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A Boy Scout’s tribulations, a couple just asking for trouble and Judy Collinss on her lifelong struggles with food EDITED BY KIM HUBBARD

Z Zoey Leigh h Peterson P Next Year for Sure

MEMOIR “Creative people have a hound with hungry jaws chasing them down the corridors of beauty,” writes singer Collins, whose memoir alternates chapters on famous figures with eating disorders (Lord Byron!) and stories of her own food addiction. Her solution: renouncing sugar, grains, flour and alcohol. You may not want to try it, but she’s written a compelling tale.

NOVEL Nine years into a blissful marriage, when Chris confesses his attraction to another woman, he and his wife decide to test their bond in an unconventional—and risky—way. What the reader rightly predicts, the couple can’t see until irreparable damage has been done. Peterson, a gifted storyteller, makes the journey to the inevitable enthralling ng.

Nickolas Butler The Hearts of Men

NOVEL For most boys in Eau Claire, Wis., Camp Chippewa is a beloved rite of passage, but for lonely 13-year-old Nelson it’s a trial by fire: the bruising start of his complicated journey into manhood. Butler’s tender, insightful book follows Nelson and his peers over 60 years, as the values they learned around the campfire are tested in love and war and challenged by the loyalties and pressures of adult life. Perfectly paced and leavened with humor, it it’ss a w wonderful onderful read.

MORE NEW FICTION Charles Cumming A Divided Spy A world-weary MI6 agent comes out of the shadows to snare his Russian nemesis in this gripping tale of revenge, betrayal and the personal price that spying exacts.


March 13, 2017 PEOPLE

Emily Jeanne Miller The News from the End of the World No one likes family crises—but who doesn’t relish reading about them? Set on Cape Cod during the off-season, this one’s a winner.

Jennifer Ryan The Chilbury Ladies’ Choir As the men of Ch lb Chilbury village ll all all g off to war, the go la adies are obliged g d to o keep calm and d c carry on, even in the t fa ace of Nazi attacck. c A delightful debu ut. u.

CONTRIBUTORS BOOKS Meredith Maran, Judith Newman, Helen RoganMUSIC Jeff Nelson


Judy Collins i Cravings

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