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Academy Of Art University, San Francisco, USA Interior Architecture and Design school Master of Fine Arts 2008-2013

Autodesk Autocad/Revit Adobe Photoshop/Illustrator/InDesign Microsoft Office Word/Excel/PowerPoint Google Analytics/ AdWords Salesforce Social Studio Hand Sketching and Rendering

Islamic Azad University, Tabriz, Iran Bachelor of Architecture

EXPREINCES: - Associate Social Media Specialist LifeLock Inc.

-  Showroom Intern Kravit Textile



Publications and Activities:

• Original ISI article published at J.C.E.U ( Journal of Civil Engineering and Urbanism) Vol.2: No.3, Jun 2012 Title: “The application of golden proportion in the façades and ornaments of quadruple vaulted porticos of Jami mosque in Isfahan.” §  Participated at “eVolo 2012 Skyscraper Competition”. Team 0136’s member “Anti-radiation suspended village”

Project 1 – BIM (Bernal Height Library) §  Location:500 Cortland avenue,

san Francisco, CA, 94110

§  Client: bernal height branch

library, to design a library that provides all the criteria's for a branch library, and at the same time a suitable place for children with an outdoor playground.

Design Concept: BLOOMING FLOWER blooming flower is a continuous growing living Thing that needs constant attention and nurture In order to survive, and a successful library needs a Constant attention and updating, so it can give the maximum Public service to the community.

§ Lower level – Floor Plan

§ Lower One – Floor Plan

Interior Elevation – Green Room Site Plan

East- West Section

Interior Elevation- Office

North- South Section

Green Room Exterior View Meeting Room

Computer Room

Main Reading Area

Project 2 – Hotel Mural Client: An existing building that will turn Concept- Mural A mural is any piece of artwork painted or applied directly on a wall, ceiling or other large permanent surface.. San Francisco is a virtual outdoor art gallery where city walls become the artist’s canvas and the unremarkable become works of art. And is engulfed in hundreds of great murals. Many visitors are fascinated by these works of art and how a mural can make a connection with you and speak a thousands words in just one picture.

Into a boutique Hotel in Mission district Area close to Yerba Buena center, with Clients mostly in their business ventures That will enjoy the city in few days.

Inspiration –Clarion Alley Clarion Alley is a small street in San Francisco between Mission and Valencia Streets and 17th and 18th Streets. The street is notable for community and arts activity, including the Clarion alley project, the American Indian Center and Promotoras Latinas Comunitarias de Salud.

Floor Plan- Lobby and Lounge 1. Reception desk 2. Entrance 3. Concierge 4. Stairs to second floor 5. Entry to restaurant 6. Lounge area 7. Lobby

3 1


7 4

5 6

Modern Black & White tiles For flooring that gives an

Mirror walls that reflects the Images of mural and creates an Atmosphere to understand the Profoundness of Mural connections

Interior Elevations

Curved LCD screens displaying collections of famous Murals in San Francisco

3D Views View of Lobby and Reception

View of lobby and Lounge area with a perspective Of pendant Curved LCD Displays

Project 3 - Heyday Spa( Spatial Design) Concept Blossom Was the concept for this design as it is a symbol of Rebirth or regrowth, a vital and fresh flowers that grows out Of a existing being to nurture and continue it’s existence.

Mood Board Color Violet Is the inspiration behind this design as it brings Vitality and freshness to the surrounding Without any gender definition

Bubble Diagram Main Connection Direct Connection

Floor Plan Entry Reception Sales area Membership Women’s locker Men’s locker Women’s lounge Men’s lounge Snack bar Kitchen Office area Staff’s lounge Staff’s restroom Laundry15 Single treatment rooms Double treatment rooms Sauna Mineral shower Men’s pool Women’s pool


Snack Bar Elevation Reception Single Treatment Room

Copper Art Frames in Single Treatment rooms That will radiate a calm and relaxing energy to The atmosphere

§ Furniture Collection NIMBUS ROBERT LEONETTI, 2012

Nimbus can be ganged together or left separated for easy mobility. Thoughtful piping and upholstery details make this simple, functional pouf a beautiful and playful design statement. Manufactured using all Regional Materials. The color of the fabrics can change upon request.



The color of the fabrics can change upon request.


The color of the fabrics can change upon request.

Project 4 – Domino House §  Location:Tibouron, CA. §  The Town of Tiburon is located just north of

San Francisco, in Marin County, California. The town is enriched with beautiful sights, panoramic view to San Francisco and Angel Island

Maria and Nicolas Davis §  Young, successful couple in their Mid thirties who both

work in bay area,

§  Maria is marketing executive for yelp And Fred is product

management in success factors

§  They have no children and due to their Super hectic work

schedule they are looking for a placid and quite home

§  They have a large group of friends and love to have them

in their place in the weekends and their families on the holidays.

Concept and inspiration Mondrian Art Compositions • 


Mondrian is best known for creating the definitive abstract paintings. He limited his palette to white, black, gray, and the three primary colors, with the composition constructed from thick, black horizontal and vertical lines that delineated the outlines of the various rectangles of color or reserve. How I got inspired from this was how simplification of the pictorial elements was essential and what has been so rewarding about his works is the fact they are very simple.

Sketch and Brainstorming

Sketches I tried to incorporate the design elements of Mondrian To Domino’s house, floor plan, furniture layout And exterior Façade.

Site Plan and House Features

Floor Plans

Ground Level Scale : 1/8”=1’0”

Floor Plans

Ground Level Scale : 1/8”=1’0”

Floor Plans

Ground Level Scale : 1/8”=1’0”


Interior views

Second Bedroom

Interior views

Master Bedroom

Interior views


Interior views

Living Room

Exterior views

Project 5 – Residential Project

Concept and inspiration Autumn Blithe

“ Every leaf speaks bliss to me, fluttering from the Autumn tree.” – Emily Bronte

§  Autumn is the year’s loveliest smile

and it brings the warmth and cozy feeling to the surrounding, this mellower season turns the nature to most mirthful color palate.

§  Autumn is the eternal corrective, it is

ripeness and color and a time of maturity.

§  I want to bring this harmony feeling to

Maria and Fred’s home, so they would enjoy each other’s company after a long day of working and also be able to entertain their loved ones and friends in different occasions.

Site Plan

House features:


Outdoor Pool

- 4,800 Square foot - 2 Bedroom - 1 home office - 1 Family room - 3 ½ bathroom - Outdoor pool - Library - Game room - 2 Car Garage - Un Attached guest house

Floor Plans

3 2

5 Ground Level Scale : 1/8”=1’0”

10 11 1


4 8 7



1: Entrance and Foyer 2: Living Room 3: Dining Room 4: Kitchen 5: Family Room 6: Master Bathroom 7: Master Bedroom 8: Master Walk-In Closet 9: Laundry Room 10: Bathroom 11: Pantry 12: Garage 13: Entrance to back yard And pool

Second Level Scale : 1/8”=1’0”


4 3 5


1: 2: 3: 4: 5:

Library Game Room Void Second Bedroom Home Office


North section Scale 1/8”=1’0”

West section Scale 1/8”=1’0”

3D Views

Mimi zadeh portfolio  

Interior Design Portfolio

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