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If you are looking for a cheap kids alarm clock that is both functional and fun then you will find that there is quite a lot on offer for you. One good example that is suitable for a wide age group of children is the Teach Me Time Talking Alarm clock. It has many different features that would suit children ranging from a very young 3 years old up to 7 years and above.

An Alarm Clock For Children Aged 3 - 5 Years When your child is very young you'll want to start off with the basics. Therefore you will want to show them what time is a good time for them to be up and out of bed. There is a setting that you can programme into this clock so that it will light up and illuminate in a green shade. What this means is that whatever time you programme on the clock, your child should be able to fully grasp that this is when they are permitted to get up and out of bed. This clock is an awesome way for them to identify what time it is because they will be able to understand the relationship between the colour and the time that shows on the clock.

A Clock For Children Aged 5 - 7 Years

You will discover that there is an interactive game on the clock that will help this particular age group to learn exactly how to tell the time. You are able to place it on numerous stages of difficulty based on exactly how well your son or daughter grasps the actual idea of reading the time. He or she can work with the electronic as well as the analog interfaces.

An Alarm Clock For Children Aged 7 Years and Over This clock is fully practical and comes with an alarm and a rest button on it exactly like an adult clock. Your growing child will certainly discover how to use these features on their own with great ease. Picking the right kids alarm clock doesn't have to be a chore. Take a look online and you will find that there are some great choices available to you.


Kids alarm clocks- choosing the right alarm clock for your child's age  
Kids alarm clocks- choosing the right alarm clock for your child's age