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15 July 1987 Burmese (Myanmar) Born in Burma (Myanmar); lived in Papua New Guinea, Malaysia & Australia. Currently living in Perth (since 2008). 1/165 Mill Point Rd, South Perth, Western Australia 6152 +61 (0) 401 188 314


2011 2008

Master of Architecture CURTIN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Perth, Australia Bachelor of Applied Science (Architectural Science) CURTIN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Perth, Australia



Architect’s Board Graduate Award ARCHITECT’S BOARD Perth, Australia RAIA & HASSELL Graduate Award (Nominee) HASSELL Perth, Australia Head of School’s Commendation CURTIN UNIVERSITY Perth, Australia


AutoCAD ArchiCAD Sketch Up Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator Adobe InDesign Macromedia Fireworks Macromedia Dreamweaver Microsoft Office



Graphic Designer AUSTRALIA CATHAY ENTERPRISES Perth, Australia



Research Assistant CURTIN UNIVERSITY Perth, Australia

Graphic Designer [CO]DESIGN STUDIO Perth, Australia

- promotional materials (brochures, flyers, business cards, etc) - website design and management - online marketing (websites & social networking accounts)

- individual and group tutoring to adults whose native language is not English in preparation for the ‘International English Language Testing System’ (IELTS) exam - educational and behavioural theories in the built environment PhD research - website design

2006–2007 Architectural Drafter ABRAZ ARKITEKS Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

- assisted the Lead Architect in design development of a local residential project using AutoCAD and Photoshop

curriculum vitae | mimicho

2010-- 2011 2009-2011


Western Australia Chapter Manager [CO]DESIGN STUDIO Perth, Australia Event Admission Affirmative Architecture Symposium held at THE BAKERY Perth, Australia International Representative Curtin Architecture Students’ Association (CASA) CURTIN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Perth, Australia Mentor Student Transition & Retention Team (START) at CURTIN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Perth, Australia - peer support for local & international new-to-Curtin students from 1st to 4th year in the architecture course

2008-2009 Set-up Assistant CURTIN UNIVERSITY OF TECHNOLOGY Perth, Australia

- end of year architecture exhibition


Team Coordinator - Faculty of Architecture & Built Environment Students’ Association (FABESA)


- at Olympiarch XIX Architectural Student Workshop held at UNIVERSITY TEKNOLOGI MALAYSIA Johor Baru, Malaysia


Document 15 (publication by) CURTIN UNIVERSITY Perth, Australia


New Beginnings in Bangalore (exhibition by) [co]design studio held at FREERANGE GALLERY Perth, Australia (28th April - 7th May 2011)

Perth Cup Photographic Competition (exhibition by) Australasian Photographic Association, held at COUNCIL HOUSE Perth, Australia (11th June 2011)


Advertisements for Architecture (exhibition by) OpenHAUS exhibitions, held at FEDERATION SQUARE Melbourne, Australia (September 28th - October 2nd 2009)


- ‘Ways of making home in the transitory house’ architectural dissertation - curator

- ‘Rainy Day in London Court’ and ‘Shoppers on Murray’ - ‘The Maze’


Photography Swimming Netball Boxing Yoga Dance Guitar Ukelele


Available upon request.

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“architecture is not a performing art but a social art� Christoph Ingenhoven I am fascinated with the interaction between human and architecture. To me, without people to inhabit and interact in it, architecture is meaningless. In my design process I picture the people within the architecture; imagining the experience of journeying through the design. I believe that architecture is a tool for people and can be implemented to enrich individual as well as collective lives. This resonates in my past works...

selected past works | mimicho

Walkway Addition

Low-rise Apartments

Curtin University





Dance Centre

Performing Arts Centre


My addition mirrors the existing walkway, transforming the pedestrians into a theatric element. Allowing room for growth, the design can be mirrored endlessly upwards to connect additional building storeys.

This pavilion, raised on slender columns rooted in the ground like the surrounding Jarrah trees, appears as a floating horizontal plane that sublty frames the landscape without imposing or disrupting the picture.

A house that embraces the interaction of human and water in four ways: immerse (sink into), appreciate (reflect & admire), awaken (wash & consume) and sustain (recycle).

Sandwiched by two other buildings, these apartments embody both compression and release. Like the pores of a sponge, the perforations of the building skin control light, air and sound - providing a public face and private visage.

A dramatic mix of building skins intrigue pedestrians to indulge in sidewalk cafe culture before delving deep into the foyer through a beautiful metal latticework. It is a delight to witness the play of light through this material abstraction of dancers and their movements.

An urban building that functions as the heart of activity for the local community, strengthening community spirit whilst creating a pillar of architecture in the area.

A complex building that addresses physical as well as cultural revelations and regrowth; re-activating the old with the new by celebrating layers of diversity within the site.

Bibbulmun Track Shelter

Small House



dissertation | mimicho

I approached my dissertation with eagerness, not only because it would be the apex of my architectural studies to date but also because it would be the most freedom I’ve experienced in terms of brief and execution of a project. It was an opportunity to really explore what architecture is to me. To define my specific interest in architecture and refine my skills of presenting architecture to a broad audience...

dissertation | mimicho

WAYS OF MAKING HOME IN THE TRANSITORY HOUSE imagining a chamber for an asylum seeker in Western Australia Through literature reviews on the notion of home and personal case-studies that identify home in the transitory house I developed a framework of ingredients structured around five fundamental qualities (or recipes) of home...

dissertation | mimicho


entails a sense of authority - to feel in control and able to make physical claim on a space...

dissertation | mimicho


motions of the day narrate the ways in which we dwell...

dissertation | mimicho


each one of us possess a mental catalogue of imagery that traces places of our past...

dissertation | mimicho

Privacy & Security

like a loyal friend whom you can trust with a secret, the home should consist of intimate spaces where you can withdraw from the outer world...

dissertation | mimicho

Comfort & Delight

like an unexpected visitor who comes bearing gifts, think of dappled light reflected off a pool of water in gentle streams that project playful patterns on a bare ceiling...

dissertation | mimicho

I compiled my ingredients and recipes into a catalogue titled ‘Ways of making home in the transitory house’. While this catalogue sits within my exegesis as the ‘Outcomes’ chapter, it can also sit on its own as an individual publication; a lighter read for those interested in a condensed version of my research.

dissertation | mimicho

Just as much about self inquiry as it was about pursuing a research design project, this dissertation was a learning-making-giving experience fueled by the process of gathering, cataloguing and imagining; influenced by traditional literature, my architectural training and my spatial history. The catalogue is my attempt to present what I have learned by making a tool for giving information and inspiration.

technical drawings | mimicho

The following drawings are from my final year design studio. This was the most detailed I developed a university project, starting from sketch design to design approval to contract documentation...

technical drawings | mimicho Small House

lap pool


Leederville A house that embraces the interaction of human + water in four ways...

IMMERSE sink into APPRECIATE reflect & admire

AWAKEN wash & consume SUSTAIN recycle

rainwater tanks public


technical drawings | mimicho KEY DESIGN ASPECTS The form is an abstract reflection of the two houses directly opposite.

Light enters each bedroom from the north but also from the east via a light chimney. The glow of dappled light reflecting off the wall above the wardrobe provides a nourishing awakening to each day.

The roof slops to one main collection point which acts like the spout of a fountain in times of overflow and the suspended wall bordering the house and pool is slightly angled to channel rainwater to create a �waterwall�.

technical drawings | mimicho

technical drawings | mimicho

technical drawings | mimicho

other works | mimicho

I believe that good design is a multifaceted process of evolution fueled by the desire to create the best possible product. I enjoy experimenting with different mediums; exploring them both individually and collaboratively. And as I continue to experiment with mediums that I am familiar with I will also continue to expand my design process by exploring new mediums that become available as technology propels design further into the future...

other works | mimicho




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MimiCho Portfolio+CV 2012  

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