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10 10 Things Things aa Church Church Can Can Do Do to to Transform Transform aa Community Community

There are many different geographical locations for churches. Some are city churches, some are countryside churches and there are also mega churches and community churches. My focus is on community churches and how they have a responsibility to the community that they are located in. That church in the community is a change agent where it is. It is an intervention in terms of how that community would have progresses had it not been for the planting of that assembly.

1. A community church that is serious about its assignment in the community, realizes the weight its responsibility in the transformation of that community. 2. The church cannot begin to affect the community without addressing the fundamental, foundational issues of spiritual strongholds that have bedeviled that community since its inception.

3. It takes visionary apostolic leadership with a strong prophetic anointing to tackle territorial issues in that community 4. Extraordinary transformation will require extraordinary sacrifice and discipline to pray and fast first and being led by the Holy Spirit begin to implement His programmes.

5. A community cannot be transformed by someone who does not know how to interpret the times and seasons. It takes a special grace of God to be able to effectively preach the gospel of the kingdom to the poor. 6. The leadership must be willing to lay aside their comforts, seek the face of the Lord relentlessly and passionately execute their duties in that community.

7. The church must address the principalities that control the municipalities they function in. Without this the demonic powers will continue to run the show with you thinking you are in charge.They must submit to you authority. The prophet Ezekiel did not go into the valley of the dry bones negotiating with the spirit if death that had control over that place. He went in as a man of God with higher rank and took control of the situation to bring life. 8. The leadership must craft a prolonged strategy of prayer, preaching and praise and worship in order to get things moving and sustaining the atmosphere in that church and community.

9. A community cannot be transformed under a closed heaven. The heavens must open and the church needs to begin to arise and take its place and set free the captive, open prison doors for those that are bound. 10. If you are going to be a change agent and birth community transformation, you must have love and a passion first and foremost for the things of God and then for your community.


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