What your composition needs now is for the next wave set to run in. And that should be at any moment by Chris’s timing. Anticipation grows with the superb light. You constantly monitor metering and fill-in flash to correctly expose the foreground detail. ‘Don’t overcook your highlights,’

Chris had warned earlier. So as the light increases you lessen exposure but push the flash. Remembering something else he said, you re-check the filters are spotlessly clear because, ‘The tiniest spec will ruin your image when shooting into the sun.’ Your adrenaline spikes as glorious golden rays bloom high into the cloud base. The ND9 Med/Hard Grad and No.2 Coral filter picks-up the colour and definition perfectly. And now here comes ‘your’ wave… it tumbles over the rocks, stalls, swirls and ‘click’. The second curtain flash pops, the shutter closes yet it seems like an age before the display lights up and you’ve got the shot! The 1/3 second exposure has perfectly captured the receding sweep. It looks great in the camera’s screen, so you can’t wait to see it on the iMac’s 27in retina display in Chris’s studio. Patience and timing, plus your workshop host’s local knowledge and advice has brought you to this hugely rewarding point. The third morning of your One-to-One course and this new image will

join the many from your previous outings, when out shooting all the golden hours and so much more. You breathe the salted air deep with satisfaction and a distant delicious waft of sizzling bacon reminds you you’re starving. Looking back across the beach, you can see Chris cooking at the back of the Land Rover. It’s a welcome call from him that lets you know your ‘al fresco’ breakfast is ready. After that, it’s off to the next superb location…

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Dawning Glow – a stunning daybreak on The Lizard. If you want to make this your story, then get in touch with Chris Simmons. It’s what his One-to-One Seascape Workshops are all about.

All year round, DSLR photographers of all ages and levels are invited to stay at his home on the Atlantic Coast of Cornwall for two, three, four or

five nights. Here he helps them hone their manual camera handling and RAW and Photoshop skills on the UK’s fi nest coastline.


After developing his camera and darkroom skills in college, Chris moved to London and a career in advertising as an art director. He was at the birth of the digital studio, and added digital photography to his commercial offering. Outside marketing, as full-frame DSLR cameras came into their own Chris travelled widely around the UK and abroad building a body of ‘vista’ seascape work. In 2011, he won the ‘Cornish Point of View’ award. In 2013 he moved to Cornwall to live the dream and started his own workshops. In both 2015 and 2016 Chris has been shortlisted for Outdoor Photographer Of The Year. W: E: PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 13

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05/12/2016 09:46

LANDSCAPE | UK Chris Simmons Photography

Cornish seascapes – one-to-one workshops with Chris Simmons

Chris Davis Photography

Creative landscape photography & post production Chris Davis is offering a complete set of workshops designed to target all your photographic and post processing needs. Tutored by Chris, you’ll get all the knowledge and motivation needed to move your photography on to the next level and achieve your goals. You can join Chris for a one-to-one or alternatively look to join us on one of our multiday workshops at stunning locations including Cornwall, Devon, Scotland, Lake District, Iceland and the Dolomites. Chris will give expert in-the-fi eld advice on how to set up your camera effi ciently, capturing the perfect RAW file. He will help you look beyond the technical aspects of the camera and focus on the creative aspect of landscape photography, which will help you capture beautiful shots.

Come and hone your seascape DSLR photography and postproduction skills on Cornwall’s magnifi cent coastline. Awardwinning photographer Chris Simmons invites you to explore Cornwall’s best coastal locations on a two, three, four or fi ve-day seascape holiday adventure. Learn location approach and select the best ways to capture superb images. From composition, manual settings and filtering, through to advanced Photoshop techniques, your workshop will be a hugely rewarding experience. Read the reviews on his website to get a true insight into what you can expect.

W: E: T: 01637 831251

W: E: T: 0044 759 057 2008

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LANDSCAPE | UK Ocean Capture

Fine art photography in the best water locations worldwide Ocean Capture was formed in 2007 by established fine art photographer Jonathan Chritchley. It now runs 20–30 tours and workshops every year to over 20 different countries worldwide.

Highland Photography

Landscape & wildlife adventures Join award winning photographer and qualifi ed mountain leader, Chris Stuart, for a landscape or wildlife photography adventure. Opt for easy walks or guiding to wild and remote locations. Experience a variety of wildlife species according to seasons. Small groups or one-to-one tuition is available or courses can be tailored to suit you. Location planning, digital techniques in the fi eld and image processing for web and print are all covered.

W: E: T: 07850 915042

With other much-respected names in photography such as Michael Levin, Ted Leeming, Morag Paterson and Eddie Ephraums on board, a rebooking rate of over 85%, and with a strong sense of style, creativity and customer satisfaction – Ocean Capture is now a major reference in the photography tour and workshops world.

W: E: T: +33 671 003 769


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LANDSCAPE | UK Photograph West Cornwall Photographic Workshops in West Cornwall

Dawn 2 Dusk Photography

Develop your landscape photography skills! Dawn 2 Dusk Photography is run by three of the UK’s leading, award winning landscape photographers – Mark Bauer, Adam Burton and Ross Hoddinott. They provide a variety of residential and one-day workshops. Throughout each workshop, the tutors are on hand to offer friendly, practical and individual advice on subjects like exposure, filtration, sharpness, composition and creativity. Beginner or enthusiast, the workshops are designed to help develop your skills as a landscape photographer, while visiting some of the most picturesque locations in the UK. With a maximum group size of 10, a high level of personal attention is guaranteed. We hope you can join us.

Workshops designed to help you improve your photography, whatever your ability. Based close to St Ives we are conveniently located to take you to many beautiful locations in West Cornwall. Workshops run on a one-to-one basis, or for up to three friends – and can be tailored for between one and five days. Photograph coastal landscapes, fishing villages, ancient monuments, or tin mines. Choose the locations you wish to photograph or leave the choice to us.

W: E: info@ T: 07973 321181

W: E: T: 01288 321387

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12/12/2016 14:15

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 17

05/12/2016 09:47

18 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 18

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Seeing simplicity Paul Gallagher of Aspect2i describes the challenges of making minimalist photographs


rying to make photographs that are simple is more complicated than you would think. When faced with a landscape, most people experience an array of emotional responses triggered by their senses. We smell the air, feel the cold, hear the wind blowing but most of all; our eyes see almost 180° of vision and amazingly understand it instantaneously. For photographers to make minimalist photographs, they must fi rst begin to see things as simple structures. Only then can they begin to consider where to place the tripod and point the camera. Photographers must also identify the shapes, patterns and rhythms within the landscape and how they interact and position themselves within the frame of the camera. I often say it is as important what you exclude from the frame as what you include in the frame. Therefore distillation is the key to success. When faced with all the individual elements of a landscape, the photographer must train their eye to select only a small number of vital elements.

with a clearer visual statement that reveal more about you as a photographer. Good luck with the complex world of simplicity.


So the next time you venture out with your camera, start by choosing only three elements that you feel would make a good landscape photograph and do not allow any more in the composition. As difficult as it may appear at first you will slowly edge towards images

Paul Gallagher has been a landscape photographer for over 30 years and is co-founder of Aspect2i, one of the leading landscape photography workshop providers in the UK. He is regarded as one of the foremost tutors and lecturers in fieldcraft and printing and is the author of three books discussing landscape photography. W: E:


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12/12/2016 12:19

LANDSCAPE | UK f11 Workshops Sussex and Surrey landscapes

We offer day workshops and tours for all levels of experience. With small groups of no more than four to one tutor, you come first. Our itineraries are devised by leader Rachael Talibart, based on her own in-depth knowledge of each location – gleaned over many years of living or taking photographs there herself. Rachael does not make her own images while leading workshops, so that she can fully concentrate on you. Discover new locations on your doorstep in the company of a photographer named as one of ‘the best outdoor photographers working in the UK today’ (Outdoor Photography, June

2016). Feedback includes: “Thank you for a great workshop yesterday. The day was full of advice, help, interesting locations and banter; the time went far too quickly. I came home shattered but with lots of ideas and wanting to do more.

Thank you for sharing your knowledge and expertise so freely.” – F. Hocking

W: E: T: 020 3051 6774

Image Seen

Creative landscape photography workshops

Run by leading landscape photographer, Sarah Howard, Image Seen specialises in small group workshops. Locations include the Cotswolds, Cornwall, Dorset’s Jurassic coast, the Lake District, Northumberland and the north Yorkshire coast. Whatever your level of ability, our workshops are designed to both challenge and inspire you.

With our expert guidance and friendly hands-on tuition, you will gain a greater understanding of your camera, improve your compositional skills and refine your technique to enable you to produce more satisfying and creative images.

Join us and take your photography to the next level.

W: E: T: 07760 498112

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05/12/2016 09:47

LANDSCAPE | UK Lakeland Photographic Holidays

Landscape photography in the Lake District Lakeland Photographic Holidays runs a range of photographic workshops from the end of January through to the beginning of December, all based in the English Lake District. The workshops suit all levels of photography and fi tness. We offer a Young Persons workshop in July, ideal for Gold Duke of Edinburgh Awards, regular landscape and fully escorted landscape workshops, active walking and limited walking workshops and two specialist workshops – Black & White and Photoshop for Landscape photographers. See our website for workshop dates and details.

W: E: T: 017687 78459

Trevor Hope Photography Impressions in the landscape

The course offers a new way of looking at the landscape from tiny details to sweeping panoramas. Our courses offer a softer, more impressionistic (sometimes abstract) view to complement the more traditional capture of the landscape. Courses are made up of small groups of around six. They are held along the south coast of England from Brighton to the New Forest. We will explore some different techniques as well as looking at pinhole and plastic lenses. As photographers we spend a lot of time and effort getting to our chosen viewpoint, so it makes sense to add a little extra value if we can.

W: E: T: 07514 231066 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 21

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12/12/2016 12:22

A polar experience Discover the world of polar photography with Aurora Expeditions and their expert guides.

Photographing icy landscapes in Antarctica.


ntarctica and the Arctic both offer fantastic photographic opportunities. The leaders in polar adventures, Aurora Expeditions, offer a series of exclusive journeys featuring photography workshops run by some of the world’s leading polar and nature photographers. They are the experts in what you will see, do and experience on a photography expedition to the Polar regions.

WILDLIFE From the shore, on the ship’s bow, or from our excursion crafts; opportunities for over-the-top wildlife photography are plentiful. Antarctica offers soaring albatross, proposing penguins and inquisitive seals, whilst the Arctic is renowned for the mighty polar bear, toothwalking walrus, and other wildlife such as musk ox, Arctic fox and reindeer.

© Michael Baynes

LANDING ASHORE With multiple daily landings, you have ample time to set up your tripod along the shoreline to snap wildlife or the stunning scenery, or enjoy guided walks and hikes to visit amazing landscapes. Our guides offer support on shore to make sure you capture that perfect shot. ICEBERG CRUISING Our trusty inflatable rubber boats, called Zodiacs, cruise

22 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 22

05/12/2016 09:47

a safe distance from the aqua-blue glaciers and intricately sculptured icebergs. They are the perfect platform to cruise up close to capture the magical colours of the ice. Aurora Expeditions operate photography workshops in both Antarctica and the Arctic, catering to both amateurs and the more serious photographer. On-board professional photographers will assist on how to get the most out of your equipment and the unique Antarctic conditions. Each expedition is limited to just 54 passengers. TOP TIPS Aurora Expeditions polar photography guide Joshua Holko – also the 2015 Arctic Photographer of the Year – shares his tips and philosophies for shooting in a polar environment. Equipment: Use weather sealed cameras or weatherproof covers for your camera gear. Having the right equipment for yourself is as important as having the right camera equipment. Be prepared and dress for bad weather. Preparation: Know your camera gear intimately. If you are fumbling with buttons your photography will suffer. Patience: Give yourself a chance to get in tune with the landscape. Spend some time just looking before you start taking pictures. It takes time to get in the rhythm of the landscape and really ‘see’ powerful images. Wait for good light. Wait for wildlife to be active.

© Chris Van Hove

Polar bear in the Arctic Technique: Don’t always go for the super wideangle shot because it looks more dramatic on the camera’s LCD. Try different focal lengths and compositions. Look for leading lines in the landscape to help convey a sense of depth and bring the image to life. Purpose: Think about what it is you are trying to say with your photography and look past the clichéd postcard. The strongest images are often the simplest and are those that leave the viewer wanting more. Finally, remember the landscape and nature photography are more often about what we exclude from the frame rather than what

we include. Consider simplifying the frame when you are composing the image. A photograph that leaves the viewer asking questions is far more interesting than just a pretty picture. Josh will be leading complementary photography workshops on selected Antarctic and Arctic expeditions in 2017.


For more information contact Aurora Expeditions on 020 7978 4534, email info@ or visit © Anthony Ponzo

A Gentoo penguin in Antarctica PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 23

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 23

05/12/2016 09:47


Photograph the wilderness of Scotland Whether you are photographing along a rugged coastline, standing beneath towering mountains, exploring the vast forests or soaking up the tranquility on the lochside, Scotland’s landscape is unmatched in many ways. Aspect2i has specialised in workshops in Scotland for many years and our leaders will be there for you on a one-to-one basis. On all of our Scotland workshops we cover the full journey of photography from fieldcraft, though post processing to digital printing.

W: E: T: 0345 505 1455

Dave Hunt Photography

Individual and small group tuition The Scottish Highlands offer many hidden locations that are gems where we can get away from the crowds and explore our personal style of photography. Based in Highland Perthshire means locations such as Rannoch Moor and Glencoe, as well as many of Perthshire’s munroes, glens and lochs, are within easy reach. Being part of a small group of 3–5 fellow photographers, or an individual working with a professional fine art photographer – will not only give you the opportunity to fine tune your individual camera skills, but also help you explore a personal style in your work. Our workshops can cover all aspects of image creation from understanding your vision through to studying light and composition, then post-production and printing. Traditionally working with DSLR and bridge cameras we may also use smart phones and film from 35mm to 5in x 4in. The emphasis will be to learn essential photographic skills, then developing your personal image creativity.

W: E: T: 07887 588 573

24 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 24

05/12/2016 09:48


Beginners’ courses and advanced workshops The Digital Dawn has been in business since 2005 offering high-quality landscape photography workshops. We have courses specifically for beginners through to advanced compositional workshops. Our groups are never more than five, so you receive one-to-one tuition at the right level for you. In 2016, 95% of all our bookings were returning photographers. The workshops are based in the Highlands of Scotland at hotels with a good standard of food and comfort and no shared rooms. Included in the workshop fee is unlimited email and telephone advice afterwards, plus a free mentoring service.

W: E: T: 01748 821041

Glencoe Photography Tailored tuition and guiding Specialising in one-to-one or two-to-one tuition that is tailored to your individual requirements, Glencoe Photography gives you the flexibility to creatively explore the landscape of the Scottish Highlands. Experience the grandeur of Glencoe, the rugged remoteness of Rannoch Moor and the iconic mountain views of Buachaille Etive Mor. Be inspired by the everchanging moods and the magical light of the Highland landscape. Glencoe Photography is run by professional photographers Karl Griffin and Dave Cuthbertson. It was the local scenery of the Highlands the changing moods and unique light of Glencoe that first inspired them to pursue their passion for landscapes.

W: E: T: 07769 809236


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05/12/2016 09:48

Filtering through the noise


Chris Davis provides some insights into learning skills with a photography workshop

hat do you want from a photography workshop? It is a question each of you will have your own answer to. Are you looking to go to locations with like-minded people? Do you want to improve compositions? Are you looking to master the technical side of your camera? What about using filters? Do you want to learn Lightroom and Photoshop? Are you looking for inspiration because you’ve hit a brick wall? Maybe you don’t know, but you do know you want to take your photography to the next level, but don’t know where to start. My background is as an award-winning digital artist. I have worked in advertising for the last 16 years and photography has always played a large part. My interest in landscape photography as an art form began about six years ago. Having worked in a role producing professional

standard imagery I wanted my landscape images to have that same professional quality. Initially I set out on a journey to find out why my images weren’t coming out the way I wanted them to. What I discovered is that there’s a lot of information out there and it is becoming harder and harder to filter what is relevant through all the noise. Knowing what I didn’t need to know was becoming as important as what I did! As I am now gaining success and recognition as a published landscape photographer, I want to be able to help other aspiring landscape photographers cut through the noise and reach their potential. This year I am offering a series of workshops and one-to-one sessions in stunning locations around the UK. Come and join me and let me help you take your photography and processing

skills to the next level. With the group workshops limited to 3–4 guests there will be plenty of time to spend with each participant and really get to grips with what it is you need to focus on. I aim to help and inspire you to make the move forward with photography that you want.


Chris Davis has worked as a digital artist for the last 16 years creating award-winning imagery for UK and global advertising campaigns for companies such as Ford, BMW, Land Rover and many others. Now focusing as a landscape photographer based in the UK, he is offering tuition in the field and on the computer at stunning locations in the UK and around Europe. W: E: chris@chrisdavis-photography. com

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05/12/2016 09:48

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 27

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Tim Wilcock Photography

Inspiring landscape photography tuition on Skye Come to one of the most photogenic locations in the UK, the Isle of Skye, for your landscape photography workshops and one-to-one tuition. As one of the leading Skyebased photographers, Tim Wilcock’s local knowledge and expertise will ensure you reach the next level with your photography – with friendly, personal attention guaranteed. From concept through to capture and on to post-processing you will receive expert advice and tutoring. With sunrises, sunsets, seascapes, waterfalls, mountains, lochs and glens,you will be inspired by the beautiful surroundings of Skye and Tim’s tuition.

W: E: T: 01478 611664

John Hooton Images

Landscape/seascape courses in Dingle

Wilderness Gardens/ Jan Holm

Scottish landscape workshops Take a walk on the wild side with Jan Holm. Take part in one-to-one tuition in the heart of the Cairngorms National Park in Scotland, with lochs, mountains and Caledonian forest on the doorstep. As an experienced photographer and tutor, Jan will guide you through the creative process to create stunning photographs. Based in Boat of Garten, near Aviemore, Jan is friendly and flexible. Open all year round, he can offer affordable packages with Bed & Breakfast for you and your partner – and a photography course tailored to suit your requirements.

John Hooton is one of Ireland’s most distinguished landscape/ seascape photographers. Join him on the beautiful Dingle Peninsula and capture the untamed beauty of this area. John’s invaluable local knowledge will take you off the beaten track to some of the finest locations. Together with great accommodation and warm hospitality, this is a trip not to be missed.

W: E: T: 00353 87 2516042

W: E: T: 07738 000876

28 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 28

05/12/2016 09:48

LANDSCAPE | EUROPE Cheryl Hamer Photography Iceland

Create Away Photography Workshops

Provence villages; lavender & sunflowers Shortlisted in Landscape Photographer of the Year 2017. There’s nowhere more iconic than Iceland as a photographic destination – and it’s difficult to find the superlatives to really do this place justice. Suffice it to say Cheryl’s tours are designed to give you every opportunity to photograph at all the most iconic locations. September 2017: Autumn Tundra Colour & the Aurora Borealis. February 2018: Winter Landscape & the Aurora Borealis. BOOK NOW for 8 days all from the amazing price of £2,300, including all transport and tuition, flights and top class hotels. “I’ve just had the two most amazing days of my photography life, so thank you.” – Neil B

Swathes of lavender looking like purple velvet – splashed with Van Gogh’s yellow sunflowers – sweeping through the valleys of Provence is a once-a-year experience not to be missed. Perched high on the hillsides above the fields lie the picturesque honey-coloured stone villages of Provence and the Luberon. Many famous artists came to this region to paint endless canvasses of the vibrant colours in extraordinary light. They would have enjoyed its extraordinary cuisine too! You’ll find an idyllic setting for photographing iconic, award-winning landscapes that will take your breath away.

W: E: T: 020 3642 2448

Ian Middleton Photography

Photography workshops in Slovenia and the UK Learn photography in Slovenia amidst stunning alpine mountains. Capture sunrises and sunsets reflected in glacial lakes dotted with castles and churches. Practice your long exposures on fast-flowing rivers and waterfalls, learn ‘blue hour’ techniques with illuminated lakeside and hilltop churches at dawn or dusk with mountain backdrops. Photograph a beautiful island church on a misty morning. You can also learn coastal photography along Dorset’s beautiful Jurassic coast in the UK.

W: ianmiddletonphotography. com/tours T: 0794 1951884

W: E: T: 07837 014534


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 29

05/12/2016 09:48

The beautiful South


Capture the splendid landscape of Britain’s southern counties with f11’s Rachael Talibart

he indigo of night is giving way to paler blue and a faint hint of pink hovers above the horizon. It’s early morning and I’m on my way to a day’s photography at one of my favourite locations – the beautiful East Sussex coast, home of towering white cliffs, lighthouses and, on occasion, some serious surf. I shoot on the south coast almost every week and, still, my pulse quickens as the sea first comes into view. This is where I grew up and I know this place well. Today, I’m lucky; an onshore

wind whips up the sea and sunlight breaks through scudding clouds. But even if the weather is less dramatic, there’s always something to do down here; the coast is a very dynamic place to photograph. We are lucky living in the British Isles. It’s hard to think of many countries where such varied landscapes are available within a short journey time. From the magnificent cliffs of the Sussex coast to the peaceful waterways and forests of Surrey and beyond, there’s more than enough to satisfy even the most

demanding photographer. Photography tourism has never been more popular and it’s a super experience to travel to the world’s great locations. However, we overlook our local places at our cost. When we travel, we’re conscious we may never revisit, so we look for the classic compositions; we are photography tourists. When we shoot closer to home, we can relax in the knowledge that we may return. The classic shots can be taken but then we can move on to explore more unusual viewpoints and techniques, maybe to capture

30 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 30

05/12/2016 09:48

more intimate details with a longer lens or to experiment with long exposures or intentional camera movement. When I’m not capturing images for myself, I lead day workshops in Surrey and East & West Sussex. These are places I know very well indeed, having lived or worked there myself. I fi rmly believe in the benefits of shooting locally and, although I also travel, most of my portfolio was captured in the south of England. I know the best places for specific conditions, the ideal tides, wind directions and weather – and I love sharing these places with my clients.

Taking only small groups means I can tailor the day to the needs of the individual, whether you are an experienced photographer looking for a good day out in great locations or if you are at an earlier stage and would like some more technical tuition. Each of us sees the world in a unique way; this is the joy of photography. I’d like to encourage you to find your own point of view, to try new things and explore, rather than churning out more versions of standard compositions. I always hope you will return to the places we visit and I make sure you know how

to get there if you do. I am proud that clients rebook with me, again and again, and I hope their testimonials on the website speak for themselves.


Rachael Talibart is a fine art photographer with a passion for capturing images at the coast. She is co-founder of f11 workshops, providing day workshops in Surrey and East & West Sussex. Rachael also exhibits frequently and is an experienced public speaker. W: E:


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 31

05/12/2016 09:48

Tailor-made photo tours, opening your eyes to the hidden gems of the Adriatic.

Get up close and personal with some breathtaking natural beauties and make memories to last a lifetime... 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 32

05/12/2016 09:48

ft gi ers ct ph rfe ra pe og A hot rp fo

Photography workshops from Park Cameras • Wide range of courses available at our Burgess Hill & Central London stores • Day long, half day or evening courses • Professionally led studio workshops • Bespoke individual training • Courses from only £20!

Use voucher code HC -2017-15 via our website, an d save 15% off any workshop / cour se Forthcoming courses & workshops • Camera specific courses: Canon EOS 80D, 7D Mk II & 5D Mark IV • Advanced lighting workshops • Post production • Understanding your DSLR • London Photo Walks

Please see website for full range of courses. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro. E&OE. Please mention “Holidays and Courses Guide 2017” when booking from this advert. Voucher ends 31.12.17



• GREAT STORES in London & West Sussex • EXPERT STAFF - experts in photography • EXTENSIVE RANGE of products in stock • COMPETITIVE PRICING across leading brands • UK STOCK • AWARD WINNING customer service

Visit our website - updated daily

or phone us Monday - Saturday

01444 23 70 34

Please see website for opening hours. We accept Visa, Mastercard, Maestro. All products are UK stock. E&OE. Please mention “Holidays and Courses Guide 2017” when ordering from us. PHOTOGR APHY *Free Delivery available on orders over £50 to a UK mainland address

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 33


05/12/2016 09:48


Fine art photography in the best water locations worldwide

Create Away Photography Workshops

Ocean Capture was formed in 2007 by established fine art photographer Jonathan Chritchley. It now runs 20–30 tours and workshops every year to over 20 different countries worldwide.

Long exposure seascapes

Accomplish both black & white and colour on these minimalist workshops on the southern Atlantic coast of France (in the spring and autumn). Capture graphic fishing huts on stilts and the stakes of the Cap Ferret oyster beds as they stretch out across the wild, untamed bay. Capture picture-perfect Arcachon with its inland sea, the colour of a lagoon and crowned by the impressive ‘Dune Du Pilat’. Take stunning images of limestone cliffs, swathes of marshland and white sand abandoned by the tides. Perfect your long-exposure photography with this striking landscapes workshop.

Neil A White Photography Workshops and Tours

Develop landscape photography skills in Iceland With other much-respected names in photography such as Michael Levin, Ted Leeming, Morag Paterson and Eddie Ephraums on board, a rebooking rate of over 85%, and with a strong sense of style, creativity and customer satisfaction – Ocean Capture is now a major reference in the photography tour and workshops world.

W: E: T: +33 671 003 769

W: E: T: 020 3642 2448

Iceland is a landscape photographer’s dream in a world of varying colours and rugged beauty, where two of the earth’s continental plates collide. Midnight sun in the summer time and the northern lights during the winter will keep any photographer memorised. Our tours are a mixture of improving your photography and experiencing this unique landscape with its magical light. Locations include glaciers, waterfalls and caves – with a good chance of shooting the Aurora Borealis. There will be many opportunities to take photos of a lifetime while sharing the adventure and experience with like-minded photographers in a fun and relaxed environment. Small group sizes ensure personal attention with expert advice and feedback. All levels welcome.

W: E: T: 079844 30754 34 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 34

05/12/2016 09:48

LANDSCAPE | EUROPE Tim Mannakee Photography

Wild Photography Holidays

We’ve now been based in France for 25 years and offer eight different photo workshops in different parts of the country. From misty mornings in the Dordogne to the enchanting lighthouses of Brittany, from rows of lavender in Provence to the red cliffs of Corsica, you’ll be taking some of the most original photos of your life. All tours are led by professional travel photographer Tim Mannakee, who makes every effort to help you get the best shots. You won’t forget the adventures and laughter we share together, making each tour an unforgettable experience.

Photography holidays and workshops visiting inspirational locations: Iceland, Greenland, Spain, Scotland and Norway. Expert guidance with friendly professionals enables you to create magical landscape images including the aurora in Greenland, Iceland and Lofoten. Participant care and safety is key to all our tours. Our tutors have great organisational skills plus the ability to look after people in remote, epic locations! Post-processing tuition enables participants to return with a portfolio of professionally finished images. Participating on one of our tours is fun and a great learning experience with like-minded people. Come and see for yourselves.

Experts in landscape photography in France

ATOL protected tours & workshops worldwide


Photo workshops tours


Our photo workshops tours combine a fabulous holiday with a creative learning experience, travelling with a small group of like-minded people, while experiencing beautiful locations, amazing food, wine and culture. For beginners and enthusiasts, tuition throughout is fun and informative with a blend of hands-on learning, discussions and inspiration; the perfect way to learn and improve your photography skills. Our European destinations include Venice, Rome, Cinque Terre, Florence, Bruges and Abruzzo.

W: E: T: (00) +33 633 17 64 93

W: E: T: 07779 008990

W: E: enquiry@ T: 01630 647828

Ventura is part of Mango Holidays Limited | ATOL 6200


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 35

05/12/2016 09:49

High tide at Mont St Michel Catch the spectacular Mont St Michel from an aerial view at sunrise with Tim Mannakee


hen the spring tide coincides with the equinox, the tidal range around Mont St. Michel (the Mount) can exceed 13 metres. For a short time the mount is surrounded by water, with only the newly constructed bridge keeping it from being completely isolated.

I thought this would make an excellent subject for a photo workshop, so I scheduled it for late September. The plan was to shoot it from every conceivable angle and make full use of the high water. On my recce trip I’d contacted an ultralight company to organise some

flights. The plan would be to shoot the mount at sunrise from overhead when the tide would be at its highest. We’d go up two at a time in two separate planes and spend around 20 minutes circling the island. Fortunately, everyone in the group was keen to take part, the weather looked good

36 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 36

14/12/2016 14:28

“The Mount was bathed in soft light and cast a long shadow across the sea. The scene was set for some exciting aerial photography.” and the conditions were perfect for flying. An ultralight offers a stable platform with good visibility, but I still recommended to shoot with 1/1000 second shutter speed to avoid camera shake. A shallow depth of field is adequate as there is no foreground and the subject is at least 300 metres away. The Mount was bathed in soft light and cast a long shadow across the sea. The scene was set for some exciting aerial photography. Suffice to say that everyone thoroughly enjoyed the experience and managed to take some excellent photos. Still buzzing from our action-packed morning, we ventured into the surrounding marshland, which had been partially flooded. Previously empty

ditches and ponds were now full, providing opportunities to shoot reflections. The bracken was orange and hundreds of sheep had been released back into the marshes. We looked for interesting shapes such as ‘S’-curves and tried to use them as lead-in lines to the distant mount. Approximately 6 hours after high tide, the sea had receded to reveal miles of mud and sand. Day-trippers took part in walking tours, walking barefoot into the estuary whilst we slid around looking for reflections in the shallow pools. You have to keep an eye on the time, however, because when the water comes in, it moves at the speed of a galloping horse. We finished the day by shooting the mount during the

blue hour, when it is illuminated and reflected in the high water. This was the perfect end to a perfect day. As one member of the group said, ‘I wouldn’t have missed it for the world.’


Tim Mannakee is an accomplished photographer and tour leader with over 25 years of experience in the travel business. He has lived in south-west France since 1992 and runs photo tours and workshops throughout the year on 4 continents. When not running tours, he supplies images for travel stock libraries and regularly accepts commissions for work, principally in France. W: E:


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 37

14/12/2016 14:28

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 38

05/12/2016 09:49

Images of light John Hooton invites you to experience the Dingle Peninsula in Ireland


eorge Bernard Shaw called it ‘the land of dreams’. Stretching 49 kilometres into the Atlantic Ocean the Dingle Peninsula with its captivating beauty, impressive mountains, miles of sandy beaches and hedgerows of fuchsia welcomes visitors from all corners of the world. The Dingle landscape, moulded by the intense wind and rain of the Atlantic Ocean offers photographers a rare opportunity to discover great locations for images. For the last 30 years John has been captivated by the varying light and mood of Ireland’s Atlantic coastline. Exploring this region has offered him an insight into the way our landscape has transformed and evolved over centuries and he has invaluable local knowledge. There is a challenge to be in the right place at the right time. From Tralee on its northern coast to Inch on its southern shores, John brings small groups of

photographers to lesser known locations not usually visited by the ordinary tourist. Be prepared for early mornings to witness the sunrise over vast expanses of beach and late evenings when the setting sun falls behind the Blasket Islands. John does not depend totally on Photoshop and endeavours to do most of his work on location. During his weekend courses John will discuss his photographic style and work with emphasis on composition, light and the use of filters. He will take participants ‘off the beaten track’ and seek out the best light at the best time. Staying at John’s 4-star holiday home these workshops are open to photographers of all levels. A warm welcome is guaranteed. For those who

want to extend their weekend it is possible to stay on for an extra few days or arrive a few days early to get your bearings. Places are limited, so do check out our website for 2017 dates.


John Hooton FRPS, M.FIAP, FIPF is

widely regarded as one of Ireland’s most renowned landscape and seascape photographers. His work has been exhibited throughout Ireland, the UK and mainland Europe. John has won numerous prestigious awards including a London Salon Medal , FIAP and PSA awards for his work. John enjoys nothing more than sharing his love of photography with others. W: E:


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 39

05/12/2016 09:49

LANDSCAPE | EUROPE Adriatic Images

Discover magical Dubrovnik

Tim Mannakee Photography

Landscape & travel photography worldwide

Craig Derrick is a UK photographer living and working in Dubrovnik, Croatia. With these tailor-made photo tours he will open your eyes to the hidden beauty in this pearl of the Adriatic. The key to his engaging tours around this picturesque region is his unique inside knowledge. Not only will you locate some of the gems of the region but you also will gain some fascinating local knowledge. Having owned a successful photo studio in the UK, awardwinning photographer Craig Derrick has worked with all levels of photographers and his images have featured on magazine covers and solo exhibitions.

Tuscany in the Autumn: 21–27 October, 2017 Tuscany in the Spring: 9–15 May, 2018 Join Tim Mannakee in Tuscany in the autumn or spring and photograph its stunning landscape and architecture. Stay in a beautiful hotel in the heart of the Val d’Orcia with its rolling hills and valleys and enjoy delicious food and wine. We’ll work hard to ensure you take the best possible images during your holiday, all in the spirit of fun and adventure. The group size will be 6 maximum.

W: E: T: (00) +33 633 17 64 93

During the warmer summer months Dubrovnik is a magnet for the travellers and tourists. Craig Derrick will give you freedom with motorbike tours designed to make the most of your time in the area. With half-day, one-day and two-day tours, the choice is yours. Whether it is a stunning sunset, historic treasure or panoramic landscape you will escape the crowds and have time to get the most from your camera while exploring Dubrovnik’s dramatic delights.

W: E: T: +385 (0)91 254 4673

40 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 40

05/12/2016 09:49


Ocean Capture

Worldwide photography workshops Landscape photography is about adventure and experiencing as many of the amazing landscapes of the world as you can with your camera. Aspect2i is leading several workshops in some of the most aweinspiring locations in the world, where you will be in the safe hands of world-class workshop leaders – who will ensure you get the very best photographs during your time there. This year we are heading to Hokkaido in Japan, Myanmar, the Yellow Mountains of China, Canada and the USA. If you want to take the trip of a lifetime then we hope to see you soon!

Fine art photography in the best water locations worldwide Ocean Capture was formed in 2007 by established fine art photographer Jonathan Chritchley. It now runs 20–30 tours and workshops every year to over 20 different countries worldwide.

W: E: T: 0345 505 1455

With other much-respected names in photography such as Michael Levin, Ted Leeming, Morag Paterson and Eddie Ephraums on board, a rebooking rate of over 85%, and with a strong sense of style, creativity and customer satisfaction – Ocean Capture is now a major reference in the photography tour and workshops world.

W: E: T: +33 671 003 769


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 41

05/12/2016 09:49

Capture Earth Fine Art Photographer Jonathan Chritchley faces his fears whil in South Africa


ow I don’t consider myself to be a person who scares particularly easily; I mean, for goodness’ sake, I have leaned out of helicopters and fast moving powerboats to shoot classic sailing yachts; I’ve stood on top of cliffs in gale force winds to shoot seascapes; I’ve even lain in front of a galloping herd of horses as they bear down on me at terrifying speed. So why is it, as I write this to you, am I literally shivering with fear – completely incapable of rational thought. Petrified! Well, I’ll tell you, but let me first let set the scene: I am a sea lover; always have been, and have been fortunate enough to carve a career from making photographs in that environment. Yet like many others, I have a fascination for the dusty plains of Africa with its indigenous animals and its people. I first came to Africa in 1991 and have been back many times since, sometimes to work with the fishing dhows along the east coast, but more often to travel to the wildlife parks

and shoot the incredible wildlife; not professionally you understand – not even that well to be honest – but as an activity purely for the pleasure of doing so. It was on a recent visit to South Africa, to a beautiful private lodge part-owned by a friend of mine, that I came up with the idea of organising an exclusive wildlife photography event. Four of the world’s top fine art wildlife photographers come together for one week in

just taken place by the time you read this. Now back to the story. I decided to come down here to South Africa a couple of times in the run-up to the event, to familiarise myself with the terrain and discuss some ideas. On this occasion I had been allotted a luxury tented ‘suite’, which is so far from the main lodge that I nicknamed it ‘The Orkneys’. I have been out shooting today, working with giraffe, which I love, lying on a canvas sheet in the bush and waiting as they try and work out (a) what I am, and (b) if I’m any danger to them. This was a wonderful process and felt strangely familiar as the graceful necks of these magnificent animals resembled masts of ancient sailing boats cutting through the wide African sky. On arriving back at the lodge, and having enjoyed a wonderful dinner by the fire, I was escorted by an armed guard back to ‘The Orkneys’. After a hot shower in the luxury bathroom, I quickly fell asleep… until an hour ago. It is now 3am

“Like many others I have a fascination for the dusty plains of Africa with its indigenous animals” this beautiful place, with no other vehicles, no other tourists – just 12 paying clients, each spending rare one-to-one time with our four guest photographers. The idea, now entitled CAPTURE EARTH, quickly took shape, the lodge was booked and my first choice of photographers contacted. To my delight they all agreed; places sold very quickly and the first event, with David Lloyd, Vincent Munier, Greg DuToit and Jan van der Greef will have

42 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 42

05/12/2016 09:49

and I am sitting on the bed, listening to the most terrifying sound I have ever heard. Just on the other side of the tent wall, separated from me by a couple of millimetres of mosquito net, there sits, in all his awe-inducing splendour, a fully grown male lion. And he’s growling. I can honestly say, hand on heart, that I have never heard anything so terrifying.

And if I get out of here in one piece, I will have to admit, as far

as adventures go, I will have never had as much fun…


Jonathan Chritchley is one of the foremost fi ne art photographers in the world today. A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society, he is the owner of OCEAN CAPTURE Photography Tours (, and CAPTURE EARTH (, an exclusive wildlife photography event in South Africa. You can see Jonathan’s work on his website. W: PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 43

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 43

05/12/2016 09:49

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 44

05/12/2016 09:49


With an engaging itinerary, our expeditions are about investing solid time into our passion of capturing beauty, emotions and scenery in the most artistic way possible. By undertaking our passion in a stimulating environment rich in culture and diversity, you will be able to learn further and cultivate your skills in a fun way. “Imagine having tea with Rajasthan’s camel herders, sharing a meal with Kazakh eagle hunters, capturing the essence of Teheran’s grand bazaar, or witnessing a mask dance ritual among Ladakhi monks. We provide impeccable travel logistics with technical and artistic guidance of seasoned professional photographers, with particular attention on composition and storytelling. The places we go, what we do and how we do it aims to get you to achieve your passion for photography.” “After such an expedition, you will feel confident capturing the essence of beauty in most situations, without hesitation, with a respectful, intelligent and efficient approach. From Ladakh to Altai, Sri Lanka to Cambodia, Iran to Nepal, we have explored the roads less travelled to share them with other passionate photographers in engaging, affordable, fun expeditions.”

W: E:


Develop talent, learn tools, make memories

Êä£ÓÇÎÊ{nnääxÊUÊ6-/Ê777°/  ,"1*° "

Aquila Photography Expeditions


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 45

05/12/2016 09:49

LANDSCAPE | REST OF THE WORLD Patagoniaphoto. com

Patagonia’s most complete photo safari!

Neil A White Photography Workshops and Tours

Develop landscape photography skills in Ladakh, North India Join professional photographer Neil A White on a visual journey through some of the wonders of Ladakh in the Indian Himalaya. This remote part of North India has one of the most unique and beautiful landscapes in the world, where Tibetan Buddhist culture flourishes. It offers distinctive opportunities for photographers interested in landscape and travel photography. Neil will give extensive photography tuition while sharing his expertise, knowledge and experience. Come and share this 13-day adventure in July 2017 and discover the unique landscape, light and culture of Ladakh through your own eyes. All levels welcome.

These unique photo safaris are specifically timed to take place during the peak windows for photography in the Patagonian spring and autumn. Tours are led by American photographer and guide Rex Bryngelson, who has been a full-time resident of Patagonia for over 20 years. In addition to photographing the icons of Fitzroy and Torres del Paine, participants will also visit several spectacular off-the beaten-path locations not found on other Patagonian tours.

W: E: T: 56 98 290 9371

W: E: T: 07984 430754

46 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 46

05/12/2016 09:50


Kaingo Camp and Mwamba Bushcamp are located in one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, and not without reason. The Luangwa River with its Ox-bow lagoons and incredibly diverse landscapes has an intense concentration of game. The settings are so immensely different from one another: Stately African ebony trees have created a grove unlike any other, the morning light in this mystical place has enchanted many a pro-photographer. A walk through the grove with Shenton Safaris’ experienced guides will fi nd you in the company of elephants, while you pick your way through a plethora of other species. The Baobab Forest to the north of the camps is another stunning location, and perfect for sunset photographs as queleas dance in the skies.

W: E:


Shenton Safaris – South Luangwa landscapes

œÜ˜œ>`Ê̅iÊ`ˆ}ˆÌ>Êi`ˆÌˆœ˜ÊUÊ6-/Ê777°*"  /-° "

Shenton Safaris


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 47

12/12/2016 12:22

Lakeland lighting ‘There’s no such thing as bad weather, only di erent types of lighting’, says John Gravett of Lakeland Photographic Holidays


he Lake District enjoys millions of tourists annually, many of which suffer a little bad weather during their stay, yet many images we see of the lakes are of ‘idyllic’ conditions. If I ask people how they think of the Lake District it’s usually brooding and dramatic, stormy, foggy, misty or cold. Or they simply remember that 10 minutes of a day where the sun

did finally manage to burn through the cloud. One thing we have no control over is the weather, so it’s best to try to embrace it. Poor visibility can create a great feeling of recession in a picture by emphasising the layers within the landscape. There are locations that work better on rainy days as they allow you to achieve a ‘high key’ result. Sometimes the

stormy, threatening nature of the weather can create great drama. Try silhouetting elements such as trees against a powerful, cloudy sky. And remember that rain can actually intensify colours. Take a dry pebble from the beach and wet it and the colours really come out. Rain does the same to leaves, grasses. When woodlands are

48 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 48

05/12/2016 09:50

photographed in the rain they show rich, intense colours, which can otherwise appear dull to the naked eye. Rain will, of course, create more flow for streams and waterfalls, and the lack of strong, contrasting light can enable shadow and highlight detail to be retained more readily than on a sunny day. A polarising filter can suppress unwanted reflections in water of an overcast sky and can create really exciting images. Wind can also work to your advantage, creating exciting cloud patterns. Asperitus clouds are formed with high winds at altitude. At ground (lake) level, high winds can whip the water up in twisting columns. It is certainly safer to stay at lower levels in ‘bad’ weather, but if the correct safety steps are taken, photos from up in the hills can carry a sense of drama that you simply cannot achieve on other days. Remember the essentials for both safety, and for photographing in wet weather: • Waterproofs • Boots • Waterproof camera cover • Lens hood • Tripod • Remote release • Cloths • Wideangle zoom If it’s a rainy day, with low, heavy cloud, go somewhere that offers some tree cover, such as woodland next to lakes. If it’s simply windy and stormy, hills and valleys can work well,

if you’re prepared for a buffeting. Try hanging a weight (your camera bag is ideal) from your tripod, to give it added stability. Spread the tripod legs to give a wider base for it to stand on. This will lessen the chance of it being blown over. If you are venturing into the hills in cold weather, make sure your clothing outweighs your camera equipment. Forego extra lenses for extra layers. If you are going up hills in the snow, make sure you have equipment such as spikes and crampons rather than a heavy tripod. The most important thing is to go out and try – you’ll possibly surprise yourself at how impressive and different

your pictures are. Chances are, you’ll come back with great shots, and a real sense of achievement.


John Gravett is one of Britain’s foremost landscape photographers and tutors. As well as being renowned for his landscape images, John is also an established photography writer and lecturer. John is the Photographic Director of Lakeland Photographic Holidays, based in Braithwaite near Keswick. W: E:


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 49

05/12/2016 09:50


Photography Workshops and Expeditions Worldwide Get away from the crowds. Photograph epic landscapes and rich cultural diversity in some of the planet’s wildest locations. Small groups, remote destinations plus our local knowledge – come and have an adventure.

w w

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 50

05/12/2016 09:50

Composition in landscape One of the ways of learning good composition is by getting out there and practising, with some assistance from Gary Groucutt


omposition is always a hot topic in landscape photography... where should you place the main shapes that make up an image? What should you include, what should you leave out? How do you make it look original? So many questions and not enough time to decide

before pressing that shutter – but don’t panic! Getting out there and shooting is the best way to learn composition, with some guidelines in mind. Firstly, keep things as simple as possible by not including too much in the image. Over-complicated, busy images tend to lose other people’s

interest very quickly. The less you have in the viewfinder the better – is generally a good rule to follow. Also, don’t include the elements you consider important to the narrative of the image too close to the edge of the frame. The eye needs space to move around a photograph.


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 51

12/12/2016 12:23

“The eye needs space to move around a photograph.” Think about whether strong shapes should lead from the left or right. The left is the first lead point, but that doesn’t mean to say it’s always correct. If it looks good to the eye from the right, then try it and maybe balance it up with another strong shape on the left. If it’s a great photograph and visually interesting, it will work. Shoot and see what it looks like; if in doubt, place the strongest shape in the middle. It is amazing how well this can work – and is sometimes the easiest solution. Remember you can always crop it later to a different position, if you prefer. Do change lenses if you need to. There’s no point dragging a bag of lenses on a shoot if you

leave them all in the bag! A long lens can sometimes work much better than a wideangle lens, especially when you need to take elements out of the frame. Do a test shot to check you like the positioning of the shapes in the composition, before setting up filters and fine-tuning the focusing. What better way is there to make sure the image is the strongest it can be? Of course, it’s always a good idea to have done some research on your location before you get there. Light can make all the difference in a composition so you need to choose the time of day to best illuminate your subject. Is it lit properly with a dark background or is a silhouette the best option?

And when you’re on location, think creatively. Don’t just place your tripod in the same holes as the person in front. Move your tripod to new places and your eyes will always see something in a completely different and refreshing way.


Gary Groucutt leads photography workshops around the UK and Europe. His landscape workshops have been running for nearly 10 years and have an 80% client return rate. All his workshops include a free post-production day at his studio. W: E:

52 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 52

05/12/2016 09:50


To the best in the world with the best in the world

TOP 10



Winter in the Lofoten Islands

Astro Photography in Death Valley

20 FEB  01 MARCH 2017

23 MARCH  02 APRIL 2017

With Carla Regler and Andy Farrer

With David Clapp

Isle of Sark

Spitsbergen An Arctic Adventure

19  26 APRIL 2017

11  23 SEPTEMBER 2017

With Clive Minnitt and Phil Malpas

With Antony Spencer and Justin Reznick

For more information T +44 1747 824727 E

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 53

05/12/2016 09:51


Tim Mannakee Photography

Landscape & travel photography worldwide We run eight photo workshops in France and offer a variety of tours worldwide. New for 2017/18 are Vietnam, Tanzania and Zanzibar, Bolivia and Chile, with more destinations to come. Every tour is carefully planned and full of great experiences. Nine out of 10 clients return for more adventure and laughter and, of course, first class photography. All tours are led by professional travel photographer Tim Mannakee, who makes every effort to help you get the best shots – and have an unforgettable holiday.

W: E: T: (00) +33 633 17 64 93

Wild Photography Holidays

ATOL protected tours & workshops worldwide Our landscape and travel photography holidays visit wild and inspirational locations: Greenland, Ladakh, Assam, Nagaland and south India. Expert guidance with friendly professionals enables you to create magical images including landscapes and places of cultural interest. Participant care and safety is key to all tours. Our tutors have great organisational skills with the ability to look after our guests in remote and epic locations! Post-processing tuition allows participants to return with a portfolio of professionally finished images. Our tours are fun and a great learning experience with like-minded people. Why not come and see for yourselves.

W: E: T: 01630 647828

54 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 54

05/12/2016 09:51

Stretch Your Creativity ACADEMY

Auto Focus Masterclasses With Andy Astbury

Travel Photography Seminars With Martin Norris

Portraiture Workshops With Rory Lewis

Photography Basics With Suzanne Plunkett

Calumet Academy offers a wide range of exclusive seminars and workshops across the UK, hosted by photography professionals. Our aim is to help you develop your creative knowledge and technical ability to maximise your skills in creating superb images across a range of genres, while ensuring you’re making the most of the latest technologies and industry trends.

0333 003 5000 BELFAST t 028 90 777 770

BIRMINGHAM t 0121 326 7636

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 55

BRISTOL t 0117 942 2000

EDINBURGH t 0131 553 9979




PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 55 t 0141 353 0875 t 020 7380 1144 t 0161 274 4455

05/12/2016 09:51

CHERYL HAMER PHOTOGRAPHY Shortlisted in Landscape Photographer of the Year 2016 Whether you want to BEGIN your photographic journey. Or if you want to IMPROVE, CREATE AND INSPIRE. Cheryl Hamer Photography will give you HIGH CLASS PHOTOGRAPHY TUITION. At GREAT VALUE PRICES. Take your photography to the next level. Professional photographer Cheryl Hamer will provide you with expert tuition in small groups - or one to one - both on location and in post processing techniques. You can choose whether to do a ‘Level 1 – Beginners/Improvers’ workshop, or a ‘Level 2 – Intermediate’ workshop. In either case Cheryl will help you to enhance not only your skill level, but also your confidence and creativity. UK – enjoy the inspirational landscape of NORTH WALES. With its endless scenic variety, North Wales has everything you could want photographically.

I’ve just had the two most amazing days of my photography life, so thank you Neil B

WORLDWIDE – enjoy tours to ICELAND and the USA all at great value prices. Take great photos in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere and have FUN at the same time!

BOOK NOW,, 07837 014534

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 56

05/12/2016 09:51

© Ron McCombe Wildlife Photography



2-96_H&C_2017.indd 57

05/12/2016 09:51

Wildlife in Scotland Come and learn new fieldcra skills and camera techniques with Ron McCombe’s wildlife photography workshops

58 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 58

05/12/2016 09:51


ildlife photography is becoming a very popular pastime, but it’s probably the most difficult form of photography to get the results you are looking for. Not only do you need camera skills, you will need fieldcraft skills too. If you can figure out what your subject is going to do next, then you have a great opportunity to get the pictures that you are looking for. Learn to look and listen for the signs that your subject is getting nearer; watching the behaviour of your subject is the best way to get closer to it. Watching other species in the vicinity and seeing them react to your subject’s behaviour is all part of good fieldcraft. Ron runs the majority of his workshops in Scotland – with

stalking otters on the Isle of Mull, fishing ospreys in the Highlands, plus diving kingfishers, playful badgers, colourful woodland birds and awesome sparrowhawks – all in the south of Scotland. Ron also runs workshops for the magnificent golden eagles in northern Sweden. The latest addition to the workshop list is for photographing British owls, with workshops held near Edinburgh. Most of the workshops are small groups giving all participants lots of attention to work out issues and camera settings. We will look at various techniques – tracking and panning, exposure and exposure compensation, shutter speeds for various situations and the importance of achieving and controlling depth of field.

Come along to one of Ron’s workshops – and with your new techniques and fieldcraft skills get some stunning images for your portfolio.


Ron McCombe lives in the Scottish Borders. He is a multi-award winning photographer specialising in Scottish wildlife, travelling to the Highlands and islands. He also travels to Sweden, Norway, Finland and Poland. Ron’s work has been featured in many magazines and publications and you can see his images on his website. W: E: info@wildlife-photography.


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 59

05/12/2016 09:51

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 60

05/12/2016 09:51


SCOTLAND Ron McCombe Wildlife Photography Diving osprey and otter photography workshops

Bird Photography Courses Bird photography in Wales

John Daniels is a professional wildlife photographer with over 25 years’ experience. His one-to-one courses are tailored to your needs, so you learn at your own pace. Based at Bird Cottage in mid-Wales, with redstarts, flycatchers and warblers nesting in the garden, you won’t have to go far to get great shots, and a kite-feeding centre 20 minutes away offers fantastic flight shots. Courses are suitable for both beginners and more accomplished photographers.

W: E: T: 01483 200079

Osprey Workshop: Come and photograph the magnificent osprey as it dives for food. You will learn composition, exposure and exposure compensation. We will get images of the osprey diving for fish and pulling the fish out of the water. In the past we have had as many as 15 dives in a morning, giving plenty of opportunity to get great images. The hide holds eight photographers per day. The workshops last for six days and I can take bookings for a minimum of two days per person to a maximum of six days. Otter Workshop: Come and join me on the isle of Mull to photograph the elusive Eurasian otter on the very beautiful Isle of Mull. The workshop is five days long with four days of photography. There are lots of other wildlife to photograph as we search for the otters; red deer, two types of seals, feral goats and much more. In a small group we can get close to the otters, allowing opportunities for great photography.

W: E: T: 01450 870044


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 61

05/12/2016 09:51

WILDLIFE | EUROPE Neophron Tours Bird & wildlife photography

Create Away Photography Workshops

Camargue wildlife Fulfil your dream to photograph the iconic wild white horses with no.1 Camargue specialist, Serge Krouglikoff. Being the only photography workshop company based in the Camargue we give you exclusive access to private domain, inaccessible to everyone else. Capture the horses splashing through the sea and lakes, the sparring stallions and the famous pink flamingos, black bulls and peaceful landscapes. You will receive expert tuition in small groups with Serge, whose international photography career spans over 30 years. Choose from a variety of specialised Camargue workshops offering different content and duration all year round.

W: E: T: 020 3642 2448

We manage a well developed network of hides in Bulgaria, which provide excellent opportunities for photographing many attractive species of birds, such as Eurasian griffon vulture, Egyptian vulture, pygmy cormorant, most of the European herons and egrets, a large variety of garden and forest passerine birds and woodpeckers, as well as mammals, like the golden jackal. Thanks to the great experience and knowledge of our team we can bring you to some of the best spots in Bulgaria and northern Greece for photographing red-breasted goose, Dalmatian pelican, little bittern, European bee-eater, European roller, Eurasian hoopoe, wallcreeper, semi-collared flycatcher, masked shrike, spotted nutcracker and many more.

Wild Echo

Wildlife photography tours Wild Echo offers a variety of birds and wildlife photography tours in our home country Bulgaria, but also Greece, Romania, Ethiopia and Mongolia, targeting birds, mammals and macro photography throughout the year. We have a number of wildlife photography hides, specially set for golden eagles and other raptors, wolves, rollers and bee-eaters, as well as passerines. Beside the scheduled tours on offer, we can arrange a tailor-made itinerary, based on your requirements.

W: E: T: +359 888 420 159

W: E: T: 00359 899 666 167

62 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 62

05/12/2016 09:52

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 63

05/12/2016 09:52

21st-century safari


Experience cutting edge wildlife safaris in southern Africa, by African wildlife speciali s Ann & Steve Toon

t’s 10pm and time for the nightly gnus. They emerge from the pitch darkness like shadows, nervously approaching the water’s edge to slake their thirst. A small herd of zebra follow, then buffalo. We’re shooting from hoof level, invisible in our sunken hide and we need our widest lenses to take in the symmetry of the animals and their perfect reflections. Just time for a quick exposure check and satisfied with our fi rst captures we flick a switch and kill the large LED panel to the left of the hide. Now our subjects’ features are dramatically sculpted by strong side-lighting… This is safari photography 21st-century style. We’re on Zimanga private game reserve in South Africa’s KwaZuluNatal, the fi rst African game reserve developed specifically for wildlife photography, shooting from an overnight hide equipped with LED lighting, solar-powered air conditioning, bunk beds, flush toilets, even Wi-Fi! It’s the latest addition to a Big Five reserve that’s fast becoming the go-to location for wildlife photographers. State-of-the art hides designed by world-renowned hide developer Bence Máté include classic reflection pool bird

hides, a beautiful lagoon hide for waterbirds (plus some big crocs), a new vulture hide which also attracts jackals, hyenas and even lions and the stunning nocturnal hide. Game drives on the reserve are also spectacular, with sightings of lions, elephants, cheetahs and African wild dogs. There’s no time pressure at sightings and there’s the chance of photographing wild dogs and cheetahs on foot, allowing brilliant low-angle viewpoints. Zimanga is already attracting leading photographers, so we’re delighted to have secured hard to get bookings and best times for our photo safaris. Paired with a visit to the spectacular Chobe River in Botswana and Namibia, where we operate from custom-built photo boats, this is an unbeatable opportunity to capture stunning wildlife

images and experience Africa’s wildlife at its most photogenic. For the full range of photo hides on Zimanga, we’ve introduced a seven-night Zimanga-only special, which includes an overnight hide session.


After 20 years’ photographing in some of the world’s top reserves, Ann and Steve Toon are among the UK’s most experienced pro-wildlife photographers specialising in Africa. Their award-winning work features in countless publications, including leading photographic titles. They enjoy sharing their passion, expertise and in-depth knowledge of Africa’s wildlife and photographic opportunities on safari. W: E:

64 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 64

05/12/2016 09:52

PermaJet Print Academy

Set in the heart of England in Stratford-upon-Avon, the PermaJet Print Academy provides professional quality training to photographers at all levels. Course options include: • Photoshop • Digital Printing • Colour Management • Location Photography • Digital Black & White Printing • Lightroom • Nature & Wildlife Photography For more info & to book go to:

Image © Vicki Boulter

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 65

05/12/2016 12:57


Afreco Tours Wild Photography Holidays

ATOL protected tours & workshops worldwide North Iceland: Midsummer Birds and Landscapes Workshop June 2017 with Niall & Charlotte Benvie: June is quite simply the best time to photograph birds in Iceland. Locations maximise exposure to Iceland’s birds including red-neck phalaropes, red-throated divers, great northern divers and puffins. Norway Lofoten Islands: Landscapes & Birds in the Arctic Circle May 2017. Sea eagles, gannets and cormorant photography with Martin Sammtleben and Geraldine Westrupp, both with excellent local knowledge. Our workshops/holidays are fun and a great learning experience with like-minded people. Come and see for yourselves.

W: E: T: 01630 647828

Wildlife photography workshops & safaris Afreco offers a range of African photographic safaris and workshops and photographic safari trips. We have options for beginners looking to learn about wildlife photography, or enthusiasts who are looking to improve their skills – or capture that perfect shot. These are photographic safaris designed by photographers using the best guides, best locations, with hides and customised photographic vehicles. Our tours are suitable for beginners, high-end enthusiasts and also professionals. Nonphotographers also welcome.

W: E:

66 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 66

05/12/2016 09:52

WILDLIFE | REST OF WORLD Design in Nature Wild Falklands – expert wildlife & photography tours

Ann & Steve Toon African Photo Safaris

Chobe-Zimanga wildlife photo safari Join Ann and Steve Toon, two of the UK’s most experienced African wildlife specialists, on a small group safari to two of Africa’s most exciting photographic destinations. Enjoy unparalleled access to competition-quality photo opportunities, using state-of the-art hides and custom-built photo boats, plus game drives where you won’t be jostling for position with a dozen other vehicles. Stay in a houseboat on the Chobe River, on the Botswana/Namibia border and photograph the prolific dry season wildlife from specially designed small boats, complete with swivel seats and custom camera mounts. Awesome elephant sightings are guaranteed and the birdlife is dazzling. Experience South Africa’s remarkable Zimanga private game reserve, the first Big Five African reserve developed specifically and exclusively for photographers. Bence Máté-designed photo hides offer unique low angle, close-range encounters, including classic reflection hides, a breathtaking waterbird hide, and the superb new vulture hide. These are unrivalled opportunities for wildlife photography in small groups, staying over ten nights.

Join Georgina Strange in the Falkland Islands for an absolutely unforgettable wildlife experience. These remote and wild islands are one of the world’s best destinations for nature enthusiasts and simply one of the most rewarding locations for wildlife photography! Georgina is a local Falkland islander, wildlife expert and internationally recognised professional and award-winning photographer. With a lifetime of knowledge on the natural environment of the Falklands, Georgina’s photography tours will take you out into the wilderness for remarkable close encounters with some of the islands’ most charismatic creatures. Capture that dream shot and experience nature like never before with Wild Falklands.

W: E: T: 07580 829987

W: E: T: 01434 240021


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 67

05/12/2016 09:52


Jaci’s Lodges

Photographic safaris at Jaci’s Lodges

Galápagos Travel Galápagos photo tours

The Galápagos Islands are one of nature’s greatest shows. Experience and photograph this exuberance of life – much of it found nowhere else on Earth – fi rst-hand and at close-range. Offering the longest and most in-depth itineraries in the islands, Galápagos Travel operates roughly 30 departures annually, each spending either 11 or 15 days in the islands. Daily schedules are planned to maximise both wildlife observation and photographic opportunities, including ‘best-light’ early morning and late afternoon outings.

W: E: T: ++1 831 689 9192

Jaci’s Lodges photographic safari options guarantee an encounter with some of the most sought-after wildlife subjects in South Africa’s Madikwe Game Reserve. With our water-level Terrapin Hide, our twice daily expert-led photographic drives, use of state-of the art equipment and customised photographic vehicle, you can be assured of expert tuition to complement your photography skills. Whether you’re looking for a set departure photographic safari, an expert-led group photographic safari or if you prefer to do things yourself on our daily guided photographic drives; the choice is yours!

W: E: T: +27 (0)83 700 2071 / +27 (0)83 447 7929

68 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 68

05/12/2016 09:52

A safari getaway Experience a luxury wildlife safari in South Africa with Jaci’s Lodges


hether you’re an amateur snapper with a passion for wildlife or a professional looking for that perfect photographic moment, the safari options of Jaci’s Lodges guarantees an encounter with some of the most sought-after wildlife subjects in South Africa’s Madikwe Game Reserve. The specialised photographic safari experience provided by Jaci’s Lodges allows for total flexibility, whether you are looking for an expert-led group photographic safari, or if you prefer to do things yourself on our daily guided photographic drives. You will be able to take part in daily expert-led photographic game drives – using professional level DSLR cameras and telephoto lenses, custom-built Gimpro game viewer arms and single/double pano heads. Our state-of-theart specialised equipment and expert tuition will complement your photography skills. Our submerged Terrapin Hide provides incredible water level photographic opportunities. It is accessible to lodge guests free of charge 24 hours a day via an underwater tunnel, complete with red LED interior lights, spotlights and radio to order that all-important morning coffee or well-earned

sundowner. Stay up late to view the nocturnal animals coming for a drink or capture the star-filled night sky! Facing west, you are guaranteed soft morning light and warm, dusty, backlit silhouettes in the late afternoon. Based in the heart of the African bush, Jaci’s Lodges offers a range of luxury accommodation from exclusive treehouses and family-friendly safari suites to tented rooms and our new Starbed Suites. It is the ideal destination for intimate weddings, honeymoons, family getaways as well as photographers. Jaci’s Lodges prides itself on its specialised safari experiences, South African inspired cuisine and outdoor starlit dining.


Jaci’s Lodges is a luxury safari getaway in South Africa’s magnificent Madikwe Game Reserve that promises an authentic, friendly and welcoming African safari. An intimate venue in the heart of the wild, Jaci’s Lodges is an ideal destination for special occasions, family getaways and specialised photographic safari experiences. W: E:


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 69

05/12/2016 09:52


Natures Images Inspiring wildlife photography trips and workshops

From musk ox and snow monkeys, to puffins, pelicans, bears and bison, we have a range of inspiring trips to suit all interests. With top award-winning photographers, you will experience the most remarkable and memorable wildlife encounters in the best possible locations. And with expert tuition available when you need it, you will be rewarded with special images and a memorable wildlife experience. To the UK, Europe and beyond, where will your photography take you next?

Shenton Safaris

Shenton Safaris’ authentic wildlife experience “Wow! Five different leopards on one drive!” This is something we often hear at Kaingo Camp. ‘Kaingo’ translates as leopard, and Shenton Safaris’ camp is aptly named for the many sightings of these beautiful animals. ‘Mwamba’ translates as heaven and, sitting in the bush camp’s private hide, you can imagine you have indeed ascended, as the sheer numbers of birds and animals on display assault your sense of reality. Set in the prime game viewing area of the South Luangwa National Park in Zambia, these camps are as unique as they are familiar. Feel at home and at ease whether you are sitting in the open ‘chitenge’ at Mwamba watching elephants feeding metres away, or relaxing in the comfort of Kaingo’s lower deck, watching sunbathing hippos and crocodiles, while pied kingfishers hit the water with loud splashes in their never-ending search for food.

W: E:

W: E: T: 01952 411436

70 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 70

05/12/2016 09:52

WILDLIFE | REST OF WORLD Sunbird Tours The best of birdwatching tours

With 35 years’ experience, Sunbird is one of the UK’s oldest companies specialising in worldwide birdwatching tours. Building on that they now offer a series of tours dedicated to photographing birds and other wildlife. Join them to capture images of dazzling hummingbirds or a powerful jaguar in the wilds of Brazil, or to photograph the amazing birds and wildlife of Hungary or Sri Lanka. All tours are led by Sunbird leader Stuart Elsom, LRPS.

W: E: T: 01767 262522

Tim Mannakee Photography Travel & wildlife photography Join us on an action-packed photo workshop in the Camargue. Capture the beauty of the iconic white horses and be among the fi rst to photograph the black bulls thundering through the marshes for a truly outstanding experience you will never forget. Professional travel photographer Tim Mannakee will lead the workshops and offer his expert guidance and tuition. We make every effort to help you get the best shots and have an unforgettable holiday.

W: E: T: (00) +33 633 17 64 93

Red-footed Falcon by Stuart Elsom

Bookings in the 2018 Photography Holidays & Courses Guide are now open! Please contact our Advertising team at PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 71

2-96_H&C_2017.indd 71

12/12/2016 12:24



South Luangwa National Park - Zambia 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 72

05/12/2016 09:53


© Ollie Taylor Photography


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 73

05/12/2016 09:53

A wildlife paradise Experience a photographic safari so unforgettable you’ll go back for more, with Shenton Safaris


henton Safaris’ unique hides, incredible guides and location within the most game-rich area of the South Luangwa National Park, have combined to build them a world-renown reputation. They are situated in one of the best locations in Africa for an authentic photographic safari and have been delivering their guests unforgettable wildlife

experiences for 25 years. Over 70% of their guests return! Kaingo and Mwamba Bush Camp have built their loyal following because of the exceptional game viewing experience they deliver. Shenton Safaris specialised photographic hides are guaranteed to get you close enough to the wildlife to capture incredible

shots – in complete safety. The most famous hides are the Hippo Hide, Elephant Hide, Carmine Bee-eater Hide and Mwamba’s Last Waterhole Hide. They also have a host of mobile rigs for on-the-spot wildlife action. Filmmakers for National Geographic and the BBC regularly use Shenton Safaris’ hides in the making of wildlife documentaries. Experts have dubbed South Luangwa National Park one of the greatest wildlife sanctuaries in the world, and not without reason. The concentration of game around the Luangwa River and its ox-bow lagoons is among the most intense in Africa. Shenton Safaris are located deep within the richest game-viewing area of this park. The area surrounding the

74 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 74

05/12/2016 09:53

camps is abundant in wildlife, particularly big cats. There are 10 identified leopards and three strong lion prides around Kaingo Camp and Mwamba Bush Camp. The prides are named the Mwamba/Kaingo Pride, Mwamba/Kapanda Pride and the Hollywood Pride, the latter being so-named due to the vast amount of time documentary filmmakers have spent following them. Kaingo Camp and Mwamba Bush Camp are the creations of the Shenton family, which has a proud history of three generations of wildlife

conservation. Derek Shenton, who built Kaingo in 1992, now runs these camps with his wife Juliet. Derek is the son of Barry Shenton, former warden of Kafue National Park and grandson of Capt. Lindsay Shenton, former warden of Hluhluwe National Park. Shenton Safaris are the operation of choice for wildlife lovers and photographic professionals alike. Derek and his guides are passionate about providing guests with the ultimate wildlife experience. It’s one the majority of their guests return for!


Shenton Safaris’ unique ‘up-close and personal’ photographic hides are just one of the elements that 70% of their guests return for. Kaingo Camp and Mwamba Bush Camp are surrounded by spectacular game. They offer incredible game viewing and walking safari opportunities deep within South Luangwa National Park, Zambia. W: E:


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 75

05/12/2016 09:53

COURSES WITH A DIFFERENCE | UK Colin Reynolds Photography Achieve more with your camera

Chris Simmons Photography Cornish seascapes – one-to-one workshops with Chris Simmons Come and hone your seascape DSLR photography and postproduction skills on Cornwall’s magnificent coastline. Awardwinning photographer Chris Simmons invites you to explore Cornwall’s best coastal locations on a two, three, four or five-day seascape holiday adventure. Learn location approach and select the best ways to capture superb images. From composition, manual settings and filtering, through to advanced Photoshop techniques, your workshop will be a hugely rewarding experience. Read the reviews on his website to get a true insight into what you can expect.

Would you like to take better photographs with your camera? From beginners through to intermediate level, Colin’s one-to-one tuition will help you become a better photographer. Friendly, informative and jargon free one-to-one tuition will help you achieve this goal. Based in Cumbria we have wonderful locations to act as a backdrop and inspiration for your journey. The tuition is tailored to your individual needs and goals. Tuition is run throughout the year and prices start from £50 for a half-day and £90 for a full day. Tuition gift vouchers are also available. You can contact Colin to discuss your needs.

W: E: T: 07768 225099

W: E: T: 01637 831251

76 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 76

05/12/2016 09:53

COURSES WITH A DIFFERENCE | UK Ollie Taylor Photography

PermaJet Digital Printing Workshop

Nightscape & landscape workshops Capture the essence of night in the landscape whilst situated at iconic landmarks throughout the coastal dark skies of the south-west of England, other parts of the UK and Europe – from sundown, through starlight to moonrise. Ollie’s photographs capturing astronomical events merged with landscape photography have been published in newspapers. He also writes about nightscape techniques for several photography and astronomy magazines. Ollie’s nightscape workshops or one-to-ones will allow you to learn from scratch or advance your existing skill set. From planning, through to post-editing, gain the knowledge to equip yourself with a creative and refi ned nightscape workfl ow.

W: E: info@ollietaylorphotography. com T: 07712 741055

A comprehensive course based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, Bedfordshire and Scotland, where photographers of all areas and skill will be able to learn how to achieve perfect colourmanaged prints. This is a great introduction to PermaJet Papers and the Eco-Flo CIS Ink System and covers getting the best from your digital files, monitor and printer colour management, printer problems and solutions, and more.

W: E: T: 01789 739200


2-96_H&C_2017.indd 77

12/12/2016 12:25

Croatian colour


‘In a world of grey, I choose colour,’ says Craig Derrick of Adriatic Images

ife is a journey and not a destination. I was living a journey in vibrant colour. The days of grey were behind me. I was riding towards a palette overloaded with an explosion of striking colour. Photography is not only my profession, it is also my passion. Having worked on the leading edge of photography in the UK, I was now on an adventure, one that would change my life forever. Loaded down with more camera equipment than bare essentials, I hopped on

my motorbike and followed my nose. Luckily my nose was pointing directly south. Across the south of England, a skip across the water and I was into mainland Europe. I had made no plans. The open road was my friend. France, Germany and Austria all had a certain familiarity. Spring was in the air and I was being attracted further south. Within days of the Alps I was on the coast. I had reached the Adriatic. The sea was so turquoise, so calm, so inviting. The colours were vivid. I had reached Croatia.

This was a country of contrasts, from soaring mountains and flat, wide valleys to over a thousand islands and jaw-dropping natural beauty. I had gone from monotone to a rainbow and my camera was having a field day. The hues and shades, the tints and reflections. The further I rode down the coastline the more I explored the hidden gems. I reached Dubrovnik; and my camera said ‘enough’. Not only were there natural greens and blues, but also the contrast of stone of the historic monuments.

78 PHOTOGR APHY HOLIDAYS & COURSES 2017 2-96_H&C_2017.indd 78

05/12/2016 09:53

Dubrovnik, my adopted home, is now my new place of work. The journey had been a blast, but here was my destination. And with the help of my business I relive those first heady days on a regular basis. With a mind full of inside knowledge and a motorbike, I pass on my experience to clients. We get ‘up close and personal’ with

the region from the back of a motorbike, the easiest and most rewarding way to explore the Dubrovnik jewels. Whatever the season, this region throws up surprises. Life is never boring. And as I turn over the pages of my Dubrovnik book to my fellow camera enthusiasts I still get a tingle of excitement. Passion drives me, passing on

my knowledge excites me and seeing satisfied guests fulfils me. So let me introduce you to a world of luminosity, a world in full colour; Croatian colour.


Craig Derrick is an award winning UK photographer now based in Dubrovnik, Croatia. He has worked with many leading publications and his works have featured on the front cover of international magazines. Craig now owns and runs Adriatic Images, which offers various tours and photo holidays in Dubrovnik and the wider region. W: E:


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The Photography Show - Stand K131

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COURSES WITH A DIFFERENCE | UK Trevor Hope Photography Beginners’ guide to studio lighting

Paul’s Events

Art nude location shoots Join Paul’s Events at our exclusive locations in Wales and Berkshire shooting professional models. These events are perfect for beginners and experienced photographers alike, with plenty of help and assistance on hand. We offer various shooting options, working in small groups, including opportunities for one-to-ones. All models will be available to work up to art nude and are creative and fun to work with. We also run residential weekends and day events with regular events throughout the year, including the Wales Weekend, Manor House Event and Introduction to Lighting the Nude. Phone us for more information and see our website for dates.

The course runs throughout the year and is based in Havant, Hampshire, which is 10 minutes from the A27, midway between the Roman city of Chichester, offering many photographic opportunities and Portsmouth with its historic dockyard. We will be joined during the afternoon by a professional model so we can put into practice what we have covered earlier in the day. Everyone will have individual time with the model and hopefully leave with some stunning images and lots of inspiration. The course includes: • A simple, no-nonsense guide to studio lighting. • A tour of the studio. • Single and multi-light setups. • Modifi ers, refl ectors, umbrellas and soft-boxes. • Backgrounds and metering. • Hands-on with simple and straightforward explanations. • Small groups, with a maximum of six, or one-to-one, tailored to suit your individual needs.

W: E: T: 07514 231066

W: E: T: 07930 462906


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SCOTLAND Dave Hunt Photography

Individual fine art photography tuition

Sally Edwards Photography

Explore photography – gain a passion Join my beginner courses and workshops, with individual tuition. The group workshops are restricted to five to guarantee you gain the most from your experience. Visit the historic sites of Wiltshire and be guided through your camera controls and settings to give you the best results with your photography. Locations include Salisbury Cathedral, Stonehenge, Old Sarum, Avebury and the surrounding countryside, including the New Forest. This practical hands-on approach will help you every step of the way and ensure you leave ‘auto’ behind by the end of the day. Workshops and courses run throughout the year.

When was the last time that you really thought about an image before pressing the shutter? Taking your own vision as a starting point, we will not only develop your individual camera skills but study image capture and post production techniques. You’ll use digital, mobile and film mediums to develop a personal style of photography in landscape, portrait or studio and location art nude photography. You’ll be joining individual and small group workshops run by a professional fine art photographer in the stunning Scottish Highlands.

Garry Brannigan Black & white landscape workshops

My workshops are dedicated solely to black & white landscape photography and you will learn from a professional landscape photographer who works only in black & white. The group is never more than five and I offer tuition specifically for beginners (new to black and white), through to advanced composition.

The workshops are based in the Highlands of Scotland and the Outer Hebrides, at hotels with a good standard of food and comfort and no shared rooms or single supplements. Included in the workshop fee is unlimited email and telephone advice afterwards, plus a free mentoring service.

W: E: sally@ T: 07870 495 225

W: E: T: 01748 821041 W: E: T: 07887 588 573

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EUROPE Adriatic Images

Explore three countries in seven days

John Hooton Images

Dingle, my only place John Hooton is one of Ireland’s most distinguished landscape/ seascape photographers. Enjoy a weekend of photography with a small group of like-minded photographers on the beautiful Dingle Peninsula visiting locations not usually seen by the everyday tourist. All locations are within 20 minutes of our beautiful 4-star accommodation.

Experienced UK photographer Craig Derrick will highlight all the magical delights of the Adriatic and beyond on this seven-day tour (staying six nights). From the stunning Croatian coastline, the wilderness of Bosnia and the soaring peaks of Montenegro this tour is aimed at travellers, photo enthusiasts and anyone looking to open their camera horizons to the enchanting region. Craig Derrick is an award-winning photographer who has been commissioned by many of the world’s leading media outlets. He is now based in Dubrovnik and will assist you in making the most of your equipment in these awe-inspiring surroundings. With his unique inside knowledge and passion for photography, he will help you fi nd the hidden gems.

W: E: T: 00353 87 2516042

From the iconic Old City of Dubrovnik, the historic Mostar bridge to the natural phenomena of Montenegro, you will get up close and personal with its breathtaking natural beauty and learn to get the most from your camera. Covering three countries in seven days – you will make memories to last a lifetime on this tour of discovery.

W: E: T: +385 (0)91 254 4673


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COURSES WITH A DIFFERENCE | EUROPE Photofinca Photographic Holidays Models, locations and free advice

Create Away Photography Workshops

Superyachts photo tour Capture legendary superyachts from classic to modern in the dazzling Bay of Saint Tropez and Antibes on the Cote d’Azur. With sea spray flying, brass and wood in abundance and the challenge of a regatta, experience the exhilarating ‘Voiles d’Antibes’ (in early June) and ‘Voiles de Saint Tropez’ (in late September). Have exclusive up-close access from a chase boat, expertly piloted by our experienced sailing expert for breathtaking action-packed shots. At the end of the race, sip something cool at the harbourside and soak up the atmosphere amidst the post-race buzz. This is an exceptional and unique experience.

W: E: T: 020 3642 2448

Ollie Taylor Photography

Santorini one-to-one workshops & tours Landscape and nightscape workshops, one-to-ones, and island guide hire available during May, June, early July and October 2017, on the magical island of Santorini. If you have already booked a holiday there, you can simply book a one-to-one that fits into your trip. Having lived in Greece, including Santorini, and mapping out the islands’ dark sky sites during more recent visits; Ollie will be based on the island throughout the months listed above and is delighted to offer photographic tuition, including opportunities to shoot the Milky Way.

Photofinca is a photographic holiday business that only travels to Andalusia in southern Spain. We specialise in presenting the most talented models from the UK for around 10 weeks of each year so that you can create fabulous images in unforgettable and unique locations. We cater for all levels of experience from beginners to professionals. Our secluded eight-bedroomed en-suite villa ensures that each client gets their own air-conditioned room. Everyone travelling, staying and dining together creates a truly sociable atmosphere.

W: E: T: 07768 983358

W: E: T: 07712 741055

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Explore the artist within Connect more closely to the creative side of your photography with Dave Hunt


hen was the last time that you really considered an image before pressing the shutter? We live in an exciting world dominated by imagery, plus the social media revolution which is ingrained in our daily lives – but are we in danger of suffering from image overload? Many great images are becoming lost in the noise and we start to lose the identity of the individual artist and their work. Creating images that the viewer stops to really appreciate is very difficult. Developing an individual personal style is one of the biggest challenges facing a photographic artist today. So when does being inspired become more than just copying what others have done? Technical skills are essential, but if they are given too much emphasis we may lose the emotion or story in an image. Achieving the balance between camera skills, light and composition whilst keeping the true spirit of an image is essential for individual photographers. Small group and individual photography workshop

sessions are an opportunity to get back to the basics of photography at a more personal level. Working individually and together we can explore light and composition and what we are attempting to represent when working with landscape, buildings, people and the nude figure. Many of the workshops run by Dave Hunt in Perthshire slow the process down to give more value to the creative side of photography. Connecting with both the subject and also our own thoughts will enable a deeper appreciation, allowing our work to becoming more mindful and personal. Some of the workshops include using smart phones and even fi lm

cameras to free us from the technology that can block our creative vision. Experienced professional fi ne art photographer Dave Hunt will help you to bring out ‘the artist within’.


Dave Hunt has exhibited and sold his fine art photographic work for many years working with digital, film and vintage processes. Together with partner and fellow photographer Gill, they run Wildgrass Studio in Perthshire, sharing their own brands of fine art prints alongside their training workshops in many aspects of photography. W: E:


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Shenton Safaris’ photographic hides

Create Away Photography Workshops

People & portraits After an illustrious career in international fashion photography, Serge Krouglikoff shares with you his extensive knowledge of people photography. Based in London, he worked at the top of the fashion industry, travelling across the globe for editorials and advertising campaigns as well as photographing many celebrities. Serge will demonstrate how to photograph different types of portrait, along with tips for working with subjects who may not be comfortable in front of the lens. You will learn about composition, lighting techniques using daylight and portable flash, lens choice and how to deal with the elements around you. In the hands of a true pro, you will uncover all aspects of portrait photography.

A network of four fixed hides and several mobile hides on standby mean Shenton Safaris’ is the location of choice for photographic tour leaders. The practice of techniques in the hides, coupled with subsequent editing sessions in camp give you the opportunity to have a complete photographic course; whilst you enjoy the beauty of the South Luangwa National Park. Each hide gifts you with unique viewing; incredible intra-species action at the world-famous Hippo Hide, sometimes resulting in fatalities, which are thankfully consumed within days by hundreds of patient crocodiles, many of them over four metres in length! Countless elephants have made the crossing of the Luangwa River below Shenton’s Elephant Hide and the dramas played out will tug on your heart strings as babies make their first crossing, siblings frolic in the water and extended families meet and greet. Mwamba’s Last Waterhole is exclusive to Mwamba Bushcamp and is overlooked by the camp’s private hide. Thousands of birds and hundreds of animals visit this slice of heaven daily and every season the Mwamba Pride takes up residence in the area, lying in ambush watching the activity. The hide is perched on the water’s edge, mere metres from your camera lens! With up to a thousand nesting holes at the Southern Carmine bee-eater colony, the viewing is spectacular! This hide is set in the middle of the river, close enough to the nests to afford impressive views of the action, but not too close to disturb the breeding birds. Get in contact with Shenton Safaris to know which photographers will be running courses for the 2017 season.

W: E: T: 020 3642 2448

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Adam Marelli

Workshops that connect with culture A/MARELLI Workshops were created to bring you into the picture, to connect with a culture, and move through the curtain that separates the traveller from the tourist. Our muse is culture. We set out to explore a muse with endless horizons and variety. Each workshop combines private access to locations that are closed to the public, exclusive shoots with legendary craftsman and tutorials on how you can use art to improve your photography. Since the launch of our workshops in 2010, we have travelled across the world taking a different approach to photography by putting the experience first and the camera second.

W: E: theworkshop@ p

Ann & Steve Toon African Photo Safaris

Uniquely Zimanga wildlife photo safari Zimanga is Africa’s first Big Five game reserve developed specifically for photographers. State-of-the-art hides, designed by multi award-winning ‘invisible photographer’ Bence Máté, offer unique low-angle close range opportunities, including classic reflection hides, a breathtaking waterbird hide and the superb new scavenger hide. Staying in the heart of the South African reserve for seven nights, you’ll also have access to the amazing new nocturnal hide, undoubtedly Africa’s most sophisticated photographic hide, offering spectacular wideangle shots of big game under the stars – and you won’t even need flash! Game drives offer guaranteed sightings of lions, elephants, buffaloes, rhinos, cheetahs and the reserve’s resident breeding pack of African wild dogs. Only two vehicles operate on the 6,000-hectare reserve, so you’ll have all the time you want at sightings. With a maximum of five guests, led by Ann and Steve Toon, two of the UK’s most experienced African specialists, this is a unique opportunity to capture remarkable images of African wildlife.

W: E: T: 01434 240021


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Cultural photography Adam Marelli talks us through the experience of A/MARELLI Workshops, which connect people and culture


ave you ever seen a photograph so incredible that you wanted to step inside it? A/MARELLI Workshops were created to bring you into the picture, to connect with a culture, and move through the curtain that separates the traveller from the tourist. While most workshops only skim the surface, we set out to explore a muse with endless horizons and variety. Our muse is culture. We don’t just look at culture; we bring you inside of its walls. Each workshop combines private access to locations that are closed to the public, exclusive shoots with legendary craftsmen and tutorials on how you can use art to improve your photography. Our workshops focus on the three areas that every photographer encounters at home and on the road: • How to master environmental and candid portraits • Finding perfect natural light in any setting, with a focus on architecture • Learning how to edit to create natural looking pictures that glow. Since the launch of our workshops in 2010, we have taken a different approach

to photography by putting the experience fi rst and the camera second. Locations are hosted across Europe, Asia and the US, so please check the website for the most up-to-date offerings. Previous locations have included Italy (Venice, Florence, Matera and Umbria),

Japan (Kyoto), Thailand (Chiang Mai and Bangkok), Germany (Berlin), UK (London) and the US (New York). The workshops blend exploration and creativity, with an eye for cultural sensitivity. This allows participants to work throughout the world as a local and not a tourist.


After completing a degree in sculpture and photography at NYU, Adam Marelli spent ten years apprenticing with a master builder and as a student of a Zen monk. He spent seven years studying in a monastery teaching the younger students how to maintain the building in exchange for his education. This afforded him an unparalleled understanding of both the ‘way in which things are made’ and ‘how beliefs are put into practice’. As such, Marelli takes a noticeably different approach to photography, putting the experience first and the camera second. Armed with only a pencil and a camera, he takes art outside of the studio and re-examines the roles of the artist and explorer. He is an artist who participates, understands and works alongside of the cultures he photographs. W: E:

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tours . hides . accommodation . bespoke 01540 651352 .


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Understanding the art of digital printing Create a digital workflow with Colin Reynolds to enhance your images


ould you like to create stunning images and prepare them for printing? Do you fi nd the world of digital post production/workflow a minefield? It doesn’t have to be that complicated. With a few simple steps you can create a digital workflow that will work for you and enhance your photographs to realise their true potential. Many people believe that post-production software has fundamentally changed photography, but we have always enhanced images even throughout the era of film. Most of the photographs, film or digital images that you have admired have had some element of enhancement applied either in software or in the darkroom. This is the stage where you can unleash the true potential of your image, whether that is a single digital file or a negative. It is possible to create a simple digital workflow that mimics the process of developing and printing film. This begins with cataloguing/managing your images through to the creation

of a digital negative, then specific processing to create the fi nal print. Using easy to understand and jargon-free language, Colin will help you develop a simple but effective digital workflow based on the currently available tools. This will include preparing your image for print, understanding colour management and controlling your printer drivers. These one-day and half-day courses will help you to become confident in your digital processing/ workflow and get the most out of your images.


Colin Reynolds is a film, digital and Alt Process photographer working in Kendal, Cumbria. He has run courses for individuals, groups both privately and in the adult education sector in Cumbria since 2012. He was a fi nalist in the inaugural Cumbria Life Culture awards in 2016 in the Photographer/Filmmaker category. W: E: colin@colinreynoldsphotography.

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Post processing and printing masterclass Post processing is the modern day version of the darkroom, where the photographer is challenged to recreate the moment they were there with their camera. The camera histogram may be perfect and your composition second to none, but the camera simply cannot see what the eye sees!

Monitor calibration, colour management, Lightroom and Photoshop controls and moving to printer settings and the final exhibition quality print is what these workshops are all about. Come along to make sure you are really getting the best from your camera files.

W: E: T: 0345 505 1455

Chris Davis Photography

Creative post production instruction

Chris Simmons Photography Chris Davis is offering a complete set of workshops designed to target all your photographic and post processing needs. Tutored by Chris himself, he’ll give you the knowledge and motivation to move your post production on to the next level and achieve your goals. In these focused sessions Chris will help you to cut through the menus and buttons and show you how powerful simple processing can be. We’ll be using Lightroom & Photoshop and look at techniques such as effective cropping, tonal balancing, dodging and burning, use of grads, web sharpening – plus a few industry tips and tricks developed over 16 years that you won’t find anywhere else.

W: E: T: 0044 759 057 2008

Cornish seascapes – one-to-one workshops with Chris Simmons Come and hone your seascape DSLR photography and postproduction skills on Cornwall’s magnificent coastline. Awardwinning photographer Chris Simmons invites you to explore Cornwall’s best coastal locations on a two, three, four or five-day seascape holiday adventure. Learn location approach and select the best ways to capture superb images. From composition, manual settings and filtering, through to advanced Photoshop techniques, your workshop will be a hugely rewarding experience. Read the reviews on his website to get a true insight into what you can expect.

W: E: T: 01637 831251


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Fine art photography in the best water locations worldwide Ocean Capture was formed in 2007 by established fine art photographer Jonathan Chritchley. It now runs 20–30 tours and workshops every year to over 20 different countries worldwide.

With other much-respected names in photography such as Michael Levin, Ted Leeming, Morag Paterson and Eddie Ephraums on board, a rebooking rate of over 85%, and with a strong sense of style, creativity and customer satisfaction – Ocean Capture is now a major reference in the photography tour and workshops world.

Colin Reynolds Photography Create a digital workflow

Many people are daunted by the software and the perceived complexities of creating a digital workfl ow, especially if they are making the transition from film. However, with most modern software such as Lightroom and Photoshop, it is relatively easy to create a simple digital workfl ow from import, cataloguing and development through to export and printing. Using straightforward jargon-free language Colin will take you through the steps required to create a simple, effective digital workfl ow. The tuition is tailored to your individual needs and goals. Tuition runs throughout the year and prices start from £50 for a half-day and £90 for a full day. Tuition gift vouchers are also available. You can contact Colin to discuss your needs.

W: E: T: 07768 225099

W: E: T: +33 671 003 769

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Digital Printing Workshop A series of excellent courses divulging the power of Adobe Photoshop. The courses provide a full introduction to the range of tools, filters, and image manipulation techniques available in this leading program – right up to the very latest version on Mac or PC. Based in Stratford-Upon-Avon, the course is in four parts. It aims to cover a wide range of imaging techniques, from image correction to printed output, using layers and blend modes – while helping you to become more critically aware of the picture-making process.

W: E: T: 01789 739200

Understanding U d t di Exposure Fourth Edition £18.99

Mastering Exposure £19.99

Mastering Street Photography £19.99

Underwater U d t Photography Masterclass £19.99


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Cheryl Hamer Photography 29 Chris Davis Photography 14, 93 Chris Simmons Photography 14, 76, 93 Colin Reynolds Photography 76, 94 Create Away Photography Workshops 29, 34, 62, 84, 86


Dave Hunt Photography 24, 82 Dawn 2 Dusk Photography 16 Design in Nature 67 Digital Dawn, The 25



Highland Photography 15 47 Paul’s Events 81 PermaJet 77, 95 Photofinca Photographic Holidays 84 Photograph West Cornwall 16





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Wild Echo 62 Wild Photography Holidays 35, 54, 66 Wilderness Gardens/Jan Holm 28

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U K ’ S

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Masters of Light // Lee Filters 100mm 00 Classic System for SLR, DSLR Cameras

// Lee Filters Sev5n System Versatile and lightweight For Compact System Cameras

// Lee Filters SW150 System Suitable for a wide range of Ultra Wide Lenses

Extensive range of ďŹ lters for all 3 systems // Truly Neutral Density Filters to balance exposure // Soft, Medium, Hard and Very Hard Graduation // Long Exposure Glass Filters from 6 to 15 f stops

// Effect Filters such as Mist, Sunset & Sky // Wide range of accessories Please contact us for advice and prices

Linhof | Alpa | Silvestri | Rodenstock | Schneider | Hensel | Lee Filters | Bergger Fine Art | Lotus View | BW Outdoor Cases

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Photography holidays courses ultimate guide 2017